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Friday, October 21, 2016

Tuesday night America will it get its one chance to watch President Obama and Mitt Romney take questions from citizens in a “town hall” format. As you can guess, the actual rules for the event are quite detailed and strict.

Barack Obama must be referred to by the moderator as “President Obama” or “the president.” Mitt Romney will be “Governor Romney” or “the governor.”

The moderator will not be allowed to coach the town hall questioners. The questioners cannot make comments or follow up on the question—his or her microphone will be turned off to prevent this. The moderator will choose the questions in advance without input from either campaign. The questioner is not allowed to vary the question in any way from the written question they submitted before the event.

Despite these rules, this is still the best chance we have of getting an answer to some of the most burning issues of the campaign. Here are the questions we hope to hear Tuesday night.

For Obama:
Why did you say in the first debate that Governor Romney agrees with you about Social Security?

What will you do specifically to ensure the safety of diplomatic personnel in dangerous places around the world?

If you again had a Democratic Congress in both houses, what kind of jobs program would you propose?

How is your program to increase oil, coal, and gas exploitation consistent with your promise to combat climate change?

Given what you now know, would you have pursued health care reform during the few weeks you had a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate?

After the Aurora shooting, you said you would  leave “no stone unturned” in fighting gun violence. What steps have you taken since then to prevent similar tragedies?

For Romney:
If your tax cut is revenue-neutral, how will it stimulate economic growth?

Why did you ask potential vice presidential nominees to provide their tax returns to your team? How many years did you request?

How did the tax cuts you received during the Bush administration create jobs?

As governor, you signed an Assault Weapons Ban. What would you do if Congress sent you a renewal of the national Assault Weapons Ban?

I’m an unemployed mother with diabetes who can no longer afford my COBRA to retain my health insurance. How would you help me afford health insurance?

What steps can we take to encourage companies to stop moving American factories to China?

Both candidates:

Is the drug war winnable?

What question do you think needs to be asked? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Governor Romney are you mentally fit to serve as President? You exhibit tendencies of being a pathological liar and a sociopath. Do you suffer from ASPD…Anti Social Personality Disorder?

  • Stephen Goldstein

    Your questions for the candidates are fine. However, the bias of your correspondents to the left is also clear. Change your name to the National Liberal Memo. Just like food producers have to label th nutrition provided, you should also label your publication correctly for Truth in Discourse.
    As for James Kirklin, on a website where I could report you for abuse, I would.

    • old_blu

      You would report him for telling the truth?

      You might as well report me too, cuz Romney IS a lying piece of crap.

  • nurselaidoff

    Regarding Benghazi:
    On the night of the attack on Benghazi, the Libyan president reported that the attack was a terrorist attack and there was no demonstrations. Why was his announcement ignored by the Obama administration.
    I would like to know why the Obama administration stuck to the video story for so long, even after the general public knew that it was a terrorist attack that had nothing to do with the video.
    I would also like to know who sent Susan Rice out to 5 news shows, 5 days after the attack to explain that the the attack was due to a demonstration against anti muslim video and wasn’t a terrorist attack.
    I would like to know why during the VP debate, Biden claimed that they didn’t know that it was a terrorist attack even after the state department had testified to the contrary the day prior to the debate.

    • dtgraham

      The White House has some questions to answer on that for sure. Would you also like to know why Congressional Republicans cut embassy and consulate security over 300 million dollars below what the State Department requested and felt was a safe level?

    • nobsartist

      did you ever consider the fact that perhaps the White House was interested in finding out the particulars of the attack before they made a final determination?

      why did republiCONs cut 300 million out of embassy security? are they supporting terrorism? did they notify terrorists that embassy security had been compromised and that they should attack on 9/11 sort of like reagun did with the Iranian hostages?
      did the 16 republiCons that agreed to make President Obama a one term President meet with terrorist organizations to conspire to perform these acts of terrorism to make President Obama look weak?

      republiCONs have been known to perform traitorous acts in the past to further their criminal causes like the Iran/Contra affair as an example and invading Iraq. Some say they may be behind the WTC/Shanksville/Pentagon attacks on 9/11.

    • nat

      i would like to know what motive the naysayers come up with for why the administration would hide the facts from the public. Certainly the truth would come out after a thorough investigation and press coverage, and coming out nearer to the election would be far more damaging. I guess you can attribute it to stupidity of the administration, but they are pretty savey about the politics of the situation.


    • I wrote you on this, perhaps now that yourlaid off, or maybe fired, go seek a job with the c.i.a,.and perhaps your questions will be answered, and then you can find out about security in the JFK ASSINATION, and or join the peace corps in Libia.

  • ssweeps

    For Governor Romney:
    According to two studies conducted by Moody’s Analytics and Macroeconomic Advisors, the expected baseline jobs growth over the next four years is 12 million new jobs. When Governor Romney claims that his Jobs Plan will create 12 million jobs, is this in addition to the expected baseline growth?

    • Colorado15

      Romney, I would like to see the math on how you are going to cut the tax rates 20%, not reduce deductions for the middle class and have it remain revenue neutral. I’ll wait for you to go get a white board, I would like to see your work. Also, if the tax cuts are revenue neutral, what is the point?

      Romney, how are you going to create jobs and who do they benefit? You have advocated cutting funding for education so there are not enough educated and qualified workers to take those jobs today and will be fewer in the future.

      Obama, how committed are you to protecting the environment. Will you kill the pipeline from Canada which is environmentally dangerous, and stop the company building it form bullying landowners into signing agreements they don’t want.

  • nobsartist

    Regarding your tax returns-
    Since the RED CHINESE ARMY owns ALL manufacturing in China and is the MAJORITY partner of any partnership, when you moved American manufacturing jobs to China did you become minority business partners with the RED CHINESE ARMY?

    Is this why you refuse to make your tax returns public?

    Is this why mccain picked palin over the Cranbrook/Harvard educated willard?

    • siensam1954

      why is that our job move to China? because Obama policy. if you want to know the fact just CEO of GE he will tell you all about it? you must be love a socialist regime haaas? I tell you this : I used to live under two socialist regimes and two communist regimes and I hate all of them. only here in America, it may be is not perfect but the best of all . I don’t want to see a socialist again man.

      • nobsartist

        you sound like an idiot, just like welch.

        I will bet you are a member of the John Birch Society also.

      • grammyjill

        sensata in Il. is closing on nov5. jobs shipped to china. 51% owner will make millions on deal. that owner, that is putting those americans out of work to make millions to send everything to china, is mitt romney!

        • Grammy Jill, my granddaughter worked for a company where she trained people and the company went overseas.

    • old_blu

      He chose Palin cuz he wanted to lose, that’s the only thing I can figure out.

  • I would like to know, Where are the jobs created by the 1% that got the big tax cuts to create jobs. This is nothing more than redistributing the weatlh to the wealthy.

    • siensam1954

      do you ever see the poor people hiring and creating jobs ? if you do please let me know. so where is 5.2 million jobs that Obama created as he claims? my sister lost her job 4 years ago couldn’t fine a part-time job for last 4 years. you must be blind man. wake up!!!!

      • Barbareba

        Does your sister live in America? If so, does she live under a rock because I see help wanted signs everywhere I go. If she wanted a job she could get one so don’t put that crap out there that she has to have goverment help because she really wants to stay home and watch tv. Give us a break from that republican spin.

        • patuxant

          Really? You see signs all over the place? Maybe you could help out by starting an employment agency!

          • Actually, Pat, there are 13million jobs that are unfilled, in this country, because there aren’t enough people with the skills to fill them. Check the bureau of labor statistics.

      • Poor people don’t “create” jobs, but neither do the wealthy. Jobs are not just waiting for someone to “create” them. they are a result of supply and demand, and poor folks have a great deal to do with that. The Poor spend everything they have just to stay afloat. That spending is what creates jobs. the rich may buy a new BMW every few years, or a new home, but the poor spend daily on groceries, health care, educational needs, and supplies for their kids. The more the poor have to spend, the better the economy grows. When the poor family has enough money to go to a restaurant, a movie, or buy school clothes for their kids, that creates jobs in those industries.

      • Get a grip! Your sister is one of the 47% of us that Romney would kick to the curb. The 5.2 million NEW jobs that Obama created came from his Stimulus Package. The loss of the OLD jobs will never come back because of the “No Government Regs” mania that YOUR Party has created by allowing the Megabanks to become Wall Street gamblers. It also has to do with shipping U.S. manufacturing jobs overseas by allowing the Multinational Corps. to escape U.S. income taxation. Remember when Obama brought this up in the first debate when liar Romney said he didn’t know what Obama was talking about?

      • Poor people shop in the USA and by doing that they help companies prosper, grow, and hire more employees to atisfy demand. The super wealthy shop in Paris, Rome, Madrid or London. They would not be caught dead shopping at Target…or buying groceries in hardware stores!

    • Probably in China, Indonesia, Mexico and just about anywhere but in the good ole USA. Overseas investments maximize ROI, increase sales volume, profit margins, allow CEOs to exceed shareholder expectations, and have the potential to benefit in expanding markets. Patriotism and commitment to country are esoteric concepts foreign to investors decisions. For people like Romney the goal is not job creation or contributing to the betterment of the American society, but the accumulation of wealth. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t understand the difference between a true job creator, such as small business owners, and an investor whose focus is strictly on return on investment.

      • patuxant

        I have a question here. Romney says he has been a “business man” for the last 25 years. What I understand is that he has been a venture/vulture capitalist and not a business owner in the true sense of the word. He really never held a management position where he oversaw the work product of other, did he? I say this because I managed both a large legal office as well an insurance claims operation of 100 people for a very long time. Nothing I am seeing about this guy makes me able to relate to his business or management skills. In fact, where has he been supplying jobs in the last 4 years?

        • old_blu

          pat, you and I agree on this point, the guys that I manage would drag him to the dumpster and throw him in, he don’t know how to run a real business.

        • grammyjill


          • patuxant

            Hi Jill: Mitt made a big mistake bringing up how he was for 100% of the American people. Opened the door to his private 50K dinner about the 47%,,,,and Obama hit it out of the park!

          • patuxant

            Jill: I am so pleased with our President’s performance tonite! I am cheering right now….

          • patuxant


            I was really pleased with our President’s performance last nite. I loved Candy’s fact checking remark at the end about the “acts of terror” stated in the Rose Garden. Romney is a bully and a liar and I keep asking, what is he talking about his being in business for 25 years? He has been an investor in venture/vulture capitalist dealings but has he actually had hands on experience in anything other than the Olympics, which of course we know zero about since they destroyed records.

          • grammyjill

            Exactly! I really enjoyed the debate also. Glad to see the president on his game again.

  • nat

    I would like somebody to ask how the jobs recovery can be done if we cut back on spending at this time. Every other recession recovery has been govt stimulated by spending to create more jobs and put money in the hands of those who will spend on consumption and create demand for more goods, and more jobs to fill that demand. Firing the govt workers will only swell the unemployed ranks. Unfortunately, Obama inherited a huge debt and focus on that debt instead of stimulation. The same financial advisers from the Bush administration, were recommending that Obama bail out the “too big to fail” banks, instead of putting money in the hands of those who spend it.
    How would the candidates do it differently, and do they agree that putting the money in the hands of those who must spend for necessities (and create demand) is wiser than granting to the rich and corporations who are awash with cash and will park it in the Caymen Islands or Swiss banks? Giving the corporations more cash will not result in hiring more. Only more demand for the goods produced will encourage a smart CEO to hire. Nobody builds to keep in inventory on the shelf.

  • I would ask him how the nominee of a party that has run on spending reductions the past 3 years is suddenly proposing to restore $716B in MEDICARE savings that do not affect the benefits of retirees, and promising VMI cadets he will restore DoD programs that have been cut after the Chiefs of Staff agreed they were not necessary. I would ask him about his and his VP’s position on abortion, which has gone back and forth continuously the past few weeks. I would ask him about his promise to create 12 million jobs, in part by achieving energy independence, at a time when oil production is at record highs, development of alternative energies is at unprecedented levels, and states like California and Florida refuse to allow oil companies to drill off their shores. I would ask him what happened to his original tax plan and Ryan’s MEDICARE dismantling plan, and I would ask him why is he exploiting the death of Americans in Lybia and compromising the safety of thousands of U.S. diplomats in the Islamic world by admitting that some of them are security personnel, a fact that most foreign countries do not allow…and we don’t allow on our soil.

    • I really wish you were going to be there Dominick!

      • I neglected to mention what could be the most damaging blow to Romney’s credibility, the promise he made to cadets at the Virginia Military Institute two weeks ago to provide rebels to the Syrian rebel groups so that they can defend themselves against helicopter and jet fighter attacks. Considering the fact that most Syrian rebel groups have been infiltrated by Al Qaeda and that some of their leaders are AQ operatives, what Romney is proposing is giving ground to air missiles to the terrorists that attacked us on 9/11!!! The last thing we and the world need is Al Qaeda running around with Stinger missiles. This is neither surprising nor unprecedented, Reagan trained and provided Stinger missiles to the Mujahadeen, including OBL, when they were fighting the Soviets, and he provided WMDs and military intelligence, including potential collusion between the Kurds and Iranians, to Saddam Hussein when he was fighting Iran. Arming Al Qaeda would be consistent with Republican policies of yesteryear and, therefore, should not surprise anyone.

        • patuxant

          When this comes up in the debate tonite (and we know it will) I am praying that the President fires back with all of the things you mentioned here. Also, as I understood it, the Bush WH was informed in the summer of 2001 that there would be a horrific attack. What did they do about it? Nothing!

        • I concur with another post — Dominick I do wish you could ask all the questions. President Obama needs to get ANGRY (we won’t abandon him, we’ll cheer him!) We should not live in fear that one of our own citizens would lead the way Romney would lead – by going back to all those appalling policies that got us into trouble in the first place. And I definitely would like to know how his paying a lower percentage rate in taxes than someone earning $50K would grow the economy. I’ve never heard such a preposterous statement! I’m also praying President Obama answers every question forcefully and jumps to refute any of Romney’s blatant untruths! He’s scary!

        • Romney is now 2 pts ahead in the Virginia… and at least 7 pts among the military! Woohoo! BTW… thanks to Obama, Al Qaeda jijadists are indeed running around with WMD’s! you idiot! Obama has been providing them all along… to his Muslim Brotherhood cohorts!

        • dalnb

          I spent 27+ years in the military (Air Force and Army) commanding several units including a Chemical Battalion. I worked with all branches of our military in developing programs and budgets.

          I shutter when I hear Romney talk about the military. It is obvious he only knows what he has been told and has no real knowledge of military values, organization or operations. Suggesting the military budget be increased is an obvious political ploy that our generals and the majority of the public see as total nonsense.

          Romney will quickly take us into another war!

      • patuxant

        Me Too! Dominick is always right on point!

    • I Wish The Same My Friend I Wish A Lot Of Us Could be There To Asks The Important Questions That Needs To Be Asked!!!

      • Fern, isn’t it true that when you are exposed to mssa (oh, it’s mrsa) that you need to wash your hands thoroughly?

    • I would ask Romney for specifics and, also, about using the tragedy in Lybia as a political ploy.

      • This is not a “political ploy” you dumb imbecile!… Four Americans, including the Ambassador, who reputedly was sodomized before being killed, happened on Obama’s watch! All this after the Libya staffers pleaded for more security, at least 26 times! Then bimbo VP Biden says he knows nothing about more requests!! Now Obama is throwing Hillary under the bus…. but you know, Obama is still Commander in Chief, isn’t he? Just like Watergate, and Monicagate, and all the other messes we have had on both sides of the dirty Capitol aisles, Americans will get to the truth.

        • karinursula

          You right, but, it is Romney who turned this tragedy into politics. You owe Maggie an apology for calling her a name. Is this what America is all about??

          • Karin, thank you. Actually, it would be a question that I would pose to romney, not the massa.

        • hilandar1000

          If you want your arguments to be taken seriously, you will need to, first, be able to discuss the issues without name-calling. Second, you need to check out more than one side of the story before presenting it as a fact . The rape story was reported only in extreme right-wing publications in a story concocted by Bryan Fischer. The factual account, given by the doctor who treated Chris Stevens for smoke inhalation gave this statement: The doctor recounts, in a professional manner, how he tried for 90 minutes to revive Chris, who died of smoke inhalation while locked in an embassy safe room. The doctor remarks in his summary that there was no bruising on the body. There is also a photo of Chris being carried to the hospital by the frantic Libyans who found him, fully clothed, his face neither bruised nor bloodied. Given this FACTUAL account of Chris Steven’s body by the attending doctor, it certainly seems inappropriate for YOU to be calling anybody else a “dumb imbecile” or “bimbo”.

          • Hil, I did go read the eye witness accounts, including the person who was with Stevens when they were hiding in the basement. People, who were there, did not see what the dangerous right-wingnuts are saying.

          • hilandar1000

            Of course, you are right Maggie. The right wing has been trying to politicize this from their very first utterance about it. To me their words regarding this horrible source of grief for the entire nation have been about as unpatriotic as it gets. And just when you think the lies can get no more despicable — they do.

          • Hil, that is about as dispicable as one can get, making up crap to put the president in a bad light. It is almost as bad as someone using the tragedy for politics.

          • hilandar1000

            I think we have a misunderstanding here Maggie. I would NEVER put the president in a bad light. I was referring to the lies of the RIGHT wing, — Romney, senators, representatives, etc. and how they tried to spin the murder of the envoy and other Americans in Libya in order to try to make political points. They are the ones who jumped to conclusions and started blaming the President, when it was the fault of congress for denying the funds needed to provide protection for our consulates and embassies. Read my other post. I was replying to Mssas for calling you and Biden names and spreading the awful rumor (which was a lie) about Chris Stevens being sodomized. I have NEVER written anything negative about President Obama.

          • Oh,no, Hil, I wasn’t saying you. I was referring to someone else. I find you highly intelligent and well read. I am sorry you thought I was referring to you.

          • hilandar1000

            Thanks for setting that straight, Maggie. I feel so bad to see all the ridiculous and unfair negativity that the president has had to endure — just wanted to make sure my words were not misconstrued to seem to reflect the thinking of that bunch of misinformed right wingers.

          • Maggie. you should be commended for doing research to find truth unlike mssa who will believe anything a right wing zealot prints.

        • old_blu

          You know it’s a “political ploy” not even someone as good and nice as you, (that’s sarcasm BTW) would have give two shits about it if it happened last year instead of an election year. And you know thats true!!!

          Why else would fake news beat it to death? pfffttt…..

        • mssas, it is unbelievable what some people will think is truth. Do some research and find the answers yourself instead or listening to extreme right wing zealots. Extreme zealots can be found on any subject in either party, that is why it is incumbent to do some research for yourself.

        • Parisgirl

          I am sorry but Americans like you do not recognize the truth when it jumps up and bites them…How about this truth… former security adviser Brzezinski, who is admired on both sides of the aisle, called Romney/Ryan’s foreign policy talk is PRIMITIVE and compared it to throwing a match in can of gasoline. He went on to say that caution and prudence is the more intelligent process and that he feels that the current administration is walking the right path. I somehow do not believe that you have an education in political science not do I believe you have been privy to the workings of foreign policy. From the sound of you I would suggest that you leave this business to the experts. I would also submit that the families of these people who were killed have also referred to this banter from the republicans as a political ploy and they have asked that it STOP now as they feel it is not respectful to their loved ones. One last thought…name calling is not a sign of intelligence but quite the opposite. Perhaps that is why you obviously use right wing fiction as though it has some factual accredibility. Again, not very smart. In short, you need to work on your message and how to deliver it. If you are actually interested in truth get off of Fox Fiction and start listening to the rest of the world.

    • Parisgirl

      You thought process is admirable and in many ways enviable. Great Questions!!!

  • bcarreiro

    romney: why do you feel the top earners should receive a 6% tax cut?
    Did you use taxloopholes to your advantage?
    Will you give tax breaks for big corp and big banks?
    Will you give tax credits for businesses that ship jobs overseas?
    How do you think a voucher system can save money? For who?

    • How Many People Will You Morph Into Before You Will Be Yourself???? Also Why Do You Think Bush Old Polices Will Work For All Of Us When They Are The Reason Why This Recession Is Here Now!!! Also Why Do You Feel You Can Only help The Wealthy When There’s Middle Class And Poor Working People That Is The Ones Who Are Really In The Need Of Help???? Why Do You Lie So Much And Think We Don’t Remember What You Have Already Said???The Wealthy Are Rich They Don’t Need No Help!!!

      • Yes, well Fern, let’s no forget the ol’ trickle down”.

        • Yes You Got That Right The Old Double Down On Trickle Down!!!

      • bcarreiro

        i would go on about foreign policy but he has none!!!

    • sigrid28

      For both, two related questions.

      First: I’m a former college teacher with distinguished publications, a Ph.D., and twenty years of teaching experience, who cannot be hired for a tenure-track position these days because search committees will not even interview job applicants who completed their degree before 2009, a fact recently documented in research published in “The Chronicle of Higher Education.” Of course, new university hires with recent degrees cost less than I would, but despite this savings, tuition continues to rise faster than the rate of inflation. I wonder what parents of college students would think if they knew that at many colleges and universities, 60% of courses are taught not by these lucky, hand-picked, tenure-track faculty but by graduate student teaching assistants and adjunct faculty, people like me who have been put out to pasture by unfair (possibly illegal) hiring practices and who receive no benefits, make less than $12,000 a year, and do not have office space or computer accounts to meet students’ needs–we keep all of our books, supplies, student papers, and equipment in the trunks of our old, beat-up cars. I hold two state certificates, in Language Arts K-12 and High School English, where the same hiring practices exclude me. It seems as though hiring the best teachers is not a practice any more in education in the U.S.–from preschool to university. How can college students, paying $50,000 a year in tuition and room and board, and their families be getting their money’s worth?

      Nevertheless, for 98% of the U.S. population, low- and middle-income families, the struggle to get their young adults through college to qualify for high paying jobs is a given. The struggle to pay inflated tuition has caused many of these families to take out high-interest Parent Plus loans for tens of, even hundreds of, thousands of dollars, which may be obtained without proof of income or assets. This resembles the problems that led to the foreclosure crisis. Since these loans cannot be settled through bankruptcy, in the event of a family crisis (illness or loss of a job, for example), unless Parent Plus loans are paid, they never go away; and if unpaid, keep increasing, like unpaid federal income taxes, through interest and penalty accrual. To get their children through college, some families are financially crippled for life. Meanwhile, college students who come from families with means, and their parents in the top 2%, do not face this consequence. Is there anything that can or should be done to level the playing field?

      • bcarreiro

        Voting for obama and his agenda would be a step in the right direction………romneys agenda is to tear us down from the inside out and he will step on anyone to do this. The foreclosure crisis wouldnt be if banks had not written people off like they did. You have to work with the people and make rates more affordable and if there is a shortfall, then is to be paid in a timely manner for the people not the banks. Banks dont believe in circumstance. This is there downfall. If the banks could work together and not against the almighty dollar bill then we would see tuition rates and interest rates lowered to be more affordable and possibly feasible to the average american(98%).

        • sigrid28

          A rather scary piece in the aforementioned “Chronicle” discusses the consequences of the loss of government funding to colleges and universities, a situation that might extinguish state colleges–even community colleges–leaving higher education only for those who can afford it, at colleges and universities that can support themselves through huge endowments, like the Ivy leagues. The Romneys and Bushes and their class will have no problem putting their children, no matter how ill-suited, through Harvard or Yale, along with the other dynastic families that make up the 2%. For the rest of us, it will be like the middle ages, a feudal society of lords and serfs. Utopia for the 2% is distopia for the rest of us.

          • bcarreiro

            we the people need to abolish the republican party altogether……….do they know what democracy stands for. its not a number.

          • I agree with almost nothing the Republican party stands for but ALL Americans have the right to create or belong to ANY political party of their choice. Who, bcarreiro do you think you are to tell ANYONE what political party one can create or belong to? People of your ilk are very dangerous.

          • bcarreiro


          • hilandar1000

            I agree that we do need a two-party system, but both parties have to be willing to work together to reach compromises. The right-wing of today has not shown any inclination to compromise in any way. Compromise is not possible when one party is determined to FORCE their ideology on the entire population by doing whatever underhanded means it takes to do so.

          • hilandar1000

            You are absolutely right, Sigrid. There is a name for the course that the Romney and Bush group is pursuing — it is Corporate Feudalism. Sending all the jobs to China and dismantling the unions is one of the first steps. Putting everything in the control of corporations is another first step.

            One example of the Corporate Feudalism path of the right-wing is the steps they have taken to put the Post Office into the control of corporations. There is no need to change the postal system — it is self supporting. However, the right wing legislation that is causing the post office problems is the law that requires funding of their pension program 75 years in advance. With that ridiculous and unprecedented legislation, they are forcing the postal system into bankruptcy. They, of course, prefer to call it “privatization” — which is just another name for “corporate take-over”.

            They have pretty well accomplished that type of take-over with the medical field — and corporate greed has put medical care out of reach for a large percentage of our population. For that reason, it was necessary to tackle the medical care problem so quickly when this administration came into office — because it is such a pressing need for all people at one time or another. Obamacare has tackled a few of the major problems, but there is still a vast amount to be done. As the programs planned by the right-wing indicates, we will undoubtedly have to give up any type of affordable medical care for the majority of our population if the GOP regains office at this point.

            This administration has had a monumental job in order to START the clean-up of our democratic system after the disastrous first decade of this century. If the right wing party of today gets into office again, our democracy is definitely in great peril.

          • sigrid28

            Thanks for such a SOLID response, that gives a name to my sense of dread: Corporate Feudalism. Outsourcing jobs and defanging the unions seems to be part of a long game, making it hard to tell if this is just Republican principles playing out over time or a calculated power grab. Is any one group in control, the way Alec intervened in state and local government to suppress votes?

            Bankrupting the postal system could be part of a long game as well, but the actual legislation seems tied to extremism on the Right in congress, unless some Democrats also voted for this. Do you know?

            Though it is a necessary and a good first step, even under the ACA, the medical field is still enthrall to the pharmaceutical complex and the insurance cartel. Medical workers, who are all college educated, are overwhelmed with debt produced by the cost of their educations and the cost of the professional insurance that all practitioners must carry. In addition, the Republican party stands in the way of reform that would reign in the costs of legal defense and court rulings, which dictate the need for exorbitantly expensive physician’s insurance. If this keeps going up exponentially, even doctors won’t be able to afford to see doctors.

            My most troubling question has to do with the large number in the right-wing electorate who, acting on inbred xenophobia, will vote against their own interests. Here is where Republican strategies to undermine public education and women’s health initiatives will increase the numbers of these low-information, highly–I have to say it–racist voters. The culture all around them is becoming more cosmopolitan and multicultural each day, but they do not seem to notice, perhaps because of the right wing media bubble. Can it be that a Democratic president who is not white (in their eyes) could grant democracy it’s final blow, by forcing these numbers to the polls?

          • hilandar1000

            You’ve brought up some very intelligent points , Sigrid. The first one concerning the post office is a somewhat puzzling one, because the postal service was managing to stay current with its obligations — with no funding from taxpayer dollars. It seems that the long-term goal of “privatization” of the postal service was the original intent. The pension reform was passed in a lame-duck session under a republican congress which was soon to be replaced. The pension “reform” legislation gave the USPS only 10 years to fully fund it’s pension plan for 75 years — a requirement that no other business or government agency has had forced upon it. When the recession hit, it still was able to handle its obligations for a few more years. However, the added burden of the billions of dollars extra that had to be set aside each year for the added years to the pension plan became the major problem for the USPS. This development was a short-term “gift” to the GOP and its witch-hunt specialist, Rep. Darrell Issa who demanded closings, diminished services, and layoffs of thousands of postal employees (many of whom were returning war veterans). Although there have been a significant number of closings and lay-offs, democrats have been successful in introducing some watered-down legislation to avoid some of the cuts demanded by the GOP, but could not get the unfair requirement for the 75 year fully-funded provision revoked in the present climate of congressional bipartisanship. At this point, it seems to be on hold until the results of the next election are known.

            As for the medical field, it seems that it will take a number of years to get that cost under control. It has been building for 50 years and is too well-ingrained to be changed immediately. Most hospitals — even though they are listed as not-for-profit have found ways around that listing to realize a profit while still receiving government subsidies as not-for-profit organizations. Most of those not-for-profit hospitals are run by Management Companies which are owned by corporations. They hire food service companies, laundry services, etc. which are also corporate-owned. If you’ve been to an emergency room recently, you’ve probably noticed a number of separate bills which are not billed from the hospital, but from a separate company (also corporate-owned). Of course pharmacies are a big source of medical expenses as well. (I was recently charged $250 for a tube of lotion for dry skin while in the hospital — which could have been purchased at any drug store for under $10). Insurance companies are still the big recipients of a big share of medical dollars. Actually the cost of medical malpractice suits is very small compared to the dollars paid by individual doctors and medical institutions for medical malpractice insurance. I think the next step would be to allow a profit cap of 20 percent for malpractice insurance with anything over that percentage to be returned to the individuals or institutions which purchased the coverage (as Obamacare instituted for individual medical insurance premiums).

            You are so right about the issue of xenophobia, which is probably the most difficult of all problems to overcome, and so difficult for the rest of us to understand when we’ve gotten beyond that issue in our own thinking. Of course, it is much easier to listen to only those commentators who feed their devoted listeners only the distorted facts that one WANTS to believe. However, I think it has gone beyond merely skin color. I feel like the GOP would come up with other ways to make it seem as if anyone who does not agree with their ideology is somehow alien and not to be trusted. There really is nothing to object to with President Obama. He has done the best job as president that any human being could possibly do, and yet he has been labeled with a variety of names which have no basis in reality — communist, racist, nazi, fascist, Kenyan, muslim, dictator, non-American, — you name it. They feel threatened by a changing world and would find something to throw out about anyone who is trying to make the adjustments necessary in a changing world, regardless of skin color. The sad part is that those people who are most easily frightened by the labels thrown at them are the ones who are willing to support a party who will initiate a change that has been proven as unsuccessful for centuries — the rule of those who hold the majority of wealth of a nation.

          • sigrid28

            You have been very generous with your time and words, for someone so well-informed and probably having a lot to do during this intense time in the election process. Sometimes it’s a comfort to learn more–about a profit cap on my step-daughter’s practitioner’s insurance, for example–and sometimes it’s a disappointment to learn more–about the gradual disassembling of the USPS that you describe.

            In your final paragraph, you must know you are preaching to the choir. Before we moved to rural Illinois from Wilmette, I might have agreed with you entirely. But my ex-husband of twenty years is a WWII survivor, so I knew his parents well. I can never, I think, believe anti-Semitism is a myth. As for xenophobia, it’s shadow, I have experienced it myself. My son and I have had a ten-year lesson.

            We left Wilmette because the high school would not allow our gifted but disabled son to attend. We bought property near a workshop for people with developmental disabilities, thinking our son could work and live at home, with a small orchard to work for exercise and lots of pets. I assumed with my certificates to teach and English Ph.D. I could find gainful employment. We lost our property in rural Illinois because right wing neighbors wanted it and made the neighborhood so sordid it was impossible to sell when my ex-husband lost his academic position in 2008. We lost all of our financial support and our health insurance. While we were trying to sell, our neighbors put anti-Semitic signs in their windows opposite our driveway, where my son had to see them each time I drove him to the high school, and the city did nothing when I asked to have them removed. Each neighbor had cars up on blocks on their property. My son thought the dead deer hanging from trees in their lawns were a weird holiday decoration. Next door neighbors were allowed to line the fences adjacent to our property with NO TRESPASSING signs, which only came down when I found a law against it in the city code and pointed it out to the city attorney, who had said he could do nothing about the signs. We could not sell the property before foreclosure, but the bank recovered all it had in it through a rapid sale to the neighbors, who had wanted it all along. Outsiders were just not welcome in this town.

            A small school seemed to be working for my son, who has Asperger Syndrome. He was the top student in his class, but was bullied so badly by students, administration, and staff that I had to remove him from the high school the third quarter of his junior year, because his therapist said the atmosphere had become toxic (that was while we still had health insurance). I found him on-line high school classes through the Illinois Math and Science Academy, so that he brilliantly turned that around. He took a GED and accumulated 18 hours of college credit, was named an AP Scholar, and was the only student in the region to receive recognition from the National Merit Scholar program. A college across the Mississippi in Iowa helped him with three-quarters tuition, ample grants, and student loans, so he was graduated from college summa cum laude, trilingual (English, Spanish, French), with a history minor, and savant memory skills supported by expertise in database research.

            We moved to his college town, where individuals from the xenophobic Illinois town have tried to block all avenues to work for myself and my son. Hiring is really all about cronyism and nepotism in this neck of the woods. Even the local Democratic “Central Committee” (which is by invitation only here) and Obama’s grass roots workers couldn’t use us as volunteers, so I’m making calls through the phone bank at Barack Obama web site. We live on my small retirement benefit from our divorce, and I took early retirement from Social Security. We rent a small house, perfect for us, and my brother found us a great old car when our other one died. Another achievement, my son got his driver’s license. We are both looking for work in a more cosmopolitan setting, and meanwhile counting our blessings.

            Sometimes I think that xenophobia is part of natural selection, the part that forgets that mutation often leads to gains for the species. Humankind seems bent on preserving its current characteristics through any means possible. Fairness and equality have nothing to do with it. In the final analysis, as Voltaire put it so well, “We must all cultivate our gardens.” Thanks for reading such a long post.

          • hilandar1000

            Sigrid, I am truly blown away with your post — for a variety of reasons. To begin with, I am in awe of your forthrightness and courage. Secondly, I am truly amazed with the many parallels in our lives that absolutely defy description. We could very well be living within a few miles of each other. We, too, moved from the Chicago area to central Illinois for a quieter pace — to a small town within a few miles of a university. We, too, have experienced a major amount of xenophobia, (although I’ve been referring to it as “tribalism”). Here, we are known as “those @#$%% Chicago people”. I even have a few hair-raising experiences similar to yours, as a matter of fact.
            As an educator, I have a lifetime of interest in the workings and potential of the human mind, and have been involved in special education for many years. Even in retirement, I have found a way of pursuing that interest through an animal therapy program, bringing the unconditional love and acceptance of animals to those whose potential tends to go unrecognized, and who often don’t feel love and acceptance from those with whom they come into contact.
            Your son sounds like quite an extraordinary young man, and is also very lucky to have the good fortune of having you for his mother — to help him realize his great potential.
            I don’t know if you are living in an area that has a life-long learning program, but it might be worth looking for — in your area. In the area where we live, it’s called OLLI Illinois, and I think, with your background, you would find it to be helpful. Most of the people involved with it are interested in pursuits of the mind. The people involved in the program have a more liberal, global view of life than most of the people in the surrounding rural area. Best of wishes to you, Sigrid. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

          • sigrid28

            I’m responding here to your final post, as the system blocked me downstream in the comment thread. Thanks so much. Sometimes bravery of my type is just plain old foolhardiness. However, casting better judgment aside, I sometimes make the effort to advocate in this way when it seems worthwhile. In this case, it certainly has been.

            I don’t know whether to feel better or worse, that we are not alone in our dilemma, in terms of where we live and the hostility of our neighbors. There are always our woodland friends here to sooth us. Foxes, woodchucks, hawks and eagles, even a family of deer with triplets, that narrowed down to twins, who now have those little tufts between their ears that will soon become antlers. Our indoor/outdoor cat is my son’s little fuzzy brother, who practically runs the place. Animal therapy is such a blessing to everyone, not just individuals on the autism spectrum, with which I have the most experience. Nature: there can never be enough of it.

            Right now, my son and I are working the Barack Obama volunteer site and making phone calls before the election. I hope we meet again via the “National Memo.” Please keep your very informative and inspirational posts coming. Obama/Biden 2012.

        • bca, ot was two wars, trickle down economics and deregulation that caused the mess. I would also ask Romney which of the regulations, mentioned, and which of the departments mentioned, that he will eliminate.

          • bcarreiro

            maybe retail???

          • bcarreiro, please grow up!

    • Very good!

  • atc333

    Your tax reform plan is “revenue neutral,although you have not stated in what manner the income generated by your plan would be redistributed, either downward, to the middle and working classes, or upward.
    Being revenue neutral, how would you deal with the deficits which still remain? How will you pay for increased spending on Defense?

    Why do you consider yourself to be a good candidate for President, when you have executed the Norquist “no new taxes” pledge which effectively removes 50% of all fiscal remedies from the Fed’s tool kit to balance the budget?

  • I would ask that if Mitt Romney is such a great business man, how is it that he has millions invested in companies like Sensata but has no input as to how those companies are managed, retained, and/or sold. And why his SEC fillings dates changed on when he was involved with Bain Capital as its CEO. I would also like to know how many companies Mr. Romney is currently actively involved in where Bain Capital is the parent company.

  • I would also like to know what Mr Romney has to say about paying for Nathan Sproull to register voters and why he hasnt spoken out against voter registration fraud by Sproull.

  • ronlar

    Specifically, discuss the implementation of your jobs plan and the need for entitlement reform.

  • Joris Heise

    Though I will vote for him, and for most local Democrats, I no longer believe that our President is so in touch with the electorate that he will listen to these comments. He listens to the politicos, the Inner Circle, the “smart” thing to do, and not the wise thing. That is my humble opinion. What is said here will not reach him. If it did, he would invigorate the creativity and nimbleness of mind he once had, but which has become submerged by the flood of Conservative Negativity, the relentless demands of Office and the (reactionary) pressures from his own Party to conform. He needs to listen to Michelle more than to us–at least that would be a start.

  • Romney: In my experience, tax cuts for the wealthy doesn’t create jobs, it creates more wealth for them. If you implement tax cuts for the wealthy, will you make the tax cuts contingent upon creating a specific number of new jobs, in the US only? If they fail to create such jobs will you impose a penalty, which should be greater than the tax cuts they received, for those who get the tax cuts but don’t create new jobs or send jobs overseas? Can you demonstrate, with actual proof and specifics, instances where tax cuts to the wealthy have created new jobs in the past 12 years?

  • Tim Meulenberg

    Does the existing tax rate have an influence on wheather a reduction will increase revenue or not? Representative Ryan stated that the Kennedy tax cuts increased revenue but the cuts were based on the top tax rate being greater than 70% under President Eisenhower.

    If tax cuts create jobs, where are the job numbers that show an increase in jobs due to tax cuts under the Bush Administration? Asside from the jobs associated with the fraudulent mortgage activity that did affect the residential construction industry, what jobs were created?

    • Tim, that is my question: since the Bush tax breaks have been in effect since 2001, why isn’t everything hunky dory?

      • Cairndance

        I have used this same logic for years when talking to Republicans. They don’t have an answer!

  • The Bush years created the problems we are facing now, do you honestly feel that four years of the Obama administration could solve every problem that we are dealing with today when met with a “no” from a republican congress?

  • Ask what the United States is going to do when it is no longer the world reserve currency? This is currently happening as we speak. Once it has been completed cheap gas and the US dollar will be a thing of the past.

  • Governor Romney:

    Why do you think the rich deserve more of a break than the poor or middle class?

    I have always been told that if you have nothing to hide, then you hide nothing, so why wouldn’t you produce more than 2 years worth of taxes?

    What makes you think that you can do what has already been done, concerning the tax breaks for the rich & the results will be different than previously?

    President O’bama & Governor Romney:

    What are your views on Unions in America?

    What would you do to provide better medical care for our returning soldiers?

    What can be done to improve our veteran hospitals?

    What can be done to provide jobs in America for us who haven’t served in the military & for those coming home from the war?

    What can be done for the states in America that are in such trouble?

    In Illinois, we are among the worst states financially & have put several in jail that have stolen from our state, what can be done to make sure these kinds of things don’t happen in our state or any other state again?

    What can be done to get rid of the crooked politicians in America???

  • What would either candidate do to stop the “entitlements” the elected officials have created for themselves with their payments for life whether still in office or not? Is this not a pension, not a 401k and how did these come about? I can’t find a single working person who thinks that “we the people” think Washington folks should get a pension and health care for the rest of their lives. And can someone tell me where this money comes from? Is there a special fund?

    • grammyjill

      special fund…our taxes.

  • Ruchel

    The two candidates should also be asked about what they will do in terms of ObamaCare; abortion rights; birth control rights; women’s rights to control their own bodies; LGBT issues; Gay marriage. The candidates should respond taking into consideration the Separation of Church and State. Gov. Romney should also respond taking into consideration the Republican and Tea Party cry for smaller government. If government should be small, why and how do they want and plan to get in to people’s bedrooms and families. Last but not least, if birth control is not allowed, I of course assume that condoms for men would be against the law too, right? If these issues are already being asked by someone else, I would ask Romney to explain his tax returns, and where does he keep his money.

  • They do not pay attention to any underlying facts – that would take intelligence. Simply spew what ever your candidate has told you today without doing even a cursory bit of research, then continue to repeat ad nauseum.

  • I would like to ask Mitt Romney the following:
    In a secret video you insulted the 47%. Later on Fox News you said you were wrong and you will help all 100%. At the same time you said you will repeal Obama Care on day one. Don’t you think that 47% most of them are relying on Obama Care, while you are saying you will repeal it? What a controversy! Why can’t we take your first remark on 47% as the vivid one and think the somehow called “apology of 100%”, is just only to get the votes?

    • Frida, my father used to tell me that what makes honesty is what you do when no one is looking. The secret tape is a strong indicator of how Romney really feels.

  • JohnRNC

    To Mr. Romney:

    Republicans at all levels have been pounding away with the “tax cuts create jobs” mantra since the 1980 Reagan campaign. George W. Bush continued with this theme despite fighting a 2 front war. The result was not a stable & growing economy but a volatile unpredictable one that ultimately crashed. Why do you and your colleagues continue to promote a theory with such a poor track record?

    Wouldn’t it be easier to solve our economic problems from a place of honest assessment instead of playing politics and being stuck to a busted theory?

    To Mr Obama:

    Why do you refuse to stand up for yourself and your accomplishments? Why have you and the rest of the Dem Party allowed the opposition to dictate the debate?

  • Jeffrey Pottberg

    Mr. Romney, How much and how do you pay for 2 new nuclear subs. Oh…it costs about 7.2 billion each. AND can go as high as 13BILLION EACH!!!!

  • If tax cuts and corporate profits create jobs why havent the past four years been a job boom, you have had the Bush tax cuts, seems like forever and the corporate confers are full of money thats not being reinvested in the economy. Is part of the republician plan to bring the country down and hurt the American people solely to defeat the President in 2012. Try to remember the people elected the President in 2008, not respecting our choice amount to a lot more than 47%.

  • partyneutral

    Romney: Your tax cuts are revenue neutral, specify top 5 areas that you would ask congress to offset in order to achieve this.

  • cdomin01

    When Govenor Romney was in Israel, he compared the Jewish state’s economy to the Palestinian state economy as a difference in cultures. Then he extrapolated the same comparison between the US economy and that of Mexico. What did Govenor Romney mean to explain as the difference in cultures between the US and that of Mexico?

  • Romney: With the “problems” at American Refineries why should Americans continue padding the wallets of the Oil Company Execs when they don’t properly maintane their equipment insuring that problems don’t occure?

  • I’d like to ask Romney,as to why he’s had more positions (on issues) than a porno queen? 2. Since you’re a chicken hawk warmonger,wanting to start wars (everywhere),where other parents send their sons & daughter to fight and die,why not the same to your many offspring?

  • Barbareba

    Would it not be possible for our troops who are coming home from Afganistan to begin to protect us here on our soil by helping with the borders, with the drug situation, as well as the terrorist? I just think we need some professional protection here in America by our troops.

  • Isn’t it about time we hold our politicians and candidates accountable for what they’ve done and what they say they will do? We should require simple and transparent reporting that can be reviewed by anyone prior to or after the election. Hasn’t President Obama done most of what he said he would do when he was elected? Was he thwarted by republicans in congress on the matters he was unable to change? There was no quick fix for our economy after what the Bush administration had done to it. Many economists said it would take 10-15 years for the economy to recover. How can we expect anyone to turn things around completely in just 4 years? But the economy is showing positive signs of a recovery and one which will benefit every citizen of the United States, not just the wealthy. My home was just appraised and it’s value has increased by almost 15% over what it was less than 2 years ago. That’s a very good sign to me that our economy is on the road back to where we were when President Clinton left office. To elect Romney will just give us Bush 2.0. And by the way, Romney is 65 years old. What will happen if he becomes ill or dies in office? Does anyone really want Ryan as our next president? I surely don’t.

  • 1) Why do millionaires/billionaires need more money (thru Romney’s tax cuts) to create jobs? If they are “true” Americans, why can’t they use the current money they have to help improve the economy?
    2) If Medicare is converted to “voucher” program, are our elders subject to increase(s) in premiums and prescription costs and limitations of coverage benefits?
    3) Why does Romney think employee jobs ovesea’s are better than here in the U.S.?
    4) Will the Congress member’s medical benefits be the same as that proposed by Romney with his repeal of Obamacare?
    5) Why do we need to eliminate the “capital gains tax”? What are the benefits to the U.S.?
    6) What are details of how Romney’s will create 12 million jobs? Juat saying “I will create …..” does not mean one thing. Oh, does he plan to create 12 million jobs oversea’s?

  • ERubert

    I think someone should ask Mitt Romney: “The positions you espoused at the first debate were quite different from those leading up to the debate. Have you changed your website to reflect those changes, and if not, why not?

  • Barbareba

    For Romney I would ask: Governor, if helping the rich is going to put people back to work, then why have the last 8 years not been successful?

  • jfsnowman

    Mr. President

    You appear to lack the courage of your own convictions. Why?

  • F R

    To Romney. You have been very critical of President Obama blaming him for the lax of security in Libya even though there was no PDF warning the President Like the Pdf prior to 9/11/2001 “Osama determined to strike within the US” What would you have done different on both of these scenarios?

    • F R

      Two; If you win, under your administration war with Iran is inevitable… which one of your sons are you willing to sacrifice for the cause… fighting along side the 47%?

      • Cairndance

        2 Great questions! Of course Romney would probably make sure that his sons would have the same priviledge that he did during Vietnam (they would get a pass and be allowed to be missionaries in France).

        My third would be “Do you think that your 5 sons’ wives, and daughters should have the right to control what happens to their own bodies. or do you agree with the Taliban that MEN should have control of females?

  • Explain the preexisting conditions in detail under your policy. You give me how much $, I now need to purchase insurance, but now have a preexisting condition. Will I be able to purchase insurance?

  • jdeno

    lower the price of gas

    • old_blu

      Huh? They don’t have anything to do with the price of gas.

    • This is a big concern, but a president has no control over gas prices. They could hold a hearing and bring the oil companies to answer for the prices.

  • I understand that it took years under the Bush administration to put the country in debt and it would take 8 years or more to bring us out of this debt. I get that. Since the republicans vowed to stop any proposals that Pres Obama presented because from day one, the republicans vowed to get Pres Obama out of office, can he get them to work with him in a bipartisan way?

  • If Romney wants to get rid of Medicare for ages 54 and under, get rid of education money, and companies are not giving pensions for new workers, how are the young to survive with the same Bush policies that ran the country down?

    • There is a possibility that he is telling those 55 and over, it will not affect their Medicare and Social Security, because he wants their votes. After the election things might change dramatically.

  • Women’s issues, drug rehabilitation, reducing number of criminals in prison, especially minorities/Afro-Americans, what social programs would be cut, i.e. SNAP, School Lunch Program. Plans to increase education and equal resources of inner city school. Meaning of the 47%

  • I am tired of hearing the five point plan that Romney always talks about. Why won’t anyone make him explain how each would work in detail. Hey, anyone can state a plan of action to create jobs, get debt down etc, but he never explains in detail how he is going to do it. Ryan said he wants to in so many words wait until they take office??? That is scarey!

    • Five point, 999, whatever. We do need facts. We need to see the actual figures and a chart on what they are planning on doing to Medicare and Social Security. They did say their plan on Medicaid, was to turn the whole thing over to the states.

    • Yellowdog Democrat

      If he had six fingers, it would be six points. The campaign is shaped around vague generalities, factless support, and weathervane positions. And to think the polls show it as close

  • What do Morman’s believe in anyway? Is this a cult or not?

    • Yellowdog Democrat

      Many consider it a cult. Check out Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith by Jon Krakauer (author of Into Thin Air and Into The Wild). It will give you a rather thought provoking start on the people with the magic underwear.

  • Tell me what the loop holes are that you want to get rid of, Romney? Without explaining any of your plans, makes it hard to vote for the unknown???? At least when Pres Obama get rid of the loop holes, such as fraud in Medicare, he isn’t taking away from benefits for seniors. I am not sure what you are reducing, because you never say. Which loop holes, please?

  • Romney: Why have you refused to provide tax returns for all but one year? How do you morally justify paying just 14% on your taxable income for that year? Why have you recanted (flip-flopped yet again) on your comments about the 47% of loyal Americans who you would kick to the curb?

  • 1DavidOrman1

    I would ask how he can say that if we are 55 and older that his Social Security and Medicare plans will not hurt us. He said the government has made promises and they will keep those promises.
    If we have children and grandchildren that will be affected then I will be affected.
    If it hurts my kids, it hurts me.
    Does he want us to look the other way while he robs our children of the promises that have been made to them?

  • carolbjones61

    For Romney, please explain why it’s fine for the extremely wealthy to have their hands out for federal dollars at twice the rate of the poor. Corporate welfare far exceeds social welfare. Follow up by asking about how he benefited from federal funds for his Mass. health program and why he doesn’t want other states to have the same benefit.

    For Obama, please explain the way you’ve cut the deficit over the past 4 years–(he has!).

  • carolbjones61

    and another question for Romney–how can you own voting machine businesses and run for office?
    How can you hide money to avoid paying US taxes and consider yourself a good patriot?

  • fyte4justice

    To both candidates: What would you propose to do about the immigration problem?

  • morgan520

    Being a woman, I would like to ask Romney about healthcare; in particular women’s health issues – since he and his party are so hell-bent on repealing abortion funding for any reason are they going to be there to take care of the child whose mother dies in childbirth or to help defray the costs of a child born of rape who is unwanted; bet not!

  • truepatriot4ever

    siensam you obviously are under the false assumption that hiring an employee is the same as creating a job. They are not. Jobs are created exclusively by the market place, period. This is why trickle down economics were doomed to failure. They ( trickle down) are based on the false premise that if a business has x amount of dollars left over at the end of a month ,they(the business) will say to themselves ,gee we have x amount of dollars left over ,we need to hire someone. This is just not the case! A business that has the capacity to produce
    2,000 widgets a month but has a market demand for 4,000 widgets a month says to itself we need to hire enough employees to meet the market demand of 4.000 widgets.So although they provided the employment (hiring) they did not create the jobs. The market created the jobs.Job creation is the sole result of market demand.
    So when you hear a republican talk about the job creators needing more tax breaks,lees regulation etc.they are blowing smoke up your posterior. That poor person you you decry as not hiring,is in fact creating and preserving jobs every time he or she spends what little money they may have.
    It is time for trickle down economics to go the way of the buggy whip.

    • old_blu

      Nice explanation.

    • ObozoMustGo

      falsepatriot… you could not be more wrong. By your stupid rationale, if all we do is give people money, they will demand more things, and the economy will grow. Classic Trickle Down Government stupidity. Redistribution of wealth and/or debt financed current spending are failed ideas. Keynesian economics is a FAILED idea. It’s nothing more than Trickle Up Poverty…. Rob Peter to Pay Paul Economics.

      I never see any of you leftist freaks or useful idiots attempt to explain that the alternative to that which you deride requires the belief that allowing people to keep more of their earnings is a bad thing. That empowering politicians to have the power of the gun to confiscate one’s private and lawfully earned property is somehow good for the economy. Only a nut that sees the economic pie as being fixed could think of this foolish notion as being positive. Or, only a lying politician who’s greed is sold to you wrapped up in a “compassionate” package thinks this is good. Only a real fool believes these things.

      ALL economic activity begins with basic human needs, and the desire of others to profit from providing for those needs. In other words, it’s both demand AND supply. Beyond basic needs, everything else is just wants, and the number of wants and the variety of ways to meet those human wants are almost unlimited. Further, where you go wrong in your thinking is that for anyone to actually be able to satisfy their needs and wants, they must first be able to earn money to pay others for satisfying their needs and wants. In other words, they must have a job, and or savings from their job over time before they can spend anything. And jobs only come from employers who have taken risks to put together capital and labor in pursuit of profits that come from efficiently meeting the needs and wants of others, if they are able to. There is no other way. Not in the real world.

      You leftist freaks use the term “trickle down economics” as a derogatory term, but only because you have no clue how money actually works. Rather, you attempt to discredit sound economic principles as a way to encourage favor toward those economic principles that place government control and spending at the heart of economic activity. Clearly, nowhere has your government control experiment ever worked, at least not for long.

      Rob Peter to Pay Paul Economics will NEVER work!

      It is 100% true that wealthy people invest their money. Yes, that’s right, they trickle their wealth down. I personally make a living from those wealthy people investing their money by consulting to small start-up companies that are backed by venture capital (VC) or private equity (PE) investment. I pay for my home and my family and all that we do in my local community with the money that has “trickled down” from wealthy people through me.

      All the VC or PE guys do is aggregate wealthy people’s money into funds that invest in new businesses, or turnaround opportunities of failing companies. It works like this: A couple of engineers with an idea and no money put together a business plan and shop that plan with the aggregators of investors money. If it’s a good plan, the VC puts up a few million to the engineers who in turn then have to hire people. Most of the time, their ideas are just science experiments when they get initial funding. This is why there is a high rate of failure among these companies. Only 1 in 10 actually make it to either sale or IPO. That failure rate can only be sustained with huge successes on other investments. But even if a company ends up failing, in the mean time, they grow from a couple of founders to sometimes hundreds of employees that have jobs and benefits for 2, 3, 4, or more years… all of it paid for by wealthy people investing their money for the promise of huge returns with no guarantees. It takes years to get their money back. This is why capital gains should not be taxes like wages. It only increases the costs of taking risks, which reduces incentive to invest in America. But that’s another topic.

      It’s mind boggling how stupid you leftist freaks can be. You sit there using technology to communicate (computers, software, routers, switches, telecom, etc.) that was all developed and marketed through “trickle down economics” because some investors took the risk in pioneering new ways to meet the basic human need of communicating with others. Yet, you criticize the very system that has brought about your ability to do what you are doing right now. What a bunch of morons.

      The rationale is simple: Allowing people to keep more of their earnings creates incentives to work and invest. Work and investment grows the economy, not government spending of future taxation. Lower rates broadened across more citizens in a growing economy results in higher government revenues. It worked perfectly fine under Coolidge, JFK, Reagan, and Bush 2. But you leftist freaks love to complain about those times because if the truth ever got out and the masses understood it, your Rob Peter to Pay Paul economics theories may be debunked forever.

      By the way, in anticipation of your reply, please do not be so stupid as to confuse government spending and government revenues. You leftist morons constantly do that. We don’t so much have a revenue problem as we have a spending problem.

      [click image to enlarge]

      Have a nice day!

      As William Voegeli put it in Never Enough: America’s Limitless Welfare State, “Liberals don’t want the government to grow indefinitely. They just want it to be bigger than it is right now. The corollary of this stance is liberals’ refusal even to entertain questions on the dimensions of a welfare state that is exactly the right size.”

      • DukeDacat

        What the Hell are you raving about????


        GO BACK TO FAUX NOISE YOU CREEPY troll……………………………

        • hilandar1000

          Yes, you got that right, Duke. We’ve tried to help Bozo with his addiction to Limbaugh and Beck, but he just blathers on in his own little world. So we, here, pretty much just ignore him —- pitiful person that he is.

        • ObozoMustGo

          I’ve noticed that not a single one of you leftist freaks have refuted a single thing that I wrote. Typical of you losers and leftist freaks. HA!

          Have a nice day!

          “You cannot make the poor man rich by making the rich man poor.” – Winston Churchill

      • Babble, pure unadulterated babble.

        • ObozoMustGo

          Ralphy… it’s only “babble” to you because you are too stupid to understand it. Now, go back to crack pipe, you loser.

          Have a nice high!

          “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
          the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
          its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
          — Winston Churchill

    • Good point. It never ceases to amaze me that the Republicans “shout from the mountain top” that government does not create jobs yet “trickle down economics” created by the government somehow work.

  • Melvin Chatman

    What do the Leaders of YOUR Church think about you telling LIES on a daily basis?
    Is this the “Standard” Model of the Mormon Faith?

  • Romney: How do you plan to create decent paying jobs in America. Do you plan to bring all the corporations hidden billions back from your overseas tax hideouts. Do you plan to keep planned parenthood from helping women and their medical needs, which I am thankful for when I was a young mother and struggling wife. Do you plan to tell the real story about Bain Capital, and did your boys ever go to war? What also would your wife do without medical insurance, but that is a joke, however there are millions of people with diseases who do not have husbands who have bankrupted business/jobs, yet they are not of your “ilk” and are in the 47% . I just hope you dont get elected, for we will be left with another Bush recoil of economic disaster, that Obama was left with, dont you agree Mr. Romney

  • ObozoMustGo

    Here are some questions for Obozo… Hat tip to a US Marines vet….

    We are all very sad that our Ambassador to Libya was killed. But doesn’t that beg certain questions MUST be addressed? That consulate is and was SOVEREIGN United States territory in accordance with international treaties and international LAW. That means our sovereign soil was INVADED.

    So, how many of the invaders were killed as they were storming into our consulate? Any? The two Ex-Navy Seals and ex-Air Force Spec-Ops guys that died with our Ambassador ‘we are now told’, were NOT part of the Ambassador’s security team inside that consulate. What about the U.S. Marines assigned to protect the consulate and the Ambassador, where were they? Two of the world’s most elite trained bad asses were there! Those seals were killed and they didn’t take anyone with them? Two ex-Seals didn’t kill anyone? Wouldn’t they AND every U.S. Military soldier have fought like tigers, to the death; – unless they had not been ordered not to?

    And yet, NONE of the invaders died? What is WRONG with this picture, folks? Were those Seals and Marines not armed? If so, who gave that disarm order? Who told them NOT to have defensive weapons at the ready? Who ordered them NOT to fire on the invaders?

    The United States has always had a second and sometimes a third-line of defense inside any embassy or consulate. The bodies of those invaders should have been stacked up like cord wood unless our Seals and Marines were un-armed! The Marines and Seals would have had preplanned, defendable, defensive positions stocked with ammo and weapons unless they were ordered not to do so.

    Who gave that order???? Was our current government the reason why our people were murdered? Were there no weapons available to our people?
    The State Department and in particular Hillary Clinton and our President should answer these questions openly and publicly LIVE and in front of the American People AND the world PRESS!

    I am just an old veteran, who probably does not understand how this administration decides to properly kiss the ass OF OUR ENEMIES, but SOME of you have actually served in our military too and I have yet to hear ANY of you ask why Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama allowed our Embassy personnel to be killed!

    And you want this no-good, lowlife, son of islam to be re-elected??? – God, help us!

    Have a nice day!

    “Blaming a 2-bit film for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo

    • DukeDacat

      Obozo, Go Away……………………………….

  • Holyoke

    Romney needs to explain why he won’t release his taxes from past years. If there is nothing to hide release them!!!

    • A wasted question as you will never get a straight answer from him on this subject. You/we need to ask questions of BOTH CANDIDATES that can be Fact Checked.

  • I have a simple question for both candidates.
    Will you take an oath to tell the truth?
    Have you lied and will you lie to get elected president of the United States? Only a yes or no answer. No qualifications with your answer.

    All other questions have no value if both candidates will lie.

    Where is the objective proof in all there claims? How can we citizens hold the candidates accountable to there actions or lack of actions? The vote?

  • I would like to know if 60% of National debt is what the Government owes Social Security why is there such a crisis of funding? Why do you need to cut benefits for the people who has paid in and Social Security funds so many things that are not related to Social Security.

  • To the guy that wrote ObozoMustGo, well buddie, ask V.P. Hopefull, Ryan, the question about security, for under his watch, funding was cut. Check with the parents of the deceased, and they say that this Libia incident should not be used as a political football and tool. We have Ambassadors all over the world, and perhaps you may have the money or training to staff them with forces. Isn”t it time for “America” to come home” perhaps the money could be used to feed our poor, go to paying for schools, roads, higher education, etc. Perhaps as you claim to be a Marine Vet, and you should of been there to protect the folks who died. Why dont you get off your butt and be a “Seal” and take a stand in the right direction. Are you getting a pension, and perhaps are you even a voter?????? Look I am voting for O’Bama, you do your thing. Perhaps you were responsible for the World Trade, and the U.S. SHIP Kohl, if that is spelled correctly! You are an idiot to think that any president could stop the foreign idiots who terrorize other countries all over the world. Get some knowledge, read about “Mitt”s” life, he doesn”t even go by his first name. Fake he is and read about his assault on a gay boy when he was 14. I also feel, you are in the 47% like most of us, and we if Romney is elected will be in a 27% and having to go overseas for a job if he is elected. I am also not a raciest, and am white, and believe in jobs in America, and not Bain Capital. Go research that fiasco.


  • Why have you not defended our right to know what is in our food, as in GMO labelling?
    Why did you appoint someone to the FDA from Monsanto who is ignoring the advice of its scientists in that regard?

  • 0128163132

    USA embassies are considered American soil. When America is attacked-Why didn’t we send in the Marines?
    Sounds like 1940-1941 all over again..WW3 here we come..
    Why are we always apologizing?-
    When are other countries going to thank us for our help to get them back on their feet– now and after they attacked us during WW2???
    They take our money and our men to fight for them. Why do they-then- turn against us??
    Is it a lack of USA leadership??

    How do we stop illegals from voting?
    Send them all home Stand in line to come to this country
    the way my ancestors did..They come over and worked for what they got..even if it was a menial
    job.. Kept their self respect..
    We were taught to get ahead was our responsibility not the gov’t..

    Stop whining about the rich.. They are the ones who give to charities..
    When was the last time you contributed to a charity
    We were lower middle class but have never been jealous of the rich.
    You want to be rich–Start out by working a couple of menial jobs..
    Stop expecting to be taking care of.. Get off you tush and get out there…

    Our kids worked from the time they were 14 on menial jobs. Then paid their own way through college.. And God willing are doing fine..Not rich but comfortable.. They know what it takes to
    get ahead..Why does the gov’t encourage people to whine and not solve their own problems..

  • Ron

    The Romney camp’s sole charge in this campaign is that the current recovery from recession is slow because of Obama’s policies. If the current recovery from recession is actually faster than average, as reported this past weekend in a televised roundtable, why aren’t the Democrats squashing Romney’s big point with this fact (if it is a fact)? And why not throw in the fact that recovery in the US is better than that of most developed countries?

  • viewfromtheleftcoast

    To Romney: Which side of the abortion issue are you on now….as Governor?, as candidate for Republican party for president? or as nominee this week, last week, or tonight?

  • jythoma

    I would ask Mitt Romney that he says he has worked across the aisle with a Democratic legislature as Governor of MA. However, while Gov of MA he held moderate to liberal views that were in part the same initiatives and agenda of the Democratic party. Such as the commission he formed to address womens issues, in which he sought to have a committee member from Planned Parenthood. Now, he says he will defund Planned Parenthood. I’d like to know why he has changed positions.

    I would like to know that while President Obama did have a majority of a Democratic Congress for two years, there were also more filibusters by the Republican party than any other time in history, leading to the inabilty of the President to sign into law various inititatives that were aimed at progress for the middle class. Does he agree? If he does (this is a fact) My follow up would be if he were President faced with these same circumstances how would he get around this to achieve his vision in passsing legislation?

    I would ask Mitt Romney why does he hold the President accountable for the events in Lybia when the current administration had no warning, yet has not condemend the Bush administration regarding the events of 9/11, when records indicate that America was warned by at least 15 nations of the strong possibiliy that an attack was eminent, yet took no action to avoid the devastating results that occurred?

  • greghilbert

    “Just a few hundred individuals now have more wealth than 150 million Americans, and yet they typically pay a lower portion of their incomes on federal, state and local taxes than the people they employ at minimum wage. Do you agree the wealthy should pay a far higher rate like they did in the days of Eisenhower and JFK, and that the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy should be repealed?”

    “The Supreme Court ruling by Republican appointees known as Citizens United allows corporations to fund candidates and political ads. Do you support a constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United?”

    “Wealthy individuals pay no Social Security withholding after the first $110,100 of their incomes. Do you agree that ceiling should be raised in order to preserve Social Security without benefit cuts beyond 2023?”

  • slicktom

    Why do you think we should vote for you when you hide your money in off shore accounts to avoid paying US Taxes, which is how the US operates on?

  • President Obama: Address what Romney has said about getting rid of planned parenthood; sesame street ( those are jobs that people need there) ; decreasing Medicare (those are disabled, seniors, veterans, nursing home care – and people who cannot get jobs or work); women and abortion; veterans overseas; does he have any idea what happened to YOUR jobs bill in the Republican Congress? – is that where his 12 million jobs is going to come from?; why is he now saying some of the things you have already said you would do or have done. Also, Mr. President outline your plans by numbering them #1, #2, #3, etc. Outline by 1,2,3 what you have ALREADY done during your presidency not talk about it. There are people out there who cannot hear too well (not literally) or cannot count. [ if he talks too fast past your time, you have the right to ask for a warning bell, he out-talked you before and did not seem to care HOW LONG he talked]> I would also ask him why he thinks paying 14% taxes on income is OK, and other people pay more – that is, if he is so concerned about the middle class. His position about the 47% – is he still “not worried about them”? He just said on his ads he is concerned about “jobs” for the middle class, WHO is he talking about? – the 47% or somebody in the fog?

    Mitt Romney: Distortion of facts about the President’s tenure is unconscienable. Say more about your intentions, stop bashing and disrespecting the President in his face. Did you know it is impossible to BALANCE this budget? I am not rich and I know it. When the President has helped everyone that needs help in the U.S. and the world, not
    “wasting” money as your ads say, then balance is a long way off. You will not “balance” a budget.

  • For the past 30 years, I have listened to Republicans saying, of the American economy, and how tax breaks, for the rich, will spur recovery “Just give it TIME. EVENTUALLY, SOMEday, the economy will return, on its own”.

    Why will the Republican Party Never issue a deadline, saying “If our policies do not bring forth complete economic recovery, for Main Street, by a specific date, then we Republicans will consider tax breaks, for the rich, to be a failure, at promoting economic recovery”?

  • I want to know how much influence the Mormon Church will have n his decisions as President. He is an influential priest in the Church and bound by church law to obey the dictates of the Prophet (President Munson) and the Quorum of Twelve. How will he resolve this conflict?

    • Cairndance

      You are absolutely right to ask.
      President Obama was forced to give a speech on his Christian values (and many still believe he is a Muslim), but no one is asking Romney to explain anything about his Morman views.
      Also Mr. Romney, how is regular tything to your church of more than 10% suppose to show how wonderful you are? I thought all Morman “elders” were Required to tythe more than 10%!

  • Question for Romney: You have proposed a 20% Tax cut that will go predominately to the wealthy. You have promised that it will be revenue neutral. You have promised to increase military spending. You have promised to not to cut the “social safety net”. You have said that you will NOT explode the Federal deficit. You have said that the way this budget will work is that you will eliminate tax loopholes. PLEASE be SPECIFIC WHICH loopholes you will close. The majority of economists say your math does not hold up. Either 1) The Federal Deficit WILL explode 2) You will be forced to increase taxes. or 3) You will have to CUT the Social Safety Net that the POOR, the ELDERLY and the DISABLED rely upon. If you plan to RAISE TAXES and CUT programs how will your plan be any different than what President Obama has proposed?

    • He is asking for 900 billion dollars for military spending. From his own words, his viewpoint that if countries are afraid of the United States they won’t attack us. We can’t afford to be making enemies all over the world. Those enemies might form a coalition. We should always try peaceful means first and that way we can say we tried.

  • I’d ask Romney why Bain Capital is outsourcing 170 jobs at Sensata in Freeport,IL to China and you don’t lift a freakin finger to stop the closing of this company,devastating the people and the economy of this town…Your ass claims you are,all of a sudden for the working class? HOGWASH…You are for you and your rich friends–to hell with everyone else…

    The Chinese show up to be trained by the soon-to-be- out of a job Sensata workers is damn disgrace..How low can YOU go,Romney,and don’t pretend you no nothing,…

  • Trudy Ennis

    Gov Romney – What are the specific loopholes and deductions you would eliminate?

  • Governor Romney, you asked VP candidates to provide tax return records but you have not made your tax returns available.

  • patuxant

    I would ask him why is he denying any control over Bain during the period when all of the outsourcing and plan closings were going on? He denies responsibility doesn’t he? It’s like whatever standards he tries to fling on others, he fails to place around his own royal neck. Obama needs to call him out for the fraud he is tonight.

  • I would like to ask both, How is his ideas for a strong America different from those of Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge or Herbert Hoover?

  • What steps would you take to protect our democracy from those radicals in this country?

  • curious11

    President Obama, when is your administration going to avow or disavow Arab and European press reports regarding the savage killing of our Ambassador and three Americans in Libia. Why are their families still seeking answers more than a month later?

    • How do you know what has been and what has NOT been told to the families? I think the pres. will address,if the questions are asked?

      Since motor mouth,Romney,has tried to make political hay with this story,why not
      look to the Republican Congress,which cut 221 million out of the budget for State Dept.inclusive of security details for all Consulates around the world? Try that one?

  • Governor Romney: Americans have been made aware of the off-shore accounts in which you protect money from US taxes, and it is well-known that this practice is wide-spread among our wealthier citizens. Although legal, most Amercians among the 99% seem to agree this is morally wrong and offensive. As President, would you support any changes to laws and policies that support such inequities?

  • oldnick2

    Mr. Romney:

    1. What is your plan to deal with the real “de facto” government of our country “pulling the strings” and controlling under the table and behind the scenes our “de jure” government elected by “We the People”? As you are fully aware, I am talking about the plutocracy of big business, the very powerful, the very rich, and the so-called elite, kindly referred to as “special interests”–the so-called self-appointed “smart guys” who got us into this awful mess in which we find ourselves.

    I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that this “Shadow Government”, a Plutocracy, was not put in place by President Obama. It goes back through many Republican administrations, but it really blossomed under the Bush presidencies. One doesn’t have to Google far to discover this to be true if he doesn’t already know. Check out the many books on Amazon. Also, check out the Bush’s relationships with the Saudis.

    2. You claim to believe in God as does President Obama. It is my understanding that God created man; and, over the course of thousands of years, man created business as needed to serve man. My question: Do you really believe God created corporations as people to be served at its pleasure by man?

    3. I believe that every citizen of this country has a right under God to adequate healthcare.
    To this end, I believe our nation should adapt a national universal single payer healthcare plan under the auspices of the medical profession and modeled after what is now Medicare. This plan should be financed by a payroll income surtax through a “pay as you go” stand-alone deficit free fund just as is our Social Security fund and removed accordingly from our national budget. There, in my opinion, is no reason any competent regulatory body cannot write proper legislation to this effect that will overcome any objections to such a plan. For example, one objection to such a plan has been that patients would have to wait too long for their healthcare. This can be addressed and corrected along with other objections by proper legislation. My question: Will you support such a plan? It will certainly help to reduce healthcare costs as well as the deficit.

    4.Under the prescription drug bill which has never been funded by the Republican administration which sponsored and passed it, a poison pill was included which in short time will contribute to the bankruptcy of the Medicare plan. That pill was the legislation prohibiting the government from negotiating drug prices with the pharmaceutical companies as does the Veteran Administration. Medicare must pay top retail prices. My question: Will you support elimination of this clause, thereby strengthening healthcare for the American people?

    President Obama:

    Will you please respond to and answer the four questions, above?


    For Romney

    Why is the foundation of your fiscal arguments based on the lies and distortions originating from the desks of Karl Rove and Stewart Stevens?

  • I would ask both how they would feel as an employee of a corporation, an implied threat of their job if they voted for the “wrong” candidate and how they would handle that situation in their life if that job was all they had to stay above the poverty level?

  • ayayaboy

    My Questions are:
    1. Romney where are your tax returns?
    2. You have shown twelve years tax returns, are you ready to show up to 20 years if Romney puts out 20 years tax return?
    3. Romney why did you say Detroit your hometown should go bankrupt?
    4. Obama, how did you know that the bailout for Auto Industry will work?
    5. Romney, what did the 47% do wrong that they deserve your words of insults calling them victims and Ryan call 30% Americans “takers”? why taking you so long to apologize to Americans for such demoniation and insult?
    6. Obama, why don’t you praise Justice Robert for rising above party lines?
    7. Romney, why do want to abolish plan parenthood?
    8. why do you think some women vow to vote Romney even after saying he will kill women right to choose, plan parenthood, repeal Obamney care, don’t ask don’t tell, self-deport illigal immigrants especially Hispanics, he supports Arizona harsh law, etc?
    9. Romney, why Bain shut down and why Sensata another of your company was outsourced to China who came to the company site and ordered workers to bring down American flag on American soil?
    10. Obama, What will you do to make people like romney to bring back their outsourced company back to America?
    11. Romney, why did you criticize the British Olympics the way you did?
    12. Obama, what will you do to bridge the wide gap between super-rich and poor people in America?
    13. Romney, Ron Paul told CNN that you never take a stand for something, you change positions on everything, what do you tell Senator Ron Paul?
    14. How will you stop the killing in Syria, Darfur, Lybia, and Iran’s ambition for nucllear weapon?
    15. Romney, why did you destroy computer hard drives and records after your one term governorship in Massachussetts?

  • I would ask both President Obama and Governor Rumney why we cannot have Universal Health Care and Gun Control.

  • I would ask President Obama and Governor Romney to discuss Universal Health Care and why this seems to be impossible. Also, ask both parties about Gun Control.

  • Yellowdog Democrat

    To Gov Romney: Is there anything short of selling your soul to the devil that you won’t do to get elected?

  • marelbert

    Gov. Romney,didn’t you say that you would support antiabortion legistration, didn’t you say that your goal was to nominate Supreme Court justices who would overturn Roe v Wade? During the primaries Gov. Romney you supported the most conservative views on immigration? That has also changed. All of these positions seem to have changed Gov. Romney! My concern is that you have changed positions based on fear of losing your base of supporters. The ease of your changing statements/principles makes me very uncomfortable!!

  • drgirlfriend623

    Romney has been a Mormon all his life. In the 60’s Mormons believed that black people had the mark of Cain which was not a positive thing. Currently I believe that this is no longer part of their doctrine but I do not really know. I would like to ask him about this and does it reflect in anyway on his feelings about President Obama and the 46%?

  • 1 would like to ask Mitt Romney why does he want to end medicare as we know it today .. and turn medicare into a voucher . knowing that the voucher would cost seniors $6,000 more money out – of -pocket costs a year.?

  • Yellowdog Democrat

    Why do shitstains like you feel compelled to weigh in when it is obvious the thread is devoted to committed democrats. Are you so deluded to think your screed will convert anyone? Your efforts are like that of a sex offender jacking off in public — who besides you Mr. Onanism by Prose is getting off?

  • I would like to ask Mitt Romeny why does he want to end medicare as we know it today?..

    and turn medicare into a voucher knowing that the voucher would cost seniors $6,000 more money out-of-pocket cost a year.

  • Mr. Romney, since you released only 2 years of your Tax Returns and refused to issue more. Can you tell the voters what will make them gather TRUST in you? You asked your VP Ryan to release a bunch of Tax Returns, what made you to do so? Why we voters should not demand more Tax Returns from you as you did to Ryan? If it is your private matter, what about those 2 you released, are they not private matters?


    • Cairndance

      Why would he name one of his sons TAGG? Sounds like he has something in common with Sarah Palin (TRIPP)!

  • Virginia51

    Could these questions be anymore lame? We are in the midst of a financial force majeure, a meltdown of our economy. Foreclosures, evictions and deficiency abound – affecting over 84 million American homeowners with defective loan products, fraudulent LIBOR rates, loss of equity, loss of pension funds and TRILLION$ of dollars gambled away in the world’s largest unregulated securitization Ponzi scheme creating massive debt and TRILLION$ more in bank bailouts…and they are asking if “the Drug War is winnable?”!

    I can answer that – never – as long as you feed the banks with TRILLION$ of taxpayer money aiding and betting the cartel to continue their money laundering. Who writes the questions for these softball debates?!

  • Ask Obama… Mr. President, why after almost four years in office… are your poll results so lousy. Why haven’t you even cleared the 49% bump?… and continue to slide toward 46-47%… Isn’t it obvious that the American electorate has lost confidence in you.

  • Yellowdog Democrat

    Yesterday I read on one of the liberal rags that his “church” is in the process of excommunicating him because of his lies. That could be just wishful thinking or total BS. Maybe the magic underwear really works.

  • I’ve read that if the economy continues to grow at the current rate, we will add 12 million new jobs in four years. Does Romney have any plan OTHER THAN letting the next four years just go by to create jobs, and if so what is it?

  • karinursula

    I would ask Mr Romney, “Why are you lying so much”? Do you really have no respect for the people that are worse off than you?

  • It is said that “ones eyes are the windows of his soul and ones mouth is the window of his heart”. Hence, I will ask Governor Romney this question: “Govenor, sir, when you pierce into the lives of the 47-percenters of America who you demeaned at your fund raising,what or who do you see in your soul and when you speak of these 47-pecenters of America, who are mostly senior citizens, wounded war veterans,the disabled and single mothers, as you did among your fellow millionaires, what do you feel in your heart for them?

  • I would ask why our we over spending.We spend more and take in less.WE THE PEOPLE want to knowwhy.Why the government over spend,then borrow money we going to have hard time paying back.They should live in our means.We can save the world by giving money away.We should take a long and hard look on cutting program that don’t work.Putting time limits on governement public assistant.Why would you let some been on welfare 15 years then get on SSI for 16 years also section 8 16 years.Pay $200 on a $1200 place brag about it.All this with never ever working in her life.Why should us tax payer pay this when we paying full price.If its that easy to get it, i just quite my job get on easy street.

  • I would ask Romney: Why should we vote for a person that sends jobs overseas, refuses to show his tax returns, resents 47% of Americans, invests money off shore instead of in America and then asks the American tax payer to pay his salary?

  • bcarreiro


  • To Mitt: During the primary you said you will kill the DREAM ACT but in recent time
    during your appearance with Latino gathering you said you will uphold
    the president temporary halt from deportation of children brought here by their parents,
    Do you stand by the latter?

  • marelbert

    Gov. Romney please give us all of your TAXE PLAN, in arithmetic that we the voters will understand. We expect the details and specifics. tell us how this squares, less revenue and more spending. The 20% tax cut across the board and your plan to increase military spending?? HOW ?? What loopholes and deductions will there be? Gov. Romney you say that you want to use block grant, this process can be manipulated so that grants can be distributed to reward the federal administration’s own party ( by favoring states with governors of that party). At the local level, the same sort of partisan favoritism may occur when the stat distributes the funds to local governments units, and disbursing the funds through state or local governments makes federal oversight of their proper use very difficult.

  • jfmilliner

    I also want to know about the 12 million jobs. Will they be in North, South, East, West, Midwest, etc; low, middle, or high income; private or public sector; union or nonunion; what kind of jobs manufacturing, service, healthcare, retail; what skills do we need to get these jobs? Since you have the ability to work with both sides (Dems & Reps) why did’t you go to Congress or the President and offer them your plan for jobs?

  • Gov. Romney why didn’t you say in the first debate that as Massachusetts Governor the state ranked 47th in the nation on job growth after you left office?

  • Creating peace is one of the best ways to keep Americans from being killed around the world-
    Why are people so angry against each other and against Americans -Is the first question? – getting to the root of the problems and keeping a great image for America will eventually stop the violences-we must get out of denial-we must ask deep questions about ourself-
    Let’s look at job programs- do they work? should some employees be fired? Are there too much red tape and bull in getting back into the job market?- are the job applications outdated? Should companies be allowed to deny you a job because of bad credit? How do you clean up your credit if you have no job? Can you pay your bills if you are out of work for two years or so? should you be held accountable for things that large companies and rich people aren’t held accountable for? Is it the gun that has the control or the hands that pull the trigger?- What’s the cause behind the killing? Is it drug related? The world is what it is because we have choosen to give in to the dark side of ourself-we fight to keep things the way they are – at the point that we are ready to end corruption – we will

  • I would ask Gov. Romney did he attend NAVY Seal Glen Doherty or Ambassador Chris Stevens or the other two heroic Americans funeral services to pay his respects? Also, Why, Mr. Romney do you now want to politicize their deaths in an attempt to win favor from some people at the expense of the tremendous suffering the families of these brave men are experiencing to this day.

  • amarquez647

    I am leery about some of the rules of the debates. 1. Questioner should be able to ask for clarification of a candidates answer. 2. The moderator should be able to question the candidates veracity (fact check). 3. If there are time limits, than there should be consequences to the offender. 4. The whole thing is a sham. The League of Women Voters or an organization that has no corporate or political influence should run the debates.

  • While blaming a lack of communication between the White House and the intelligence staff for Benghazi, please explain the lack of communication between ex-President G.W. Bush’s office and his intelligence staff (who had been warned about al qaeda by the former administration) for the disaster on Sept. 11, 2001 that left almost 3,000 Americans dead on our own soil.

  • For Governor Romney, Explain, and I MEAN explain just what tax loopholes do you propose to close. No spin, just a straight answer.

    For President Obama, Tell us the truth, and I MEAN the truth about the embassy attack. No spin, just a straight answer.

  • lana ward

    I would ask Obama, why he flew off to Vegas the day after the Benghazi attacks. I would ask why Hillary waited 1 month before taking the blame. I would ask why in the world wasn’t there more security there. I would ask why is the country in worse shape now than 4 years ago

  • ridemybroom

    i would ask why do people vote for a known tax evader….and for someone who has a offshoreaccount and a secret trust that no taxes get paid on a yacht that stays in the cayman with out any taxes paid on it as well..l.

  • There are two other questions that are not being asked:
    1) To Mitt Romney- You propose tax breaks to big business and the wealthy, assuming that they will invest money and that will create jobs and provide the essential taxes to ballance the budget. How can you guarantee that these investors and millionaires will just take the tax break and keep the moneys to themselves?
    2) To both: Not only is society more and more divided, but so is congress and the senate. what can you do to break the ideological gridlock and work together for the good of the society and the economy and not just for partisan and radically different idelogical positions?

  • K DC

    I am so sorry that the environment has taken a back seat to Big Energy in the Obama admin. I still support Obama, because Romney would be even worse, but these times are so disheartening to me, to whom the environment is the most important issue of our time.

  • dalnb

    The question was about Equal Pay for Women who do equal work of men. Romney avoided answering the question twice choosing to point out that he hired women into his cabinet when he was governor. He also brags that he reduced his states budget while he was governor.

    The question now has to be (since dring Tuesdays debate he did not answer the original question) did he pay those women equal wages or was that part of the way he reduced his states budget?

  • dalnb

    I am not sure why he said it or why he repeated it but during the debates Romney shouted out several times that the government does not make jobs- – – but then he criticized Obama for not developing more jobs.

    I believe a review of those companies who have laid people off are part of the Koch Brothers organization that includes not only some of the biggest companies in America but also a great number of Republican representatives (I believe there are two Democrats in that organization also)!

  • Howdyfolks2012

    I would like to ask Romney which of the following is true? A.) Obama is a muslem or B.) Romney’s grandfather had five wives, which was acceptable in the Morman church?
    Answer: B.) Romney’s grandfather did in fact have 5 wives, which is why he moved to Mexico.

  • Also, what is the attitude of the both of them toward G.M.O. labeling and do they believe that Monsanto executives should work for the FDA?

  • What do you plan to do about Global Warming? The earth is changing drastically with more weather related disasters and changes in the climate of the USA.

    What is your plan for our wildlife and beautiful lands that are being destroyed year by year?