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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

We’re still having trouble, of late, keeping up with all the chicanery, dirty tricks and skulduggery now rolling across the country. So here, once again, is our very quick take on just some of the most noteworthy items over the past few days that you’ll want to keep in mind as we creep towards Election Day on Tuesday…

CBS Radio Affiliate in PA Inaccurately Says Photo ID Needed To Vote: “CBS Pittsburgh radio station KDKA…is running an ad claiming that voters will need photo identification to go to the polls on November 6th, despite the fact that while voters may be asked to show ID, it is not required to vote. The ad aired on October 26, “despite the fact that it’s been almost a month since the PA courts determined that no photo ID will be necessary to vote this year in the Keystone State. The ad says: “The Voter ID law was just recently signed by the governor… You’re not going to be allowed to vote unless you present an acceptable photo identification. Get to a PennDOT licensing center and get a photo ID at the driver’s license center.” The ad is completely inaccurate.

Broward County, FL Early Votes Disappearing?: Just one of the many reasons we advise against early voting, unless it’s absolutely necessary: “An analysis of the unofficial totals by early voting location on the Broward Supervisor of Elections website from Saturday, compared to the tallies posted on Sunday, shows that in one location, the E. Pat Larkins Community Center, located on Martin Luther King Blvd. in Pompano Beach, the revised totals showed 1,003 fewer votes. The initial tally reported from the polling place in the heavily black neighborhood showed 2,945 votes, but the revised tally was 1,401. Across the 17 Broward polling locations, 15 saw their vote totals revised, mostly by minute amounts of between 1 and 7 votes. But the three more significant changes, including the addition of 398 votes in Tamarac (a racially mixed community) and adding 99 votes to the totals from Pompano Beach City Hall, whose demographic is majority white.” … Political consultant David Brown, who is working for three Broward candidates, “said that when he inquired about the numbers, he was told by the elections office that the changes had resulted from a ‘computer glitch.'”

Loophole in FL Law May Disenfranchise Absentee Voters: Not sure this is necessarily in the “War on Democracy” category, but Michael C. Herron and Daniel A. Smith have found a very interesting, if troubling, quirk in FL law that could result in legal voters being disenfranchised if they cast their absentee ballot and then move to a different county and re-register there before Election Day. Best to read their take to fully appreciate it, though it makes us wonder how many other states around the country have a similar loophole in their absentee ballot and registration laws and how many voters could actually be affected by such a loophole.

Romney Campaign Training WI Poll Watchers to Lie: “One blatant falsehood occurs on page 5 of the training packet, which informed poll watchers that any ‘person [who] has been convicted of treason, a felony, or bribery’ isn’t eligible to vote. This is not true.” … “The training also encouraged volunteers to deceive election workers and the public about who they were associated with. On page 3 of the packet, Romney poll workers were instructed to hide their affiliation with the campaign and told to sign in at the polls as a ‘concerned citizen’ instead.” After the story was published, “the Romney campaign’s schedule of poll watcher trainings was changed to private.”

Update: Romney Poll Watchers also being mistrained in Iowa, being told that photo ID is required to vote there. It isn’t.

Keep an Eye on Colorado: So recommends Bev Harris of Black Box Voting, and for very good reason. Not only is CO a key battleground this year, said to be a virtual tie in most of the polls, but “Colorado election integrity and transparency is now officially out the window, with a series of corruption protection rules and new laws.” Among those laws? Ballots that can be tied back to the voter; a new law that makes ballots and other election materials no longer public records, at least not before 45 days after an election; extreme Tea Party right-wing Sec. of State Scott Gessler’s new rules that “remove requirements for continuous video surveillance” under the guise of “cost-saving”; the reduction in the number of so-called tamper-evident seals on voting machines; and more…

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22 responses to “Quick Shots In The War On Democracy”

  1. rustacus21 says:

    This should be what will turn into a route, should the polls be any indicator. Conservatives have, over the last 31 years (or, if including the troubled & intensely pathological Nixon, 43 years running), done nothing but attempt the dismantling of every citizen-oriented initiative beneficial to the people – ALL of us – of the nation. For only greed & selfishness, oriented to rich elites & corporations. For that, we have more poverty, greater inequality & illiteracy, less economic mobility as a result, a more unstable & dangerous political & natural world that is fast rebelling against human civilization (i.e., Hurricane Sandy & the multiplying damages of Global Climate Change). Citizens have an opening on Nov 6th, to end this & create an initiative which can & should be our purpose over the next several decades, to employ Democracy to correct all of the errors made since the Vietnam age, thru today. Courage & the will to take charge of OUR Democracy is what we were appointed to do – per the Constitution. Having fallen to sleep at the wheel, so to speak has resulted in nearly running off a cliff into an abyss. An abyss that won’t discriminate & destroy all life, b/c we in our imperfect Democracy we too timid to tell conservatives they’re insane. If they are, as they’ve proven to be over the last 43 years, they shouldn’t be handling government – until AFTER they prove they’ve been thru intensive therapy – as in learning how to conduct themselves in a civilized manner, among civilized human beings, instead of destroying everything they get their hands on!!! That goes for our Democracy as well as our natural world…

    • gbear says:

      Vote Romney.

      • TZToronto says:

        With any luck, a Romney vote will flip to Obama!

      • rustacus21 says:

        Why? If Mitt Romney cannot even release his tax returns, simplify his tax, job creation, revenue, spending cuts, essential departments funding (FEMA, Dept of Ed., military, Health & Human Svc’s, etc) policies, in ways the American people can & ‘WILL’ be able to understand, please justify why Romney/Ryan get your vote – especially if their policies are an exact replication of the last (2001-2009) conservative administration – which very nearly bankrupted the nation & destroyed the ability of our Democracy to coherently function. If U’r going to vote for someone, at least vote for the person who has created jobs, stopped the 700,000 job losses, as of October, 2008, ended 1 needless war & is winding down another futile exercise in senseless military violence (i.e., Afghanistan’s ‘spokesmen’ in ’01 said they’d send bin Laden to a neutral 3rd country, but our officials refused this overture by a government-less Afghanistan), corralled corruption in the business, mortgage, banking sectors & made equal pay for Women top priorities – to name but a few… as a reason I’m voting for the President. Give us something more than that… Please…

      • Angela says:

        Apparently Romney and the GOP thinks he’s a terrible candidate so why vote for him? If he and his party have that little faith in him that they have to rig stuff, then don’t vote for Romney.

    • Rust great post
      Solutions–Fed find campaigns–no $$$$
      Fed officials can accept nothing with a financial value
      To offfer is a crime
      Get $$$$$$ out of government

      Progressive Flat Tax by group.
      We have the income to easily balance our books.
      Since 1980 a flush to top
      Reagan 60% cut for top (70 to 28) started it
      Rich gained power in government.
      Bush tax cuts top 5% got 48%. We lost 2000B of revenue and borrowed it.
      Bush borrowed 6100B (5800 debt 9-30-01 –11,900 on 9-30-09)
      Clinton policies continued=10,000B surplus in 2010
      Bush-Cheney-Neo Con Imperialists did damage that will take many years to correct

      Tax Estates-Tax top 10% like 1945 to 1980
      Pay down GOP Debt. Yes! GOP.
      1980-2009 Three R presidents
      increased debt from under $1000B to $10,000B
      Repeal of Glass Steagall + Modernization of Commoities Market– Wall Street dream
      Housing disaster—Too Big to Fail–

      We must reverse course–Banking back to loca l ownership like S&L

      • rustacus21 says:

        … thanx & all great info. But we ABSOLUTELY MUST get a Liberal/Progressive House & Senate to make this happen. Otherwise, it’s all just talk. This our nation’s legacy & w/out Liberal/Progressive policies to clean up conservative messes, we’ll only get more of the same in the future…

  2. Lorraine says:

    This computer glitch happened in Ohio as well – it is time for the DOJ to investigate these convenient “computer glitches”.

    • Screw the DOJ, how about an organization without a prearranged bias from the Bush Administration?

    • rustacus21 says:

      How interesting!!! But to get around this little ‘COMPLICATION’, the solution (so far) has been to NOT vote a “straight party” ballot. The “GLITCH” OCCURS when the voter casts votes for “ONLY DEMOCRATS”, ‘FLIPPING’ the votes to Romney/Republicans on the ballot. Vote for each individual candidate – NOT a straight party ticket!!! Be sure to spread the word…

  3. idamag says:

    What is sad – the new republican party is dangerous to Democracy. Our right to vote has always been held sacred – until now. And the tea baggers can find enough uninformed people to scare them into following them. Scaring people and voter supression, does that remind you of another country at another time in history?

  4. foolsdance says:

    That’s amazing! A politically moviated computer? Really now, how can anyone buy a ‘computer glitch’ when non white votes are lost and white votes are found? I hope MittWit and Tag both end up in prison when this is all sorted out.
    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!!!

    • rustacus21 says:

      ‘Amazing’ indeed!!! I think they call ’em ‘smart machines’ b/c they emotionlessly do want they’re instructed, unlike we humans who suffer untold ‘conflicts’ of emotion… But all in all, the solution (so far) has been to NOT vote a “straight party” ballot. The “GLITCH” OCCURS when the voter casts votes for “ONLY DEMOCRATS”, ‘FLIPPING’ the votes to Romney/Republicans on the ballot. Be sure to spread the word…

  5. coliwabl says:

    The Republicans and recently Tea Party/”Baggers” have waged war on democracy since the days of Nixon and perhaps before that. It’s a shame they disrespect the USA. I wish they could all be deported to somewhere like Siberia, Russia, China, etc.. Democracy there is very similar to the kind they are trying to perpetrate here.

  6. Don Graf says:

    there has to be someone who can and will investigate and prosecute these, DOJ perhaps ?

  7. How can you trust them when they lie?

  8. Jim Myers says:

    So many “Christian” Conservatives. Whose Bible do they read?

  9. bcarreiro says:

    There should be printed confirmation receipts for every voter to seal the deal, this will help with the war on voter fraud.

  10. William Deutschlander says:

    Preibus is an ignorant weasle!

  11. Angela says:

    So basically Romney sucks that frigging bad that he thinks he hasn’t convinced enough people to vote for him? Seems like he shouldn’t be running if the GOP thinks he’s that horrible of a candidate.

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