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Monday, October 24, 2016

Last week, the GOP-dominated House of Representatives voted to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — or “Obamacare.” As expected, the vote fell largely along party lines.

House Speaker John Boehner and his partisans knew perfectly well that the vote was political theater. In the very unlikely event that the Senate followed suit, President Obama would surely veto any effort to repeal his most significant achievement. It was the 33rd time the House has voted to repeal all or parts of the law, so Boehner’s minions are well-practiced at this tedious bit of drama.

It plays well to the GOP electorate. While the nation is closely divided on the merits of health care reform — polls show about half the voters support it, while about half do not — the Republican base is strongly opposed. Independent voters want Congress to move on to other matters, such as kick-starting the sluggish economy, but very conservative voters want the Affordable Care Act ripped out, root and branch.

Given the broad merits of the law — which guarantees virtually universal access to health care — that’s odd. It’s especially curious when you consider that Obamacare still has private health insurance at its heart; that’s unlike Medicare, a single-payer system of health insurance delivered entirely by the government. The senior citizens who rant that the Affordable Care Act takes the country down the path to “socialism” may have missed the irony.

Some part of the opposition to the Affordable Care Act is based on gross misperceptions. Even before the law passed, conservative opponents started a disinformation campaign based on distortions, deceit and outright lies. The most infamous of those was the claim about death panels, which was so outrageous it was hard to believe that responsible people would repeat it. But arch-conservatives such as Sarah Palin have no trouble being irresponsible in support of their causes.

But there is another, equally troubling facet of the opposition to health care reform — simple racial prejudices. Allow me to be as clear: There are certainly critics of the Affordable Care Act who hold no racial animosity. But there is also an impressive body of research that strongly suggests racial prejudice fuels some of the opponents.

  • There is no doubt that racism plays a role in American politics, but I don’t think it is the only or even the main reason for the deceitful tactics being used by the GOP. Bear in mind that similar tactics were used against former President Clinton, including impeachment for denying an extra-marital affair under oath. I live in Florida where tens of thousands of seniors are convinced President Obama plans to destroy MEDICARE. How could the party that proposed dismantling MEDICARE achieve that? In part by misleading vulnerable seniors and distorting the Presiden’t proposal to use $5B of the 2003 MEDICARE Part D “reform” (read Trojan Horse) to help pay for the MEDICAID expansion needed to subsidize insurance premiums for the poor and to eliminate former President Bush’s nefarious “doughnut hole”, which costs seniors with major medical problems about $2K a year. Why did the GOP succeed? Because the President and the DNC have been AWOL in the political arena during the past 3 years. The 03 reform was, in fact, one of the largest transfers of public money to the private sector (pharma and insurance industries) in history.

  • Racial bias/prejudice/bigotry does exist in the political arena. There is no doubt about that in my mind.
    I have no problem with the Republicans/conservatives/right wingers/Tea Party extremists advocating modifications to the Affordable Patient Care Act, aka/Obamacare, but what existed before was not coming close to serving the AMERICAN health care needs…and the Republicans were okay with that and they had not plan of their own in the works to address this obvious need, and that is simply NOT right and it was and is UNAmerican.
    As an American, I simply do not understand the selfish and exclusionary mentality that has risen to the surface of our lives in this “modern era”.
    We should be able to do better than that.

    • The fact that the ACA “mandate” was first proposed by the Heritage Foundation, one of the most conservative think tanks in the country, highlights the level of cynicism behind the positions taken by the GOP after the ACA became law. I suspect that the opposition to policies that benefit the poor is influenced, at least in part, by the conviction that most of our poor are either Blacks or Hispanics. It may come as a surprise to the herbal crowd, but the majority of MEDICAID recipients are actually white…and many are Republicans!

      • mugwort2

        Dominick. What do you mean by the herbal crowd. People into althealth tend to be liberal. IOW folks who tend to for Obama’s ACA. For the record I am liberal and I am quite pleased the US Supreme Court voted the president’s health care reform is constitutional. BTW where do you get your statistics for your medicaid populations. Why should anyone believe what you wrote without something to back it up?

        • I referred to the Tea Party as the herbal crowd. I have been a Democrat, all my life, and not only do I support President Obama’s policies, I plan to vote for him because I believe he is the most qualified for the job, and because his record is consistent with my expectations and values.

          • mugwort2

            Still unclear why you refer to the Teabaggers as the herbal crowd. Yes I realize tea is an herb. I am supportive of Obama’s policies and I plan to do volunteer work for his reelection. My supervisor at the rehab where I work is a strong Obama supporter and I am too.

          • happylada

            Both nuts!

            And just what gives you the right to use such a vulgar word to describe some of the most thoughtful and compassionate people in America?

            You seem just as vile as your lying Messiah!
            Democraps are the most intolerant and bigoted group in America, and perhaps the most violent, and the most driven by bias and prejudice. Its to bad they don’t get off the plantation and see the real world and how this administration will only be satisfied when we are a third rate power in the same financial situation as Greece – Liberals just love to spend other people’s money! They’ve already spent theirs

          • I think your comments show a woeful ignorance of the Tea Party agenda (thoughtful and compassionate? Really?), Democrats in general, PRESIDENT Obama’s goals, and your own tendency toward bigotry. Come back when you have something to say beyond right-wing talking points and demonstrations of bad manners.

          • happylada

            re: Victoria Lamb

            “I think your comments show a woeful ignorance of the Tea Party agenda (thoughtful and compassionate? Really?), Democrats in general, PRESIDENT Obama’s goals, and your own tendency toward bigotry. Come back when you have something to say beyond right-wing talking points and demonstrations of bad manners.”

            It is you who shows ignorance and inability to think past talking points. The idiots supporting the democrap/socialist agenda are too stupid to understand (or too corrupt) that the spending of Odumbest and company have taxed (already) our future generations into serfdom. What part of 75 Trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities don’t you understand?

            When the Tea party has a rally – everything is peaceful and clean – compare that to the violence and filth of the Occupy party – the socialist shock troops.

            This government is corrupt and criminal. They have defied the law – eg the GM bankruptcy was illegal by cancelling preferred shares and the equity was given to the unions. They refused to charge the Black panthers with voting violations, and obvious dereliction of the laws they swore to uphold.

            Recent events such as the shootings by Odumbest supporters, the spitting on Tea Party supporters, the illegal coverup on government sponsored gun running, and the constitutional violation of allowing the Dream act provisions to proceed without any legislative approval demonstrate that this president and inner circle are totally lawless and out of control. They are guilty of numerous criminal acts. Running this country for three years without a budget is a obvious proof of incompetence and corruption.

            Violence and incivility, plus racism is far more prevalent from the left, and I defy you to prove otherwise. Your opinion doesn’t count as fact!

            Don’t dare tell me my opinions are invalid unless you have some facts to back up your own obviously irrational and biased opinions.

          • seagazer101

            You are a disgusting pig. You prove her point without her having to say a single word.

          • stanford67

            The stumpers for inclusion are always the least civil, apparently.

          • happylada

            re: Victoria Lamb

            “I think your comments show a woeful ignorance of the Tea Party agenda (thoughtful and compassionate? Really?), Democrats in general, PRESIDENT Obama’s goals, and your own tendency toward bigotry. Come back when you have something to say beyond right-wing talking points and demonstrations of bad manners.”

            It is you who shows ignorance and inability to think past talking points. The idiots supporting the democrap/socialist agenda are too stupid to understand (or too corrupt) that the spending of Odumbest and company have taxed (already) our future generations into serfdom. What part of 75 Trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities don’t you understand?

            When the Tea party has a rally – everything is peaceful and clean – compare that to the violence and filth of the Occupy party – the socialist shock troops.

            This government is corrupt and criminal. They have defied the law – eg the GM bankruptcy was illegal by cancelling preferred shares and the equity was given to the unions. They refused to charge the Black panthers with voting violations, and obvious dereliction of the laws they swore to uphold.

            Recent events such as the shootings by Odumbest supporters, the spitting on Tea Party supporters, the illegal coverup on government sponsored gun running, and the constitutional violation of allowing the Dream act provisions to proceed without any legislative approval demonstrate that this president and inner circle are totally lawless and out of control. They are guilty of numerous criminal acts. Running this country for three years without a budget is a obvious proof of incompetence and corruption.

            Violence and incivility, plus racism is far more prevalent from the left, and I defy you to prove otherwise. Your opinion doesn’t count as fact!

            Don’t dare tell me my opinions are invalid unless you have some facts to back up your own obviously irrational and biased opinions.

          • louisy8

            you are a jack ass check the facts about the GOP they are the most lies

          • happylada

            FACT CHECK. You either provide some evidence to support your bias, or you are a liar. There’s no middle ground.
            I provided a number of illegal acts committed by the current administration, you chose to ignore the evidence I provided. You simply cannot refute facts with your silly opinions.

            Your time to put up or shutup!

          • seagazer101

            Imaginary acts.

          • seagazer101

            You have absolutely no right to call anyone else on this forum “vulgar” since you go on to use the far more offensive and vylgar language of hate: ” as vile as your lying Messiah!
            Democraps…. get off the plantation. ”

          • happylada

            His record are consistent with yours? Criminal acts, dereliction of duty, contempt of congress, shady past just for starters, and you’re happy with this and it parallels your values?

            I’d love to have you explain just what values he has that you could possibly agree with

          • louisy8

            again you are an ass, go learn some class

          • happylada

            I always enjoy the factual responses, the intellectual wrestling with the issues, and the polite and friendly way the morons on the left respond to facts and rational statements. Your comment shows little more than mental constipation; an inability to refute fact. Ad homeniums are NOT a replacement for reason. It certainly does nothing to demonstrate that you have an argument worth considering.

            A product of a failed education system, with nothing to say, doing so with no class.

        • Google MEDICAID recipients by ethnicity. You may be surprised by what you find. About 49% of nonelderly MEDICAID recipients are white. BTW, I like tea, but not the brand advertised by the Tea Party, I prefer Earl Grey.

          • Germansmith

            Why do you feel that 49% means anything?
            Whites are 73% of the US population.
            Based on your numbers 51% of the Medicaid recipients are non-whites that represent only 27% of the population…see where I am coming from?

            Where do you get those numbers anyway? I would assume that CMS do not activelly would track racial statistics anyway.

          • My point is that Republicans consistently insinuate that welfare recipients are minorities when, in fact, the majority of MEDICAID recipients are whte. I understand your point regarding percentages of the population, and have no problem with it, but suggesting that only minorities are taking advantages of welfare is simply false.

          • Germansmith

            There is racism…OK
            You may be surprise to know there is racism in Haiti where whites are a rarity
            Read or talk to Haitians and you’ll find out that the lighter the skin color the better they are economically and educationally. To a lesser degree, this is true in the rest of the Caribbean, Brazil and even the US.
            You will also find blacks that hate whitey
            Not justifying racism, but maybe we need to understand that maybe we need to accept it and look for other avenues to diminish it.
            49% a mayority does not make
            A liberal would say”look at West Virginia” Mostly whites and one of the greatest Medicaid/ Welfare user per-capita” and they would be right.
            A conservative would say that if you are a minority you have a higher percentage of probabilities of either receiving some government help or working for the government…and he would be right as well.
            But poverty, laziness, ignorance and/or lack of opportunities is what makes a Medicaid/Welfare recipient.
            We should be working on the causes of the problem, not trying to compensate for the consequences.

          • Robert Rose

            I live in a retirement community, mostly white, most worked through their lives and most have a second insurance as medicaid. (Given that that may be true for such places throughout the country, I should think that the white use of medicaid is in the majority.) For the most part, they are neither ignorant, or lazy. I had opportunities but suffered extreme business reversals late in life and could not recover. Some of the folks here have fallen to the lies of the Koch driven tea party and oppose Obamacare, partly out of misinformation, partly out of racism.
            Read the act, as well as the economic policies of the president, although the right has done a good job of holding him back, and you might find that the problems are being addressed, as well as relief for the results.

          • Germansmith

            Changes and setbacks are part of life. As a Financial Planner, I make sure my clients are prepared and survive most setbacks.
            As an inmigrant with no English language or money I had to start from the bottom, I had to reinvent myself 4 times in my life, my last reinvention after 50 years old.

            As I did, so did the inmigrants from previous generations, before Medicaid, Medicare, Welfare or Social Security.

            Well, things have changed a great deal and I do not look at that tough past with nostalgia, but our unique American character is based on our ability to make something out of nothing.

            PPACA should not have been Obama/Democratic priorities. The economy, true financial reform, infrastructure and jobs should have been the priority when his political capital was the greatest. If we do not guarantee food, shelter or a good education to all our citizens, why are we compelled to see expensive (and sometimes unnecessary) medical procedures as a right for people that can not afford them or for those who made the economic decission not to buy health insurance when they were healthy

          • I applaud your entrprenurial spirit, but I disagree with you on Obamacare. In addition to moral or societal considerations Obamacare is designed to lower the operating costs of our corporations by absorbing some of the expenses currently incurred by the private sector. The latter can sometimes be as high as 45% to 50% of labor costs, a fact that place our companies at a disadvantage when they compete against foreign firms. The President did propose investments in infrastructure to alleviate the unemployment situation and to ensure we did not fall behind other industrialized nations. The Republican controlled House shot his proposal down and highlighted it as another example of out of control spending.

          • German, I spent 30 years overseas, most of it in Latin America, Spain and the UK and I can tell you with absolute certainty that I never saw the racial divisions that exist in our society. Are black Americans resentful of “whitey”? It would not surprise me, I would probably be too if my great grandparents had been whipped by an overseer or brought to a distant land in chains like a rabid animal. What is remarkable is that most African Americans get along fine with their white counterparts and do not exhibit the level of intolerance their former masters show towards them.

          • Germansmith

            I was born in the Caribbean, lived in Spain and Latin America, speak 3 languages and if you did not see any racism you must have rose colored glasses.
            Even if true that slavery was more benign in Caribbean countries (due to the Catholic faith that respected family relations even among slaves) Racism is still there
            In the UK? Did you forgot the recent riots caused and blamed mostly on blacks and colored people?
            Give you a couple of examples. What color/skin tone have been the last few Presidents of Haiti? (with the exception of Aristide). Cuba’s population currently is about 70% black or mulato..How many of the key party leaders are black or at least partially.
            You are nevertheless partially right. As an inmigrant I have a much better and closer relationship and friendships with blacks from the Caribbean than with African Americans…why do you think so?…it is obvious not the color of the skin. It is the culture, it is their attitude and their sense of entitlement.

            My family never had slaves, have done nothing but good deeds toward then, why should they resent me about the color of my skin, that is also racism and that just continues the cycle

            There are racists people that would hate anything that is NOT their race and that probably will not change for generations, but the more we use it as an excuse, the longer it will perpetuate.

          • Black people in countries like Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia and others never endured the effects of racism the way Black Americans have. I lived in Venezuela in the 1940s and 50s and never saw a sign over a water fountain that read “Colored” or Whites. I did in the USA. The problems in Latin America deal more with social class than ethnicity. Take a look at Chavez, Morales, and other Latin American leaders and it will not be too difficult to discern that ethnicity is not the problem that it is in the USA.

          • BTW, I agree that instead of handing out money and perpetuating a dependence on welfare we should be focusing on the root causes of poverty in the USA and should be seeking long term solutions. I would not be surprised if the first thing we find is that most of the poor lack the education they need to compete effectively for the good jobs that do exist in our country, leaving them no option but to accept menial jobs or collect welfare.

          • DurdyDawg

            Then why not put them to work? Their being paid for it.. All able bodied welfare recipients should work for the cities, the States.. The Nation and maybe then they won’t be considered moochers. What work you ask? The easy jobs high paying public workers do.. Cleaning the parks, the highways, g’ment buildings, flagmen.. It puts them to work, gives them honor and puts the high paying public worker back in a job that warrants that pay and the recipients, if they feel their working for slave labor (don’t raise their pay just lower their hours) then they can go back to the work force once it starts to thrive. But no, the lopsided way is the only way say’s bizarro superman. I say it’s a good plan and all it takes is good legislation to get it working.

          • phantomoftheopera

            sadly, your % of white on medicaid is a meaningless number, as it compares nothing. you need to know what % of americans are white, then what % of them are on medicaid. do the same for other races. that would be meaninful.

            however, even that isn’t enough. what % of white americans are poor. that needs to be figured in also. otherwise the rich, which are overwhelming white, are skewing the numbers.

      • Thank you, and now please repeat that every chance you get, since the rethuglicans waste NO time in pointing fingers at the people of colour with no regard for the truth.

      • happylada

        Methinks you have your issues confused. True, a medical program was recognized as a necessity by Republicans, but this sure wasn’t the answer. This does nothing about torte reform, an essential if we are to have any doctors left to heal us.

        This program has raised so much opposition because of its many tentacles that go beyond any justification under the heading of health care, and become in fact an instrument of political will.

        It has never been voted on by the people, and their representatives were snookered and blackmailed and bribed into passing it, by the slimmest of margins.

        It is a bill of lies, deceit and political intrigue, voted on by representatives who had never read it – that alone should justify it being rescinded in the whole, and a thoughtful bill written to replace it.

        Your comments demonstrate that Republicans are not opposed to a GOOD bill producing health care as an outcome, but by restructuring 1/4 of the national economy, the ship – she be to big to turn. Disaster will befall this monstrosity, if only because of all the unintended consequences we have not yet seen.

        Your “suspect” comment simply demonstrates your racism and lack of thoughtful consideration. It is without foundation.

      • happylada

        You are partly right, but mostly wrong. Yes the Heritage Foundation was working towards health reform. Bush did the prescription drug thing. McCain would have TRIED to make reforms, including TORT reform, to improve the system. If you don’t limit ambulance chasers, you will never get value for dollars in medicine. Obama is too beholden to the liberal lawyers to cut off their gravy train.

        But Obamacare is not just health care reform, it is, as he promised, a fundamental transformation of America in the guise of health care.

        The cynicism of the GOP on health care MIGHT just have to do with the illegal way in which it was passed, the fact that no one, including Obama had read it, and the stupidity involved in stating that you had to pass it to see what as in it. Just maybe their cynicism is valid?

        Now that 60% of Americans know what is in t, they hate it. And most of the actual legislation in it hasn’t yet been written.

        Knowing that the majority of Medicaid recipients are white rather negates your charge of racism, doesn’t it? Do you really think you are so much smarter than the researchers in the GOP? They NEVER noticed this? Or are to too racially biased to see this clearly? Do you think the opposition by the GOP is unaware of this basic fact?

        You might also remember that Obamacare takes 716 Billion dollars out of Medicaid and Medicare to fund its program, disproportionately reducing services to poor whites, as you stated.

    • kbcab

      The insurance coverage that was in place before Obamacare was working just fine for those that had it through work or paid for it themselves. Anyone with half good sense knows that obamacare is all for the people who won’t work and for Illegals who just about outnumber the ones that won’t work , and when Americans past 60 years old get a major health problem , they’re screwed because it isn’t going to help them. Now if you will read the bill you’ll see I’m right…

    • happylada

      You are, of course right that there is a strong stream of racism, but almost all of it comes from the left. The objections to Obamacare come not so much from how it was passed, which was government corruption at its worst, or that no one who voted for the bill had even read it, but that it contained mechanisms capable of shutting down business, religious and fraternal organizations without any recourse. It created an unaccountable bureaucracy. And this bureaucracy has no limits on its power for spending, social engineering and political ambition. Subsequent events have proven this to be true, with many more likely to follow.

      It is not, as you contend, approved by the Supreme Court – the Supreme Court stated that it was unconstitutional as passed, unless it was in fact a tax, which it cannot be, as that was a major point in its approval. The law the SC staed as Constitutional is not the law passed by Obama and those he bought off.

      In the meantime, like the Post Office, there is no funding for the program. True, it DOES have the funding that is being diverted from Medicare, which will of course collapse Medicare, and those who depend upon it. But it will never be self supporting, with so many waivers already granted and more political rewards will surely follow.

      The bill itself is simply poorly thought out. Or maybe not. Maybe collapsing the economy and making everyone take part in a Canadian style system (which includes in its accounting people dying while waiting for care) is the goal. Certainly the changes we’ve seen so far ( anyone who can’t get birth control for free?) using this as a wedge issue directly against religious institutions, for example, bode ominously for its future implementation.

      Your assessment that this is a racial issue is biased and itself racist. The law is just plain bad. Hillarycare wasn’t popular either, and she’s not only white, but female. And if Buddy couldn’t get it past the thinking democrats and the republicans, maybe that was racist also, and the blacks were against it? Hardly.

      Bad policy knows no color, your supposed racial anecdote notwithstanding.

    • louisy8

      The GOP has been in power more then DNC & what have they done for Americans about Healthcare? GOP don’t gave any credit to Pres.Obama, GOP is upset & jealous becouse over 100 years GOP could get any health care because the the fat cows of insurance in their back pockets& not only Obama is liberal but BLACK&WHITE t don’t care about any of you they care about power & how they can lie, Obama try to work on so many Bills to help Americans and all the GOPS care about was to block everything even things they wanted before, so AMERICANS how can you think these GOP care about you, all they say Obama has done nothing for 4years, how can anyone truth these GOPs

  • Nothing new. What is pathetic is that some of these”Good People” with racial hate, want the very provisions of the law that they are voting against.

  • Germansmith

    Racism is always going to be a problem in the world as long as we go out of our way to give a group benefits not available to all based on their race. The US has been awful to people of color….let us move on from that and make sure opportunities are equal for all in the future.

    The problem with PPACA is not that it is socialism
    The problem with PPACA is that it does very little (and I am being generous here) to curb the ever increasing cost of health care.
    We all know that in the US we paid far more than ANY other country for healthcare per individual. Does it make sense to throw more money and patients to a system that is so innefficient???

    If we currently DO NOT GUARANTEE food, or shelter, education opportunities or even clean water to the people that do not have it….why is expensive healthcare NOW a guarantee???

  • William Deutschlander

    Yes we have a majority of white well off financialy individuals, all of whom have health insurance coverage, that are afraid that they may be asked to contribute a dollar toward helping someone in lesser circumstances to obtain health insurance coverage.

    These are the SELFISH, SELF CENTERED, SELF RIGHTEOUS fools that are indirectly paying for the EMERGENCY ROOM CARE of uninsured individuals thru higher premiums and fees of the hospitals. Again IGNORANCE overcomes common sense!

    • I agree. Sadly, these are the same guys who wrap themselves in the flag while doing everything to undermine our economic recovery. I guys replacing a one-year old cell phone, going on an Alaskan cruise, or spending a weekend shopping at Harrod’s or Prada is more important than helping fellow Americans in need. So much for patriotism and Christian values!

      • highpckts

        I am embarrassed to see John Boehner and his cronies stand in front of the American flag and say they only want what they know is good for us peons!! It is almost sacriligeous!

        • catball

          These people have black hearts. They say one thing and do nothing. They hide behind god and religion. I think they will burn in hell

  • howa4x

    It’s just like Bill Maher said ” Not all republicans are racist, but if you are a racist you’re a republican. What troubles me in all this is that the media constantly lets the republicans off the hook when they start their slogan campagin of repeal and replace. Replace what? Exactly what parts of the act do you want to repeal and what are you going to replace it with? But no media quizzes these people. Also the talk about death panels is interesting since 80% of all treatment dollars are spent in the last year of life. Think of the intensive treatment in cancer in the last year, or a 90 yr old sent to the emergency room comatose but the offspring can’t pull the plug, so the patient ends up on a Ventalator at $5000 a day plus the emergency room costs. Most of medicaids expense in not with poor inter urbanites but in nursing homes. We are going to need a national conversation that leaves out slogans and deals with the issues of dying. This is the cost excelerator in health care. As for SS recipients that are against reform, you are simply greedy selfish people who are living on the public dole, with a higher standard of living than you ever made, but don’t want benefits for anyone else.

    The Republicans had many chances to come up with their own plan to deal with the 32 million that lacked health care. During the Bush yrs they had a majority in both houses and the presidency. Yet all they could come up with is tax cuts for the very rich,while 45,000 died every yr because of lack of access to care. Most of the bankruptcies prior to the housing collaspe were due to medical bills. This was a national shame, and all those republicans and evangelicals running around with their hands in the air yelling out the name of Jesus said nothing and did nothing about it.
    This is their true Christian values in practice

    • highpckts

      The actual “death panels” are the people themselves for not trying to fully understand the ACA and the Republican governors that say they will not participate! By denying the ACA millions of people will die or be on the street because they had to choose between exorbitant insurance payments, out landish drug prices for treatment of diseases or a roof over their heads! I, personally think the ACA didn’t go far enough in reigning in the drug and insurance companies!!

    • @howa4x, the people drawing Social Security are not on the public dole and are not selfish. The majority of us have put money in Social Security for over 50 years and since 1981 have paid 2/3 more Social Security taxes then we were suppose to because of Ronald Reagan and his trickle down economics. Since we were paying for the people that had already retired with our Social Security money the extra 2/3 SS taxes was suppose to go toward our own retirement so the generations behind us wouldn’t have to pay a lot more in Social Security for our retirement since we had paid for their grandparents and great parents retirement. But since SS has been used by every president except Obama as their own personal piggy bank, withdrawing money from it, leaving IOU’s and never paying the money back SS is in a mess. Some of us on SS retirement are still paying into because we have to work part time in order to eat and keep a roof over our head since many of us never received the pension fund money we were due because the Companies we were working for went bankrupt taking all the pension money (their part and our part) down the drain with them. You younger people need to understand that Social Security in not entitlement and is not the public dole as you call it, it is money that the older workers of this country has paid into Social Security for years + the interest that the money has drawn over the years, not on the public dole nor an entitlement. The changes that the older workers are working against aren’t suppose to affect us just the younger workers and we are trying to keep you from being short changed when you start drawing Social Security.

      • howa4x

        I’m not a youngefr one. I’m 64 and am on SSand paid in over 120k into the fund. what I’m u[pset abpout is all the older folks who now belong to the Tea party and are voting to defund schools and against public spending. I see T-shirts worn by seniors that say keep the government out of my health care even though they are on medicare. I don’t know if they just don’t understand what medicare is, or are stupider than the average person. It was the seniors that came out against the public option in healthcare even though they take it. This is why I call them greedy!

    • catball

      well now, you got it right. Generally republicans are gutless people that only care about one thing, themselves. Did you ever wonder why they fight so hard to get elected to anything? In congress, their healthcare is free, they have an outrageous retirement plan, 67 paid holidays, 3 weeks paid vacation, and no limit to sick days. Now I call that welfare, but they say the minimun wage is to high.

  • When is the Congress ie Public Servants Going to Start Doing Their Jobs and STOP Spending Our Tax Payors Money To Sit on Their ASSES and Do NOTHING! Your ALL FIRED!!!

    • catball

      nothing ever comes easy. Look how hard Martin Luther fought. Never give up.

  • Recoloniser

    What this shows is how the conservatives have succeeded in dividing the poor against themselves. By playing white against black against hispanic at will they are able to retain the reins of power in their own hands with effortless ease.

  • Hi

  • I have problem with Republicans because their policy unlimited squeezing American people! I don’t have problem with Obamacare, I realize it’s extremely important this care stop all scheme systems to continue run. It will suck this country to dry! About health insurance payment, I thing every citizen should have responsible for it just like tax, better than without insurance so once sick he/she won’t be broken…

  • 2hheels2

    It is time to make the health care better. So much of this was great when the republicans had the idea. Some of there ideas got folded into the health bill now everything is wrong. Washington is so double standard. It is a shame Washington can’t and won’t work together for the American People.

  • highpckts

    In many ways you are so right! It does not reign in drug and insurance costs or improve health care as compared to other countries but at least it’s a start. Why can’t the Republican say ok, lets work on this and make it better!! Because right now they are concentrated on getting a black man out of office! Shame on these adults, and I use that term lightly, for lying to the public so blatantly and expecting most of us to believe it. That shows you what they think of us!

  • ctruskey

    Oh give me a break, the race card again.

  • I found it ironic that a lot of the things in the Affordable Health Act are things that the Republicans suggested or wanted before they stopped working on it and voted against it. Now Republicans are saying that the bill was passed without them having any say in what was put in the act which is a flat out lie. If you don’t believe it, google the history of the act and you will see it has things in it that the Republicans suggested or wanted like the part of it that the Supreme Court said was legal. Republican members of Congress flip flop as much as their candidate Romney does, they did have input into the Affordable Health Act but stopped supporting it when they realized by evryone having affordable health insurance, that their campaign to make President Obama a one term president probably wouldn’t happen if the Affordable Health Act was passed by both parties so they voted against it.

  • Camille Keyes

    Mark Twain: “Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.”

    I don’t get it either, Rex. It has occurred to me lately that perhaps corruption in government has reached a point where reasonable solutions can’t be found by reasonable methods.

  • The article sheds no light on what I and many others already know. Many of us know racial predudice is behind a lot of the opposition and hatred for Pres. Obama. Some folks may truly hate him for his “policies.” And some folks hate him because he is black, period. Let’s face the truth, people. If Pres. Obama found a way to cure all of this nation’s ills, it still would never be enough for some people. It’s a fact I have to accept and there is nothing I can do about it.

  • harrietbenjamin

    Much as I hate to say it I have not a doubt in my mind that certain members of Congress would rather see this country destroyed than for this President to get re-elected.
    Members of Congress will not suffer from these actions just the average American.

  • Diogenes67

    If McCain had been elected Obamacare would be in effect as McCainCare and Vice President Romney would be one of its strongest supporters. (Sarah Palin quit as VP to take over the Today Show)


      and it is people like you that would callsomeone you dont even know names and call a man that only plays basketball and golf president.

  • Let’s see Obama has given us an economy with high minority unemployment, taken away vouchers from minority children to keep them stuck in failing schools, and insulted the religious values of minorities, and we conservatives are the racists. I don’t think so.

    • You seem to have forgotten that the recession started with a year too go in the Bush administration. Minorities are always the last ones hired and first ones fired. Obama did not cause that situation…it has always been that way. Schools are failing because of lousy parents pure and simple. My grandchild goes to an excellent public school. The difference in parental involvement. Only those who want to perceive an insult to their religious values see what they wish to see, not reality. The Obama administration is not coming for your Bible or your guns no matter the chatter. When you push the ‘we conservatives are the racists nonsense’ you seem to be projecting. Is that the case?

  • Being a person with cancer and a person that pays for my own health insurance. I am relieved that ACA was passed. I have seen too many patients that are being kicked off their insurance for having cancer and the doctors scramble get them care through Medicaid or medicare. I pay for my insurance it is a Cadillac as I am self employed and can pay what ever I want for insurance for my family.

    The insurance companies will do anything to cancel a policy with ACA they cannot. The Republicans want to bow to the big insurance companies and allowed them to go back to that policy including denying coverage, deny deny deny. The elderly (tea party members) are on medicare…they cannot be denied and they don’t pay for their coverage. They may pay a supplement about 100 – 200 a month at most. Big deal!

    Most of the opposition to anything that Obama is behind is because he is black…I can say that having 4 black children of my own (I am white). They are angry that a black guy is in the white house and not a white guy. Simple as that. They would support anyone that is not black.

  • Germansmith

    I am very amused that liberals can be as thick headed as conservatives.

    What is not amusing is that both extremes remain entrenched in their positions while independents are scratching their heads and wondering what is going to come out of this mess.

    PPACA, ACA or Obamacare (whatever you want to call it) is NOT a good law since it does NOTHING to make healthcare more affordable (actually most of my clients have experience higher insurance premiums). Adding more people and money to a very badly run Medicaid is not a solution we can afford when we owe trillions to China.

    It is not as simple as “Racism”, it is a question of money$$$$

    Fix Medicare, Medicaid, revitalize our economy and manufacturing, increase our tax base and then worry about throwing more money at doctors and hospitals.

  • Germansmith

    That is true. Chavez is a communist populist and if you ask him, he would not consider himself black (because he is light skinned)…Morales is of indian decend in a country where 85% of the population is of similar background….not a minority, that is the difference
    The racism in those countries is not overt and vicious as it is in the US, but also there is not the sensitivity for political correctness as we have here.
    Maybe because in the deep south blacks were treated so badly they seem to see racism everywhere and take insult very quickly. (not all of them, I work with lots of AA with MBA, CPA and Law Degrees that are very successful and not dweling much on racism)

    In my country of birth the term “mi negro” is a term of endearment sometimes used among white people with each others….god forbid I use that term here.

    My point is that the longer we make racism the point, the longer it will remin an open sore in our society and kept being used by all sorts of politicians for their own purposes.


      oh my goodness didnt you see on the news that black woman[a polition] said she finally taught her children to be racist. i feel sorry for the people who elected her.but she will be elected again

  • 1standlastword

    The blight of racism blunts the intellect of those capable of knowing better except for the fires of racial animosity that burns within them they are willing to undergo self-immolation for the preservation of their foolish pride and a falsehood foisted upon them by the truest invalidators of their own race whose racial hatred is stealthily cloaked inside of guileful speech and the priviledge of high office and they call themselves…patriots!

  • More Republican code-talking in action. Did anyone notice that Mitt tried to sell the NAACP audience that he was the best thing since apple pie for African Americans? His very next meeting he told the audience about ‘those’ wanting free stuff. Hint, hint…he was not talking about his class. Of course we all understand that Mitt’s class has been given the keys to the republic by folks who share his world view. What’s good for the rich is suppose to be good for everyone. Remember the old days when the big quote was ‘what’s good for General Motors is good for America?’ Of course, that was before it was good for the country to let GM, and the rest of the US automotive industry go into bankruptcy along with potential job losses of a million Americans. Vulture capitalism at its best is the recipe being offered up by the Mittster and his ilk. We are indeed living in very strange and dangerous times. Rotting from within while still spending more on defense than the next seventeen countries combined.

  • All of this opposition aganst Obamba aint about difference in ideology or policies. It’s all about the biggots wanting to get the Black man out of the”white house”.Romney invented the so called “obama care” but since the black man endorced and implamented it to the rest of the country,all of a sudden it’s no good.HE is just a run of the mill old fashioned hater.

    • 13observer

      So anyone who doesn’t agree with you is a hater or racist. Ok, if you want to play that game then fine…because you can’t hide behind the “race card” when our country is at stake. What people hate about Obama’s agenda is free sh*t for people that don’t work, don’t contribute or are illegal aliens putting a further strain on U.S. taxpayers. Illegals come here for the “handouts” face it government welfare is their “dream”. Socialism is what people are against and this President represents just that! It is easy to spend someone elses money. Tax the rich so government can continue to supplement illegals who are undermining our labor standards. The only thing they are contributing to is our poverty roles. So if you want to call me “racists”…I will wear the label proudly! Obama has worked against the will of the people for the last time for not enforcing our immigration laws and giving illegals work permits to fly in the face of the legal unemployed citizens of this country…especially after their benefits are cut back to 26 weeks instead of two years. We can’t afford to pay extended unemployment benefits just to stop the legal unemployed from killing illegal aliens who are stealing their stealing jobs.


      oh if you are retired and talking like that you must be black, now who is racist

  • james shrum

    does any red blood Republican out there know why our Congress wants to repeal the Obamacare law . I do and here it is and I am not going to say anything else . It is not for you ,it is not that it is going to cause your taxes to go up because it is not if you by insurance you want have to pay the penalty,onlty about 1% of the people will , it is because it will hurt their sourse of revenue they receive to compaign on each time they run for Congress. They don’t give a dam about me or you or this country they only care about them selves. Good by .


      shrum, get real my insurance went up 156.00 a month from 64.00 a month dont be so igrant, or are you one that wants it free, everything FREE

  • We need a plan to serve all Americans–so many of our people work hard and have no benefits.
    The president is even willing to tweak the Affordable Health Care plan where needed and still 50% of the people don’t want it. Why? I hope it is not b/c we have a black president; that is like cutting off your nose to spite your face. We need to grow up and actually care for people who need many of us to see to it that all are treated with respect and equality. thank you.

    • catball

      please when the times come, VOTE. Make sure you are registered. This is the most important thing you can do. If you know older people, make sure they get registered. Republicans are trying to stop our vote. Don’t let that happen.


        no, republicans are not, the liberals want corruption in our election process, without acorn coruption he would not have won last time. and if i am stoped for routine patrols in my town for dui. and i dont show my id. i will be arrested. but liberals say if illegals are stoped they dont need id. now i am an american i must . where is the racism??????

  • Racism plays a role in every facet of America’s social interactions. The haves and the have not, are almost based on prejudice and racist intentions of American politicians. We as a nation, will eventually succumb to either Russia or China persuasion; as the dominant country because of our exclusion of all racial groups productivity in America.

  • It is my understanding that there is a clause in Obamacare that states. people over the age of 76 will not receive any form cancer treatment. IF TRUE, that means when you are 76 you might as well find your hole and crawl in. This clause alone will force me to not support Obama again. But, I shall wait until I am clear on this one part of Obamacare.
    They did something like this years ago, but they called it the extermination of a certain group. Now it can be called the extermination of the “Over the Hill 76 Gang”!!!!!

  • Superb piece.
    Makes me think of classic Dylan song, “Only a pawn in the game.”

  • Superb piece.
    Makes me think of classic Dylan song, “Only a pawn in the game.”

  • I tihm that just show that a lot of white peole are stupid(as we already know) and they will vote againsdt their own interest because of their rascism! What else is new, we have known this snce the beginning of this country.


      you must be the woman that was on the news after obama was elected, saying he will bpay your morgage. the only way he will get relected is with acorn corruption and ileagel immigrants


      The white people are so stupid????

      Is that why they are on TV every single night
      shooting each other
      and killing
      and robbing????

  • That just like the old white folks, yelling keep your government hands off my medicare. LOL, so ignorant and yet they believe they are in the know. Pitiful excuses for human beings.


      oh, thats funny obama care takes over 300 billion away from medicare, or do you only read new york times

  • I feel terribly sorry for the GOP continued racism and wonder where it will lead them. The republicans the way they are treating this president, CANNOT BE TRUSTED with the president’s life and or his entire family. These people are satanic in all morality. America being one of the newest countries in the world must NOT allow herself to be destroyed by this party. It is not very difficult to CONSIDER the GOP as a CULT. Time will tell because Obama will win re-election and the entire world will be WATCHING the GOP. They are dangerous, sadistic and even more, not human. If Romney will go to the UK and make such statements as Anglo Saxon heritage, just confirms that this guy is unintelligent and is therefore unfit to be the president of the GREATEST COUNTRY on earth. Anglo-Saxon heritage. Most Republican are not smart and that why, the best they can present is ROMNEY for the president of the USA.


      you are talking about barack husane obama arent you the man who canot tell the truth
      ask his paster for 25 years who the lier is, but liberals have blinders on


      The problem nobody wants to run for president is because the Lib’s start digging and digging and trying to find something dirty on you from the time you were growing in their mother’s womb!!!!!!!

  • I voted for Obama before, and I will again but the health reform bill is a dog and must be either eliminated or dramatically altered. The problem isn’t that healthcare isn’t available, the problem is the cost particularly health insurance that gets jack up by double digits each year. Blue Cross Blue Shield which is sitting on a trillion in reserves tried to jack up rates in CA by 39%! Aetna, which is also sitting on a ton of money tried to jack their rates up in AZ by 29%. When asked to show why they needed these gut-busting upcharges, neither company could come up with a reason.
    The single-payer option would have created much needed competition but without it, as it is now, there is nothing to stop double digit rate policy hikes. Obama has just spread the misery around to more people. And why am I voting for Obama…because the GOP doesn’t consider families paying $1000 a month for health care insurance a problem. As long as someone is making a profit, charge away.

  • Candidate Teddy Roosevelt (former Republican president) had universal healthcare in his 1912 platform. Some of the presidents who tried to reform healthcare were Harry Truman (D), Ike (R), Nixon (R), JFK (D), LBJ (D), Carter (D), and Clinton (D). Obama finally did it, making every compromise he could to bring Republicans on board the ACA, which was loaded with Republican practices and principles. Not one Republican supported it, even Susan Collins, retiring senator from Maine, whom Obama especially hoped to win over by going along with her wishes. A bit of irony that she decided to retire because Congress was so polarized. Huh? The secret of contemporary Republican success is to convince voters that you will champion their interests while you intend to betray them, especially the weak, the poor, the afflicted, and the dispossessed. Another name for such persons is sociopath.

  • kbcab

    When you realize that everything you have done in four years has turned to crap and isn’t doing any-one any good then hey! lets jerk out the old race card , that always works..Then maybe we can get some riots or big domestic or racial trouble started then Obama can declare martial law and stop the elections till he can steal it…

  • Ted Hewlett

    Although I believe in a health plan for all, there are many arguments against the Democrats’ plan that have nothing to do with race.
    This article is a pretty obvious effort to play the race card. The so-called research cited has an obvious flaw. Even though more people might have opposed the Obama plan than Clinton’s, not realizing they were identical, their prejudice may have been against Obama as a man, not as a black.

  • VictorCraig

    Racism is the basis for the opposition to any and all of President Obama’s legislative proposals. This is a sad and disgraceful truth.

    Those of us who are not white or white and male and who have earned posts of authority and responsibility, have seen this double standard played out as we used our intelligence and authority to perform the duties of a “boss” , be that role civilian or military.

    A White male, with some exceptions, is accepted as a leader. Whereas a woman of any ethnic background or particularly, a Black man man or any woman is held up to a higher standard than the white male counterpart.

    We now see this as we witness that opposition to just about everything that President Obama has put forth in his efforts to correct the historically horrible mistakes that were mad by the Bush administration. No other president has been the target of the disrespect, opposition and flagrant hatred as President Obama.

    We know that George W. Bush was a bad president as was Richard Nixon. Bush with two wars and his tax cuts is largely responsible for or current fiscal crisis. Nixon resigned from office in disgrace after he was found to have been responsible for the Watergate scandal.

    However, we did not see a new separate political party emerge in opposition to any of those presidents’ actions or policies. No senator in history until now, has ever stood on the floor of the US senate and pledged to make the sitting leader of our country ” a one-term president”. Nor has any president been called a “liar” during a State of The Union address.

    The Affordable Care Act was modeled after a similar health plan crafted by a White man for one state. Yet, the same kind of plan for the whole nation is vehemently opposed simply because it was made into law by a Black man. That is the simple and disgraceful truth.

    Fortunately, as we endure another few weeks of the 2012 presidential campaign, Mr. Obama, despite all of the hatred that has been heaped on him, will be re-elected.

    The shame of this is the time and money that the opposition has wasted in its efforts to discredit this honorable man. Think of where we might be today if they had simply given him the respect and cooperation that his office merits.

    November 6th cannot come soon enough.

    • Race Card thrown. /ignore

      • VictorCraig

        Racism exists in our country.
        We proclaim hypocritically “Liberty and Justice for All” , but we do not practice those lofty words. It is a shameful, unfortunate truth and a bitter pill to swallow.

        Usually, when it is brought out, people with the heads in the sand use the term”Race Card”, which is a way of blaming the victims and condemning those who have had the nerve to call racism what it is and describe the ways that we see it everyday-especially in politics.

        The reaction to the election of Barack Obama to the presidency, brought out long simmering resentments for all to see.

        For example:

        A. we saw and heard expressions of bigotry from such notables as Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Mitch McConnell, a Republican congressman who called the president a “liar” during a State of the Union speech, etc.

        B. Tea Party rallies did not lack racial insults.

        C. The obstructionist tactics of the republicans as they sought to paint Mr. Obama as a “Failure” was a racially motivated contrivance.

        There are many of you who will take issue with that which I have written here and most of you are White.
        So, I challenge any of you to do this:
        Get some make-up, a wig and some dark glasses. Use these to disguise yourself and pretend for a month that you are Black in the Mid-West, the Deep South and any major city in the USA. Your experiences will be amazing especially if or when you deal with members of any police force.

        I guarantee that your beliefs and attitudes will change.

        I dare you.


      It has nothing to do with RACISM!!!!!
      It’s NOT that he’s BLACK!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooo sick of hearing that—–ANYBODY THAT SAY’S THAT REMARK ARE RACIEST THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!
      It’s NOT that he’s Black
      It’s his policies—–
      It’s what he stands for and what he doesn’t stand for
      It’s what he does
      It’s what he HASN’T DONE!!!!!!!!
      It’s the spending of money we DON’T HAVE!!!!!!!!




      • VictorCraig

        I beg to differ. Take off your blinders.
        The rest of the American population sees this and clearly you see it too, but you want to deny it.

        The economic issues could have been addressed and settled two years ago with the cooperation of Republican members of the House and the senate.
        All one needs to see and note is the disrespectful and obstructionist behavior of the Republican members of both bodies and statements like those of Senator Mitch McConnell who clearly stated that his mission was to make Barack Obama into a “One- Term” president.

        There is also a well documented article from Time magazine that described the well-planned strategy to destroy Obama’s presidency by denying him any political victory.

        Then there are all of the “birthers”, signs and the insulting signs held up by members of the Tea party during their demonstrations.

        The idea is to portray the president as a “failure” to you and to the rest of the country. Fortunatley, they were not fooled.
        We know racism when we see it

  • Roger Desmoulins

    Every entitlement program in every industrial country has been subject to the law of Unintended Consequences. This has been true of Social Security, AFDC, Disability, Medicare and Medicaid. There is no reason to believe that ObamaCare is any different. The main fear, articulated by American visitors to far away New Zealand, where I live, is that OabamaCare will lead Fortune 500 firms to gradually wind up health insurance as a fringe benefit of employment. Note that ERISA, enacted in 1974, has led to the slow death of private sector defined benefit pension plans. All existing private defined benefit plans are pre-1974 legacies. Firm after firm has “dumped” its pension liabilities on the PBGC. There is a deep fear that a similar fate awaits current employee health coverage. Most people who enjoy such coverage are content with it.

  • A boat load of bull…just because you do not beleive in big government running everything does not make you a racist. Theis country is going broke providing free stuff to all who want it…it has to stop!

  • Racial intolerance=An unreasoning fear of another culture based upon the fictitious assertions, and fake crimes committed by 1-2 members of another race and religion

  • BunnyOle

    THIS HEADLINE is all I need to read to understand this article is total CRAP.

    OBAMA CARE IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL. He makes such a big deal out of his ordering insurance companies not to use the ‘existing condition’ escape – WELL why couldn’t he have done that WITHOUT Obama care.

    FORCING Catholic Colleges who offer health insurance to students to offer FREE BIRTH CONTROL, FREE STERILIZATIONS & FREE abortion pills IS WRONG – AND VIOLATES THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO religious freedom.

    But HEY !! AT LEAST MUSLIMS ARE able to Opt Out of FORCED purchase of health insurance.

    Are you people INSANE? THE MAN just placed BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of money into the hands of insurance companies, while costing the american taxpayer TRILLIONS of dollars.

    Illegal aliens can now be legally covered by Obamacare health insurance, but if they can’t afford it (which they can’t) who do you think is going to pay for it?

    WHO do you think is going to pay for the FORCED insurance of other poverty people who can’t afford it? WHO DECIDES who can’t afford it???
    ONE senator or congressman said that a family of 4 living on $27,500 a year should EASILY be able to afford $250 month for insurance. LMAO LMAO WHAT? EASILY – 2 kids a house or apartment, car note, food, UTILITIES, the cost of GAS and FOOD, school clothes, supplies, hair cuts, shoes, I’m surprised if a family of 4 living on than survive at ALL.

    I used to make $24 as a single person, and didn’t even have a CAR.

  • Doesn’t the left ever get tired of using the race card? If Hillary had been elected we would be reading the same articles by the same people saying we are sexist.

    How can anyone on the left be proud of the campaign Obama is running? Mitt is a murderer, Mitt is a Felon. Mitt is a tax cheat. How about the one that is true, Obama is a lousy president.

    • JAG

      and what, YOU think that some people are not sexist????

      If more people would just debate the issues instead of calling President Obama names… names I am not even comfortable repeating……

      You think there is NO racism????

  • what a bunch of crap. who makes this stuff up?!

  • Like anything else, the poor workers, including the middle class blue white workers, have been thoroughly deluded to think that they are also capitalists who own the sources of production and distribution. They think that their interests and those of the owners of businesses are the same or alike. They are easily used to work against their own class interests.

    Racism is one of the tools used to make the white workers think that their class interest is different and against the class interests of their fellow black workers in the same exploited class.

    We should wake up and join with exploited workers, and support the Obamacare. It is for us and our children. Mitt Romney and his kind do not need this. They are overloaded with protection, and they do not want us to enjoy a little slice of what they have had abundantly over the years.

    • dave254

      Interesting opinion.
      What’s the phrase I am thinking of?
      Oh, yeah: SHUT THE PHUQE UP!

    • Support the ObamaCare ! Support the CPUSA ! Steal from those who haved earned their wealth ! You could enjoy a little ‘slice’ if you do two things – Get a job.Tell your representatives to cut spending and reduce taxation.
      Do that,and you could enjoy a dollop of ice cream on your stolen ‘slice’.
      Good money paid for clean troll hides !

      Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights.Carry.

      • JAG

        Holy crap….. YOU are a freaking NUT CASE…. IDIOT!!!!

  • This article misses a basic point that NO ONE who entered this Country from “any where” in the World is in violation of our Laws, is an Illegal Alien. No matter where they came from Illegal Aliens are not entitled to any Welfare benefits to include Obamacare.

    • Illegal immigrants do NOT receive any Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid or any Obamacare. It’s easy to find this out on the internet — so why don’t you at least try to find out the truth instead of passing along incorrect information.

      • Have you been to an Emergency Room or Hospitalized lately? I have and seen it first hand vs. all the Uber Left claims to the contrary on the internet.

        • JAG

          You did not say they get emergency care at the hospital ER….

          YOU SAID… they were covered by Obama Care…..

          YES….. the hospitals do treat ANYONE who goes there…..
          That is just what CIVILIZED countries do…. and EVERY civilized country does this…..

          What do you think the hospitals should do if a non citizen goes to the ER????

          • Notify ICE so they can be deported upon release from the Hospital. If not Obamacare who do you think pays for their bills? We the People who pay Taxes and We the People who get the increased premiumson our health insurance.

            There is no such thing as a “Free Lunch”; somebody always pays and I don’t want to support Illegal Alien no matter where the come from.

          • Notify ICE so they can be deported upon release from the Hospital. If not Obamacare who do you think pays for their bills? We the People who pay Taxes and We the People who get the increased premiums on our health insurance.

            There is no such thing as a “Free Lunch”; somebody always pays and I don’t want to support Illegal Alien no matter where they come from.

  • Much of the opposition to Obama and his policies are ideological and based on genuine differences in political philosophy. But the intensity of the personal hatred is obviously race-based. At least some of these sleaze bags have come out of the closet and openly say they hate Obama because he was born half-black.

  • Problem is that progressives have been crying racism since before the’ 08 election.Makes it kind of difficult to winnow the chaff….
    Anyone looking down the O’Bummer’s back trail,read his books,authored by him,about him,can see that he imbibed communism with his mother’s milk.and never stopped.Any code of morality is as valueless and meaningless as the Constitution.Education ? Who knows.
    We do know that he supports the eugenics program that is thoughtlessly culling black folks,begun by Margaret Sanger and friends.Now,there is some racism.To blithely encourage the murder of black children says a great and terrible thing about our President.And that is somewhat more than scary.

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights.Carry.

  • Sand_Cat

    Dear Aebe:
    They’ve been saying it for far longer than you claim, mainly because it’s true, and has been at least since the Repugnants’ “Southern Strategy,” and will likely continue well beyond today. The simple fact is that just about all of the southern Republicans, and many of the northern ones as well, are former Democrats who abandoned the party as a direct result of the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts.

    It infuriates you wing-nuts mainly because it’s true and you know it. And your eugenics thing is (just another) lie among many. And then, the last refuge of the racist: get that gun to shoot those uppity SOBs. And you think that “validates” you. Actually, I guess using the word “think” in connection with you and other Mittwits is quite a bit of a stretch.

  • The Tea Party/Republicans obviously have only their own interests in mind and will destroy our economy possibly beyond repair if elected. Obama’s veto power may be the only thing that will save us, and under Clinton’s tutelage, Obama may yet become a great President.

  • auggiedoggy

    Do any of these “reporters” actually have a job.

  • auggiedoggy

    Fleabaggers. Yep, Fleabaggers that play with others’

  • If my mother and father were American born and they were Republicans, I tell you what party line I will walk. I will walk the Progressive and liberal lines no doubt. I will even do the unthinkable. I will definitely walk away from my parents once I become 18 years old and I knew what I know today then. So when I see an 18 year old that is embracing the GOP and Tea Party, I see young evils and it’s pathetic. Not only is the GOP/Tea Party are disgrace to humanity, there isn’t much humanity on them or in them. GOP/Tea Party are KLAN members. Even though the GOP calls Romney’s faith cultist, I see no difference between the GOP and the Mormon faith. They are of the same breed. America is getting better. Thanks to the Democrats. Blacks have come a long way. There is doubt that Republicans carries more hatred in their blood. More than likely, they will die hating their fellow human being. If this should happen, it means that GOP are HELL bound where there will be wailing and gnashing of the teeth. No rescue. Very sad. GOP, change before it’s too late. We will pray for you. So if you will repeal OBAMA CARE , be ready to fight.

  • Oh Dear. An African American President and its Congress trying desperately to look after its citizens with Obamacare and the many see only bigotry instead of sensible solutions to Heath care and would rather have a Voucher system based on Ryan’s plan. The irony of it all. This is the true sense of the Phrase: Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

  • Quirt Evans

    I think the reason most white people reject Obamacare is because it’s a bad idea. Many minorities reject it, too. I think the studies mentioned in this article started off with a predetermined outcome in mind. I talk to many people of different ethnicity, in the eight states that I travel frequently, and even in Florida I haven’t found too many people that want Obamacare. If it were that popular, I would at least hear some positive comments about it from time to time.

    • Where is your proof that “many minorities reject it too?” People want and need health care so we do not reject it; that’s just wishful thinking on your part. And I disagree that “most white people reject Obamacare because it’s a bad idea.” Many white people reject Obama because he is black so of course, they reject the air he breaths. Some white people need to admit and deal with their racism. It’s there for the world to see.

  • Quirt Evans

    Isn’t it ironic that this article is about racism towards Obama, but in the comments section Republicans are referred to as:

    ‘disgrace to humanity’, ‘evils’, ‘KLAN members’, ‘HELL bound’, ‘Fleabaggers’, ‘Repugnants’, ‘Mittwits’, ‘sleaze bags’, ‘freaking NUT CASE…. IDIOT!!!!’, ‘birthers’, etc.

    Nope, no hate or racism here.

    • So we are wrong to respond to Republican racism? Why do some of you expect us to just roll over and play dead? We have every right to call out racisim when it is in our face. The names you quoted above are not racist. Those names are not reflective of someone’s race. But names like tar baby, boy, monkey, jigaboo, n_gger, etc. are racist and the teaparty has used everyone of these insults and more to describe the POTUS. American is better than this. Despite the ugliness, I know American is better than what the racists want it to be.

  • I cannot understand how anyone who claim they love “America” can continue to vote or support individuals who claimed before the president took the oath of office “that their job was to see that he fails”. When the president fails America fails. The only explanation I have is racism. We’ve had democrats and republicans elected all of my life(71yrs) and I’ve never heard anyone(americans) say that they wanted the president to fail. It has always been let’s rally around the president because the election is over.

  • It is your type of authoritarian attitude that that shows your racism. Even the politicians(Republicans&Democrats) admit that the problems started with the previous administration. The socalled Tea Party should be a disgrace to all White Americans at the rate that minorities have been giving their lives to protect this country.

  • Germansmith what you’re are doing here on this forum is manipulating the truth(lighter skin color on the island of Hispaniola(Haiti(1/3,blacks) and Santo Domingo(2/3,mulattoes). This act of racism was created by whites. I don’t want to talk about Haiti here but I would be more than willing to talk with you about the only Independent Black Nation in the Western Hemisphere and the only nation whose independence was because of a sucessful slave rebellion.

  • There is little doubt that racism against blacks, latinos and other groups is unfortunately alive and well in American, and other places too. We are all equal and all equally entitled to enjoy the benefits of society. What can’t conservatives accept equality? I thought that was a cornerstone of their much-trumpeted “faith”; yet the conservatives are the most unforgiving, least helpful political group. aren’t we supposed to help one another, especially the “least amoung us”???

  • Anti medicare opponents are scared of Retirees, Women, Latinos, well educated Whites and African Americans voting for anything but Gop. This isn’t about health, its about Power. The Gop know, who ever wins 2012 that by 2016 there will be no other Gop party since the before mentioned will vote extremism (Right Wing) away starting in 2012 and for ever after that. Goodbye Gop, hello Democracy.

  • jan cooper

    rasist is obamahell and media liar.