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Monday, March 18, 2019

Rand Paul, Here’s Your Evidence That African-Americans Are Being Stopped From Voting

Rand Paul, Here’s Your Evidence That African-Americans Are Being Stopped From Voting

Just days after Hillary Clinton said, “Anyone that says that racial discrimination is no longer a problem in American elections must not be paying attention,” Senator Rand Paul has proven her point.

At a speech in Louisville, Kentucky, Paul said, “I don’t think there is objective evidence that we’re precluding African-Americans from voting any longer.”

Apparently, the junior senator from Kentucky missed those reports of Floridians waiting hours and hours in line to vote last November. He hasn’t heard about the study that showed blacks and Latinos waited twice as long as whites to vote. Maybe he hasn’t heard that last year federal courts ruled again and again that states were creating barriers to voting that disproportionately affected people of color. For instance, a federal court found that Texas’ redistricting was “enacted with discriminatory purpose.”

In response to Paul’s comments, The Nation‘s Ari Berman tweeted:

The article he links to breaks down “the country’s worst voter suppression” law, which was just signed by Governor Pat McCrory (R-NC) on Monday, though the governor doesn’t seem to have read it.

“African-Americans are 23 percent of registered voters in the state, but made up 28 percent of early voters in 2012, 33 percent of those who used same-day registration and 34 percent of those without state-issued ID,” Berman writes.

Early voting, same-day registration and voter ID requirements are all part of the monster law that “eliminates practically everything that encourages people to vote in North Carolina, replaced by unnecessary and burdensome new restrictions.”

There’s objective evidence that the law is designed to stop black people from voting. And since the conservatives on the Supreme Court decided that the law that prevented voting discrimination like this was no longer valid, the Department of Justice is having to invent ways to fight it.

However, if Paul wants to be honest, he could make the argument that Texas Republicans have turned to, now that the Justice Department is trying to crack down on its discriminatory practices: We’re only trying to stop Democrats from voting.

Paul could say, “When Republicans get in power, they do everything they can to stop people who aren’t Republicans from voting. And if black people are disproportionately Democrats, they get what they deserve.”

Then he would only be cynical and crude and not unforgivably naive at best… and blatantly dishonest at worst.

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104 responses to “Rand Paul, Here’s Your Evidence That African-Americans Are Being Stopped From Voting”

  1. Budjob says:

    Why in the Hell did I ever volunteer to defend this fucked up country and the goddamn fascists that are assaulting our constitution and our citizenry?!! I’m for seceding from the south and let those assholes fend for themselves.North is where it’s at folks,not iin those fucked up southern states with their fucked up politicians and their racist views!!!

    • charleo1 says:

      If I might offer. You volunteered to defend this Country, because you love
      your Country. You loved your Country so much, that even though no one
      asked you to sign up, leave your loved ones, train for battle, and travel
      half way around the world, and put your own dear life on the line, you did
      it anyway. I would further add, we sorely need that kind of selfless
      commitment in government at all levels. And, although you’ve given more
      service to your Country already than 98% of us. The Country is so short on
      Patriots, they’ve forgotten what a true one looks like. And are now voting for
      any hypocrite, and charlatan, wrapped in the flag. It occurred to me the other
      day, if people weren’t angry, they weren’t paying close enough attention.
      I admire your passion, and thank you for your service. Godspeed to you Sir!

  2. silence dogood says:

    Voter ID laws don’t actually save black lives the way stop-and-frisk policies do, but it’s not clear how such laws hurt them. I suppose the argument is that by allowing Democrats to steal elections, they can pass all those laws that improve black lives immeasurably, like promoting trial lawyers, gay marriage, abortion and amnesty for illegals. You know, the Democratic policies that really enhance black lives.

    • shawnthesheep says:

      Argle bargle times infinity. Show me a single shred of proof that Democrats are stealing elections, or that the voting restriction put in place by states like NC are preventing voter fraud. Clearly, you do not like the politicians that the majority of black people vote for, but, sorry, that’s not a good enough reason to deny them their constitutionally-protected right to vote.

      • silence dogood says:

        Black people are being mined for their votes only. Why are blacks in Congress always elected in significantly white districts and liberal WHITES elected in black districts. Can’t a black person represent the people of Nita Lowery’s district ?
        Blacks are being treated as stooges by the Dems.

        • shawnthesheep says:

          Instead of offering any proof for your baseless assertions, you simply barf out more baseless assertions. Stay on topic. Republicans are participating in a systematic effort to deny African Americans the right to vote. Your rantings about Democrats not caring about black people really have nothing to do with the GOP denying black people the right to vote.

        • Lisa M. Alter says:

          Your evidence for this claim is what?

          • silence dogood says:

            Gary Franks, J.C. Watts, Tim Scott and Allen West.
            As well as well qualified blacks who have lost primaries to white candidates (in many cases less qualified) in heavily black districts. The notion that the Dems really care about blacks, beyond their votes, is laughable.l

          • Rick Sims says:

            @disqus_x0SSqpg7gW:disqus Those people are Republicans and the republican party as a whole do not care about blacks. You will always have what can be referred to as a “house negro” who will push the “master’s” wishes, but, it is dispicable to suggest blacks should vote for black candidates because they are black and not because they agree with the policies they support.

          • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh says:

            Gary Franks did NOT lose his primary. He won it. Unfortunately for him, as one of Connecticut’s biggest Section 8 Housing landlords he really didn’t win many points in his home district.
            J. C. Watts kept appearing to apologize for having the audacity of being born Black. The clueless factor didn’t help him, either.

            Allen West was gerrymandered out of his seat by his own party, who considered him to be too vulnerable to win reelection.
            Tim Scott was the only one of the bunch that actually appears to know what he is doing, but will end up being teabagged because he, like JC Watts, has the audacity of being black.

          • charleo1 says:

            Everyone knows asking your run of the mill Republican if racism
            still exists, is like asking a duck if it’s raining. It might be, but the
            duck is so unconcerned about it, it has no idea. Republicans
            would be better off, if they would just refrain from commenting
            on race altogether. That would also include using the Blacks
            as foils, and scapegoats to excite their 98% White rural base. The truth here is, the Black Republican politicians you named
            are no more popular, or supported in the Black Communities,
            than Senator Bernie Sanders is supported by the John Birch
            Society, or the Koch Brothers, “Americans for Prosperity.”
            Laughable, as in ridiculous, is when a White Right Winger, makes really ignorant comments with the certainty of an idiot,
            mocking President Obama for being a Community Organizer. Then, as a White person, tells 98% of African Americans they are not smart enough to vote in their own best interests.

          • Allan Richardson says:

            I assume your definition of “well qualified” black politicians means only the conservative ones? Allen West sees a Muslim or communist (or both, even though they contradict each other) conspiracy under every bed, because he learned a simplified, biased definition of those ideologies in order to label anyone he doesn’t like as one of them.

            As for “card carrying members of the Communist Party” that number has declined so much that, as the joke goes, the only Communists left are the FBI informants spying on one another!

          • idamag says:

            Alan West is one of those who wants to be White and throws in with them.

          • Lisa M. Alter says:

            Perhaps you make the statement because you do not care about Blacks and you are projecting your beliefs. It is common. As for the four politicians you mention, I’m not sure what your contention is: that they were elected by a large majority or when they lost (those that have), they lost to someone you perceive as less qualified? All four are extreme conservatives. Congressman Scott and Senator West are what I would call grossly extreme right-wing tools. But that is my opinion.

          • LotusJoan says:

            Allen West was a lunatic. That is the reason that Florida voters of all colors did not vote for him. That is your well qualified black candidate? Do you know anything about Allen West besides his color?

          • idamag says:

            What you need to do is first: read the book, “Black Like Me.” Second: do what that author did for at least 6 weeks and you might have a different perspective.

          • silence dogood says:

            I read it years ago — the book was based on experiences from the fifties–hardly the same world we live in now. The guy was an idiot as he later suffered and died from messing with his skin pigmitation.

          • longtail says:

            Why, argle bargle, of course!

        • bjbstarr11 says:

          Pleasel leave African Americans out of your conversation. You know nothing about being black and you will never understand us. If you think the GOP cares, you are sadly mistaken.

        • Allan Richardson says:

          You have it backwards. There is still so much racism that it is difficult for a black person to win in a majority white district, which is what makes Barack Obama, black governors, and black mayors of mostly white cities (e.g. Alvin Brown of Jacksonville, FL) so notable. Majority black districts were created to make it possible to have SOME black officeholders, but the unintended effect was to pool white Democratic voters into those same few districts, and create many more majority white Republican districts, so as to gerrymander state legislatures and the House of Representatives into Republican majorities.

        • Reddiaperbaby says:

          Oh, yeah…and treated respectfully by Repukes…not!

          • susiep44 says:

            Huh? Allan Richardson is exactly right. It is being done in NC and other states (not just in the south). NC has several distinctions since the Tea Party took over both general assembly houses and the governor’s mansion. The most restrictive voting “reform” law, the only state to turn down federal unemployment aid by cutting off 7,000 unemployed and limiting the number of weeks one can collect. My son was laid off 6 weeks ago and they are still “processing” his claim – no check yet. My husband and I are having to help out and we are on Social Security. My very white mother-in-law (age 98) no longer has a drivers license – how is she supposed to get an ID? Stand in line at the DMV for a state ID? We have a GANG MENTALITY in NC and they have an “up yours” attitude. Oh yeah, and we don’t have job improvement either!!!

          • Reddiaperbaby says:

            That was sarcasm, hon. I totally agree with Allan Richardson and am so sorry to know how poorly you’re faring with this horrible state. Will be praying for you all that God will show you mercy and love. Blessings, Roe
            Sent from my iPad

        • idamag says:

          Since President Johnson signed the civil rights into law the South has voted Republican. They are still trying to negate the Civil Rights and keep Black people from voting.

      • lightharry says:

        Black people, Latinos, Indians, Mexicans, Jews, Chinese etc are stealing the election by voting. That is un American! What is a white guy suppose to do if he can only produce 1.5 children and still wants the biggest share of the cake.

    • Larry Jones says:

      The funny thing about these voter ID laws. They do not address the area where the most voter fraud has occurred. These laws do nothing about absentee ballot fraud. According to the Brenan Center for Justice in person ID voter fraud is extremely rare. However absentee ballot fraud is much more likely. The funny thing about absentee ballots. They are much more likely to be used by Republican voters. Talk about stealing elections it turns out absentee ballots are used much more by Republicans than Democrats. Seems to me Republicans are stealing more elections than Democrats.

    • Jim Myers says:

      You need to quit smoking that stuff. It has really scrambled your brain.

      Of course, that does make you fit, and even a possible rising star, in the conservative world of Rush, Ann, Glenn, Sarah, etc.

  3. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh says:

    Once again, Paul, like many of his fellows refuses to believe the truth, instead of the “facts” they invent to support their theories.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Well….There you go. If Emperor Rand Paul said it. It is gospel, law of the land and Biblical fact, right? These good ole bois slick and slime their way into office and then think their way is the ONLY way?

    Rand Paul feast at the table of denial until he is engorged by his own self-important brand of BS.

    Anyone who has EVER been a Republican knows this Twerpie Generation Koch suck up is just the mouth of the GOP. Otherwise, he has about as much real GOP power as compost.

    • idamag says:

      Rand Paul talks so slow that by the time he says he is not that kind of boy – he is.

    • joeymegatron says:

      “Rand Paul feast at the table of denial until he is engorged by his own self-important brand of BS. ”
      Interesting image. Too bad you ruined your entire comment by the nonsense and name calling in the last paragraph. Nanner Boo-Boo! Everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you. Boy are you lefties childish!

  5. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    The common denominator in the sudden need to change voting rights laws is that these changes are ONLY being made in the south and midwest. Where, as US history has already shown clearly racism is rampant. Oh sure. They slather it in magnolia perfume and mint juleps on the verandas. But, their backward culture still is racist under their white skin.

    If it is so necessary to change voting laws and demand IDs, why suddenly now is it so important to red racist states? None of the blue states have problems with voting. The very fact that during the Bush campaign, tens of thousands of eligible voting college students magically had their votes go missing or unaccounted for is proof positive these GOP Bull Male Dominator Party shills of the Koch billionaires are defying the Constitution. If you pay taxes in any way, shape or form, that IS your ID.

    • JohnRNC says:

      Actually PA was pushing pretty hard to pass a measure similar to the one in NC just prior to the 2012 election. I don’t think this issue will stay in the South.

      • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh says:

        Pennsylvania already shot itself in the foot about this issue by one of the Republican legislators stating “This legislation guarantees Mitt Romney will win Pennsylvania.” If that ain’t partisan, I don’t know what is.

        • joeymegatron says:

          Shows the (low) intelligence level of those PA Republicans. No one can say for sure what any of this legislation will do, and none of it certainly ‘guarantees’ any particular candidate will win. Boy did you get duped, disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        You forget that PA politicians are linked arm in arm with the Tea Party. Right now the Koch billionaires believe they can foist Fat Mouth Steve Lonegan on NJ. Old Charlie and Davy best think again. No NJ taxpayer will vote for a cultist like Lonegan who is obsessed with destroying the Middle Class for his Koch bosses.

      • idamag says:

        We have a loose photo ID law here. The only reason we don’t have restrictive voter ID laws is that it is a one-party state.

    • Dominick Vila says:

      An interesting tangent is the fact that the same people who now demand photo IDs are the same ones who claimed such an approach was a manifestation of a police state.

    • longtail says:

      I suppose they have to do it to counteract ACHORN.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        No…They are doing it to show who is boss. They are not. We are. All we have to do is pull our tax dollars from their paychecks. Then, these Tea Party Twerpie Generation twits will become the lower Middle Class. What goes up, must come down…and bloated GOP Bull Male Dominators are about to crash land.

    • idamag says:

      We absolutely need national laws to protect everyone’s right to vote.

  6. lightharry says:

    Why does Rand Paul get to take mind blowing drugs and we have to abide by the law?

  7. JohnRNC says:

    It is interesting that Paul should make this particular statement right now. In NC, the media have been interviewing Gov. McCrory about the voter ID law that he just signed. The interviewers have pointed out that there’s no evidence of [widespread] voter fraud in NC. The Gov’s response (paraphrased): “No one has looked for evidence of voter fraud, that doesn’t mean it’s not happening.” It seems that we ought to be able to apply the same logic here. And once you look, you’ll probably find plenty of evidence that voter suppression of minorities is still going on in the South.

    McCrory also pointed out that a picture ID is required to buy Sudafed at the drug store and therefore voting should also require ID. Last time I looked, the right to buy nasal decongestants [and make Meth out of them] was not a constitutional right.

    Just sayin’ – that’s a pretty lame excuse…..

    • Allan Richardson says:

      Just like some people keep an elephant gun under their beds in case an elephant breaks into their houses. They’ve never had an elephant burglary, so it must be working! I’m talking about the ANIMALS, of course. The OTHER kind of “elephant” not only wants to break into your “house” but if you are a woman he wants to get into your V___ with an ultrasound probe.

  8. JohnnyZ77 says:

    Rand Paul is just another Kentucky hayseed woodpecker like Mitch McConnell. Too dumb, stupid, racist and fascist to even be considered to be an American. We need very badly to get rid of these creeps as soon as possible. Get them out of our government and keep them out.

  9. Annemb says:

    Wake up, Rand Paul!

    You’re supposed represent ALL the people!

  10. charleo1 says:

    It’s clear as day, this issue sorely needs to be taken into the Federal Courts.
    Because, the GOP is not even trying to justify the laws. They are frankly thumbing
    their noses at the entire precept of the Right of all Americans to vote. Because, it
    is no overstatement. If your theory is, you are willing to disenfranchise, a 100,000
    voters, to prevent what might be 10 illegitimate votes, you just don’t think that much
    about the concept in the first place. And I think we need to ignore these totally
    unfounded claims by the obviously brain washed of all their common sense. We
    should remind ourselves, they used have American values. They’ve just been talked
    out of them by some very clever con men. Like the snake in the Garden of Eden,
    these hucksters are. And, I’m being kind.

  11. JDavidS says:

    And in a related story, Rand Paul and his fellow Tea Clowns deny the existence of gravity, claiming it to be a “liberal” hoax, concocted solely to keep the right “down”.

  12. Fred Elliott Sr. says:

    I hope they stay stuck on stupid. Keep rallying your band of rednecks and we will keep winning !

  13. Larry Jones says:

    People of color are the largest growing demographic in the country. If the Republicans think they can continue to suppress their votes they have a huge wake up call ahead. Looking like you are not concerned about minorities is not a winning plan for the future. Should the GOP party stay on this path, I predict they will go the way of the Whig party.

    • silence dogood says:

      You are buying into a myth. Since the circumstances of the black community have worsened in the last 5 years why would they continue to vote for democrats ?

      • Allan Richardson says:

        Because the majority understand that their situations would be much worse under the policies in the Republican platform, and only Democrats can stop those policies, which will lead to Feudalism.

      • Larry Jones says:

        One of the reasons why the black community will continue to vote Democratic is because they see that when Democrats try to do anything to help the poor, disabled, minority, or senior citizens the Republicans are seen as blocking those measures. The Republicans are viewed as favoring the rich and powerful. Why would a minority person want to support those who seem to always vote against their interests.

        • deToqueville says:

          Let’s examine that statement:

          Wealthy to wealthiest: J. Edwards, Kennedys, Clintons, Gore, Soros, Gates, Buffet, Rochefellers, Pelosi, Reid +++++. . . . – Democrats ALL!!!

          If I remember the story correctly, a democratic person of color, who worked a voting the station in Ohio voted fraudulently 5+x for Obama. Or how about the over 100- 120% voting (Obama -Democrat) in certain counties throughout the country.

          VOTER ID protects everyone’s vote and disenfranchises none, except the “dead, foreign nationals (the President of Mexico and others who want to manipulate their ends and agenda), criminals (who have lost their right to vote) and FRAUD.

          Hell, you have to have ID to buys cigarettes or alchohol! Your real problem with voter is ID, is that you like fraud and think you are winning, when all you are doing is destroying the one of the very foundations and strenth of this great nation.

          And just what is the interest of the so-called “minority”? To take more from the hard working middle class? The REAL wealthy don’t give up their money – EVER!! They just take MORE OF YOURS and ENSLAVE YOU!

          WAKE-UP and quit letting the “wealthy” Globalists/One Worlders destroy the greatest country ever – OUR country!

    • InsideEye says:

      It appears that the Democrats have been characterized as keeping Blacks in a dependent dependable voting block. President Obama even seems to not want to act as a role model for people of color, for fear of being criticized by his own kind. He along with Colin Powell, Eric Holder, Sue and Condie Rice. And many In Prince George’s. County around D.C. Have freed themselves from the Biden shackles of Dependency on the Democrats. These stories are not told by the so called moral leaders of Blackdumb{ Al Sharpton and his ilk) the Blacks are slaves to themselves the successful blacks are not heard, and they would be the best role models …but the media and Father Obama should develop more Bal….courage and show the values that lead to success like there own life stories and provide moral leadership. Currently leadership is in “the Shadows”

      • Larry Jones says:

        President Obama would do more if he could. Everything he has tried to do has been blocked by the Republicans. The American government is a three part system of checks and balances. When one part refuses to compromise and has as it’s only intent the destruction of someone, then you are limited in your options. What you might call compromise, I call survival. You cannot get blood from a stone, and you cannot get cooperation from the Republicans. Given what he has faced President Obama has done more than most. He is a role model for many black children. Try asking some of the older Black people how they feel about President Obama, I have and they tell me they never thought it would happen in their lifetime. Change takes time and time is on the side of people like President Obama. Martin Luther King did not change our feelings quickly, and neither can President Obama. People of color are becoming more relevant in our government all the time.

        • InsideEye says:

          Older Black people are not the problem. White people knew that there would be a black president because we lived with you all and became friends and saw that you loved, cried, and fought in wars heroically as humans , not as various ethnic groups. It was better in the 60’s quite frankly and then came the self-righteous to bring attention to the diverse ness , rather than commonalities of different people’s. . There seemed to be a lash back. I am white and poly colored due to grand pa’s uncontrollable urges. I have been mistaken for Neanderthals ,Pollocks, Italian, Mexican. terrorists. but i chuckle and have fun, was even given an honorary black Afro by my peers. The Black community does not have successful black leaders out getting young ones moving in the right direction, plain and simple….does not have to be the White way…..but the right way.

          Republicans do not hate Obama except his horrific policies, so I say. I know…I live with them… do not really know how whites think, since you are ……guessing ….not white. Even on corporate boards….whites do not keep women or blacks down….it is not there as an unwritten policy or bar talk even, this is a gross misconception… “war against women nonsense”

          Obama can do well but his advisors suck. They live in the past thinking whitey is out to enslave them……and I say the blacks are mentally enslaving themselves by thinking this way. Martin Luther King was the only great Black leader, no one has even come close or have the courage to take his place….certainly never, Al Sharpton.

  14. Mary Ann Hoogeveen says:

    What’s new,we all know Rand Paul like his father is an idiot and lying to them comes as natural as breathing.

  15. Pamby50 says:

    Rand Paul doesn’t believe people of color are being targeted by all these new voter laws. Well bless my soul. I remember seeing all those long lines waiting to vote in 2012. They were people of color and the poor. So lets make it harder for white people to vote. When they show up at there polling place, they are told they have to board a bus to take them to a polling place in a poor neighborhood. What an eye opening experience it will be.

  16. Irishgrammy says:

    I pose this hypothetical…..I believe the GOPTP Governors and their right wing legislatures in the states that went Red in 2010 and are now up for 2014, if they should all win again, which I don’t think they will win all those same states, but possibly enough to achieve the following, these states will attempt to pull off one of the most detestable things they have hinted at for a while now. In Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and frankly in every Red State after 2014 …… will attempt to change their electoral vote by splitting it to apportion the electoral vote count, per the districts that have been heavily gerrymandered pro GOP, which could give a Republican Presidential candidate an electoral victory while actually losing the popular vote by a substantial margin in each of those states that President Obama won handily, i.e., cheating big time to win the 2016 election! Look at what those same states have done IN UNISON after they came to office, crush the Unions, heavily attack Planned Parenthood and Women’s health issues, eliminating abortions rights, voting rights, damn near every right we have taken for granted thinking it was settled…….The Republicans KNOW they cannot win with their disapproval ratings being so bad with so many constituencies along with their obscene policies. There is absolutely no way to win for the Republicans in 2016 without cheating/manipulating and they have no shame at all anymore with the brazen limits and voting restrictions they are imposing in these same Red states. The Texas and No. Carolina Voter Restrictions Laws along with those states that have tried to pass the same but have been stopped by the courts, are clearly, in your face, race, age both young and elderly, economically disadvantaged/poor voter with the obvious intent to prevent, restrict to keep from or make it impossible for hundreds of thousands/millions to cast their constitutional RIGHT to VOTE!!! Every time a Republican denies this, he is purposely lying and he knows it and he knows we know it, but they do NOT care, this is a battle for all consuming, all controlling power backed by those with more money than God and when you have more money than God, what is the only thing you desire more than power, the sole purpose of the Republican Party’s existence, to serve their masters and unfortunately even some Democrats go along with disgusting motive also! If Democrats got well over a million votes over Republicans in the last election and yet the House is still controlled by the GOPTP, a major result from extreme gerrymandering, consider the consequences should they win the White House by losing the popular vote by millions of votes because Republican State legislatures fiddled with the electoral apportionment of electoral votes, something never done before, just to game the system……believe me the GOPTP has no shame for a naked grab for power and they will do it!!!! And YES I do believe this has been calculated by the powers that be in the GOPTP. to implement this as soon as the 2014 results are in knowing this is their only chance for 2016….the GOP floated this after the 2012 elections and got a lot of flack and condemnation, after 2014 that won’t stop them again, they WILL do this, I feel it in my bones!!!! And what will this look like to the rest of the world……one man, one vote………..hummm…. not really when you have a political party, the GOPTP, doing everything it can to restrict voting where ever they can, just contemptible, obscene, and an assault on everything we are supposed to represent to the world!!!

  17. JScotty13 says:

    The reason why Republicans like Rand Paul make these stupid and mean comments is their way of downgrading Blacks, Minorities, and the poor in order to stay in POWER!

  18. Pietro Tomaino says:

    The man is a # 1 Idiot only KY could have nominate an idiot for the sit

  19. InsideEye says:

    Could it have been that There are more people voting in democratic precincts than so called white areas, there would be longer lines. It is just the demographics of the communities in which each lives. The voter ID laws are laughable , since virtually all Blacks vote Democratic, why even show up, just include the population in the vote tallies of Democratic districts. …keep it a constant in all elections. There would then be no need for registration or IDs since you can not vote two or three times as in Ohio. There, they seemed to have more votes cast than there were residents. Just…Trying to make it simple.

  20. astrojohn says:

    Garbage, all of it! Since when is early voting, same registration, or the lack thereof proof of anything?

    Voter ID is a bad thing? Please, anybody who believes that has his head up his posterior!

  21. joeymegatron says:

    We vote Republican because we won’t vote for Democrats who are on the whole vile, disgusting, know-nothing creatures.

  22. joeymegatron says:

    This is fun, reading all the ignorant comments from you lefties!

  23. GeoInSD says:

    I can’t believe that minorities are less capable than Whites in obtaining free government issued voter IDs. Contrary to what racist Democrats (not just the White ones) believe, minorities are no less intelligent than Whites. Conservatives believe minorities are just as capable as Whites in obtaining the free voter IDs that states with voter ID laws offer.

    I am not White and I am so sick of race baiting Dems saying voter ID laws are racist. Those race baiters are just a bunch of demagogues. They totally disgust me.

  24. WiSe GuY says:

    Voter ID now!

  25. shamu9 says:

    I didn’t think there were so many Kenyan and Mexican Illegal Immigrant Lovers on this Planet?? How about All the Non English Speaking Somalians, they Saw Voting! No Wonder “Barack of the Jungle” Won! What did Putin say?

  26. John Gorman says:

    The “racist” state of Connecticut has voter ID laws. Boycott this hellhole!!

  27. Niku says:

    “hours and hours in line”. Yes, that is a legitimate grievance, but requiring I.D.s is not. That’s only common sense. Something should be done about the former, but as far as the “poor” people who somehow find it impossible to get an I.D. card, this is a great opportunity for those who really believe that this is “Voter Suppression” at work to help those poor, unfortunates to get their cards. Educational campaigns, car pools, and whatever else it takes. Personally, I don’t care if those people vote or not (the country would probably be better off if they didn’t), but you would think that the people who claim that they do care, would something about it. Get off your asses. Do something useful for a change.

  28. sparkyva says:

    The reason for the long lines has not been addressed here, and the conclusions expressed are therefore incorrect. Each precinct is provided with the same number of voting machines based on the number of registered voters. It is a matter of cost and fairness. Note that the areas with long voting lines are definitely in democrat controlled areas so the blame for mismanagement lies with the democrats, and the republicans are just the boogeymen that all liberals scare their children with.

    The true cause of the long lines was people voting who were not registered. This triggers a time consuming “same day registration” procedure that is much more open to fraud than normal registration is due to a lower level of proof. If you do actually want to reduce the lines and your complaint is not to just bixch and scream boogyman, then you need to do away with same day registration. If you care enough to vote, then go to the trouble of registering. If you are being bussed all over the city to fraudulently vote in multiple precincts, it might cut down on your earnings. Voting is a high privilege we need to protect. Every citizen should value that privilege to vote, and realize that those who vote multiple times are those who have stolen our rights.

  29. Ruffslitch says:

    You liberals are happy with the country right now? With massive unemployment, a POTUS who obviously hates this country and can’t stop golfing long enough to remember where he was the night of Benghazi? The party who was responsible for Jim Crow laws “back in the day?” A “leader” who wants to bomb the crap out of Libya, oh wait-he already did that without congressional authorization-Syria, after persecuting Bush for for going to war? A Nobel Peace Prize “winner” who can’t keep his finger off the the trigger? Oh, and how about the spying and the IRS scandals but wait-those were “phony.” The only thing phony is this president and your intelligence for having voted him into office. I didn’t see anyone mentioning the voting irregularities in Ohio, Florida, and Missouri to name just a few , where in some places more than 100% of the population voted for Obama and no one else. Statistical anomaly or voter fraud? You all were raising Cain when you thought Bush “stole” the election. Democrats nowadays are mostly the criminals, cheaters, liars, whores, and other assorted irresponsible people of the country who hate the idea of Christianity, morality, self-control, and sacrifice and are dependent on the government for their free stuff. As long as YOUR party is the one getting away with murder it’s okay, right? You all booed God on television at your convention and said ” Hail, Satan!” at a rally to drown out the pro-lifers. I don’t see how Pelosi and Biden can claim to be Catholic when their party is the one responsible for advocating millions of abortions. And here you are whining about having to show an ID to vote. I have to show an ID to buy beer, rent a hotel room, sign up for Sam’s Club, or buy a vehicle tag. I think voting is more important than all the above. Oh, and Budjob? Your POTUS is the one assaulting the Constitution. We are only guaranteed the right to life, liberty, and the PURSUIT of happiness, not happiness itself. If you want health insurance ( which was nonexistent until the last several decades of human history… ) go out and work a 60-hour week like I do to earn it.

  30. Cat1982 says:

    Because asking people to get an ID for things is just too burdensome and racist. What is racist is democrats assuming black people are too stupid to go get an ID. Which you need for things like opening a bank account, buying booze and cigarettes, and numerous other things…..but no, asking people for ID before they exercise a fundamental american right is just TOO much. This country is pathetic.

  31. NeoCon_1 says:

    Oh, Good Lord. The article was so full of crap, mostly buried in generalities, that it was useless, except as propaganda. Reading just a smattering of the comments and it is apparent that the average IQ level of the article’s readers is surely in the double digit range.I feel a need to go solve a few high order equations just to get the feeling of “dumb” off of me.
    I read just today that both the total number and percentage of minority voters (both black and Latino) in Georgia has risen SINCE the enactment of very similar laws. Oh, the humanity…
    On what planet does it make sense to have same day registration? I’ve been an Election Judge and the single biggest thing we did to discourage fraud was to spend the weekend before an election going over our books, marking registered voters who voted either early or had requested an absentee ballot. Hard to do if pepole can register to vote on election day. I’d betmore than a few of those were already registered in another precinct (and possibly (probably..??) voted there, as well).
    As for Texas, the article had it right although it seemed nearly by accident. Yes, Eric I-won’t-prosecute-real-voter-intimidation Holder IS inventing ways to punish Texas over the sins of the state from 40 years ago, y’know, when DEMOCRATS ran the place. And the courts have looked at the redistricting and held that it is legal. Note that it swung Right by a wide margin largely in response to decades of Dems pushing it ever further Left. Duh.
    Just like this article, and just like its defenders.

  32. Liekiller says:

    Gee, maybe if they didn’t get in line to vote more than once the lines wouldn’t be so crowded.

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