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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Specifics, Please: Biden Calls Ryan On Oft-Repeated Falsehoods

Specifics, Please: Biden Calls Ryan On Oft-Repeated Falsehoods

WASHINGTON — What a difference a week makes. In the first presidential debate, President Obama let Mitt Romney’s attacks on him stand, and seemed disengaged. Vice President Joe Biden stayed in Rep. Paul Ryan’s face for the entirety of Thursday’s vice presidential debate. In the process, he forced Ryan, and by extension the Romney campaign, onto the defensive for a large part of the evening. Obama has a lot to be grateful for.

Last week, Romney repeated over and over that the president’s health care bill cut $716 billion. Obama didn’t push back much to explain that the cuts came from providers and insurance companies, not beneficiaries. This week, Ryan was forced again and again to answer for his voucher/”premium support” approach to Medicare, which Biden hammered at relentlessly.

Last week, Romney flatly denied he had proposed $5 trillion in tax cuts. This week, Ryan had to keep dodging the question of what middle-class deductions would have to be eliminated to pay for the tax cuts. The moderator, Martha Raddatz, who effectively challenged both candidates throughout the debate, at one point turned to Ryan and asked: “No specifics again?” The discussion revived an issue Obama badly needs in play.

And Ryan made a major mistake in defending his past support for privatizing Social Security. Last week, Obama made a mistake of his own when he said that his position and Romney’s on Social Security were similar, thereby closing off a matter that has always been a Democratic staple. The Republicans should have let things sit right there. Instead, Ryan brought the privatization issue to life. His standing his ground on his Social Security ideas (rather than simply saying that Romney had no plans to move in that direction) will allow the Democrats to add Social Security to Medicare in their arsenal of issues they hope to use to cut Republican margins among seniors.

Biden was hot, avuncular, occasionally sarcastic, and always engaged. He laughed a lot, and never let a point slip. I am certain that the cheers in Democratic living rooms around the country were as loud as the sighs of relief. That alone was vital to Obama. Demoralized Democrats themselves contributed to the story line of Obama’s failure in the first debate. The days of demoralization are over.

  • Please stop dividing your stories up over multiple pages. This is 2012, not 1996. I like the content, please use modern web design.

    • That indeed would be nice.

  • bcarreiro

    The 47% is going to take over …………………enjoy the tax hike hypocrytes.

  • elw

    I think what was clear is that the Vice President was not intimidated by Ryan claims and false accusations. I found the laughter and smiles appropriate, how else can you take such out and twisting of the truth but as a joke. I would say Joe did a good job of making Ryan looks like the little boy he is, a little boy playing with the fire of “telling lies.”

  • Each man scored points on proffering his ticket’s platform. But Biden won the debate by not letting Ryan lie his way towards the middle. Romney may want to go there (or simply fool the American electorate into believing he wants to go there) but Ryan made it perfectly clear that today’s GOP prefers war (or force) over diplomacy; budget cuts for businesses and wealthy over budget support and decent healthcare for working class Americans; forcing restrictive reproductive choices on American woman of ALL faiths; and, finally, turning SS and Medicare into voucher support in lieu of maintaining them as key social safety net programs guaranteeing some level of respect and healthcare for old-age pensioners and Americans unable to support themselves due to disability.

    Let the American people decide whether their government should serve and promote the interests of capital – embodied by big oil – over the interests of ordinary citizens willing to fight and die for their dream of democracy. The debate did a good job laying out the issues and choices in November.

  • Once again, Republicans are liars, deniers and spinners of the truth. Biden chewed Ryan up and spit him out. Biden was the outright winner even though Republicans and main stream media didn’t want to acknowledge that. Biden looked like the tenured and wise professor while Ryan looked like a confused and befuddled schoolboy. Biden did not allow Ryan to get by with his and Romney’s cadre of lies without any supporting facts and statistics. Biden did what he had to do in revealing the total bastion of evil and lies that the Republicans are propagating through their right-wing propaganda. I see now that the mainstream media like ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN are in bed with Republicans to try and defeat the President. Even though the truth is staring them straight in the face, the mainstream media refuses to ask Romney and Ryan the tough and probing questions. Either they have been threatened by the right, such as by Murdoch or the Koch Brothers, or they are absolute cowards for fear that by revealing the truth about Romney/Ryan, they will lose their jobs. It is so sad that one cannot get objective reporting from mainstream media anymore.

    • Ed

      The mainstream media is owned by the 1 %. That was shown when Dan Rather had the Temerity to expose GW for his abuse of his uniform in the air force reserve. Both Rather AND his producer were fired. The mainstream media today focuses on three things 1. )Crime, to create a feeling of fear among the populace. (Why else why a “local news show” in Philadelphia highlight a bodega holdup in south LA?) 2 Gossip about the stars of media, movies, TV etc. 3 politics, but only if they can create controversy.Creating an informed public is NOT ON THEIR AGENDA.

      • Canistercook

        Funny I thought much of the main stream media was ‘owned’ by the Unions with most of their writers and editors members of the Journalists Union!

  • TrueGrit1

    The biggest laugh of the night was when the entire audience laughed out loud at Biden when Paul Ryan made reference to Biden always putting his foot in his mouth.
    Was Biden stoned?

    • Biden’s come back was priceless. He always says what he means…and so does Romney casting no doubt as to Romney’s true self. No Joe was not stoned…which bets the question were you? Try and keep it real please.

      • SaneJane

        Ryan’s line was over-rehearsed and I think it fell flat. I think the crowd was laughing with Biden rather than at him because he laughed the loudest. Biden knew this would come up and was prepared for it. Ryan sounded over-anxious to throw this “zinger” out there and must have gotten tired of waiting for the best moment.

      • Love your posts. You are always so right on.

    • Ed

      As the evangelicals like to say “He was enfused with the spirit”! He was facing lying evil and he rejoiced in it.

  • TrueGrit1

    According to the U.S. Census Bureau data released September 13, 2011, the nation’s poverty rate rose to 15.1% (46.2 million) in 2010,[28] up from 14.3% (approximately 43.6 million) in 2009 and to its highest level since 1993. In 2008, 13.2% (39.8 million) Americans lived in relative poverty.

    • politicalhack1

      I started not even to bother with you. You gloss over the real problems. Allow me to enlighten you a little 1. The National Debt………Guess who raised the debt most……..Republican presidents……..Reagan – 189 %, GHW Bush – 60%, GW Bush – 100%
      The last Republican to balance the budget was Eisenhower. Clinton grew the debt less than 20%, Obama a little higher, but then he is being forced to raise government spending slightly to offset the forced austerity of other sectors. 2. Fannie and Freddie were problems yes, but the biggest bubble burst when the financial sector (wall street) began to leverage toxic mortgage investments…….and lost the gamble. 3. Poverty…….slightly down in 2008, since people had not yet experienced the entire effect of the crash, up in 2010 since the lack of employment began to affect the middle class, and it is growing today, mostly because our patriotic house of representatives is just sitting on jobs bills for political reasons……They obviously feel that their own political welfare is more important than the needs of the nation. VP Biden has been a little gaffe prone a couple of times in the past, but he was right on during last nights debate.

    • Why would such numbers surprise you? The nation suffered the second most damaging financial collapse in our history just a few years ago. The great depression took well over a decade to correct and that happend when the WWII started for us and the govenment started massive stimulus to support the war effort. When the economy has such shocks the more vunerable among us fall into hard times. There is no mystery here my friend…it follows historical trends. The same logic applies to the increase in food support. Don’t let your hate, fear and distrust cloud your judgement.

      • Well said Lynda

    • Ed

      The sins of presidents live after them. in 2009 we were already far down the slope that GW And DC put us on. Fighting our way out of that hole while the repubs were determined to keep us their in order to “make Oboma a one term president” was not an easy task.

  • TrueGrit1

    Cuomo, HUD Clinton and Obama caused the debt crisis–see it on Youtube. Inform yourselves and stop drinking the kool aid.

    • Ed

      The only difference in the Kool Aid is the flavor! Enjoy your drink.

  • TrueGrit1

    Read it here. How Democratic policies and Andrew Cuomo caused the whole mtge catastrophe.
    Village Voice ,August 2008, Andrew Cuomo and Fannie and Freddie, by Wayne Barrrett.

  • SaneJane

    I saw an in depth analysis of how many days the Democrats actually had control of both houses. Due to Gabby Gifford’s absence and other factors it boils down to about 72 days. I could be wrong on the number of days, it could have been even less. I have been unable to find this information again but can’t help wondering why no one has countered the Republican claims that the Democrats had two years of control to do whatever they wanted.

    • Don’t forget the number of fillibusters that the Senate Republicans used to stall or deny voting on legislation. Since Obama has been in office they have fillibustered close to 400 times. Now that is real bipartisanship that Romney/Ryan talk about

  • WhutHeSaid

    For all of the political predictions of Biden’s performance, I personally wasn’t surprised at the outcome. It was clear that Vice President Biden was in command of the debate from almost the first moments, and his frequent grin only served to warn onlookers that he was about to debunk another Ryan talking point — and that he enjoyed every minute.

    Yet there’s one thing that Biden has that rises above style and strategy: When it comes to fighting for middle class America, he’s the real deal.

    Yes, politicians like to pander to the middle class, even when they don’t necessarily have helpful policies to offer, and that’s to be expected. It’s where the votes are, of course. If you listen to a politician long enough, however, you begin to see holes in their narrative. Little things begin to provide clues that they don’t really care about you as much as they want you to believe. The ’47 percent’ comment is a good example, as is the ’30 percent are takers’ comment from Paul Ryan. If they are good politicians the slip-ups don’t happen often — but they do happen.

    Republicans love to make fun of Joe Biden’s gaffes. Even Democrats begin nervously hand-wringing whenever Vice President Biden is due to speak in public. And the gaffes do happen sometimes. Yet in spite of this, you are never left feeling that Joe Biden has anything but a real zest for representing the same group of middle class working people from whose ranks he came. One may chuckle or grimace at his choice of words, sending political pundits scurrying off to write their respective blogs and news articles, but to middle class voters it’s just Joe being Joe.

    Joe Biden has been around a long time. He’s had many, many opportunities to offend voters with his choice of words, since he has spoken publicly so many times over the years. Even so, nobody has ever successfully accused the Vice President of being phony, mean-spirited, or forgetting the people he represents so colorfully. It’s just Joe being Joe, and we’d do well to have more people like him serve in politics in this age of sound bites and political ‘spin’. Voters can sense this without thinking about it.

    Joe Biden may never be destined to be President, but he’s the real deal and people know it. Go get ’em, Joe.

    • Ed

      Well said!

    • Joe was a reflection of millions of progressives in their living rooms rolling their own eyes at the newly reinvented Romney/Ryan. The only thing that I wanted to see is Congressman Ryan choking on his own budget.

      • WhutHeSaid

        I believe that you got your wish. Joe served up Ryan’s helping of crow with relish, and Ryan needed at least 23 drinks of water to wash it all down.

  • Canistercook

    Guess when you have nothing good to defend yourself with using the adjectives ‘lying and falsehoods’ is one solution. Both sides are making points and campaigning one trying to excuse its failures and the other emphasizing them. So what else is new! This is a pretty sick campaign for a country in as much debt and trouble as we are today.

  • dljones

    Really like Bidens fixated smile when Ryan discussed the solemn prospect of Iran’s imminent capabilities of incenerating its neighbors. Obama’s foreign policies obviously have earned Bidens mutual respect.

  • The $716 BILLION that Obamacare cuts from Mecicare is $1.2 billion per week for the next TEN years. Unfortunately there isn’t anywhere near that in waste and fraud to try to use that as how Obama is going to make the cuts. There are going to be real cuts that will reduce seniors’ access to health care. Obama also says he is going to reduce payments to doctors and hospitals. Well, guess what, hospitals are doctors are already losing money now. Supreme court justice Sonia Sotomayor’s brother is a doctor who refuses medicare and medicaid patients because he wants to stay in business. With Obamacare cutting $1.2 BILLION per week there are going to be a lot more like him. The only thing wrong with Ryan’s voucher idea is that there won’t be any private insurance companies left to go to. That is the whole point of Obamacare, to get rid of private insurance companies and only have the government controlling all health care. That will work out just fine, as well as the DMV. What a farce.
    The Princeton professor Obama and the democrats keep quoting about the $5 Trillion in tax cuts has said over and over again that his study never said that and the tax cuts Romney does want to make can be revenue neutral.
    The attempt at privatization of social security, since no democrat actually read the bill, was for 5% of younger peoples’ social security, not the entire contribution. More BS from the libs.
    As for Joe Biden, he was rude, manic, and lying during the debate. Interupting Paul Ryan 82 times is just plain rude. Laughing when they are discussing possible thermonuclear war with Iran is weird, I wonder if Joe was off his medications. His best lies were when he said he voted against both Iraq and Afghanistan when he actually voted for them. His blaming the intelligence community for the lies he, Hillary, Obama, and Susan Rice told is, in and of itself, another lie. Joe didn’t do anyone any favors the pother night except the Romney campaign as he turned off so many independents and women with his boorish and unpredictable behavior. Can you imagine that buffoon as president acting like that while meeting with other world leaders???

    • I was laughting and smiling all the time I was reading your post. That is what people do when they are watching a clown making a fool of himself.