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Saturday, March 23, 2019

South Carolina governor Nikki Haley announced Monday that Rep. Tim Scott would replace Jim DeMint as the Palmetto State’s junior senator.

“This man loves South Carolina,” Haley said at a press conference introducing Scott. “It was with that that I knew that he was the right person. I have no doubt that he will fly through 2014.”

Scott, who joined the since-defeated Allen West in 2010 as the Republican Party’s only black members of Congress, will now become the United States’ only black senator. Additionally, he will become the GOP’s first black senator since Massachusetts’ Edward Brooke in 1978.

Scott’s heritage clearly played a role in Haley’s decision; she noted at the press conference that “It is important to me, as a minority female, that Congressman Scott earned this seat. He earned this seat for the person that he is. He earned this seat with the results he has shown.”

While Scott said that “Senator Jim DeMint has led in a way that few others have led,” and that “there’s no way to fill his shoes,” he promised to run for re-election in 2014.

“I look forward to having an opportunity to getting [sic] around the state and introducing myself to citizens of this great state of South Carolina,” Scott said.

Scott, who was reportedly DeMint’s top pick to succeed him, is a Tea Party favorite who should seamlessly continue DeMint’s legacy of pushing far right politics. As Peter Montgomery points out at Right Wing Watch, Scott’s positions closely mirror DeMint’s; the incoming senator holds far-right positions on abortion and gay rights (earning him a zero rating from the Human Rights Campaign), he dogmatically opposes any tax increases under any circumstances, he has threatened to impeach President Obama (based on a hypothetical executive order invoking the 14th Amendment to raise the debt ceiling), and he is one of the most anti-union members of Congress.

At today’s press conference, Haley declared that Scott “has shown courage when he helped us with the fight against the National Labor Relations Board and the unions that tried to take Boeing down,” and it is certainly true that Scott is always ready for a fight against workers. One particularly vindictive example of Scott’s hostility to labor came in 2011, when he co-wrote a bill that would remove an entire family’s government benefits if any single family member went on strike.

As a result of these right-wing positions, Tea Party groups in South Carolina and across the nation are applauding Scott’s appointment to the Senate. As Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin said in a statement, “Tim Scott has taken our core values seriously in the House and we have every reason to expect similar, principled behavior in the Senate.”

Video of the full press conference announcing Scott as DeMint’s replacement can be seen here

Photo credit: AP/Charles Dharapak, File

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132 responses to “Rep. Tim Scott To Replace Jim DeMint In Senate”

  1. Just what we don’t need in Congress–a complete asshole, as if there aren’t enough of them there already.

  2. charlots says:

    Can’t wait to hear the pearls of wisdom from his lips. I’m a Black American and the last thing we want is another brother talking crazy in the public.

  3. crookedwood says:

    The appointment reflects more about the Governor than the newly appointed Senator. Here is another act which denies the opportunity to move the senate forward in the next two years. A recycled DeMint takes us nowhere. This should be a rally cry for South Carolina for the 2014 election.

    • Ibsyboy says:

      GOP Governors take their marching orders for the GOP in DC and ALEC. Notice the Governors who jumped on board with Voter ID, all GOPers passing on implementing Exchanges for Obamacare, all GOPers. Abortion, GOPers, Personhood for a Zygote, GOPers. Anti LGBT. Anti Women’s health issues. All nationally established positions of the DC GOP and ALEC. Prefab political positions. No need to think and consider, just look at the menu and follow the instructions. But make sure you don’t all do it the exact date and time. Make it appear you made an independent Gubernatorial decision.

  4. Progressive Patriot says:

    How is it that Senator Scott came to his Far Right positions? It is just unfathomable to me that anyone south the 1% can be anti-union/anti-labor. I guess there is not much room for the majority when you’re deep into the pocket of the Big Money interests.

  5. The decision to replace DeMint with Tim Scott should not surprise anyone. The South Carolina governor is a Republican and the state legislature is controlled by Republicans. What is troubling is that John Kerry is likely to be replaced by a Republican!

  6. RobertCHastings says:

    It is interesting, and telling, what conservatives consider to be “principled behavior”.

  7. Joan says:

    Another idiot enters the political society.

  8. WhutHeSaid says:

    No matter the qualification that Scott might otherwise have, the fact that he is supported by the Tea Party should be sufficient notice that he is unqualified for the United States Senate. There is nothing — absolutely nothing — that the vile, despicable and racist Tea Baggers have to offer this country. This group needs to be rendered extinct, and anyone tainted with their brand needs to find the door to power CLOSED.

    • Plznnn says:

      You sir are a bigotted moron to lump the entire Tea Party as racist and calling them Teabaggers. You are not even informed but believe the false liberal sound bites of these peaceful, patriotic Americans that are only interested in a limited Federal Government controlling our lives from Washington when States can better handle citizen’s issues, they are for Taxed Enough Already, (T.E.A.), they ar for abiding by our Constitution, and for a balanced budget. Much better policies than the huge growth of the Federal Government out of touch with our needs and politically motivated, 17 Trillion is debt, constant unbalanced budgets, Amnesty, more & more taxes and unfunded programs that are going or are bankrupt. Try becomming informed before you open up your big, biased stupid mouth. Much better to have Tea Party members than radical, lefty loons like Pelosi that don’t even know what’s in our Constitution and forces bad legislation on the masses.

      • WhutHeSaid says:

        You are a liar.

        The very name Tea Party is a LIE. Taxes are the lowest in 60 years, so instead of being patriotic Americans sick of high taxation, in reality you are unpatriotic DEADBEATS lying through your teeth while slurping up all of the benefits that REAL patriotic Americans provided for you via their blood, sweat, tears and sometimes their very lives.

        I have NEVER met a group of people so vile and so despicable telling so many lies. And for what? Because you hate America’s first black President — that’s what.

        Are you going to claim not to be a bigot? Too bad — associate with bigots and racists, and that’s your brand — live with it. The Tea Party is quickly becoming the most reviled political group in American history, and for good reason. The Tea Party has offered nothing — ABSOLUTELY NOTHING — to help America. I dare you to name ONE THING that the Tea Party has done to benefit America — just one!

        Your lies don’t fool Americans. Soon the Tea Party will be as popular as the KKK or less. You can go back to your cesspool and tell your slimy cohorts that America does not want you, and will not abide you. You will be slapped back into the dirt where you belong. You’ve cost the GOP what had remained of their integrity, and I predict that the day will come when even they eject you in disgust; this they must do to survive, and it’s beginning already.

        You have nothing to offer but lies and hate — unless it’s the bizarre antics of raving lunatics like Alan West or Christine O’Donnell. America isn’t buying, fella, so go sell your snake oil elsewhere. Try Afghanistan, where you will find one of the few political organizations as ignorant, deceitful and miserable as yourselves — The Taliban. Good riddance to you.

      • idontliketea says:

        tea baggers: people who are racist but won’t admit it, believe that pro wrestling is a real sport, nascar drivers are real athletes, the U.S. moon landings were faked by the C.I.A, Ronald Reagan won the “Cold War”, and Fox “News” network is really News. In other words “low information voters”.

      • TheSkalawag929 says:

        You are trying to set yourself apart from a faction of the T.E.A. Party, with whom you claim to disagree, by using the same arguments that have been proven wrong the same false assertions the same lies and the same meanness.

        Now how are you different?

    • He’s Just Another Uncle Tom On The Wrong Side Of History!! Wonder Will David Duke Will Invite He Dumb Ass To Dinner At His House!! If I Was Him I Wouldn’t Go!!! Well Looks Like We Got Another American Taliban Member We Will Vote Out Of Office Come 2014!!

  9. From the desk of this African American Gay male of a certain age, I am more than happy to comment on the alleged comparisons to be made in regards to today’s wholly specious “GAY civil rights” versus “BLACK civil rights” question:

    I contend, that nothing insults American Civil Rights history more than some of these extraordinarily pompous Afrikan Amerikan “Reverended” bigots (YES, *BIGOTS*) , proclaiming some sort of civil rights victim-hood.

    Some actionable social “superiority” as they dare to bombastically invoke imaginary personal civil rights affronts that they themselves have never – and will never – face IN THEIR LIFETIME…

    …Just so they can say their “Black” civil rights are somehow “better” and “more righteous” than the rights of innocent Gays and Lesbian American human beings.

    Gays of all races –even African American ones like me- face “legally condoned” discrimination on a DAILY BASIS – IN THIS CENTURY – with the help of certain “churches” and the blessings of a derelict and activist court system that – until very recently- routinely decided that law-abiding Gay people were not equal.


    It’s their “black-slavery-tarnished religious tradition”, they’ll moan with all the their pious might, pretending it’s something more than mere irrational animus; and of course, when/if a Gay got too “Uppity”, proper society could just get someone to maim/torture/exile/kill the gay away.

    “In the Name of God”, even.

    The last time that level of inhumane and unlawful discrimination ROUTINELY happened to African American people as a disfavored civil group, wasn’t even within the last half-century!

    But alas, we still hear the moans of these arrogant black poseurs who seem to have no shame piggy-backing on the strife of our ancestors, simply to smack ONLY the “icky” gay people down…

    (“so Gays will know and understand that sometimes, one’s rightful place” is that of being branded by law, as “unequal” and “less than”…)

    Heaven forbid having to share any fountains or bus seats with “The Gays”, right…?

    Anyone thinking that way can go str8 to Hell.

    Simple as that.


    Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

  10. RushLovesOxycontin says:

    Scott’s been instructed by the Tea Party that once he’s in DC the only acceptable response he’s allowed to utter is “Yessa massa, anything you say massa!”‘

  11. crosstown says:

    So your employer pays you a meager wage and not enough hours and your family needs food stamps to survive. If you strike, your family loses the food stamps according to Tim Scott. No wonder people are going off the deep end…

    • DurdyDawg says:

      Yes, visions of Salem witch hunts comes to mind. As far as unions are concerned, I and everyone I’ve asked has decided that if we have a choice then we will be more than happy to pay union dues up and until the establishment deems it unlawful (which will be their ‘phase two’).. I know I may be off subject but I feel explaining this issue is very important for these new ‘right to work’ individuals. Anyone with a brain knows that allowing a union (or non-union) employee to work without paying union dues, that it’s simply a matter of time for the union to self-destruct.. No official in the union can operate without pay and they’re not wealthy enough just to do it for righteousness’ sake.. This ‘tactic’ has been implemented for that purpose while white washing the scumbag(s) who started it. Once the teepeers fully succeed in this arena, their momentum will stretch into other areas that are being challenged now.. Tim Scott is one such person.

      • crosstown says:

        You are on point. I worked part-time for the largest private transportation company on the east coast for fourteen years. The company suppressed unionism, and the owners did what ever they wanted with the full-time workers, no benefits, long hours with very low wages as well as no overtime pay, while the wealthy owners got richer and richer. Many times I was not paid for work performed and there was no one to fight for me. Meanwhile, my regular full-time union job covered me for thirty years with full health care, dental, paid holidays and vacation with pay. The pay was negotiated per contract throughout the years and I was able to retire with a wonderful pension. Union labor is the economic engine that contributes to the economy because the workers purchase homes, automobiles and other goods and thus stabilize neighborhoods and communities. When the housing bubble collapsed and the economy tanked, workers in the private sector lost their jobs. This prompted people to blame the unions. Yet people forget that the groundwork for the nation’s problems began years ago during the escalation of outsourcing for cheap labor overseas and allowing undocumented immigrants to flood our shores with cheap labor, which drove down labor costs. In Tim Scott’s America, workers receive bare minimum wages and often work six days a week (with fluctuating hours) and a total of maybe thirty hours a week at best. These workers are the “new sharecroppers” for the brand new century.

  12. Come on is this really a surprise ? shes a tea party member asshole to!

  13. As crookedwood says: this says everything you need to know about SC. Backward, can’t think about the future, hates women….all the same trash the tea party pushes. Sad. Sad. Sad. Too bad they don’t know one thing about moving forward, or recognizing what this country is about. Only their own bigotted ideas. They would love to dicttate to us all how to live. So, backward they go again. What a shame. No help for the country at all.

  14. ogphatkat says:

    All he is is a uncle tom,you better believe it.

  15. karinursula says:

    Well I’m really happy that there will be a Senator who is against everything, Wow, where do they find this people?
    So far the GOP has not learned anything from the election.

  16. sophie says:

    Apparently, Nikki Haley did not get the message. The majority of Americans have had enough of the teabaggers–even if it is South Carolina. Teabaggers and their mean spirited ideology are on the way out. Scott is very similar to Allen West, whose right wing extremism contributed to his loss. Voters must remove these extremists–they have already caused enough damage.

  17. adriancrutch says:

    He probably won’t make it past the 2014 elections. who is she kidding! It’s just the new band-aid the republicans have put on their finger. They got no agenda except to rule the world! whatever that means? so as we crush out social problems the republicans will be there with their old southern foolerery. They may as change the name of the party to the (2% we booger for)

  18. batavier says:

    TALIBAN or TEABAGGER – Same mentality…..

  19. douglas says:

    God help us in South Carolina.

  20. Ibsyboy says:

    GOP affirmative action. Now they can say they have a Black man in the Senate. Ain’t that just grand. What have they been waiting for? The GOPers in one of the States to vote for a Black man for Senate. Top down is how the GOP always works. Can’t get a Black man into the senate by the voters of the state, we will appoint one. But he has to be a real conservative. Meaning he must accept the Red Neck view of the world in spite of his blackness. And despise the Negro in the White House.

    Nikki’s gender is not what qualifies her as a minority. It’s her opinions.

    How does Nimrata Nikki Randhawa Haley get to be an American Citizen. According to early Orly Taitz evidence Obama did not qualify becasue one of his parents was not an American.
    Seems as though neither of Nimrata’s parents was born in America.

    What gives? Is this a double standard GOP new standard for one of their own?

    Sikhs believe in the equality of humankind, the concept of universal brotherhood, and do not owe allegiance to any other religion.

    The men wear turbans. Now I can just see how a man in a turban is seen in South Carolina. Terrorist!!!!

    • The only way to be elected in states like South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, and the Bible Belt is to be a far right conservative. If you are not anti-abortion, anti gay rights, against gun control, against affirmative action, against civil rights, and against social programs don’t bother to run because you ain’t getting anywhere.

      • Ibsyboy says:

        The confederacy still stands. The GOP Southern Strategy has stiffed progression of the south. What there is has been forced down their throats, the northern invasion, Education, Television, magazines and the internet. And Oprah.

        • DurdyDawg says:

          All it is, is pay back.. You know.. From segregation to Integration.. Slave labor to unions.. Rebels to confederate.. The north fought for all of this, now it’s shifted to the south as has it’s opposites.. Integration back to segregation, unions back to slave labor.. Confederate rebels against the rest of the nation.. History repeats itself in opposites (never compromise) because ignorance still abounds.

          • Ibsyboy says:

            I hold out hope that Texas is able to secede.

            The Republican Southern Strategy destroyed all hope of the South ever blending in with the rest of the world. So many Universities and colleges all attended by White kids who could not get into a Northern School. And slave labor for the football and basketball teams.

            The GOP completely stunted the growth of the South. It condoned the old Southern ways, to get the votes. Racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and anti intellectualism were encouraged. The Dog Whistles and Red Meat Tossing, goes over big with that crowd.

  21. Harold L. Harris, Sr. says:

    I don’t know what kind of Senator Mr. Scott will be, but the GOP is operating on it’s last leg as a national party anyway and it won’t be long before the people of this nation wake up and see where Conservative Dogma is leading us. There is no sin in being a Conservative, but stupid is a sickness that has taken the Tea Party by the heart string and they now demonstrate that they don’t care even a little for those that are less well off than themselves. But the truth I have observed is that most of them are Trailer Dwellers waiting for their big break to make that first million. It ain’t coming people, I hate to say this but poor is a stupid illness because it is always someone’s else fault.

  22. nobsartist says:

    What would you expect from that stupid bitch?

    How is the “health care exchange” going , moron?

  23. JPGravito says:

    Unfortunately for the good citizens of South Carolina, they now have a senator who only represents a narrow vision rather than an open mind. Extremist are extremist … it doesn’t matter in which direction. Neither extreme is in the best interest of the United States of America….

  24. ANN says:

    From what I hear here in South Carolina is that Scott won’t hold that seat long,that Nikki Haley wants the seat. I’m not sure the rumor is true. I just wish the both of them move to Mexico.

  25. I don’t know whether to call this diversity or hypocrisy. I think I’ll go with hypocrisy. The Senate needs another “Oreo.”

  26. Well now, the Republicans picked an “Oreo” to represent South Carolina. I’m sure the Black people of SC will jump on his bandwagon,, Did anyone doubt that Haley would not pick this guy?

  27. digoweli says:

    Who was Oklahoma’s Black Republican Football player Baptist Preacher Senator? J.C. Watts.

  28. RD says:

    Most of you are wrong. If you want to live in a commie country please move. I’ll even help you. Really; you should study the history of the once most powerful country in the Western Hemisphere called Venezuela and how it ended up a commie country, you well/might learn something that is if you can think for yourself.

  29. 1standlastword says:

    I don’t know anything about him. Let’s see what happens

  30. Benny Mac says:

    South Carolina is one of the worst states in unemployment and education. Why??? Conservative scumbags like this puke. Keep the poor in the poor-house.

  31. latebloomingrandma says:

    Oh joy. Another “patriot.”

  32. So, basically, what I am getting from this article is that either Scott was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, has never worked a day in his life in a real job. Or, he comes from a working class family and hates it and wants to hide that fact. Also, maybe he just hates the fact that he is part of the minority. Either way, he needs to remember that without the workers that he is against and hates so much, this country would be at a standstill.

  33. Plznnn says:

    The GOP has a Black Supreme Court Justice, a Black Secretary of State, a Black General Commander, a Black candidate for President, and on and on. Every time the Republican Party has very intelligent and informed candidates, you Liberals beat them down without knowing anything about them but only your BIAS.

  34. The appointment of SC GOP Rep. Tim Scott to replace SC Senator Jim DeMint in
    the US Senate in January 2013 speaks volumes about the flavor of South Carolina Politics. A flavor that made it happen for another lone African American to serve in that exclusive 100 Member Body. And the highly talented, and illustrious Woman Governor of South Carolina certainly deserves high praise for her forward thinking, and political savvy. Her choice in appointing US Representative Scott to the Senate Seat was easily supported by the entire SC Delegation in Washington, including the Democrat US Representative and Party Whip, I am told.

  35. markmckennon says:

    It seems that Mr. Scott will be carrying the Tea Bag and Republican’t water. He says and does what they want, then they put him in a position of power. He’s already proven to be deluded or outright delusional: threatening to impeach the president. What’s next: indicting Obama for talking while President? Decrying him for having the audacity to try to get more revenue while denying the poor fossil fuel lobbyists the continued scam of $10 billion a year in taxpayer subsidies?
    Let’s be clear: if we deducted the cost of the Bush tax increases and the costs of Iraq — about which Obama can do nothing but try to enable the economy to grow to generate more revenue — that awesome debt and deficit would be significantly smaller. So anyone who wants to scream and holler about the current debt should please just shut the f*** up unless and until they own up to their own culpability, by dint of political philosophy or actual hands-on kiss-ass acquiescence, in the Bush years. I and 200 million other Americans are SO extremely sick and tired of all the negative players, from whining Tea Baggers to psycho gunmen, who blame the f***in problems they helped to create on other people.

  36. robert says:

    Just the idea that Tim Scott would unlawfully threaten to remove from a family its governmental benefits if they went on strike says volumes. He does that to any family, I would slap a Fourteenth Amendment law suit in his face like a sopping wet beaver! Just like any Republican/Tea Bagger, he’s an extortionist and a domestic terrorist who thinks he could bully helpless people and families without consequences. They call themselves patriots, but are the most treasonous, unpatriotic people walking on American soil. They are un-American in their politics, their ideals, and their morals.They love using the term “communist liberals”, but they are worst than any funky assed Red that ever lived. For personal wealth, power, and prestige, they would rather see America fail and Americans suffer than work to move America forward. I hope by 2014, Americans will have had enough of the Rpublican/Tea Bag shananighans and get rid of them all. For Tim Scott, the Tea Baggers reached deep into their Acme Bag O’ Tricks to pull out that scum. They didn’t even have the decency to wipe him off.

  37. PeanutM says:

    Regardless of his heritage, experience, morals, values, knowledge, even taking all that into considerations, I STILL think STEPHEN COLBERT should have been Gov. Hailey’s FIRST CHOICE. There’s no better man in South Carolina for that job, than Mr. Colbert! I’m very sad to see that a “second best choice” has been made. I’m very disappointed in the Governor……..I hope Stephen runs in 2014 and kicks this guys ass right out of the Senate!!!!

    GO COLBERT!!!!!

  38. robert says:

    theo mckinney ????????????

  39. Simpleisbetter2 says:

    Sounds like a great guy. Unions have been the lazy man’s protector for far too long. maybe someone will finally do something about it. This guy sounds like just the ticket.

    • ^^^ Dear Mr. Simplemindedx2, the fact that a Union protects a lazy union member is true. As in all things in life, we find good and bad. You can find plenty of lazy men working non-union jobs and that’s just who they are. Poor work ethics and just plain worthless people freeloading off of co-workers backs.. A union is required to go to bat for all it’s members, good or bad… “IT’S THE LAW!!!” You seem to imply Union Workers are lazy people, when the fact is that most Union Laborers are the top in their trades and take great pride in their jobs and work performance..

      I ask you these question; if you do a crappy job what happens? If you fail at your job which results in the entire company going bankrupt and out of business what happens? First question is for the majority of us and carries a more common sense answer like, verbal warning, written warning, demoted, pay deduction, or even fired…The second question is for the elite 1% that feel they’re entitlement is beyond common sense and in fact insane to be sure… In the final weeks of a company that over many years became an American Icon, 19 CEO’s had a final meeting. It was their opinion that on top of the annual salaries they were entitled to millions of dollars in bonuses. From an entity that’s suppose to have no money!!! 18,000 people received termination notices and 19 CEO’s received millions… I know of no law that requires a CEO to receive millions for failing at their job. There are laws that require Unions to stand up for a union member that returns to work 10 minutes late from lunch break…
      Those big bad Unions and those squeaky clean CEO’s… Try to pull your head out of your ass unless of course your a teabagger, in which case it’s in a permanent place and can’t even be removed surgically….

  40. Sa Janes says:

    Just as Nimrata Nikki Randhawa Haley and Piyush “Bobby” Jindal know, if you’re considered a member of an ‘ethnic minority’ in the USA and you are willing to give up honesty, decency and morality and use lies, fear and hate to pander to the witless and gullible, now is the best time ever to grab a job in politics with the republican party–the republicans will take you in a heart beat. Not only will the GOP roll out the red carpet, they’ll throw millions of dollars your way to help you win elections while pushing their idiotic, vacant-minded plutocratic idealism.

    Today’s GOP is run by the very same people that 40 years ago made Nimrata’s and Piyush’s and Timmy’s (and my) parents ride in the back of the buss and use the ‘third restroom’–even though they are of the white race, their dark skin color got people from India lumped in with the blacks in the South. But there’s nothing like selling your soul and selling out your anti-prejudice begotten heritage to get to the top is there “Nikki”, “Bobby” and Timmy?

    It makes one acknowledge “To the enemy solider, I salute, to the traitor, I say there is no hell you don’t deserve.”

  41. ralphkr says:

    Excuse me but it is my understanding that Scott lived in South Carolina and that he was elected to Congress in 2010 and NOW he states that he looks forward to meeting the citizens of South Carolina. Huh! Has he been living in a vacuum all these years? How did he get elected to Congress and how did he sell insurance without meeting SC citizens?

  42. craig says:

    wonder if this guy is just another iteration of col. west, and his crazy politics.

  43. Gail Blue says:

    Tim Scott is noted for not being support of Black folks or people of color. He is black for skin tone only. He is another crazy and an embarrassment to the Black race

  44. onedonewong says:

    Once again the Republicans show their big tent and diversity. Strange that ems who claim to embrace diversity have historically spent more $$ trying to oust a black republican then any other group.
    No question Scott has the education and experience to be a great Senator

  45. William says:

    Typical GOP, replace one fool with an even bigger FOOL !

  46. hello uncle tom….good bye…fucking loser

  47. Blackman2day says:

    South Carolina is one of, if not the most backwards state in the union. This appointment assures that they will remain so into the future.

  48. lourdmar says:

    so we’re in for another crash landing…get set, ready….ugh!

  49. MaatMenNefer says:

    Good and Evil are Equal Opportunity Employers

  50. htophet says:

    It is close to impossible to see even a thin slice of America in the teabaggers, tht they back this guy automatically makes him a wacko. The people of that state are not that stupid, come 2014 they will dump his ass, just like by then they will be fed up with their governor and dump him/her as well. This is of course the only way a teabag could get in the senate, by backroom deals with state Klan, I mean the party of the grand sheet. The southern people are going to wake up, and when they do expect some smoke and fire and like the Cubans in Floria an awful lot of flashback for these sub-choice of the most serious position a state can get for Washington, going in with enemies means they get nothing done for the state! Myrtle Beach will of course stay in fine shape, and Hilton Head Island, but fear the rest of the coast and the interior will be left to rot by this steal everything group of carpetbaggers. Such a beautiful state, with so many weird politicians. Joe6pK

  51. Zoe says:

    da brotha don lost his fool mind!!!!!

  52. It just proves that there will always be “sell-outs” and every person of color is not very aware to what is really going on. Does this individual know what the “Tea Party” is really all about? They profess to be Christian, yet they do not accept the Bible as the true Word of God. If they did, they would reallize why we, as believers, should not judge others. That is what the pharises did and as a result, they did not recognize who Jesus was as He walked among them. God help us, please?!?

  53. ridemybroom says:

    well well well…i never thought i would see slavery come back to SC in my life time…just goes to show you…hang around for a while and anything can happen…Nikki Haley done gone and gots herself a slave boy….now we know that she is gonna put him in charge of the mansion…and if he doesnt do what she tells him to do she gonna put him in chains and whip him with her whip…he has to report to the slave master every morning and find out what his duties for the dawning day could be…not to mention what his prize will be in the evening that follows….then on the weekends he has to prepare her horse from the stables so she can go horseback riding…then he will prepare her meals as well…and bring her coffee when needed……yep…slavery is alive and well in SC and dont ever let anyone tell you it isnt……

  54. diane says:

    The TP needs to be overthrown. It is going to be the downfall of our great nation.
    Scott may very well be a good man however,he must be the token black for the TP.Next week we will see a token Hispanic,Asian,and Native American.
    This is purely a white man’s party.

  55. FEDUPAmerican1 says:

    well here we go another Token, this man will be gone in about 4 years.

  56. ivory69690 says:

    how can one Senate replace another one with out being voted into office by the ppl.?

  57. Damian says:

    Thank you South Carolina…another brainwashed idiot rises to the top.

  58. ivory69690 says:

    well to me it clearly seems (yes there are not many black ppl. in office just the most important one the Pres. Obama ) he,s the best one for the job by far he stands for the ppl. the 98% of the ppl and not just the greedy bastard 2 % rich . i see too many black ppl. eather on the news , been if office or just talking smack about the Pres. one would think thy would be proud that there,s a black man in the house . buy no you get these idiots like west , ron christy, and steele that talk so much B/S about every thing the DEM party dose and stand for . and these black men seems to want to be white for some reason . dam guy,s take pride in your race and your ppl. and stand for the ppl. that should have the help the 98 % of the ppl. not the greedy bastard 2 % . you have a black man in the house geeee why cant you be happy and stand up for something like this ? look how far the black race came . and for you to be putting down the man thats is the house . you are the traders to your race . and you will never be white . take it from me a white man being white isnt all it’s cut out to be . as for this white man when i see these white GOP ding dongs doing al the B/S thy are doing for just 2 % of the country makes me sad not being white . but for how much thy dont care about the 98 % of the country and its ppl. . as for you black ppl. that want to be white it seems . well the white race is getting smaller and smaller . to a point that these white ppl. runing for office can only lie more to get anywhere . at some point thy them selfs will see that thy should be standing up for the 98 % of the ppl. and not just the greedy bastards 2 % . will you black men sell your race for $ money ? will you sell all you been through in this country to the greedy bastard 2 % ? stand with the ppl. that stand for the 98 % not the 2 % .

  59. InsideEye says:

    California, Massachussettes and NY have already seceded, to slave states to the government, The land of the Free ……..loader, every one should go there that want hand outs…..seee how long it will last.

  60. Go uncle Tim! Or is it uncle TOM? You will always find a Black man to suck up to the the people who hate his existence. But they will use him to bring down his brothers. And it is always safe to use a person of a certain race to bring down the people of that race. Because they can say it is one of you who did it so don’t blame us. But he will get his due share of the mud pie. Way to go uncle Tom. I bet he got his position by kicking down his own people. How can people hate Unions who bargain for the people?

  61. Paul says:

    Sad day for the senate. Just what the nation didn’t need, another obstructionist! Who amongst us would have expected anything but this coming from Nikki Haley. We’ll sit on our hands and wait for 2014 although, with all the gerryrigging of districts that’s done every 10 years by these radicals, we’ll just have to be more focused and determined than ever.

  62. Joyce says:

    just what this country needs is another one of the ‘GOOD OLE BOYS”.
    Anti workers,unions etc.
    When we saw RYAN that was enough proof right there that the GOP is in DEEP TROUBLE.
    Air heads at best.

  63. Personally, I welcome Mr. Scott. I think he will serve his right wing well with his fantasies of impeaching our President, anti-gay rights, pro-life, anti-tax, anti-union, anti-raising debt ceiling, anti-Obamacare, Sure; he’ll fit right in with the rest of the anti-American subversives he’s so proud to be a part of. That vindictive mindset that seeks to punish to prove their value, including “removing an entire family’s government benefits if any single family member goes on strike.” Despotic tactics they call democracy. Remember Allen West? Scott shares his politics.

  64. How quickly we forget that the Liberal Democrats were the ones who fought so hard for justice. As a former Freedom Rider I was proud to be a Democrat from Virginia. Remember the Republican Representatives and Senators of the 1950’s and 60’s used all their efforts to suppress freedom and equality of all Americans.

  65. mr. bill says:

    both are as useless as titts on a bore hog.!!

  66. 324516 says:

    and this poster boy for the tea party is going to sit in the senate well i guess they do need a butt kisser and it looks like he,s the one but i would count on going back because we black folks have no need for a black boy in the senate we want a black man which he,s,
    not . hack they already have clarence thomas

  67. Blacks did not follow Alan West or Herman Cain for the simple reason that they do nothing for us but embarrass us. If he was selected to try to represent blacks in the GOP, he has a very small pool to worry about. Tea Party people are trained not to think, someone has already done that for you. It is better to look at this guy absent his racial caracteristics, becuase even though blacks are generally conservative (see religion) they are not dumb enough to swallow the tripe the GOP serves up claiming it will improve things for minorities, and vote for people who ARE trying to improve things for them. for example, will the GOP do anything to get weapons of mass killing out of our neighborhoods? Or is this the price we pay to have the 2nd amendment?

  68. kenneth says:

    Are you kidding me ? Here’e another NEGRO ROBOT from the insane ,elitist, very bigoted
    right wing republican tail holes who will do nothing but repeat the idiologies of his masters .

  69. JOE says:

    if sarah palin likes him, he must be a nut like her

  70. daffodilly says:

    What a great example to show that people aren’t going to vote for someone just because of their skin color. Many of us who voted for the President feel vindicated!

  71. David says:

    He’s a loser and will not make it to another term once he has to run for office

  72. InsideEye says:

    I was trying out conversing in EBONICS 101 , sorry.

  73. roberte says:

    Yes he “earned” his seat by being a Republican….You would think they would have learned a lesson about indiscriminate black appointments after Michael Steele.

  74. TheSkalawag929 says:

    There are no lines Stupid won’t cross.

  75. This is the only way he can be someone, is to be someone or an unpopular cause.

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