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Thursday, October 20, 2016

House Speaker John Boehner will ask House Republicans for a short-term debt ceiling increase, according to an Associated Press report.

“The Ohio Republican is slated to urge his staunchly conservative GOP colleagues to act before the government runs out of borrowing authority next week,” the report states.

The Wall Street Journal adds that Boehner’s proposal will not include any of the policy preconditions that Republicans have thus far demanded in exchange for raising the debt ceiling.

Boehner’s move follows a string of reports suggesting that House Republicans are warming to the idea of pushing back the debt ceiling deadline, while keeping the government shuttered in an attempt to win still-undefined concessions from President Obama and congressional Democrats.

House Republicans will presumably discuss their plan with the president when 18 GOP House leaders and committee chairs meet with him at the White House on Thursday afternoon.

This story will be updated.

AFP Photo/Alex Wong

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  • CrankyToo

    An open message to the Speaker of the House:

    Dear Mr. Boner,

    I used to think you were a first-class idiot, but I realize now that I was wrong. Your’re just a low-class idiot. And a coward, into the bargain.

    I take a great deal of satisfaction from the realization that you will be reviled in the annals of American history as the worst Speaker ever to wield the gavel.

    The sooner the good people of Ohio kick your dumb ass to the curb, the better off we’ll all be.

    Your pal,


    PS Please don’t cry. I can’t stand to see a grown man cry…

    • Billie


  • sigrid28

    Along with the majority of Americans, I hope the president and Democrats will accept a clean debt limit extension but REFUSE TO NEGOTIATE until Boehner introduces the bill for a clean CR for an up-and-down vote. BOTH must pass before any negotiations, or the extremists in Congress will attempt to bring down the government again and again. One bill may pass first and another second–but both must pass to open up negotiations.

  • Budjob

    Maybe John Bonehead will die of cirrhosis and end all this bullshit!!!

    • Sand_Cat

      Eric is waiting for it. But he won’t end the bullshit!

  • charleo1

    I was listening to one of the House Republicans on Andrea Mitchell earlier today.
    I can’t recall his name, but does it really matter? Heard one, heard all. He was
    claiming, us Republicans never wanted a government shutdown. But, the President
    just refuses to….. Mitchell reminded the Republican, the President’s position is he
    believes it sets a bad precedent going forward, to negotiate while the government
    is shut down, and members of the Republican House are threatening default. Look
    Andrea, the lying weasel went on. We’ve passed several funding bills, and sent them
    over to the Senate. Bills to pay this, and pay for that. And Harry Reid rejects them!
    What he neglected to say, what he forgot, was each bill said, We’ll agree to fully
    fund. Just postpone ObamaCare for a year, and it’s yours! Andrea reminded the shameless corporate boot licker, the President’s position is that he will meet for discussions when the government is fully open up and, running. And the debt ceiling
    is raised for one year. That the President doesn’t believe funding the government
    piecemeal, picking winners, and losers, is any way to run a government. Then, the
    worthless POS, mush for brains, said, well the thing is, we just can’t go on spending,
    and borrowing. Pretty soon we’ll be Greece, or Detroit! So, after closing down the
    government, throwing thousands out of work, it’s no longer the healthcare law.
    We’re back to the debt. Even though our spending levels, in the sequester, are at
    levels Republicans themselves insisted on, and got. As deficits have been falling
    at a pace not seen in 60 years! So, why is our government shut down? Why are
    they threatening the economy, just as we are about to enter the Holiday shopping
    season? So, what’s all the shutdown, uncertainty, and fear being injected into the
    economy about? They can’t or won’t say.