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Monday, February 18, 2019

Report: Nikki Haley To Be Indicted For Tax Fraud

According to Palmetto Public Record, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley — a rising Republican star whose name has been tossed around as a possible vice presidential running mate for Mitt Romney — is under federal investigation and could even be indicted as early as this week.

The Department of Justice has apparently been investigating Haley in relation to the Sikh Religious Society of South Carolina, which is run by her father, Dr. Ajit Randhawa. According to Palmetto Public Record, the organization has been sued at least 5 times, alleging that it stiffed contractors out of almost $130,000 for the construction of a new temple. Haley was in charge of the temple’s finances through at least 2003, and Palmetto Public Record’s sources suspect that Haley’s indictment would focus on what became of the missing money.

Haley’s legal mess only reinforces the sense that high-profile Republican vice presidential candidates are deeply flawed. Bob McDonnell has been politically wounded by his support for an invasive ultrasound bill, and Marco Rubio was revealed to have attended a Mormon church as a child — raising concerns that he shouldn’t share the ticket with Romney.

This wouldn’t be the first scandal connecting Haley and her father’s temple. Since last March, the Internal Revenue Service has been investigating whether the temple illegally supported Haley’s campaign for governor. The temple sent out newsletters promoting Haley’s candidacy and held a fundraiser on her behalf, both of which would be a violation of the organization’s tax-exempt status.

Haley has also faced scrutiny in the past for listing her income on a job application as being over $100,000 more than her federal tax returns indicated.

If the scandal compels Haley to leave office, she would also not be the first member of her administration to be forced out by legal problems. Former Lieutenant Governor Ken Ard resigned earlier this month amid a corruption scandal, leaving Glenn McConnell — who once described efforts to remove the Confederate flag from the South Carolina state house as “cultural genocide” — as next in line for the governorship.

Should Haley be indicted, it would put an immediate end to the speculation that she could be added to the Republican ticket as Mitt Romney’s running mate. Yesterday, Republican strategist Nicole Wallace told Buzzfeed that Haley is “the most effective surrogate Romney has” and that she “should be picked [as the vice presidential nominee] for a broader purpose, a messaging purpose.” That message would go out the window if Palmetto Public Record’s report is confirmed.


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23 responses to “Report: Nikki Haley To Be Indicted For Tax Fraud”

  1. ObozoMustGo says:


    All this Nikki Haley stuff is nothing more than a smoke screen thrown up by the Obozo Admin as a way to keep us from talking about his abysmal and disastrous record as the failure in chief that he is. Here’s some of his disastrous record just to keep us on track…
    1) Obozo comes into office $9T in debt. 3 years later, $16T in debt
    2) 2 years complete control of the government. NO budget as required by the Constitution. Still has no budget
    3) A new bankrupting entitlement program called Obozocare jammed through congress against the vast majority of Americans who were against it (and still are) and with the blessings of the idiot Piglosi who said “we have to pass the bill before we know what is in it”
    4) Persistent unemployment that has been the worst since the Great Depression, especially among blacks and young people. His administration keeps claiming unemployment is going down, but in reality, they manipulate the formula by reducing the # of jobs available.
    5) Promises to close Gitmo…. instead, he spends $750K on a soccer field for terrorists.
    6) Gas prices are up 100%+ across the nation. And Obozo is so dumb he actually believes that increasing supply has no effect on prices… what an idiot!
    7) Real inflation rates are close to 8% or higher. Who measures inflation without food and fuel??????? Obozo does!
    8) SOLYNDRA!!!!!!!! need I say more?
    9) Fast and Furious!!!!! If this was a Republican Admin, all of you leftist nutjobs that write on this web site would be going justifiably ballistic!! It would be the lead story on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSLSD, CNN, etc. etc.

    I’ll continue to refocus the discussion on what is important and not these foolish smokescreens the left throws up to obfuscate Obozo’s true failure as a socialist in the White House.

    Have a nice day!

    • Diogenes67 says:

      Obozo? You make that up yourself during recess?

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        Not at all dio. Not at all. Obozo’s failures flow so easily, it takes no time at all to list just a small amount of them.

        By the way, is your name tag chosen because of a vow of poverty or more because you are cynical? My hunch is that I have you pegged as cynical. Most leftist nutj0bs are. It’s not your fault you’re a fool…. right.. sure, sure. Of course it’s fault you’re a fool! Now skidaddle… you’re nightly 5ht of Gin is awaiting you!

    • pbatcha says:

      Nikki Haley, Sarah Palin, and all Republicans from Newt to Beoner are a bunch of punks that scream antagonze and lie. Thay are the so called small elite beutiful people or preps from high school. They point fingers at others constantly and never really accomplish nothing but having others pay the price. The Republican party and all their representatives in every state are really the Ku Klux Klan. It would do them all some good to be taken to the wood shed and have the hell beat out of them. No stand your ground laws at the wood shed for them to hide behind.

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        pbatcha… I challenge you to learn the FACTS about the origination of the KKK. You will find that you have been lied to all these years. The dumbocRATS are the original racist party. Look up the facts, if you think you can stand learning the truth behind your misconceptions all these years.

    • I still believe you drive a pickup. You should know a smoke screen better than most. It seems to pour out of your…..

  2. ObozoMustGo says:

    Ohhhh nooooo…. I didn’t know that Marco Rubio was so deeply flawed. WOW. He actually went to a Mormon church when he was a child??????? Well now that’s it! I’m not a supporter of his anymore. I mean, with a flaw like that, how could we ever trust a thing he says anymore? HOW?

    Henry Decker, YOU are an idiot and a religious bigot!

    Now, how is it that you know where Marco Rubio went to church as a child but you dont know anything about Obozo’s deep connections to the racist pig Rev. Jeremiah Wright? How do you know the most minute detail of junior senator, but you dont have a clue about Obozo THE PRESIDENT’S background and associations. How is that? I know how… you’re just another back bencher leftist hack carrying Obozo’s water. That’s how.

    Have a nice day!

  3. Diogenes67 says:

    Don’t pay a whole lot of attention to Nicole Wallace’s take on Nikki Haley. Last time out she was fawning all over Sarah Palin. She’s a spokesmodel for the Republicans and will say what she’s paid to say. Is she on Mitt’s payroll?

    • solver63 says:

      Is she on Mitts payroll ? DUHH – This bitch is on any “payroll” and all she can steal from the SC taxpayers. She is a phony, fraudulent, felon. She is a bought and paid for politician – TEABAGGER paid for agendas and a larcenist agenda of her own. I hope Willard pulls the Indian princess into the VP vetting process (after Palin they have to be THOROUGH) I can’t wait to see what REAL investigators dig up on her, that is if she isn’t already in prison where she belongs. We have already lost the Lt. Governor for “mismanagement” of campaign funds, Trikki far exceeds MIS anything, her theft and deceptions (with alot of help from the 1%er traitors) are beyond fines and loss of position, it will be more like gated community in Colarado punishment. We the people of SC can only hope.

  4. Eddie Dean says:

    Wow that Obama guy is powerful, he got an investigation going in 2003 when he wasn’t even president. Now that is some power.

  5. Lynda says:

    Catch a rising star and put it in your pocket comes to mind. This is indeed an interesting story that may indeed have a great effect upon her future political career.

  6. Nancy says:

    WHEN will Americans wake up, smell the coffee and act in their OWN best interests? Electing ReTHUGlicans is like shooting yourself in the foot! It hurts like hell and is bad for the economy! WHY won’t they work to HELP the People? Just curious…and sick….and tired of the same old, same old Bull-Puckey!

  7. gosh why does all this not surprise me one bit,,,hay romney do you still want this endorsement

  8. This cannot be helpful inanelection year. south Carlina governors servenone term ,I think. We shall have to see what the charges are nand if they are sins of ommisionor something worse. Tax law isso complicated thatit’sa nat hard to make a mistake.
    It’s too soon to see if this is an intertrationoflaw thatis unsual or something broader inscope.

  9. PGA says:


  10. solver63 says:

    I said, when I first learned about her, what a fraudulent, phony TRIKKI Nikki is. I said she would be impeached or indicted before end of her 2nd year – TA-DA – A liar is a liar and a felon is a felon – She has proven both to be correct. Her benefactors (the Koch bros. and Heritage Found.) bought her the election (she won by 1500 votes) over the quasi – qualified Dem. Vincent Sheheen. She is playing financial games with the taxpayers money, set up a complete “pay to play” government, is attempting to privatize everything (prison system, education, DOT) to name a few and wants an “Administrative office” (HER office) to oversee ALL spending in SC in lieu of the state budget commitee. Sound like a recall to you ? Well, Trikki almost NEVER showed up for votes when she, AHEM, served on the Legislature, she was in session the day the GOP legislature voted on the state law that did away with recalls of any elected officials (makes you wonder?) The only other times she was “in” for votes was when it had to do with her made up position at Lexington hospital or had to do with the afformentioned subject. Larceny is in her soul – Honest governing or living is not. she is another of the MID -TERM Governors that money paid for (Walker,Kasich, Etc) Another example of …. Nice Country America – The Nicest Country MONEY Can BUY.

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