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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Republican Majority Now Supports Immigration Reform

Republican Majority Now Supports Immigration Reform

Caught in a time warp, destined to act out their own version of Groundhog Day, Republican strategists have reliably trotted out one of their most fearsome epithets from the 1980s and ’90s to bludgeon President Obama: liberal. In response to the president’s inaugural address, Karl Rove has made the word “liberal” the refrain of a new anti-Obama ad.

In fairness, Rove isn’t the only person caught in the rhetorical equivalent of a mullet haircut. Commentators routinely described the president’s inaugural address — in which he not only affirmed the role of an activist government, but also urged progress on gay rights, immigration and global warming — as the most liberal speech of his presidency.

That may be. But the commentary — and Rove’s broadside — managed to miss a more important point: The American public largely agrees with Obama. If he is “liberal,” so is the country.

And nowhere is that more true than on comprehensive immigration reform. While resolving the immigration issue has remained elusive for more than a decade, a solid majority of Americans now favor giving undocumented workers a way to come out of the shadows.

According to a new Associated Press-GfK poll, 62 percent of Americans favor providing a path to legal status for the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants living in the United States. That reflects a steady increase in support for comprehensive immigration reform, up from 47 percent in 2009 and 50 percent in 2010, according to the same polling organization.

The shift toward overwhelming support is largely due to a change in the hearts and minds of Republican voters, according to an AP analysis. A majority of Republicans, 53 percent, now support the idea of allowing illegal immigrants to gain legal papers, up from 31 percent in 2010.

That stunning shift speaks volumes about the power of defeat. If Obama’s first election didn’t make the nation’s changing demographics immediately apparent to the average conservative voter, his re-election — which he won partly by securing the support of 71 percent of Latinos — did.

That new tolerance is also a testament to the power of leadership, which a few thoughtful Republicans are beginning to exert on the subject of immigration. Leaders such as Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida, have long warned the GOP about the foolishness of alienating Latinos, the nation’s fastest-growing ethnic group. More recently, up-and-comers such as Florida senator Marco Rubio, who could be a presidential contender in 2016, have also taken up the cause, trying to edge fellow partisans away from the harsh rhetoric and hardline policies they have pursued on illegal immigration.

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96 responses to “Republican Majority Now Supports Immigration Reform”

  1. docb says:

    No they do not…they are just using new rhetoric because they lost last November so badly!

    It is still the party of ANTI_CHOICE, anti- immigrant and anti anything that the short white guy can’t control!

  2. nobsartist says:

    And now the Democrats are the party of “half assed”.

    Half assed health care

    Half assed bank regulations

    Half assed mortgage policies

    Half assed energy policies

    Half assed jobs plans

    And half assed wars.

    • RobertCHastings says:

      And why is everything “half-assed”? For one reason, and one reason only. The totally assinine drive of the Republican party to deny success to the Democratic party, instead of pursuing what will be successful for the entire country, INCLUDING Republicans. All Americans will benefit from affordable healthcare, adequate and appropriate regulations on banks and other financial institutions, fair and reasonable and responsible mortgage and lending policies, forward-thinking energy policies that move this country out of our dependency upon fossil fuels, plans for jobs that will actually create jobs and not benefit the privileged few, and a diplomatic and defense policy that keeps us out of expensive and counterproductive wars. But, I guess that is too much to expect from the “party of no”.

  3. If they think they can get a vote, they’ll say anything. But, they don’t mean it. What they want is a country mired in the thinking of decades ago. Full of hate, full of suspicion, anti everything except what THEY think is right. Immigrants in this country are a FACT. Deal with it. What everyone loses sight of is this: When dogs and other animals are bred exclusively only to perfect matches of their kind, the breed weakens and fails. The same hold true for humans. The intermingling of people ends up strengthening us all. Yes, that’s a fact. It doesn’t really matter what you think of it.

    • The GOP also understands that some of their donors are benefitting from cheap labor, and do everything they can to maintain the status quo, while voicing the kind of rhetoric – filled with hatred and intolerance – the party faithful loves to hear.

      • frida says:

        GOP as well and not only their donors have been milking from them for quite a long time without shame. Time to act and stop pretending they rely to their conservative stand. It is wrong and inhumane.

    • tcburch says:

      “ignore the facts”…befitting name. First, why do we need to “reform” immigration? When done LEGALLY, it remains a viable avenue to U.S. Citizenship. So why do we need to change it? Is it to suit the good of the majority, or is it to placate the attitude of the ILLEGAL minority for political expediency?

      The State Legislature where I reside is voting on a bill to allow children of “illegal” immigrants to go to college at State tuition rates instead of Out of State rates. It will allow them to obtain a driver’s license and enjoy the benefits of citizenship…that is, as long as they promise to apply for full citizenship within three years. That’s like paying your contractor all the money up front, as long as he promises to complete the work within three years. One young lady, with tears in her eyes, testified before the Legislature, saying without this help, her dream of becoming a Civil Engineer would never come true with its opportunities to travel and meet other cultures. She further stated that she was treated differently than her fellow high school classmates and felt like a second class citizen. And why shouldn’t someone here illegally be treated differently? My question to you is…while those who sought citizenship to gain the rewards this country has to offer through the appropriate and legal channels (and those means do exist, right here, and right now), we have those who through the ILLEGAL entry of their relatives (how can we actually know that the people claiming them as children are actually the parents of that child…you can’t absolutely verify that as a fact) want the same privileges extended to them BEFORE they apply for U.S. Citizenship through the appropriate channels, why can’t they apply for U.S. Citizenship FIRST, and then receive the benefits extended to them if accepted?

      The thinking on immigration is all backwards…extend benefits first, then have them promise (wink, wink) that they will seek citizenship later. Give them amnesty, which rewards them for breaking the law, as long as they promise (wink, wink) to seek citizenship. Doesn’t make sense to me…and if it does to you then I would submit you are the problem, not the solution.

      I haven’t a single family member, friend, associate, or acquaintance that is agains LEGAL immigrants in the country…and that’s a fact. Every one of them, including my Hispanic friends are AGAINST any reform, much less that which rewards those who scoffed at our system and entered despite knowing that they were here illegally. And that, “ignore the facts”, IS a fact. Deal with it. It has nothing to do with race, creed, color, or political orientation…the law is the law, and in our view has worked well up until now and does NOT need to be changed or altered. Again, deal with it…

      • Hollie says:

        I couldn’t have said it better…bravo!….my state voted that illegal aliens or immigrants whatever is politically correct to you, they voted that they aren’t entitled to any entitlement programs…that sounded redundant…lol . Come here legally I have no problem with that at all.

        • frida says:

          You do not own this country. Do you? It is only Native Americans who should have a say and not you.

          • Hollie says:

            I don’t think anyone owns the country…I am an American..not African American, Latino American, Chinese American…just plain American! The natives have say over their land already. Since I work and pay taxes that qualifies me to have a say! You want to come here legally no problem…you do it illegally back to your country you go! If you were native American you would more people taking away ur entitlement…strong probability of NO

          • old_blu says:

            What’s “plain American”. Are they just the white ones?

            *rolls eyes*

          • Hollie says:

            No Heinz 57,,,maybe there would be less racial division if we all said just plain ole American…instead of where our relatives came from 200 years ago…I for one don’t want to ever live where they did 500 years ago:)

          • old_blu says:

            “maybe there would be less racial division” if instead of you calling everyone “African American, Latino American, Chinese American” people of color like that could be “plain Americans” also. If there wasn’t racial division how did I know you were white?

          • BDC_57 says:

            They don’t want all the welfare money going to the red state togo to the immigrants.

          • Hollie says:

            I don’t unless I am speaking to them. don’t you know that this is the politically correct terms… If we all just said we were American the racial divide would be less I feel. I am not white, I have “mixed” blood but you see my family does not want to be distinguished with a particular race…my grandfather said you are American period! You are forgiven.

          • old_blu says:

            Fair enough, and thank you.

          • idamag says:

            Hollie, I have never seen anyone who is black or white. My skin is quite a lot darker than a clean sheet of white typing paper.

      • amarquez647 says:

        Ther are imigration quotas that does not meet American industries needs.

        • idamag says:

          The reason the quotas do not meet industries needs is: Industry would rather help to get them here, illegally, so they can rip them off. There are people, in Mexico, waiting to get on the legal quota list and since there is no demand for thier services, due to industry obtaining illegals, they cannot get permission to come here. Blame industry, not illegals.

      • idamag says:

        tcb, I don’t know anyone, either, who is against legal immigration.

    • Plus A Lot Of Wealthy People Got Them Working For Them Like Slaves!! Little Or Some Cases No Pay Room And Board 24/24 On Call!! Lot Of The Wealthy And Business Owners Hire Them Just To Make A Profit!! And These People Are Not Just Hispanics Or Latinos

  4. Immigration reform must be one of our top priorities, not only because of moral and social considerations, but because of economic considerations as well.
    Children of undocumented immigrants, born and raised in the USA, are not responsible for the decisions made by their parents. More often than not, they speak English like all other Americans, they are more familiar with our customs, traditions and values than with those of their ancestral homeland, they often serve in our Armed Forces, and they are valuable members of our society. Their status must be legitimized consistent with the tenets afforded by our Constitution for anyone born in this country.
    The most important issue, however, is to correct flaws in our immigration laws that encourage professionals from any country, including those who have targeted the USA with missiles with nuclear warheads for decades, to migrate to the USA where they are welcomed with open arms and allowed to fill the best jobs our economy has to offer, and include semi-skilled workers as well. Our economy, especially the agri-business, benefit from the influx of Mexican and central American workers willing to perform incredibly hard work for a modest salary. Their labor is a factor in the low inflation rate we have enjoyed for decades and helps us maintain our standard of living at times when our economy falters.
    Moreover, at a time when the influx of illegal immigrants has stop almost entirely, the status of those who have been working in the USA for years, and who have not committed crimes during their stay in this country, also deserves to be addressed. The answer may not be citizenship, but a guest worker status, similar to what George W. Bush and John McCain proposed several years ago may be a logical solution to that problem.
    Hopefully, our politicians will look at this issue, not only with a sense of bipartisanship, but with the pragmatism that is needed to solve an issue that often inflames passions as a result of destructive personal attributes unworthy of a great nation.

    • RobertCHastings says:

      One of the most wrong-headed policies we have consistently pursued over the past dozen years or so is in NOT offering citizenship to legal immigrants who, while here, have obtained educations in the sciences, engineering, medicine, etc. Instead of making sure ALL of these folks have the opportunity to remain here, we are forcing the majority of them to return home, denying this country the edge in competitiveness we would gain by allowing them to stay here, legally. Outdated and simplistic rules and limits must be changed. Like the Republican stance on infrastructure, education, the military, Soc.Sec., Medicare, etc., these outdated approaches to current problems are hurting this country, TODAY and in the future. The Republicans, in order to deny any successes to Obama,are denying this country a future.

      • In the case of immigration, the reason effective and fair reform has not been implemented is because some sectors of our economy benefit from cheap labor. Sectors such as the agri-business, construction, hospitality and the garment industry know that the moment illegal immigrants are given any sort of legal status – not citizenship – they will be protected by existing labor laws. The moment illegal immigrants are entitled to earn at least minimum wage, overtime pay, and other such benefits, the profits their employers have been making will be reduced dramatically. Needless to say, sectors that rely on Mexican and Central American labor will simply pass on the added cost to consumers who will end up paying the bill, and inflation will go up accordingly.
        Our special interests have made this situation clear to members of Congress, who depend on their financial support to pay for their campaigns.
        I believe our immigrations laws will be changed, but how extensive those change are going to be remains a question mark.
        I think the part dealing with children of illegal immigrants born in the USA, and those who came as minors, will probably be solved and they will enjoy legal immigrant status. There is also a good chance our immigration laws will be changed to include a larger number of entry visas for semi-skilled workers, but I don’t expect much for those who entered the USA ilegallye. Even Bush’s and McCain’s guest worker program proposal is likely to be unacceptable because of the reasons cited above, and I doubt we will adopt Gingrich’s amnesty suggestion. We have the right, indeed, the obligation to uphold our laws, and finding a solution that effectively undermines that obligation is not going to be easy.

        • dalnb says:

          Giving Amnesty to those who choose to illegally enter our country continuing too violating our laws by remaining here will not fix our problems. Amnesty just turns our back on our laws giving reason to ignore the fact we have failed to do the right thing. Ignoring our own laws makes our national integrity questionable and makes not only our own citizens but the world’s population question our national will and trust!

          Giving amnesty to the illegals does not fix our national immigration laws – those problems will still be there! Amnesty leaves the problems associated with the “Legal Immigrants” pathway to citizenship into the United States. We are erroneously favoring the illegal aliens over the legal immigrants.

          For years we have heard there are problems with the immigration system that need to be fixed. Rather than fix them we continue to allow the illegals to slip into our country.

          We are now spending more time, effort and money in seeking amnesty for the illegasl than we are in helping those who seek legal migration into our country.

          • I guess you did not read the last sentence in my post.
            Regarding the influx of illegal immigrants, it is down to a trickle. In fact, almost a million illegal immigrants left the USA voluntarily the last 4 or 5 years as a result of the Great Recession, high unemployment, economic improvements in Mexico, and a low fertility rate in Mexico which is changing the demographics in that country and is creating vacancies for those who had no option but to migrate due to lack of jobs in their homeland.
            Our immigrations laws do not favor legal over illegal immigrants. The opposite is true. Foreign professionals willing to migrate to the USA have no problem getting entry visas and a fast track to permanent residency. The reason so many Mexicans and Central Americans entered the USA illegally, besides extreme poverty in their homelands, is the fact that there are no provisions to accomodate semi-skilled workers and they knew many employers were more than happy to hire them upon arrival. The first thing I would do to stop the influx of illegal immigrants, regardless of how insignificant it may be now, is to fine anyone who hires them. No job = no illegal immigration.

          • This Is Why I Love You Dominick You Take The Time To Explain What Really Going On In Words A 2 Years Old Can Understand< My Thing Is Some People Just Don't Get It Or They Just Ignore The Truth!! ::::::::::::::::::::;; You Can't Wake Up People Who Are Only Pretending To Be Sleep~Navajo Proverb!!

          • And That Why I Prefer Them Not To Talk To Me!! They Know The Truth, And If They Don’t It’s Only Cause They Living Life With Binder On!! When I Post Here I Say What I Have To Say And For Those Who Don’t It Cool All I Ask Is Don’t Try To Brainwash Me With What You Believe Cause You And Nobody Can!! I Don’t Have No Time To Dance And Play Games With Selfish Lying And Don’t Give A Damn About Nobody But Rich White People!! I’m Not A Turn The Other Cheek Kind Of Woman I Will Not Be Bully And I Will Stand My Ground Cause I’m A Fighter!! My Friends Family, And I Help Run David Duke Butt Out Of Chicago!! Like I Been Saying Since I Came Here I’m Going To Write The Way I Want, I’m Going To Say What I Want And If The People Here Don’t Like It Too Bad!!! I Don’t Write Like This In Real Life I Am Educated With 3 1/2 years Of College I Got The AA Then I Got Smart And Got The Skills Nursing!! This Is What You Call An Alter Ego Which I Don’t Like Egos With That Said I’m Going To Stand My Ground And If These People Here Don’t Want To Hear Me Go H.A.M. Leave Me Alone!!!! And Believe Me These People Have Reported Me To The National Memo Guess What They Said Fern Woodfork Asked You Not To Push Her Reply Button, So If You Don’t Like Getting Ripped A New Butt Hole LEAVE HER ALONE!!! She Don’t Want To Hear You LIES!!

          • old_blu says:

            I love you Fern.

          • I Love You Too old_blu!!! <3

          • idamag says:

            There are people, in Mexico, who would like to get a guest worker status in this country, but cannot because of the illegal traffic. The problem in those who bring them here, illegally, so they can abuse them.

          • dalnb says:

            The illegal aliens are making it hard on the legal immigrants. They are an embarrassment to those who were welcomed here through our legal immigration program. Amnesty for these illegals is a slap in the face of Law Abiding Americans and Legal Immigrants.

      • dalnb says:

        We have a lega l” Pathway to Citizenship ” for people desiring to migrate to our country. There are some problems with the law which creates unnecessary hardships on those who follow the law in gaining legal immigration into the United States. Those problems have been identified time and time again in the past 12+ years always with the caveat, “the problems need fixed.”

        Rather than spend the time, energy and money fixing these problems and assisting the people who elect to follow our laws to come here we continue to ignore them

        We need to stop spending time, energy and money pandering to the illegal’s, those who have chosen to ignore our laws and come demanding we tackle care of them.

        Giving Amnesty to over 14 million (not 11 million) rather than help those seeking legal entry into the U.S. is absurd!

        • RobertCHastings says:

          Obama’s record on correcting the immigration issue is well documented, and the economic factors that are affecting the direction of the flow of illegals are obvious, 1) Mexico’s economy is improving faster than ours, 2)the jobs are not here, yet. The “Dream Act” was a terrific idea to give a pathway to citizenship for those who were seeking a higher education (the kind of work force we will need for the future), but the Republicans didn’t like it. Perhaps the President should pursue that tack again. The Republicans have decided to engage on this issue ONLY because they lost the Hispanic vote miserably. What are they doing to pander to the African American vote, and the Asian American vote, and the LGBT vote? If the Republicans do not, once again, become the party of ALL, they will soon become the party of NONE.

          • dalnb says:

            Any suggestions as to what the new party will be called when the estimated 11 million illegals become citizens and join the 30% of America’s current legal Hispanic population? Russian leader Kruschev vowed to bury the United States from within; he failed but he did not have millions and millions of supporters inside and hoards of others standing by inside our borders to make his commitment become reality!.

          • RobertCHastings says:

            Some very smart people have said, basically, that the only dumb questions are those not asked. I would have to say that yours may have broken that mold. If I interpret your question correctly, you are hypothesizing that Kruschev’s thoughts about our being buried from within will be realized by all of the illegal aliens within our borders. Is that correct? The only political challenge these people present is to whichever party refuses to accept them and offer a reasonable path to citizenship – the other party has already benefitted by capturing their vote 70 – 30 in the previous election. Don’t misunderstand what I said, for those Hispanics who voted in the 2012 election were ONLY legally qualified voters, not the 12 million who are still seeking citizenship. You just don’t get it that people, from around the world, come here to get what they can’t get in their home countries – a job, civil liberties, the vote, an education, etc., just like your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, whatever when they first came to this country. Very few people who live here now can actually trace their lineage back beyond the 1840’s in this country, when the British did their first Census to estimate the numbers of people emigrating to America, because THEY were losing THEIR workforce. As to what the new party will be named, I think that is obvious – the Democratic Party. Why? Because the Republicans are still lost in their racism and xenophobia.

          • dalnb says:

            America prevailed over the threats from Khrushchev but he did not have the millions of illegals already in America nor did he have U S Congressmen and Senators who had been elected or reelected in no small part to the huge financing of Mexican and Hispanic Special Interest groups.

            I have no problem with anyone from any country coming into our country in compliance with our laws; I do though become concerned when special interest groups spend so much money and effort to change our laws to favor those who have refused to obey our laws.

            As far as ““people, from around the world, come here to get what they can’t get in their home countries – a job, civil liberties, the vote, an education, etc.,”. America understood that when we wrote our laws and developed out immigration policies. I have no doubt those who spent their time drafting and getting the immigration laws passed took this into consideration along with what our nation could handle in awarding a legal “pathway to citizenship: for those desiring to come here – LEGALLY! In carrying out the development of our law and policy we most likely took into consideration the possibilities of enemy agents and terrorists being kept at bay thus allowing a stronger internal security by denying legal passage to those who may pose a threat, We do not have that protection with illegal entry into the United States.

            So – what does that say? To me it says we will pass a law that gives sanction to the millions who have come here illegally. Those who feel safe in registering for amnesty and content that we will overlook the fact they became Criminals the moment they illegally entered (or remained) in our nation. Hopefully, when they register, most will quickly be rounded up and immediately deported based on the illegal entry and stay here.

            What that will not do is protect the criminals, enemies or terrorist who have or may illegally enter our nation. Those who already have criminal records that would prevent them from coming here in compliance with our Immigration laws and will never get passed the amnesty background check s. We will still have these people in our society! How many of the 11 million we seem to think are here and the true number that are actually here (in 2007.2008 we were being told there between 14 to 18 million illegals here). I have no trust that there will be as many illegals not registering as there are registering and those will remain in our society along with the onslaught that follows when the world hears America has again given amnesty to millions of illegals!

            Amnesty is the biggest incentive for illegal entry into our country.

            In efforts to convince the American people that our illegal alien problem has diminished we are being told that a great number of them have already left our country because the economy is not supporting their desire to earn a living. We have been told for years and years that the majority of the illegals come here because they want the jobs and living conditions where they came from were bad. Could it be NOW their own country offers better living conditions and better wages than America can offer? Has America’s quality of life been sabotaged and degraded so badly by these illegals that they have now decided their own country is now better than the U.S? Remember Reagan gave Amnesty to the majority of illegasl here. That changed the number and status for the illegals then in the U.S. but they soon started massing here again (the greatest incentive – Amnesty) and twenty +/- years later we are again faced with the same problems – giving amnesty again!

      • docb says:

        This is NOT about bipartisanship but about political expediency and getting Hispanic votes for the republicans.

        The proposal has some onerous front loaded
        building the ‘fence’ and allowing repub govs’ like brewer of SB1040 and
        New Mex, and Tx decide when and who will go forward! It also creates a
        two tier employment environment which would play into the the current
        discrimination by business! There is NO restriction for our NORTHERN BORDERS and the Mexican immigration TODAY IS NET ZERO!

        The President and Dems have been fighting for a immigration reform that repubs have lost and are in disgrace, do they really think the documented and UNDOCUMENTED will be fooled by this scam from them..? They will NOT nor will thinking Americans…We want reform that is based on concerns not because the repubs are willing to fake a vote that they think will help them!!

    • dalnb says:

      Thousands of American children suffer each year due to the acts of their parents; some with imprisoned mothers and fathers or both; seldom is it the fault of the kids who suffer socially, financially, in their education, health and environment. Many of these kids are the result of unavoidable results of our economy and loss of jobs, many due to a lack of educational opportunities, any number of reasons. These kids suffer a life time right here in our own country.

      America has welcomed millions of legal immigrants into our nation over the years and we continue to do so. We do not however spend anywhere near the time, effort or money trying to improve the “legal” process for those who have complied with our laws and are still waiting for that “legal” process to approve their welcome into our nation. Many of these legal applicants have spent years and huge sums of money trying to comply with our laws and are still waiting their turn to come here.

      We are spending far too much time, money and effort, catering and pandering to the “Illegal Aliens”, far more than we are in fixing the problems the legal applicants are being burdened with. We owe it to those who have chosen to follow our national laws in obtaining the “pathway to citizenship” we have laid out. We should be helping those who elect to follow our laws – not ignoring them while seeking amnesty for the illegals.

      The illegal parents of the illegal kids are responsible for their acts; we need to make the parents assume that responsibility. American families are forced by law and courts to face the burdens placed on them by our society and far too little is done for the American families. There can be no justification for favoring the illegals over our own families; the American families deeply in need while we bend over backward for those who do not belong here to start with and refuse to follow our laws.

      We need to show sympathy for those who are following our laws and stop catering to those who refuse to follow our laws!

      • I believe illegal immigrants, people that break our laws regardless of how unfair or damaging it may be to our economy and society, should not be allowed to work in the USA and should be deported. The people that have been granted a temporary extension that allows them to complete their education or be discharged from the Armed Forces are children of illegal immigrants either born in the USA and those who came with their parents when they were minors. Children don’t decide where to go, they don’t know anything about passports or visas, and nowhere in the civilized world are they held responsible for crimes committed by their parents.

        People that enter the USA legally have no problem becoming naturalized citizens. My wife was born in Spain, she is a naturalized citizen and faced no impediments becoming one. Before becoming a citizen, she had legal residency status (a green card, that allowed her to work, pay taxes and live under the protection of our laws like everyone else. The idea that legal citizens are being discriminated against is preposterous.

        It is true, however, that Latinos that enter the USA legally are often victimized by society because of their ethnicity, culture, and because many white Americans believe every Latino or Hispanic is here illegally. I witness such a situation a few years ago, when I moved to Florida and befriended a Mexican American born in the Midwest. His parents, grandparent and great grandparents were born in Texas. One day, when he went to a 7-Eleven, he was interrogated by the police and asked to show papers. The only reason that happened was because of his physical appearance. He was, in fact, a retired California prison guard!

        Last, but not least, we don’t cater to illegal immigrants. They are abused by unscrupulous employers who are making record profits by taking advantage of people who will do anything to make a living. I don’t have any sympathy for those who break our laws, but I also don’t have any sympathy for people that take advantage of circumstances to abuse fellow human beings.

        If the trend continues, and more illegal immigrants leave the USA voluntarily it will not be long before we have the privile to work 10 or 12 hours a day for minimum wage and no benefits. The rest of us will have the privilege of paying higher prices when we go to a grocery store as a result of farmers having to pay minimum wage, and likely, offer benefits instead of benefitting from the labor of people willing to work for $3 an hour or 50 cents a bushel, with no benefits. This issue is not limited to moral considerations, the impact caused to our economy by out of control inflation is bound to be as damaging as trickle down economics.

        • dalnb says:

          Your example of the x-prison guard is an example of a common occurrence happening everyday of the year. The excessive number of illegals in the U,S, have created a distrust that all people that do not resemble Americans are potentially illegal. The illegals have injured the reputation of Legal Immigrants and made things harder on them by creating that suspicion – a mind set brought on by too many illegals. These suasions have been brought on by too many illegals and a failure to maintain a credible enforcement of our immigration laws!

          Catering may not be the best choice of words – but, the time and money going into the effort to legalize the illegal aliens is far more that the assets and time going into fixing the hardships legal immigrants are facing with untimely access into our country. Their “Pathway to Citizenship” is frequently slowed and hampered by our Immigration laws causing long and costly delays for the legal applicants We should be concentrating on improving the Legal Migration problems! .We have for years heard the complaints of long, expensive and tedious efforts in gaining legal entry into our country. These are problems mostly brought on by technicalities and our policy problems.

          I would agree too that if the illegals are in fact leaving we may see some improvement in our problems; however, as soon as our economy improves they will be back, What is the most often heard justification for them coming here? (1) money to be made, and (2) the bad conditions in their own country! It stands to reason then that the illegals will come back when our economy improves, and, does their leaving here suggest that their own country is now a better place than the U.S.! the jobs come back the illegals will come back, and if their return to the legal country

          As far as the impact on our own work force – Our economy started falling apart about the same time we were finding there were millions of illegal aliens in our country. At about that same time their became an organized effort to kill employee unions. Both of these I feel are linked (IN PART)to the massive growth of the illegal numbers in our society; they were cheap labor receiving no benefits and affording business owners, corporations and large farming operations cheap labor and huge profits for owners and CEOs. By ignoring these Big Business became highly profitable; In spite of pleas from the Labor Department, the Commerce Department, Department of Small Business and the Chamber of Commerce President Bush refused to enforce laws Big Business was violating. . Just opening the doors for employers to do as they desire and allowing Big Business to manage their own affairs is what President Bush declined to enforce those laws allowing bog business to run amuck!

          I agree also with the idea we will be paying higher costs for goods; just as we are seeing now. It does not take much for the oil industry, our medical field and quickly joining the ranks is our stick and mortar retailers to push prices up. Prices will continue to rise as long as they are allowed to do so. If it were not for the low end retailers we would be paying far higher costs for everything right now. The American people need to understand that our destiny is in their hands. As long as we continue to pay the increasing costs the marketers and retailers wil continue to push the prices up. In 2011 the average wage for CEOs increased by 39%, that could only happen by cutting their expenses (jobs) and increasing their profits (higher retail prices) – that happens at our expense, The American workers were loosing their jobs and benefits while the illegals were, as you point out, being paid low wages with no benefits.

          I enjoyed and appreciated your response.

        • idamag says:

          They broke the law when they came over the border illegally.

          • dalnb says:

            And they compound that crime every day they remain illegally in our country. No different than stealing something from the neighbor everyday Americans who do this are called Habitual Criminals and they can be imprisoned on conviction of even misdemeanors.

    • You Are Right As Always !! These People Been Here In America For Years Why Not Make Them American!! If They Work Hard Fight In American Wars And Not Criminals Why Not Let Them Have A Chance Of The American Dream!! Almost Everybody That Live Here Except For The Indian Came From Other Countries!!! But To Bad The GOP/Tea Party Just Want To Do Something About It Just To Win Elections!!

      • idamag says:

        Right, Fern, just to win elections.

        • The fact that children of illegal immigrants are allowed to stay in the USA until they complete their education or are discharged from the Armed Forces does not mean they are eligible to vote. To be able to vote you must be American born or a naturalized citizen.

          • idamag says:

            Dominick, I knew they couldn’t vote. There new posture is to curry the Latino vote, meaning legal people with Latino names.

          • You Know!! We Are Aware They Can’t Vote But GOP/Tea Party Want To Appear Like They Really Give A Damn, But We Know Better!! Self Deport Comes To Mind???

      • dalnb says:

        Sure – and the guy who every day steals an apple and raises his kids to do the same deserves the time, effort and money we loose on these illegals every day. We have laws that outline our national program giving a “Pathway to citizenship” for those who choose to come here in compliance with our laws. Why should we support in anyway those who come here in violation of our laws and compound their criminal act every day they remain here?

        • Ba Ba Ba What??? Ba Ba Ba I All Ready Said They Should Not Be Criminals!!! Ba Ba Ba Ba I Already Said What I Had To Say!! Ba Ba Ba Stop Talking To Me!! I’m Trying To Explain Myself Read First Before You Push My Reply Button!! I Let This Go But I Will Let It Rip!!

          • dalnb says:

            idamag – – Both Democrats and Republicans have siad for years that we have problems with our immigration laws. Problems that create hardships on those applying for legal entry _In Complaince With Our Laws! Rather than fix the problems making it easier on those complying with our law though they want to leave the problems in place and take care of the ones who refuse to follow our law!

          • Excuse Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Said What I Had To Say And I’m Done Talking To YOU GET IT!! See This Is Just Why I Go H>A>M> Cause We Just Had This Dance All Ready!! Please Stop Talking To Me !! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORDS THAT YOU ARE READING?????????

          • dalnb says:

            Sorry about that – it would have been easier to just ignore anything that has my signature on it. I must have missed your “sop” comment and be assured I will try avoiding what you have to say if you only want me/us to listen to you and not reply!

          • It Would Be Even Easier If You Stop Talking To Me PERIOD!!! I Don’t Give A Damn If You Don’t Read What I Post!! I Said I’M DONE, And Yet YOU STILL TALKING TO ME HOW ABOUT YOU GO FUCK YOURSELF CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW???????????FUCK OFF!!!!!!! TROLL!!!!!

          • dalnb says:

            LOOK – my address line is DAlnB – if you do not want to read what I write just don’t do so. Pretty simple hu – and no profanity in the suggestion either!

            Pride and integrity prevents me from slipping to your level of dialog.

          • idamag says:

            dalnb, They don’t touch those who are paying to get them here, illegally, like big corporate farms. The law of supply is demand and if we stop the demand by imposing penalties on those who are the instigators, we might stop the illegal traffic. When a yard company or a house cleaning company sends people to your house who cannot speak English, do you ask them for green cards?

        • idamag says:

          dalnb, the legal path has been made too difficult. The other problem is the chicken business who calls a coyote to bring him 150 workers for the season. They are afraid of being deported so they work for less for longer hours and no benefits. Think about that when you pick up a package of Tyson Chicken. Many farms are doing this and when the season is over, the illegals are on their own.

      • RobertCHastings says:

        Right you are, Fern. The qualities you mention, such as working hard, fighting in our wars, avoiding crime, are the kind of people every nation wants as citizens. Too bad we can’t export the ones who don’t meet that criteria, like Castro did back in the 70’s.

    • Dol5 says:

      Very well said. You even touched on the issue of a guest worker status. Had not thought of that. Since my own family has people of minority status I am interested in this. Some of them have been born here or came into the country as legals. Thus gaining citizenship. It in past the time we could forget about these people. We need them..

    • nobsartist says:

      You would think with unemployment being so high that there would be restrictions on H1B visa’s.

      Instead, Obama bailed out the auto companies and encouraged them to fire Americans and hire indians and chinese who cannot even drive to design and engineer cars.

      Sometimes “trickle down” makes sense especially when it can be used to increase profits.

      Obama is a plant and no one in Washington is interested in solving OUR problems that THEY created.

      Buy guns. The immigration issue is a smoke screen.

    • dalnb says:

      I fully agree that “Immigration reform must be one of our top priorities” but that reform in no way should include any form of Amnesty for those who voluntarily and illegally sneak into our country.
      The argument that “Children of undocumented immigrants, born and raised in the USA, are not responsible for the decisions made by their parents” sounds good but with that logic the children of the men and women in our prisons now and in the past should then be allowed to continue in the crimes the parents were incarcerated for. It sounds like we should just let them all continue doing what their parents did – remain outside the laws of our land!
      You seem to think the illegals have not committed any crimes while they are here. The moment they illegally enter or country or remain here after their passage has expired they commit a crime. Everyday they remain here they compound that crime. Our laws refer to a person who continually commits a crime as a Habitual Criminal and whether it is felonies or misdemeanors and that person can be imprisoned. The illegals should not be treated any differently; they know they committed a crime coming here and they know they are committing a crime every day they remain hers; why else would they be “remaining in the shadows?” Won’t they be surprised when they register and are immediately charged as being Habitual Criminals?
      The point is – we have a national “Pathway to Citizenship” our nation wrote and placed into law years ago. It does need work to adjust the imperfections but it does not need to provide for amnesty for those who refuse to comply with our laws. America is blessed with millions of men and women who have come here as legal immigrants. Very few have disappointed the framers of our laws and the American people. We still invite those who comply with the laws, policies and procedures to come to our country, for a visit or for a permanent stay. We should be working harder at encouraging their coming than spending time, money and resources on those who refuse to comply with our laws.

  5. ObozoMustGo says:

    Republicans want LEGAL immigration reform. DemonRATS want illegal DemonRATS streaming across the border, taking freebies from the taxpayers, destroying American culture, and then streaming into the voting booth to perpetuate dependency by voting for more DemonRATS.

    Have a nice day!

    “In the spirit of a new people that is conscious not only of its proud historical heritage but also of the brutal gringo invasion of our territories, we, the Chicano inhabitants and civilizers of the northern land of Aztlan from whence came our forefathers, reclaiming the land of their birth and consecrating the determination of our people of the sun, declare that the call of our blood is our power, our responsibility, and our inevitable destiny. … Aztlan belongs to those who plant the seeds, water the fields, and gather the crops and not to the foreign Europeans. … We are a bronze people with a bronze culture. Before the world, before all of North America, before all our brothers in the bronze continent, we are a nation, we are a union of free pueblos, we are Aztlan. For La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.[tranlation: For The Race everything. Outside The Race, nothing.]” — From La Raza: El Plan Espiritual de Aztlan” (The Spiritual Plan for Aztlan)

  6. old_blu says:

    Yeah, lets round up 12 million people and ship them back, that would be imposible, and in two days they would be on their way back. I think there is going to have to be some sort of amnesty involved, if they have proved themself hard working, law abiding immigrants. I don’t see why we can’t work something out for them to stay.

  7. Plznnn says:

    We have had “several” Amnesties, and all they do is encourage more Illegal trespassing. Thus the situation we have now. Millions of Illegals are “directly” responsible for our high health care & education costs, unemployment & low wages, crime, overpopulation, & more strain on our resources & more dependence on foreign oil. Until we FIRST fully secure our borders and have mandatory E-verify well in place, we cannot have an intelligent discussion on this. By the way, theissue isn’t actually Immigration, but Illegally trespassing by the Millions when we already allow 1 Million people & refugees to enter our country every year, by far the most generous in the world.

  8. Plznnn says:

    It is also inhumane to allow many unknown criminals, drug dealers, terrorists, and welfare takers to drain the resources & wages of American families. Many more children are murdered EVERY year by Illegals than the tragedy at Sandy Hook, yet Obama grants them Amnesty! Does this make any sense???

  9. S-3 says:

    Hypocritical shits – the whole lot of the… Oh, wait, this is actually something decent coming from those scumbags inhabiting and fucking up my country.

    Get back to me when they fuck up again – they will in a couple of seconds.

  10. pogo_patti says:

    I am all for Immigration done the right way! When you are living in America, working in America , getting help from Americans, stop saying you are Russian. Chinese, Mexican, or African! You are in America, working to become a citizen of the best country in the world! Say you are American! Speak English! Learn to write! Vote in the elections ! Live by American rules and Constitution! Quit trying to change us into the country you came from! If it is that good, go back! If you are an AMERICAN, be proud of it and quit leaning on your old countries ways and laws! A.welcome to all of you who are AMERICANS IN YOUR HEARTS! Keep working to get it right! Know your neighbors. Join in the events of your town or city! Volunteer to help others…it doesn’t make you money but it helps you and the ones you help! Stop being late for work, stop working under cover! If you are an American act like it! You cannot bring your country over to our country…we are not going to let you do it! Try the above! Get your citizenship and we will WELCOME YOU TO AMERICA!!!!

  11. dalnb says:

    Ford motor company, Chrysler, General Motors, the pharmaceutical companies and dozens of weight loss programs convince people through mass media avenues that their products are the best but none have or ever will prove any one of them is any better than the other. The American people are being duped everyday and soon become believers in what is repeatedly said regardless of how true and/or accurate it is. Being truthful is not what sells a product nor does it achieve the best possible solutions.

    We need truthful facts and not biased opinions void of facts. The majority of the American people do not trust the illegals or the politicians who are ready to sell America out for another vote. We do not want amnesty for illegal aliens! Too many elected officials won their way into office through massive sales campaigns financed by Hispanic and Mexican special interest groups; those politicians now have to repay their financiers. Most Americans understand the Amnesty issue is politically motivated and feel those here illegally are getting to much emphasis; far more then the ones who have chosen to obey our laws rather than illegally enter our nation!

  12. dalnb says:

    Nothing can be any more obvious than the sudden change to embrace the illegals in our nation following an election that was so full of open sparring for the vote of Hispanics?

    It was a major campaign issue frequently discussed in the media and often attacked by the Republicans as an effort by the Democrats to obtain votes through unethical and often suggested illegal efforts.

    Following the elections the Republicans acknowledged they lost the campaign by not supporting the Hispanic community and for them to retain any strength in the future they will have to pander to the Hispanics. In doing so they quickly turned from their stand against illegal aliens to a readiness to welcome them into our country.

    How truly hypocritical the Republicans quick change shows their true party concerns to be. Hypocritical too is the support of any Politician who turns their back on our laws and the “Legal Immigrant” favoring instead the illegal aliens. They are spending more time, effort and money favoring the illegal aliens than they are in helping the Legal Immigrant applicants to gain a welcome entry into our nation.

    • idamag says:

      It’s “I used to didn’t like you and now you got something I want so I like you.” They vote and the Republicans want that vote.

  13. Betta says:

    The problem is with illegal immigration and the US taxpayer having to foot the bill for them and their multiple children. We don’t like it. Mexico has the right idea on immigration. You’re not going to go there and tap into their resources. You can’t go to Mexico and jump on welfare. They will not have that and I don’t blame them not one bit. Not so here in America where you can jump off the boat and walk into an office somewhere and get immediate help.

    America is a magnate for leeches. Anyone from anywhere can come here and get free whatever they freaking want at the taxpayers expense. You can get social security when you never paid a damn dime into it and you don’t have to be a US citizen to get it. But if you’re an American citizen you are sent through hoops of fire to get help.

    We don’t need immigration reform. The laws that are already on the books need to be enforced! Illegal is illegal. Period. End of story.

  14. Pamby50 says:

    As I read through all the comments, I wonder how far back in your family history you have to go before you find when you family came to America. My grandparents came through Ellis Island. They were married in 1922. My uncle was born in 1924. Did that make him an illegal immigrant? My grandmother became a US citizen in 1929. My grandfather not until 1945. Why is it that so many people assume that all illegal immigrants are hispanic? Not true. They are Polish, Irish, Russian, Asian & many others. Yet we continue to demagogue only the hispanic. We want them to show us your papers please. We think of them as criminals, moochers or the takers of our jobs.
    I didn’t agree with George W Bush on a lot of things, but he did want to do immigration reform. To bad the rest of the republican party didn’t agree. This could have been done years ago.

    Is Emma Lazarus’s poem on the Statue of Liberty even true anymore? Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breath free. The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

  15. idamag says:

    Of course. They know the numbers of Latinos who voted for the president and they want those numbers on their side.

  16. dalnb says:

    The numbers are changing awful fast; in 2007 and 2008 the number of Americans AGAINST amnesty for the illegals was 92%; My guess is the numbers being thrown out in this article are as reliable as the true number of illegals that would get amnesty; not eleven million but more accurately somewhere between 16 and 18 million.

    Surely more than 62 percent of Americans are aware our immigration laws already provide a “pathway to citizenship.” That “Pathway” has been the route used by millions of legal immigrants who have come to our nation in complaisance with our laws over the past years. They did not disobey our laws, did not sneak into our country, did not march in our streets and tear down our flag replacing it with their own, or Mount Massive and expensive campaigns to sway the electoral interests of political candidates to grant them amnesty

    Americans should be demanding our politicians spend their time, money and energy assisting those immigrants following our “legal” pathway to citizenship rather than bending over for the illegals. The political efforts to convince Americans Amnesty for illegals in the numbers exceeding 14 million should be dropped and attention be given too supporting those who seek entry into the Pathway To Citizenship as laid out in our current laws! Ignoring our laws is an embarrassment to our nation and a slap in the face of the legal immigrants and to all U S Citizens!

    I did not give 27 years of my life in defense of our country just so those who decide to ignore our laws can come aboard and do as they desire!

  17. dalnb says:

    America is full of immigrants those who came here legally with our blessing and have strengthened our country with their offerings and their compliance with our laws.

    Unfortunately America is also threatened by millions of illegal aliens who have come here in violation of our laws. They cost America billions of dollars, they put a burden our schools, hospitals, and economy. They insist we give them the same rights and benefits we enjoy ourselves (at least those who comply with out laws).

    Our problem is we have not dealt with it. Our National laws are ignored by the illegals; when they enter our nation and every day they remain illegally in our country. Americans are jailed and imprisoned as habitual criminals for repeat offenses.

    Millions of “Legal” immigrants are here in compliance with our laws and we welcome them. We can not, do not and will not support those who come here illegally demanding rights they are not entitled too!

  18. Hollie says:

    Your welcome 🙂

  19. artolga says:

    Exactly what does comprehensive immigration reform mean? It seems to me that it means an amnesty program for illegal migrants and nothing for those law abiding people who wish to immigrate to the United States legally. Why do we give so much preference to those who are illegal? Everyone should be required to follow the same rules, which illegal’s haven’t. NO AMNESTY! EVEN IF THEY CALL IT BY A NEW NAME.

    I’m pro legal immigrant. My wife is an immigrant. She had to wait in the Ukraine before she was invited in. My 34 year old step daughter has been waiting nearly 3 years in her country of origin, and has about 5 more years before she will be invited in. Illegal’s should be required to do the same before being allowed into this country!

  20. BDC_57 says:

    He is just repeating what Rush Limpdick is saying.

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