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Monday, October 24, 2016
  • As silly and stupid as Bobby Jindal appears to most people, he will likely outshine Romney if he’s selected as VP. Why doesn’t Romney pick Sarah Palin? She’s got experience with losing tickets and she hasn’t yet endorsed the GOP’s most favorite serial liar.

  • jarheadgene

    HA HA HA…..Bobby Jindal….Gov. of Louisiana future shining star of the GOP if the WHITE regime lets him. What say ye Brethren of the KKK is he white enough or Uncle Tom enough? He didn’t seek criminal charges against Halliburton for the using subpar products in the BP oil spill, that should have earned him some points with the grand wizard.

    • 13observer

      Now you’re just being racist. By the way, it’s not “grand” wizard, it’s “imperial” wizard.

      • jarheadgene

        You are correct…..Imperial not Grand ….but isn’t it true? The GOP is mainly rich racist white guys….i.e. McConnel, Reid,Boehner…etc., etc., So forgive me, the Grandson of a TRUE NATIVE American, for my disrespect towards those who think because my skin is brown, I’m an Immigrant.

        • DurdyDawg

          Brown? Really? I never noticed.. I thought we were considered ‘red’.. Go figger.

      • I thought it was grand pubah.

        • We call Bobby the King in Louisiana. When he was running for governor there were ads showing him with a crown and scepter. He would run the state by royal decree if he could and practically already does.

        • DurdyDawg

          Funny, I stepped in some ‘pubah’ once (or was that jindal?).. Doesn’t matter, both are hell to get out between your toes. I’d hate to step in some Grand Pubah.. (yuck!).

  • agoffe

    Dear God,

    Hi, it’s Barack, please, please, please have Mitt pick Bobby Jindal.


    • Joseph Hemphill

      michelle bachman, lol

  • If Bobby gets it just round up the birthers! Was he really born in Baton Rouge or did his parents go back to India to have little Pyush? Who really knows? After all he was raised a Hindu and converted to (here’s another one for the far right evangelicals) a CATHOLIC. Yall know they will work with Catholics politically but they still think they’re going to hell. Yeah, Bobby would be a good running mate for Mitt.

    All he knows how to do with budgets is cut them, especially when it comes to money for schools and medical care. He fires everyone who disagrees with him and pays off businesses to locate in Louisiana throug the front door while the ones who are already here escape through the back door, taking all the educated people with them. On top of all that there is a big RECALL going on in Louisiana against him and his legislative clones.

    Yep, give Bobby to Mitt. He’s as perfect as Sarah Palin was.

  • Yep here we go, a Catholic and a Mormon! Ban birth control forever! 12 kid families! All male religious leaders! Go ahead, bring in Bobby. That will cancel out 90% of the female vote as well as the gay, black, and Latino votes. Obama by a landslide YAY! America is saved.

  • I thought it was Rush Limbaugh

    • DurdyDawg

      Nah! You don’t step in rush Limbaugh, that’s what you say when you gotta take a squirt., “Hey! I’m going to take a limpball now”..