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Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Senate is prepared to take up the president’s request for $60.4 billion in emergency aid for the states hit by Superstorm Sandy. But Republicans in the Senate are questioning the amount requested, and House Republicans have signaled they’re prepared to let the matter slide into next year.

A unnamed senior House Republican aide told the Wall Street Journal that the amount they are considering will be “far smaller” than the president’s request. He suggested that some of the funding requested doesn’t meet the definition of “immediate aid.”

More than six weeks have passed since the storm battered the mid-Atlantic region. Less than a month after Hurricane Katrina, a Republican Congress had passed and President Bush had signed $62.3 billion in relief.

The request has bipartisan support from New Jersey Republican Chris Christie and New York Democrat Andrew Cuomo, both of whom are near personal approval highs in polls for their  handling of the storm. Local officials want the funding voted while the storm’s memory remains fresh.

Roughly $5-6 billion is available for immediate use based on current budgeting, but local officials say more is needed.

The details of the request — which include billions to rebuild New York’s mass-transit system and other local infrastructure — were laid out in a 77-page letter to Congress, but Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), the ranking Republican on the Budget Committee, is not satisfied with the proposal.

“Who’s analyzed this? Nobody to my knowledge has in a very sophisticated way laid out a plan,”  Sessions said.

The senator would like to pass pass a smaller amount now and wait a few months for the justification for the rest.

The spokesman for incoming House Appropriations ranking member Nita Lowey (D-NY), Matt Dennis, said the request is typical of emergency measures that require immediate reaction.

“Homeowners, families, and small businesses cannot wait a few months for Congress to respond to severe need created by Sandy,” he said. “They need help now.”

Wednesday night, an all-star lineup of musicians performing at Madison Square Garden raised at least $30 million for the victims — an impressive amount that will not even equal 1 percent of what the White House and governors believe is necessary to rebuild in a way that prepares for the next storm.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Wayne Parry

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  • Let’s see…If it were problem. Obama? Let’s punish the voters for not doing what Republicans wanted in the election. What A-HOLES. Republicans need to be voted

    • This has nothing to do with the Black Card, but come on, we know it’s only because President Obama is Black (he’s actually half white), but Republicans and their followers are determined that NO credit be given to this President even in disaster situations. Anyway why did Christie to to Washington to request billions when the President had already asked for amounts in aid which the “do nothing/no” congress has yet to approve???? The President should executively cut the Bush Tax Cuts he executively extended and use the money for disaster relief like yesterday!

      • Jmz Warren-Nesky

        I’m really getting tired of this half black-half white BS.. The guy is black, period. In most official fed rules, they contend that anyone with over 1% black heritage in their blood is considered black. Playing the half black half white card is only arguing which half he really is. He’s a black man and should be proud of that distinction (as should all Americans) just as you consider yourself white regardless as to what European nation your ancestors originated from simply be cause you have white (flesh) skin. Are we too ashamed of Obama and must play the ‘white’ card in order to convince ourselves that we do have a legitimate excuse to back him? I myself back the president, not his color.. He’s our president.. He deserves to be backed by all Americans. That said, I see some of us (call them the opposition) have no inclination to back him at all.. Tell me, who in America would react in such a way? Why, un-American ass-wipes, that’s who. When Dubya stole the presidency (twice!) we did not treat him (or his first lady) with as much disrespect as has been aimed toward Obama and his family, oh wait.. similar disrespect was targeted toward EVERY democratic president.. I wonder if that’s what it’s really about and this color thing is just another excuse to hide their true biasness? after all, they (for a moment) tried to counter with their own black man AND giving the impression that he was a real black (how utterly ridiculous as we are all Americans first).. that alone should have shown you what these neo-con idiots really hate (not having absolute power and worse, being one-upped by a democrat).

      • RB

        I think that is the truth. They will cut off their nose to spite their face. The President needs to cut them out of the equation. That is what you do with obstructionists.

      • omg your a racist! Why blame everything on someones skin colorinstead ot the damn truth! Obama is backing the Syrian rebels now which will not only cost us billions in defense, but in American lives! Where is the money going to come from for Sandy/ he gonna pull it out of his bony ass? There will be NO money when this muslim brotherhood/Syrian thing is over.Obummer will make sure of that! Get off your racist ride and see people for who they are instead of hiding behind some stinking lie that reeks of bigotry and racism! Obama asked for millions for Everything on HIS agenda and got it, or just took it! He has been promoting the “peaceful “muslms for his entire term. sending American money to Kenya and everywhere else he could beef up his people. the socialist commies, NOT black people! WAKE UP YOU FOOL!

        • Brenda Gaines

          Incorrect grammar; It’s not your, it’s you’re, a contraction of you are. And then there are the spelling mistakes, but that is not all you got wrong; The deficit is decreasing faster than any time since WWII, the Obama budget is cutting or eliminating 127 unnecessary govt. programs, and saving taxpayers at least $250 billion, but the Republicans in Congress only want to serve the rich and punish the unfortunate, the poor and elderly. They will do anything to keep the President from leading, even crashing the economy, raising everyone’s taxes, stopping unemployment benefits and defunding the military. You obviously don’t know how the budget works or what is going on. Obama is not a communist, a socialist or even very progressive, he is a centrist, and is trying very hard to get along with you foaming-at -the-mouth Republicans.

          • Brenda what a beautiful reply to an idiotic comment. Your grammar corrections were perfect. I have seen your used for you’re in this forum too many times. I can take typos but when people are too lazy or stupid to make sure they use proper word usuage I’m glad to point it out

        • MrFreeman122

          Damn, you’re an idiot!!!!!!!!!

    • Don’t Worry They Are Just Putting The Nails In Their Own Coffins!! Soon They Will Join The Dodos And The Whigs Just Another Low Life Party Only Out For Themselves!! The GOP/Tea Party = The American Taliban Our Very Own Home Grown Terrorists Cells Operating In Plain Sight!!! 🙁 These Traitors Give Less Than A Damn About America Or The American People!! Their Only Agenda Is Power Control And Number One MONEY For Themselves!! But You Can Bet That They Are Ready, Willing And Be Happy To Give More Money For Another WAR!!!

      • Hi Fern . You Libitards do realize that the Republicans are rightfully holding this up because your Democrats tried to use the emergency spending of it to fund things that have nothing to do with Sandy or its victims …right ? So if you want to blame someone get on the phone and tell the Dems to stop using Sandy relief as a Political Football. Urge them to be straight and not try to fund nonsense projects that have nothing to do with Sandy relief as an excuse to funnel money to their cronies . The federal govt isnt Chicago …Let me know how you do with that OK …O’ll be waiting to hear how that goes over .

        • …and the republicans didn’t do the same thing with Bush’s request. How do you address that? Oh you cannot. The same thing was done for the Iraq war. Mr Bush asked for a blank check and it was granted him. When the dems questioned, they were reprimanded for questioning the president.

        • Michael – I take it you do not live in the Sandy devastated area.

          • He’s A Troll And All He Do Is Troll And LIE!!

          • Ron

            Hey Fern, I agree with you 100%. “But I would not of used those words”…..Hahaha just kidding !

          • Could It Be That You’re Not Fern??? LOL

        • Hey Troll Go Suck Out Of A Dead Moose Ass!! You Still Lying As Always And You Still Can’t Get It Thru Your Koch Brothers Butt Sucking Ass Stop Talking To Me Bitch With Your Bullshit!! You Must Either Be Into S/M Or You Are One Lonely Bastard!!! Go FUCK YOURSELF!!!

        • Go soak your hole filled head!

        • patuxant

          You are an A-hole

        • Frank

          You of course obtained this nonsense from the conservative entertainment parallel unreality universe. The amounts are all for documented and specific Sandy relief. If you believe otherwise, you are delusional.

          • Actually I heard it on ABC news, hardly a bastion of Republican propaganda. Cited as examples were a new roof for the Smithsonian which admitted that the roof was leaking before the storm and something for some place in Virginia which was barely glazed by Sandy. Can’t recall the rest.

          • Frank

            Of course a leaking roof is a far cry from one needing replacement post-storm. “Some place in Virginia which was barely glazed” may or may not be involved in the request for the States of NJ, NY and CT (where I live). In any event, is that sufficient to hold up $60.4 Billion for those state’s relief when it has been more weeks than ever before to allocate the funding? Every application still has to be reviewed and accepted, so your presumptuous comment is still uninformed.

          • And remember, the request said it was to fix the problems caused by Sandy and to PREVENT ANOTHER STORM FROM CREATING MORE DAMAGE!!! Which obviously covers fixing an existing leaking roof!!

        • RB

          Michael I only have two words for you Bull Shit!

        • karinursula

          Michael Stoll you are an Idiot. Stop watching that News for Idiots Fox Channel.

        • so what are these things that have nothing to do with sandy relief that you think democrats are wanting? you are an idiot if you think they want to do anything other than help those folks that need help! today if you were out there with no home or power or transportation you would be saying what are they waiting on and it seems to me the name calling and the boycotting every step that the democrats are trying to do gets twisted around to make them look bad but its not working people see what the republicans are doing and are sick and tired of it do what is best for the people not whats best for the republican party stop all the greedy selfish behavior and start uniting together and work for the growth and refurbishing of what has broke down in this great nation help each other out instead of treating each other like someone might steal something from you be a neighbor not a finger pointer be compassionate not a bully and futhermore all these people crying no body wants to work and democrats want everything handed to them well shut it we work as hard as the next person so thats a bunch of crap too its not about free handouts its about survival its about being able to make it payday to payday and about being able to provide a safe and clean enviroment for our children
          about showing how when united we can make things work out for the betterment of everyone not about one party against another i really think that the republicans have forgotten thier morals and what would jesus do what happened to one nation under god would he really want us pointing fingers and being greedy no he wants us to be neighbors to one another help thy neighbor isnt that what it says i mean come on you wanna throw down all this republican and democrat finger pointing really?
          why not just say yeah come on lets help these folks get their lives back together after such a tragidy and the transportation back up and running and do it now not two or three months from now that is absurd

        • Would you mind citing some specifics instead of just casting the usual claims without offering any evidence to support your statement? Sandy caused a lot of pain and misery to a lot of Americans. Holding back aid for political reasons, after wasting billions in countries where our help is not welcomed or appreciated, is sickening and when it involves elecetd officials it borders in treason. Again, please provide specifics to support your claim.

        • Fubom

          Shut your lying pie hole Michael Troll.

        • MRD1056

          For once I would love to hear a fact come out of the Repukes mouths. You all never seem to have any facts! List specifics and we can debate it. If not go jerk off infront of your TV watching FOX like you usually do.

        • Michael please provide a list of these other things. I am also requesting you grow a pair and quit blaming an entire city for your political pain.

        • Eleanore Whitaker

          How about you lose your home and see if you’ll get right back on your feet? I live in NJ…don’t you dare tell me what we lived through in Hurricane Sandy. If your Republicans weren’t so free with MY tax dollars when they handed $12 billion to Big Oil in May, that money could have been used for aid to those 2 million people in NY, NJ and CT who lost everything. But thanks for letting us know which people in which states MY taxes dollars won’t help when you states have a disaster. Selfish to the max…disgusting commentary on humanity.

        • You tea bagging morons can’t see that the GOP is making fools of you all. You think they give a whit about anybody or anything other than money and you are an idiot. Oh yeah, that was already clear.

          • Ron

            Hi Benny…the Tea Baggers really do not need anyone’s help looking foolish…they can accomplish that on their own !

        • Michael why start with name calling? Why not just make your statement, back it up with some real facts and go from there?

        • lexi001

          I guess you missed the pork put in by the Republican’s?


        • First Of All You Have No Respect For The President Of The United States!! With The Box-Head Look, We Know There’s Brain Damage Going On, You Are Just Another Tea Bagging Troll!! If You Don’t Like It MOVE!!! Go Back To WHD Where All The Good Little Binder Bitches Go!! Don’t Forget Bush And Bin Laden Was Life Long Family Friends And Obama Gave The Order To Put Out His Lights !! So You Like So Many Trolls That Crawl On To This Web Site Are Just A Bunch Of Knuckle Dragging, Low Life, Inbred Fox Fake News Watching, Rush Limdick Listening, Bullshit Talking LIARS!!! Your Next Reply To Me Will Get You Ripped A New Asshole!!

          • hey fern, regina is an indication that the domestic terrorist republican/tea party haven’t wiped their ass good enough. she’s just the dirty skid marks left behind by a failed shitty campaign.

          • LOL Good One My Friend!! 🙂

        • Ron

          Regina…you have 4 more years of President Obama…..I do not think you will be able to survive…your head will explode….LOVE IT !

        • Regina you are so typical of the right wing bs’er on this forum. You call President Obama by some idiotic and juvenile variation of his name. You then make make outrageous claims that you present any evidence for, throw terms like socialist around when I know you can’t tell me what Socialism is and then make lying statements that you probably are parroting from Fox not-the-News. You are the one who needs a reality check.

        • lexi001

          Regina, I think you need serious help, really.

      • yeah buddy!.

      • I think we are in for a rough ride. The Republicans are angry at America because of the election. They are bound and determined to make us all pay.We have a moral imperative to help our stricken neighbors. Chris Cristy did’nt bite the hand that fed him, and Republicans are mad!!

        • As Long As The Wealthy Start Paying Their Fair Share of Taxes Around Here, All I Can Say Is BRING IT!! We Will Ride It Out Together And Together We Will Get Rid Of The No Good Ass GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Members In Office Come 2014!!!

        • Yes Steven you hit the nail on the head, they are afraid of everything and want revenge. doomsday doomsday is what they preach.

          • Always Looking For The Boogie Man When They Are The Boogie Man!!! It’s All Done To Brainwash The Trolls Out Here!!! The Main Goal Of Fox Fake News And Rush Limdick Is To Brainwashed These Trolls And It’s Working!!!

          • BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!: 28 Dead Including Shooter In New Town Connecticut!!! 20 Kids 8 Adults Which Includes Shooter Mother, Shooter And Another One Of The Shooter Relative!!

        • onedonewong

          Last I looked it was barak that wants to raise taxes not Republicans

          • Yes!! And they should never have been cut for the wealthy in the first place!!!!

          • onedonewong

            I’m sure they are willing to see theit taxes go up just as soon as the 47% who don’t pay taxes start

    • they will be

    • here,here!

    • onedonewong

      W would have offered up saving to pay for it. barak just thinks $$ grows on trees, since he’s been on the public dole his entire life

      • I should know better than reply to a fool but if Obama loves money so much, why has he cut deficit spending faster than any pres. since WWII?? And by the way, do you happen to know that since WWII every GOP president but Eisenhower has raised our deficts leaving ever Dem president to cut them!! And every Dem president has!!! Reagan and the two Bushes were the drunken sailor spenders!! Being responsible for more than 90% of our deficits: So if there’s a shortage of money around, you know where the blame goes!! The GOP DID IT!!!! ROBBED AMERICA’S TAXPAYERS EVERY CHANCE THEY’VE GOTTEN!!!!!

        • onedonewong

          Only in Bizzaro world can some one add $10Trillion to the deficit and some loon claims that he CUT deficit spending. Do they not teach cyphering in 3rd grade anymore???
          The deficit has gone up since 1900 every time this country has a democratic congress

    • right cookie pacheco !!!! a thumbs up for that !!!!!!

  • Our country is in a downward spiral and all the blame is directed at the Republicans, shame on you. Democrats are as much to blame. Both parties need to get their heads out of their ass and work for the people. It’s time we stop pointing fingers and demand that both Republicans and Democrats work together for a better America.

    • highpckts

      If you notice the article said the Republicans are stalling but n I agree! Both parties need to get their heads out of their asses!!

      • adler56

        another dumbass righty.

    • adler56

      You’re full of crap loser. For four years repugnants have voted no on everything- were you in a coma?

    • Shame on you Jay for thinking anything good has come out of the republicans.
      Can you name one to keep me straight?

    • grandma_grapes

      The finger-pointing and obstructionism should have stopped a long time ago. The only way is to get the foot-draggers out. These people need HELP. This kind of weather kills people… We don’t hem and haw buying bombs and such. Let’s get it done so we can get back on our feet as a nation.

    • Lisztman

      Hate to say it, Jay. The Dems have extended all KINDS of stuff. Made all kinds of proposals. Perfect proposals? Not necessarily. But a 90% plan today is better than a perfect plan at some unspecified and unreliable time in the future.

      What’s the latest from the Republicans in Congress? More “make the 2001 tax cuts permanent”. Those 10-year (now 12) tax cuts. And the GOP answer to Dem proposals? Obama didn’t offer sufficient spending cuts. And his revenue increase was too much. But I AM going to point fingers. Because NOTHING in ANYTHING the GOP has proposed puts actual numbers and data on their “proposals”.

      They propose “closing loopholes” to increase tax revenue. But they haven’t specified which loopholes, and how much revenue will thus be obtained. They’re being purposely vague because their numbers and plans don’t exist but such words make it sound like they’re open to compromise. They complain that spending is too high. But they have yet to propose an actual plan, with numbers, subjected to the rigors of independent fact-checking, that says where their cuts will be applied and with what results. (It’s too easy to just say “change the Medicare age” without accounting for the increased costs elsewhere — such as resultant increases in emergency care.) And THEN they exclude sacred cows like the DoD. Why should the F-35 be more sacred than feeding our hungry; educating our children; caring for our retired workforce (all of which they repeatedly put on the chopping block)?

      It’s always the same. The GOP tosses out a “great” idea, a “grand” plan. Nearly ALL of their plans help corporations and rich individuals while providing minimal benefit, if any (usually a cost) to low- and middle-income taxpayers.

      E.g., allow cross-state insurance “to increase competition and reduce insurance costs”. They have yet to actually produce any study, subjected to unbiased analysis, that shows what benefit that will provide to anyone outside of the insurance industry. Tort reform, with zero credible data on how much that will yeild. Or “reducing taxes will result in a balanced budget, if you give it five or ten years.” Well, that’s been tried a couple of times now, and it STILL doesn’t work. And not only have they zero data to support their position, but they deny the data that shows the opposite to be true. But it benefits their rich donors, so they’ll continue to push it.

      In short, Republicans keep beating the same tired drums. They continue to promote pipe dreams. They continue to make promises of fulfillment at some magical time in the future. They apparently do not realize that they’re being called on this crap.

      So, yes. By all means, call on Reps and Dems to work together. But the Dems are, and have been, trying. And are met with extreme obstinacy. I suspect from the tenor of your comment that you’re trying to come across as a “good” conservative — even though I freely admit such apparent contradictions actually exist. But at the moment the Republicans just lost another shot at the Presidency and lost seats in both branches of Congress. If they don’t bend just a little more, they’ll assume further losses two years from now. And THAT won’t be any fault but their own. Their obstinacy is downright childish.

    • You are a complete idiot. All the blame is being directed exactly where it should be, toward the do nothing Republicans. It’s the Republicans that aren’t and haven’t been working for the people, they have done everything in their power to hurt American citizens and to sink America. They are a bunch of old fools and if their States that elected them don’t vote them out of office, they are even bigger fools.

    • karinursula

      You are an Idiot. What pisses me off That the Re pub. Congress seem to think that is their money, but it is our money, the taxpayers.

  • Great way to keep the romance between Obama and Christie green, guys. One of the strongest contenders for the next Presidential nomination is being betrayed by his own party and forced to turn to the Democrats for assistance to his stricken State.

    Christie in 2016! (on the Democratic ticket?)

    • july860

      If you remember, Christie got A LOT of backlash from fellow republicans immediately after Sandy hit when he said he “couldn’t care less” if Romney came to tour Jersey after the storm (or words to that effect). It wouldn’t surprise me if there were consequences to his treatment by “fellow republicans”…..

  • WhutHeSaid

    Honestly, is there ANYTHING that the Republicans in Congress have done in the last year that has helped Americans in any way? Sheesh.

    • Caused us more grief than anything- 2014 may they pay for there actions!!!

    • Yes they have tried to stop BaROKE Obama from spending your kids into oblivion

      • WhutHeSaid

        Well that’s pretty interesting since President Obama has the LOWEST spending growth rate of all of the Presidents in the last 30 years. In fact, out of all the Presidents since 1980, the 2 Democrats grew federal spending at a lower rate than ALL of the Republican Presidents. Reagan was the King of Federal Spending Growth during his 1st term, with GW Bush coming in a close second during his 2nd term.

        Now then, since your lying can’t change the FACTS — what will you try next?

      • WhutHeSaid

        President Obama holds the record for the LOWEST annualized growth in federal spending in the last 30 years. That’s right LOWER than the growth under Reagan (8.7% 1st term, 4.9% 2nd term), LOWER than Bush I (5.4%), LOWER than Clinton (3.2% 1st term, 3.9% 2nd term, and LOWER than Bush II (7.3% 1st term, 8.1% 2nd term).

        I’m sure you’d like to falsely accuse Obama for the 2009 budget, however, that was put in place by none other than G.W. Bush — and it was in effect starting October 2008 — 4 months before Obama’s inauguration (that’s the start of the federal fiscal year).

        Here are the CORRECT growth rates for the budgets that Obama was actually responsible for thus far:

        2010: -1.8%
        2011: +4.3%
        2012: +0.7%

        If you include projections for fiscal year 2013, Obama’s 1st term annualized spending growth rate would be around 0.4%.

        Not only is Obama’s federal spending growth LOWER than any of the Republican Presidents in the last 30 years, but BOTH Democrat Presidents had a LOWER annualized spending growth rate than ALL of the Republican Presidents. Reagan was the king of annualized federal spending growth at 8.7% in his 1st term (remember Star Wars or SDI?), with Bush a close runner-up at 8.1% in his 2nd term (the same term where he nearly hurled the country into another Great Depression).

        So why is it that people like you lie about Obama’s spending until your tongue nearly bursts into flame?

        • Great post!! Just loved it!!!

        • Michael, my only question is: In computing the spending rates, did you use just their budgets, or did you also include the pet projects they kept out of their budgets? It seems like, Bush Jr. spent almost more outside his budget on the wars and unfunded legislation that he signed that him not having a higher spending rate than Reagan just seems odd. (From the numbers I have, Reagan ran up about 1.3 trillion in deficits; whereas with his last Budget going into 9/30/09, Bush Jr. ran up at least 7 trillion(and t hat doesn’t include any surplus he may/or may not have inherited from Clinton).

      • patuxant

        Again, you are an A-hole

      • Michael aren’t you cute BaROKE instead of Obama. You must feel sooooo intelligent with that one. Of ocurse you don’t offer any proof of your claim.

      • Tell me Michael, do you ever do any research on your own? Or do you just spout the lies and distrotions that the gleam from Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Faux News??? I have serious doubts that you ever check out any of the garbage that these known lying sources spew. (And you do realize that Rush Limbaugh and Faux News lead the nation in a recent poll of Americans on what are the main sources of lies and distortions in the news, right????)

    • You’re being awfully kind by saying ‘in the last year’. I’d like to see a GOP lover come up with one things since the Big Depression that the GOP has done to help America. (And Eisenhower supporting the building of America’s interstate system doesn’t count – he was an independent running as a Republican). I cannot think of one truely beneficial accomplishment to attach to a Republican, since Teddy Roosevelt worked so hard at establishing a number of our national parks. The GOP fought against Soc. Sec. during FDR’s terms and against a lot of the infrastructure improvements he pushed for; they fought againse establishing Medicare during LBJ’s term; and have even tried to water down the uses of 401Ks and even tried to downplay Corporations providing pensions. And Bush signing the Medicare Drug benefit was really intended to be a giveaway to the drug industry so they could line their pockets with taxpayer money like the defense industry companies did after he started the two wars. So can someone help me here; what has the GOP done to really help America during any GOP presidency since Teddy Roosevelt???? I’m at a loss to find one thing. (I can list you a large number of downers: like Reagan signing the law that allows anyone to get medical care from an ER even if it’s not truely an emergency, and running up 15 trillion in deficits the past 30 years by keeping pet projects out of their budgets which was also started by Reagan; and starting an unnecessary war with Iraq, and passing to unwise/unfunded tax cuts; etc. etc.

  • highpckts

    Of course they are! If it doesn’t affect them directly they don’t give a rat’s Ass!! Jerks!!

  • stcroixcarp

    People don’t matter only money. What a bunch of evil skinflints those republicans are.

  • adler56

    Sessions is a southern moron. “Who’s analyzed this?” is an example of stupid southerners. “Who analyzed this” is sufficient.

    • Owen Johnson

      It’s 77 pages. Do you expect Sessions to even read it? You have to wonder how many Republicans in Congress have read it; they don’t need to because they’re opposed to it no matter what it says. After all, it’s a request from the Obama administration AND it would help middle and lower class people.

  • James Dyer

    If i did my job like these idiots do their’s, I would not have a job anymore. These congress people work for us. They think it is the other way around.
    It is just getting worse and worse. Not matter what is good for the citizens, the Rethugs obstruct. What are we letting them get away with that. I am surprised i havd not heard Sandy was Gods way of punishing the middle class for not being conservative enough!

    • highpckts

      No but they believe that it was Sandy that caused Romney’s loss of the elction! ROFL!!

  • Progressive?
    Tax Paid Federal-State-Local 2010
    Lowest 20%=16.2% of Income
    second 20%=20.7%
    middle 20%=25.1%
    fourth 20%=28.5%
    next 10%=30.0%
    next 5%=31.1%
    next 4%=31.3%
    top 1%=30.
    Total=28.4% (#3 least lowest in OECD)
    Bottom 90%=27.9%

  • Pamby50

    I think we should move their families into these areas. Right now as a matter of fact. Then lets move some of the families affected by hurricane Sandi into their homes. I think that is only right.

  • The people that are suddenly concerned about aiding fellow Americans rebuild their homes and businesses in New York and New Jersey are the same politicians who had no problem wasting over $1.5T in crusades in nation building in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hopefully people will remember this in 2014…

    • patuxant

      Yes, great point, Dom. Let’s rally behind the Bush man and give all kinds of aid and military assist to people we don’t even know. Holding back relief to the victims of Sandy is totally unconscionable!

  • Chad1945

    Idiots, the whole republican lot of them. Unfortunately they will still get he votes needed to retain their offices. That’s how stupid some people are in this country.

  • ANGERED! Over 600,000 homes destroyed, all there belongings & everything gone they ever worked for. Sandy Relief Concert Aid & all who contributed & State Farm Ins. Making Sure that 100 % of all donations went to victims of the Greatest storm ever & Republicans WON’T HELP! I’m OUTRAGED! Holidays around the corner &This is AMERICA- GOP’S GET THE HELL OUT OR STAND ASIDE- LET US HELP OUR PEOPLE! LAND OF THE FREE- QUIT HOLDING US HOSTAGE!

  • nagena

    What Bad Losers these heartless Bigots are. They are punishing ordinary helpless citizens in a blinded and mean way in the hope that many, Loser Romney’s 47ers, will have voted for Obama. It only goes to prove even more how the US is well-rid of them for the next four years, and beyond. No wonder President Obama swore to go more to The People in this next term, explaining the nature of the danger posed by the G.O.P: what’s Grand about it anyhow? nagena

  • If this were the south and a bunch of red states there would be no problem

  • Annemb

    So, what else is new with Republicans???

  • They will not help Christie because he shook the Presidents hand and said he was doing a good job handling the disaster, and Christie is a moderate. It is only the conservatives that are holding it up.

  • I agree with you but this is subject/issue that Repubs should not be partisan about. When there was flooding in the Midwest Dems did not hold up money, Katrina, did not hold it up and Tornado outbreaks in the south not there either

  • Us up here in NY and NJ put more more money into the Fed than we get back, so I think we deserve it, unlike states in the south where the opposite is true, those states are living of our dime, I do not mind so much because they are poor states, but do not hold up money that is needed up here, and if you do not believe me on the Fed money thing, just look it up, you will be shoocked.

  • bstockinger

    New York and New Jersey aren’t Republican enough to warrant federal aid, at least that’s what it looks like if you look at political party representation. Its especially stark the contrast between Katrina aid and Sandy aid. How long did it take for the first emergency appropriations to get passed for Katrina?

  • 012647020451

    You all should be ashamed of yourselves. o ye hardhearted and stiffnecked republicans. Did you not learn anything from the past election? Apparently not, for now you are punishing the peple for your dismal lost. Trust me, you all are going to rue the day that you blocked funds from those people in need. You must remember some of those people voted your sorry behinds in office. Vindictive, vicious and vengeful should not be the way for public officials should act. Retaliation is a game that should not be played by adults, especially when it deals with peoples’ lives and livelyhhoods are at stake. It is time for you all to suck it up, put on your big boy draws and get down to the business of serving the people, not trying to hamstring the President. Did you not hear the people, or you have such lack of respect for them that you insist on doing the WRONG THINGS.


  • Guess Gov. Christie will run as a repugnican, they treat him so well. Just like they treat all of us average Americans. Rotten and filthy. Disgusting. Shameful. Now there’s another state not worth living in – Michigan. Shame again. Why did Michigan voters elect these jerks – repugs? They are paying for it dearly.

  • trell8


    • karinursula

      You know I never thought that in 2012, almost 2013 will still have so many ugly and hating people in our country. I really thought that the time of the KKK was over. the only difference they don’t wear white sheets anymore. I’m really disgusted with the GOP

      • With David Duke Alive And Well Hiding In The Ranks Of The Tea Party Being Led By The Nazi Koch Brothers KKK Is Far From Being Over!!! 🙁

  • How uncompassionate, uncaring and un-American on the part of the Republican party

  • MJRinPA

    “Wednesday night, an all-star lineup of musicians performing at Madison Square Garden raised at least $30 million for the victims …”
    It’s amazing that pop & rock stars can raise more money for disaster relief than our Republican Congress!
    Wait, that’s not exactly right
    Musicians – Amazing
    Republicans in Congress – Shameful

    • InsideEye

      You guys are nuts, people in NJ are getting relief in millions, they will be getting more also. I know, I live there.

      • patuxant

        Think you must be a fool.

      • If you live in New Jersey do you live in the part of the state hit the hardest by Sandy or do you live in the part of the state that didn’t get a lot of damage from Sandy. Also New Jersey was not the only state that Sandy hit so while don’t you give some of the relief money you say New Jersey is getting and share with the other states hit by Sandy. The Republicans are holding the victims of Sandy hostage to try and make the President drop his demand that the taxes be raised on the rich so that they and their rich friends and donors won’t have to pay their fair share of taxes and the middle class will have to bear the burden of more taxes.

        • karinursula

          I guess you could call that blackmail.

    • The charity concert was broadcast and reached worldwide. First, Sandy didn’t do as much damage as Katrina, so not as much is needed. Second, Obama, as usual tried to slide a smuch pork as possible into this bill, and he got caught by the people that are supposed to stop it. Instead of being upset over this red herring, why not be upset over Obama’s lies to cut red tape and get people help. There are still people without power!! His handling of this is unforgivable. There are millions waiting to be spent, but the red tape won’t allow. Hey koolaid drinkers-you voted an incompetent idiot into the White House. Deal with it.

      • WhutHeSaid

        Just because Obama is smarter than you, wealthier than you, more successful than you, more popular than you, more honest than you — in fact, pretty much your superior in every possible way is no reason for you lie and pout in public.

        I’m sure that getting bested in every possible way by a black man breaks your shriveled and bigoted little heart, but then it’s a mean old world sometimes — so sorry. You’ll just have to deal with the fact that he whupped your ass but good — twice.

        Please feel free to have a good cry about it.

      • patuxant

        You are an idiot. You like making up shit don’t you?

        • karinursula

          I second that, Are these people dare to look at themselves in the mirror? How do they come up with all these lies?

  • William Deutschlander

    The Republicans are to IGNORANT to govern of, by & for the majority of the people!

  • carlos lascoutx

    …someone notify the D.C. dogcatcher the Hill is overrun with Republican mutts who have
    slipped their master’s leash, are not accountable to any body, and are biting whomsoever
    they encounter named Bill.

  • The republicans think everything they are doing is going to come back against the Presidency in the future but they are so wrong the young people (all future voters) know it is the republican party that caused the trouble during the last 4 years and they are watching how they are leading in the wrong direction again so 2014 get here fast so we can vote more of them out

  • LELR

    It is so sad that some people dislike that the President was so successful that they will be willing to let the country fail just to oppose his every move. God help us!!!

  • Tpyge


  • ronlar

    Republi-Scrooge Economics

    Hooray for me, and Scrooge You!

  • rpg1408

    Could it be that the States affected by Hurricane Sandy were those that went for Obama ? No. That would be too obvious and too crass, even for Republicans. On the other hand is there anything they won’t do to punish Obama and those of us that voted for him ?

  • They’ll literally go so far as destroying our great country instead of allowing any possibility of Obama getting credit for anything. The part that really puzzles me is why would the little republicans keep putting those nincompoots in office when it is obviously against their own good. I’m baffled, but not surprised. What is obvious is that the republicans in congress are completely bought and paid for by the filthy rich and they know that the only people truly in need are not part of the 1%.

  • I wonder what Gov Christie now thinks about the republican party.

  • mountainmancol

    These extreme TGea Cuppers have taken over the US House of Representatives and taken control away from Conservative and moderate Republicans. Even Speaker of the House, Bohner , has no say or power to do anything. They are holding the victims of Sandy hosdtage for political leverage. The pledge to Norquest “no tax increases” supercedes their pledge to help the American people. Did the Democrats do that to President Bush during his natural disasters? I think not! The bottm line is “political hate”. Don’t do anything to make Obama look good or help the Democrats win in the 2014 or 2016 elections. They can look that far ahead, but not see as far as New Jersey and other eastern states to help poor working people! They even criticed the Governor of New Jersey for thanking President Obama for his quick response and help to the people of New Jersey! The new Extreme Tea Cuppers Republican pary has a po9ilicy of delay and obstruction at all cost. To hell with the middle cl;ass and working poor! They should all be fired and sent home! If We The People can not do that then we should give their salaries to nthe people suffering from the disaster.
    God Help The American People. Save us from the Extreme Tea Cuppers!

  • bcarreiro


  • mrobbins810

    Just typical of the idiots in washington, that’s why I changed my political afillation.. Our representative in washington are a disgrace and a failure to the american people, they need to throw all of them out of office…REVOLUTION!!!!!

  • lourdmar

    Too bad these shameless and disgraced Congress ‘people’ don’t lose their homes just to see what it’s like, nor their medical care or their salaries. They instead get paid for preventing governing and represent the epitome of greed, ill will and insensitivity. In any other job they would be fired. Better people than have lost their jobs.

  • These dispicable Republican’s cannot be done down soon enough. If this was there districts or states in problems the response would be much different, but NJ Governor has killed himself because he dared work with the President and NewYork has never enjoyed Reublican love.

  • wfredjan

    The American Taliban is headed by Koch brothers and their ALEC cell and bought politians and of coarse is designed to serve the rich and Greed and corperate legal murder and theift and cartell style policys. and purpetuated by our own stupidity and lack of spine

  • Let the oil companies and car companies pay for it all! Quit making cars that run on gasoline, and quit suppressing the new technologies that makes all fuels obsolete!

  • turtlewoman1039

    The patriotism of republicans / taliabngelists / tp’s begins and ends with a flag pin. They have no loyalty to this country or to their fellow Americans – empty words and $$$ are their only values.

  • I see no reason why the federal government should pay to repair infastructure repairs and help people in the Northeast any more then we should ever pay to repair infastrcture repairs and help people in the South.

    This is America, we do not need to help people. This will show the world what kind of people we are.

    We are not Leaning Forward, this country is Leaning Backward to the Guilded Age of the late 19th Century.

  • dalnb

    These things SHOULD NOT BE FORGOTTEN when it comes time to cast a vote for elected officials who put our nation, communities and people above party interests. However – memory seems to be a fleeting thing and is far too often overshadowed by expensive campaigns pushing special interest groups and high cost agenda. For many the problems will be remembered far after many dead-beat congressmen and senators have left office. In the interim perod it is imperative we remember those who choose to “follow” party dictates rather than seek out and push the best interests of our country. The life and welfare of our families, friends and neighbors has to mean more than following party goals and objectives of becoming the dominant party – as Senator Mitch McConnell pointed out. We all need to see that Senators and Congressman from both parties who work for the best interest of America are given our support – BUT – those who blindly fall in behind party leaders are removed from office at the earliest possible opportunity. We should be aware of their true dealings and not dazzeled by their BS on radio and TV. It is time people like Mitch McConnell and his followers find new jobs!

    • karinursula

      You know the money would also bring a lot of jobs for the rebuilding.

  • We have to vote these people out of office. Come on New jersey and New York.

  • patuxant

    No other way to say it…Unf—king believable! Whatever they can do to thwart anything Obama tries to do they will block it. Am sure they hate that Christie walked arm-in-arm so to say with the President. That truly pisses them off. But guess what? They don’t give a crap about any person on this planet, only their own self-interests. Totally disgusting!

  • Just plain stupid! Stupid is as Stupid does!

  • RB

    Republicans did not learn the lesson that the election taught them. They have a slow learning curve. I guess it will take another couple of elections to vote them all out to show them they have become the dinosaurs of the political world. How did they get sooooo out of touch???

    • karinursula

      Their arrogance knows no bounds. It is really unbelievable that because a Democrat, and a black President ask for the help there will turn him down. Unreal. Is the GOP Congress not working for the American people anymore? Does anyone hold them responsible for their inaction? That reminds of the movie “Network”, We don’t take anymore

  • smidgen

    Where did you get the information that if you are 1% black you are black, what if you are 1% white does that make you white; if so our president is our first biracial president. Not black and not white Bi-racial.
    That said, what the Gop is doing is shooting their foot off. They have lost all credability and are behaving like children. The Gop is having a collective tantrum.

    • Smidgen he is referring to what used to be a law in the old South. There was a law passed to protect the white slave owners and their overseers from having to admit that a biracial child that they fathered with a female slave was theirs and was 1/2 white so the law said that if a person had as little as 1% blood from a black person you were to be considered black and could not get your freedom just because your father was white.

  • Simhamuka

    What a bunch of A-holes.

    • karinursula


  • TSB

    When will we ever learn not to have a republican controlled congress, when will we ever learn?

  • Linda Miller

    Time to gag them and tie them up. Then drag them off the hill and then maybe we can get something done. They are the ugliest group of people on the planet.

  • Linda Miller

    Time to march on the capitol?

  • truevoice4real


  • The only thing the commie GOP care about is upper upper rich, they want to take away womens right, childrens rights and the Americans workers rights that is what commies do

  • America should have voted them all out in November. Even as lame ducks, they’re still obstructing progress. They should all be a bunch of lame duck Republicans which would make their obstructionism more digestible until January.

  • well the commie GOP party are realy showing how they care for upper upper rich, and how they don’t care for middle and lower class, they want to take away womens rights, take away childrens rights and taken away Americans workers Rights, you see when comes down helping are Americans Borthers and Sisters there family they can care less, pushing Right to Work is realy take away Workers Rights to Rights at all, thats what commies do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Are these Republican fools really so stupid they will cut off their noses to spites their collective face? Wow, it must really be a rectal pain to have that stick so far up your arse. I surely hope they enjoy their idiocy now because as each term ends, man it will end! The first thing the Democratic held Congress and House should do in 2014 is to end lifetime pensions and medical insurance for ex-Senators and Congressmen. If cutting off their lifelong freeloading doesn’t get the attention of future hostage holders of the American economy, then nothing will.

  • Michael – are you really such a blind freaking idiot that you don’t understsand, you and your Repugs friends are about to be thrown over the side of the ship for your treachery and anti-everything that is not Repug antics. The real people, not Koch and friends, and Faux News zombies, are done with this nonsense. If you don’t believe, just hang in there until 2014!

  • dsand1445

    I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of the republicans Grand Obstructionist Party
    A gang of old angry white men. Bitter because they lost the election. When they openly with no shame lied and cheated to win and yet still didn’t win. The only thing they care about is trying to make Obama look bad. LOL even when it makes them look stupid and foolish i.e Sen. Mitch McConnell having to filibuster his own bill. The Media need to stop portraying this as both parties being guilty of this foolishness. When they know full damn well the republicans have went off the sanity cliff.

  • yep, these republicans will ruin the country just for ther own party n them selfs,, these same republicans didnt care when Bush had us in two wars n puting all that on the credit card,, n ruin the country financially !!! put millions of people out of work, n lost there homes , I will never vote for a republican!!!!

  • They ( the obstructionists) are one click away from making me go out there and getting VERY rude to them. I am very short on patience and cannot be held rfesponsible if I…I RAISE MY VOICE in a stern manner to them ! I will turn loose the DOGS of SCORN and RIDICULE on them and make them RUE the DAY !! ( Have tyo be careful what one says on Social Networks these days, lest you get your pee-pee whacked. )

  • JQP

    Republicans are Fiscal conservatives, oversight and accountability should always be in in any request for funds. There is to much graft involved when funds are doled out, there is a lot of abuse and mismanagement. “It wasn’t an official bill request … it didn’t have the justifying documents,” Haste makes Waste!

  • Timothy Flanagan

    Michael Stoll: It’s a good thing U don’t live in the areas that Sandy hit, U may be singing a different tune if U did!!!

  • Timothy Flanagan

    Michael Stoll: If you lived in the ares that Sandy hit, U would be singing a different tune!! The Republicans who are elected to office hold up EVERYTHING if it does not make money for corporations. The people are sick of them, and they will all be out of a job, and The GOP will be gone to if they continue their crap!!!

  • WHEN are they going to learn to stop slitting their wrists.

  • How Many decent republicans are there left in Congress?
    There was a time when many were, now are there even 4?

  • noelle99

    Excuse me, but if the powers that be were living in the hardest hit areas, they would be approving the money asap. Shameful. It’s all to make Obama look like he is the stonewaller.

  • lets vote all republicans out

  • Things like this are puzzling because any money spent goes to the one percent anyway. But then, n.j and n.y went Dem.

  • if roles were reversed, they would want aid too, we live in a society of selfish government who get into office based on lies for which they have no reguard whatsoever for even those voters who put them there.

  • alumahead

    $2B per week in Afghanistan and not a peep from Republicans, but try to help storm ravaged Americans and Ebenezer Scrooge comes out.

  • Fubom

    Sessions wants to see the justification for the relief? Maybe he should get off his ass and go to New York and New Jersey to see for himself. I’m sure the people devastated by Sandy might have a few things to say to him.

  • first off my thinking is let all the ppl. that are covered with Ins. call them up and let their Ins pay what thy owe first . then get the help from the Gov. im sure the Ins. company wants to wait and see how much the Gov. will pay so thy dont have to pay . as far as the GOP ding dong,s go how many time will thy show their true colors and let the ppl. see just who thy care about . its surely not the 98% of the ppl. its only the greedy bastard 2 % . im waiting for the country,s ppl. the 98% to open their eyes and see just what the GOP ding dongs care about them . its like how stupid can the ppl. be and how much hate can thy have for a black Pres. that thy will make them selfs suffer so much just to show their hate . wake up ppl. the more you hate the black man the more the GOP hurts you . its like the GOP is glad thy hate so much . untill the ppl. start thinking about them selfs more then their hate then and only then can the country move on to better place,s vote out the GOP ding dongs and when you do that it cant be just in Washington it has to be every where in the country . the Republicans party its self is like a cancer for the country and if you let even a little of it stay alive it grow,s and only to kill . thy stand only for the greedy bastards breaking up Unions for their kroch brothers to make more money . the GOP DING DONGS AND THE Republicans PARTY OF NO IS ALL EVIL . its realy not hard to see . and at times ill get ppl. to reply to me with some stupid things and thy cant even understand it,s them that are being craped on and and the ones that are craping on them thy are standing up for how can their hate rise so much higher then their own well being ? boggles the mind

  • By contrast, a Republican Congress approved $62.3 billion in relief less than a month after Hurricane Katrina struck during the Bush administration. /// and the dirty Bush just flew over the southj and said awwwwwwwwww poor ppl. dont worry your Pres. is doing just great . im sure that made them feel better

  • Republican Chris Christie.. your own GOP ding dongs cant even help out one of their own . there even craping on their own ( Republican Chris Christie) see what hugging and thanking a black Pres. dose to you Chris . and the Pres. cant even help you now because of the blocking party of NO the GOP ding dongs are stopping every thing . hey (Republican Chris Christie)maybe if you say you need the aid to help out the greedy bastard 2 % you might get help then ?

  • Roughly $5-6 billion is available for immediate use based on current budgeting, but local officials say more is needed./// get what you can some,s better then none

  • Happy2bback

    For decades the government has refused to acknowledge global warming. The world is suffering because the super powers will not consider the issue. While we have allowed the head in the sand approach; we are seeing higher temps, super storms globally. The thought that the same elected officials don’t realize how people are being forced to survive in increasingly harsh conditions tells the voters that their are not qualified to lead this country. I believe if you check their past and future voting record we’ll see the love old ideas of oil, coal etc. instead of the clean renewable types like wind, solar etc. The dinosaurs need to go before we all become extinct.

  • Wednesday night, an all-star lineup of musicians performing at Madison Square Garden raised at least $30 million for the victim/// im sure the GOP ding dongs are going to try to find a way to tax that $ 30 million and at a 39.9 %

  • what the GOP and the Republican Congress party of NO is doing is putting the country at a stand still . all but the 2 % greedy bastards . thy have more time to take in there tax break money . and what should be done is let all the taxes go up and set back and watch how the Republican Congress and the GOP ding dong party of NO is burying the country . and if that was to happen thy would be saying how its the Pres. fault and that thy want to help out the whole country an d all its ppl. the same . YA RIGHT. nothing but a gang of evil ppl. the Republican Congress and the GOP

  • So why is this not all over news. This should be the last straw for the Americian people

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    Republicans have been using our tax dollars for years…Look at MS, LA, AL, KY, TN and the biggest trough feeder among states, Texas …add to that Alaska. These are the states whose politicians use the taxes that come from other states to make their “conservatism” look so wonderful..until you check out how much of our federal taxes feed their homeless and pay for their sick…funds that should FIRST come from their states. They make their states look so flush with funds until they have to spend it on the people in their states paying those taxes….All these conservative red state politicians do is take their state taxes and pay off their biggest campaign donors…Ask Mitch McConnell how much he got in campaign donations from his HMO cronies this year…so of course Mr. Bourbon Boi is going to savage healthcare reform…More money for his campaign funding.


  • This type of mentality goes al the way back to 2001 when the President and Congress gave away all the surplus monies that were intended for this purpose to the vey rich few, and refused to help all the Mississippi river flood victims that spring. All members of Congressthat sya they will refuse to vote for or delay this fundin in any manner should have their salaries and benefits delayed in like kind, and see how well they fair. They nee to be given a harsh lesson in he realities of life; it doesn’t stop just because someone wants to play poitics.

  • Nice plan Repugnantcans, punish the voters who rejected your lame candidate Willard Slick Mittens R’money. Priceless

  • 60 billion from a bankrupt nation…has there been any planning so we don’t have to pay for this again…like no rebuilding…like a surge wall

  • They are the won’s to complain when they think they have the upper hand and the last to deliver when actually needed .And yes Obama did win allow it to sink in and move on .



  • Now this is the Last Straw!!! I am a Republican and have been for over forty years. This is rediculous. This GOP Leadership should be all fired. They have become Tea Party Nazi, Extremist! They are on a mission to destroy my country and give it to the 1 percent. The Koch Brothers and others want to see us all suffer. We all need to vote this GOP Leardship out! They made me so angry that I supported Obama and voted for him and made calls for him. America, we all must support Leadership that cares for “THE PEOPLE”… “It’s the PEOPLE STUPID”

  • When are the Republicans going to start doing their job? If they don’t let’s arrest them for their many treasons!

  • alan sperling

    it now proves just how much the Republicans really care about Americans. They care only about their G-D damm pockets and nobody else even Gov Chris Chisty is a Republicans. So I guess these aholes we call Republicans really don’t care about helping distressed people whose homes got destroyed and have no homes again. I wonder what would these Stupid Republicans would do if their homes were devestated or destroyed. Probably steal it but again shows just how much these Republicans really care. No they don’t care about anyone. Well it is time now for them to leave office get out altogether and lets put them on Social Security and food stamps and see how they get along. I am tired of this political BS and it really needs to stop now. Lives are in danger no homes no food no nothing and when the USA comes to help just like New Orleans with Bush Jr. they ransom the money and say no to everyone. If it happens in Florida then yea they will help because it is a Bush state. Well I blame this on all the voters who voted for Romney and all those other assholes in congress and the Senate especially the Republicans. They suck and are very Anti American and only want to make money and not pay taxes and rip off middle America. Now all you Republicans who think that they are GOD well it proves they are the Devil’s advocate and really need to start working for the better of America or leave just plan leave create their own state and live there and not ask for anything I mean anything any more and lets freeze their bank accounts and have them pay up once and for all. This is not politics, but saving lives, communities, cities things like that and not Donald Trump or Romney or any other asshole out there who hates Americans. I am ashamed to call myself a US citizen with these “Human ” people who say they love America but hate Americans especially the Republicans. Bohener needs to stop his BS and give up the money to help rebuild the Jersey coast and New York or else watch out. Lets impeach and start to clean up the mess that is in Washington D.C.

  • oldbuzzardpopsgary

    We have a Congress like the ROMAN EMPIRE NOW, to ………… with the voter and all for us…

  • Pauline Green

    The Republicans are vile dogs, people are suffering and their are playing games.

  • Ed

    Well, get used to it. The Repubs were unable to keep Oboma from being reelected, but they are determined to make his presidency a failure for the history books. Of course it will be the ordinary folks that will suffer. But hey, the repubs support every americans right to sleep under bridges and beg for doo.!

  • with the gop, it is always about politics above the country’s pressing needs.

  • onedonewong

    Why chutzpah…NY and NJ are looking for the taxpayers to rebuild 100 years of neglect. The Republicans have been very straight forward where is the $$ coming from. What programs is barak offering to cut to pay the tab??
    For some reason this moron in the WH doesn’t seem to get it we are broke there is no $$$ so its time to require pay go.
    Cutting 5% of the federal work force could generate the savings necessary

  • Both political parties have autorized trillions in expenditures for wars, bailouts, wall street theft, payoffs to foreign enities etc. Is this money gone, kaput or should our government exercise immediatee recourse for recovery of mispent, owed or stolen funds that could relieve our drain on the treasury. Are the thieves to big and powerful for financial recourse?

  • Don

    Our summer shore house is not covered. It would have been covered if my father-in-law as still alive as he lived there all year long. There was five feet of water in all the houses at Ocean Beach Unit II all coming from the bay.

  • VOTE these people that are hurting our fellow citizens OUT OF OFFICE!!!!

  • The more I hear….the more I am convinced that we need term limits, need to get rid of all the blood-sucking lobbyists and special interests, get the money out of politics….and get all the crooked lawyers on a fast boat to the middle of the ocean…and sink it!!!! Our country has been run by crooked politicians / lawyers too long….I spent 22 years in the military defending this country from the bad guys….but…the really bad guys are right here in the good ole USA…it starts with the locals and goes right up to the guys at the top. To fix the problem…it has to start with the local politicians, law enforcement, religious extremists, legislators, etc…so..look around you…where ever you live…take a good look at who is running your government…it’s not WASHINGTON…it’s where you live!!!! they come from YOUR neighborhood folks…and if you want to see REAL change…..that’s where CHANGE REALLY HAPPENS!

  • rustacus21

    Voters, being central to ALL of this definately have an option! It’s spelled R-E-C-A-L-L!!! That American’s continue putting up w/this silliness & non-sense is aggravating as it is stupid that we plainly SEE American’s suffering while conservative politicians (& it’s ALWAYS them isn’t it!!! Just being fair…) play games w/peoples lives & livelihoods, i.e., blocking, preventing & stalling job creation & ending rich only tax cuts since 1/21/09. We’re going to have to realize what’s hurting our Democracy in order to 1st eliminate it – then fix it so it doesn’t return, like the 2nd coming of the ’29 REPUBLICAN Great Depression (in ’08). B/c at no point did Republicans question that tax cuts would prevent nearly $10 trillion desperately needed dollars from reaching the U.S. treasury (via rich/corp only tax cuts). What difference does it make HOW MUCH relief aid will cost? These are people & is the BEST reason Liberal/Progressives need ALL of our votes in every election for the next 20-50 years if we’re going to 1)-save our Democracy & 2)-save our Planet. Neither will happen w/out direct Liberal/Progressive philosophical & policy interventions & I defy any 1 to explain how I’m wrong!!! Lets get it ON!!!

  • I say GERONIMO!

  • Whoops! Wrong response.


  • Mimi2kool

    Sore losers still. That is today’s GOP. It is unfortunate they are playing politics with the fate of so many at stake. This is no way to run a country. It is a way to run it into the ground.

  • kdisg

    I remember how fast those congress_____ voted for the help for BUSH, even though he did a LOUSY job after Katrina, all that aside, What they are dong now is UN-AMERICAN in every sense of the words. Blocking bills for 4 years so more jobs couldn’t get created, and getting our AAA rating fropped because they wouldn’t approve a situation they appprovd for BUSH over and over BUT this blocking aide to americans who by the way pay their paychcks every week is the most UN-AMERICAN they have become. Lets keep these horrble deeds they have done and are doing in front of our minds when next election comes because voting records are public and we can ssee how bad they really have been when it comes to medicare, womans rights, the poor, etc. LETS VOTE THE M ALL OUT!!! P.S. Obama speaking today on the connecticut nightmare was moving wasn’t it??

  • Sierra111

    The Republicans just want to fight anything President Obama supports. They will get even fewer votes in the next presidential election if they keep this up.

  • Let their names be etched in your memory, and watch your local elections…VOTE THEM OUT!!! This is the only way we are going to stop these obstructionists!


    Same Old Story

    In the name of their conservative attitudes, the old, old, used up and dying GOP Party has blocked most everything else that would allow the country to progress out of the 20’s economics, 50’s social trends, and 80’s geo-political beliefs. So why then should Sandy Aid being any different in their narrow-minded, rich-people-favoring political leanings?

  • The other day while watching C-Span, I had the opportunity to listen to Vladimir Putin give the State-of-the-Union address. I was surprised at how more mature and how far advaced the Russians are in their economic policy issues. It made me wonder… “What the hell are these stupid republicans talking about?” Everytime someone even mentions helping someone they cry “socialism,” “communism,” “liberalism!!!” as though they have something that works better. Mr. Putin, in his address, outlined how over the next 6 years Russia will become the world’s leading exporter of food!!! He pointed out how large populations tend to accumulate in the cities because the cities are centers of commerce. The goal for Russia is to make the countryside as productive as the cities are. He pointed out how this would dramatically reduce unemploymen and stimulate the economy. The resources of the Russian state will be deployed to make these plans a reality. Now… call that what you will… I think we are beyond the point of being swayed by “name-calling” which seems to be the only thing, besides screwing up the economy and throwing the world into a depression, that the republicans are good at. My point is that we are being left behind. The developing nations are no longer going to take “advice” or “orders” from a dysfunctional Washington, DC. While we continue to experience natural disasters, drought, famine… and our politicians are too damn ignorant, childish, selfish and stupid to do the right thing… the rest of the world is passing us by. In this climate where everyone uses common sense except us… America as we have come to know it will perish, and not by bombs… but by plain old-fashioned stupidity. Nobody in the audience where Putin was speaking, jumped up or screamed “LIAR!” Nobody made faces like a spoiled child as was evidenced on the faces of Eric Cantor, John Boehner and others during President Obama’s speech. Everyone was obviously tuned-in and on-board with Mr. Putin’s proposal. And spare me the corny propaganda about how the Russsians treat their citizens. America has more of its citizens in prison than Russia and China combined!!! Republicans only care about themselves and their campaign contributors. If they were so good at “Free Enterprise” and the “Private Sector” then where are the jobs? Why does it pain them to come to the aid of fellow Americans devestated by a storm??? We need to get every damn last one of these cold-hearted bastards out of office. Anyone gullible and stupid enough to vote republican at this juncture should be committed to an insane asylum. The Russians are out-witting us at every point, as are the Iranians, the Chinese, Israel, and everyone else. Nobody else is stupid enough to squander their national treasure on endless military campaigns having nothing to do with our national security. If they want to police something… they should police our own borders. That would make a lot more sense…. But NO!!! That might have a debilitating impact on the drug cartel’s ability to make political contributions to U.S. representatives. Their off-shore bank accounts might suffer.

  • If it was for war and their buddies @ Halliburton then unquestioned $6 billion no-bid contracts are just fine. But this, aiding actual Americans in their lifes difficult moment, NO WAY!

  • dmr69

    FERN WOODFORK, I always look forward to your’s and Dominicks comment’s. I am a ‘BORN and RAISED” chicagoian and I’m flattered that so many ‘REDUMAGAINS” are so infatuated with Chicago!!! Maybe if some of them would like to come and vist we can check their I.D.’s to see if thay are really Human and from this planet. Than again it would be interesting to see if it’s true that “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT” I would be able to see what a SHITHEAD look’s like, (but than thay would all look the same)

  • dslocum

    More despicable obstructionism from the worst “do nothing” Congress on record. The Republican congressmen’s behavior is a national disgrace. Their paychecks should be with held from them until they start doing their jobs!!!!!!! Their failure to fund hurricane relief and failure to act to prevent the fiscal cliff is reprehensible. And the so called leader, Boehner,
    went home for a long weekend as though there was nothing to do in Washington. Impeach the lot of them. They are not listening to the American people nor the many sane GOP congressmen who have broken ranks with the obstructionists.

  • I guess they are still mad at christie for paling up with obama for coming to his aid after sandy

  • irishtap

    One would assume that if a political party wanted to make inroads for being percieved as a moral/ethical/ fiscal champion of the people; you wouldn’t obstruct rebuilding expenditures at a time when they are desperately needed. This “cult” is bankrupt of human benevolence. The GOP is only a mass of reckless, twisted, unpatriotic cast off souls. They govern by denying government action when crises strikes. They suck down Koch laced kool aid daily, rendering them willing/frightened servants to super wealthy insects that are attempting to deny us representative government and enact their social engineering agenda.
    Just a bunch of stupid, evil FOXERS.



  • montanabill

    A bogus story. The real reason: millions of dollars being requested by lawmakers for projects that have little to do with the storm. Items, like a proposed $2 million roof restoration for the Smithsonian Institution, 41 million request for repairs at eight military bases, including Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Customs and Border Protection has asked for $2.4 million to replace “destroyed or damaged vehicles, including mobile X-Ray machines.” The bill includes a $4 million repair job at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, $13 billion has also been added in to protect against future storms. Other sweeteners include $150 million for fisheries in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico, and $125 million for a Department of Agriculture program that would help Colorado cope with summer wildfires. Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska, asked for funds to clean up marine debris washing up on the West Coast from the Japan earthquake in March 2011.
    It’s the spending, when we are broke!

  • too funny karinursula !


  • Canistercook

    Build your house on the shore, in a flood area or an earthquake fault, don’t buy insurance and I will pay for it if you have a problem!

  • Canistercook

    Did wonder how far left things could get, very far I guess.

  • wackyjacket

    Canistercook, if what you say is the criteria for getting government help, we shouldn’t have helped Katrina victims or any of those idiots who built in areas prone to hurricanes; all the New Orleans area is in a flood zone! And, I might add, not all the people needing help from Sandy are in a flood zone. You need to lose that mean streak.