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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Republicans’ Fiscal Restraint Is Mostly In Their Heads

Republicans’ Fiscal Restraint Is Mostly In Their Heads

Thanks to an ultraconservative congressional faction, many Americans now view the Republican Party as extremist, petty and irresponsible. You need look no further than the ridiculous, drawn-out drama over the so-called fiscal cliff to see the GOP’s inability to negotiate reality.

But while its brand is badly damaged, the Republican Party has managed to keep alive its mystique as the party of fiscal restraint. Shortly before the election, a Washington Post/ABC News poll showed that, by a margin of 51 percent to 43 percent, Americans believed Mitt Romney would do a better job on the deficit than President Obama. That’s in keeping with years’ worth of public opinion that gives Republicans credit for fiscal conservatism.

But it’s flat-out wrong. That’s just a convenient myth that Republicans have sold the taxpayers — a clever bit of marketing that covers a multitude of sins. There is nothing in the GOP’s record over the last two decades showing it to be a party that is sincere about balancing the budget, ferreting out waste or reining in excessive government spending. Indeed, it’s a big lie.

Just look back at the presidency of George W. Bush — eight years of red ink that Republicans would like you to forget. First, Bush pushed through the tax cuts that ruined the balanced budgets Bill Clinton had enacted. Then, he proceeded to prosecute two wars and enact a huge new entitlement: the Medicare prescription drug plan. In response to concerns about spending from then-Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill, Dick Cheney reportedly said, “You know, Paul, Reagan proved deficits don’t matter.”

Here’s what Republicans and their base believe in: cutting spending for programs that benefit the poor, the darker-skinned, the sciences. They want to stop the flow of government funds to the arts. They want to fire bureaucrats who prevent businesses from harming their customers with poisons and bad products.

But the GOP doesn’t really want to end big government, nor does it really care about balancing the budget. If it did, wouldn’t its members be ready to tackle the Pentagon? As we wind down a decade of war, isn’t this an excellent time to cut back on hyper-expensive weaponry? Can’t we stop feeding the military-industrial complex?

Instead, House Republicans have done everything they can think of to protect current rates of military spending. Mitt Romney, for his part, campaigned on a promise to build more warships. Please remember that the Pentagon accounts for about 30 percent of federal spending.

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90 responses to “Republicans’ Fiscal Restraint Is Mostly In Their Heads”

  1. bernieo says:

    This article is a lame attempt to explain that Republicans are not concerned with debt. That “convenient myth” was allowed to be sold to the public by a cowardly Democratic Party and a compliant “liberal” media. Ronald Reagan got away with almost tripling the national debt. Maybe even more damaging is he is the guy who started the fantasy that tax cuts pay for themselves by creating so much growth that the taxes generated by that growth would make up for the revenue lost to the cut.

    Reagan implied this by saying that tax cuts raise revenues. Journalists were so in love with the old guy that they never bothered to point out that while this is technically true, no tax cut has ever generated enough revenue to make up for its cost. Republicans have gotten away with making this ridiculous claim ever since.

    After Clinton had balanced the budget and produced a significant surplus Gore urged using that surplus to pay off our national debt so that we would not have a problem meeting the obligations of SS when the boomers retire. Bush said the surplus showed we were overpaying taxes so advocated a large tax cut. Guess who the media favored? Remember them praising Bush as more fun to have a beer with? Boring old Al was just too concerned and informed about policy matters for journalists to have to cover for four years. As usual Democrats, afraid to irritate the Kool Kids at DC High let this dangerous fantasy go unchallenged. Since the public had been led to believe that tax cuts were cost free they had not reason to oppose Bush’s reckless cuts.

  2. The Republican Dictionary:

    “Fiscal restraint”–take all the enemy’s money.

    In short, fund their sugar daddy lobbies, and starve the rest of us to death.

    • joeham1 says:

      The Democrat’s Dictionary:

      Tax and Spend..Take everyone’s money

      Find idiots and make them believe we care

      Fund Hollywood and the Unions

      Lie, cheat and steal

      If something goes wrong blame the republicans

      • You’re obviously very clueless. Just for your info: since WWII, EVERY, and I repeat EVERY, GOP president but Eishenhower has governed with deficit spending driving up our deficits. While Every and I repeat, EVERY DEM president has reduced deficit spending. and when the nitwit American voters left one DEM in for two terms (Clinton), he actually ended up governing with surplus budgets. And also, several detail studies have shown that AT THE MOST, Obama can be held responsible for 986 Billion in deficit spending related to legislation that HE actually signed. Virtually every other dollar of the deficits that have been run up during his 1st term are attributable to the disasterous economy that he inherited, AND TO the numberous pieces of unfunded outside of his budget legislation that Bush and the irresponsible rubberstamp GOP congress passed during his two disasterous terms; which by the way are running up the deficits even today which include _ the unfunded tax cuts that those earning under 450,000 are continuing to pay, the unfunded war in Afghanistan, the unfunded Medicare drug benefit giveaway to the drug industry, and several unfunded federal mandates to the states which still require subsidies. Reagan and the two Bushes are singlehandedly responsible for more than 90% of our 16 trillion in debt. And by the way, how do you not put a lot of California’s troubles on the shoulders of what was another big spending GOP drunken sailor who sat in the governor’s office for 8 years I believe.

        • joeham1 says:

          Look hack…First you need to change your name from independant to lefty radical. the 5.5 trillion deficit is Obama’s. If he didn’t want to spend that much, he had a super majority he could of changed it. I know your white house talking points make you feel better. But they aren’t true no matter how bad you want them to be! Bush was a big spender but Obama has blown away all the records!

          As far as California is concerned the democrats have ran the state legislature for 30 years. They have done all the spending and all the tax increases. Arnold was not a republican! He was a social liberal and continued the wreckless tax and spend policies of the democrats! (a prime example of the Obama agenda)

          Let prove your just a hack..answer this question:

          The fiscal cliff deal just passed: The President campaigned for over a year and at least 100 speeches saying we need a balanced approach. The deal increased taxes 660 Billion and increased spending 4 trillion. What are your thoughts on that?

          • Sorry I’m not buying it. I’m not buying that Bush can walk out of the office in January 2009 and the devestation that he started suddenly becomes Obama’s. No other president since FDR has inherited an economy that was losing 800,000 jobs/month, hundreds of companies going belly up, millions of homeowners losing their homes, financial companies that had been in business for a 100 years going bust, the stock market down 50% and wall street in shambles and the rest of the world falling into recession. And on top of all that, Bush passed Obama a 1.9 trillion budget that included 1.4 trillion in more deficit spending outside of the 1.9 trillion budget, which Obama was suppose to somehow reduce ?? HOw??? By magic? And by the way, he only had a super majority for about 10 months until Ted Kennedy passed away. And he used that super majority to get final approval for TARP and the Auto Bailout THAT BUSH HAS NEGOTIATED!!!

            And I am am Independent – I’m committed to voting for the best candidate – voted for Eisenhower, Ford and Bush Sr. But I call them the way I see them and since Reagen,I’ve seen the GOP go steadily down hill to the point that after nitwits like Gingrich and Limbaugh began influencing the party, it’s totally turned me off.

          • joeham1 says:

            Why lie about your leftyness? If you weren’t a left wing hack you would think Gingerich was great since he was the only person in the last 50 years to pass a balanced budget!

            If you weren’t a lefty than Obama’s cliff deal or Libya lies or Fast and furious cover up scandel or his whisper to the Russian prime minister caught on tape, or his 6% increase in poverty would have made you vote differently! These are all undisputable facts!

            Besides Bushes last year with tarp (Tarp was charged to Bush) Obama is the only President ever to not only spend a trillion more than he took in but 4 years in a row!

          • Lynda says:

            Exactly my friend. The world is not a simple as the conservations would like. When the GOP explodes the debt, creates a downward spiral and economic collapse, puts in place a system of tax cuts that added trillions of dollars to the debt…it is all by magic Obama’s fault. Truly bazarro.

            In particular I love the canard of Democratic control of Congress for the first two years of Obama’s presidency. Nobody ever checks the Congressional Record to see that it was only a few months before Scott got into office that the Democrats had the magic 60 number needed to proceed in the Senate. As if that did not matter.

          • Lynda says:

            You are obviously just another one of those ill informed citizens willing to believe anything as long as it negative about the nations leadership. Do you really believe that Obama is in charge of spending. Please get a pocket guide to the United States Constitution…and more importantly read the part about Congress and only Congress having the power of the purse.

          • joeham1 says:

            Obama’s only budget was shot down 97-0 in the Senate. There has been no budget passed since he has been president. The deficit has gone up 5.5 trillion since he has been in office! I know you love him but really it’s time you ope your eyes!

            Look up the CBO…all the figures are there! Look up everything I’ve said and then stop making comment that make you look like a drug addict

      • Lynda says:

        Spending is already down. Just what you talking about and where do you get your information? You might consider changing the channel.

        • joeham1 says:

          Lynda a year ago the deficit was 15 trillion. Today it is 16.4 trillion. In December alone the deficit was 220 billion! LOOK IT UP ANYWHERE!

          Are you on drugs?

  3. nobsartist says:

    Democrats should pass a bill that forces ANYONE that voted for the wars to NOT VOTE REGARDING THE DEBT.

    In fact, I call for a public tarring and feathering of any republiCON still in office that voted for the wars.

    They must be held responsible for the AWOL coke heads disasters that caused this problem.

    • Jim Myers says:

      Replying to nobsartist –

      Unfortunately, a lot of Democrats were sucked into the “Yes” vote on the wars because of the deliberate WMD lies of George the Second, and his right hand man, Dicky.

  4. turtlewoman1039 says:

    How tragic that so many people follow these hypocrites.
    Hypocrites in their supposed ‘christian’ values, in their espoused dislike for ‘big gum’int’, in their ‘reverence’ for life. The republican party is a freak show, and their patriotism begins and ends with a flag pin and a sound bite for the local news.

    • Doctor T says:

      There are so many movies made to attest to this frantic hypocritical scheming made to hold tight to the money and the power these people glorify. They will regret it in the end.

    • joeham1 says:

      Any moron could see that the last 4 years have proven that your statement comes from either a white house staffer or someone who is so dumb and bias they don’t care what this administration is trying to do to this country!

      • Lynda says:

        Besides trying to end the two Bush Wars on the credit cared, take our country into the 21st century in health care, advance civil rights for many of our citizens, cut the deficit (the rate by percentage has already fallen 30%) and keep Wall Street in check after the worst financial collapse in 80 years..what are you talking about? Care to name ‘what this administration is trying to do to this country.’

        • joeham1 says:

          Where do you get your figures? Everything you said is crazy! Obama care turns our healthcare into a european style system! Talk to 20 doctors. 17 of them will tell you how big of a disaster Obama care is. It will raise prices (it already has) and lower care! It will also drastically lower payments to doctors.

          Spending is WAY up under Obama! 1.2 trillion deficit this year alone! How is Wall street in check? Please don’t say the Dodd/Frank bill.

          You must watch MSNBC or something because you are the winner of the most mis -informed person in the world!

          • latebloomingrandma says:

            You must have done little reading on Obamacare to state that it is like European style system, which it is not. It is still very much “insurance driven.” Except for the VA doctors they will still be independent practitioners, not on the gov’t payroll as in parts of Europe.
            Second-most Americans don’t understand how very severe the financial meldown was. Millions of dollars, commerce, and jobs, sucked down the drain like a downward spiraling whirlpool. It was like a bomb blew a gigantic hole in the ground. You don’t refill a gigantic hole using a gallon bucket and shovel. You bring in dumptrucks. That was the point of the “spending.” Much of “bailout” money has been paid back. There are 10’s of thousands fewer federal employees under Obama than Bush. The deficit is so bad, not because Obama is a spend freak, but because of the RECESSION. Taxpayers became tax users. (Unemployment comp, food stamps, etc) Plus, tax cuts for everyone was one-third of the recoveryplan and overall tax rates are lower than they’ve been for years, especially during prosperous times. When unemployment gets down to around 5%, I read that the deficit will shrink by as much as 40%, as less $$ goes out for aid, and more $$ comes by taxpaying workers. Now is NOT the time for austerity. It’s time for smart spending for the purpose of employment and getting work done in America that America needs and that Americans can perform. So, John Boehner, to quote you—“Where are the jobs”? Why is your party sitting on their butts now going on 3 years? The 113th Congress has been in session for 2 days and has already managed to piss off half the country already. Fasten your seatbelts–we are in for a bumpy ride.

      • Yeah Moron, let’s see what the last 4 years have done:
        1) The deficit has been brought down faster than at any time since WWII
        2) The auto industry that was in collapse has been revived with GM once again producing more cars than any other auto maker on the planet. Saving about 1.5 millon jobs, retaining over 120 billion in tax revenues that would have been lost and most probably keeping America from sliding into a full fledge depression.
        3) The stock market is up 100% from when President Disaster trashed it meaning that millions of Americans like me have thousands and millions more in their retirement and/or other investment accounts.
        4) More illegal aliens have been deported (over 400,000) than during any administration since Eisenhower
        5) There have been 34 straight months of job creation with the average jobs created per month (150,000) over the past year about 5 times the number of jobs that were created in any month under Bush (31,000/mo avg over 8 years)
        6) bin Laden is dead and al Qaeda leadership is decimated
        7) There have been no successful terrorist attacks in America unlike what Bush intentionally allowed to happen on 9/11 killing 3,000 Americans
        8) Our troops are out of Iraq and the Afghan war is winding down saving billions of dollars and possibly hundreds of American lives
        9) The size of government has been reduced by more than 565,000 after Bush added an astounding 2,000,000 to it in his disasterous 8 years
        10) The country’s budget has been cut by more than 200 billion per year the past two years and its been cut for three years in a row for the first time since Truman did that in the 1940s
        11) Despite the intraction by the GOP nitwits in Congress, the White House has used its powers to make affording college much easier for millions of Americans
        12) No new wars have been started unnecessarily like under Bush saving billions of dollars (Bush’s unwarranted war cost more than 5,000 Americans their lives)
        13) More individuals associated with making fraudulent charges to the government in the defense and healthcare sectors have been brought to justice and billions of dollars recovered.
        14) A healthcare bill was passed that when fully in effect will provide coverage for millions of Americans who have for years been uninsured and which also will reduce healthcare costs once all Americans have to be covered – the law also provides considerable relief to seniors in their drug costs and provides coverage longer for depended children. Other presidents have tried for decades to do this.
        15) More drilling for oil and gas has been openned up around the nation which has greatly expanded our national production to the point that by sometime in 2013, America will take over from Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest oil producer.
        16) America’s reputation with foreign countries has been greatly improved from the time when Bush made America the most hated country on the planet and at odds with a large number of what were our best allies.

        Tell you what moron, I could go on and on, but even here, let me see you list one presdient that has accomplished even 1/2 of what I’ve just listed other than FDR.

      • Franc says:

        You are a repukin liar just like the people you represent have proven themselves to be. REPUKIN LIARS. I dare you search 2012 Liar Of The Year.

    • dalnb says:

      Over the past four years the Republicans have used fear, confusion and discontent as their major weapon to gain party dominance. Rather than work to help build American spirit, to encourage positive efforts in rebuilding our economy and employment and in building confidence in our government they have done everything they can to ensure an Obama failure which in turn has created fear in our country, confusion and mistrust. Over a two year period they openly stated this is not the time to start a business, expand a business or hire new employees. (Interesting – in 2006 and 2007 the Department of Labor, Department of Commerce, Small Business Administration and Chamber of Commerce were telling Bush his policies were ruining small business and was going to lead to failure if he did not make changes; he did nothing and we can see where we ended up.) The Republicans have used public media (specifically FOX radio and TV talk show hosts) to create a public mind set of failure over success. In their effort to gain party dominance Mitch McConnell, Karl Rove, the Tea Party and their followers have held up any national recovery using their efforts to create fear and failure!

      Now, with the dysfunctional Republican leadership (Mitch McConnell) coming up for reelection he is wanting to find a “dance partner.” He should have been thinking of that over the past four years rather than choosing to destroy efforts in National Recovery; let him set the rest of the dances out!

      • joeham1 says:

        It’s hard to read your Obama talking points.

        I know your hate for the right is extreme. I want to check to see how blind you are.

        The fiscal cliff deal: The president campaigned on a Balanced Approach to solving the deficit. He gave well over 100 speeches and repeated the BALANCED APPROACH theme.

        The final deal came in with 660 Billion in new taxes and 4 trillion in additional deficits. How do you feel about that? Does he really care about deficits? Are you still blinded by him?

        • rustacus21 says:

          … something about this comment tells much about how U’ve spent the last 12 years… b/c in that time, the U.S. treasury was pretty much cheated out of close to $10 trillion in taxes that the wealthiest 2% didn’t pay ~ Matching that $10 trillion to the dual war debt (roughly $5-$7 trillion) & we have a pretty clear picture where all THAT debt came from. I get that U don’t like Obama. I get U’r in denial that conservatives have U not just for being poor (the un-2% that is), don’t fool U’r self into believing we Liberal/Progressives are ‘wrong’ just b/c of U’r own hate. U were blinded by loyalty to an (2001-2009) administration that looted the nation’s treasure, killed innocent American’s & foreigners in 2 unnecessary, dumb & pointless wars, lied about the state of the nation’s finances until the ’08 Great Depression (the 2nd in a century BY Republican administrations), but still had enuff tax cut cash to commercialize more lies in the ’10 MidTerm & ’12 election to get voters like U to be absent-minded enuff to 4get that the deficits U go on about, began in 2001 when the surplus was spent on tax cuts & so we began borrowing since & charging the Middle Class MORE in taxes, so the wealthiest wouldn’t have to pay (virtually) ANY! But don’t take my word for it: looking at what tax cuts (plus war costs) have done to the deficit (> see – http://wwwdotctjdotorg/html/gwb0602dothtm & http://krugmandotblogsdotnytimesdotcom/2008/01/14/bush-tax-cut-mythology/ – <) over the years & see if U still agree the 'Depression' & deficits began 1/20/2009 & if it clears U'r vision any…

          • joeham1 says:

            Look, I get your a radical. I get your monrta to never blame your radical freind Obama. Your obviously blinded by your ideology. I don’t hate him I want him to do better for the sake of our country.

            You can make up all the figures you want. This 4 year long blame game and demonizing is so old.

            The facts are clear. if your not to retarded to understand them I will try and make them more clear for you…

            When Obama took Office the debt was 10.6 Trillion. Now it’s 16.4 trillion. If he cared he could have done something when he had a super majority!

            When he said he wanted a balanced approach we got 660 trillion in tax increases (which I’m fine with) and we got an additional 4 trillion in new deficits. HE LIED!!

            From 2006 to 2010 the democrats ran the house and Senate. They spend the money…Do you still want to blame Bush?
            Bush asked congress for an investigation into Freddie and fannie. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd said everything was OK.

            In 4 years when Obama has a 21 trillion + deficit who will you radicals blame then?

    • The only way “WE THE PEOPLE” will get ths straightened out is to demand “TERM LIMITS” so we can clear all 535 of the pompous, self serving, self righteous **A**S**S**H**O**L**E**S** out on the streets where they belong. Their sole purpose now that the elections are over is to hit their backers up for money for their next run for office. They care less about “WE THE PEOPLE” all they care about is getting back into office. They have totally turned their backs on “WE THE PEOPLE”. We should send them all home as they are not currently doing anything worth while in the Capitol of Corruption – Washington DC. They may as well sit home as we can save money not having to shuttle these **A**H**O**L**E**S** back and forth to DC for the next 2 or 6 years.

      Congress is broken and the only way to fix it is for “We The PEOPlE” to demand TERM LIMITS and do a better job in chosing our representatives in congress. We need to stop following party mantra & propaganda. We should carefully examine all the candidates running for office and chose the best candidate no matter what party they come from.

  5. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    So let’s look at what Republicans considered important spending in 2012….pork that went to Texas for Big Oil to the tune of $12 billion. More pork to Texas for hurricane domes they don’t even need since they plan to secede. Then, you add in the pork to their military industrialists in these pork barrel states and over $150 billion was s-p-e-n-t by the GOP in 2012 for their corporate cronies.

    These are OUR tax dollars….None of us are under any Constitutional obligation to continue the growth of wealth of the obscenely wealthy nor are we under any obligation to keep obscenely profitable corporations profitable. That’s THEIR job. Not ours.

    Yet, you have Republicans like Ryan, Issa, Cantor, Cornyn and McConnell all lusting over the taxes we all pay for so they can send pork it up in their own states. These are not exactly the most ambitious states when it comes to building new industries. They’d rather rely on their military industrialists, their prison industries, their massive insurance industries and their too too too connected credit and collections industries as their sole source of state taxes. Most of which are directly feeding from the federal kitty.

    Porky Pig is jealous of the pigs of the right and GOP these days. They’ve grown all too cushy cushy comfortable with the rest of the states funneling billions into their states from OUR federal taxes. Get rid of these porkers before your country becomes the Rise of the Confederacy replete with slavery and corporate slaver overseers.

    • Doctor T says:

      I agree that what you say is true. Being a Californian, I don’t see what Issa has done to help this state. He is evil and vile and should be run out of office by his constituents of which I am thankfully not one of. No, we got out our do nothing congresswoman Bono Mack and put in a man I hope will change history for the Cochella Valley and beyond.

      • joeham1 says:

        Doctor T…It’s amzing to hear you complain about any republican. The democrats have destroyed your state! They have raised taxes and spent, and then raised them again and again, and then spent like drunk idiots until the state of California is close to being bankrupt!

        If your a blind fool you would still know that! Ideology is one thing, but your rant is disgusting!

        Oh…don’t tell me Arnold was a republican, because he went along with all the crazy crap that the democrats in the state legislature wanted!

        Now who will you blame?

        • Boy Joeham, are you ever delirious!

          • joeham1 says:

            Ok Stephen…Where am I wrong? The Democrats have ran the legislature in California for years! It’s a mess and taxes are high.

            Is it Bushes fault? Let’s see how you spin this!

          • Lynda says:

            Minority rule has been the case for years and years in California.

          • joeham1 says:

            Did the Democrats tell you that? You can’t really believe that! You better study the past 30 years and look at the bills that were passed!

            The democrats have passed hundreds of tax increases, spending bills, and regulations that are choking the life out of California! Again, only the most blind, ignorant person would think the minority is to blame!

            Lynda be a free thinker and study what has happened to California! If you do you will see what our President is doing on a national level!

        • manfred says:

          proposition 13 did a nice job of limiting revenue also!

          • joeham1 says:

            Prop 13 only limited property taxes until a property was sold. However The democrats in california have taxed everything else so much it is one of the highest taxed states in the country. The state employees and city employees salaries and pensions have devastated the state. The business taxes and payroll taxes have made California one of the least attractive places for business in the country!

            Coincidently it seems to be the Obama model. Tax and spend and spend and spend!

            Ask Californians where that’s getting them!

          • Lynda says:

            California still has the 7th or 8th largest economy in the entire world. Not bad for such an evil place that you describe. Unemployment in the states is going down, more revenue is finding its way into the state treasury, new businesses are still being started.

            BTW, if you look into the history of Prop 13, follow the money, you will see the true purpose of the bill. It was not to save poor old grandma from ever increasing property home taxes. It was backed by moneyed special interest and shopping mall owners. They don’t sell their property very often.

          • joeham1 says:

            Lynda stop acting like your 10. I said nothing about evil. Prop 13 was to stop the taxing madness! Certainly you should know that! Because the democrats were raising taxes yearly on anything they could, prop 13 was wildly popular because the taxes were hurting the people and the economy of the state!

            Poor old Grandma WAS helped and so were all the homeowners of the state! Regardless of what left wing lunatic your listening to, 2+2= 4

            With your logic: prop 13 which included all property owners, didn;t help anyone but the rich!

            maybe you should study what it was about. Study the tax burden, and unemployment rate. Study California! It’s a prime example of the failures of socialism! Pelosi or whoever made you think the way think have fooled you!

        • Lynda says:

          The GOP has resisted doing anything in Californi for many years and have stood in the path of progress. California worked very much like the Senate of the United States…minority rule for decades. It was the voters of California who finally when allowed to do something about the deficit voted tax increases and deficit reduction. Also we finally have the 2/3 majorty to actually take on difficult decisions.

          • joeham1 says:

            Lynda it pathetic to try and blame the minority party for what the democrats have done to California.. The tax increases have been happening to California for years! Your economy is in the shape it is because the democrats spend and spend and tax and tax. The business climate is horrible and people like you sit there and say it’s because the minority party!

            Your either really dumb or a liar!

      • Palm Springs resident ere and I’m with you T… Trying for years to get Bono Mack out and we finally did it! Volunteered on Ruiz phone bank along with 100’s of others. Let’s get Issa out! And the rest of the Porkies who refuse to do the business of OUR interests. So the GOP says they are going to hold the American people hostage….. What if all of a sudden we didn’t pay their salaries on April 15th for dereliction of duties? Don’t we have the right to withhold if they are not doing their job…. It’s time to put several of these jerks on notice!

    • joeham1 says:

      Eleanore…it must be getting easy for you to type the crazy stuff you type! Obama’s 5.5 trillion deficit is ok with you, but if the republicans spend a dime they suck!

      To be that bias and that wrong may be the definition of insanity! Or maybe you think that giving poor people cell phones to vote for you is ok!

      Your reference to slavery may be your deep down wish, but it will never happen!

      maybe you should secede!

  6. atc333 says:

    The GOP’s approach to our budget, our economy, and deficits, is that our current economy, the distribution of wealth, the current unemployment levels, and the current income levels between the the 48% of Americans living at, below, or just above the poverty level, the ever shrinking middle class income, and the top 2%, is now the “New Normal”.

    The GOP approach to our economy is to maintain the “Status Quo”, protect and maintain the power and income of Corporate America, which is doing just fine, preserving their tax subsidies, and has no real plan, or even intention to put zll Americans who want jobs back to work. Instead, it is their continued reliance upon failed trickle down economics, combined with their desire to commit this nation to their version of Austerity, which will only create the same situation as we now see in Europe.

    The GOP has it backwards and continue to sell us the same old failed theories. .Obviously, , cut waste, fraud, and criminal activity. but also Invest in programs to create jobs just as we have years ago following the Great Depression, including leading up to world War II. This Naiton needs to invest in people. Put this nation back to work first. With more American’s at work, the Nation will have more tax revenues. With more tax revenues, the Federal Deficit will begin to fix itself.

    with more people working, the GOP’s hated entitlement spending will go down, further contributing to balancing the budget. 24 years of tax cuts for job creators has proven it does not work. All that the GOP has accomplished is redistribution of massive amounts os wealth to the top 2%, and the top 10%, which group now owns 90% of all America’s wealth.

    The last time wealth was so unevenly distributed in the US, our nation slipped into the Great Depression. The most serious threat to our Nation is making the wrong decisions now. A slash and burn approach to our economy is the wrong decision.

    This Nation must Invest in job creation, and putting its people back to work. Continues gifting to the job creators and hoping and praying they will “create jobs” is not enough. Time for investment in infrastructure, new energy sources, education, and our environment. We need to reform our medical delivery system, so we no longer pay twice as much for the same medical services as the rest of the Western Industrialized Nations. We need to cut waste, and fraud. Do this, and the Deficit will take care of itself., withour destroying our Nation’s economy in the process.

  7. charleo1 says:

    There is no doubt about it. To this day, the general consensus of Right leaning, Americans,
    is that Republicans, are thought of as the , “Conservative Party,” of business, better at managing,
    and controlling debt, than their, “Liberal,” counterparts. Who, in the eyes of many of these
    believers never see a societal problem of one sort or another, they didn’t advocate throwing
    tons of money at. However, a quick glance at the numbers, beginning as early as Reagan, show
    Republicans consistently expanded the size of government, fought taxes with a vengeance, while being proliferate spenders, creating huge amounts of Public debt. To be fair, in the last 50
    years the Country has balanced the books exactly, 5 times, so the Democrats are not much better.
    But, since I tend to agree with one side much more than the other, I must add, 3 0f those rare
    instances where the annual budget did balance, Clinton, a Democrat was in office. He reformed
    welfare, raised rates on capital gains, corporations, and higher incomes. While subsidizing
    child care, expanding head start, provided the child tax credit, and paid stipends to poor
    women with children to learn a trade, and cut the military’s budget. In short, all the things,
    (other than cutting welfare,) Republicans are claiming will kill job growth. The record job
    growth, (24 million,) we enjoyed under Clinton, had not been seen since men were employed fighting Hitler, and women joined the workforce. It should also be pointed out, that other
    than opposing taxes, the efforts of Republicans to lower the wages of the working class,
    have contributed to the deficits, and debt, both public, and private, far more than the regressive
    tax code Republicans prefer. Nowhere is the evidence stronger aganist the Right’s, top down
    economic philosophy than those States where Republicans have been unopposed for years.
    The States’ populations are poorer, tend to be less educated over all, more are uninsured,
    and the poor stay poor in much larger numbers than Democratically run States. Red Sates
    are also aggregate users of Federal funds, taking out, one could argue, from Bluer States,
    that are much more likely to be contributer States, sending to Washington far more than they
    receive back.

    • Let’s just clarify your comment about the budget hasn’t been balanced in the past 50 years so the Democrats are not much better. Consider that since WWII, EVERY GOP president except Ike, has governed with deficit spending, while every Democrate but JFK has inherited a significant deficit and except for Clinton hasn’t been left in office long enough by the foolish American electorate to actually bring down the deficit spending enough to record a surplus (but of course Clinton). But despite that, EVERY Dem has reduced deficit spending over the past 60 Plus years. And it’s only two Dem presidents that have actually cut spending for 3 years in a row since WWII – Truman and Obama. OH! and on JFK, although he didn’t inherit a significant deficit budget, he inherited a war festering in the middle east that turned into the Vietnam war which made it difficult to work toward a surplus budget.

  8. Refusing to pay for the things we need and benefit from has nothing to do with fiscal restraint or conservatism, it is the ultimate manifestation of fiscal liberalism. On that front, Democrats have demonstrated not only discipline, but true fiscal conservatism. The GOP reaches the ridiculous when their calls for austerity are never substantiated with tangible proposals. They are hypocrites, and mainstream America is catching up with them.

  9. William Deutschlander says:

    The 21st Century Republican Cartel does not understand Democracy or Governance.

  10. Would you please explain how the party of unbridled spending in the first decade of this century suddenly became the party of fiscal restraint, especially when the same players are still there?

    • empiremed says:

      The economic downturn did not start until the dems took control of Congress in 2006.
      The fact is, wheather you believe it or not, is that the U.S. Treasury collect more revenue during the Bush years than any other time in U.S. history. Look it up.

      Admittedly the Republican Cogress at that time spent too much money trying to buy votes to stay in office like the dems always have. But that made their base mad and they lost in 2006.

      • The downturn starting in 2006 had nothing to do with the Dems. The Dems only had 8 mos of a majority in the Senate to ge things passed before Ted Kennedy died and Scott Brown was elected as his replacement. Which allowed the GOP to use the cloture and filibuster rules to block virtually everything the Dems wanted to do from the fall of 2006 till today. The Dems used their time with a majority in the Senate to get the the auto bailout and tarp measures passed and Obamacare. Bush and the GOP had complete control of the Fed and Treasury so I’m not listening to any nonsense that the Dems screwed up the housing and financial sectors.

  11. wesley rasmussen says:

    the hardest thing to believe is that Republicans talk like the so-called Fiscal Cliff was a Democratic campaign tool, or some other such blarney. The fact is that it was CREATED in 2011 by the Republican House, after they forced the lowering of the USA credit line ( for the very FIRST time) by Standard and Poor. And, before some Fox Newshound grabs hold of this, that was the reason given by S&P for the devaluation, not a political creatioin.

    The GOP was the author of the end of ALL tax cuts stopping on 1/1/13, as well as the massive tax increases and aross the board spending cuts. It was described then as a Poison Pill forced on the nation, and now they are blaming US for their folly?

    Typical. Where was fiscal restraint when New Orleans was hit, and it was deemed to be a non-hurricane created damage but a human one out of greed? ( Federal money to repair the levies were used for “studies” that merely lined the local polilticians’ pockets. )

    The only “fiscal restraint” they believe in is the “I love me jacket” they are trying to put the rest of us hard working Americans into.

  12. No one will ever quell the gluttony of the wealthy. That’s why they are wealthy. According to their own religion they should only use wealth to help those less fortunate.
    The extremeophiles in congress are their grip on power to form public policy that favors them.

  13. Lets face it people…If your a repub, you can find dirt within the dems, and visa versa! THEY ARE ALL POLITICIANS! Not one of them is what we would call responsible, honest, and dedicated to anyone but themselves! You can pretend and be in denial all you want, but they are all the same. The major difference at this point is that Obama is a socialist dem and a Marxist and has an agenda of turning this nation into a controlled and dominated nation. If you dont even think that, or thought about it, or LOOKED at what he is doing and not what he says, you are party dedicated, Not America dedicated. The man does not even salute our flag and has admitted to burning our flag along with his alleged wife! WHo the hell is he anyway? Please! LOL with the party blaming and pointing fingers while we are all getting buried with Marxist intolerance and control wearing a big grin!

    • sunmusing says:

      I usually don’t reply to fools and the stupid…but you need to learn about Marx and Marxism…

    • karinursula says:

      Alleged Wife? Where do you live? But what you wrote is just to stupid for words

    • Reddiaperbaby says:

      Another silly-ass, crazy bitch where…do these freaks come from? You poor pathetic ignoramus, get back in your strait-jacket before they realize you’re missing from your padded cell.

  14. oldly says:

    amen to that…….lie, lie, lie. is all they know how to do…..

  15. Doctor T says:

    How accurate this writer is! I have maintained that for those who say they want less government, why are they running to keep the very seats they supposedly detest?

  16. dalnb says:

    As a 27+ year veteran of the military and another 20 years serving as a DOD mid-manager in federal civil service I have too say there is a lot of cutting in the military budget that can be done without degrading our ability to defend America and do war as needed. I spent 10 years working with the Navy (including the Marines), worked with the Coast Guard and later with the Army. The only branch I can not say I found huge waste in was the Coast Guard. The Navy was terrible followed closely by the Army. The biggest waste came from the politics in military decisions and spending and by military leaders in the pay-grades of O5 and O6. Installation programs that cost huge amounts of money that were discarded with assignment of new commanders. Replacement of office furniture (sometimes only a few years old) because “we have to spend more money”, dumping military uniforms, supplies and equipment in land fills because they are overstocked – and the most disgusting, financial support of Military Contractors. There seems to be an idea that we need to pay these contractors to come up with things we don’t really need but will pay top-dollar for them to play with! It makes little difference if their ideas are something we need or if we ever buy their new gadgets but it seems to be a great place to gain political favors and spend government money!

  17. MARK says:

    In response to this article I think it it timely to offer a comment that I have posted before.Readers can feel free to research the info.I would suggest a starting point of about 1927 and coming forward to the present day. Since the New Deal,Republicans have been on the wrong side of every issue of concern to ordinary Americans.Social Security,the Vietnam War,equal rights,civil liberties,separation of Church and State,consumer issues,public education,reproductive freedom,national health care,labor issues,campaign finance reform,the environment and tax fairness.No political party could remain so consistantly wrong by accident.The only rational conclusion is that,despite thier cynical “family values” propaganda,the Republican Party is a criminal conspiracy to betray the interests of the American people in favor of plutocratic and corporate interests,and absolutist religious groups. Thier stance on fiscal responsibility will remain a load of crap until they all live in houses that cost less than $100K and walk to and from work or at least make use of public transportation.Oh,but please forgive my memory lapse,I forgot that they don’t believe in public transportation.At least they don’t want to fund it.

  18. joeham1 says:

    It’s funny how the National Obama Memo calls fiscal restraint crazy republican actions!

    • The call fiscal restraint crazy with respect to Republicans because since Eisenhower was their president (and he wasnt a Republican by the way), every GOP president has governed with deficit spending. How can a party profess the notion of fiscal conservatism when the way they govern is just the opposite _ drunken sailor spending at it’s max – It’s just a crazy notion the Republicans are fiscal conservatives!!!!!!!!!!

      • joeham1 says:

        To be as clueless as you would be sad! From the late 60’s until the middle 90’s the democrats ran the House and Senate! So cut your B.S.

        Be a man and talk about the last 4 years! 1/3 of our nations deficit has come in the last 4 years! Isn’t that really the subject? Or is it the one you will continue to avoid.

        From 1945 until 1993 the democrats ran the house! From 1955 until 1993 the democrats ran the senate! (except for 4 years)

        The democrat in that span have NEVER passed a balanced budget! So stop your crap and talk about now you coward!

    • You’ve made a number of comments in this comment thread that show quite clearly that you need to do a bunch of research before you make any more moronic comments. You’re throwing out thoughts that have absolutely no basis in fact other than you parroting the lies and distortions that you hear from Rush, Glenn, Faux News and other fake GOP news outlets.

      • joeham1 says:

        I have stated facts that a moron like you can’t handle! Where am I wrong? Debate me fool!

        Here’s a fact: Obama campaigned for over a year and gave over 100 speeches on a “Balanced approach to cutting the deficit. The deal made increased taxes 660Billion dollars and also increased the deficit 4 trillion dollars! Debate it you hack!

        Calling Fox news Faux news makes you sound like a 5 years old! Are you 5? Or maybe your retarded?

  19. The first item on this article is the military funding! When President G.H.W. Bush took office the military budget was at 365 billion dollars. This year’s military budget is at $716 billion. Bust immediately after assuming the office asked to upgrade and research new weapons. The military budget does not include the research funds! NOW ON TO ENTITELMENT SPENDING! The prescription drug benefit also know as Medicare part D, has the retirees paying for this. Part D does not allow these retirees to get there drugs from Canada where the medication is cheaper, and the same as that sold in the US! This ban is a subsidy to the drug manufacturers! NOW ABOUT THE FUNDING FOR MEDICARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY! Medicare and Social Security are both trust funds that have nothing to do with the federal budget! That said they are going to be in financial trouble. The first thing is that the Republicans pushed to include 2% forgiveness for employee withholding when they knew this would harm the Social Security Trust Fund! This is the reason that President Obama made sure this was reinstated on your withholding. This had nothing to do with wanting to increase your withholding. What needs to be done is to increase the withholding for Social Security and Medicare to $500,000! We also need to increase the payments to Medicare by .2 percent, and Social Security be .25 percent! This will insure these funds remain solvent for the foreseeable future!

    • Jim Myers says:

      Replying to Richard Baerlocher –

      Since ALL of the Social Security surpluses for the last several decades have been used in order to “balance” the budget, or at least make the deficit look smaller than it really was, I see no reason to place any cap on the income that is taxed for Social Security and Medicare.

      After all, this is a regressive tax on 100% of wages up to about $110,000.

      Counting the contribution of both the wage earners and the employers, these taxes constitute about 15% of gross income. The employers would NOT actually pay their share of this to the lowest wage earners if they were not required to pay them in the form of taxes.


      So, the lowest wage earners pay about 15% of their gross wages for these taxes, while the richest people the world has ever known pay less than 1% of their gross wages.

      The 15% paid by the lowest wage earners on income earned by their labor is about what the gross tax rate is for capital gains.


      Totally remove the cap on income subject to Social Security and Medicare taxes, and there will be no need to increase the payments by any amount.

  20. ivory69690 says:

    the only trust thy have is from all the 2% greedy rich that are realing them in with the money thy are getting them . the GOP stands only for 2 % of the country’s ppl.

  21. ivory69690 says:

    Washington Post/ABC News poll showed that, by a margin of 51 percent to 43 percent, Americans believed Mitt Romney would do a better job on the deficit than President Obama. That’s in keeping with years’ worth of public opinion that gives Republicans credit for fiscal conservatism./// yes one might think mitt the ditch could think he’d do better but ppl. him being a REP. and hanging with the GOP rest asure all he would do in step on the 98% of the country’s middle class and feed the 2% greedy rich money . if he was to have brought down the dept. rest asure it would be on the back’s of the middle class and the 98% of the country. he already said 47 % are well not nice things . but im sure if he did win the debt. wouldnt go down as much as one would think . it would be more in line saying that the 2% greedy rich money would go up a lot faster then the debt. would go down . as he thinks im sure any money that he could take off the debt. he would be trying to find a way to give that money to the 2% greedy rich (him being one of them ) with the greedy 2% rich filling up Romney’s ALL off shore accounts

  22. howa4x says:

    Wait till they try to balance the budget on cuts in middle class programs while trying to protect tthe rich. Let’s see all those tea party republicans volunteer to cut their own SS payments and medicare. The tea party dosen’t care about making college affordable since they don’t believe in education. Let’s see what happens when they refuse to pay the bills that they voted for, throw us all over the edge by defaulting on the credit of the US. that will touch off a world wide recession and deepen the one here. Then let’s see who trusts them

  23. wildwoodBen says:

    The nature of conservatism, either the status quo or a return to another time, is the opposite of progressive or forward looking. Many have observed that a conservative strategy is to take a proven positive image such as “fiscal restraint” or “responsible spending” and co-opt it to be their mantra. As pointed out, Bush turned a surplus into a deficit with tax cuts and spending to the max. Yet even here, deniers of the facts make it out to be “a lie.” How can a fact be a lie? It is not an opinion, it happened.

  24. charleo1 says:

    To Independent 1:My intention was to point out deficit spending has been the norm over the past 50 years. But you make a very informed point. And I thank you, and stand corrected.

    • I was not trying to correct your comment, sorry if it came across that way. I was only intending to pass along a little more information to support your comments that the GOP norm over the past 50 years is to govern with deficit spending. showing quite clearly that the GOP knows absolutely nothing about ‘fiscal restraint’!!!

      • charleo1 says:

        No offense taken. My comments often need a little correction here, and there.!
        I believe a person should not grow too old, or too invested in their own opinions,
        they forget to listen to the other guy. Because I believe anyone I meet, or
        otherwise communicate, is perfectly capable of telling me something I don’t
        know, or explaining something I don’t understand.

  25. JNelson658 says:

    You have two choices, Tax and spend Democrats or Borrow and spend Republicans. They both love to spend, just on different things. The republicans just have a greater aversion to paying for what they spend.

    • Given that since WWII, virtually every Democratic President has inherited a budget (from a preceeding GOP president) with significant deficit spending (except for JFK), AND has actually succeeded in cutting deficit spending to the point that when one who was left in office for 8 years (Clinton), he was actually able to attain years with surplus budgets. WHERE HAS THIS NOTION THAT DEMOCRATS ARE TAX AND SPEND PEOPLE??? Especially considering that during that same time, EVERY, and I repeat EVERY GOP president but Eisenhower, has governed by creating significant deficit spending!!! Democrats are simply the true FISCAL CONSERVATIVES!! Unlike the GOP that has started the practice of keeping PET PROJECTS out of their budgets since Reagan to cover up the need for new tax revenues which has resulted in 3 of them (Reagan and the two Bushes) being responsible for 90% of our deficits, Democrats recognize when the country needs its citizens to chip in and pay for whatever it is that benefits the country and its people and like Clinton, raised taxes to keep the deficits from getting totally out of hand. Unlike Bush, who threw caution to the wind and kept two wars, two unfunded tax cuts, an unfunded drug benefit giveaway to the drug industry and several unfunded mandates to the states out of his budgets, resulting in the country’s deficits soaring by about 10 trillion dollars – all the unfunded legislation he and the irresponsible GOP congress passed during his two terms kept adding to the deficit until even today. Over the years, I’ve seen no evidence that the Democrats are spending tax dollars with anywhere near the unbridled foolishness of the GOP. My experience has been that the Dem spending is by and large for projects and programs that truely benefit the country and its people.

      • JNelson658 says:

        Independent1 , You are restating my point, more elegantly, both partys like to spend , but only the democrats are willing to pay the bills. I totally agree with you.

  26. “There is nothing in the GOP’s record over the last two decades showing it to be a party that is sincere about balancing the budget, ferreting out waste or reining in excessive government spending. Indeed, it’s a big lie.”
    Another fallacy like “Moral Majority” is exposed for the big lie that it is.

  27. dalnb says:

    Congress reminds me so much of the television commercial about the Chevrolet Volt; the lady says she gasses up her Volt so seldom she forgets how! I see Congress in the same light; they work so little at doing their in fixing our national problems they have forgotten how to do anything.

  28. daniel bostdorf says:

    Fiscal restraint? This GOP/Teaparty is thretaening our national secrity with their irrational behaviour.

    Obama does have CLEAR Constitutional authority to act when the “national security” of this country is at stake. The 14th Amended is another power available.

    Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus in the first year of the Civil War, responding to riots and local militia actions in the border states by allowing the indefinite detention of “disloyal persons” without trial.

    THe GOP/Teaparty are waging a “civil war” on the poor and middle class. It is a form of political tyranny that we witnessed before. This civil war by the GOP is a “national security threat.”

    Obama has Constitutional authority to prevent a national security nightmare if the GOP refuses to raise the debt ceiling, and continues to destroy our current fragile socio-economic system.

    This UNAMERICAN fiscal mess was created by Pres. Bush, the GOP/Teaparty and greedy billionaire corporations and their paid off political hacks in the House and Senate….not Obama.

    It is time for Obama to use the 14th Amendment and other presidential powers to declare a “national security crisis” and simply act to keep the country solvent.

    Ms Tucker states it best:

    “After winning the gavel as House Speaker again last week, John Boehner said the “American dream is in peril” because of debt and pledged to reduce it. As another budget brawl nears — a debt-ceiling fight will be upon us in a couple of months — you’ll hear Republicans frequently claim the mantle of fiscal responsibility.

    There is no reason to believe them.”

    It is fiscal civil war they are waging. It’s UNAMERICAN and Obama needs to take control.

  29. joeham1 says:

    Your a freaking idiot! You are not an independent and your a liar! Bush intentionally allowed the 9/11 attacks? Obama has reduced the deficit?

    Stay the heck off the white house web site because your lies will only get passed morons like you!

    There are less jobs today then the day Obama took office! look it up you idiot!

    Your a left wing nut and because of dumb blind people like you our country doesn’t have a chance!!!

    Don’t contact me anymore…your to far gone!

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      You have been listening for too long of a time to Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Fox (not) News and host of extreme right wing blowhards.

      You have become one.

      I suggest that you read two things before you post here or anywhere else again READ!
      Start with The 13 volume set of Will and Ariel Durant’s “The History of Civilation,” and follow up”The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich,” by William Shire.

      If you don’t….keep lying to us AS YOU DO ALL THE TIME just like your fascist propagandist friends…

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

      by Nazis Joseph Goebbels

      • joeham1 says:

        I don’t like Carl Rove. I didn’t like Bush and rush is an arrogant ass! I’m not sure about Glen Beck.

        Your last sentence by Joseph Goebbels is exactly my point.

        Why is it you can’t answer a question?

        I have given you verifiable facts. You give no response. The fiscal cliff deal turns out to be only a tax increase. No Response.

        The most scary thing about the people I talk to on this sight is they do exactly what the President does. They only attack the right. They hate like I’ve never seen aand no matter what the President does it’s not his fault.

        For instance: The Demcrats ran the House and Senate from 2006-2010. But the problem is was only Bush!

        Now the Republicans only run the house and the democrats run the senate and the Presidency. But to you it’s still only the republicans fault.

        Can you see how insane you look?

  30. dalnb says:

    I have been a Republican for 51 years backing and voting in most cases for a Republican in local, state and federal elections. In many cases I elected to vote for a Democrat when I felt that candidate was far better qualified for the position. In the past ten years I have seen the Republican Party turn into something I find hard to continue any association with.

    I firmly believe there are good men and women in both parties and when they put America first they are capable of getting our nation where it needs to be. However, when any elected official puts party above country they are not worthy of being in office. It makes no difference if that person is a Republican, a Democrat or an Independent; when they are elected to attend to our nations business that MUST be their first order of business.

    In the past 12 years, more specifically in the last four year’s, people like Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove followed by people who were elected into office not because of their ability, sincerity or patriotism but because wealthy supporters with personal agendas have bought them an office have taken over our Congress and Senate. These men and women continue to damage our chances for an early recovery and continue to destroy our nations confidence in our form of government.

    I backed McCain when he ran against G W Bush (and I believe America would be a far better place today had McCain won) but I voted for Obama when Palin cameinto the picture. It is people like her, Bachmann and the woman from Nevada who ran with the Tea Party against Harry Reid that have given the Republicans a black eye. I again voted for Obama in November as I have seen the Republican Party do everything they can to see the Obama Administration fails in getting our nation back on track. If I thought any other candidate could have or would have done the same I would have had an option – it became obvious I had no option. We have far too many radicals in Washington, from both parties, and far to few leaders!

  31. rustacus21 says:

    What is even sadder & tucked deeply between the lines here is the fact that as we discuss revenue, it amounts nowhere near what was lost to the treasury over the course of, now 12 years of rich only tax cuts (over $9 trillion & counting), while ‘cuts’ being discussed are only being ‘aimed’ at those who have already suffered most since implementation of them (tax cuts) & the twin wars, costing the economy even more devastation & the 98% – the Middle Class & working poor. We 4get what Social Security was “SUPPOSE” to do originally, or what a catastrophic economic breakdown had occurred in 1929. Similarly, conservatives then as now, marginalize(d) the destructive impact of both the 1929 & 2008 ‘Depressions’ by responding that creating even greater suffering to those already in economic misery is the answer – i.e., Hurricane Sandy victims, mortgage crisis victims & those suffering ‘still’ long-term under/unemployment – in order to make the wealthy even more comfortable than the 12 years previous, when paying virtually ‘NO’ taxes, while paying conservative legislators – via their tax cut cash donations to conservative candidates nation-wide, to add, to keep it that way. Adding insult to the injuries suffered by the Middle Class, the working poor & the nation’s institutions & infrastructures, we owe it to ourselves to make the 2014 election about being ensuring we get & keep Liberal/Progressive legislators & policies that correct & eliminate – “NOT” multiply challenges & problems in ways conservatives are currently & have been doing consecutively since 1770 (when Independent & autonomous self-governance became a dire necessity)…

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