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Sunday, August 20, 2017

According to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released Friday, Americans now trust the Republican Party over the Democrats on handling several key issues, including the economy, foreign policy, and the deficit.

The poll finds that Americans now trust the Republicans over the Democrats on dealing with the economy by a 33 to 29 percent margin, with 19 percent saying both are about the same, and 17 percent trusting neither. That represents a reversal from February of this year, when Democrats had a 2 percent advantage on the question.

Similarly, Republicans have expanded their edge in the question of who people trust to reduce the federal deficit, from 6 percent in February to 13 percent today. Americans trust Republicans over Democrats in that area by a 35 to 22 percent margin — despite the fact that, under President Obama’s leadership, the deficit is on pace to hit a five-year low.

Significantly, a plurality of the public opposes raising the debt ceiling — 44 percent say that it should not be raised, compared to just 22 percent who say that it should. This suggests that President Obama and the Democrats — who have flatly rejected the premise of negotiating over the debt limit in upcoming fiscal talks — have their work cut out for them when it comes to selling their position to the public. Still, it remains to be seen whether congressional Republicans can extract any leverage from Americans’ opposition to raising the debt ceiling; after all, House Speaker John Boehner has already made it clear that he won’t allow the country to default on its debt, severely limiting his ability to extract concessions for raising the debt limit.

Overall, people are pessimistic about the state of the economy. Just 27 percent say they think the economy will get better over the next 12 months, the lowest percentage in an NBC/WSJ poll since July 2012.

The GOP has also made gains on foreign policy, leading Democrats 33 to 26 percent on the issue. This marks the party’s strongest performance on the subject since George W. Bush’s first term, and is likely driven by President Obama’s unpopular push for military strikes against Syria. Similarly, people trust Republicans over Democrats to ensure a strong national defense by an overwhelming 47 to 14 percent margin.

The news isn’t all good for Republicans, however. On the key question of looking out for the middle class, people trust Democrats over Republicans by 41 to 24 percent. Democrats have a similarly large 37 to 19 percent lead on education. The public also trusts Democrats to better deal with health care, by a 37 to 29 percent margin — down from their 41 to 25 percent lead in February, but still suggesting that the GOP’s nonstop barrage of attacks against Obamacare are not resonating with most Americans.

Furthermore, although Republicans lead on general topics, the party’s brand remains deeply damaged — 44 percent have a negative view of the Republican Party, while just 28 percent view it positively. The Tea Party movement is viewed even worse, with 42 percent viewing it negatively vs. 24 percent positively. Those numbers compare rather negatively to the Democratic Party, which is viewed positively by 40 percent and negatively by 38 percent. When asked which party they’d prefer to see in control of Congress, 46 percent say the Democrats, 43 percent say the Republicans, and 11 percent are not sure.

The poll, which was conducted by Hart Reserach Associates/Public Opinion Strategies, sampled 1,000 adults and has a margin of error of +/- 3.10 percent. The full results can be seen here.

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48 Responses to Republicans Gain On Key Issues In New Poll

  1. And next week they’ll trust the Democrats, and the week after that the WHigs, if somebody puts the name on the poll.
    So what has changed to explain this turnaround? Nothing. Nothing rational or relevant, anyway. Maybe the wind changed direction suddenly.

  2. Just goes to show how uneducated the public is. Fox and their minions are doing a very good job of spinning entirely false stories. What have the Republicans done for the economy? I’d like one of the people who trust them to name just one.

    • I agree. I think that what we need are more progressively-oriented television and radio stations. However, it seems as if the conservative powers that be are quietly grabbing up stations while screaming about the “liberal media” that is allied against them.

      • There are very few liberal stations left. Corporations own the media and they tend to be conservative. One of the right’s best tricks has been their invention of the “liberal media” which does not exist. We need to rebuild a media that serves the people, not the corporate interests.

      • “Progressive” broadcasts have failed and continue to fail because the free market (a concept not believed in by you loons) has rejected the philosophy of the moonbats.

        • The major reason why left leaning media continues to fail is that progressives don’t need to have their view reinforced day in and day out like faux new viewers. Progressive media goes up in Presidential years, but not so much in off years.

        • The “free” (actually monopoly-manipulated) market also sells more Big Macs than vegetables, and more National Enquirers than Scientific Americans.

          From the beginning, the fact that “conservatives” (who do not seem to be interested in “conserving” anything except profits for their lobbyists’ clients) get their point across in sexy appeals to hate and other negative emotions give them an advantage over boring reasoned arguments; and the so-called “liberal” media are afraid to call them on FACTUAL LIES for fear of being called “liberal.” When right wing radio hosts not only show their hatred but even MISSTATE the facts, their listeners believe them, and vote against their own interests.

          The right wing media today reminds me of Orwell’s “two minute hate” organized daily in workplaces in the novel “1984”.

  3. Hard to believe that 1,000 out of over 300,000,000 people can provide any valid picture of the whole: “The poll, which was conducted by Hart Reserach Associates/Public Opinion Strategies, sampled 1,000 adults and has a margin of error of +/- 3.10 percent. The full results can be seen here.” This offers proof of Aristotle’s “fallacy of division.”

    • It could, except that Wall Street Journal readers include senior executives in major corporations, and small business owners who consider themselves future Trumps and Kochs being held back by “the gummint” when it is their bigger brethren, the REAL Trumps and Kochs, who use their monopoly power to keep the small businesses from competing.

      • Got a comment? Fair enough…..but I’ll thank you to not quote me out of context. My point was REALLY proven when more than 59 million people chose to vote against their own economic bast interests, and re-elect W in 2004. The rest of the world couldn’t figure out whether to laugh at us, or recoil in horror. If you want the likes of Bush, or the people that put him in office, back in control of executive powers, then we truly are a nation of stupid people, and you represent them well.

        • The rest of the world has now figured it out. They are laughing at us…….especially Obama’s pals in the Arabic world.

  4. Trust in the Republicans 100%, so that’s why they will vote down the Immigration Reform. Do it for your country and feel good after doing it.

  5. Yeah, you’re right,Bush kept the country very safe on 9/11, and, oh yeah, he kept our service men and women safe in Iraq and Afghanistan …..oh wait ! never mind…..For all of you who know what a traitorous bunch of b..tards these Republicans have been,pay no heed to these phony polls. Let the truth come out when ballots are counted.

  6. No, really!? It is Friday, the 13th & all kinda crazy stuff happens, so is that what this is really all about? B/c the American people can’t be this demented to 4get that jobs have been AGAIN pushed to the background, behind ‘manufactured’ WAR FEVER (that’s what that steady drumming has been these last 5 years). But the ‘trust’ issue was built for fools – the same people living a great life, steadily moving upwards in the mobility department, still turning on Al Gore (forget the fact he was an amaturish campaigner, but would have been what kinda Prez, by comparison?!) in ’00. I try to resist these sorts of articles, but it’s amazing the levels of incoherence, ignorance & vacancy still gripping the minds of many fense-sitters. It should be pretty uncomfortable up there by now. Doesn’t feet on more firm, solid Liberal/Progressive ground feel much more comfortable? Vote in some in the ’14 Midterms so we can know w/conviction!!!

      • Be coherent & say what U REALLY think?! About, for instance, U being unable to address 1 single issue mentioned above? That doing so challenges too much of what tiny bit of faux intellect U portray? That supporting Republicans – in whatever incarnation – destroys opportunities for U – an obvious conservative – as much or more than we Liberal/Progressives/conservatives (b/c we KNOW what they want to do, where as U think they’ll employ U in the courtyard as ‘royal’ grass cutter or in the kitchen as the ‘royal’ diswasher!!!)? There are ‘conservative Liberal/Progressives out here & growing!!! It’s the cowardly, fearful, IGNORANT conservatives out here, confusing issues by simply name-calling. Unable to intellectually engage, U/they instead, engage in spying, sabotage, bullying & extortion in order to suppress Democracy & forcing an agenda that is the exact, precise antithesis of our Liberal/Progressive, Constitutional government. Come sir, discuss w/us Liberal/Progressives at OUR elevated level – PLEASE & show us where U’r POV’s are superior… IF U can…

          • … & I say again, name calling – aside from showing an utter lack of measurable intelligence – only avoids what is actually up for discussion here. But by all means, don’t be afraid to admit what U do NOT know. Enlightenment is available however, even for the likes of U… Study your Constitution & voting demographics (contemporary) B4 U get back… Til then…

          • Which was…? U discuss nothing, say nothing, meaning U’r only here to advance… WHAT?! & again, I DEMAND U debate the superiority of U’r position(s), since mine are, in U’r opinion, worth far less. Expose U’r intellect. Test U’r knowledge, by comparison. PROVE that conservatives have the ‘value’ of which U defend (or at the very least seem to, w/U’r contrarian ‘statements’). Help US understand why we, as a civic culture, SHOULD NOT pile the conservative ideology’s & agenda’s of the last 44 years, into an open pit & simply burn them, as the worthless trash they are? Surely this is what U had in mind by coming into this forum & attempting to ‘debate’ w/those U KNEW consistently have more coherently formed, thought-out & presented ‘theory’ & opinion? Come on!? U can do this!!! Don’t fear being wrong – OR correct!!! SPEAK U’R MIND!!!!!! Or are U the spy(s) behind the corners, in shadows, spying on me, hoping to intimidate & bully, hiding, ever fearful that U’r impotence will be discovered for the world to see, as we already see conservative ideology to be? It only takes COURAGE!!! U have some, don’t U?!?!?!

          • … it may be helpful to begin dialogue on the Cartoon Networks comments page to get U started & acclimated conversing w/adults…

  7. November 2014 will validate this trend as conservatives gain control of the Senate and I know all you moonbats know it’s coming and are peeing in your pants over it. We will then welcome back the real America and all its possibilities.

    • I get the reference in your screen name, and believe me, you are no Ben Franklin. Actually, both halves of your name seem to be inaccurate.

    • Sure! We could welcome back all the possibilities of a Republican run America.
      The possibility of another financial collapse, when Congress finally breaks the
      buck on America’s bond market, by refusing to pay the Country’s bills. And
      then the possibility the T-Party would get to actually test out it’s theory this time. That the best response to a plunging world economy, is to stand back
      and see if it really does crash. There is the very real possibility Grandma, and
      Grandpa would get to see the real colors of the Republican Party they had
      been voting for all this time. As their Medicare is turned over to a private
      insurance co. And their dwindling Social Security, tied to a crashing Wall
      Street, has them uninsured, and standing in the soup lines along with every-
      body else. Yes! Why, the possibilities are endless!

          • Republican’s, conservatives, what’s the difference? They’re interchangeable parts of the same laboratory-created monster…

        • … ‘Republican’s’ are the only ‘conservatives’ being discussed here – be they ‘T-baggers’ or otherwise… Surely U’r adult enuff to know better, the rules of discussion & debate?! … I’d hope, coming into this ‘public square’, as advanced in our LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE Constitution, which advocates we do so regularly, w/out COWARDICE or FEAR!!!

  8. I can’t believe the results of this poll are meaningful, but then again we are talking about the average American. The wind will blow from another direction tommorrow and so will these polls.

  9. Does anyone read the Wall Street Journal? I mean you can all of the information you need about Wall Street and the Market on line for free.

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