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Friday, October 21, 2016

The long-running battle between Obama Attorney General Eric Holder and the Republicans in congress who think a cover-up related to the “Fast and Furious” scandal — where undercover U.S. agents lost automatic weapons they had sold to Mexican cartels — could take down the administration heated up today, as the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted along party lines to hold Holder in contempt.

Holder had refused to cooperate with a subpeona issued by committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), who has been trying to blow up the scandal’s profile since Republicans won back the house. The White House has pointed out that the Justice Department has cooperated with many investigations related to the scandal, and it was the previous administration that authorized the program. “The problem of gunwalking was a field-driven tactic that dated back to the previous Administration, and it was this Administration’s Attorney General who ended it. In fact, the Justice Department has spent the past fourteen months accommodating Congressional investigators, producing 7,600 pages of documents, and testifying at eleven Congressional hearings,” a White House spokesman said in an emailed statement to Politico. “Yet, Republicans insist on moving forward with an effort that Republicans and objective legal experts have noted is purely political.”

Holder is likely to survive a 23-17 party line vote at least until after the election, when it was already expected that he’d leave. The bigger news is buried in the nature of the White House’s response: They invoked executive priviliege in refusing to hand over the documents related to the scandal, basically saying that Congress had no constitutional reason to look at what happened. Democrats explained why they believed it was still OK to consider the administration transparent:

“I treat assertions of executive privilege very seriously, and I believe they should be used only sparingly,” said Representative Elijah E. Cummings of Maryland, the panel’s ranking Democrat. “In this case, it seems clear that the administration was forced into this position by the committee’s unreasonable insistence on pressing forward with contempt despite the attorney general’s good faith offer.”

It’s unclear how much further House Republicans will press, but Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor said they’d bring up Holder’s case for a floor vote next week unless he relents.

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    Nothing New

    The American Taliban Republican plutocrats at work.

    Those of you who are mature enough can you spell Iran Contra? That under Saint Ronald Reagan, the last of the good old Republicans, not the modern Taliban type.

    • ace

      You proved what I said is right the Democrat party and Obama depend on ignorance .

      • The DemocRats depend on STUPID people who do not understand what’s going on and what’s involved in this contempt of Congress issue.
        The problem is that DemocRats do not have good faith and are a bunch of HYPOCRITES: they would defend Obummer and vote for him even if Obummer killed their parents ….

        • you are an idiot of you think democrats are the hypocrites! I think you are referring to the slimy Republican party!

          • You are right Michael Peterson… The only deacent President the Republications ever produced was Aberaham Lincon. Hoover… ordered the National Guard to fire on the WW I veterins protesting not getting there promised pensions. Nixon… dua… “Watergate” Regon… Iran Contra and ending Carter’s progress in renewable energy… pottin us 30 years behind in getting “Green Energy” Bouth Bushies… Giving the richetust 1% all the brakes (starting with Region… “tricaldown economics” The Republicon polices have given too much power to “Wallstreet” and givrn us “Citisons United” and unlimeted PAC money and the coruption that comes with it

        • AdamMos

          I think we very much understand what is going on.

          The republicants will stop at nothing to do whatever is necessary to win in November.
          That includes witch hunts , voter suppression and tanking this economy.

          I can somewhat understand someone voting Republican if they have an income greater than 250k since they do not want to pay higher taxes and do not need a strong American middle class to maintain their income. But everyone else who makes less than 250k is voting against their own self interests. Those morons may wake up realize that their health insurance now costs more than they make, their medicare premiums just went up by $500 a month for less benefits and their socuial security payments have been dropped by a 3rd with no more COLA increases. Talk about people that dont know what is going on? Fortunatley this country is not going to allow that to happen. They will not elect a .0001 percenter who is the robot version of Gordon Getco , and evades his taxes by keeping his millions in Swiss Bank accounts and the Caymen Islands. Instead of where is the birth certificate? How about – Where are the tax returns Mitt? Looks like yesterday again when Eduardo got his butt kicked on this website.

          • adam, Have you got even a clue of what is going on? You can be a true blue Dem but before that you have to be a true blue American. Have you ever worked for a poor person? You complain about the very people who employ you. Do you have an I phone? a computor? a car? a house? Where do you think these things came from? The occupy wall street type? Or maybe the type that will work the long day, and take risks to maybe start a business and maybe higher a complainer that has been coddled his whole life like you. Yea lets blame the rich guy in fact lets hang them, then will only have slugs like you. What a world we would have.

          • AdamMos

            Actually I am a business owner and make way over 250k a year. I am not blaming the rich guy for anything , I am a rich guy. Other than a small student loan that used to get my college degree Like our President my mother was a single parent and I grew up in a bad neighborhood. I have never needed any assistance from the federal govt. I have worked since I turned 16 and have never been unemployed. What I do understand like Warren Buffet is that in order for me to remain a rich guy I need a strong middle class of consumers to buy my products and services. If that means I need to pay a little more in taxes so that we can go back to investing in education, infrastructure and be serious about retiring our deficit, than I am all in. If my revenue doubles because people have more discretionary income and buy my products and I pay 4% more in taxes I am way ahead. I will take that deal. Trickle down econmics is the biggest lie ever promoted to the American public. Take it from a rich guy.

            Dont you want your children to be able to get an education at affordable price?

            Dont you want to have affordable health insurance?

            Dont you want to after working hard all of your life ( Ihave no reason to think that you are not a hard worker) that you can hjave social security to cover basic living expenses and live with some dignity?.

            You see I am blessed and I will never have to worry about these things because I am on the upper end. The wealth disparity is now out of whack. Which by the way is what the occupy movement is all about. The system is rigged. The median household income in America is around $40,000. How does a famioly of four live on that when their health insurance costs $800 per month, a loaf of bread is $4 , a used car that runs is 5k. They can’t -I really need them to have more discretionary income by investing in them. It is called the velocity of money. For every extra dollar that guy has to spend (and he will spend it , he cant afford to save it) will be respent 9 times in the economy.

          • hilandar1000

            I’m with you, Adam. It is a great feeling to know that you have worked hard and have been rewarded for that hard work. I want to leave this world knowing that my children and grandchildren will have that same opportunity. It will NOT be that way if we keep electing those who have no concern for maintaining a strong middle class.

        • DukeDacat

          refer to my reply to ace………. you may learn something……….

      • You sir or madam should be the poster boy for SIMPLETON’S

      • DukeDacat

        What part of…..
        “The White House has pointed out that the Justice Department has cooperated with many investigations related to the scandal, and it was the previous administration that authorized the program. “The problem of gunwalking was a field-driven tactic that dated back to the previous Administration, and it was this Administration’s Attorney General who ended it. In fact, the Justice Department has spent the past fourteen months accommodating Congressional investigators, producing 7,600 pages of documents, and testifying at eleven Congressional hearings,”
        …………… do you not understand????????
        Ace,,, do you even bother to read before you post your Bullshit????

        • montanabill

          Pointing to the program the Bush administration ran shows you know nothing about it except that it was somewhat similar to Fast & Furious. It was a sting operation with the full knowledge and consent of Mexico and ended in 2007.
          Fast & Furious was completely different.
          See my response to David Allison about why your thoughts that Holder has fully cooperated is bogus. Then read your last two lines.

        • gargray

          You tell it like it is, good work.

      • Some actual facts Reaganomics 1981 Deregulation of Wall ST banks power brokers – 1986 total amnesty w – wide open borders so illegals all came to US. Bush Cheney Rice Rummy GOP = worst crash – depression- in 80 yrs Huge un paid for corp cuts- lied into Iraq..wasting lives and trillions- massive debt Gold,man man Paulson TARP taxpayer scam – W Gave up on bin laden and top al qauda
        W tried to give control of US ports to Dubai !
        W tried to privatize SS that we paid years of taxes for-

    • So ExPAVIC, if Reagan did something similar (for argument’s sake), it was BAD, but if Obummer does it, it is OK? Is that your defense of this OUTLAW we have as President?
      You ignorant guys are such HYPOCRITES …

      • And where were you with Iran-Contra? I bet defending Reagan with everything you have.


        And your just a Moron and a Bloody Fool and probably get your information from Faux News…OUTLAW give me a f**king break…How many executive orders did Bush make???

        • onedonewong

          Only ones that were appropiate. This is just like the ones Dick Nixon invoked

      • EdC

        First IF we were ignorant of the facts we could not be hypocrites. However Republicans on constant witch hunts and not trying to help the country are. As as Reagan not ever ever doing anything at all wrong can you say Iran/Contra. where he was told three times by congress that he was not allowed, (now wait for it) not allowed to sell weapons to the Contras, so what he did was sell them to Iran, you know the Iran you guys want to go war with next. so that they would give them to the Contra’s. But Republicans are not ignorant of the facts they just want everyone to forget them, except of course the made up one they come up with. You want Hypocrit look in the mirror

        • onedonewong

          Was anyone impeachedor convicted??? Ooops I thought not

      • AdamMos

        What exactly did Obama do here. It sounds like a program that was suppoosed to infiltrate the cartels that went bad. This whole program was started by the Bush administration . Do you really believe that Obama wanted this result. I think we are missing the whole point. This is good example of why we need gun control laws. What is the benefit of allowing anybody to walk into gun shop and purchase 200 semi automatic weapons for any purpose. This was obviously a mistake, in fact a big mistake, and several people have lost their careers and one has lost his life. Obama is an outlaw? C’mon quit acting like a partisaned idiot! You are embarrassing yourself.

        • onedonewong

          Sorry the W admin had a gun TRACKING program, obama had a give away program all the while contending the missing weapons were from straw purchasers

          • AdamMos

            Apology accepted

          • onedonewong

            none offered

          • David L. Allison

            Not true! Testimony to Congress by deputy director under Bush II testified that he oversaw the first sting effort under the Bush Administration that preceded the Fast and Furious program which was also initiated under Bush II.

            It has been said before but you must have missed it: You can make up your own opinions but you can’t make up your own facts.

          • onedonewong

            Have you ever read a news paper or watched TV other than the State Run Media?? Yes the 1st effort under W was a gun TRACKING program far far different that the wholesale give away that occurred under barak and holder.
            Fast and Furious was a Holder and Barak program is has NO legs to W

            Suggest yo try a new feature for you on the internet its called Google, and you can type in a topic and search for stories. Its reallly kool and even a retarded conservation expert can do it. Assuming that you were able to get your GED while you were advocating

          • David L. Allison

            Wrong, Wong.

            Holder and the Obama administration directed ATF to _shut down_ “Fast and Furious which was initiated by Bush II and the administration has released over 6000 pages of documents that demonstrate the accuracy of that statement. This was testified to by a Bush ATF officer in his presentation to Congress this week.

            The documents that the Republicans in Congress are demanding (instead of enacting laws creating jobs and getting Americans back to work) are inter-office and inter-agency deliberation emails and messages which have nothing to do with the death of the Border Patrol agent but are clearly subject to protection under rules established by the DOJ under the Bush II reign.

            What you discover when you do thorough research are facts. What you do when you search for conclusions usually support the conclusions you look for. Google is a good tool for initiating real research but is not in itself conclusive of the truth of anything.

          • onedonewong

            Sorry davvey you must be watching the State Run Media that doesn’t want to cover the issue.. fast and Furious was Holders and Barak gun walking program it was started in 2009. But as usual you libs don’t want to believe any ill words about your messiah.

            The 6000 pages were heavily redacted and don’t answer the context of the subpoena, that’s the problem with barak and holder both think they are above the law and the constitution.
            The documents Congress is after go to the heart of the matter about the cover up and lying to congress which is a FELONY, yo know like Jack Abramoff who went to jail for 3 years not because he committed a crime but that he lied to a Democratic congress.The fact that Holder attempted to bribe congress but letting them have the documents in exchange for them dropping their investigation into Fast and Furious should tell you that they are complicit including Obama

            Sorry the documents requested aren’t covered under W’s or any one else’s rules. lets remember that Rove who W used the executive power reason for was over turned by the courts and he testified. These documents will be released the only question is whether its before or after the election. 1 thing is for sure if barak is elected Holder will never be AJ again

      • you have it backwards!

      • Don’t count on Eduardo’s arguments, they are one neurone thinking.

      • Reagan did worse, remember Iran/Contra ? and he personally OK’D it, boy, talk about stupid and hypocritical.

    • onedonewong

      and barak has taken on the manta of Dick Nixon, hopefully it will end the same for him

      • DukeDacat

        onedonewong, ……………..what the Hell is a “manta” ???????

    • Please dont have the audacity to compare Reagan with the Taliban.That is just senseless and hateful and without any merit whatsoever!
      Reagan, or any other president has nothing to do with fast and furious scandal and all your whitewashing, excuse making, justifications and comparisons will NOT erase the death of an American due to the moronic, underhanded dealings , nor ease the lack of trust that Americans have for those that are supposed to be protecting our borders and our personal freedoms!
      When someone tries to hide something, it is generally because they have something to hide! If this man thinks he can profess he is safeguarding the trust of confidentially to protect our system while hiding behind loopholes and errors,he is a sad and deceitful man.
      And now Obama wants him excused? Birds of a feather need to be tarred together!

      • hilandar1000

        Have you ever heard of “classified information”? There are some things that the general public can NOT be informed of, because it puts undercover agents at risk. Remember the Valerie Plame incident with Bush. I believe that Libby took the fall for that one — although nobody really disputes that it should have been Cheney who was jailed for it.

      • highpckts

        Really? It’s okay to go after a Democrat but the Republicans are pure as the driven snow?? Grow up! We would probably be amazed at what BOTH parties have done that no one knows about!!!

    • ctruskey

      How many Americans were killed in Iran Contra? The big issue is an American Border Patrol Agent died and his mother wants to know why. I don’t like any presiden using executive privilege to avoid the truth getting out. The American People have a right to know.

      • ExPAVIC


        One died, oops.

        In Iraq Bush and Cheney killed 4,500 looking for nonexistent WMDs.

        Fast and Furious which was started by Bush and was unsuccessful when managed by his people was IMPROVED and led to the deaths of many creepy Mexican drug lords. Don’t you read the news or you just listen to druggie Limbaugh?

        The American Taliban Republicans are just raising a fuss so they can sneak in Bushie apprentice RoMoney into the White House. Not working though because sane, smart people are onto the Taliban Republicans.

        Check the polls about Fast and Furious, the people DON’T CARE.

  • jimackermann

    They must be hiding something, or they would not work so hard to keep it from becoming public knowledge.

    • ace

      Hell they have been and still are hiding every thing corrupt and every thing they do is corrupt .

      • DukeDacat

        Like I said earlier …. ace….. you don”t know chit…………….

  • metrognome3830

    OMG, where are you? Here’s your story!

    • DukeDacat

      just like his fellow traveler…ace….. OMG don”t know chit…………

  • If there is nothing to hide then give the committee everything it asked for.

    So how is it different when the Administration says, “If an individual American citizen has nothing to hide then the government can listen into or read any correspondence they have?”

    Is the White House above that which is its current policy for the “Average Joe?”

    • They have given them 17,000 document. It just like the birther thing, they will never have enough information no matter what you give them. They do not want the truth.

      • Well said. Do you think that Issa has read the 17,000 pages of documents turned over to the committee? Contempt charges are suppose to be brought for failure to appear or to cooperate. For someone not helping, Holder has sure spent a lot of time and effort trying to feed Issa’s never ending ego stuffing exercise.

  • ace

    These people in control are workinf for the Devil and all these Dum AZZidiots that vote for these low down crooks holder is a corrupt peice of chit .

    • rustingdreams

      Unbelievable!! You need some schoolin’ ace.

    • DukeDacat

      ace….. you don”t know chit…………….

  • garyped

    I think the parents of the border guard that was killed with these guns should have some answers

    • EdC

      I don’t want to be crass, but being in security has its burdens. A man who killed a cop with the cops gun in Riverside Calif just got convicted in the last month. The loss of a man in the defence of America is terrible, but it happens. If those guns hadn’t come from here where would want them to come from Russia, China, or how about Iran. As the gun lobbiest of this country are quick to remind us, If guns were illegal, criminals would still have them. I have to wonder how many guns are used to actually buy drugs from the Cartels, or how many are actuallystolen from our basses, and armories for that reason. If we owe,and I not saying we don’t, apologies for every person tha dies for this country, It’s high time the Republicans, in general and Bush and Chaney start to work.

    • AdamMos

      I think they have 7600 pages of answers. This is still not going to bring their kid back. This is good time to consider our gun laws that allow anyone to purchase 200 semi automatic weapons from any local gun shop. Perhaps something good could come out of that discussion. The partisan bickering does not help anything. Obviuosly this is a huge shame. Brian Terry would have been killed no matter where the gun came from.

    • DukeDacat

      garyped………… What answers would you suggest we provide the parents of 6,000 + good american souls KILLED and 30,000 wounded in the Bush / Cheeny WARS????


  • Why Bush adminstration is not being investigated . This is a witch hunt Issa should harp back on his criminal investigations, car theft ,arson and unlicensed firearms. What happened to the masserati car with his brother, the army vehicles the burnt out building. Check your speed Issa you have a not too nice history, God knows how you got there

    • Exactly, it all started with ‘Operation Wide Receiver,’ during the Bush administration in 2006 and 2007.

  • Thank You National Memo for recognizing the importance of this SCANDAL . Just got done watching all 3 Liberal Networks and none of them reported it correctly so it’s easy to see why Liberals are so poorly informed . It is insulting that MSNBC and CNN also dont want to cover this but not surprizing . So Liberals bury your heads in the sand and ignore the treasonous acts of HOLDER and KING OBAMA who exercised Executive Priviledge today . Why , well isnt that Obvious this has to go all the way to the top and it has OBAMAS FINGERPRINTS ALL OVER IT . Impeach him today and let Hillary run . Liberals should be demanding he resign . If not for Treason then for his epic record of Failure that makes Jimmy Carter dance a jig every night as he has beenb moved into second place on the list of ALLTIME WORST PRESIDENT

    • My god, you tried and killed the poor guy, take a deep breath before you have a heart attack. CNN is Not a Liberal Network, far from it.

    • cholly8524

      You are delusional. Just shoot yourself now.

    • Landsende

      Sorry Michael but George W Bush holds the dubious honor of being the worst president in history. Nobody else even comes close.

    • could there be a more delusional and stupid post ? Me thinks not.

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    Fast and Furious did not start until 2009, months after George W. Bush was no longer in the White House.

    Bush and other Administrations ran controlled delivery, not gun-walking operations that have no control on who receives the weapons nor their arrest. This operation had no close physical surveillance and violent criminals were allowed to obtain the weapons with no law enforcement agents to conduct arrests

    Just like Iran Contra this matters. The President has repeatedly denied any knowledge or involvement in the operation. Sounds like a Nixon moment and a Bush WMD claim. Disclosure would put this entire issue to rest.

    The “Political Class” doesn’t believe they are required to give us subjects any information they feel we would not understand.


    • Fast & Furious was not the first gun walking program used by the AFT bureau in Arizona. The secret federal program allowed gun smuggling into Mexico under the Bush Administration in 2006 and 2007.

      Federal court records reveal the original program called ‘Operation Wide Receiver’ was well known to federal officials at Justice. Fact is the criminal cases that emerged from the program were prosecuted by Justice Dept lawyers. Wide Receiver is the predecessor of Fast and Furious gun walking operations.

      From the court records it appears that only nine people were ever charged in Operation Wide Receiver. I wonder if Issa is concerned at what appears to be under enforcement during that earlier period?

      • TheOldNorthChurch

        My understanding from the information regarding Operation Wide Receiver was that this was a “controlled delivery program” not a “gun walking” program. Is this incorrect?

    • cholly8524

      The ball was in motion during the Bush administration already. It was discovered how bad during the first year of Obama’s presidency. Sorry rube, but this is another Bush crime.

      • TheOldNorthChurch

        Not true – the program under Bush was “Operation Wide Receiver” a controlled delivery program. Holder has testified that this program was started in 2009. These are the facts and they are undisputed by Holder. If you want to have credibility then you must understand the case we are talking about.

  • Who doesn’t have contempt for congress?

  • You have sense?

  • Just another shameful day in a long line of such days coming from this Congress. Issa has never met a camera or microphone that he did not like. His ego is getting in the way of running his committee. Politics pure and simple. Shame on him and the rest of the cabal who signed off on this travesty. I find them in contempt.

    Boehner should man up and stop this train wreck before it does anymore damage to the institution. He won’t because he can’t stand up to the crazies within his own party. Bringing this to a floor vote is another act of cowardice put forth by the worst speaker in decades. When the country needs leadership we get for votes on light bulbs, but little if anything in the way of job creation, debt reduction, health care of anything of importance. Attacks on the uterus, public radio, birth control pills and a plethora of other time and money wasting bills. They don’t call this the do-nothing Congress for nothing.

  • Just like the crap they pulled on Clinton, this will fall on the Republicans shoulders. The crazy right just will not learn that their behaviors are not acceptable to most Americans. Clinton won his impeachment, won the next election and ended up with high approval ratings. No one likes dirty tricks and silly games. Most adults give those up by the time they are out of college. Not the current Republicans. Shame on them.

  • cholly8524

    Matters to whom? Issa, The National Memo (only if you make a big deal about it). This is a miscarriage of justice and Issa is a criminal and a fool. Besides, it means nothing.

  • bigsurmac

    The battle to stop guns from crossing the border into Mexico did not end with the failure of the one sting operation.
    The DixieCrat/GOP congressmen are well aware the people who have succeeded in shutting down the northbound flow of illegals cannot reveal their operational secrets before a group of flapping-jaw politicians.
    Two agents lost their lives in this deal. The men and women who were involved in the effort are living their agony daily — and continuing to carry the fight to the Mexican drug crtels.
    Meanwhile, the candy-assed politicians who approved DubYah’s worthless $3-Billion fence for 27 miles west from El Paso — are frantic because they think they have an issue to hang around the Obama neck.
    What are they going t o say when the facts come out, proving the Bush/Cheney administration approved the failed operation?

  • There is no scandal here. Representative Issa is grandstanding. Mr Holder has an investigation ongoing into the murder of a Federal agent. No one has a right to know what that includes until a case is prosecuted. There has already been Grand Jury testimony, and no information about that may be released, by law, even to Congress. Since there is actually no penalty for contempt of the House, and no way the Senate will find Mr Holder in Contempt of Congress, this is all political theater of no real merit. The President is, properly, ignoring this. Mr Holder will not resign, nor quit the lawful performance of his duties. If anything has not yet come out, it is the incompetent or criminal conduct of appointees of the previous Administration, one of whom has already lawyered up and invoked the Fifth Amendment, and so will probably eventually go to trial.. Actually, criminal misconduct within the government is not Mr Issa’s business until charges have actually been brought and civil servants actually punished. He is supposed to write better laws to prevent what went wrong from happening next time. Mr Holder is working on finding out whom to charge with murder. In confidence. Let him be.

    • DukeDacat

      Well said…………….

  • abe

    Obama says it was George W who gave the guns to the Mexican criminals but refuses to turn the paperwork over to Congress . Obviously he’s protecting Bush .

  • Landsende

    Issa and Boehner seem to forget how many times GWB invoked executive privilege. Double standard?

  • A government that is paralyzed and unable to function on any level , be it the White House , The House of Representatives or the Senate , the peoples business has taken back stage to partisan bickering . Our nation is in a state of transition and a state of turmoil due to the concept that party is more important than people.
    I would not be surprised if we don’t see some type of American Spring in the very near future .

  • joujou228

    Issa is making good on his promise to bury the admistration with investigations, I wonder what he will come up with next!

  • i would bet that it all happend in the last administration. somthing to get against democrats

  • Stop comparing, contrasting and referring to the past to justify the corruption going on in the white house at this moment! PLEASE!
    If you want to change something, stop making it okay because others have done it.That is just stupid and counter productive!
    Do you really think this whole scandal should be forgotten and pushed aside with no one being accountable for it because of past injustices and deceits?
    Where does it freaking end? I will tell you…when those that think they are above the law, can smooth talk themselves out of any situation, not be held accountable, or twist the law and our constitution to their own end with half truths and contortions are wiped from the body of leadership in this country with a swift and final justice that is permanent!

    Maybe 20 years from now people will talk about our governing body being a transparent and formidable union that will keep the tenets of our constitution and protect this nation with unbiased unscrutable diligence. That will only happen if it begins NOW!
    Stop the whining over this man’s innocence just because you are a democrat, and start being an American first!

    • WhutHeSaid

      Um…excuse me – you can stop lying now. We hear your dog whistle, but let’s give you a chance to redeem yourself with the following bigot test:

      Q: Name one thing that President Obama has done that is good for our country.

      Can you pass tbe bigot test?

      • ExPAVIC





        • ExPAVIC


  • onedonewong

    Lost automatic weapons?? Really it cost a customs agent his life might be the reason it caused an uproar. It might be that 3000 custom agents have demanded that hOlder come clean.
    It might be that Holder LIED to congress about his role now that some of the emails were released.
    Holder should do the right thing man up and RESIGN.
    This is how Watergate started and that’s how this issue will end

    • DukeDacat

      onedonewong ..just like your fellow traveler…ace….. you don”t know chit…………

      • onedonewong

        Guess facts aren’t somthing you deal with often

  • Well, Obama I guess has to show he has cojones. We believe he has, but somehow he has to confirm.

  • God forbid the repugnicans acknowledge that it’s their own people who started this mess. Hundreds and hundreds of papers have been turned over. This is sickening behavior by the repugnican (that stands for repugnant) and needs to be stopped. It’s okay if Bushy boy did it. It’s okay if their star Reagan did it. Will the American people still refuse to see what disgusting people the repugnicans are? Is no one listening? Does no one actually read the facts. Listen to Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell and learn facts. Listen to Rachel Maddow and learn facts. Do NOT listen to anything Fox “news” says – they wouldn’t know what news was if you spelled it out for them.

    • AdamMos

      Look at the electoral college, Obama is winning by a landslide. We are listening, the more the Repuiblicants talk – the more they lose. They still dont know what to do about the dream act. The Republican party has become the laughing stalk of the world. It is joke that is not funny anymore. Make sure you vote!

  • Scooterdoc

    I do not refer to the Republicants as conservatives, they are better classified as CONFUSED!

  • Debra Moore

    The Republicans & its bullies are always trying to bully their way into the elections. They use Payoff monies, bullying tactics but they are never charged. Why are the republicans continuing to break the law and get by with it. When Chaney was in office he didn’t get a $7 hunter’s license & ended up shooting a man but was he punished? NO! but the republicans buy their ways out of things. They want taunt & lie everytime the Democrats do a good deed; the republicans want to say it is so bad. Just like they said Columbus discovered America. Well everyone knows that the Indians was here 1st; so how in the world did Columbus discover America and they were allowed to put it in Americans text books to lie and teach our children. Republicans lie, cheat & steal & don’t care who knows it because they feel no one will make them accountable. Uncover the dirt on Congress and the House Of Representatives. Expose those Republicans. Eric Holder & our President are doing an excellent job. Republicans try to hide their hands and blame others.

  • Well children…Can you say “Hypocricy”? Let’s see St. Ronnie’s Iran-Contra Scandal, Bush and Cheny lying us into two unncessary wars (without anyway to pay for them and loss of thousands of lives), and the refusal of Bush’s White House staff to cooperate with Congress and the Spcial 9/11 Hearings etc. I think all those things trump this. Also, since this was started during the Bush Administration I would think that all those concerned REUBLICAN senators and congreemen would want to get to the bottom of this—but apparently not too close to the bottom. Otherwise we might just begin to REALLY learn something about it all.

    • ExPAVIC

      Go for it Don B.

      These people listen dumb to what has previously done to them

      “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

      The American Taliban Republicans are out to screw the poor and middle class, again.

  • Oh yea right Mr Obama uses Executive Privledge once and the repugs cry coverup how many times did bush use it and they didnt say boo. What a bunch of hypocrites.


    Hear Ye, Hear Ye

    All of you doubters of the American Taliban Republican plutocrats audacity, I want to hear what you have to say when they come after your individual rights, your Social Security monthly check, your children to fight (and die) in some foreign Arab rat hole, and allow the rich 1% to have tax breaks while you are busting hump to stay above water.


  • What a load of crap. This is totally politically motivated. Move on……it’s time to quit bashing and start fixing problems!

  • time to understand everyone does not make alot of money, just trying to get by , get real

  • Joe_Buckstrap

    The moral of this story is that Repugnants are tantamount to a long constipated stinky shit that won’t go away contaminating everything they come in contact with. Wherever they reside it is necessary to apply industrial strength abatement measures to disinfect, otherwise the pestilence of their existence shall further corrode the environment and contaminate the process. They must be totally expunged. Even one Repugnant is one too many and enough to further contaminate with the germ of their pathological existence.

  • karinursula

    Here is my question: who is congress working for? Is that a stupid question.?Is this not
    our country? Are we not paying their salaries? Is congress not suppose to represent all of us? I’m mad. It started when I read about this radio person in Arizona who called the president a monkey. Is this what America has come to? Romney said that we had to many cops, firefighters and teachers. When later asked about that comment on Fox he denied ever saying it. I heard him. Are all the GOP and Romney really think that we are stupid? And to answer one of the comments, MSNBC had a report on Holder this afternoon right after it happened. I hope I’m not rambling but I’m so mad about all this BS. Congress should worry about the economy and jobs, not this shit, which we all know they did to embarrass the President. I for one are going to vote for President Obama.

    • jimackermann

      You are correct, and in this case, I feel like I am getting my moneys worth. When a branch of government breaks the rules, they have to be held accountable. As a tax payer, I want to know what is in all those un-released documents. I’m sure you don’t because they will be emberassing. Isn’t it a shame that the Constitution keeps getting in the “Anointed Ones” way.

  • campy123


    Eduardo: You still do not understand President Obama! Do you have a green card?

  • AdamMos

    When you reply to someone and you start your post with Sorry- that is an apology, thanks again.

  • gunnar111

    why does this rag blame bush’s administration for the lies and deceit of “fast and furious”? even if it started there, the obama administration could have nipped it in the bud. they implimented it and covered up the failed plan, obama feels that he, his administration, and the democrats are above the law. secondly, if honesty had been forthcoming, there wouldn’t have been a need to cover up. whether it is the GSA spending, Solyndra / special favors to political contributors, the secret service scandal, auto / union special deals. the latest giving a free pass to illegal aliens. unemployment through the roof with no hope of improving. the list of corruption goes on and on. for those democrats who still have a conscience, when are you going to admit “the end doesn’t justify the means”. if you keep telling yourself a lie, you will begin to believe it. all his promises are failed but you keep clinging to the lie.

  • Its a pity that all Congress can do is to go after Eric Halder; there are so many enormous problems that they should be voting on:- the economy, jobs, the wars, the horrendous Pentagon budget (larger than many countries), our failing education system, our failing care for the elderly and the poor,the taxes on the 1% which need to be increased and which would help balance our budget. All they want to do is get the President out of his job; when they should be voting on the President’s efforts to address these problems. What are they playing at and we, the American people, are watching their shinanigans and we will be voting in November. They think we are stupid. Maureen Yates

  • David L. Allison

    Because Bush II initiated a prior sting then initiated “fast and furious”. The Obama administration has disclosed over 6000 pages of data on the failed sting. We are still waiting for disclosure of a single page of the information on the NAMES of the Bush/Cheney secret energy meetings let alone a single word of what was said in those meetings that may have had a great impact on the amount of money that you are paying at the pump to make the oil oligarchs even more wealthy by giving them special concessions, tax breaks and subsidies. The only reason you can whine about Solyndra, and your other invented injuries is because, unlike Republicans since Reagan, Obama is truly more transparent in his dealings than he is required by law to be.

    • ExPAVIC


      Don’t you see that the American Taliban Republicans are only happy when they are covering over the mess Bush made or when checking into people’s shorts and underpants for personal information.

      Hopefully the sane people will catch on and see what a mess our country would be if the American Taliban Republicans gain any power.

  • Executive Privilege, George Washington., once, Jefferson, once, Andrew Jackson, once, Truman, once, Eisenhower, once, Nixon lost, “a generalized need” , Clinton once, he cut a deal, Monica Lewinsky, Bush, SIX TIMES, That was ok, he’s a Republican. Obama once.
    Nov 6 2012, Every single one needs to be thrown out of office. The economy, the unemployment disaster, what are they playing games with to get control, abortion, that’s ALREADY been through the Supreme Court. Gay marriage, this is the latest B#. Future generations of Americans are going to hate us for jerking this country around so much They’ve inherited a third world country, with a 30% unemployment rate. If the founders of this nation saw what it’s become, they’d regret ever leaving Europe. They’d be right.
    “National Voter Turnout in Federal Elections 1960-0120” That’s not their fault.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    Well, well, well…and yet another Republican mechanism to dismantle this presidency. How about we hold the House and all of its GOP members in contempt? We could start with slicky boi Issa.

    The only reason these Republicans are going after Holder is to get even for AG Alberto Gonzalez, a Texas Bush crony, having to resign in disgrace in 2007 for attempting to turn the Justice Dept. into a Texas style department of law by hiring only Republicans and preferably Texans.

    Has Issa the Village GOP idiot forgotten how easily Bush ’41 got away with selling arms to Iran? Or how his son managed to use “executive privilege” to avoid having to answer for destroying all of the records of his old man’s complicity in the Iran arms deal? No matter what these Republicans say to the contrary, they are waging a war of revenge…which is totally unjustified when you consider how they played that “Get Away With It” game for 8 Bush years up to and including Bush and Rove hiding behind executive privilege to avoid answering for the outing of a CIA agent. Short memories, long teeth and ragged claws are the only thing the GOP is good for these days.

    Keep up the attempts at dismantling this presidency you desperate fools and you’ll end up before the Supreme Court having to answer for your bully boi revenge games.

    • Everything you say is correct, except the part about ending up before the Supreme Court. This won’t solve anything. They are the most corrupt group of justices I’ve ever witnessed and I’ve witnessed a whole lot!

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    There’s also one other issue the skanky GOP bois want buried deep…Bush ’41’s complicity in talking Iran out of giving up the hostages until after Reagan was elected so it would appear that Reagan and not Carter masterminded that little bit of magic.

  • jarheadgene

    If Congress was to act the way they really should, why aren’t they REALLY looking after the interest of the American Public, instead of big business and lobbyists. START with an oversight
    committee as to why we were lied to about WMD’s in Iraq. And why Halliburton and KBR….(Cheney’s pet companies) were/are the only ones allowed as contractors in Iraq and Afgahnistan,
    let’s bring up charges there. Too many GOOD AMERICAN men and women have died for a cause
    that didn’t exist. — I mean it isn’t exactly a blow job in the white house, I guess that is far more important, to those of you who remember Ken Starr and the GOP then.

  • This fight will definitely bring us more jobs as promised by the Republicans! Let’s count how many side lines the Republicans have gone into since 2010: abortion, religion, birth certificate, WoW! Lots and lots of jobs, right?

  • montanabill

    When most of you can get over name calling, ask yourselves a few simple questions.
    1. Holder offered to provide some of the documents requested, then reneged. Now Obama claims Executive Privilege for those documents. Why?
    2. Holder said he would provide some documents (contents undisclosed) if the investigation would go away. (I’ll tell you where the body is buried if you won’t charge me with anything). Why?
    3. The AG’s office first pointed to the Republican program under Bush (which this article references) and then they retracted the claim (not in this article). Why?
    4. If there is nothing incriminating to the AG or the President in those documents, why the great effort, including risking jail time, to keep them from the public or the committee?
    5. How big a pretzel do you twist yourself into to try to claim the administration is being ‘transparent’?

    • David L. Allison

      1. Holder presented over 6000 documents, focusing on those affecting the shooting of the Border Control officer.
      2. Holder testified nine times before Issa during Issa’s inquisition. He offered to provide to Issa, without Issa specificly requesting document by document all materials that were not deliberative documents immune from disclosure under FOIA if Issa would stop interfering with the important civil rights and voting rights that Holder is responsible to accomplish before the election.
      3. Both Holder and the ATF determined that the initiation of the Republican program was not important with regard to the specific inquiry being conducted by Issa.
      4. Ensuring and maintaining the right of the Executive to maintain privacy of internal deliberative documents is deemed important by every President and each President since Nixon has claimed the privilege and, with few exceptions, the opposing political party in Congress has opposed the executive branch exerting the privilege.
      5. Not too much twisting to demonstrate that the Administration is, in many ways, more transparent than preceeding administrations. How much do you know about who attended the “energy summit” of Cheney Oil friends in the White House, let alone what they said. Solyndra, Fast and Furious and other issues have been disclosed sufficiently that you could attack them. Compare that to Watergate, the “energy summit”, the lies about “weapons of mass destruction”, the Contras, etc, that were buried by the Republicans.

      Finally, lets agree that more and complete, consistent transparency and fewer investigations and punishments of whistle-blowers (i.e. “leakers”) would better serve all of us citizens. Maybe start by releasing and terminating prosecution of all people involved in the WikiLeaks affair.

      • montanabill

        1. Holder was asked for 70,000 documents. The documents presented only covered the time of the actual Fast & Furious program, many of the pages duplicates and many so redacted that only the name of the department was visible. The documents still being requested are those that identify who knew what and when and who authorized the program.
        2. Holder stonewalled nine times and only offered documents in exchange for the end of the investigation and immunity from anything found. Issa had nothing to do with any interfering with Holder’s attempts at stopping programs that want to make sure that only living, breathing, actual citizens can vote.
        3. It was not up to Holder or the ATF to make any decisions for the Congressional committee. You don’t give anyone under investigation the power to decide whether the investigate is important or not.
        4. The committee would have no interest in internal deliberative documents UNLESS they show an attempt to mislead or cover-up wrongful actions. Since Holder swore under oath that such material did not exist, he and the President should have had no misgivings about making the documents available. If you will recall, this is the same path that Nixon attempted during Watergate.
        5. You can point to anything extraneous that you wish. The fact is that Obama himself previously decried the very actions he has taken. Redacted documents and claiming executive privilege at the last minute is not transparency in any form.

        I’d rather start with the leaks from the White House on current national security issues.

  • Did anyone see the spokesman for the NRA give his speech before his choir? He said “This administration came into office and did not address the guns issue, 2nd amendment rights. They put us to sleep with this non-action thinking we’re stupid, but we know your agenda, we know what you’re up to. This is just a tactic they’re using to take away your guns and destroy your 2nd amendment rights!” TRANSLATION: By doing NOTHING on gun control just proves that they want to control guns! I’m STILL laughing. Only from the right could such a ludicrous statement be made and BELIEVED!! I’m a gun owner and have heard this assertion being made my whole life. When is this SO CALLED movement EVER going to happen? We know they’re FEAR-MONGERS and that’s why I laugh. Yes, I’m laughing AT THE BELIEVERS and WITH THE LOGICAL!!!!

    • David L. Allison

      Debbie: there you go again confusing the radical right republicans with facts and logic. Shame on you.

  • bigspender7

    Forget al-Qaida and the haqqani network. America’s most intractable enemy has been and remains HOUSE republicans.


  • bigspender7

    onedong — how can you be so stupid?


  • Congress should be eliminated.

  • ChristoD

    We need to let this issue takes its’ course before making any rational judgements (hello folks remember RATIONAL, as in, THINK and let the evidence get one to arrive at the RIGHT conclusion ?). As a moderate Democrat, I am well aware that each ‘side’ has its’ good cops and bad cops although in todays’ political arena there are far more of the later than the former. Issa is the ultimate bad cop for the right. He is the point person for the GOP when it comes to discrediting the Dems. It is his JOB to do that, nothing more nothing less. He is well rewarded for doing this and he will have a comfortable, probably extravagant, lifestyle when he leaves politics because frankly, he moves very nicely when his strings are pulled by his masters. THIS should not be misunderstood. He is a hack of the first order and is therefore labeled the exact opposite of statesman, which is what he SHOULD be. Be that as it may, IF the administration botched this, they should pay, if not, Issa should be canned. Probably neither will happen. The powers that be, whether it be on the right or left, don’t want it to be and we the PEOPLE are the worse for it. By the way, half the population loves one side and half loves the other, both to a fault. THAT is where the problem lies, WE don’t want a compromise, especially the likes of the Tea Party, unless it benefits the vision we have for the country.



    Another Bush screwup in Fast and Furious. It’s a wonder that Bush did pottie correct.

    You want to bring up 4,500 troops killed needlessly in Iraqi looking for Cheney’s WMDs? If you know where they are call Colin Powell he is still pissed about being lied to.

  • ALS1918

    The Republicans have done nothing but fought everything the President has done or tried to do to help the people of America. It is time we elect someone to do something other than fight the President. This is just another stalling tactic. I am sick and tired of this Republicans majority Congress. Please people let wakeup and see what is happening in Washington. Our tax payers money is just being wasted by paying this “Do nothing Congress”. Any thing to fight over but voting on something to help the people of America. Other Presidents have had executive privilege so why not this President. Why are you tapering with the Attorney General now,to try to make the President look bad.

    • CAThinker

      The irony is that the Tea Baggers, who so oppose the government (except when it comes to “their” social security, “their” medicare, etc.) are the ones that brought this situation to fruition. In trying to “save” money, they are now wasting it… Irony… and if it didn’t cost us all so much – it would be entertainment. Tea Baggers – drink up, you paid for it…

  • Republicans….hmmm they say if you can’t say anything good….so I wont, they stink!

  • Tare_a_Noch1

    Polarization within the national identity is not a healthy goal. When the party line identity drives the conclusion everything is sick. After the French Revolution, with all of its suspicion and hate, no one wanted to be a partisan. Partisanship has a strength and a destructive nature. Presently, conclusions must reach beyond partisanship to be accurate. This must be transcended.

  • John_Medlin

    When are we going to stop giving guns to undermine other countries and endangering the lives of our citizens. The Bush arm of the GoP started this mess and AG Holder of the DNC ended it.