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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Any credible account of the career of U.S. senator Saxby Chambliss, a Georgia Republican, must acknowledge this salient fact: He is conservative. He’s no maverick who managed to win a powerful office in a crimson state despite staking out positions that challenged the beliefs of his base.

He has opposed abortion rights, gay rights and government regulations on business. The American Conservative Union, whose ratings are considered the gold standard for grading elected officials on adherence to conservative dogma, gives him a lifetime score of 92.5 out of 100.

Still, Chambliss now finds himself under fire from right-wing extremists in the Republican Party — absolutists who believe that even a handshake with President Obama is a dangerous sign of collaboration with the enemy. So the senator will retire in 2014 rather than face a primary challenge from the right.

This is another unsettling development for the GOP, another sign of a party engaged in civil war. If Saxby Chambliss does not meet the standard for conservatism, then Republicans are doomed to bloodletting well into the foreseeable future. If a score of 92.5, which usually counts as an A, doesn’t pass muster, then the GOP is starting down the road to extinction.

The rabid right’s hostility to Chambliss grows out of his membership in the “Gang of Six,” a bipartisan group of senators who have toiled over the last couple of years to come to a compromise that would begin to eliminate federal budget deficits. Though he signed onto anti-tax activist Grover Norquist’s no-tax-increase pledge when he first sought a congressional seat, he has lately begun to voice doubt about its usefulness — as any reasonable person would.

If Tea Partiers were as worried about red ink as they claim, they would throw Chambliss a parade and hail him as a hero. But they’ve begun muttering about his conservative bona fides instead.

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139 responses to “Republicans’ Rabid Right Is Leading Party To Ruin”

  1. rhallnj says:

    The US cannot go forward until the Republican Party dies. Let the death come sooner rather than later.

    • lana ward says:

      The country can’t survive until O dies!! I pray he meets his maker SOON!

      • Kent says:

        You pray for Obama´s death. You are a sick woman, indeed.

      • Bob Shipp says:

        Uh, which branch of Christianity is it that encourages its followers to pray for the death of those with whom they disagree. How about a Scripture passage that supports that approach (new testament, of course). No cherry picking from the old testament since Jesus said his message involved a “New Covenant”.

        • lana ward says:

          Better omuslim die, than America!!

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Better the DogPatch lazy butts start to wake up and stop going along with their state government’s version of the plantation mentalities. If your state isn’t giving back what you paid in in your state taxes, you’d best ask why. We are not going to continue to support these Porker States who feed off federal revenue more than they do their own state taxes. It means all those DogPatch industries need to start paying decent salaries and benefits. Something they haven’t done since pre-Civil War. As for Obama dying, he will live a whole lot longer than some of the Bully bois of the right. The right is on its ear and they know it. All that’s left is for them to move their double wide butts in forward motion.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Only the good die young!

          • jvaljon1 says:

            LOL! I couldn’t have said it better! “…move their double-wide butts in forward motion.” YES!

          • I wonder how the red states that plan to reject ACA will react when they realize that Federal subsidies for ER care will be terminated when healthcare is available to all Americans. Hopefully blue states will have enough common sense and put in place residency stipulations to prevent people from red states to get meical care in blue states when they get critically ill. Otherwise, we will end up paying for the Republican freeloaders who currently use ACA and MEDICAID to get the free care they need.

          • idamag says:

            lana was once a welfare queen herself.

          • Lynda says:

            Lady words to indeed have consequences and your are disgusting. Get some help before you harm yourself, or worst yet somebody else.

          • lana ward says:

            Lady, you are disgusting for believing what O says!

        • BDC_57 says:

          The tea party people do not like it when you disagree with them.

      • Michael Kollmorgen says:

        You’re the typical Poster Child for the Far Right Christian – Hateful, Spiteful, Bigoted, Fearful! I bet your neighbors, IF you have any, are probably moving out from around your area in droves.

        As I said before, the FBI should be investigating you for possible domestic terrorism.

        Hah, they probably are already:) With a little luck you might find yourself in Gitmo with the rest of your friends.

        SAVE YOURSELF – Move To Iran before it’s too late……………..

      • Richard says:

        if w couldnt wreck the country we’ll be fine.

        you hate our President and have no faith in our survival

        take a note from your right wing forefathers and love it or leave it

      • sleepvark says:

        How typical. The great leap of faith, from a stream of comments about a political party and what it stands for to a vicious ad hominem attack without any logic, reasoning or explication. Just more verbal drool from the shallow minds of teabaggerland, where the aggregate IQ, if squared, would most likely get smaller.

      • WhutHeSaid says:

        Who would you send such a prayer to? My guess would be Satan. Who else would be interested in such a prayer?

      • How patriotic the right is- actively praying for the demise of a Democratically elected President with approval ratings above 50%.
        They do not want smaller government per sea; they just want a government that does not work for the majority of Americans. You know, us “little folk”.
        They do not want Real freedom in this country no matter how much they may cry and moan for it. They want the right to impose their minority will on the majority of Americans.
        The Tea Party talked a good game but when the infinitely credulous sent them to Washington all they could do was try to regulate our sex lives. They have repeatedly put their own interest above country, even above GOD.

        • lana ward says:

          O is imposing his will on the country-starting with Ocare that is going to cost every family about $20,000!!! He is making Christians do what is against their beliefs. He is putting so many regulations on small businesses, they can’t hire and are having to cut back on workers they have. He is forcing coal plants to shut down all over the country, devestating communities everywhere. Now he wants to take our guns. If that was really because of shootings, he wouldn’t believe in murdering babies as they’re being born!!! He’s a monster!!!

          • Since when are intolerance and lack of compassion Christian values? Would you mind telling us which version of the Bible you have been reading? The essence of Judeo-Christian values is based on the need to love our fellow man, to be compassionate, tolerant, forgiving, and respectful.
            The Affordable Care Act may not be perfect, but it goes a long way towards a true interpretation of the essence of Christianity and a better society than healthcare policies that leave large segments of our population without the preventive care they need and deny people, including children, the medical care they need to survive when some insurance company flunky decides his/her condition is “pre-existing”.

          • lana ward says:

            You seem smart. Why can’t you see what O is doing to America?? I stand by everything I’ve said. Now he’s blaming everything on Republicans. He learned well from Saul Alinsky- demonize, marginalize, and destroy!!!

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            If what you say is true, Obama is finally playing the game the Republicans have been using against him and the democratic party since 2008.

            He’s learned how to play that game very well against the very group of people who would more than likely cut his throat at the first opportunity.

            I wish “President” Obama all the success in the world:)

          • lana ward says:

            Check out,- ” The Captain’s Quarters, Obamas dead pools””

          • idamag says:

            And, now that we have it, it can be made better down the road. lana wants to go back to when Medicaid paid hers and her children’s dr. bills.

      • Lynda says:

        Why do you hate America?

    • nobsartist says:

      They just change their name to “Democrats” and continue down the same path.

      Ask shumer and biden. Two useless parasites that call themselves Dems yet do whatever they can to insure that ALL failed republiCON policies are followed.

      Like NAFTA and “for profit healthcare”.

  2. nobsartist says:

    The stupid leading the stupid.

  3. halslater says:

    Before Obama was elected, I simply disagreed with Republicans. Since then, due to the way they treat Obama, deny their own culpability for Bush’s disasters and push for the wrong approach (austerity v. stimulus) even after being proven wrong, I now loathe Republicans and will do anything possible to thwart their efforts and undermine their morale.

    • nobsartist says:

      Although I also tend to blame republiCONs for the mess we are in, they couldnt have done it without the help of the Democrats.

      I voted for President Obama but in reality he also sucks. Plus its hard to figure out what party he really belongs to. He didnt investigate any of bush’s activities and in fact has furthered the disasters started by raygun.

      Sometimes it looks like Obama was a plant to chump us into believing in something that just does not exist.

      There is only right and wrong and Obama still cannot make that distinction between the two.

      • hilandar1000 says:

        I certainly understand what you say, but I do feel that Obama has tried his hardest to bring the country together and try to appease even the most demanding and unreasonable factions of the republican party. Unfortunately there is nothing left of the republican party except the most unreasonable faction, and I’m not sure there is a way to appease them without giving in to them totally — which is exactly what the republican party itself has done, and it’s been disastrous. It is open to debate whether it would be better to leave the past behind and try to move on, or to investigate the culpability of those who caused the mess we are in and hold them accountable. At this point, it seems as if the republican party is in too much disarray to ever be put back together again. The fringe element has taken over. Although the fringe element is definitely vocal in their beliefs — and their demands that the rest of us have to accept their beliefs, it’s evident that more and more of the American people are seeing through their demands and fantasies, and have rejected the notion of ever being able to reach any type of reasonable compromise with them. One has only to look at the remarks of Lana to realize that there is no reasoning with the fringe faction. Even though there is no evidence at all to back up what she says, she still clings to the fantasies and lies that the fringe is holding onto for dear life.

        • sigrid28 says:

          It is this teflon aspect of the far right “bubble,” its impermeability, that the Koch brothers and others who thought they could manipulate the Tea Party hadn’t counted on. Like Mitt Romney running for president so he could have that on his resume, never seeing his loss coming, these privileged Republicans who thought they could use the Tea Party to fill their coffers, now recognize how hard it is to manipulate totally self-referential idealogues with nothing to lose. Even their “small government” overtures fell on more than deaf ears, when the far right–where even indigent members have emotionally stockpiled weapons and ammo, canned goods and cigarettes, whiskey and beer–refused even to take actions to keep wealth gushing into the coffers of their rich fellow Republicans. When will this billionaire branch of the Republican party realize that even their wealth could be demolished with the rest of the U.S. economy if this extremist element gets it way?

        • MARK says:

          Drowning people will grab onto anything.

          • hilandar1000 says:

            Yep, I guess when you’re drowning, it would seem that it’s better to grab onto whatever is available than to wait around for something better which may or may not float by.

      • Obama sucks huh! I think you’e a nitwit who’s expecting someone that can walk on water. How you can say a president sucks that has followed through on more than 70% of 500 promises he’s made over the last 8 years – and has partially followed through on a majority of the other 30% but hasn’t because of being blocked by the opposition party – is more than dumb it’s absurd. How can a president suck that has succeeded in keeping the country out of a depression;also succeeded in saving the auto industry saving millions of American’s their jobs; has cut spending down over the past 3 years by 1/2 a trillion/yr (from the 1.6 trillion he inherited from Bush to 1.1 trillion in 2011-12); has a negative budget growth percentage when Presidents like Reagan and Bush had over 8% budget growths; has implemented policies that have brought the stock market up by more than 100% in 4 years to the highest levels in 7 years; has implemented programs that have created more than a million more jobs in the past 4 years than Bush created in all his 8 disasterous years in office; has deported more illegal alliens (more than 400,000) in 4 years than both Bush and Clinton combined; has erased numerous al Qaeda leaders including bin Laden, virtually decimating a major portion of the terrorist organization; has implemented energy policies that may make America the world’s largest oil distributor on the planet in 2013, replacing Saudi Arabia, has implemented changes in student loan programs that have allowed millions of more high school students to afford college; has had a war on fraud in the defense and healthcare sectors such that his administration has recovered more fraudulently charged monies than Bush jr, Clinton and Bush Sr. combined, saving the country billions. Do I need to go to show how absurd your idiot comment was??? You are plain stupid mister!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I often become disillusioned when I see President Obama succumb to GOP pressures, but that only lasts until I consider that dramatic changes in direction are a virtual impossibility in a country as politically dividedas ours. Considering our current circumstances, the best we can hope for is incremental gains. Take the Affordable Care Act as an example. Most of us, and even President Obama, agree that it is far from perfect, but most of us also agree that it is a step in the right direction.
        The old sytem was simply too expensive, to the point of being unaffordable for millions of Americans, and some of its policies, especially the pre-existing condition clause and coverage caps, were downright cruel. I would have preferred a single payer system, but when we consider the reaction by half of the population, including claims of evil socialism directed at a plan administered by for-profit insurance companies, what we got is the best we could hope for at the moment. Public opinion will change as soon as millions of Americans who currently depend on ER care when they are critically ill, and do not get prevetive care, is clearly understood by everyone. The irony, is that in addition to helping millions of fellow Americans, ACA will also help our corporations by limiting rising costs and reducing the cost of absenteeism and, most importantly, it will help us as a nation by reiterating our purported Judeo-Christian values.

        • nobsartist says:

          I do not remember such dissension when raygun changed the health care laws in 1982 to allow “for profit” health care.

          In my opinion, Obama merely sealed the deal forcing us to all buy into another failed republiCON scam.

          It is as if you witnessed a robbery but instead of helping the person being robbed, you simply joined in and stole what the original robber left.

          “Affordable health care”? Not here in the United States.

          The right to get fucked by insurance companies? Thank the President.

          Dont be duped by actions that fail to accomplish something. All of the crap in Washington is simply theater. The assholes in Washington will do anything they can to make sure their way of life is not disturbed.

          They do not give a shit about you or I, they only care about the arabs and jews.

          • hilandar1000 says:

            Believe me, I think that most of us initially shared your feelings about the watered-down version of health care reform. However, the corporate-run health care system has had many years to become ingrained. Plus the corporations have, in many instances found ways to hide profits and have been getting government subsidies where none should have been needed. Even if the president had not had to deal with filibustering and obstruction by the Republican party, a sudden change to a single-payer system would probably have resulted in much worse patient care. But the steps that have been taken seem to be a step in the right direction. I think the next step should be a cap on profits for anything connected to the health care field, as has been instituted for the insurance industry.
            Granted, there have been too many theatrics and not enough work being accomplished in Washington. However, I do think it’s a bit unfair to paint all politicians with the same broad brush. Fortunately there are still people (even a few politicians) who want to leave this world in a better place than it would have been if they had not been there. Unfortunately any candidate, no matter how public-minded he or she may be, has to worry about the high cost of getting elected so that they can go back to Washington to fight for the rights of The People. I, for one, hate to think of where we would be if the good politicians had not courted enough of the moneyed-interests, and had not had the money necessary to get themselves elected (or re-elected). I think Obama is not perfect, but I do think he cares about the people he serves and has done what he had to do in order to get re-elected — and I shudder to think what it would have been like for most of us if he had not done so.

        • nobsartist says:

          Sorry but I disagree. Your explanation of Obama’s health care solution makes sense if you agree with the best way to put out a fire is to pour gasoline on it.

          If our health care system was broken, which it was designed to be by republiCONs with Dem support, then it should have been completely dismantled like raygun did to our “NOT FOR PROFIT” health care system in 1982.

          “FOR PROFIT” health care is a republiCON principle widely supported by Democrats because they are all feeding from the same trough. Neither could care less about us but when it comes to corporations, both parties are fighting to be the first to crawl under the desk to execute the executive BJ for more donations.

    • MARK says:

      Well,whenever they get around to dieing I will say rest in peace to the gop and fervently hope that something honestly good and immersed in all the best human qualities springs from the ashes of thier decay.

      • Sand_Cat says:

        It will still be the same asses. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting.

        • FredAppell says:

          You stole my thunder. I always seem to arrive too late to these discussions. The scary part is that the Republican party will find it’s converts no matter how extreme they become. They never seem to have any trouble finding big money donors who support their wacky ideas.

          • The reason big money donors support their wacky ideas is the same reason a magician has a beautiful woman as an assistant. While you are watching the beautiful woman or the wacky ideas, he steals your wallet.

          • FredAppell says:

            Good one! I enjoyed your analogy, it sums it up precisely.

          • Corporate Fascist.

            They are the ones that benefit from a Government “so small you can drowned it in a bathtub”.

            “Once you realize that trickle down economics doesn’t work,you will see the excessive tax cuts for the rich as what they are–a simple upward redistribution of income,rather than a way to make all of us richer,as we were told”–Ha-Joon Chang(Faculity of Economics,University of Cambridge)

            Theocratic Fascist.

            Rick S- “I don’t believe in an America where the separation of church & state is absolute.”

            Bill O- “I don’t care about the constitution.”

            Glenn B.- “It is God’s finger that wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. This is God’s country, these are God’s right.”

            A base of Aryans.

            Scary as hell

          • FredAppell says:

            Exactly, it’s Socialism for the wealthy and i’m sure that Bill O., Glen Beck, and Rick Santorum are all well aware of that fact but since the three of them are nothing but whores for the Corporate Elitists, they fall right in line with the rest of the good little soldiers. Scary as hell doesn’t even begin to describe it.

          • nobsartist says:

            I suggest that you take a good look at who supports this.

            All good republiCONs and Democrats.

            They call themselves “Patriots”. I call them “scum of the earth” and I dont care what party they say they support. They do not support Americans so they ALL need to go.

            That is why they want to pass new gun laws. They know that what they have done to sell out our country deserves only one sentence.

          • BDC_57 says:

            It’s scary that theirs people that believes them.

          • FredAppell says:

            The only reason Plutocrats have support from average citizens is because they fear the alternative much more than they fear “Big Money”. The so-called believers don’t understand who is destroying them and quite frankly they don’t care. Their hatred for people like you and me and the culture that we represent drives them right into the hands of their true enemy. Also, there are some who believe they have an opportunity to become rich themselves but if it were that easy then we would all be rich.

          • idamag says:

            There are some who, by what they say, if you are not rich you are lazy. We have a place for all people in this society. If my trashman is not rich, that doesn’t matter. He provides a valuable service to me.

          • FredAppell says:

            You understand exactly my point. The content and value of a person should not be determined by the size of their bank account or lack of one. Capitalism without accountability is creating hell on earth. Believe it or not, I used to think it was a virtue. Truth is, if America never had it to begin with, we would never give it a thought. I have met many poor people with more values then wealthy people, go figure!

          • idamag says:

            I wonder if anyone realizes what the “drowned in a bathtub says?” It means someone wants to destroy the government.

          • Ed says:

            Big Money and Haters!

          • FredAppell says:

            I wish I knew how to stop them but unfortunately we peons aren’t only up against one party. Repubs and Dems alike are throwing us under the bus. People like Paul Krugman have given our elected officials the answers to our economic mess but the Wall Street folks (Big Bankers) have way to much influence in our government. Both party’s have been infected by these parasites. I don’t have any use for the right-wing Tea Party or Libertarians either but I do admire their skill and tenacity to stay influential and relevant, problem is that they are backed by some of Americas most wealthy and powerful donors.

            Astonishingly, most Tea Party and Libertarians deny that fact or maybe they are unaware of the truth, it makes no difference either way. Their just pawns for the “American Royal Class” when they should be in the trenches by our side. If only I weren’t such a coward myself, I would take up the mantle and lead the charge but instead I wait like everyone else for the one who will save us all. That person may never come.

          • MARK says:

            I think what matters most is that you and I and everyone else who shares our concern do whatever it is that each of us can do.For most folks that is voting and perhaps some activism. We need to keep our faith and never doubt our ability to succeed.All through our American history,great individuals have risen from the common ranks and done so at least at the start on little more than the strength of thier own convictions.

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            Many years ago this was correct, you could “make it”.

            But, not anymore. Try starting a business these days. It’s nearly impossible.

            The only thing you’ll have on your side is LUCK.

          • MARK says:

            In reply to you both Fred and Mike, I am grateful for what I have and since becomming disabled,not crippled, I am now subsidized to the teeth due to reduced income.I constantly have to fight with bureaucrats to protect the benefits I,m qualified to recieve.I have felt for a long time that we are in a war but we are also very far from being defeated. I’ll be the first to admit that it is a bitch sometimes but-Stand firm guys.

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            I also became SS Disabled about 2 years ago due to severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. Can’t work anymore, even in my own shop in my garage. If I do, I’ll pay for it that night.

          • MARK says:

            Mike, When my condition began[degenerative disk disease] my back would sieze up so bad that sometimes I was out of commission for two or more weeks.There were times when I would have to crawl from room to room.My claim was awarded in ’08 and slowly I was able to be more active but I will never be able to present myself as a dependable employee as I am too slow.Doesn’t matter,I’d rather work alone anyway.Perhaps you will have some reprieve of your arthritis in the future.Best Wishes!

          • FredAppell says:

            Thank you Mark! I mean that with all sincerity. I am feeling a bit defeated today and your words are a real inspiration. I keep trying to tell myself that this fight isn’t a sprint, it is marathon.

    • sigrid28 says:

      I agree, in desperation, while acknowledging that neither despair nor hatred leave very much energy for anything else. I wish we could get past this rage to a place where the energy we are fruitlessly putting into it can be redirected to driving out of office a far right that threatens the well-being of every American, even themselves. Besides working to elect better candidates, we need to support the president’s American Jobs Act and other forms of stimulus, including addressing the need to make the minimum wage a living wage. I learned long ago that we cannot accomplish a goal we do not envision.

      • docb says:

        A cloud is lifting for me. I am not longer so generous as to lay all the blame for the crazy on just the rabid right but the entire party is to blame. They embraced the people and ideology of that faction to garner votes and seats starting in 2009!

        No one raised a hand to stop the salacious lies and distortion of the President or the dismissal of his legitimate election! There was not one voice with intestinal fortitude from the right! Quite the opposite, they gleefully with open arms endorsed the inept and indisposed cretins from the fringe!

        The REPUB Brand is collective in it’s accountability to the ruination of the republican party!

        • sigrid28 says:

          Listening to the hearings this week and last, and watching ALL representatives and senators on the floors of the House and Senate over the last two months (when they were in session), I must agree with you 100%. This little test I conducted actually pulled me over to the side of Harry Reid and other Democratic Senators who decided this Republican party had to be held in check if it ever got a majority, and shied away from changing filibuster rules–just in case. These Republicans are very frightening in their total capitulation to the agenda of the far right. I urge my fellow liberals and progressives to act on this knowledge by envisioning the changes we need, which will take much more subtlety and courage than simply hating them.

    • I disagree with most GOP foreign and domestic policies, but I believe we benefit, as a nation, by having more than one party. In fact, I believe we should have more than two major parties, one representating the far left, one representing the far right, and a centrist party.
      Having only one party to choose from is not good for a democracy and it would cause problems we have never seen before. Nobody has an exclusive on wisdom or common sense. Listening and respecting the opinion of others is an integral element of democracy, and when both sides put country ahead of special interests or ideology, it usually results in policies that help us grow as a nation.
      The Tea Party has done tremendous damage to the GOP, especially since they abandoned their original charter, which was focused almost exclusively on economic matter and the need to reduce spending. Unfortunately, for the GOP and for us as a nation, they have moved so far to the right on almost every issue that they are rapidly becoming irrelevant and it may take the GOP many years to shed the image of exclusion and radicalism they now have.

      • halslater says:

        Well stated, Dominick and I agree we need at least two parties with balanced and reasoned ideas to compare. What do we do with a party that is completely owned by special interests and pursues corporate welfare under the guise of fiscal responsibility and when it loses support from the voters, tries to restrict the right to vote to its supporters?

        • Unfortunately, they pursue more than corporae welfare, they’re seeking corporate takeover of the government. Close to 50% of Americans do not realize how fortunate America is that Romney was not elected. Just look at what corporations were doing to try and win his election: there were a number of corporations (th Koch Bros., GE, BOA and others) actually intimidating their employees into voting for Romney by sending out letters telling employees that they could well lose their jobs if Obama was elected (in otherwords, if you don’t vote for Romney and Obama wins you may be out of a job).( Romney had actually suggested that corporations should send letters intimidating their employees at a corporate fund raising rally a few weeks before the election.)

          Can you even begin to imagine just how much leverage corporations could easily have had in setting government policies in a Romney administration!! It’s quite possible that America would have become the first country on the planet to be covertly run by corporations!!!

          • MARK says:

            That is the definition of fascism. I know that I harp quite a bit on that point on these pages but there is no other name for it.How sad it is to know that so many Americans fought and died in World War Two to rid the world of fascism,my dad included,and here we are trying to keep fascists out of our government.Incredible!

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            The problem is, is that people, in general, are way too comfortable. They still have their cable access, their once-a-week restaurants, they still can afford to put gas in their cars, they still can afford at least some medical coverages and most still have jobs.

            The people themselves are not going to radically change a system that affords them even these marginal comforts.

            Voting one over the other isn’t going to really change anything because all we’re doing is putting one crook in office over another crook.

            The only way radical change will occur is when the vast majority of america is dirt broke, similar to the first Depression. Then “the people” will either force the government to fundamentally change (example from Capitalism to some other form) its form peacefully or change will come via outright revolution.

            The House of Cards will have to fall before any major changes take place. And, this is not only specific for our country or our time in history. This is the nature of all governments, all countries throughout history. Once a government becomes too corrupted, it falls due to its own top-down weight.

            Otherwise, the only other way change can take place, is a major Paragon Shift in the Mindthink of its population in regards to where our “values” are placed.

            I personally don’t see this happening here for a long long time.

  4. drzaius says:

    Good. They deserve ruin as few ever have.

  5. frida says:

    Republicans have proved in the eyes of many no longer have credibility. It was those days, not any more.

  6. Countrybumpkin says:

    Our world is constantly changing. Whoever does not change with it will get left behind.
    It takes courage and intellect to adapt to any change. The GOP mantra thrives on fear and will self destruct.

  7. Lovefacts says:

    I have never forgiven Chambliss his campaign against the sitting Senator Max Clelend. So, the fact he’s being attack by the far right is only justice come full circle.

    Unlike the Democratic Party that changes with time, the Republican Party is “now” the party of no change. A political party is like plants, animals, and yes, people, and must evolve. When it refuses to do so, it dooms itself to irrelevancy and/or death. In 1860 the Republican Party replaced the Whigs over slavery. Now, they resemble the Whigs they replaced and the only question is who will take their place this time.

    • MARK says:

      Don’t forget that when the gop decided to satisfy thier money addiction by pursuing the fundamentalist far chri?tian right,they gave up on evolution and condemned themselves to death. Thankfully we don’t have to waste our time wishing that they would die,thier mortal wound is self inflicted.

  8. Bob Shipp says:

    It’s gonna be Herman Cain who replaces him or maybe even Allen West. Ga. will be reduced to a laughing stock every time they open their mouths!

  9. The “Grand Old Party” that existed when I was growing up was slowly displaced by the reactionaries who no longer had a place in the Democratic Party. These were the holdover segregationists who embraced the conservatism as envisiged by Barry Goldwater, only without the humanity and realism that Goldwater showed. George Wallace grew out of his conservatism. Strom Thurmond, Trent Lott, and company never did.
    When Reagan took control, a whole generation of NeoCons appeared, spurred on by Rupert Murdoch and other Conservative media moguls. Those NeoCons ended up running the George W. Bush administration, imposing ideas that a reasonable person would have rejected. The problem was Dubya was one of the most trusting people in the Oval Office since the Grant administration. He would usually follow the advice of the first person to present an issue to him. That was why the more moderate policies he followed as regards to international relationships were usually the result of Colin Powell or Condi Rice getting to him before Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld. Moderate domestic policies were the result of John Ashcroft instead of Al Gonzalez or Karl Rove. In any event, these folks dragged Dubya down, and as a result, they refuse to realize that their very policies have resulted in the situation that President Obama has been fighting since November 2008

    • Michael Kollmorgen says:

      As a result of the Graying of this party, the Republican Party is suffering from End Stage Alzheimer.

      There is NO CURE because Alzheimer Disease is Terminal.

      That entire party needs Hospice Care – BADLY!

    • Rick2101 says:

      I somewhat agree, that the Reagan administration is when the GOP started to fall apart. It wasn’t until George W. that it became painfully obvious to most Americans that the Grand Old Party of Lincoln and T. Roosevelt has all but disappeared. Moderation and getting things done became secondary to ideology under George W. and Cheney.

      • Michael Kollmorgen says:

        And, the REASON why during the Reagan Presidency, the Republican Party started to go down hill was when he embraced the Evangelical Movement, which eventually grabbed the Party by their family jewels (pun intended)………

        The Evangelical Movement has not only make itself look like fools, but the Republican Party as well. They both compliment each other very nicely. And, both have made each other just as filthy.

        But, what do we expect from a party of fools led by a Class B Actor who’s only claim to fame was his saying: “Win One For The Gipper” and a wife who went to Fortune Tellers to forcast their futures.

        • Rick2101 says:

          I agree, while the Evangelical Christian movement is not a violent (yet) as the Taliban Muslim movement, they are as extreme in their self-righteous judgment of others. If the Republican Party will return to the idea of freedom and choice instead of the party of religious intolerance they have a chance to grow. If not, I believe they will go the way of the Whigs.

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            I don’t know if I agree that the Evangelical Movement isn’t violent. They are the most vocal of and I believe the most violent-prone of the christian religion(s).

            The Army of God is supposed to be Christian. The Atlanta Bombing during the Olympics was carried out by a Christian. And, all of the abortion clinics and gay bar bombings are credited to Christians hate groups.

            Also, remember all of these hate groups, white power groups, militia groups and anti-government groups classify themselves as being Christian.

            All of these acts of violence point to a deep-right christian organization. And, they don’t get any deeper than the Evangelicals.

            But, even before the Evangelical Movement, there were many black church firebombings across the country. And, they were Christians doing the firebombings.

          • Rick2101 says:

            You are correct, there have been acts of violence by Evangelical Christian groups. What I should have said is that while Taliban Muslim groups also do great acts of violence they take responsibility and admit it. Evangelical Christians, for the most part, are in denial. I also believe the major news and media in America plays down violence by Christian groups and focuses on Muslim and other political groups to a larger extent.

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            The reason why much of christian terrorism is played down by the news media is because most of the news media sources are owned by deep-pocket christian-orientated corporate groups.

            Naturally, they are going to make someone else look bad before they point any fingers at themselves.

            The free flow of information in this country is being gradually quashed in favor of maintaining the status quo at all cost.

            If there was a true free flow of information, why is it when you tune into nearly all of the 11 pm news programs, they all basically have the same information? Yes, they may twist it a bit, but the same “canned” information is still the same.

            This is probably why for the most part, I listen to foreign news broadcasts on Short Wave.

          • Rick2101 says:

            I would imagine that foreign news has a “spin” towards whichever nation originated it.

            Personally I like the NewsHour on PBS. I feel they at least give more time to a story and many times have a liberal and conservative speaking to each other, not screaming, there views.

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            Yes, you are right.

            PBS News Hour is very good. I watch it whenever possible.

            And, you do know, the Republicans have been trying to cut much of the funding for Public Broadcasting.

          • Rick2101 says:

            Yes, I have heard of PBS being on the chopping block, but I believe it goes much deeper. Cutting everything that benefits everyone seems to be the Republican answer to everything. I have tried to be a centrist, not too conservative not too liberal, for years, but it just seems the radical right is just wrong. Some say that Republicans just want police, fire, and a large military to protect their homes, their way of life, in others words their wealth. The wealthy view that those are the only things taxes should pay for, so everyone should pay taxes only to protect their way of life and their wealth, but when it comes to services for the ordinary person, well you are on your own. The wealthy can pay for their own healthcare, their own education, the own local road and infrastructure, so why would they want to pay for anyone else’s. The ordinary person are the ones who need a tax structure to help them maintain a minimum life style, the exact thing the wealthy do not want to help pay for. I believe that is a very self-centered philosophy.

          • Rick2101 says:

            Yes, I have heard of PBS being on the chopping block, but I believe it goes much deeper. Cutting everything that benefits everyone seems to be the Republican answer to everything. I have tried to be a centrist, not too conservative not too liberal, for years, but it just seems the radical right is just wrong. Some say that Republicans just want police, fire, and a large military to protect their homes, their way of life, in others words their wealth. The wealthy view that those are the only things taxes should pay for, so everyone should pay taxes only to protect their way of life and their wealth, but when it comes to services for the ordinary person, well you are on your own. The wealthy can pay for their own healthcare, their own education, the own local road and infrastructure, so why would they want to pay for anyone else’s. The ordinary person are the ones who need a tax structure to help them maintain a minimum life style, the exact thing the wealthy do not want to help pay for. I believe that is a very self-centered philosophy.

  10. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    I was a Republican before Bush. It’s said to see the GOP self-destructing. But, that’s inevitable when you follow only after the biggest, wealthiest, most profitable in the country. Money ALWAYS runs out. That’s been proven down through history. The right wing are a bunch of narrow minded loonies in the minority who want to lord it over the majority. It’s not going to happen but they can dream can’t they?

  11. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    The GOP is male dominated. Take a look at who the biggest voices are. When they do allow GOP women a voice, it’s always an echo in exact replica of the big bois. No matter what else this party does going forward, if they don’t stop dictating to women who are paying their own way, their party will consist of only clinging vine women who are allowed to exist as the GOP dictates.

  12. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    The real problem with right wing extremists and the GOP? They never admit the truth. If you can’t admit the truth, how can issues ever be resolved?

  13. I just finished Isaac Deutscher’s three volume biography of Leon Trotsky – and I know how it strange it might seem to some to compare left and right idealogues – but the current in-fighting going on within the GOP-Tea Party reminds me of how intollerant Stalinists were, and how vociferously they treated people EVEN WITHIN THEIR OWN PARTY who held ideas diferent than theirs (i.e., didn’t “toe” the Party Line). Altough the Tea Party will be quick to point out the “differences” between themselves and Communists (and Nazis) vis-a-vis a belief in individual rights and big government – I find it hard to diferentiate between their RHETORICAL STYLE and METHODOLOGY and that of the Nazi Party in 1930s Germany; both rely on scapegoating, stereoyping, slander and ineuendo to denegrate their opponents

    • MARK says:

      Yessiree Folks,step right up and see the contemporary New Age Fascism.Not really any different just wearing another mask disguised as super patriotism.

  14. MARK says:

    It is saddening to see what becomes of reasonable folks in politics these days.When negotiations are damned ,one may wonder what is left to do but to draw swords. It’s important to know when to compromise and on what issues.One who has dedicated himself to working to promote the public good should not be expected to compromise or negotiate with those who want to cut or otherwise destroy the programs that large segments of the citizenry have paid for and have a reasonable expectation of collecting.Never compromise with crooks,it is the same as putting a rattlesnake in your pocket and expecting it not to bite you.

  15. After the 2008 election, liberal , mainstream, the media of all strip proclaim the republican party as dead. Two years latter they pick up eighty seat in the house, won control of a bunch of blue state governorship and control of both state house, they have Gerrymandered enough district to keep them in control of the us house until 2020. They don’t need any of our help. Yes they are crazy and so are many of the folks that vote for them. Our worries should be how to defeat them next election.

  16. Sand_Cat says:

    Isn’t this the creep who won by smearing a Democrat who lost a couple of limbs in Vietnam as “unpatriotic”?

    But then, running with voters with that combination of ignorance and malice, he might well lose to someone even worse.

  17. jvaljon1 says:

    I have long said that Republicans have become America’s enemies. Not “right-wing looney-tunes” or any of the other kinder sayings which yet include Republicans as Americans.

    Ever since George W. Bush, and the US Supreme Court that installed him in 2000, Republicans have been America’s worst enemies EVER. Republicans were the cause of 9/11, because of their oil ties, and that the Saudis wanted George W. Bush as President, (seeing thus a chance to get rid of THEIR deadly enemies to their North—Iraq—and take the Kirkuk oilfield that WE were supposed to give them) so that the Saudis struck the World Trade Center in the sure and certain knowledge—-which they later saw, was true enough—-that Americans still believed in their President, who knew nothing much but how to lie.

    And before then, when Republicans used to routinely lie to Americans in order to make us scared of our own shadows. Who of us who lived through that postwar time, can ever forget the Cold War—nor, the fear that was engendered in us as children when we had to cower under our desks, simulating our behavior during a nuclear strike.

    Every time that Republicans wanted something, they made war on us—terrorizing us. We were so used to it that nobody ever said anything. But now looking back—-from those early terror attempts (that succeeded all too well) right up to the present, when the Republicans, sure in their mastery over America, said the most egregious thing yet:

    “Your children” they said, “won’t have it as good as you did.” And we ACCEPTED THAT?!!!!!

    THAT’S WHAT AN ENEMY SAYS! An enemy that’s so sure of themselves that they think nothing of outing themselves as such! And why are they that sure of themselves?

    Because we still don’t recognize Republicans as enemies of America. So they think that we don’t see them for what they are….therefore, instead of APOLOGIZING for the disastrous Bush 8 years, instead the Republicans have tacked HARD RIGHT, and are threatening even more evil schemes!

    Folks…..Republicans are Quislings! They are downright Traitors to this country, and it’s time that we stopped dealing with them as anything else! They need to be put in the same kind of concentration camp, where we put those innocent Japanese during WWII!

  18. Sand_Cat says:

    Only the good die young.

  19. adriancrutch says:

    They remind me of Pliny the Younger’s writings of his dealings with early christians. He said they were steeped in deep superstitions. We’re looking at something like the division between the brown shirts and the blackshirted SS in pre ww2 germany. Basically,they take their marching orders from the petersen foundation, who is here to destroy the middle class. Their doctrine is a Stepford Drone Narrow Way. I think their dangerous to logical thinking democracy. If they weren’t in office they’d spend their life 24/7 praying to Jesus!

  20. fidel says:

    Good for The Real American People,DEAD is The Word for this Party,They are Biting Themselves and trying to Destroy this country .They can use The Bushmaster and Destroy Quick,Beginning with the Tea Party.

  21. FredAppell says:

    How can they evolve when they fundamentally disagree with the concept of evolution?

    • Michael Kollmorgen says:

      They think god is going to come down and take care of everything.

      This is why they don’t consider the past as being of any value. And, their futures are already pre-determined by constant conspiracy theories of the latest and greatest end times.

      All Grandma has to do is sit on her front porch playing Dueling Banjos. Corn Cob Pipes are mandatory! Grandpa is in the back bedroom with the kids – of course along with the local pastor.

      And, we all know what Billy Joe Bob and Elly May is up to – making more welfare babies and more playtoys for Grandpa and the Pastor.

      The Beverly Hillbillies ain’t nuttin compared to these people.

      • FredAppell says:

        Thanks man, you had me laughing the entire time I was reading your comment. Sometimes I take life way too seriously so I really appreciate your sense of humor. But on a more serious note, you pretty much summed up the way I perceive them as well. Oh great, now I got that damn Dueling Banjos song going through my head. Wanna here something disturbing? I think I come from hillbilly stock on my mothers side of the family. She is nothing like that but her 10 siblings aren’t far from swinging through trees. Two of her brothers are real holy rollers if you know what I mean. These two are all about that fire and brimstone shit.

        I feel fortunate not to have had that forced on me while I was growing up. Their all up there in years now but the older they get the more pig headed they become. Glad they all live in PA. and me in CT. I can only handle them in small doses. BTW, for the record Elly May was pretty hot, hell, so was Daisy Duke!

        • Michael Kollmorgen says:

          Oh Please, don’t denigrate Monkees, hehe.

          At least they know how to peel a Banana. We don’t!

          They peel a Banana by the opposite end of the Banana. We peel them by the “stem end”. They use the “stem end” as a handle.

          Just Pinch it a bit, then peel. It works perfectly nearly every time. Try it out:)

          Yea, my companion and I have some pretty weird relatives as well. A few, on my companion’s side are holy rollers. We rarely associate with them and only at funerals. All mine are dead now. Basically, my companion and I is all we have these days.

          Relatives, as in a Rockwellian Painting sort of way (you know, all that goody two-shoe stuff) – never was.

          Usually on my mother’s side of the family, all sisters and aunts, petty jealousy over money or what someone else has/had usually screws up the relationships.

          On my dad’s side of the family, all brothers and uncles, it was usually over the brand name of a car. All the brothers and my dad was all pure Bullheads.

          These petty jealousies kept the family on both sides fighting for years among themselves until they all died.

          I used to get into massive depressions over it wondering why families didn’t get along with each other as they should have. I still do if I let myself. I was the “Black Sheep” on my mothers side among the cousins.

          I’ve finally come down to the conclusion, at times, you’re better off not having relatives. Eh, so much for family ties.

          • FredAppell says:

            You’re right, my shame, I love monkeys. Actually I love all creatures. It’s the human ones that perplex me though. After hearing about yours and your companions family dynamics it has become evident to for the first time that our families are a microcosm of the greater society. I know that sounds obvious but I’ve never looked at it from that perspective before.

            What you told me about your family drama is very sad but perhaps more so for them… It is refreshing to know that at least you have one special person to share your life with. All this bullshit boils down to one simple fact, as humans in the 21st century, it is astounding that we still don’t listen to one another and we’re still only in it for ourselves.

            The human condition is deteriorating right before our eyes so are you sure that your depression is due only from your family. Maybe you are also tapping into the emotional state of human kind, I know I am and you sound like you are a sensitive person so your frustration could be manifesting itself as depression.

            We are so complex that anything is possible and since I am not quite middle age yet, I hope we figure it out soon.

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            I have always believed in “family first” in everything.

            Though my loyalty to my parents nearly spelled my personal financial disaster.

            Loyalty to relatives spelled depression for myself. I’ve always tried to consider family ties very important. Unfortunately, it never really meant a thing. I could go into along-winded explanation for many of the reasons for it. I could write a Novel about it!

            I’m 63 years old and Gemini, born June 1949. I’ve noticed ever since, it seems the Reagan years, society started to tear itself apart little by little. The Political Devide between parties has filtered down to family life, friendships included.

            Things aren’t what they used to be. Maybe they never really were in reality.

            Yes, we are a committed couple and this is precisely why we don’t associate with his holy roller side of his family. They despise our relationship putting it bluntly. According to Ohio Law, my companion and myself are not classified as “family”. This leaves open a real possibility whereby IF my companion dies, they could lay claim to all of our property I would then own by right of inheritance. I would be left without a dime, no home, no bank accounts. This has happened to other gay couples – well documented.

            I won’t have any problems from my side of the family, everyone’s dead.

            So, to try and circumvent that possibility, we have tons of paperwork to try and avoid it from happening. But, a smart lawyer could do anything with the backing of the right judge if it were to go to court.

            I mean, that chance of it happening could be very slim. But, you never know. People today can be pretty rotten.

            I have very little faith in the human condition. Maybe if I were to live in another country that didn’t have all this hate, friction and stress, I would probably feel a lot better. But, not here.

            I don’t believe this country has long to survive. And, this is why I tell any young person just getting out of college, or with a least a career you can use elsewhere, to get out of this country as quickly as you can. There ARE better places to re-settle to. This country has a tendency of turning an otherwise hopeful, bright, full of life person into a bowl of Grits rather quickly.

            This is not about Patriotism. This is a matter of survival and seeking exactly the lifestyle you want to live, without all the crap we put up with here and now.

            In a nutshell, I don’t consider this country worth fighting for anymore. Maybe in the long run it never was. I know, these are harsh words. Also a long story.

            Take care my friend……………

          • FredAppell says:

            I hope I can help restore some faith in humanity for you. You are very brave to out yourself to me but I had already suspected as much through certain comments you made to me. You are my friend and sexual orientation has never mattered to me.

            I want you to know that I enjoy our conversations. I learn much from you and the others on this forum. I’m 43 so most of my knowledge is based on limited experience. What I do know is that things were no better when you were a young man. We were almost certainly in a constant state of war either with a foreign enemy or with ourselves your entire life. I don’t blame you at all for feeling the way you do but just know that you can talk to me anytime you want. You take care too my friend and we’ll talk again.

  22. FredAppell says:

    Yes, but see that would require them to actually think. They don’t even make a distinction between Nazis and Stalin’s Communists either. In their minds, there is only their way and then there is everybody else’s way. Let’s face it, they are much to narrow minded to consider anything outside of their spectrum.

  23. billbear1961 says:

    Take the road to ruin, you hateful, ignorant bastards, and take your filthy sellout party of Wall Street ass-kissers with you!

    The answer—the antidote!—to the ruthless obscenity of corporate fascism is the sterling BEAUTY of the Scandinavian social democratic model!

    No one has done better!

    No one has delivered a higher degree of civilized EXCELLENCE to any society anywhere else in this unhappy world!

    • billbear1961 says:

      Google “Forget Japan! Why can’t the U.S. be like Sweden?”

      And listen to Nobel Prize-winning economist PAUL KRUGMAN suggest we follow the SWEDISH social democratic model to produce a prosperous middle-class society here in the USA!

      (“National Memo” won’t let me post the link!)

      Down with the corporate-fascist SELLOUTS in the traitorous GOP!

      Put a leash on Wall Street! Jail the CROOKS who caused the MELTDOWN!

      Regulate the banks—before they destroy us all!!

  24. Aweeeee I’m SHOCKED!

    The party IS ruined, it’s been destroyed. It’s been held hostage by the American Taliban (right wing Christian gun nuts).

    Please PLEASE everything south of DC secede.

    Then we can close all the miitary bases in the South that are keeping the Southern ecomony from slipping further into the toilet.

    The South produces nothing, takes everything then claims it’s blacks or hispanics of Liberals that suck up all the tax dollars when if you look at the numbers it’s the South that is sucking up all the freebies.

    And I understand the situation too. The North has science (Bible thumpers hate that), medicane, education, good health & welfare systems, jobs (real jobs not Have hammer Will travel like most red necks have) & great cultural amentities.

    The South has beer, guns, religious nut jobs, war mongerers, NASCAR, swamp buggies & did I mention the religious nut jobs?

    The South is where WE go to vacation. Now go make up my room & mix me another drink, red neck., or I won’t leave a big tip.

  25. charleo1 says:

    It seems to me, everything, and I mean everything, that has made this Country the envy of the
    modern world, these know nothing ninnies are determined to destroy. And what I really don’t
    understand is why the big money business types are supporting their senseless economic policies.
    If indeed they are. Take taxes. Okay, their all aganist them. But they are also aganist education,
    see no benefit in modernizing, and improving our infrastructure. They don’t believe in science.
    See no benefit in improving the electric grid, and see the only proper role of government is funding
    the military with the money now going to Social Security, and Medicare. They remind me of
    another group that weren’t interested in learning how take off, or land the jet. Just guide it,
    once it was already in the air.

    • Michael Kollmorgen says:

      What these Republicans would love more than anything else is to bring us all back to the 1800s where mom stayed home making babies, dad went to work and supported the family (and screwed around later on).

      We all cooked on Coal or Wood Stoves, we better make sure to keep the Horse healthy for transportation.

      The only Science you learned was from Church Doctrine (and Priest/Ministers played with the boys in the mean time).

      We’d be seeing the Salem Witch Hunts occur everyday.

      The ONLY medication we’d know about is faith and prayer.

      And, OH YES, the Republicans would be as Kings and the rest of us would be Peasants.

  26. jebediah123 says:

    Always remember—-right wing freaks are ELECTED by people with very limited education and VERY narrow views on things religious and concerning science. Backward bible thumpers =(Quran thumpers)??? who have the ravings of sheep herders (that existed 2500 years ago) as their guiding light through life. Glory to the “enlightened” U.S. of A!!!

  27. Plznnn says:

    Rabid Right? Hahaha, you got to be kidding. This is just so much Lefty propaganda, keep taking about the Right when the Left is soooooooooo radical, so unconstitutional, so division, class, gender, and race warfare. The Left is the party of constant spending & debt, as well as taxing and overuse of regulations & control of Americans. The Left is against a balanced budget amendment, against cutting spending, against a secure border & E-verify…………….

    Just to show how far Left the Democrats have drifted, look at JFK compared to now. “You went from “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”, to “Ask what your country can give to you.”

  28. radsenior says:

    Steven Steinlight is an example of the bigotry and prejudice against Mexican’s by the TEA-types and those who follow and support this movement. Here’s what’s going to happen. TEA-types and their Republican membership are going to pass immigration reform that will set in motion too many roadblocks and hurdles to jump. Even if it passes and gets to the president, undocumented immigrants, will still stay here to protect their American born children and the 11 million will continue to make more children, who in turn will be able to vote in future years. This way will take longer to get their way but it will happen. All the hurdles and hoops created will not make any difference. The “Bracero Program” which was in place from 1942 until 1964, provided the basis for the situation currently being discussed. During that time so many came into the states legally, brought in and started families which still have deep roots and a basis for discussion at the table. This cross-border program lead to today’s issues for thousands if not millions of undocumented to work and live in America. Criminalizing people rather than their actions is the polish the TEA-Republicans and their membership have been using to stereotype people.

  29. Thomas says:

    I am a Republician so this means you hate me ! Well you can kiss our a–es ! We stand for lower taxes that puts power in the hands of the people and not as it is in Sweden where I live , in the hands of the government ! We beleave in less spending , lowering the cost of living ! What I mean by that is thge more we spend the more we owe ! But let me get one thing over to you so you can know at least part of the truth . President George Buse came on tv. 3 times and warned the Democrat lead congress not to pass the bills they wanted because he warned it would lead to what we have now ! A total disaster ! He offered alturnitives ! These were ignored and he– yes here
    we are ! Are you happy ? If not don’t sit ther blaming President Bush ! he also tried to give every U.S. citizen who earned less than $ 200,000.00 per year a $ 1,000.00 tax rebate which was killed by congress so you did not get it so don’t blame him !
    A communist, muslem, and illigal immergrant walked into a bar . The barkeeper said ” Well hello Mr . President ! At first I thought that was funny ! Not after I thought about it ! At mosk through out the U.S. this aqmoung other things are taught . One of these teachers said ” I would gladly cut my daughters right hand off if she stole ! If a woman needs stoning then stone her ! ”
    Obama is doing nothing to stop this and in x number of years the U.S can fight the Taliban in our own country !

  30. Aliqsandre Suguitan says:

    GOPers do not listen to the people. Thus they are on a self destruct mode. They do not need the REPs to give them a lethal injection. They are bravely committing “hara-kiri” themselves – the Japanese honorable suicide. – honorable, but suicide just the same. They want to keep the purity of their “Party principles” and will forever honor the pact they signed never to raise taxes, although now obsolete since the people now want the rich to pay more. The people interpret this as GOP imposing its will on the people, instead of obeying the will of the sovereign electorate.

    When will the GOPers learn that the millions of dollars of their moneyed masters is no match for the millions of votes of the poor and middle class. Unless they shift loyalties GOPers are doomed.

  31. Aliqsandre Suguitan says:

    I had always voted GOP, except in the last election. But they have ceased to reflect the will of Republicans – they have mutated into a Frankenstea monster. In their desire to make Obama a “one term president”, they turned to obstructionism. They did not care whether their actions harmed the people – so long as they are harmful to Obama. The people got fed up with their destructiveness, and voted

  32. ORAXX says:

    What is considered mainstream in today’s GOP, would have been the lunatic fringe in Eisenhower’s day.

  33. commserver says:

    Unfortunately, in some quarters that use the plus/minus system 92.5 is only A-.

    You have a difference then.

    Some people want strict adherence so you must have 100%.

  34. Ed says:

    DO NOT RAISE ANY WARNING SIGNS! Let us hope that what emerges from the rubble are people who are at least civil enough to respect the right ofothers to disagree without a lot of name calling and profanity. BTW, this condition is common for ideologues. The Communist Politburo, The American Communist Party both had “purges”. And of course the NAZI’S had “The Night Of The Long Knives”.

  35. craig says:

    ‘pubs seem to be their own worst enemies, and simply are too blind to see their problems, as the party moves further to the rw and away from most americans.

  36. rhallnj says:

    Many of those who decry obstructionism and leave DC were willing participants in the obstructionism, and never bucked their Party in any significant way.

  37. judy says:

    Hal Slater: Where were you when I was falling in love?????

  38. Imagine if parents could borrow $1,000,000 and then force their children to make the payments. Selling children into debt slavery is not only illegal, it’s immoral. That is exactly what the federal government is doing to future generations with huge budget deficits. So, rather than framing the issue as “austerity” versus “stimulus”, the issue is better undertood as “generational equity” versus “false prosperity”. Millenials who understand this dynamic are more likely to express it politically. The millenials are one demographic Republicans have a chance to make inroads with the right budget deficit message. Coupled with a libertarian shift toward tolerance on personal and cultural issues, the Republicans could start to shed it’s “older generation” image.

  39. ProgressiveVoice says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if a grassroots left-wing progressive group grew overnight? So the RW could complain about them and predict (falsely) that they would bring down the Democratic Party?

    Oh well, a girl can dream, can’t she?

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