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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Bowe Bergdahl

You’ve got to hand it to American conservatives. They may not be rational, but at least they’re consistent. They can kick, scream and clamor for something with relentless fervor… until President Obama does it, in which case it becomes the epitome of evil and irresponsibility.

The recent release of the last known American prisoner of war, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, is no different. Conservatives who have been howling for five years that the president should stop dragging his feet and bring Bergdahl home no matter what the cost are now insisting that having done so, Obama has committed an impeachable offense. This despite the fact that the military has a very clear policy about never leaving a POW behind.

Read on to enjoy some fine examples of right-wing hypocrisy regarding Sgt. Bergdahl’s release: what they said before, and what they’re saying now.

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  • charleo1

    It becomes clearer with each issue, the Right Wing has embarked on an unprecedented, comprehensive, and, as far as I know, untried strategy to win back political power. What is not clear, is the ultimate success they will find with it. In the past, policy failures leading to political set backs may have been countered by such inter-party initiatives as rethinking failed policies, reconnecting with the traditional values of Conservatism, rejecting radical policies, promoting accountability by accepting that mistakes were made by their leaders, then working with all Parties to both correct them, and earn back lost credibility the old fashioned way. One sensible position at a time. But, that is not at all what they’ve done. It seems to me, they have essentially embarked on an agenda of denial. But not the kind of denial employed in the denial of climate change, Or, the kind of denials brought into play, when speaking as a unified voice they deny of ever being on record of supporting policies in the past, they have now decided to reject out of hand. Even though that is certainly a part of the whole. But I’m talking about the kind of across the board, denial that attempts to deny all Americans the sense we retain the ability, to do anything successfully. The picture is consistently described as one of inevitable decline, failure heaped upon failure, loss after loss, where victories no matter how small, or large, simply cannot be allowed to stand unaddressed, and discounted. They must be knocked down immediately! The news, regardless of how welcomed it may have seemed in the past. Becomes the latest reason to fight even harder, obstruct even more completely, and insist at every juncture, more extreme measures to defeat the evil they see as now manifested within. And here, I believe we find the method behind all the seeming madness. We vow there will be no domestic tranquility, until the reigns of Gov. are once again restored to our purview. Put simply, the fight will become about everything, and everything will become about the fight. And we will continue to do nothing but fight, until you can at last, endure no more.

    • sigrid28

      Putting a psychoanalytical spin on it, Republicans senselessly attack whatever positive efforts emerge, the way families sometimes scapegoat one child–or sometimes the wife–a weak designee with a positive attitude who is meant to take the blame for all of the conflict raining down like lightning strikes within the stormy weather map of an unhappy home. The cure? The scapegoat, who often becomes depressed because they really want to help make things better, must get in touch with the pent-up rage that is at the basis of his or her depression. At this moment, they must choose to fight or to leave and never look back. If the scapegoat walks away and cuts ties before they are beaten to a pulp, he or she might be able to look back with some fondness for family members but only as an exercise in self worth. Republicans have taken on the bullying, abusive role of family members ganging up on the scapegoat, in this case the American economy, doing all they can to depress and weaken it. Surrogates for the president and his administration have to identify this destructive behavior, as you have, pointing it out to the public again and again. Why? Because the positive family member being scapegoated rightly cannot believe they are being abused, when they are trying so desperately to be helpful. These Republicans deserve to be isolated and run out of the home, or abandoned to their own misery, while progressives concentrate on the factors of our society that can be made to operate successfully. It is so unpleasant, but it is the fight we must gear up for to save ourselves, our loved ones, and society as a whole.

      • marysolvel


        • jmprint

          And take a couple, (especially the ones that don’t normally go vote) with you. So instead of one vote there is three votes, let’s all work together.

        • disqus_il6KG9d3VM

          That would be so good for the Country. They could pass the American Jobs Act. Stop voter suppression. Give back women’s rights. Feed hungry children. Keep unemployment insurance. Decent wages. Keep Social Security and Medicare. Protect equal rights. Nominate Judges who will work to overturn Citizens United (that is what the right is afraid of), and more. To do this we all must vote in the mid-terms and in the Presidential elections. Vote in 2014. Vote in 2016. Vote for Democrats. Vote! Vote!

        • Annemb

          Excellent post! As I heard it said, “Republicans win when Democrats don’t vote.”

          True, true, true.

        • Irishgrammy

          AMEN marysolvel!!!!!! AMEN!! WE MUST VOTE, IT’S OUR VOICE, and we need to get just as angry for GOOD reason…….. as the far right nuts get for NO good reason!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jmprint

      You are so right. Thanks for your thought they mirror mind.

  • Paul Bass

    As I have said in a different post:

    The issue of Bowe’s 5 years of captivity is separate from the issue of HOW he ended up a captive.

    We, the US do NOT leave our men/women behind to be captives of the enemy in a field of combat. Period, end of discussion.

  • sleepvark

    I remember fondly the arguments made against our communist enemies back in the day about how evil people tell the “big LIE”, over and over again till many start to believe it. Today’s Tbaggers are getting quite proficient at this technique. Something about the end justifying the means or some such stuff.

    • Allan Richardson

      Absolutely! They believe in the Ten Commandments for others, but the Ninth (bearing false witness) doesn’t apply to them; they have a special pass to get away with the Seventh (adultery) and even go on to preach and impeach; killing is OK if it is done BY OMISSION (no health care if you can’t afford to pay out of pocket and can’t get good enough insurance); and stealing is OK if you finagle the law to make it legal (or just ignore the law and count on the victims not being able to get legal counsel to sue, as in the ROUTINE falsifying of payroll records by managers to cheat minimum wage workers out of even getting all of that). Oh, and write laws that make it illegal for ANYONE to find out how YOU are breaking the law.

  • disqus_il6KG9d3VM

    We have always known that the tea party conservative Republicans are hypocrites. They have now reached a new low. They have been bashing President Obama for not trying to release our last American soldier kept in captivity by the Taliban. Now that he has been released, they are deleting all their on-line posts telling the President to free him. And, instead are trashing him for making the deal to free him. In the eyes of the tea party the President is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. What else is new?

    • midway54

      And of course the scoundrels at Fox “News” are leading the cheering as groveling agents of the plutocracy by firing up the yahoo dupes and rednecks in the audience, who incredibly were for release or rescue of Bergdahl before they were against it.

      • Allan Richardson

        Since Fox is owned by an Australian, is it surprising that they are trying him in a KANGAROO COURT of the media?

        • midway54

          Hey…I never thought of that: a clever observation!

        • charleo1


  • dtgraham

    I’ve been just amazed by some of this stuff lately. First there was the ‘Michelle Obama anti-school lunch’ Congressional legislation (yes—Congressional legislation), and now this. For some reason I keep thinking of the opening sentence to Johnny Carson’s final farewell on his last show: “and so it’s come to this.”

    First you couldn’t be a good conservative if your child had some healthier socialist Kenyan cafeteria food options. He/she had to eat strictly patriotic, constitutional, founding fathers food. You know…sugar, salt and saturated fat. Now the complete about face on Bergdahl, when they were aware before that there were some issues there. They all wanted him back before, but I’ve now seen two right wing talking heads remark that this is a bad deal and a slap in the face to America even if he had been a medal of valor winner captured in combat.

    The old joke used to be that if Obama publicly said that sunny days are nice, Fox News would call it a scandal and the GOP would propose legislation stating that cloudy days are nicer. Well, we’re there now. Their Obama derangement syndrome has finally crossed the line into psychosis. This is really getting nuts now.

    And so it’s come to this.

    • jointerjohn

      There is nothing at all new about the right wing’s “my team only” mentality. These are the guys who insist that nothing is more critical than a balanced budget and eliminating the deficit, while at the same time they call former President Clinton a dirty dog. They are sincere about nothing, absolutely nothing except furthering their own useless puppets and bad mouthing anyone not on their corrupt little team.

  • Grannysmovin

    Mitch McConnel and Pat Toomey, April 2014: “no member of the armed forces who is missing in action or captured should be left behind.”

    Duncan Hunter, early 2014: “Given the significance and necessity for centralized command and control, which I have been informed is little to nonexistent, I urge you to seriously consider the idea of directing an individual to organize, manage and coordinate activity that involves multiple elements of the federal government working toward Bergdahl’s release,” wrote Hunter, a Marine veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Jim Inhofe, June 2013: Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, an American soldier, was taken prisoner by the Taliban-aligned Haqqani network while deployed to Afghanistan in June 2009. Sen. Inhofe supported this amendment that raises awareness of SGT Bergdahl’s capture to continue to maximize efforts to return him and reminds the Senate of one of the basic pillars of the Army’s Warrior Ethos: ‘I will never leave a fallen comrade.’

    Inhofe added, “The mission to bring our missing Soldiers home is one
    that will never end. It’s important that we make every effort to bring this
    captured Soldier home to his family

    Kelly Ayotte, January 2014: This June will mark five years since Bowe Bergdahl was captured by the Taliban. After so long in captivity, DoD must redouble its efforts to find Sergeant Bergdahl and return him safely to his family,” Ayotte wrote in a letter this week to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

    Oliver North, Facebook 2011 post: Today, I received from the National League of POW/MIA Families, a
    “Never Forget Bracelet” emblazoned with the name of Sgt. Bowe
    Bergdahl. He was seized on June 30, 2009 in Afghanistan and is being held by the Haqqani Organization – a Taliban afilliated terrorist group – in northwest Pakistan. Sgt Bergdahl and his loved ones here at home deserve our prayers and encouragement until he is rescued or released. That’s what we do. We’re Americans.

    • dtgraham

      If they all read your post, they’d just do a Dick Cheney. “So?”

    • Irishgrammy

      What you have listed in great detail Grannysmovin is what has made this past week so unbearably infuriating. I honestly have had to turn off the TV when clips are played of these idiots speaking their unmitigated hypocrisy!!!! It makes one want to fire off an email to each and every one of them and call them every nasty name you can think of and what harm they are continuously doing to our country!!!! They, each and every one of them are cowards and classless fools sucking up to the very worst of this country…… haters, racists, bigots and ignorant low class, low information idiots who care only for themselves or as I call them, the ME, MYSELF AND I COALITION……………..

  • “Conservatives who have been howling for five years that the president should stop dragging his feet and bring Bergdahl home no matter what the cost……”

    Right, conservatives said “by all means, empty Gitmo of the five most dangerous Taliban leadership. Yep, that’s what they said. / And how’s this working out?

    “Taliban commander says Bergdahl swap encourages more abductions”

    • charleo1

      Right. I always look for comments from the Taliban Commander when I want the skinny on what encourages his troops. In fact, I can just hear him now. See, I kept telling you guys that were letting the American Infidels Dogs return to their camp after abducting them, was a big mistake. So, now maybe you’ll listen to your Commander. What happened to the reality, we need to empty Gitmo? Or the fact we as Americans do not hold prisoners captured on the battlefields of their indigenous Country we invaded. Illegally torture them. Then accuse them of crimes, only to hold them for years without charges. Then claim the most powerful Country in the World is afraid to let these particular five guys go in a trade for one of our own. Because they are just too dangerous for the U.S. Military to deal with. That’s an America I no longer recognize.

    • Independent1

      Keep in mind that if we’re really ending the Afghan war at the end of 2014 and America follows its normal prtocol, all the Gitmo prisoners should be released when the Afghan war ends. So, in reality, the 5 Taliban folks traded for Bergdahl would have been released by this time next year even without trading them for Bergdahl.

      See this from ThinkProgress:

      Why The Five Taliban Detainees Had To Be Released Soon, No Matter What–emailfield..syntax–recipientid~~&elqCampaignId=~~eloqua..type–campaign..campaignid–0..fieldname–id~~

      • Allan Richardson

        And the Taliban would find some “religious” excuse not to reciprocate, because WE would have no bargaining power. In fact, once Bergahl was no longer needed, they would have “disappeared” him.

        • Independent1

          I agree completely. I’m not sure if Obama mentioned this, but I think one reason they took this opportunity to bargain, is because they knew they were running out of time, and what you just pointed out could more than likely happen.

    • AlCum

      Oh the irony. McCain said in February that he could support swapping THESE VERY SAME FIVE TALIBAN for Bergdahl. Of course, that was before Obama did it. Then McCain and all other hypocrite Republican America-haters had to oppose it.

  • mah101

    So many of these people are incapacitated by their binary thinking – they quite clearly cannot understand multiple issues and perspectives at the same time. It is either good or bad, depending on the context since they are incapable of understanding nuance.

    They are blind to reality and it seems as difficult to discuss issues with them as it is to discuss the subtle shades of blue and lavender to someone with colorblindness.

    • dtgraham

      A better description of the mindset of the modern American political right I’ve never read. No one has to be an Oxford scholar. It’s just simple thoughtfulness and nuanced thinking that’s missing on the right any more. As left wing as I am, where I live I always stretch to make sure that there isn’t a conservative idea or two that isn’t as good or better than my side’s. A blind squirrel does find a nut once in a while and no one is always right about everything. Well said mah101. Very well said.

  • Daniel Jones

    Ladies and gentlemen, between this and the absolute hatred shown to VA leaders that actually try to get claims dealt with, it is glaringly obvious that the conservatives don’t want to solve any problems, just bitch about them.

  • herchato

    GOP is becoming or may all ready be the laughing stock of the world. They will never be able to forgive themselves for being defeated by a black man. That will always be stuck in their craw.

    • disqus_il6KG9d3VM

      Sort of like when Jesse Owens humiliated Hitler and made him very angry. Angry that a black man beat his “superior” white German athlete. Reminds us of the racist GOP. Doesn’t it.

    • Doug

      Please check the Congressional Record re: the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Dem Pres. Johnson had to reach across the aisle to Republicans to pass the bill. The vast majority of solid south Democrats voted against the bill including W.VA Robert Byrd, a former Ku Klux Klan Grand Knight. Do your research not spouting MSNBC talking points. Both parties have done good and bad.

      • herchato

        I remember it well while it was all going on. Yes President Johnson did reach across the isle to the Republicans with baskets full of pork for them and a big stick for a few Democrats. President Johnson was probably the best closer we’ve ever had as a president and he put deals together. He knew the Dems of the south were racist and he knew it was going to hurt his party big time. He did what he thought was best for the country not what he thought was best for his party.

      • Allan Richardson

        This makes no more sense than saying World War II was fought between American Nazis and German Social Democrats.

        In those days, Republicans were reasonable about racial justice, even though they favored big business over workers, and there were two kinds of Democrats: the racist Dixiecrats with ante-bellum ideas about race, who still favored federal funds to help their state and local economies, and the “Yankee Democrats” whose ancestors rebuilt during Reconstruction by recruiting immigrants and labor activists. They worked together on populist issues for a century, but when even Southern Democrats like Lyndon Johnson, ROBERT BYRD and Jimmy Carter “deserted” the Dixiecrats and promoted racial equality, they deserted the Democratic Party, and one by one became Republicans. In fact, for that first generation, the Republican party recruited the SAME PEOPLE who left the Democratic party.

        So, TODAY’S Republicans are just the old Dixiecrats who used to call themselves Democrats under a new name. And TODAY’S Democrats, if they had been in Congress in 1964, would have passed the Civil Rights Act unanimously, and would have gotten NO help from today’s Republicans.

        Oh, and although Robert Byrd never OFFICIALLY left the Klan, he certainly BEHAVED to show he no longer believed in it, because he was the FIRST sitting Senator to welcome Barack Obama PERSONALLY to the Senate. But by contrast, Strom Thurmond went to his grave insisting that running for President on the Dixiecrat third party was the right thing to do, and that America was harmed by “giving” black people equal rights. He just didn’t feel the need to officially become a Republican, but guess who “honored” him for his racist views at his funeral?

        • Doug

          Using hypothetical ‘what ifs’ and bizarre, imaginary comparisons is not proof of your point. All I’m saying is that Dems have not consistently been for blacks, but they try to project that image.And the Republicans who are for less federal intrusion in a free market are branded by the left wing as racist for opposing giveaway tax and spend proposals. Regardless of Reid and Pelosi’s inflammatory statements, you are not a racist because you differ with Obama’s policies. I speak as a civil rights activist from the sixties. I was there when it was dangerous, not spouting Dem. talking points.

          • Independent1

            Where are you getting the notion that Republicans are against spending and tax giveaways???

            The only time they’re against spending is when there’s a Democrat in the presidency, otherwise Republicans spend like drunken sailors. Not only did Reagan triple the debt of California when he was its governor, so did Swarzenager when he was governor – another Republican. Reagan spent more money during his 8 years than all the presidents between him and Teddy Roosevelt combined.

            And even Bush Sr. jacked up our debt by 1.7 trillion in 4 years and Bush added 10 trillion to it in his 8 years plus the Great Recession disaster he allowed to happen. Both Reagan and Bush increased spending by almost 8%/yr for 8 straight years. In contrast, Obama has kept spending over the past 5 years below 2%/yr increases; and even Clinton kept spending increases/yr under 4% while Bush Sr. was around 5.5%.

            And no party gives away tax money like the GOP: billions upon billions every year in subsidies to Big Oil, Big AgriBusiness, the Financial Indusry, you name it.

            Any effort the GOP makes these days to cut spending or be concerned about tax giveaways is only their way of trying to sabotage the economy so come 2016 they can campaign on a sluggish economy which was of THEIR MAKING!!

      • AlCum

        Republicans were more opposed to the Civil Rights Act. A higher percentage of Republicans in both the House and Senate voted NO on the Civil Rights Act, Why do you think the racists in the South turned Republican to this day? Do you expect us to believe that the racists now back the Republican party down there because they were FOR the Civil Rights Act? Your made-up story doesn’t make sense on its face.

        • Doug

          AlCum, I’m sorry, but you are wrong.My source is the Library of Congress website 88th congressional voting record. As I said the Dems play the role of being for the ‘little guy’ ( incl. Afr.Amer).but in ’64
          the then solid south Dems voted against the Civil Rights Act. The northern Dems voted for it as they were influenced by the unions with large black membership. But NUMERICALLY, for the House and Senate, more Republicans voted for it then Dems.
          It is well known that approx. 87% of college grads in Journalism are liberal leaning, mostly Dems that over the years have tried to portray the party as civil rights benefactors. While John Kennedy and his brother Robert were solidly in that vein, they unfortunately paid the ultimate price, because at THAT time they went against the grain of their party.
          I lived that era and watched it unfold on TV.
          When I was 18 I was a co-founder of the first integrated fraternity in the state of KY. Our members were both Rep. and Dem. No one was hurt,in the firebombing ’cause the arsonists chose Sunday to burn down our frat. house. We moved our location to a 5 acre farm outside of town for safety..
          In response to why the main southern states turned republican for Congress, is that the Dems
          continued to vote yes for the majority of tax increases and military reductions. The south has long been the majority of military volunteers., and that affected the incomes of those families.

          • AlCum

            No, it is you who is wrong. The record is unequivocal… in both the House and the Senate, a higher percentage of Republicans voted NO on civil rights than Democrats. You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. you said NUMERICALLY more Republicans voted for it than Democrats? That’s not only blatantly false, it’s mathematically impossible, as there were fewer total Republicans in Congress than Democrats.

            Not one single southern Republican voted for it. NOT ONE. Yet EIGHT southern Democrats voted YES, one in the Senate and seven in the House.

            Your claims are totally incorrect.

  • charles king

    Keep doing What? you are doing Mr. President cause the steps You and your Adminastration has done, they work. Critical Thinking is proving there good points and making the people Smart to What? is going on in America. MONIES, Capitalictic Pigs, Republicans and Democracts Do-Nothingiers, Plutocracts Etcs of many shades are trying to tear down our Democracy. Who? and Why? are these foes trying to destroy our Democracy. Wake up America, The VOTE is still Supreme so VOTE these no good Republicans and any Democract that aren’t on the side of President of These United States of America, OUT !. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. Mr. C. E. KING

    • dtgraham

      Those are good words in my book too Mr. King.

  • you got it

    In the eyes of everyone on this board, Obama can do no wrong. And yet you call the right wingers blind?
    Give me one good reason for Solyndra, please. Or the keep you Dr line, voted as Lie of the Year. But it seems all you care about is party, yet you point fingers at the right for doing the same thing.
    I’m Independent, voting for who I think is the lesser of two evils, because a two party system ultimately sucks.
    This is sad. My first and last time here, I followed an interesting link this story, then read the comments. Whacked.

    • disqus_il6KG9d3VM


    • Allan Richardson

      If you were reading these blogs before, you would see that there is PLENTY that President Obama did not do to everyone’s satisfaction. But overall, he has done a good job, especially working against unconditional obstruction. Solyndra was one of many companies that received loans to develop alternative industries, but it was the one that was not well managed, so it is the only one Fox has told you about. The President certainly INTENDED for everyone with a good doctor to keep that doctor, but the insurance companies double crossed him (and us) and overruled that intention. He also MEANT for even those who do not make enough to buy policies on the exchange to get Medicaid, but that was also vetoed by governors who deceived their voters and refused to take the expansion, so thousands of people in those states are in danger of remaining uninsured.

      Ever since this man was inaugurated, the Republicans, and some people like you who CLAIM to be independent,have CONSISTENTLY been the GREATER of the two evils. When we get Republicans like Ike (at this point, even Nixon would be welcome), who are not pressured by their own partisan base to talk and vote like Ted Nugent, Glenn Beck, and the rest of the wackysphere echo chamber, I might consider voting for one of them again.

    • Independent1

      I have my doubts that you’re really an Independent, but just clear things up, Solyndra was not Obama’s loan program, it was Bush’s. The Bush Administration started the Solyndra loans in 2007. And Solyndra failed, not because it wasn’t vetted correctly, but because it ended up not being able to compete with cheap flat solar panels created in China – by company that had been bought out in America, destroyed here and the American solar technology shipped to China by a company like Romney’s Bain Capital.

      See this from CNN:

      CNN has two dynamite pieces on Solyndra, “Romney wrong on Solyndra facts” and “Seven things you should know about Solyndra.”

      The first one, by Steve Hargreaves of CNN Money, ends:

      It’s one thing to spin something to one’s advantage. It’s another to simply make things up to make the other guy look bad. Romney’s Solyndra speech was an example of the latter. Disgraceful.

      Hargreaves shows that Mitt Romney’s key claim — “An independent inspector general looked at this investment and concluded that the Administration had steered money to friends and family and campaign contributors” — has no basis in fact.

      The second piece, also by Hargreaves, lists 7 key facts:

      1. It was started by Bush: The DOE loan program that funded Solyndra was actually started by President Bush in 2005. It was intended to provide government support for “innovative technologies”….

      In fact, as Climate Progress reported back in September, the “Bush Administration advanced the Solyndra loan guarantee for two years” before Obama became President.

      2. Congress thought there would be more failures: Two companies have declared bankruptcy under the loan program so far, out of the 33 projects funded. Congress was expecting more….

      Congress appropriated money to cover expected losses, and multiple independent reviews have confirmed that the actual losses will likely be less than Congress expected.

      3. Solyndra wanted more: The company applied for another $468 million in funding shortly after its first DOE loan closed. The government did not award the second request.

      4. Taxpayers aren’t the only losers: Private investors lost almost twice what the government did — nearly $1 billion.

      While much has been made that the largest private investor was an Obama supporter, the second largest was a fund controlled by the Walton family — of Wal-Mart fame. Walton family members are noted Republican donors.

      5. The renewable program is closed: The renewables loan program that funded Solyndra and other wind and solar ventures is now over. There is still $170 million available for renewables under a separate program that also handles nuclear power….

      6. No smoking gun with Solyndra wrongdoing: Last week Mitt Romney said an inspector general “looked at this investment and concluded that the administration had steered money to friends and family.”

      That appears to be incorrect, as no evidence of undue influence peddling by the White House has been uncovered in an official, independent report.

      As a major Bloomberg analysis of Solyndra and the media hype of the story concluded, “The Focus on Solyndra Is Not Proportional to Its Impact.”

      7. Solyndra isn’t a typical solar company: Solyndra did not make regular, flat solar panels.

      It made a more advanced, cylinder-shaped device designed to capture the sun’s rays on its entire surface — hence the company’s name.

      It was the rapidly declining price of traditional, flat solar panels and silicon – mostly from China — that did the company in.

      Obama’s green energy initiatives were the most successful in American History. In fact, so successfull that Michael Grunwald wrote a book entitled: Obama’s Ginormous Green Energy Initiatives. More than 93% of them were successful and are still active.

    • Independent1

      Here’s something to support Allan’s response to you that America’s insurance companies “double-crossed” Obama and deliberately renigged on their promise to support ACA when it’s full effective date came about.

      Here’s some excerpts from an article titled: The Revenge of the Insurance Industry

      At a March 5, 2009 White House Forum on Health Care Reform, it was Karen Ignani, the president and CEO of America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), who made a very bold promise to President Obama and the American people. The top lobbyist for the nation’s health insurance companies pledged:

      “We want to work with you, we want to work with the members of Congress on a bipartisan basis here. You have our commitment. We hear the American people about what’s not working. We’ve taken that very seriously. You have our commitment to play, to contribute, and to help pass health care reform this year.”

      Of course, that was just a façade to cover an all-out blitz to ensure health care reform was dead on arrival. Behind the scenes Ignani took out the long knives to smother the ACA in its cradle and stab Obama in the back. That summer, the insurance industry spent $173 million and deployed 50,000 workers to kill the public option and other provisions designed to make coverage more affordable. By the time the ACA was signed into law in March 2010, AHIP alone had quietly poured over $100 million into the U.S. Chamber of Commerce campaign to defeat it. But still, they lost.

      Now with Obamacare the law of the land, America’s health insurance companies are once again doing what they do best: maximizing profits by dropping their sickest and costliest customers while selling products designed not to be used.

      Here’s just some of what they’re doing to sabotage ACA:

      1) Cancelling policies and jacking up costs

      2) Staying away from the exchanges

      3) Dropping hospitals and physician networks

      Although BCBS of Florida seems to be somewhat on the up and up, many of the companies aren’t:

      Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida CEO Patrick Geraghty explained, “We’re not cutting people” but instead “informing folks that their plan doesn’t meet the test of the essential health benefits; therefore, they have a choice of many options that we make available through the exchange.” But other companies are taking a different approach by either trying to hoodwink subscribers into purchasing much higher cost policies as soon as possible, or alternatively forcing them out altogether.

    • Independent1

      Just in case you didn’t notice in the Solyndra post I left you, the person writing the CNN article was politely describing Romney for exactly what he is: A pathological lying snake oil salesman!!!!

      Romney can’t say two sentences without one of them being a blatant LIE!!!!!! In the 3 debates he had with Obama, he didn’t come out with 3 sentences over almost 5 hours of debating with every word in the sentence being the truth. Virtually every sentence that came out of his mouth contained either a blatant lie or a distortion of the truth.

  • Allan Richardson

    Rev. Al Sharpton made up an acronym for it. OFIS. “Obama’s for it” syndrome. That pretty much says it all. Conservatives pushed for a health care plan based upon an individual mandate to buy insurance, combined with a mandate to provide it without pre-existing conditions being excluded. They got it passed in one state by a Democratic legislature and a Republican governor, and it has worked much better than the status quo ante for a number of years. But when OBAMA proposed the SAME THING on a federal level, they reacted as if he wanted to carve both Mohammed and Josef Stalin on Mount Rushmore and make everyone wear burkas and Red Star pins! And when that SAME governor that got Romneycare, the model for Obamacare, passed in his home state ran against Obama, he had CHANGED HIS MIND AND WAS AGAINST IT. Same thing here; they were all over him to get our soldier back, UNTIL HE DID. Oh wait, we were going to have to SWAP someone for him? We thought they would just give him back if we asked nicely, pretty please with hummus on top! Oh, you just wanted to get our soldier back as an excuse to free some more people out of Gitmo, which we want to keep running until the last inmate dies! And he’s obviously a Muslim traitor, because his dad is, because his dad grew a beard just like the Duck … never mind.

    • COMALite J

      OFIS! Love it!

      In that sense, Yosemite Sam suffers from ITFBVFIAAIS.