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Thursday, October 27, 2016

After Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) announced this weekend that he will retire at the end of his term, speculation has swirled that Tea Party favorite Representative Steve King may be seriously considering a run for Senate in 2014. While King may be too radical for some Republicans, others believe the congressman could be an asset in the Senate. According to the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier, “Despite those misgivings about the outspoken King running on a statewide ticket, [former GOP State Central Committee member Tim] Moran thinks the party — both on a state and national level — might find it ‘refreshing to have Steve King at top of ticket to drive the message and definition of the party.'”

“Refreshing” may be an overstatement. King is infamous for his outrageous comments on a wide range of issues. Here’s a look back at some of the most offensive Steve King moments of his 10 years in Congress thus far. (IEEE-USA Photo/ via Flickr)

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  • Well, if the message and definition of the GOP is centered around intolerance, hatred, and radicalism I say, bring it on! Bringing the views of people like Rep. King to a national audience is the best thing that could happen to the Democratic party.
    The GOP is correct in assuming that people like King will appeal to some segments of our electorate, what they still don’t understand or refuse to accept is that one of the reasons Republicans were soundly defeated in November is precisely because of the opposite. Mainstream Americans are horrified and repulsed by the statements made by radicals like King, and we voted accordingly.

    • I say let them keep it up. It seems more difficult for them to hide their intolerance and hatred than it ever has been. They feel so strongly about “those people” they can’t help themselves. Electing this President has brought out the real GOP.

    • sigrid28

      Certainly mainstream Americans abide in great numbers in Iowa, which was, I suppose, our salvation in terms of Obama winning Iowa in the 2012 election. Larger cities in Iowa’s eastern corridor would probably elect a Democrat over a Republican like King. King has appeal for information-challenged Iowans who are aggressively anti-education and anti-science, who fight to remain in the Fox News bubble. Our local newspaper is right-wing and thinks nobody can see that when they go off the deep end. Gun-toting xenophobes, they expect to be tolerated and never confronted openly. The Democratic central committee members are happy to oblige, because they feel exactly the same way about guns and outsiders. They just like the game of trying to outsmart Republicans, and occasionally they do it very well. Progressives and liberals may actually outnumber these dinosaurs on both sides of the aisle because of the large number of educational institutions and enormous medical centers in Iowa. Against them, Steve King’s candidacy for senator doesn’t have the chance of a snowball in hell.

    • I would like to point out to you Dominick that Romney was not as “soundly” defeated as the Democrats would have you believe. The popular vote was a lot closer than the electorial vote, which means Obama does not have the manadate he thinks he does. Now I do not agree with spewing hate filled messages about immigrants or minorities that people like King throw around like water, I also do not think we need to knuckle under to immigration reform that favors the immigrant and not the American citizen.

      • But W in his win in 2004 claimed to have a lot of political capital due to his victory over John Kerry. it wasn’t a landslide victory in either the popular or Electoral College vote. Obama win by over 3mm votes this amount is more than W’s win in 20o4. I didn’t see the conservatives refuting W’s cliam then.

      • disqus_T3UUYhxiu9

        Romney was not “soundly defeated’? Hah! tell that to Romney, and the other repulsives!! The mandate is as clear as glass!!

    • ha ha ha you know Mr. 90% family are immigrant they are all doges headed, realy what a thinking.

  • Pam

    I agree with him on a few issues. I don’t believe a child born here by noncitizen parents should be citizens. Yes, I know for a fact that some illegals have babies here so they can stay. Marriaage between man and woman as a family unit for children is valuable for a civilizatiion.

    • Eleanore Whitaker

      Pam…My father was not born here. He came to the US in 1907. I’m a child born of non-citizen parents. I don’t believe illegal immigration is right either. However, this could and should have been stopped when the greatest influx of these illegals were coming into the US…in 2003. Why wasn’t it? Marriage between illegals is just as sacred and just as valuable. The problem today is the “HAVES” who view anything that causes them the loss of a dime in taxes to be a heinous, grevious crime against them. What most wealthy Americans don’t admit is their snobby attitudes of grandeur. They love to hire illegals to clean their homes, cook their meals and tend to their children. They bring them here and then expect these people to be, for all intents and purposes, slave labor. Just because the “HAVES” have more wealth and can afford to go on the cheap to get others to do the dirty work they should be doing?

      I’m sorry if I take a dim view of that superiority act of the “HAVES” these days. They don’t want to break a sweat to tend to the responsibilities they create for themselves. So they dump it on the cheapest labor they can find. That’s exploitation of other human beings. The real slime are those with their noses so high in the air, a rainstorm would drown them.

      • annettecorona

        Well put Eleanore.

      • Thank you for articulating so well what should be obvious to everyone. Holding children responsible for an act committed by their parents is worthy of the worst advocates of ethnic cleansing. Moreover, it is inconsistent with the 14th Amendment, a document that only becomes relevant when it is a convenient tool to support the prejudices of some.

    • awakenaustin

      Maybe we could retroactively apply that law you suggest by your second sentence. Then no one in the country would be a citizen except for those who could truly draw a line back to before the U.S. Constituion was written or whose parents were naturalized before they were born. Stop. Think about it. I bet there are some immigrants in your family. Umm? If they had children before they became citizens then their children wouldn’t be citizens unless they were naturalized later. It would mean a lot of people who think they are citzens, wouldn’t be citizens now. Also it might require an Amendment to the Constitution.
      Throughout the history of this nation and prior to the Fourteenth Amendment we have presumed, based on our English Common Law traditions, citizenship by birthright. If you were born here you were a citizen (except for slaves, the descendants of slaves and Native Americans – ain’t that a hoot!) After the 14th Amendment all former slaves and the descendants of slaves were citizens by birthright. The story of Native Americans is mixed but a law in 1924 made all of them citizens. (Don’t you just love it. Their ancestors here before any of us and their citizen status isn’t completely resolved until 1924.)

      • idamag

        Awake, George Washington was not born a citizen of the United States.

        • awakenaustin

          I understand. I think that was my point. The Constitution by its approval made everyone residing (residing in a legal sense) here at the time citizens of this nation (with the exception of slaves and Native – Americans). It allowed only those who were citizens by birthright ( early on only those born within the 13 Colonies and territories) to be President. Ipso facto unless you were born of parents descended from that group or of naturalized citizen parents (or some combination of the two) and if the idea of not giving citizenship to you just on the basis of being born here were enacted retroactively then the citizenship of a whole lot of people would be in doubt. That is the point. Most of us, many of us, nearly all of us base our claim to citizenship upon the fact that we or our parents or our parent’ parents or their parent’s parents or their parent’s parent’s parents were born here. Most concerns about this issue (i.e., “anchor babies”) strike me as much like that life boat notion – “I’m on board, pull up the rope.” I guess you could view it as changing the rules in the middle of the game. Maybe you could view it as a political stratagem designed by the GOP to call on their supporter’s most base nativist concerns and fears, in order to drum up electoral support.

    • HistoRet

      Read the 14th Amendment. Among other things it establishes: “All persons born or naturalized within the United States are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” That is as fixed as the 1st Amendment, whether you like it or not. Want to change it? The Constitution provides multiple methods to do that. Ignoring it or just tossing it out as King seems to propose is not one of those methods.

      • Replying to HistoRet –

        I can’t help but wonder – do you think Rep. King would also like to remove the 1st and 2nd Amendments?

        • HistoRet

          That might be a split decision for King. I’m guessing YES on the 1st and NO on the 2nd. He might like to get rid of the 13th and 15th as well. Dark waters!

    • metrognome3830

      It’s an Amendment to the Constitution, Pam, that babies born in this country are naturalized citizens. You know for a fact “that SOME illegals have babies here so they can stay?” Do you also know for a “fact” that SOME wealthy people encourage illegals to come here to provide cheap labor. What is your solution, Pam? Should these illegals, illegally hired by these people, be banned from having children? Perhaps they should all be sterilized to prevent them from having children. I note that you follow that statement with a statement about marriage (I guess illegals don’t get married where you come from). But I think you are talking about gay marriage, aren’t you? So, to sum up your views, illegals shouldn’t have children, illegals should be shipped back to their own country as soon as they become of no use to us here (cheap labor) and Gay couples cannot be a family unit and probably should not be allowed around children. I think I’m glad I don’t know you, Pam. And yes, I know you feel the same way about me.

      • karinursula

        You right of course. I wonder who would pick the tomatoes, lettuce fruit? Not Americans that is for sure. This guy sounds like the Slave owners from 100 or more from years ago. Have we forgotten all the Immigrants that made this country?

      • I am sure you already know that the indefensible position taken by people like Pam on this issue is influenced by ethnic and cultural hatred and has nothing to do with our Constitution, which is abundantly clear on the issue of citizenship. The extreme position taken by some on this issue, which goes as far as demanding punishment for children whose parents committed a crime, is something that not even Hitler suggested.

        • metrognome3830

          It is a position taken out of fear, not out of any respect for our Constitution or laws. People who take this position, in fact, know very little about our laws or our Constitution except for what misinformation the get from anonymous e-mails, etc. As the descendant of Dutch people, who came here ca. 1600, I guess I can be thankful the Native Americans didn’t have immigration laws. Although in hindsight, they probably wish they had.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    King should talk? His is the state that virtually lives off our federal taxes and uses more of the cheap illegal laborers to do the agri-work on those Iowa farms. How fair and equitable in a democracy is it to expect these Iowans to be allowed to knowingly hire illegals and then grouse because they need a roof over their heads, food on their tables and God forbid! Want a wife, husband and children. I mean…how dare these people do anything more than the cheap Iowa labor and actually want a life of their own?

    • John Henschen

      As an Iowan, I can guarantee you that out state isn’t anything like you imply. Yes, we’re an agricultural state, but it’s corn and soybeans. Both of which use large farm implements that don’t require manual labor like tomatoes, lettuce, etc. The only place you find a larger collection of immigrant labor is in the meat processing plants, and that isn’t much of an issue here in regard to them being illegal. Illegal labor is a border state thing. We’re one state away from Canada for god’s sake.

      • metrognome3830

        As a former Iowan, I agree with you as to Iowa being an agricultural state. There was, however, a big bust of a meat processing plant just a few years ago that was employing a large number of illegal workers. Postville, Iowa I believe. Other than that, I don’t think illegal workers are a big issue in Iowa. But how does a moron like Steve King get elected time after time?

        • disqus_T3UUYhxiu9

          and that’s the real question?? Are there really enough persons in the state who would see him in the senate?

      • idamag

        John, I live in a Northwestern state. A long ways from the Mexican border and you better believe agriculture uses a host of illegals.

      • “Illegal labor is a border state thing.” What nonsense. Are all Iowans this out of touch with reality?

    • Gee Elanore it sounds like you should take a trip to Iowa and see what your saying is wrong. You assume just because there is agriculture there are illegal laborers. John is right, illegal farm labor is more of a border state problem, like Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

  • Aren’t these so-called “anchor babies” the ones who should have been aborted which
    would be in compliance with the Democratic policy in support , or is it a mandate, of abortion”?
    Rep. King basically supports the Democratic policy advocating ABORTION.
    Or is the Democratic policy to abort their enemies- undesirables- meaning the entire
    Republican party including the hundred million or more Tea Party members who unfortunately (90% of them) pay their income taxes and also their taxes on their Social Security
    which is taxed on 85% of their Soc. Sec. payment.

    • stcroixcarp

      The Democratic Party does not mandate abortion. Where did you get such a notion? As for anchor babies, they are citizens, a right granted by our constitution. These kids belong to us and with us. They are a gift.

  • lana ward

    It’s to bad for the country. All of congress should be like Steven King

  • annienoel

    and people will vote for this moron for Senator. Sick!

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  • Fatwah on Steven King!

  • Mr. King attempted to legislate lower wages for the employees of his family construction business. That business builds federally financed ethanol plants in his district where a huge amount of federal tax dollars go.

  • bchrista

    Hey Domnick the only thing I got to say we need to educate people everywhere and cut off the balls and the teats off men, and women that vote for this bastard, he is truly the Devil in life form, anyone that can stand before a group of people and spout shit like that can’t be of this world exhile the bastard and forget him.

  • dalnb

    As shocking and questionable as these comments seem I would vote for him -AND ANY OTHER – who is ready to stand up AGAINST the wholesale giveaway of America to the illegal aliens.

    I find little in what the allegations suggest in the article that I can support BUT as long as he is against AMNESTY for the illegal’s I will stand with him.

    I see Amnesty taking our quality if life away from our kids. I see Amnesty adding to our already economic problems. I see Amnesty as being nothing more that political ploys to gain more votes for select persons. Senator McCain as much said so in his televised comments yesterday (Jan 28).

    We can not allow our nation too fall to the benefit of illegal immigrants – I along with millions of other men and women in uniform have served our great nation defending our nation in hopes of forever ensuring the sanctions’ enumerated in our laws will protect our freedoms and against invasion! In spite of that we have allowed the most massive invasion upon our nation as any time in history by allowing the millions and millions of illegals to come unfettered, at their will, into our nation.

    Now rather than appreciate the defense of our nation, a defense that has cost thousands of good American lives and a defense that would retain a quality of life for our kids, we are ready to give our nation away in hopes of buying additional votes for political office holders. It is obvious this is not for me – or you – or for our country – it is for the vote these millions of illegals and their supporters will give politicians who have less concern for our America than they do for themselves!,

    We can not allow Amnesty for illegals!

    • awakenaustin

      Good thing it isn’t amnesty that anyone is talking about. You can calm down now. Doesn’t matter how you define amnesty, what matters is what the word means. Maybe you should pause a moment to read the newest proposal, before you decide what it means.

      • dalnb

        What the word means to one may be entirely different to others. How the “word” is marketed has no bearing on how it will be used!

        The most important thing is the defense of our nation against the legalization of the millions of people illegally in our nation. New proposals only mean the proposers have found defiance in their wording and what they want to achieve and are being forced to market their intentions under a different theme. It is most often that we are mistreating those who have chosen to disobey our laws and do as they want. The supporters of Amnesty use the tiring excuse that we are doing the kids of the illegal and injustice – they fail however to think of the impact on our kids, our society, and our economy and quality of life if we allow the hoard of illegals to just ignore our current law, a signal to virtually every other person throughout the world who will grab the first mode of transportation they can to come here with every expectation of a free ride to amnesty!

        I have followed this issue for the past 12 years and it always has the same salient outcomes. The sales pitch may change but once it is sold to the American people and voted into law we have lost regardless of what we feel is best or what our nation should accept. Look at the current Immigration law, written and passed into law with an expectation our nation would be better served – but – the law was ignored as our government continued to do what was politically best for their own careers.

        We are now facing as major a threat to our nation as we have ever faced and they are not just at our shores but in every part of our nation!

        • awakenaustin

          Fortunately we don’t individually get to decide what words mean. Marketing is really appropriate, because that is exactly what the GOP is doing on this issue, marketing a product – themselves.
          Same tune, same song, new words. “The greatest threat to our nation is ______________.” (You get to fill in the blank then follow it up with “ and the Democrats and/or liberals and/or socialists and/or name some minority or use some expression intended to be derogatory to women – are to blame.”)
          I have followed this nation’s history for the past 60 years and you don’t get it. I myself have always thought anti-intellectualism and ignorance were the greatest dangers to the nation. I think the direction, the program, the political sloganeering and the political campaigning of the GOP and the “Tea Party” and the existence and popularity of FOX News are striking evidence that I am on to something. (Clearly, I am not the first or the only person to make this observation.)

          • dalnb

            The GOPs Central Marketing affiliate – FOX radio and TV – capitalize on this. They are quick to take anything said and immediately attempt to tell the people what the speaker was saying. It makes no difference what was said or how it was said, how it was said, with what intent our meantiing. The radical right FOX chatter heads (Hannity, O’Really, Limpbaugh and now the blond (sure fits the profile) are masters at turning words around, creating confusion and dicontent.

    • grammyjill

      Unless you are Native American, your ancetors were illegal aliens!

      • dalnb

        I am not a Native American; my grate grate, grate grandparents came here from England. They came here as the majority of people at that time were – immigrants. They came at a time when we did not have laws that prohibited people from other countries from moving into the United States but rather at a time when there was a strong encouragement for foreigners to do so. They were welcomed then as we were in need of men, women and families to grow our new nation. Our nation grew strong with the people who came here preceding out national immigration laws. We have always encouraged a strong “Legal Immigration” program!

        Those who came here preceding our immigration laws are here legally, they are legal immigrants. Those who come here without respect for our laws, laws that establish the legal Pathway for entry into our nation, the laws they refuse to obey, are illegal aliens! We only encourage more illegals when we give them amnesty!

        • grammyjill

          Do you understand that if someone comes here and does what they are supose to do to become a legal citizen it takes twenty eight years?  Instead of worrying about if they are legal or not we should be trying to find a way to speed up the process so they are not illlegal as long. You should be greatful that you are not native american. They are treated like shit! They are going to put that keystone pipeline right through the middle of the hunting grounds of a reservation in Canada and another one in S Dakota. Nobody asked them. Just stealing their land once again. The reservations that are not in places that gambeling is legal, they live in desperate poverty. Sorry to go on like that, but I think the way they are treated is just wrong.

          • dalnb

            I checked “like” on your comments as I do like the suggestion that we need to fix the problems repeatedly pointed out over the past 15 years regarding our “legal” immigration process. We have heard it over and over again but our Senators and Congressmen, not Republicans or Democrats, do a thing to fix those problems.

            I would have too see the stats showing the 28 years but I will agree it is too long. I enjoy living in an area where we have a large number of long time Legal Immigrants and a lot of recently new immigrants who followed our legal “Pathway to citizenship” and they all tell of the long drawn out and expensive process they went through.

            That has been a large part of my objection to amnesty for those who refuse to follow our laws. They refuse to follow our laws but then want us to rewrite our laws to take care of them and forgive their illegalities. My disdain comes from our politicians spending more time, money and resources satisfying the illegals desires for amnesty than on those who are doing everything they can to obey our laws to come here legally. Why in gods name do we ignore the problems of the legal applicants while bending over backward to give the illegals a “fast track” into our society? It is not a matter of who stands in front or in the rear but who should be getting the attention and assistance they deserve. We should be assisting the ones showing loyalty to our nation and our laws.

            Anyone who has done any research and looked at this problem with any balanced vision will agree we are following the wrong path. We need to be concentrating on fixing the problems that slows legal migration and not waste time, energy and effort in what will only invite millions of new illegal aliens into our nation; that is what will happen as soon as the world hears America has given amnesty (again) to millions of illegals. How would you feel after spending years waiting for your turn to come here just to have millions of those who refused to obey our law be allowed to come here before you and get the same things that drove your desire to come here to start with. They may have to get in back of the line but they are here and they are reaping the same benefits they have been for the years they have been here illegally

            WE MUST take care of and welcome our legal applicants but seek out, incarcerate and deport those who have already shown they have no respect for our laws!

            . Thanks for your response!

          • grammyjill

            The late night tv guy Craig Fergison became a citizen last year. He’s been here for over twenty years.  And he did a show on his testing and his swearing in. The test in unbelievably hard. I don’t think any college graduate can anwser them all. If you watch Jay Leno’s jaywalking you’ld see alot of people that would NEVER pass a citizen test. lol

  • I think King running for the Senate would be a great thing for the Republicans since the more nut-jobs they run the better for the Democrats. Seems he forgot that Hispanics make up a large part of American voters now, and he seems to be decidedly against ANYONE of Hispanic descent. The new and improved Repubs are well on their way to irrelavency once again.

  • Just another extreme right wing tea partier whose views are not in line with the mainstream of America.

  • bchrista

    Hey Pam, Stanley, and anal ward where were your ancesters originally born that sorta makes you anchor babies don’t it the only legal American here is the American Indian and we managed to steal his lands, only now are they getting paid back for the crimes committed against them by our forefathers, for instance the Seminole Tribe of Florida is paid by the US Government every month they get a check for every child they have tax free, they pay nothing for what ever licence they need, they own the land they live on they have their own police force and nobody can come on their land and tell them what to do, they live in houses, Chickis, and hotels built on their land I worked for the Seminole Resevation Counsel once and built a Restuarant for them and got payed very well and all this because the Federal government sent them to live, I forget the State where there was very little water and the soil was not inhabitable dry and arid, finally I forget the year the US Government apoligized to the various tribes, for the atrocities thrust upon them over the years, the same applied to other Indian Tribes that had been displaced and to this day the Seminole Tribe is the only people that never surrendered, today most Tribes all across the country run their own gambling Casinos and do very well, for this they pay the Government a very nice tax and no one complains, so watch it how you use the term Anchor Babies unless you are of Indian blood you are one, and you are still here, these children born here don’t know any other country, they belong to us, for what ever reason their parents came here their children are American citizen endowed with unalienable rights to live free and if we deport the parents will you take in one of these children, I think not, let the Congress solve this problem they helped to create it.

    • grammyjill

      Not all of the reservations are doing that well. Not all are in places where a gambling is legal. The one in S. Dakota is extreemly poor and just guess where the keystone pipeline is going to go through. Yea, their land is being stolen again. There are also very poor reservations in the north east. And I do agree, if you are not Native American then at some point your ancestors were undocumented people. Wish we could deport some of their decendants like King.

  • bchrista

    Actually friends people forget that we took Texas, and parts of California from the Mexicans who now find themselves being called immigrants and they were here before any of us, also the Spainard owned land around Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida and surrounding states before our ancestors came here the only thing they were’nt settlers so they didn’t hang around they just took what ever valuable they could find and took it back to the mother country people your argument won’t hold water, so forgt about it.

  • Pamby50

    Where do they keep finding these neanderthals?

  • Sierra111

    King is helping the Democrats win the White House again in 2016. Keep babbling, Rep. King!

  • King continues his cruise on the ship of fools!

  • daniel bostdorf

    After you have read these “greatets hits,” check out the picture of King.
    Click on image.

    he is a very scary guy indeed…

  • I’d like to send King and like-minded Repugs on a luxury cruite on the Titanic II. We can all stand on the dock waiving “bye-bye” while praying the damned thing sinks like a rock.

  • Steve King likely will run, and likely will put up quite a fight. He’s a complete lunatic whom only the most fanatically red of districts could ever love, but he will appeal much more prominently to corporations and other rich donors who will funnel millions into a smear campaign against his opponent.

    He’s like a more cartoonish version of Scott Brown, in other words. And like Brown, he’ll lose, but he’ll make a lot of noise on his way out.

  • He really does not seem too “outrageous” on this issue.

  • Is it really wrong to try and secure the borders now that immigration reform is on the agenda?

  • I can him of several that occurred over 40 years ago, where the young girl parents’ made them keep children of rapists. I do not know who is worse off, the children or the parents. Neither the mothers nor the children received counseling. Those who knew about it, stood back and observed. In one instance, the young girl committed suicide. The other one literally goes to funerals of people she knows and literally picks fights with family members by making outbursts during ceremonies.

  • Well 3 out of 7 are true, and 1 is how you can interpret. So I guess 4 out of 7 are OK for a normal citizen. The only problem is that he is supposed to be the best in Iowa, and I know (being raised there) that there are some very smart people in Iowa. I guess Mark Twain had it right when he said that he knew an individual who attempted to commit suicide and succeeded by blowing his brains out, and then ran and was elected to the congress. Doesn’t say much about the people who put him there.

  • Kansan

    King presents a real conundrum. Just when I thought the race for the stupidest man in Congress was down to Lyn Westmoreland, Louie Gohmert and Steve King, Steve Stockman gets elected again.

    King might not even be the dumbest “Steve” in Congress.

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