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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Mitt Romney’s campaign upset conservatives today when spokesperson Andrea Saul committed the unusual “gaffe” of saying that Romney’s chief accomplishment as governor of Massachusetts actually helped people.

Saul was on Fox News responding to yesterday’s Priorities USA Action ad, which told the story of a man whose wife died of cancer after he was laid off from a Bain-owned steel plant and lost his health insurance. Saul disputed the ad’s accuracy — calling it “despicible” — and then pointed out that things might have gone better for the woman if she had lived in the Bay State:

“To that point, you know, if people had been in Massachusetts under Governor Romney’s health care plan, they would have had health care,” Saul said. “There are a lot of people losing their jobs and losing their health care in President Obama’s economy.”

The rare admission that Romney was not always in favor of the GOP’s “Let him die!” plan created an immediate firestorm among conservatives. For example, influential right wing blogger Erick Erickson quickly responded via Twitter:


He added on his blog, “About the only thing more stupid in terms of building bridges with the right would be to say something nice about fetal stem cell research.”

The dust-up underscores what a delicate balance Romney must strike as the Republican Party’s standard bearer in 2012. To avoid a right wing revolt, he must not only pretend that his most important act as governor never happened, but also actively campaign on a promise to repeal the federal law that he inspired. As we saw today, any deviation from that message threatens to undermine his already tenuous support among the Republican base.

To put it another way: when headlines from The Onion turn out to accurately predict real life events, you know that you’re in a very odd campaign.

Photo credit: Josh Reynolds, Associated Press

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  • WhutHeSaid

    Wowee — this will cause hordes of Medicare-Hoverounds to descend upon the Romney campaign offices bearing enraged Tea Party members hyped up on Medicare Viagra and waving pitchforks. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Christine O’Donnell started casting evil spells on Rafalca at any moment!

  • Romneycare is doing very well in Massachusetts. It should also do very well indeed for the rest of the country since the Affordable Care Act is virtually identical to Romneycare — with mandate and all.

    • WhutHeSaid

      Perhaps so, but watch Romney run like a scalded cat from this latest gaffe. He has seen the Tea Party ‘light’, so to speak.

  • Dave_dido

    I don’t think this will change a single Republican vote. All they care about is defeating President Obama. If they had to vote for Adolph Hitler to do it, they would vote for Adolph Hitler. Oh, I know Hitler is dead. They’d even vote for a dead Hitler. That’s how much they hate our President, these self-proclaimed patriotic Republicans. And for the life of me I can only come up with one reason for such irrational hatred. But I’m not going to say it.

    • WhutHeSaid

      OK, I will: They are a bunch of redneck bigots.

      • MBM

        privileged elitist redneck bigots

        • Human1stDem2nd

          This is embarrassing.

        • Jim

          Hey You can call me a red neck but if that is so then what are you I m a Democrat but I wouldn’t vote for OBAMA NYC street cleaner he isn’t good enough for THAT job. He would probably sweep it uder a car and say he put it in a trash can HE IS SUCH A LIAR

          • pat


          • you aren’t a Democrat Jim..
            i have seen your post before..LIAR

          • metrognome3830

            I will call you a lying red neck. You aren’t a Democrat.

          • You are such a liar. And if you are white’ I see why you believe all the hype being spreaded by the Republicians and if you are poor, ( white,black,hispanic,ect.) you would be a fool not to relect Obama. You can take that to the bank. Oh I forgot the GOP is in control of that too.

          • ococoob

            Jim, ALL politicians are LIARS! Wake up!

          • Joseph Hemphill

            repub bootlicker……………

          • Fuck you Jim (AKA REDNECK)

    • The echoes of history regarding fascism are becoming louder as more and more anonymous big money donors up the ante. So many of the elements of the left-right divide are similar to the past…including conservative Christian fear/hate-mongering…Knowledge of history and human nature has never seemed more important than right now to vote responsibly…and overcome the deliberately repeated lies and distortions and myths and prejudices so many Americans have become attached to over time and will not let go of…in the face of overwhelming empirical evidence that they should.

      • Dave_dido

        Blake, I agree with you- it is important to know history to avoid repeating its errors -among many other reasons. Unfortunately, if you have such knowledge and try to use it, there is an element of one party that will call you an “intellectual elite”. I’m not sure if this a uniquely American point of view , but I think it is. I can’t imagine a European making the argument, “Don’t listen to so-and-so. He’s too well educated. Must be a Socialist.” Perhaps it is because the party I’m referring to has nothing to offer the masses and needs to divide and conquer.

      • Texanna33

        The unfortunate thing is that most of the people voting Republican really don’t have a clue of what they are voting for or why. There is no such thing as learning each candidates position (Not that you could pin one down for Romney) and using critical thinking to make a choice. There are only FOX sound bites, fear and hate mongering. I have just can’t understand how so many people are willing to vote against their own best interest….and that of their country’s. Ignorance and bigotry rules.

    • i will have to agree. They are soooo stupid they will cut off their noses to spite their faces

    • joujou228

      Just wanted to add that Romney is taking full advantage of their hate. I hope they realize it’s a matter of when not if he does a 180. No one should act shocked and appalled. He was willing to say and do anything to win in 2002, in the primary earlier this year.

      • Dianes4babies

        Yes, you are so right! Romney is taking full advantage of his partys’ hatred for Pres. Obama, and he thinks that alone will win him the election, and I am scared to death that he might be right!

    • I concure Dave_dido, it’s a very sad fact you state, but numbingly true. Even within their own ranks, GOP, there is much discord and dislike over Romney’s potential nomination but they are willing to go on national television, in a convention that is sure to be a sham and nominate someone that they don’t believe in. For all the Romney supporters out there, one needs to keep in mind that a consideration of him in the presidency you will need to read the background of the money supporters who are seeking to purchase the office for him. They will be the true decision makers of our future. That is serious food for thought.

    • rockinthebayinFlorida

      Unfortunately, it appears that in this day an age, racism is alive and well. These rich, white, fat ass Repubs will do anything to get that [“N” word] out of the WHITE house, and at any cost…in short it appears they are trying to “buy” the election, as what happened in several states in the governor’s races (look at the Florida governor’s race in 2010). Now, the right leaning supreme court made sure that COULD happen with their stupid ruling allowing unlimited political contributions, with no disclosure, to happen. Most (and the key word here is MOST) of the rich and super rich, ARE Republician and money IS power…they will do anything to protect that-even kill! I can not for the life of me, see why the poor basturds just getting by by the skin of their teeth, vote against their own best interests…

      • Texanna33

        Rockin…you are so right. The ironic thing is that all the bigots that are so anxious to get President Obama out don’t realize they are really setting up the rich “massas” to virtually enslave them in poverty while they rule from their mansions.

    • Plus They Are All Kissing And Sucking Koch Brothers Butts!! Just So They can Hoard More Money And Enslave The Middle Class And Poor Working People!!

    • Human1stDem2nd

      Absolutely! And it reminds me of 2008 when the same sentiments abounded concerning Bush. However, I am willing to say that reason: ideology. There. Sorry if that offended. Apparently the American people can’t agree to simply disagree. Moreover, if someone disagrees vehemently they must be subjected to the caustic insults. Which is the real the symptom of hate. Sad and embarrassing. But you are human.

    • Dianes4babies

      I could not agree more! And we all know the reason for all of this absurd hatred! They try to explain it away by claiming it is his “policies” they hate…if that were true, then why didn’t GW get THIS kind of hatred whose policies were sooooo much worse! Just getting us into a war alone that had no basis what so ever makes him so much worse….where is the hate for that?!

    • I think you hit the nail RIGHT on the bulls-eye! Thank you, so much, for the courage to post this.

    • You got that right! Manson is still alive. Maybe they could slip him in as VP!

  • widerstances

    Erickson is an unflushed turd grasping at any scrap of tp that will keep his sorry point of view relevant and out of the maelstrom that sucks blathering fools like him into the black hole of forgotten words.

    Obam-Ney Care Rocks. Go tell it on the mountain.

  • All this fuss is really meaningless when you consider that very few Americans care what Romney says or believe a word he utters. If his tax plan makes no sense, well no matter. The vast majority of those intending to vote for Romney do so because he’s not Obama. They’re willing to give Mitt a pass and ignore his weekly flubs.

  • richardfox37

    It’s always amazes me how Governor Romney runs like a scared rabbit from his signature legislation while he was governor of Massachusetts.

  • these are the kinds of things that happen when a candidate and his committee continually lie about things. Truth always slips in to trip them up. lol what fools they are to think the entire USA ‘s citizens are as dumbed down as the tea party members.

  • Ha they are so into Romney and the health care that he set up in his own State yet the Republicans don’t even want to notice that the Obama Care is the Romney care, it is just about the same except on a National level.

    • highpckts

      Philip – They aren’t into Romney, they are so full of hate for Obama they would vote for the Wizard of Oz! I’ve never seen such blatant racism agreed to by the press, comgress and everyone so blinded by the one elitist who would, if he weren’t running for office, call the President a Black lowlife not good enough to shine his shoes!

  • yes Marilyn FurrieCollapse, thy would do that and thy like the saying to kiss there butts also so if thy do cut off their noses to spice their faces then it would be easyer to kiss there butts for thy removed there noses all ready so one can easyly kiss there butts now 🙂

  • ClydeMcWhorter

    Mit Romney will say anything, anywhere, to anybody! But wait a while, He will say something else to somebody else,somewhere else..

    Flip…Flop….Flip….Flop….Flip….Flop…what is that? The sound of a Dancing Horse?? NO, It Is Just MIT Romney Talking Again, and again, and again……….

  • As usual, the chief peddlers of BS, hypocrisy, talking points, deflections and distortions, the Greedy Old Patricians, strike again. Since the Greed; Oppression; Piety party likes to make fact- challenged and truth-averse statements, let’s take a look at the Priorities USA commercial, shall we? Why did the ad mostly tell the truth? Several reasons. First, Bain’s vulture capitalist policies cost the steelworker his job and his health insurance, which covered his wife. When his wife got sick, insurance companies could kick off people who got sick (something that the PPACA took care of and it passed Constitutional muster), which means she lost her insurance. Since they were both out of work, they couldn’t afford healthcare, which prevented the diagnosis of cancer until it was too late. Of course, the GOP will try to spin this and find a way to blame the man and his wife and/or the Democratic Party for that, not putting the blame where it truly lies: Bain Capital and vulture capitalism. I find it really interesting, by the way, that the Grand Obstructionist Party are whining and complaining like spoiled little children when the Democrats tell the truth while the GOP never get called out for the scurrilous lies and BS they tell. They want to have it both ways…sorry, guys…what’s fair is fair…try telling the truth for once.
    And, a little side note: as some of us already know, Rushie Righttard (Limbaugh) works for Premiere Networks and Clear Channel Communications…PN and CCC are almost wholly owned by…wait for it….Bain Capital! LMAO Recently, Bain instituted a plan where they’d pay themselves a $2.2 billion dividend, even though, since Rushie made his highly offensive comments about Sandra Fluke, that the companies have lost money, big-time. A few of the minority owners of PN and CCC are suing Bain to stop that plan from being implemented…if the court(s) rule in favor of Bain, both PN and CCC will have to file for bankruptcy within three months…this could mean a big round of pink slips for Christmas, including for Mr. Righttard…how delicious the irony would be! How do ya like vulture capitalism now, Rushie? LMAO



    In order to support his lies, RoMoney will say or do anything to complete the line.

    Like a typical Mormon, Mittens would steal the pennies from a dead baby’s eyes, just like his Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics buddies who skimmed off the till, risking the games until Mitt rode in with Federal money and saved the day.

  • dggrundhoffer

    The Republican voters live on hatred , me first, and are afraid of anything that is not like themselves. It is that mirror image mentality that keep them safe. There is not a grey area . Just black and white. Our freedoms are based on individuals working together for the good. Not themselves being the only way. Too bad the next congress will again do nothing if the Tea Party gets more members. God help America. There then will be a greater division of the economic stratification. The haves and the have nots. How much money do you need . I thought greed was one of the deadly sins. It must work if you call yourself a Replublican. Then it is ok in your mindset. Hail to the King, we are your servants. That is the cause of our seperation from England. Then again history is not a forte of most Republicans. The size of the wallet is!!!!!

  • Ill say it even stronger: The are racists! They are afraid of the day when white people may no longer be in an automatic position of power!

  • He should share with Obama take the glory.; na he is not black or a racest! he is a two facer, I am talking about Romeny.

  • Human1stDem2nd

    Embarrassing. Can we at least try to be articulate?

  • Human1stDem2nd

    Not sure how this makes him any different from all politicians.

  • Human1stDem2nd

    Unfortunately, our own Party’s flaunting of record contributions does not help the argument. Would hate for them to imply that is what happened in 2008… and the Dems’ contributions lead this election is a little ostentatious as well. Probably better to let this one go. Sorry.

  • bcarreiro

    we need to clarify that we are in the road to recovery from the bush-era. obama is the man who can bring the people to their feet. its despicable to even say that someone died on someones else watch. romney was governor but many lost their jobs because of him like first responders so she may want to check herself before she knocks obama on an economy drained by the man with short man syndrome……..bush!!! mitt has no clue on how to put america on the right track and that begins with the people and overhauling irs and dor!!!

  • I think we finally see the true effect that the tea baggers have on the mittster.. He”s so petrified of them that he”ll flip-flop all the way to the elections to keep the baggers happy and their meager fools who have no respect for this country, only for their party.

  • Johnny Thomas

    You know what Dave dido I think you are right about the right wing carracters who do not know how to vote just what their name is so can get around I guess .Not caring about anyone and it shows they fave no sensitive parts in their body about health care for the working people even the red neck’s like my Grand Fathers back in 1770 arrived to fight a war just to be free to be a farming red neck all the way up through Hitler killing anyone that was not naturalized in his realm of a republic

  • Dave_dido , i can see and clearly see that you are a racist, not that you dont like what the president is doing but you just have hatred for him probably because of his race and color or you are a fanatic (republican). openly the spoke person for mitt romney said that the universal health care known as Obamacare is good one that helps alot of people when mitt had the same program that he is opposing now , but you are still oppose the progress of america. you are not worthy to be call faithful america.
    Adage says that head that will suffer will definitely suffer even if he/she hear the voice of the hunter, will still ignore it. that is your case, if you think because president is black and you are part of those american that believed that black cannot rule america, so you don’t want black president then you should be getting ready to sleep under the bridge during GOP regime.
    President is making thinging equal for both rich and poor but you are saying NO because he is African – American. i can never blame you as your suffer days are number if mitt romney mistakenly become president which God will not allow because of the suffering of the masses.

  • Daring to go on FOX and suggest that as a leader you may have actually helped a few folks who weren’t fabulously rich is bound to cost you Republican votes!

  • Yvette9b

    I can only think of one thing, too. Stand President Obama next to former Gov. Romney, and it’s easy to see why some people vote the way they. It’s a very visceral issue for these. Many people could benefit from Logic 101 and How to be a better person (non-credit, required course).

  • Romney gets curiouser and curiouser. Are we flip-flopping again? Gee, I hope so — if he finally admits this original GOP idea was a good one. This is a good flip, but Saul will probably be put in charge of the coat check.

  • Maybe if Mitty could get his stories (lies) on one line, stop changing them according to what he deems are ‘stupid audiences that will believe anything I say’, and let all those who work for him in on the same storyline, they might not be so honestly answering questions and making MittyBoy look even worse than he makes himself look. Just an observation!

  • Hypnodoc

    With the fiasco of Obamacare and increased taxes of the working class to pay for it – I am a Democrat and will stand by Romney. He is this counry’s hope for the future.

    • Joseph Hemphill

      Repub bootlicker and serial liar…….

  • paulianna

    This was so funny, she told the truth and everyone freaks out. Doesn’t she know ” you never tell the truth on national t.v.”. Obamacare is Romneycare, if you think for a second that Romney would defeat Obamacare, you are dillusional, he wrote Obamacare. Obama=Romney. I think this is great because now people realize that Ron Paul is the only hope for a free and prosperous America. Thank you God!

  • 4jerry1945

    The republican congress & Romneycare keep attacking the women they are digging their own grave. November women/latinos/blacks are going to vote for Obama. Romney is a clown & if he picks Paul Ryan for VP Romney is dead. The people will speak come election time when Obama wins a second term. I don’t believe in polls because polls don’t tell the whole truth. I believe only in the people & the people need to get out & VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!

  • Mitt Romeny, his super PAC, and the whole GOP are traitors to their own country and the American people. Instead of saying what they would do to bring America out of a crisis and create jobs for Americans, all they can do is say what President Obama isn’t doing.They say that because they are aware of what they are keeping President Obama from doing. If you ask them why they are filibustering President Obama’s Jobs Bill, they would say “Trust me on this one, Obama has failed to do his job.” or “Don’t ask me any questions. Kiss my ass!” They are treacherous hypocrits, a pit of vipers. They should all be voted out to get America on a progressive forward movement. They are dead weight to America and the American people.

  • So, Jim, if President Obama is a liar can you tell me why Romney said he did not work for Bain after 1999. He also said he filed taxes, but nobody has seen ones even Republicans want him to reveal. He also said his father walked with Martin Luther King during the civil rights marches, can you remember that? Why are the Republican Congress NOT passing jobs bills, farm bills, and those things that will HELP people. Because maybe they will try to do things to HELP the President lose. There might be certain happy people about that, right. Unfairness, and meaness just should not be tolerated in Washington.

  • Hypnodoc

    I’ a Democrat and Obama changed my mind. I saw him as a liar when he first ran and did not vote for him. Anybody with half a brain can see he is still trying to sell out our country. I am a combat veteran and fought for my country for three years. I will continu to try to oust our countries biggest threat from the White House. OMG – Obama Must Go!!!!

  • SA

    These same people definately, based on their dislike and hatred, would vote for Hitler, Attilla the Hun, just to get POTUS out of office and still stiff the American people! I will never get it but I am moving to Borneo!

  • And you do the Hockey Pokey and you flip flop yourself around
    Thats what’s it all about!!
    Obama 2012

  • In the last 9 President election I voted for a White man. I don’t like to identify any President I voted for by race. But to make my point I ‘m a Democrat and will always
    Vote Democrat, unless they start acting like these bigots low life Fools Republicans.

    And if they just out right lie like Romney & Ryan. Ryan Who for 2 years talk about his BOLD budget plans, Now lying about what in it. Mitt Romney pick the Best liar for VP Paul Ryan