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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

This morning, two days after Ann Romney reconfirmed that her husband would not be releasing any additional tax returns, the Obama campaign extended an offer to Mitt Romney: Release five years of tax returns — less than half of what Mitt’s father George Romney released — and we will stop demanding more.

In an e-mail to the Romney campaign, campaign manager Jim Messina wrote:

This request for the release of five years, covering the complete returns for 2007-2012, is surely not unreasonable. Other Presidential candidates have released more, including the Governor’s father who provided 12 years of returns.  In the Governor’s case, a five year release would appropriately span all the years that he has been a candidate for President.  It would also help answer outstanding questions raised by the one return he has released to date, such as the range in the effective rates paid, the foreign accounts maintained, the foreign investments made, and the types of tax shelters used.

The Romney campaign, which has consistently ducked questions on Romney’s tax returns, quickly refused the offer and dismissed it as a distraction from the real issues.

“It is clear that President Obama wants nothing more than to talk about Governor Romney’s tax returns instead of the issues that matter to voters, like putting Americans back to work, fixing the economy and reining in spending,” Matt Rhoades, Romney’s campaign manager responded in a press release.

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid has claimed that Romney had not paid any taxes the past ten years. Reid’s claim, allegedly born out of a conversation with an unnamed Bain Capital investor, was roundly criticized on both sides of the aisle. Still, Reid has refused to name his source, and the Romney campaign has maintained its stance on not releasing further returns.

Yesterday, in his most detailed description of his tax history, Romney asserted that he has paid at least a 13 percent tax rate for each year of the past ten years. Romney’s verbal assurances, however, will not suffice.

Speaking on CNN earlier today, Obama for America Traveling Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Romney should “put your money where your mouth is,” and prove that he has not, in fact, paid less than 13 percent the past ten years.

As campaign manager Rhoades’ response has demonstrated, the Romney campaign is highly unlikely to negotiate with the Obama campaign on this matter. Even though 63 percent of the public — prominent Republicans included — believes that Romney should release additional tax returns, there are no indications that Romney will do so. Making a concession this late in the game could be perceived as a sign of weakness. This is one issue on which Romney will certainly do his best to offer a semblance of consistency, meaning that we likely won’t see his tax returns any time soon.

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  • SchoolBoardMember

    Of course he says paid 13%, but he figures like this. I made $25 million. I sheltered all but $500,000 in the Caymans, so my adjusted gross income was %500,000 and I paid $65,000 in taxes on that. Does that equal 13% of $500,000, yes. You have full disclosure. I think it is safe to assume that Willard took advantage of the tax amnesty in 2009 and that is the chief tax return he is hiding. Who wants a president who took advantage of a tax amnesty because he is a tax cheat?

    • jarheadgene

      ” WE THE PEOPLE” DO NOT! ” WE THE PEOPLE” do not want a tax cheat for President. “WE the PEOPLE” booted Spiro Agnew for Tax Evation.

      • Then boot Tim Geithner and many other Democrats that have actually NOT paid their taxes, Romney did. And the 14% Romney paid on invested money, is on top of the 39% he had paid when he made it. All of us pay ZERO capital gains when we sell a home and make a big profit. Get real.

        • sn77339

          And what is there about anything that has been said or written to date that tells you that he paid 39% on his income? Your wishful thinking is getting the best of you.

          • ace

            Yes and your ignorance has got the best of you .

          • DurdyDawg

            Everybody has a valid argument, Paul.. You, like the Mittwit is assuming we will simply take you’re word on what you’ve failed to prove (and where no one else could determine either way). All you have to do is tell you’re hero to simply reveal his returns and make the entire democratic party eat crow.. That simple. He claims he’s paid so now he should back up his word in how he paid.. It doesn’t show weakness, it shows good philosophy in dealing with this controversial situation. Instead he remains mum, telling us to ‘trust’ him and he’s only speaking to people like you who are trying to make us believe you’re word is trustworthy in this matter as well.

          • tjirish34

            It’s not even 39% it’s 35% since Bush tax cuts.

        • You have your head stuck someplace that is blocking your vision. The easy answer to this problem is for Romney to show us his tax returns. The problem is, he prolly can’t without screwing up his chance to become president.

          • ace

            No one ask you how many food stamps you get tell us we need to know .

          • NON sock puppet

          • The same amount you get ,but not the pay that the kochs are paying you.

          • You’re right ace. No one asked and as a private citizen, it’s nobody’s business.

          • Very funny a#$%^hole, knowing someone’s on foodstamps is as important as the Republican Nomenee being a tax defying cheat. GOODONE

          • adler56

            No it isn’t doofus racist.

          • Ace, there would not be a need for so many to be on food stamps if employers would pay their employees a living wage!!!!
            Take a look @ Walmart!!!! they encourage their employees to get any Government assistants they can so they can keep paying a very low wage!!!
            It is rich people like the Waltons & the Romneys & so many more who do not pay their employees a livable wage!!!

          • That Cause His Mother Keep Selling His And He’s Mad!!!LOL

          • dtgraham

            I’ve seen undercover video of Walmart staff helping new employees register for the kind of government programs that a corporation of that size should have been providing in the form of employee benefits or a more liveable wage.

          • GREED And All These Little Teabagging Bitches Here Is Praising Them!!

          • dtgraham

            I’ve noticed, Fern.

          • Ed


          • adler56

            When you learn how to type a correct post I’ll tell you how many food stamps I get and I’ll give you the correct number for the past 15 years. Come on racist- try to type a correct post- then your need to know will be satisfied

          • I bet it doesn’t add up to one dancing horse deduction.

        • ace

          You are wasting your breath they do not have enough brain cell to get real they are Democrat wellfare people if not they would not be for Obama .

          • you got the name right ace, are you rich, I guess so, how did you get rich, I am trying all my life, and I did not get anywhere, because I am honest, yes we people want to see the tax return and all the nice accounts in Switzerland, Cancun, Bahams etc. where all his money is, he does not support America, he does not pay for all his hidden money tax, so the poor onces shall pay more, so they rich onces can put more money in foreign countries, and the statement, I know how to make jobs, he sure does, but the sentence was not finish, he wanted to say, overseas, not in the United States, how can you go against Obama and think you got an honest person, he ace, do you have any brains at all. You really believe he is getting a better America, it will be worse, and all this no protection, people shall have more children, pay more taxes, no cancer screening, can you think, who shall feed those children, where shall the money come from, more people will be on welfare, is he from the 1600, because in this world people can decide what they want to do with there body, he is throwing the United States behind every other country. Wow, did you ever learn to listen and to read? I doubt this. I am from many countries, and have been through a lot. Just go ahead and vote the Repubs, you are either rich or stupid.

          • have compassion: All your BS to the effect that if you are a Republican “you are either rich or stupid” (to use your own words of ignorance) is contradicted by the FALSE premise contained in your first sentence: “… how did you get rich, I am trying all my life, and I did not get anywhere, because I am honest…”
            So, sir, you will have all of us believe that only dishonest people get rich and that if you are NOT rich it means that you are honest?? !!!
            WOW !!! Even Joe Biden would not fall for that ….!!

        • tjirish34

          paulcindy you are a dumbazz. You don’t even know what you are talking about. First the tax rate is 35% since 2002 dumbazz. Secondly Romney hasn’t been working so his earned income was capital gains while he has hidden the rest of his income over the years in tax deferred shelters. As for the taxes a good point was raised in how did he earn his income? Did Romney short the US dollar? Thus betting against the US economy. Many voters would have an issue with that. The fact Romney won’t release his taxes like every other candidate shows #1 Romney thinks he is above the avg voter, #2 Romney must feel the info is very damaging for his hopes of winning. I never said he is cheating. By not revealing his taxes Romney is hiding something. That something is likely the revealing of how unfair the tax code is between the 1% and 99%. Directly destroying his argument for his economic tax plans. Ieeeee.. Cutting taxes more for 1% and cutting entitlements to pay for it.

          • tjirish34

            I will just add that personality and demeanor do count for something in elections. NO it’s not superfiscial either. At end of day the President has to lead the country. No one wants to follow an ahole. Which is what Romney is…

        • such a simple minded pair . ur a pair that swing together in a bulls sack . you cant even get it right here . he said he pain 13 % not 14 % follow the anti-christ be damned in hell

        • Ed

          I assume you are a prsonal freind of Mr. Romney, (perhaps he helped you with your tax returns) so I guess we should take your wqord for it. He must be thrilled to have a witness. Why doesn’t he introduce you? Do you ave bundles in Switsweland and the Caymans also?

        • 1. You DO pay capital gains tax when you sell your home if you do not purchase another house of equal or greater value and you are under a certain age (57?). 2. It is NOT okay to hide money in off-shore accounts; it is ILLEGAL under the laws of this great country. doing so deprives the government of income nd forces higher tax rates on the middle-class, including the witless southern conservatives who DON’T GET IT! 3. If the Conservatives who’s only purpose in life is to beat Obama would open their eyes, hey would see that the 1% are running a shell game vs. the American people. They claim they should pay lower taxes because they have the ability to stimulate the economy through reinvestment and creating jobs. Well they have had nearly ten years of lower tax rates; WHERE ARE ALL THESE JOBS? 4. The Conservatives want to abolish the banking regulations passed by Obama and the progressives in congress to restore “free market” conditions on Wall Street, and they want to privatize Social Security; what kind of mess will we be in WHEN the Wall street pulls another stunt like the 2008 derivatives and mortgage fiasco, and we ALL LOSE OUR RETIREMENT safety net like we lost our 401K’s then??? 5. And when you clammor for a repeal of the Affordable Healthcare Act, ask yourselves how you (yes you) are going to pay for the 30 million people who will not have health insurance! If you are the Christians you say you are you have to acknowledge that you cannot let them die in crdboard hovels under bridges at the edge of town!


          Bottom line, it all begins with honesty; If Romney cannot reveal the five years of tax returns suggested, then he must have a reason to hide them, and 63% of the voting public will have a problem electing him. If he has nothing to hide, then what is his point?

          I cannot wait for the debates; Prediction: Romney talks himself into a circle and Obama will have checkmate!

        • Where do you live PC in Alaska? Republicans would not even allow any Democrat to exist on capital hill without disclosing their tax returns, so what makes Romney so special. They allow each other to get away with murder and then hire lawyers to protect them. Just show the returns. President Obama had to continuously show his birth certificate, tax returns, proof he lived in Hawaii and STILL republicans pretended they did not believe him. All the while this is stuff that could stress a person out while he is trying to do a JOB. What makes Romney so special?

        • The ZERO capital gains tax on a home sold is a 1 time exception that is limited to 250k for a single person & 500K for a couple. Romney gets low tax rates for the vast majority of his income because it is from capital gain, dividends and othe rinvestment vehicle that most ordinary people do not have the fiscal means to take advantage of. Over the last 10 years my Fed tax rate has been between 20 & 30%, Romney states (he of the growing nose) he paid AT LEAST 13% for the past 10 years. What was you rax rate?

        • jarheadgene

          REALLY……Geithner is politically listed as an Independent…..before you start spouting off….be careful…better have you FACTS in order not your
          FAUX news order but the REAL FACTS. ooops…..looks like I’m too late, seeing your other posts. So try and learn something by listening to people here that don’t take LIMBlah…blah…blah…blah as Gospel.

      • ace

        Y our ignorance is showing the reason we are going down the drain now are all you fools voteing for a knowen liar .

        • ace, are you for real, you are calling Obama a lier, he did show his tax return, to you are going for the next lier, who has all his money in foreign countries so he does not give anything to the Americans, populations shall rise, who is going to support those children, the welfare, who is paying for it the poor once with there taxes, you idiot. You are not only ignorant you are plain stupid. We are going not down the drain, this will happen with the Reps. You are telling me, Romney is not a liar? you are deaf and blind. Why does he not show his tax return, like every other president did? Just go and ride your high horse, it will throw you off, but than it is to late. Who you trying to convince yourself with all your stupid remarks. Just crawl in a hole and dont come out. How far have you been in this world, the back yard I guess is far enough for you. Or tell me, are you also a Multimillionaire, and try to get your Taxes reduced so that the poor once pay more, even they have nothing left, and need to go to the Welfare office? Just look around you, well the yard is probably very small. You stop attacking jarheadgene, he knows more than you do, because what is coming out of your mouth, does show me, that you have no brain in your little head. Can you duck down, do it.!!!

        • karinursula

          WoW, and Ryan did not lie when he said that that he never asked for stimulus money he was so against?

          • Joseph Hemphill

            or Lyin’ Ryan about the closed GM plant…. When Bush was prez…..

        • bigspender7

          ACE — perhaps if you’d have stayed in school past 2nd grade like your mother asked you, these concepts wouldn’t confuse you so utterly.

        • jarheadgene

          WHAT….did I miss something….ROMNEY is the candidate people here like. He is the main liar in this country that I know of. Do I need to give you links to you tube where there are so many instances of him saying,”I never said that.” followed by tape of him saying what he is denying.

      • School Board Member needs spellcheck (or a non government education)


      • Romney knows if he shows his tax return that he will not get any votes after the people see what a tax cheat he is.

        • The King Of Shipping American Jobs And Stripping American Companies!! He Also Ran A Company That Destroyed Fetuses!! Now You Know He Will Do Any Thing For Money That’s The Kind Of Crap He Don’t Want The American People To Know!!

    • edwardw69

      That’s the one I want to see–2009. We know he had money in Swiss accounts (now closed.) Did he take advantage of the amnesty? Oh, and a complete 2010 would be nice: where is the FBAR section?

    • jojo

      Obama has plenty of tax cheats working for him and some if not most are in charge of how we spend our money.

      • awakenaustin

        Name them.

        • BDD1951

          Like Awake says,NAME THEM!!

          • Edsanjuan

            BDD and awaken: Tim Geithner.

          • BDD1951

            Now that’s really foolish.

          • BDD and Joseph: WHY is my answer “really foolish”?
            1) Because it is NOT true?
            2) Because Geithner is not the ONLY one? (Gino Petrocelli, see above, supplied part of the rest of these scoundrels that you Lefties want to place “under the rug”)
            3) Because I did not address the statement posed (again, see above) by jojo to the effect that “Obama has plenty of tax cheats working for him and some if not most are in charge of how we spend our money.”?
            4) Or because I did not answer YOUR ANSWER to jojo when you said “NAME THEM”??!!
            So, BDD, Joseph, and awakenaustin, what will it be tonight, sirs?

          • Joseph Hemphill

            not running for president…

      • John Fennessy

        Still want to see Romney’s tax returns. Romney is the one running for President.

      • Why don’t you people that buy into this class-warfare BS worry instead about what Obama does with OUR money, than what Romney does with HIS Own?

        • Joseph Hemphill

          nice distracting slogan, straight from the Rove playbook

        • bigspender7

          paul/cindy — Transgender types like you traditionally have trouble understanding the most elementary concepts, don’t you.

    • ace

      I will say one thing you have one now that is the most Corrupt one we have had in the last 80 plus years so all you ignorant fools vote for Obama the Proven liar and Crook .

      • karinursula

        prove it, if not keep you mouth shut.

      • Joseph Hemphill

        what an acehole….

      • bigspender7

        ace – how can you be so stupid?

      • Don’t you realize the last crew that was in there gave us two false flags killing innocent Americans and then used them as an excuse to attack two countries that had nothing to do with it? Halliburton (Cheney) and the Carlyle Group(Papa Bush) got richer on no-bidwar contracts. (Do you call that “free enterprise?
        Proof of Explosions The buildings fell at almost the speed of gravity. A pancake collapse would cause each floor to hold for a second or two before it gave way. That would have taken MINUTES, not TWENTY SECONDS!
        The hijackers had no access to the buildings to plant synchronized explosions which were reported by firemen, newsmen, victims who survived and are shown by the fact that the debris pile remained hotter than jet fuel ever gets as shown by first responders melted boots and satellite infrared technology.It remained at these extreme temperatures for weeks because the explosive reaction planted supplied its own oxygen in the chemical reaction.
        The anthrax attack false flag is exposed as an INSIDE JOB by MANY facts including that White House insiders SECRETLY started taking risky anti-anthrax antibiotics THREE WEEKS before the first known threat. If they were so psychic and had been on the up and up they could have predicted and prevented all those tragedies. The first anthrax victim, Robert Stevens crime? He published a photo of the President’s daughter, Jenna, drunk and sitting on another girl’s lap.
        Why did Rudy Giuliani, of all people, buy the site of Steven’s contamination in Boca Raton, FL?????? What was he trying to hide??????? Do you think it is just bad luck for the Democrats that they were the only political party that was sent letters?????

        Wake up and take a whiff of reality.
        I know it stinks to high heaven but it well put you in touch with the way we have been used, duped and abused.
        And anyone with cojones will at least speak out to put a stop to it before we get Robney in there representing virtually the same crooks.

    • I’ve yet to see that the IRS has gone after “Willard” like they have after the following….

      Here’s the list of Tax Cheats (so far) in the current administrations Cabinet:

      Tom Daschle, the first HHS nominee,
      Chief performance officer nominee Nancy Killefer.
      Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner,
      US Trade Representative Ron Kirk
      Labor Secretary Hilda Solis’s (husband)
      Kathleen Sebelius current HHS

      People in glass houses………

      Let’s talk about real issues.

    • haha – you democrats are whiners to the bone. you have been all blinded by the media again and again.
      sorry fellas, it’s time to get rid of obama-bin laden. who cares what romney did with his money. I wish i had that kind of money to hide! maybe we can all learn from him. who needs a free-loader like obama?

    • There’s Pain In Bain There’s Pain In Ryan And You Better Believe There’s Pain In Those Tax Returns!!!LOL If McCain Picked A Nut Like Sarah Palin Over Romney Hood What Do That Tell You!!!

    • adler56

      Every racist American- close to 50%- would want a loser like that- they would take a sheet wearing skinhead if they had to.

    • I would go further and say who wants a president who is not forthcoming in all of his financial affairs. It’s outrageous that he should expect the American electorate to accept such nonsense. It’s disheartening that so many still do.

  • sessums

    I would ask Obama to release his records from Columbia University at the same time. It looks like both have something to hide.

    • WhutHeSaid

      Just what are you hoping to find? He was black while attending college as well — is this what you were wondering?

      • jarheadgene

        His college records….WHO CARES! Only Keneth Starr cares about “small mindedness” like that, “WE the PEOPLE” DO NOT!

        • jojo

          “We the People” DO!

      • sessums

        What has black got to do with anything? He sealed his records there which mean he has something he does not want known. My guess is that he was registered and received aide as a foreign student…but who knows? Like Romney, he could clear up a lot of questions if he opened his records. I am a independent, by the way, and would like both candidates to come clean.

        • jojo

          What about Obama’s SS. He had more than one. Sounds like he has something to hide. They don’t seal records up like this unless there is something to hide. I had rather know about Obama’s records than Romney’s taxes.

          • BDD1951

            That’s because you don’t care about America, only the republican party.

          • jojo

            Not so. I care about freedom being taken away pinch by pinch which has been happening for years now and now America is bleeding. With people like Obama in office who you know nothing about is scary. He has put in power his socialist friends to help run this country and in turn more of our freedoms are being taken away.

          • sn77339

            You haven’t lost one ounce of freedom due to ANYTHING that Obama has done or proposed to do. He’s no more “Socialist” than you are, and to constantly bring up this “Socialist” label is absolute crap. You can still go out and buy your weapons arsenal, you can still post your junk on the Internet or anywhere else you want to, etc. etc. etc. You can’t name a single freedom that you have lost.

          • jojo

            Your wonderful national memo won’t allow sites to prove a point. I would say that’s another freedom taken away.

          • sn77339

            You guys want so badly to find something on Obama, that you’ll just believe anything the conspiracy guys throw out there, won’t you? What goes around, comes around, and if you idiots keep trying to find something on Obama, you can’t expect anything less than the Democrats going after Romney.

          • jojo

            You will not believe Obama has hidden skeletons in his closet. Truth will come out sooner or later. Democrats are going after Romney and they don’t have anything on him. What he has paid or hasn’t paid is nothing. You need to educate yourself on who you plan on voting for before it’s to late. Obama is a socialist and if re-elected you will find out the hard facts on him and the hurt he will bring to this country.

          • sn77339

            Its truly sad that people like you have such a need to find dirt on Obama while wearing blinders about the immense debt that his predecessor racked up on two wars, Medicare part D, etc. The Socialism argument is crap. If Romney and Ryan get in, you will find what true loss of freedom looks like.

          • BDD1951

            Been reading those email again?

        • WhutHeSaid

          You know what? It’s a rarity that I have to say this out here, but I actually believe you, so I apologize for jumping the gun. Normally I only see questions about Obama’s transcripts being posted by over-the-top Obama bashers who clearly are just making up issues because they have an irrational hate for the man. Seeing your posts I have to give you the benefit of the doubt.

          Since foreign aid would be a cheat, it may be a legitimate request, but unusual inasmuch as I don’t recall this question being asked of other candidates for President. Those who still question his actual birthplace have crossed the line into irrational territory that is usually only explained by one thing. ‘Nuff said.

        • karinursula

          Who was the last President who showed us his college records?????

          • sessums

            All former presidents’ college records were available to anyone who requested them. The only reason Obama is unique is because he sealed his. My only question is why? I want to see Romney’s taxes and I want to see Obama’s college records.
            Ther has to be a reason they are both not forthcoming with them.

      • dtgraham

        They should have asked for the release of Sarah Palin’s high school diploma 4 years ago.

        • WhutHeSaid

          I’m pretty sure they tattooed it on her anatomy somewhere so she could remember where she went to school.

    • What s waste of time. Obama graduated from Harvard Law and you don’t get into Harvard without being in the top 2% of your class no matter what color you are. He also taught at the U. of Chicago Law School which is one of the top 10 in the country. You’re a jerk!

    • Peoples425

      Why would that matter considering that Harvard has accepted his credentials?

      • sn77339

        Sessums and his conspiracy theory pals probably think that Harvard colluded with him and who knows who else to hide all of this because they knew that someday he would be president. It’s all part of the vast conspiracy!!! He probably has a black helicopter in his Chicago garage, but they won’t let anyone in to see it.

        • BDD1951

          That’s funny!!

    • BDD1951

      What the hell does his college records have to do with anything. He graduated Magna Cum Laude. How did Romney graduate? Probably at the bottom of his class. Like George Bush. We know that George Bush graduated 5th from the bottom of his class.

      • sessums

        He has them sealed for some reason. It probably has nothing to do with grades. He attended Columbia as Barry Soweto, not Barak Obama. Maybe he was registered as a foreign exchange student? I don’t know. I know conservatives are asking for Obama’s columbia records while liberals are asking for Romney’s tax records. As an independent, I think both should come clean. I find it amusing that neither Democrats or Republicans can see what’s fair for both sides.

        • BDD1951

          And where did you get the idea that he attended under the name of Soweto. How stupid is that. Do you think he was the only one attending those 4 years? Don’t you know someone would come forth with that info a long time ago. How rdiculous can you be? Don’t you kinow that Hilary would have been on that in 2008. Quit reading those bogus email that come around.

  • I remember Chicken George, who kept showing up at GHW Bush’s campaign stops hounding him on not debating candidate Clinton. Maybe it’s time to have one of those Liberty Tax statue people who wave at you on the street soliciting tax return business start showing up at every Romney rally. Oh, wait, theyonly invite their base to these rallies now, don’t they?

    • 1standlastword

      If the liberty tax statue shows up at a RR rally, I would recommend she wear a bullet proof jacket and bring the national guard along for self-protection after my reading of the comments on this thread and contemplating the strong Obama hatred of those Romney supporters.

      Against all evidence they still believe Obama is illegitimate??

      It’s with a religious like faith that they believe Obama is a socialist, Muslim, Communist, Terrorist, Kenyan.

  • highpckts

    Ann Romney already said they wouldn’t release them because they would be used against them! So it makes you wonder what is in them that would be used against them??? Surely they have nothing to hide!! After all he wants to be the President!!

  • That is another made up accusation by Team Rove to generate “doubt.” First, question his citizenship (birth certificate); next, question his college credentials (because he’s smarter than most); next, question his “commander-in-chief” abilities because he took out OBL and we don’t want people to think he’s a hero. Next, he’ll want the marriage certicate and claim Michelle is actually married to someone else. Blah, blah. People like you are so gullible and can’t think for yourselves. It’s no wonder Rove and his hacks play you like a fiddle. It’s almost comical. Sheep.

    • 1standlastword

      You have to wonder when Karl Rove’ heart is going to stop suddenly. The dark bile coursing through his veins and his evil mind is remarkable at this stuff.

  • I can’t; nor can any member of my immediate family, which carries 12 votes. We don not like liars and sleight of hand, Con Men. Has it come to this? A man who has several off-shore accounts so he can evade paying income taxes; a man who, paid such little in taxes – – now refuses to release even, that information; a man who was among the leading Corporate Raiders of his time, who fired hundreds of workers just to line his own pockets; a man who has made more, “bone head,” or ill-advised gaffes of any Republican Candidate in recent History; a man who relies on Money from Sleazy Dark Money Cartels to get elected? a professed Mormon that is anything but; a man that has declared war on Women, Gays, Blacks, Hispanics, College Kids, and Senior Citizens; a man who wants to widen the income and wealth disparity between the Rich and Poor by Cutting Taxes for the Rich, and increasing Taxes on the Poor, and Hollowed Out Middle Class; a high school bully; and, anything but, a Mainstream Republican!

    • Well said!
      There’s only one thing I can add. Romney and his old friend Netanyahu share a desire to take out Iran. Iran represents oil and a threat because they stand up for the rights of the Palestinians who have been rivals with the Hebrews for milennia when they were called Phillistines. They were named Palestinians by the Romans in the first century AD when the Romans evicted the Jews. Ironically, it was the Persians (Iranians) who freed the Hebrews(Jews) from Babylonian captivity
      . There are Jews in the Iranian parliament and many live in security in Iran. The Iranian leadership condemn the Zionist leaders of Israel, not the Israelis themselves. Ahmadinejad does NOT deny the Holocaust but he said that since it happened in Europe it was not fair to make the Palestinians make up for it.

  • sessums

    I am not questioning his grades. If he has nothing to hide he should release his records. Was he registered as a foreign national? After all, he attended Columbia as Barry Soweto, not Barak Obama.

    • I think you are off your meds.

    • jojo

      They left don’t want to hear that about their messiah. There is also a small matter about his SS and what was on his college apps. Bet it was he got in as a foreign exchange student from kenya .Since they had them sealed and Nobody can get to the files really makes you wonder.

      • Edsanjuan

        jojo: Precisely !!

  • Ana Petti

    ….and when President Obama was hard at work trying to do his job, the high functioning morons of the Republican Party and ultra-far right were STILL asking him to produce a birth certificate!!! It’s called Karmic Justice….so drop the hypocrisy and produce the tax returns.

  • MHO7505

    This is something I think I overheard coming “Off The Bus”, just the other day.
    Some Folks are born to wave the flag. OOh, they’re Red, White, and Blue.
    And when the band plays “Hail to the Chief” … Ohh, they won’t be pointing at me.
    I’m Romney … I’m Romney, I am a Governor’s Son, son.
    I’m Romney … I’m Romney, I am a Fortunate One. Yeah !!!
    We 1% “Folks”, are born silver spoon in hand.
    Lord, don’t We help ourselves, Oh. But when the taxman comes to the door,
    Lord, the U.S. House looks like a rummage sale, Yes.
    I’m Romney … I’m Romney, I am a Millionares Son, Yo.
    I’m Romney … I’m Romney, I am a Fortunate One.
    We GOP’s inherit Star Spangled eyes, Ooh, we send you down to war, Lord.
    But when you ask us “how much will you serve ???”
    Oooh, We only answer … No More! No More! No More! Yeah.
    I’m Romney … I’m Romney, I ain’t no military son, son.
    I’m Romney … I’m Romney, I Am … THE … Fortunate One.

  • And look how many people he gave work to in the Caymans hiding his money!!!!! So, he even creted jobs! I hope he does not release – that makes him look worse than he already is if that is possible! Look how much money the government would make if people like Romney were honest, keeping money in the states and paying fair taxes! But, these rich SOBs cannot be considered American, and, they simply do not care!

    • jojo

      If it wasn’t for the rich SOBs as you call them you wouldn’t have a computer to type on.

      • BDD1951

        Oh really? Michael Dell started on a shoe string. He lived in the same dormatory as my son when he was trying to get money to start. It’s the little people who have the imagination.

  • Why should Romney care what the Obama campaign wants him to disclose? Harry Reid already lied about 10 years, so why would 5 years make any difference, they would still falsely accuse him.

    Besides, why play into BO’s hands and play his game? I would make Obama a deal. Romney’s tax returns for Obama’s College records and everything else he sealed on his FIRST day as President.

    This is just a distraction from BO’s failed economy and Trillions in new debt, with NO end in site.

    • jojo

      To kill a nation put it in debt it cannot pay back.
      The U.S. government’s indebtedness to foreign interests has grown by 72.3 percent during President Barack Obama’s term in office. In January 2009, when Obama was inaugurated, the U.S. government owed $3.0717 trillion to foreign entities, according to the Treasury Department. That has increased by $2.2206 trillion—or 72.3 percent—to the record $5.2923 trillion reported for yesterday.

      Entities in the People’s Republic of China remain the largest holders of U.S. government debt. Entities in Japan, however, are on track to eclipse the Chinese as the top holders of U.S. government debt.

      In June, the Chinese held $1.1643 trillion in U.S. government debt, up slightly from the $1.1640 trillion in U.S. government debt the Chinese held in May. However, Chinese ownership of U.S. government debt hit an historical peaked of $1.3149 trillion in July 2011 and has been on a generally downward trend since then.

      Entities in Japan, by contrast, have been consistently increasing their ownership of U.S. government debt. In June, the Japanese owned $1.1193 trillion in U.S. debt. In May, they owned $1.1089 trillion in U.S. debt. A year ago, in June 2011, the Japanese owned only $881.5 in U.S. government debt.

      Although the Chinese maintained their place as the top foreign owners of U.S. debt in June, they are not the top owners of U.S. debt in the world. That distinction belongs to the U.S. Federal Reserve, which according to its July monthly report, owned $1.667 trillion in U.S. government debt in June.

      As of the end of June, the total debt of the federal government was $15,856,367,214,324.44. However, of that debt, $4,812,182,369,712.78 was money the federal government owed to itself (i.e. money the Treasury had borrowed from federal trust funds such as the Social Security Trust Fund, etc.). The Treasury calls this type of debt “intragovernmental” debt. The remaining $11,044,184,844,611.66 the federal government owed as of the end of June was debt held by the “public.” This is debt in the form of Treasury securities the government is obligated to pay off in cash.

      The combined $6.9593 trillion that U.S. Treasury owed both to foreign entities ($5.2923 trillion) and the Federal Reserve ($1.667 trillion) at the end of June, equaled about 63 percent of the federal government’s debt held by the public.

    • ExPAVIC


      You forget the Dow Jones Average is up 5,000 points under Obama. Up from 8,000 under Bush.

      Where did you learn to count? In Wisconsin?

  • John Fennessy

    LOL Obama is talking and will continue to talk about Rowney’s tax returns regardless of them being released.

  • SicknessofChoice

    Sure, when Obomba comes up with an original SSN issued to him and not some dead guy in Conn. and comes up with an original non-forged BC which he has thus far been unable to do?

    • ExPAVIC


      Ask Ryan about the RECOVERY money he requested for WISCONSIN RECOVERY. The same funds he just got done criticizing.

    • ClydeMcWhorter

      Do you Really think the Whacho Supreme Circus Would Have Let Obama Take Office If He Was Not LEGAL???

  • Edsanjuan

    To Obama:
    Romney will NOT release anything more until YOU release your college records and transcripts and the nationality under which you got your passport.
    Incredible how you Obama hypocrites are sooo concerned with Romney’s returns but you have never bothered to request from Obama his school and citizenship records.
    Romney will win, by a LANDSLIDE, in November.

    • ExPAVIC


      Ask Ryan why he criticized Obama recovery funds yet he asked for said funds to help in Wisconsin RECOVERY?

      Another example of how hypocritical the American Taliban Republican whackos really are. And the ATRs want to run this country. Yeah run it into the ground like Bushie tried to do.

      I can’t wait to hear Bush speak at the ATR Convention. Oh, you say he has been blocked out? Blocked out along with Trumpie, Silly Sarah, Santorum and the rest of the whackos.

      • ExPAVIC: You are a genius, sir ! But I would point out to you, very respectfully (something you completely lack: respect), the following:
        1) Last sentence, the word should really be spelled “wacko” and not “whacko”.
        2) With your credentials, exhibited in this and so many other posts, if I were you, I would not be calling ANY other person a “wacko” .

        • ExPAVIC


          Credentials? You don’t know me or my curriculum vitae. Just off the cuff, judging by your surname, you can’t and never will achieve my level of success.

          • ExPAVIC: First, I don’t need to read your (very short) CV to evaluate your credentials: they are there, for ALL to see, in your inane posts and in the way that, instead of addressing the issues put forward by people who do not agree with you, you resort to insults.
            Secondly, it’s been some time since I’ve read a more ignorant statement than what you just said about me: “…. judging by your surname, you can’t and never will achieve my level of success.” My dear pathetic friend, you are the perfect snob !
            I have some questions for you which I know you will answer brilliantly, considering your “level of success” and the fact that you are a man of substance:
            1) Are you confusing the terms “success”, “wealth” and “money”?
            2) If your strident and gaudy statement about your “level of success” is based on the amount of money you have been able to accumulate, would that amount of money put you in the (inane) category of the “1 percenters” that you Lefties so much hate?
            3) You mention my “surname”. What IS my surname, sir, pray tell? Seems to me that you are so ignorant that you confuse my “posting” name with my surname. So ExPAV, what is my surname? (HINT: It is NOT “Eduardo” …)
            4) Are you enough of an ignorant bigot, sir, to judge and generalize, from my posting name “Eduardo”, that I “… can’t and never will achieve my (your) level of success. “??
            5) Is that obtuse and ignorant “judgment” about my possibilities of what you call “success” a product of your belief that I am Hispanic?
            6) If that is so, do you realize that basing the possibility of “success” on whether one is Hispanic, Oriental, African or White Anglo-Saxon is just plain stupid, and shows you for what you are?
            You stand (respectfully) corrected, sir.
            Don’t you try again to fool around with people that can “run rings” around your pathetic persona.

    • ClydeMcWhorter

      Mit Romney Has Never Denounced His Mexican Citizenship!!! YEAH His Daddy was Born in Mexicco, UnDer Mexican Law That Makes Mit Romney A Mexican Citizen>>>

    • karinursula

      Are you an Idiot??? Please name one President who released all these records that
      you asking the President for. Has Romney shown his Birth certificate? How do I know that he was not born in Mexico? Rumors nothing but ugly rumors,2 SS cards that is such total BS.

      • karin: To answer your question: I am not an official “idiot”, but I can explain why: I wanted to join YOUR club but you would not have me.
        As to your other points, and to replicate your other question:
        Please name one President about whose background we knew LESS than about Barry Soetoro ….

  • Have you noticed he never states that he has paid at least 13% “income tax” only that he has paid 13% in taxes. There are a whole lot of other taxes that we all pay too.

  • MBM

    Gee, does the IRS take “verbal assurances” too? Duh…the American people deserve the truth.

  • promoadman

    Romney could put a stop to all of this crap, by just telling Obama, to release all his records, and he would release his tax returns. You can not find one bit of information about Obama’s past, because he has spent millions of tax payer dollars on hiding it.

    • ExPAVIC


    • ClydeMcWhorter

      Dear Pronogonadman, Ryan Paul Voted For The First Bail outs in 2008, Under DumbYa, Then Voted against everything Obama Wanted to do to Save The Country. Then Ryan Paul Got Stimilus Money for his district. The Repuds Are ready to tank the US economy, Just To Keep A Black man From succeeding. They decided that on election night, before Obama was even in Office.

      This Must the New World Order Daddy Bush Was Talking About.

      • karinursula

        You forgot Ryan lied about asking for the money, he finally admitted it
        today. Of course he forgot, haha

  • michael digiaccomo

    You leftie zealots are relly and truly stretching for any reason whatsoever to hang on to your dream guy aren’t you. Face it you zombies, your little experiment haf failed miserably and its time to get outta the way before we fall into a morass we cannot recover from.

    • ExPAVIC


      Why don’t you American Taliban Republican whack jobs hike over to townhall.daily where the rest of the ATR whack jobs like to massage each others’ fanatical beliefs.

    • DurdyDawg

      What the hell you talkin’ about weasel? You’re last chum buddy did this to us, NOT a Dem. That Obama had to spend money to keep our noses above water is the same tactics the wealthy uses to make money (you have to spend money to make money) That he had to do it in order to keep the status quo so we wouldn’t sink into the abyss is unfortunate but necessary because without it we would now be holding our empty hands out for help from all those countries we kept out of their abyss and who would now be ignoring our pleas. In reality, it wouldn’t have mattered who won in 2008, they wouldn’t have been able to get us back without spending money too and right now we would be cursing them.

    • ClydeMcWhorter

      Here you go.

  • so we the people want a dishonest president for 4 more years so we can end up being a 3rd world country………………some of you are true idiots.

    • ClydeMcWhorter

      GOD help us If Mit Romney gets in. He Thinks He Has Been ORDAINED By HIS GOD To BE President’

      In The next Life Mit Romney Will Be Exalted in The Celestial Kingdom Of Heaven And be A GOD Of His Own World. Check The Mormon Scriptures!! If I Am Wrong Please Let Me Know Where I am Wrong!!

      Ryan Paul Accepted the Philosphy Of A Russian Atheist As His Own.

  • tell obamer cough up the school records and the thesis and the truth about his sordid lifestlyle, then maybe we can talk trash.

    • rmarqua2921

      Has Romney “coughed up” his school records? I am sure if Romney “coughed up his” Obama would cough up his! He did cough up his “birth certificate”! As far as I know no other preesident was required to do so! EVERY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE SINCE HIS FATHER HAS RELEASED AT LEAST 5 YEARS OF THEIR TAX RETURNS! They say a lot more about the character of a person than their school records!

    • rmarqua2921

      Oh, and I’d love to see your school records, if you went? You can’t even spell the name of the President of the USA! For your information it is spelled O-b-a-m-a! Maybe you should make note of it, so you remember next time!

    • ClydeMcWhorter

      You sound kinda trashy.

  • Obama need to release his Birth certificate and all School Records to prove he didn’t go to school as a ” FOREIGN ” student on those scholarships and never changed his Citizenship back

    • ClydeMcWhorter

      Mit Romney Has Never Denounced His Mexican Citizenship!!!

  • roho1z

    ROMNEY is a LIAR hE IS hiding something if the tax returns were ok he would REALEASE THEM dont let him get away with this.

    • ClydeMcWhorter

      Could it Be A Felony That Mit is Hiding? Maybe He is Hiding a Tax Amnesty For Having an Off Shore Bank Account and Not Reporting It?

      Mit Romney Has Never Denounced His Mexican Citizenship>>.

  • It simply amazes me how many Republicans will vote for a liar and a cheat rather than vote for Obama. I think many of those rednecks are just racist. They vote for Romney even if he cuts off their medical assistance. Talk about stupid!


    • BDD1951

      Now you really are a whack job.

    • ClydeMcWhorter

      You Need To Quit Watching FOX And Quit Listening To Rush Bimbaough The “Drugster”

    • DurdyDawg

      What an idiot! He shows you stuff, you STILL don’t believe it.. Making him out as some sort of genius manipulator where the FBI misinterprets his political application, the IRS willing and able to mock up his returns and a Pub gov from Hawaii perjure himself with a bogus birth certificate. What a bunch of pub gas bags, saying and doing everything possible to keep their cowboy saying “NO” to tax records and, “I’ll reveal all my plans for America AFTER I’m elected”. Pathetic goof balls.

  • WHAT is he hiding?

  • nococidences

    Barack already investigated and he know without a doubt that Mitt cheated. He was goating him.

  • Do we want a presidnt who is afraid to tell the truth. He is hiding something . His objective is to be elected not serve the people!!!!

  • “It is clear that President Obama wants nothing more than to talk about Governor Romney’s tax returns instead of the issues that matter to voters,”…………

    As a voter I would just like to add that mitt’s tax returns are EXACTLY what matters to me. It is the essence of this whole election…… tax fairness. Or, in the case of mitt, tax UNfairness. It lies at the heart of everything that has been wrong about republican politics since 1981. It is the motivation behind the tea bagger movement. It was w. bush’s tax breaks for the already wealthy, in concert with two unfunded military enterprises that have left the government with a black hole of debt. His tax returns are PRECISELY what this campaign is and should be about. In fact I could care less about mitt’s “other” programs, regardless of what they might actually be. I want to see his tax returns. Nothing else matters until he shows us his tax returns. mitt’s plans for Medicare or the Pentagon or food stamps or restructuring Social Security or whether or not mitt prefer white pine over Douglas fir for the White House Christmas tree count for exactly nothing until HE SHOWS US HIS TAX RETURNS.

    • ClydeMcWhorter

      If Mit Romney Does Not Show His “Income” Tax Returns .He Will Not Win, IF He Does Show His “Income” Tax Returns He Can Not Win. Poor Little Rich Boy. Bastard.

  • Romney is a confirmed Cheater who never paid taxes for 10 years,.That is how he became a billionaire and very ririch. His money is hiding in many countries without taxes paid.

    We do not want a unreliable President If Romney is running. I will not vote Romney because he is a snake and talks both ways. Cannnot trust Romney. Not sure how he can expect votes for a man we do not trust and who has not paid taxes for 10 years. Dont want to see Romney. Obama will win 2012.

  • no one will trust Romney. Obama is 2012 wiinner for President.

  • Romney’s Campaign dude just kicked Obama’s Campaign dude in the nads ..Great response to an inane request . Is that all the Obama Campaign has ? Lies and distrations ? Why don’t they Campaign on Obama’s record or debate the issues as Romney and Ryan have ? It’s clear the Romney and Ryan want the Campaign to be about the adult issues that Americans care about .. Such as the Obama economy , , Outsourcing jobs using our tax dollars , his Crony Capitalism to reward his donors with our tax dollars , his lack of creating jobs , the unsustainable Obama deficit , Etc etc . Romney and Ryan have proven they want to talk about these issues . Like ObamaTAX raiding and ruining Medicare , that America hates the ObamaTAX take over and Socialization of Healthcare . Why is it that all the Obama campaign has is Romneys taxes and spreading lies ?

    • ClydeMcWhorter

      you are still a dummy.

  • It is simple if you believe Mitt Romney is a liar, a cheat, a voter supressionist, against freedom for women, an anti middle classist, an anti abortionist, will decrease taxes on the rich, increase taxes on the middle class and change medicare so the elderly has to pay more to support his buddies in the insurance industry — Don’t vote for him or any other republican.

  • ace

    The head of the IRS is one of Obamas partner in his crime spree and don’t you think for one minute he would not all ready know if it was a lie ,but The Democrats know their core are too dence to figure it out it is all another Obamas lies .

    • karinursula

      So I guess that the President also had the FBI in his pocket. Because all these
      people get vetted.

    • ExPAVIC


      If you want lies look to the American Taliban Republican no truth at all guys.

      In 1992 Mittens claims Massachusetts residency and it turn out he LIED and can’t run for governor that election.

      Now let’s see what he comes up with to cover his tax paying lies.

  • The problem with the tunnel vision on display by the progressive left is it keeps the rest of us from having a meaningful discussion on the problems that face the country. You could take all of Romney’s money and it would not begin to fund the out of control spending of the past twelve years. Everyone blaming everyone else but bottom line…. 15 trillion dollar deficit. The deficit, economy, jobs etc… that is what needs to be in the headlines, not if the 3.6 million dollars in tax paid by Romney in 2010 is enough.

  • ClydeMcWhorter

    Romney is A Liar and a Cheat. Has no common since, He lied about his taxes when he said he was a resident of Mass. and was running for governor. You can only judge someone’s charactor by their past actions. Mit Romney is a liar and Flip-Flops on everything he says. He says what ever group he is in front of what he thinks they want to hear. No Class C**k S**ker. Ryan Paul says he believes in the phylosiphy of A Russian Atheist. And that is why he wanted to work for the government. He and Romney are both greedy Bastards.

    Mit Romney Is A Mexican Citizen! His daddy was born In Mexico, Under Mexican Law That makes Mit Romney A MeXican Citizen. Mit Romney Has Never Denounced His Mexican Citizenship.

    • ExPAVIC


      Ryan spends his time in congress bad-mouthing Recovery Funds, then goes back to his office and applies for $ millions in Recovery Funds for his Wisconsin residents.

      The American Taliban Republicans think we are all stupid and that angers me more than anything.

  • You didn’t really think Mr. Romney and crew would deign to answer anything the President would request, did you? After all, look who Mr. Romney IS. He’s big. Apparently he’s above us lowly everyday taxpayers. Just let even the IRS ask us about our tax returns and see how quick we have to jump. The Republicans have fought nearly everything that the President presented…yes, they fought him in such a way that it is beyond embarrassment.
    So busy fighting him that they forgot to do anything else until it came time to start building their campaign to oust him. I will never understand such jealousy and covetousness. The tears they have shed for TV weren’t tears of compassion, they were tears of rage and gnashing of teeth. I am 86 years of age and my parents were republicans, but they would never have tolerated such behavior. Something is all out of line, here.


  • Paul Cindy now which one is it 13% or 14% some body is lying.

  • Well for me i don’t get food stamps i work and i am a disable vet. Not all Blacks get food stamps now how many do you get.

    • ExPAVIC

      Wayne, Wayne, Wayne

      Now what does that have to do with the issue in question?

  • Only people with dubious character could refuse to declare their tax returns. America is not ready for such a president who could not abide by the rules. Who knows whether if he (MIT ROMNEY)becomes the president he will syphone American money to his offshore accounts and outsource all American jobs to India and China? We should realize that every business man is egocentric (selfish) while every honest politician (like Obama) renders a selfless service to the nation. There is no patriotism in dodging taxes, in having offshore accounts, and in outsourcing American jobs to overseas. Mit Romney is not devoid of the three, yet wants to rule America by all means. Hope nobody wants America to be like Italy under the leadership of Belusconi – that’s the price for having a millionaire as president. We cannot afford that!



    So in 1992 RoMoney produces his tax forms and they show he WAS NOT a Massachusetts resident for the years he had claimed and was NOT eligible to run for Governor. He LIED and said he was (kind of reminds us of Bush and his WMDs).

    So now he claims to have paid taxes, but won’t show his tax forms.

    Come on American Taliban Republicans just how dumb do you think the people are? And, you want this clown to run the country?

    Make Mittens swear on a stack of The Book of Mormon about his tax payments, or don’t Mormons feel they have to engage in such commoner practices.

  • bobdenver

    This is not a racial expression, but Obama is guilty of the “pot calling the kettle black”. Our President wants Romney to provide more tax returns, yet Obama won’t even provide his own history, let alone his Birth Certificate. (The one provided by the state of Hawaii was proven to be a doctored Birth Certificate.) Seldom are positive facts hidden behind a sealed court order, which begs the question of “What is Obama hiding?” Whatever it is, it must be VERY negative to cost him so much money to keep it sealed. The demands for more tax returns are only a diversion as Obama has a terrible record to run on, so the Dems are trying to force the public to think Romney is bad and to ignore Obama’s terrible performance in office. I’ve been a Dem for over 40 years so don’t go thinking I’m a Republican. It’s sad to say that the Democratic Party I joined has been taken over by Socialists.

  • Also, there is the fact that Romney is running to be our next President!!!!!
    I think that means he should be a little more transparent!!!!
    Do I want my President to care so little about the American people as to avoid paying his taxes?
    Hiding money in Foreign countries, how American is that?

  • dose not the anti-christ understand that his childish ways of not showing his taxes is something that could very well have himseld shed in a bright light ? if he did even less then half of what his dear o,l dad did then that would be a door that the ppl of this country prob. might close . unless he has something big to hide . i pick the latta . i call him the anti-christ for good reason . the way he dose thing and not careing about getting the money to be a greedy bastard. see he even has his wife brain washed to saying what ever he says . and she dosent even stand up to help her gender being a female and not saying or trying to stand up and help the women of the country . hmmmmmm well maybe she isnt a female well thats a text for another time . what she is . is a follower of a anti-christ . thats for sure

  • Ed

    The Romney’s abhore the idea that “You People” should be inquiring into their private lives. And finances.

  • I doubt Romney is going to care for people whom live on “fixed” incomes, if he does become
    President. That is why I am going to vote for Obama,again for President. Because he really
    cares for people who are going through hard times.

  • The Romney campaign, which has consistently ducked questions on Romney’s tax returns, quickly refused the offer and dismissed it as a distraction from the real issues.//// anti-christ romney your ur on distraction you hide every thing . even when it comes to what you will do for the country . you seem to always say that you will do thing better . but when asked how you would . you always come up with the anwser (WELL I,D LOOK INTO THAT AND TALK TO THE PPL WORKING WITH ME AND COME UP WITH THE ANWSER . ( BUT ONLY IF YOU LET ME IN THE HOUSE ) THEN I CAN MAKE THINGS BETTER LIKE I SAID I WILL . BETTER FOR YOU AND UR GREEDY BASTARD FREINDS . THEN YOU WILL GIVE UR GOP DING DONG FREINDS AND THE 2% RICH UR ACCOUNT NUMBER TO ALL UR OFF SHORE ACCOUNTS AND TELL THEM THE MORE YOU PUT IN MY ASCCOUNTS THE MORE ILL GIVE BACK TO YOU IF I GET IN THE HOUSE


  • Reid’s claim, allegedly born out of a conversation with an unnamed Bain Capital investor, was roundly criticized on both sides of the aisle. Still, /// this guy should name him self are you kidding me if he did come out and say who he is he would be a hero of the country . well at least 90% of the country

  • Speaking on CNN earlier today, Obama for America Traveling Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Romney should “put your money where your mouth is,” and prove that he has not, in fact, paid less than 13 percent the past ten years/// but he wont for putting his money where his mouth is would mean he,d have to get all his off shore acouts to do that and where his lieing mouth is realy is when he pulls down his pants and bends over that the time he talk out his mouth his mouth his butt one in the same

  • there are no indications that Romney will do so. Making a concession this late in the game could be perceived as a sign of weakness./// weakness naaaaaaaaaaaaa just show hes a lieing evil anti-christ

  • This is one issue on which Romney will certainly do his best to offer a semblance of consistency, meaning that we likely won’t see his tax returns any time soon.//// closer to NEVER

  • bobdenver

    Apparently this is an Obama web site as most of you believe what you are told to believe and can’t be bothered to use common reasoning or check out your facts from an independent source. If Romney failed to pay taxes for past ten years as Harry Reid claims, don’t you think the IRS would be jumping on him? How does Geitner, and many others, fail to report their taxes, yet I don’t hear you complaining about that. Look at the head of GE that protected all of GE’s profits in offshore accounts. He was appointed by Obama to get jobs for Americans. So what is he doing? He’s sending a division of GE to China and will use Chinese employees mostly. BTW…He was a big donator to Obama’s last campaign.

    Wasn’t it Obama that promised that his would be the most transparent administration in American history? The only thing transparent about it is the lack of transparency. I might add that he actually IS our current President. If transparency is so important to you then why is it a one-way street? Do you not know that Obama paid a reported million dollars to have his and Michelle’s college data sealed in a court order? Yes, his Birth Certificate is included also. Do you realize that the court sealed these when Obama was still a junior Senator? I doubt that Community Organizers made much money, so where did all the spare cash come from? Perhaps his good buddy, the American Terrorist, Bill Ayers provided it. If you recall, Ayers home was used for Obama’s first campaign rally. The argument that “No other person running for President has ever had to show their Birth Certificate, so why should Obama?” is an empty one. Nobody running for President has ever directly HIDDEN theirs, which should make you ask Why? There are far more questions regarding Obama that are conveniently being ignored. Open your mind and find out real details instead of becoming a tape recorder that can only do play-back.

  • sessums

    He was known as Barry Soetoro (I misspelled it before) and then he for he came back to be Barack Obama. His friends at Occidental College called him Barry Obama, according to them…he also sealed his records there. I got the name from his own book in which he says he went by that name for a while. I voted for him four years ago because he promised to be an open book and I just want him to demonstate that.

  • That still does not compare to the average working American who pay’s an average of 20.6 he is still below us on a big average .He obviously does have alot to hide if he will not show and tell like the rest .I should not to have to pay more on a less average than them it is not lagical when everyone is working the money goes up to them but they want theirs off the top screwing our Federal Gov. and then us .Now here we sit waiting and going broker .If we need a small tax hike that we have not had in about fourty years then so be it BUT ALL PAY not just the little people that actually did put this nation together physicaly and dib in’s.The governor of Florida made big promises too but he has done very little to improve Florida in fact Disney World is way off in an extream low we need industry in Florida not buildings we can only hold so much now we have Aligators in our front yard looking for a home .God Bless My Poor Dog Johnny T.

  • nicholauss

    ACE, best answer I’ve heard.

  • Otto Stuber

    Why is the IRS not worried?

  • adler56

    This will be his Waterloo. there are a lot of stupid americans who might vote for him- not knowing any better since they don’t read and his opponent is black- BUT many of those people hate thieves and liars- that would be williard. He can go back to driving his dog around the country on the roof of his car and spending more in teaching a horse to dance than the majority of Americans earn in a year- supposedly as therapy for his stepford wife- I believe that is just more Republican BS.

  • Matt Rhoades, Mitt’s campaign manager, knows the truth. Romney needs to cough up the tax returns. For every man who has run for presidential office, including Hillary Clinton, releasing tax returns is THE key to transparency. What makes Romney so special?

  • greghilbert

    I want to see 10 years of Romney’s tax returns because they will reveal all the scams, loopholes, shelters, and welfare-for-the-rich schemes wealthy people use to pay far lower rates of taxes than the overwhelming majority of the people with low and modest incomes they predate.

    I think Romney warrants condemnation just on the basis of his own claim to have paid at least 13% every year for 10 years. That’s surely on his adjusted gross, likely meaning he paid only 5% to 10% on his gross. But lets just say he paid 15% of his adjusted on average. He has accumulated $250 million, he’s telling the majority of America workers that he pays lower tax rates than they do, on millions in annual income, and that he demands legislation to reduce what he and other wealthy pay even further. “Yes, I’m wealthy and I’m happy. Please give me your knives in November so I can slit your throats in 2013! –MR”.

  • bigspender7

    Romney’s unreasoned response to this offer more or less confirms what many people suspect. He won’t release tax returns because he KNOWS that his campaign for the white house will end the next day. Shame on you Mitt Romney.

  • All of this could have been avoided if he submit more tax return than he did. What is he hiding? And now his campaign say it is too late to late in the game to release them citing “Making a concession this late in the game could be perceived as a sign of weakness. This is one issue on which Romney will certainly do his best to offer a semblance of consistency, meaning that we likely won’t see his tax returns any time soon. So again what does he has to hide?

  • Gammaanya

    HONEST MAN HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE, NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE, DEM<REP. Both man are in a fight for the highest job (R/R) and we put our lives, money and existence in their hands (so does the world) Do you think I will let a fox in my hen house??It’s like the wolf eating your grandmother. Both are liars, none of them focusining on issues but busy bashing Obama (I haven’t heard anythig from Obama about R/R except that what they offer is Bush economic plan that almost bankrupt us. I did not hear Obama saying to Romney take your hate, your money and your donors to Utah and stay there. He have more class than these 2 put together. By the way, when you sell your house you do pay sales tax to the state.
    If some of you think that to made 20M and pay 14% tax is fair and you pay 15-30% on your measly 20K-50K please do you math and if you like that – VOTE for RailRoad. Starting in 2013 you will pay your taxes and the rich – they will make their no taxes permanent and ride on the backs of very poor. Have fun begging on the streets.
    Paul Cindy- you did his taxes???? You have NO IDEA what is involved and why the rich pay none or very little.
    Name 1 Dem that did not pay tax – just One. Even Obama paid 20% on his less than 1M.
    Now Romney claims that he gave 10% of his income to Mormon Charity – do you know how charity ded. work??? Did you know that he ia a bishop at his church??? Do you know what the Mormon church invest money in (as a charitable org. you should be non profit – depends how is set up)
    You wanted be rich – set up Nonprofit Org. Gingrich did and got rich and bankrupted couple of them while at the same time run all the way to the bank – TAX FREE.
    Research Tittle 11 CHapter 7. Research how Romney Bankrupted 9 co in 8 yrs and pay no TAXES.
    Same formula Title 11 CHapter 7. He will never show his taxes – nor RP. Too much to hide and too muchg exposure to their cheating. I rest my case.

  • Now, why wouldn’t such a whiz at making money want to show us how it’s done? Methinks something is rotten in Denmark, Utah, Massachusetts, the Caymans or wherever Romney is hiding his money.
    Show us your taxes or we’ll show you the door. Go back where you got your start, El Salvador.

  • I would suggest that the reason Romney won’t release his tax returns is because he feels shame or guilt by how little tax he paid. But then I remember his actions while at Bain Capital and realize that Romney does not have the ability to feel either shame or guilt!!!

  • The Rmoney campaign’s refusal to accept this offer is actually a “no-brainer” decision for Mittens’ campaign manager. Why? Because, even if they accepted it and the Obama campaign kept their word, their deal would not cover the media and We The People of the United States. I’m going to do something that I rarely do: I’m going to give a GOP politician credit for doing something correctly . They were smart enough to figure out that We The People and the media would continue to ask questions. If they (Mittens’ campaign) had accepted this deal, I’d have had NO respect for them whatsoever as the Obama campaign outsmarted them once again. That’s not saying much in the first place, because I have very little respect for them ROFLMAO

  • You don’t need a Carfax, believe me this car has never been in a wreck. Same tactic as Mitt the Twit is using. He would make a great used car salesman. However, I wouldn’t buy a used dog from him. And I certainly would never vote for a man who thinks we all are idiotic enough to trust him.

  • ridemybroom

    @ rudy hunter… got it right…!…if he shows now he will lose it all !

  • Junebug78

    It’s not important that we see Romney’s Tax Return. If he broke the law the IRS will look at his return and take action. Why would anyone care what tax bracket he is able to pay tax in? As long as it meets the law. I know if I made any money, I would only pay what I was required to pay by law and not a cent more. Every tax payer does the same! The Obama Administration gives away and waste so much of our Tax Money that we should not pay a cent more than required if any at all.
    The Federal Government is too large and waste too much of our hard earned money!
    We should be talking about a way to curb their spending instead of someone’s Tax Bracket!

  • judywierick

    Lets make an exchange – tax returns for all school sealed records of Obama – bet that won’t happen as he is trying to hide something – behaps the fact that he was listed as a foriegn exchange student?

  • If the reason Romney should release his tax returns is transparency, then shouldn’t Obama release his college transcrpits and release to congress the 120,000 documents they have requested to try to get to the bottom of the Fast and Furiou mess, so the Brian Terry’s family can, at least, get some truth?

  • Go ahead Mr. Romney Keep your tax papers… Just one more reason I DON”T TRUST YOU!

  • Someone please bribe and IRS agent to get us copies of pander’s returns.

    That agent will be performing a patriotic service.

  • I’ve continually maintained Romney’s a phony baloney; he obviously can’t release what probably doesn’t exist or exists only minimally. His refusal to release his tax returns is an issue, especially an issue about his true dedication to this nation and his willingness to support its protections he receives by paying his fair share of taxes for the privilege of being a citizen. If he’s shipped earned income and taxable income to foreign shelters he’s not worthy of being president. He’ll betray the whole country at any time to protect his self-interests, apparently.

  • Like I have believed all along, America, he is showing us all…The type of character he is!
    Ruthless and unashamed…as long as he is wealthy, nothing else matters!
    His kind of shanty belief is not what belongs in the Nations White House!

    Romney lives by “Cash” over dignity….Unscrupulous, right before “American Eyes”…
    The man cannot come clean…he knows what real American’s will think of his business dealings and practices!
    There can’t be any other reason………..

  • Someone characterized Romney as the most secretive candidate since Nixon. And do we really want another Watergate? Another Agnew? Another end the war strategy that actually extends the war? If Romney won’t talk, we have to assume, like Nixon, he’s hiding something illegal or illicit.

  • PGA

    How can Mitt be the leader of one country and have his money in another country? That doesn’t make any sense.

  • nomaster

    It’s no wonder, Willard the Rat man hasn’t come clean since he ran for office in Massachusetts, why would he change now. Only one way to prove it it.

  • kate0057

    mitt romney should run for president in a foreign country since he has money invested in them, thats the reason the us economy is failing now because to many elected officials are using tax dollars to become wealthy and the americian public won’t do anything to stop them. forget about tolerance; why do americans tolerate candidates regardless, of what their running for. mitt romney doesn’t have to run for president in america, get him of the ballot if we don’t want a candidate we don’t have to have him/her. republicians are trying to make every american fight wars and are hell bent on building an army for their protection , wars cost billions of dollars per day. and all these politicians do is make a big deal of every program in this country like its so horrible, but spend billions in other countries, that is the americian publics fact also they vote them in. how many times do you need to be back-stabbed by these lying politicians before you learn. joblessness did not begin with pres. obama’s administration, impoverishment has been increasing in every administration, these ads annoy me suggesting that all these problems just begin, that is a major problem in this country stop being so racist, it doesn’t help you in the end–its just stupidity and those politicians can use it everytime. what jobs is romney proposing to create and how is he planning to turn the economy around, i have not heard any of these proposals because romney did not make any. now that they know that bashing social welfare, abortion and birth control is not a program most americians want to hear. but if you listen closely you can hear the intentions of the republicians, build an army, end birth control and abortion, force women to have children and place them in orphanges and homes the republicians choose to be raised by our ethics, and the americianpeople will be stupid enough to let it go over until its to late. if romney doesn’t want to play by the rules now romney never will. social welfare is not making anyone wealthy, and republicians are always the only ones complaining about it, because thats how they can get whites to keep race hatred strong. why end programs that even white americians will need and many use now, there are more whites on welfare than blacks. so you can shut up blacks get a lot less from the govt than whites do, and we are not making white people wealthy any more no matter what they try.