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Monday, October 24, 2016

It’s that long-anticipated season for college seniors and their families.

Having completed four — or five or six — years of studies, students will don caps and gowns, march into an assembly and listen to a speaker exhort them to go forth and change the world. Then, having received that magical document, they will proceed to confront the mountain of debt they have amassed.

Some grads are luckier, of course. They were born to affluent families who can easily afford the cost of a college degree, even at the nation’s pricier institutions.

Most graduates, however, didn’t draw the lucky numbers in the birth lottery. Even if their parents were hardworking and thrifty members of the middle class, they probably couldn’t sock away enough to cover the ever-escalating cost of a college diploma. That’s doubly true if there are three or four kids to send.

According to a lengthy recent report in The New York Times, 94 percent of students who earn a bachelor’s degree borrow money to pursue higher education. That’s up from 45 percent in 1993, the Times said.

The money now owed from college loans — more than a trillion dollars, by most estimates — has rekindled intertwining debates over the reasons for skyrocketing college costs and whether the diploma is worth its prodigious price tag. The first question, one I’ve asked many college presidents over the years, is worth serious study — perhaps research by a budding young economist with her eye on the Nobel Prize.

However, the second question has already been answered many, many times: A college degree is worthwhile not only for its individual recipient but also for his or her community. The only real mystery is this: Why do so many politicians seem unaware of that?

  • SaneJane

    Education should be free.

  • It is tragic that there is very little opportunity for jobs in this country.

    However, there is the situation similar to that in many countries. There are often too many college graduates that are capable of being absorbed by the economy. This is true of many countries like Egypt and the Phillipines.

    Going to college is nice but are the jobs available for college graduates? Or have we gotten to the stage where it is becoming necessary to have a college degree?

    • William Deutschlander

      With ALL of the AUTOMATION, EVERYTHING COMPUTER CONTROLLED, 90% of the employment opportunities today and tomorrow will require either a 2 year technical certificate, a 2 year Associate Degree, a 4 year degree, multiple degrees or a masters degree.
      One year of this required education is now averaging approximately $25,000.00.
      Do we as a nation aspire to be a leader or a second rate follower, EDUCATION is a MUST!

    • Can I ask Jim…Do you have a college degree?

  • William Deutschlander

    They see nothing wrong with bending the rules and gaming the system, as long as they profit handsomely. They contribute NOTHING to SOCIETY and ONLY TAKE from the ECONOMY. They are basicaly PARASITES!
    They expouse CHRISTIANITY but but BID SATANS HAND!

    • joediluzio

      Why not !!!! We can do nothing to stop the WEALTHY !!! They have been F__KING over the “Middle Class” and “Under-privildged …for the Past 50 years !! Always have …Always will!!

      • Leona Helmsey knew that…”no taxes” how about getting some money from the VVatican?? let them feed the poor and pay for babies born? the richest people on
        the planet with money and art.Medici needed $$$ so they started having people
        give money to the pope to absolve sins?

        • MikeCassidyAHS

          old coco;
          You sound like an anti Papist to me

          • CPANY

            Old Coco sounds like a jerk to me.

        • What?

        • CPANY

          How about getting some money from the other American religions, such as the Jews and Muslims? Both groups have plenty of money. Let them share their wealth.

      • Joe

        These greedy GOPers want a Monopoly on EV’RYTHING ! Money, Education, Politics. They are Hell’s Satanic Disciples on Earth. The sooner we vote them out of office, the Better for Mankind !

    • once a bully always a bully? and he does not remember….we do not need another president
      Nixon who did not remember? Reagon also forgot?

      • CPANY

        Old Coco:

        Forgot what? Your comments make no sense.

    • CPANY

      Mr. Deutschlander:

      You imply that the rich hypocrites are all Christians. Are you a Christian? Your strange name tells me that you are not.

      What is your religion?

  • kenshade

    What’s a shame is that brats like Romney get all this education, tell my kids to borrow the funding from me and then he probably can’t even replace a spark plug in a lawn mower. Does this idiot not realize that if I could lend my kids the money to go to college, I could also pay for college for them. One thing Romney doesn’t know is what it’s like to want and or need something, not have it and can’t get it because to do so requires more funds than we have available to us.

  • I’m work with for a major airline that recently filed for bankruptcy. My life lessons since the filing: 1) I am not guaranteed a job/future with any one company. 2) Downsize my lifestyle so that it can be supported by a minimum wage job. 3) Pay off mortgage immediately or rent. 4) Get rid of all credit cards. 5) Buy only local or gently used items. 6) In other words….quit making money in order to spend money.

    Doesn’t sound like the economy is going to turn around very quickly if the rest of America starts thinking the same way! I thought the economy was driven by our spending?
    I’m done buying into politician’s idea of the American Dream…time to start living our lives the way we want to…..Corporate America probably won’t like this!

    FYI: (I have a Masters Degree!)

    • EdC

      The question Robin is, did they really HAVE to file for Bankruptcy, or was it so that they could brake contract with senior employees, and hire new ones at half the rate. I’ll bet none of the corporate administration took a cut in wages, but the working stiffs had to take it out of their own hide to give thesse b—— their new Mercadies. the corporate structure of today is just another lead block on the camels back. Wheather it’s civilian or local government, the boss KNOWS its his ENTITLEMENT to make 400% of what his employees make. The beloved Meg Whitman did and likely still does, writes herself a million dollar every month. The ex-President of the Los Angeles School System pulled $330,000 a year, yet Fourty thousand dollar a year teachers were laid off right and left. You are right the economy is based on what you and I buy, and if we don’t have any money we don’t buy, but the Republican leadership wants us to go broke, they would destroy the economy and the country rather than give regular people a fair brake. We aren’t the RIGHT PEOPLE

  • dardyl

    Somewhere out there is a person who sees YOU as rich because he has so much less than you. He thinks you should share your resources with him like you think the wealthy should share theirs with you. Will you give him just $5000 a year to help him because he is not as fortunate as you are? Where do you get off thinking you are entitled to someone else’s money or goods or anything else? If the wealth of the top 1% was taken in its entirety, it would be a drop in the bucket in the big picture of America’s economy. I grew up poor. When I wanted to go to college, I worked three jobs and still ran out of money. I stopped after two years and worked full time and saved enough money to finish. It did not hurt me but made me a stronger person. I am not wealthy now, but I don’t believe I am entitled to any wealth that belongs to someone else! I am proud of what is mine because I worked and sacrificed for it—I did it! I didn’t have a car, a phone, new clothes, an apartment of my own at school—I lived in a dorm. It can be done without going to someone with your hand out. The story goes: A girl came home from college and told her dad she felt that there should be a redistribution of wealth. Everyone would be equal, and it would be the fair thing to do. Her father argued with her that it was socialism and he was against it. The argument raged for an hour, so to change the subject, her father asked about her best friend. Oh dad, she said, she parties every night, doesn’t go to class, and is failing, but she is the most popular girl around. The father said, why don’t you go to the dean and tell him you would be willing to give her one point off your A’s . That would lower your grades to a B, but raise hers from a D to a C. That way you both would pass. The daughter said NO WAY. I worked hard for my grades and did what I was supposed to. I’m not giving them away. The dad said and I don’t want to share my wealth that I have worked for.

  • Ed

    The WW 2 G.I. Bill built the middle class! All economists agree.

    • The middle class going to college after WW2 create3d the best America with educated people creating new jobs and better schools. In the 1960’s California had free education and people moved there for college….Today Berlin, Germany has 10,000 Americans going to graduate school and they will permanently live where they work…schools free.

    • economists all agreed that Bill Clinton would be good for the economy…no debt..etc
      months ago even Barbra Bush said she did not see any good Republicans running .

  • dardyl

    William Deutschlander, the priviliged like Romney, believe they are ENTITLED? What is all this raving about the wealthy sharing their money and griping about how much the education costs. People believe they are ENTITLED to resources that aren’t theirs. What’s the difference? Those getting an education chose it as a way to better themselves. They will be better for it. $ 25,000 is like paying off a car and it can be done with a good job, easily. Then, the person can give some of his salary to the less fortunate if he wants, but he is not forced to. It’s his choice. If he doesn’t then the next person can do it himself. I can’t believe anyone with pride would take from someone else what isn’t theirs. Where is the character? So we struggle. That doesn’t hurt us, but taking what isn’t ours does. Changing a spark plug in a mower is important how? There are plenty of poor people who don’t know how to do that. Work to change the rules and change the fees, etc., but get off the wealthy. They are a drop in the bucket and all their money would make very little difference in the big picture. A poor man has NEVER offered me a job.

  • Gammaanya

    Educated voter is dangerous voter and think for him/herself. Dumbed down voter is easy to manipulate, fed BS and will dream of being with the 1%. We have 1% of the most wealthy manipulating 45% the wanna be 1% bootlickers and 25% freeloaders and 29% with common sense fighting to stay a live. Obama is right, we are going down with educations that as technology if so far advanced that higher level of education is/will be necessary. You can’t take a hamburger flipper from McDonald to be airplane mechanic. We have people /children witha dream to achieve and make something better than some and the funds should be available, We do pay taxes for education not for wars. So if Romoney becomes Potus he will cut spending on education but will increase a military ?? What for?? Another war with Iran Now?? Iran never invaded any country, was invaded by Iraq and US in the past. So they are cooking another war and your children will fight some more for their money, oil and poppy seeds and Israel??? Money buys politicians. Money buys influence and it’s all about money, more money for them and none for you. Lucky if you get a free h/c sandwich if you R in Wisconsin. See how cheap your vote is for them to benefits them and none of you?? Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, NJ, Florida all voted for their own destruction and some still will vote again the same way. Why – I have no ansewr exept one. Stupid, gullible and let the fear take over common sense. Fear of what?? I do not know. All you have to fear is fear itself. Faux News is owned by Clear Channel Communication and Bain Capital is the owner. They own Rushies, Beckies, Hannity etc. When Palin needs money she will come and spew her venom endorse few more oxymoron and run all the way to the bank, while you are standing there weaving american flag cheering on and still poor or getting there. Atta American. Shame. Common sense is dying slow painful dead. Some people have more money than common sense.

  • Thank you for your suporting and cogratuation for you nominate.
    I need your assitance in Taiwan Post Office of exam.

  • Ayaya Worenwu

    Why people donate money for Cayman Island multi-millionaire like Romney? He already has too much money.

  • ayse007

    I go along with the connection that a well educated work force can help the economy in this day and age. However, I don’t think suggesting someone go to a college they can afford is bad advice, and it certainly doesn’t say education isn’t important. Maybe it is time for people to quit worshiping ivy league schools and paying their horrific fees. It is possible to get a fine education from a local school.
    As things stand, the government’s not responsible to pay for everyone’s higher education, as nice as that may sound. So to answer the writer’s question, that may be the reason people don’t clamor for the government to do something about skyrocketing university fees. Do we consider our government to be our nanny? Do we want a government that oversees every part of our society?
    Another point is not everyone should go to college. Frankly, a university degree today isn’t what it once was.
    Yes, we need skilled members of society; people skilled in all sorts of things not just college knowledge. And yes, our school systems do need up-dating. But what is the point if the youth are not motivated to be better educated unless they receive it on a silver platter? And I am not just talking about kids from wealthy families. Whose fault is that? You can force a person to the well, but you can’t make him drink.
    As for the GI bill, it was a great thing, but to have the privileges of it, you had to have been in uniform ! Increasing the military today just to get a GI bill seems contrary to reducing our military might. Or are you suggesting hand-out for someone breathing on our soil?

    • Do you have children ??? I feel most would try to go to schools they could afford, if there were any !!! The cost of a College education is HIGH , no matter what school it is ! My children do not expect the Government to pay for their education ! All my children want is an educations from a hometown school !!! They are trying to pay for their education and living on minimum wage or a little above …. Wages have NOT kept up with the cost of living except for people like Romney and CEO’s …. No matter what college these kids go to , they will have high student loans to pay off !!! THESE KIDS ARE MOTIVATED ! ! ! And some people are not capable of going to College intellectually ,but they are smart in other ways and have a RIGHT to receive a Living Wage in any job that they work HARD at !!! Also, the GI bill is worth it !!!!!! These people are fighting for US !! ! Tell the Republicans to stop starting wars, and we would not need the GI bill so much ! ! !

  • ayse007

    by the way, to answer a comment, 12 years of education are free!

  • Ingrid69

    We rank number 25 in education among industrialized countries. Shame! I agree that education should be free as it is in Germany; students do pay for fees though, still, no one leaves with huge debts. There is also much more pride in learning a trade. Not everyone should attend a college but rather learn a trade that allows them to enter the job market. Universities in the US are run in many ways like corporations. Obviously that is part of the reason why so many foreign students are welcomed with open arms as they pay such high tuitions.–The Constitution was written of the people, by the people , and for the people. Seems to me that the Republicans are totally ignoring this fact. I am always puzzled why they call themselves “conservatives.” What is conservative about catering to the more wealthy citizens? I am equally puzzled about their manipulation of Christianity. Christ would clearly reject Congressman Ryan’s budget and their attacks on the middle class, poor and disadvantaged people, and adulation of the very rich. I suppose we are back to the time of the robber barons. A shame that so many people will listen only to Fox News instead of educating themselves by listening and reading to a varity of news sources.
    [email protected]

  • ChristoD

    The whole noton of the use of the word ‘entitlement’ is the extreme right wings version of name recognition = demonization. They label government programs as ‘entitlements’ as being equal to ‘freebees’ or ‘hand-outs’. So here we go,’entitlements’ to them includes Social Security and Medicare. Since when are programs that are paid for by the recipients hand outs ? In the free market system they are called ‘premiums’ in the insurance industry and ‘payments’ in most others. So WTF is the right including them in their list of entitlements ? And why hasn’t the media called them out CONSISTANTLY ? Quite simply they are trying to demonize EVERYTHING that is government managed, EVERYTHING. Next they will say that their arling of darlings, the Military is an ‘entitlement’ program. Am I unhappy with Medicare and Social Security as a recipient for 7 years as a retiree ? Hell no, they are GREAT and IPAID for them ! SO FO right wing idiots.

    As fpor Mitt the Twit, when will EVERYONE realize tat this guy is the ultimate fraud who will say or do whatever he has to to become President. He is the consumate phony who is pushing a proven FAILED ECONOMIC program to replace the so called failed Obama program. Tricledow economics DOESN’T work the way they claim it does and removing regulatory agencies does nothing but encourage folks to beat the system.

    Wake up America, the right is taking us down the path to Robber Barrons reincarnate.

  • patuxant

    Yes, ENTITLEMENT,,,just as Ann said, “It is our turn”…in the WHite House. Some people in this country are so insensed by the fact that a Black man is in the WHite House, it sends chills up their nervous and fearful spines. Am sick of hearing about all of this bigotry and hatred for our President. Some of the TP people are coming unglued in their quest to have him as a one term president. I am fearful of that result…are our fellow countrymen too ignorant to see the writing on the wall? These rightists radicals will kill our economy and this country. Greed and self service is the devil behind all of this. Am sick of looking at Romney’s face and hearing his BS AND DOUBLE TALK. WHAT A FRIGGIN PHONEY! Anyone with one ounce of intuition should be able to detect it in his voice and laugh…

  • ChowT

    Romney is a Nut!

  • dardyl

    The leftists are in power now and the economy is in the toilet. I am sick of looking at Obama’s face and listening to the same promises he espoused during the last election and he didn’t keep. I have racially mixed grandchildren and I couldn’t care less if Obama was polka dot as long as he is a man of his word. The Republicans can hardly be killing the economy and the country as long as the President has all the power. He has it and has put it to very poor use. (for instance the Pipeline) He has done so much to destroy our economy it makes me weep. (sending Geitner to China to promote the yuan and devalue the dollar) and I could go on. Anyone should be able to detect THROUGH HIS ACTIONS that he doesn’t have our best interest at heart.

    • EdC

      It would be nice if you were even half way right, It what parallel universe do you believe Obama has all the power, to bad it isn’t true. We wouldn’t still be giving Haliburton money hand over fist for the wars in the middle east, the school budgets would not be cut, as would not the fire and police budgets, Road construction would be fixing the potholes that you beloved Reagan cut the spending for decades ago, and your Republican friends have blocked any effort to refund it. Two wars and massive tax givaways to oil companies and pharmacutical and insuance companies is what has broken the economy and agin your Republican frieds are blocking any measure t get some of that money back into an econmoy that benefits the rest of us. So as I have said in many posts before Themonkey said to the buzzard, your story is touching, but Obama doing nothing is a lie, and you Republicans should Straighten up and fly right.

      • dardyl

        The Congress has been controlled by the Dems for three of the four of Obama’s administration and he has the veto. That is all the power to me. The Dems could have done so much to cut spending and get the pipeline etc. But, they didn’t do it in this universe or a parallel one. They have their blame to bear.

  • noelle99

    You hold him down, I’ll slap him a few times and cut his hair off.

  • The G I Bill for our vets to go to college was pretty great and yet the critics have the nerve to call it WELFARE. How dare they. And they dont recognize the need for kids to be able to go to college yes romney was born with a silver spoon in that disgusting sewer he calls his mouth him and his repubnut butbuddies are so out of touch with the real people in the real world. And anybody who votes for rumney and the others should have their heads examined. Obama/Biden 2012.

  • DEMOCRACY WITHOUT EDUCATION will inexorably degenerate into the mindless herding of sheep. EDUCATION WITHOUT DEMOCRACY will inexorably lead to violent revolution, as the educated mind and soul can never escape from the mandates of his own creative imagination. The reason that we have a DE FACTO shutdown of education is that IT IS UNDERSTOOD THAT WE NO LONGER LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY, AND THAT EDUCATION IS A THREAT TO THE PREVAILING ORDER.

  • Pat Brown

    The GOP also promotes suspicion of educated people, calling them elitist and invariably left wing liberal. Public schools across the country are being underfunded, privatized and their educational programs are being turned over to fundamentalists more interested in making children pray in school and learn that science is bunk. How is the United States planning to have the top shelf education they need to actually enter the 21st Century. Right now we see them trying to take the country back to the Dark Ages where one religion ruled intellectuals as witches and heretics and burned them at the stake or stoned them.

    Romney’s plan will ensure that the wealthy get the education and everyone else won’t. Their creating a country with masters and an ignorant working class that believe their lies and accept their rule because it will keep them safe.

  • The decline of America to have a religious nut at the top.

  • The fundamentalists don’t even send their kids to school anymore, they home brainwash/school them! If the parents are qualified and dedicated enough it works out, but if not, we in society will have to deal with it!

  • The more Mitt opens his mouth the more his education did nothing for him…born rich.

  • EdC

    The Rich Believe that they are ENTITLED by God to rule over everyone else, thats why they are Rich, All else including Social Security, according to them should be forgone becasuse it is their ENTITLEMENT to brake contract to us lessor individuals, especially after we have carried our end of the bargain. I.e. as you (and I) have spent fourty or more years putting on hold even loosing our dreams so that they could have theirs they believe that we should just keep giving to them, and not take anything for ourselves. Good luck in your deserved retirement my friend.

  • WWII GI Bill returned 6 to 1 dollars on the investment. If your investments returned 6to1, wouldn’t you repeat it?

  • more community colleges are training people to work in the healthy professions, garden
    and soil management, fire departments,computer workers etc….but more education does not
    hurt….What is so wrong with a LVN getting a degree and RN?

  • Neolib57

    Of course the GOP doesn’t want educated people in this country. At the time of the robber barons, only 6 percent of the people of young people went to college. The GOP wants to return to that time of the Grand epoch when the rich could build their castles, and everybody else lived in shacks.

  • Grandpa_In_The_East

    I no longer think of “The Republicans” as a political party. It more and more appears to be a fundamentalist religious movement expectantly looking for America’s Armageddon.


    • yes against abortion but no food or education for a newborn…California had the best
      public schools 30 years ago…now next to Arkansas the lowest…English is a foreign

  • I’m sure that Obama was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. They don’t even have silver spoons in Kenya, do they?

  • Dstarkey66

    A growing number of college graduates is a win win for the country. Education is one of the services government does that creates wealth the keeps on giving may times more than its costs. A dollar invested in a college education by the government returns many many times more than a dollar invested in a tax cut for a billionare. In short, education is a really profitable activity by the government and for society. On the other hand, for the individual student, a college eduction is a very risky proposition. A collee education does not guarantee success plus many professions and jobs the now require a college education do not pay very well, for example teachers and any police officer who is more than just a patrolman and many other professions that are vital to our society. Yet over the last 40 years we have shifted the cost of education from the state to the individual students. This is wrong and this is stupid. Young professionals burdened with great education debt, don’t start businesses, don’t buy houses or new cars, and all the other economic activities the grow the economy. The government needs to get back into the business of investing in our people. That will do multiple times more to grow the economy than any tax cut to the supper rich.

  • joyscarbo

    The GOP decively taking steps to make sure that higher education is something that only the wealthy can afford. Why else would they want to double student loan interest rates? Making tuition loan assistance so prohibitive to the average American student means many will not be able to afford a higher education and greater chance of earning a higher wage.
    Doesn’t Mitt support the student loan interest rate hike as well? And then he turns around and says he sypathizes what middle Americans are going through and he has just what we all need to help. Right. Who is falling for this crap?

  • joyscarbo

    And by the way….”Liberty University,” is primarily a religious institution and is secondarily an institution of higher education. Are they taught to freely and critically think? I seriously doubt it. They teach that the earth is only 5000 years old, created in 7 days….etc…etc… I think science has shown that the Bible’s explaination of creation isn’t consistant with reality. It’s a very simplistic way explaining something very complex. Do I believe in God? Yes, very deeply. Do I believe that God created all of this? Yes, I do believe that there is a God that was the ultimate architect of the infinite universe and everything in it, including all living beings. But I believe the Bible’s story of creation is just that- a story.

  • A way to eliminate the middle class and make the poor even more poor…or send American
    students out of America where education is available to everyone…Australia, New Zealand,
    Germany,Netherlands and more out there.


    More and more, Mittens shows that he’s basically an elitist prick.

  • They want you go to college because you will earn more and you will be able to go to the places that go to and your children will get a better education and that means that they will not have to work for their children at seven dollars and fifty cent an hour. It is just like the health care it you get better health care that means you will live longer and also your screaming kid will not be in the doctors offices the poor mexicans,Blacks and poor whites. The poor whites don’t mind making the sarafice as long as the blacks mexicans are not allowed the benifit of these services . You see the have been brrain washed to believe that the rich look at them differant and the turth of the matter they look down on them to, That why they seen the factories over to China because they don’t want you be able to rize up.

  • bonnieparmenter

    I know a lot of people right now getting some pretty hefty grants, to go to college, for being displaced workers and mom’s on welfare. I went to college in the 70’s and I paid for everything myself. My parents didn’t pay for anything and the government didn’t either. I know the costs are outrages now and I can’t quite figure that one out. But, I wish someone would. It is like medical cost. Why has it grown so out of proportion with our earnings?

    • It’s grown out of proportion because the government is involved. Whenever government is involved, costs skyrocket. Hillsdale College is the only school in the U. S. that does not accept government funding. It’s listed as one of the best liberal arts schools in the U.S., every student is required to take a course on the U. S. Constitution and its Amendments, and the tuition is quite low. Also, when schools accept govt. funding they must abide by the dictates of the government, e.g. public elementary schools teaching ‘diversity’, adhere to govt.’s dictates on cafeteria menus, etc. Higher education costs would fall dramatically if the govt. would get out of the way.

  • Asnak

    If I had to choose between President Obama and Governor Romney, I would choose President Obama over Governor Romney at any time because I believe if Romney get the chance to be the President ( God forbid) of the United States, h’ll bankrupt the nation, leaving the middle class in the cold while he and his rich friends look the other way at the misery of the middle class. Please, if you intend to vote for Governor Romney, think twice, think about the future of your family especially your children whether you would be able to provide them their needs under Romney administration. Vote Obama because h’ll fight his GOP nemesis in Congress tooth and nail for a better life for all of us.

  • pinchalong

    Just as a middle class American cannot visualize what it would be like to live in Romney’s world , Romney can never visualize what it is like for the rest of us in the worlds of the poor and the middle class. For this reason he will never be able to fairly represent most Americans. He has never had to see, and never will see the America the rest of us live in. This is reason enough to NOT VOTE FOR

  • CPANY – No, Gov. Romney is not a prick. He’s simply pointing out what is obvious to intelligent people and, therefore, escaped you. Many college degrees are expensive and useless in today’s highly technical society. He’s pointing out the need for technical schools that actually teach people how to do something. We need more medical technicians at all levels, we need more plumbers, electricians, computer hardware and software techs, crane operators, nurses at all levels, dieticians, etc. We DO NOT need more lawyers. Japan has one lawyer for every 80,000 people. The U. S. has 1,800 lawyers for every 80,000 people. We do NOT need more literature majors, poets, artists, etc. We need people with skills and knowledge, and that is provided in non-Ivy League schools that actually teach useful knowledge and skills. We also need to get rid of teach and professor tenure. Where else in the world does someone get a job and that job is guaranteed for the rest of their working life, regardless of their performance. It sucks.