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Monday, October 24, 2016

WASHINGTON — While the Supreme Court’s upholding of the health care law was last week’s most important event in historical terms, it will not be the decisive event of the 2012 election. In the long run, polling in swing states suggesting that Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital is hurting him could have larger implications for where this campaign will move.

It’s certainly true that had the court knocked down President Obama’s signature domestic achievement, the defeat would have been woven into a narrative of ineffectual leadership and mistaken priorities. Instead, the president found vindication not only from the court’s liberals but also from Chief Justice John Roberts.

But precisely because the decision saved the president from disaster on health care, it only reinforced the importance of the economic argument Obama and Romney have been having for months. And here is where Romney’s Bain problem kicks in.

As Democrats, mostly from Washington and New York, debated the efficacy of attacks on Romney’s role in Bain, an entirely different conversation was being driven in the swing states, courtesy of ads broadcast by the Obama campaign and especially by Priorities USA Action, the pro-Obama super PAC. The ads portray highly sympathetic workers who lost their jobs and companies that collapsed even as Bain’s principals made substantial profits.

  • Obama and Romney are equally unable to implement policies to spur job creation, mostly because of the extreme positions of their respective political parties.
    Obama. Limit unemployment benefits. Limit freebies. The heck with the unions and implement infrastructure improvements to create jobs. Give tax breaks to companies that create jobs in the US. Tax companies that outsource overseas. Simplify the tax system eliminating most deductions for companies and individuals.
    Review and modify PPACA. Throwing more money and people into a system will never make it run more efficiently. Health insurance premiums are too high an this never encourage companies to add more employees. Your priorities should have been the economy and jobs, not healthcare.

    • frivolous01

      I agree with your first sentence; however, the problem with the rest of your argument goes back to the first sentence. Obama can’t do any of the things you suggest without the cooperation of the Republicans, who have made it clear they will oppose anything Obama wants just because he wants it.

      • ctruskey

        And because it won’t work. Listen he had two years to do what he wanted and he did nothing but give us Obamacare that we are still trying to figure out because we had to approve it to know what was in it, remember!

        • metrognome3830

          Now your second sentence make some sort of sense. Yes, we had to approve it to find out what was in it. If it wasn’t approved, you would never know. Even now that it is approved, You still don’t know.

  • You guys from National Memo are sooo PATHETIC !!
    You narrate what you would LIKE for voters to be swayed by, NOT what is actually happening.
    What is actually happening is that voters, in droves, have realized that Owebama’s ONLY attribute is that he is the first black President, but have realized that he does not have the qualifications needed to be President.

    • frivolous01

      Actually, using your logic, President Obama is the ONLY candidate that is qualified to be President (since he has been President for the last 3 1/2 years. While this argument may have been valid in 2008, you can’t really make that argument any more.

    • metrognome3830

      Yeah, Eduardo, if I were you (and thankfully, I’m not) I would just quit reading National Memo. Just keep reading those Fox Tabloids and reading and sending out those anonymous e-mails. That’s where the REAL news is Eduardo. And you can post away all you like with like-minded people. Unless, of course, you are just another Tea Party Republican Shill seeking feeble-mindedly to sway people to your PATHETIC viewpoint.

    • 101strac

      That also means he’ll be the first black President re-elected, doesn’t it?

  • ERubert

    “He can argue that Romney’s primary interest is not in job creation at all but in low-tax and deregulatory policies he would favor whether the economy was soaring or flat.”
    So true! Instead they couch this in “the same old policies”. I don’t understand why they aren’t more direct…..
    I do also agree that infrastructure projects would be the best way to create jobs. But I don’t think Obama can do this by himself.

    • hubydoll166

      Infrastructure jobs and rebuilding this nation is the way every other president used to get our economy started after a recession and is the only way we can get it going this time. Those who say that giving corporations tax breaks to start it are just wrong. The reason is because they dont create a demand on manufacturing to create demand. A corporation needs the consumer buying, demanding goods in order for corporations to start producing. The GOP dont want to start infrastructure jobs because the economy will get better, cause demand and create jobs period and are trying to hold this up in order to oust the president. Your’e right,, the president needs congress to do this and the GOP side wont do it period. Thats why we cantr hold obama at fault when the GOP set this obstruct and oppress/divide/conquer deception on day one of obama innauguration and before they even knew any of his economic plans..pure sabotage and im pissed at the GOP.

  • William Deutschlander

    Certainly Romney and Bain Capital? are a scourge to our Economy. The Romney business model was to EXTRACT (remove) capital from the economy while not producing ANYTHING of VALUE in the ECONOMY or returning ANYTHING of VALUE to the ECONOMY!

    Romney and his BAIN synidicate buddies then took the capital (dollars) they extracted (removed) from the economy and deposited that money in foreign (offshore) personal accounts, which further removed that capital (money) from the U S ECONOMY.

    Entreprenures, honest business people, invest capital (money), to produce goods or services, that benefit the economy and create employment opportunity and commerce in the geographical area in which they conduct the business. Ultimately these investors are rewarded with legitimate business profit and dividends.

    Romney and Bain were and are NEGATIVE ECONOMIC PREDATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ctruskey

      Than why do the Dems take campaign contributions from them?

      • SaneJane

        What choice do they have if they want to be elected?

      • the gop takes larger contributions from corperations

      • DukeDacat

        What dumb ass, stupid, uninformed question!!!!

  • Today the system is rigged against the average person. I am convinced that my Grandchildren & great Grandchildren will not be able to achieve the high amount of success that my generation has. Just look at all those kids with expensive college degrees with no jobs & living with their parents. The future will be controlled by the greedy corporations and every job except the CEO’s will be temp. jobs with NO Benefits. There has been over the last 30 yrs. a stagnation of wages & the middleclass are paying much more than their share in taxes, which is causing constraint on city local budgets and a deterioration in local public schools & public services.

    • hubydoll166

      They can have a bright future..If the american people start to wake up. after all, we still hold the keys to elections. We must demand what we want. The GOP and big biz are pouring billions into removing Obama! Not because he done a bad job, but because they know he is a people’s president and in another term obama will get back a lot of what we lost..better wages, bank accountability, the shutdown of waste,fraud and abuse on many levels. The Big corps and GOP have billions to spend on bogus ads that people listen to and base their vote on crap. If we keep doing that then I agree with you. I dont know why this is rocket science? A blind person can read between the lines on this and see that the GOP and Big has teamed up to wrect this president because they knew he had the potential to fix this nation and make it fair again but the GOP and big biz choose to keep this country down in order to get more from us with republicans when big business has never had it better in history!!my god, what greed and this nation needs to wake up bcz the GOP will do all they can to let the Koch Bros run this country and you!

    • Then what can we do to make our government notice ? Do we have to start marching on Washington ?

  • howa4x

    W as president showed us how the Bain model would work if driven from the white house. He took the profit out of the middle class and shifted it to the upper 1% whose wealth shot up 256% and saddled the country in debt doing it. The middle class had stagnet growth in terms of wages. We know what the end game was of this policy, complete economic meltdown, and bailout of the upper 1% and forecloursure and layoff for the middle class.

    Romney wants to repeat this. This is what the election is about. Do we want to go backward or forward?

    • ctruskey

      Than why do the Dems take campaign contributions from Bain and others like them? Obama decided to bailout those companies and do the stimulus and what did that get us. Is unemployment below 7% like Obama promised if the stimulus was passed. Aren’t very wealthy people supporting Obama. I don’t get this class warfare crap.

      • howa4x

        Obama didn’t bail out the big banks, Hank Paulson did during the presidency of GWB, so you need to get your facts straight. Yes Obama is taking money but Wall st has doubled down on Romney and stopped giving to Obama. Romney has the super pacs funded by big oil, big banks, big investors. Aside from Bill Maher, and some hollywood types giving him some big donations most of his money comes from prople like me. The biggest Democratic donor, George Soris hasn’t committed money to him yet. I don’t know what Buffet is doing but probably playing both sides.

        As far as the stimulas goes it took us back from the brink of a depression.The real problem is the super wealthy are sitting on billions and not employing anyone. Banks that were bailed out are not giving out the loans .Take Romney, he took his 250 million from the Bush tax cut and instead of creating any jobs stashed it in off shore accounts. Now there is a true patroit, and that’s what the other very wealthy are doing. They just want to fool you so that they can keep doing it.

        • if the GOP ding dongs would pass to get the roads and bridges fixed that would get a lot of jobs going . do the cliton on the greedy bastards of the 1 and 2 % rich make them pay at least a even amount of % of taxes the same % that all other ppl. that pay taxes pay . because thy make anmd have more money dosent mean thy should pay less then every one else . just pay the same % as the rest . get the roads and bridges fixed thats a great start . and if thy say we dont have the money . say well bush didnt have the money to start two wars but he still did . at least if thy fix the roads and bridges the money will go back into the country . not like the wars where the money went up in smoke never to be seen again and we still owe on it

        • And if you think that’s bad, wait until the unions crumble.. The 1% salivate over that happening.. Imagine, they trash the unions, no more advocates for the worker (no matter what crooks they are, they still protect the worker from what will come about) so, their gone.. Jobs begin to appear but you will have to accept their wage base.. To make more employees they work everyone 38 hours a week so as to not have to pay benefits.. The thirties return in a big way. You think your being overworked for less money today.. Wait until the Nation sanctions the destruction of the unions.. You ain’t seen nothing yet.. Those jobs over seas will return in force because now American workers are the lowest paid in the world. It’s coming like it came before.

      • The gop takes bigger ones even..

      • ddimas

        The enemy of the country is always the aristocracy. They constantly seek to weaken the central government, often causing civil war or economic disruption. They enslave the commoners, making them EXTREMELY dangerous to arm, and thus deprive the country of much needed soldiers. They don’t pay taxes or allow anybody they control to have enough to pay taxes. They shift the burdens of maintaining the country to the poor (ideally, everyone except themselves) while exempting themselves. They cause the destruction of great nations (Babylon, Persia, Greece, Egypt,Ethiopia, Rome, Byzantium, Spain, France, Russia, China, Brittan, and now possibly the US).

        That in a nutshell is why the class warfare crap. They are killing us slowly.

      • Parisgirl

        As clarification, it is important to remember that Bain is now #1 under different management and the company is working hard for damage control connected to Romney’s actions. #2 these donations have been made NOT by Bain but by EMPLOYEES of Bain. That is a big difference and says a lot if you stop to think…why would they not support Romney. I would also point out that this couple of million $s is small in comparison to the billions…yes BILLIONS that are pouring into Carl Rove’s Super Pac for Romney and his cronies. Yes O’Bama knows people with money…movie stars and celebrities, Warren Buffet, and few other corporate industrialists like GM Motors, but they do not compare to the likes of the Koch Brothers and other oil factions. Not all people with money are willing to rape the middle class and destroy the backbone of this country like these Super Pac resolutes.

        My question is this…if these people have had their tax cuts since George Bush why have they not created jobs. Maybe it has something to do with Mitch McConnell’s statement. He said on the very day that O’Bama was sworn in that his party would spend the next four years doing whatever it takes to make sure that O’Bama would be a ONE term president. The GOP has lived up to just that….no matter how it has hurt this country. So the Koch brothers and all their buddies have continued to enjoy their tax cuts which has given them plenty of spending power against the Dems and O’Bama and they have Not created A JOB. This is not class warfare it is a political battle. The thing that I find so frustrating is that the Koch Brothers and their GOP supporters use the very same middle class they are destroying to, in essence, destroy themselves. Perhaps the president has not succeeded at everything he has tried, although the car bailout was quite a success, he has continued an uphill battle against a brick wall known as the US Congress (controlled by republicans), he has at least given every effort to do what he knows is Right for this country….

        • Gammaanya

          Amen sister. The GOP is on a path of destroying the middle class with the middle class approval (at least the Faux News watchers, Rushies, Gleenis etc. They scream socialistic gov. but do not know what socialism, democracy, communism, liberalism, marxism is, because they can’t think for themselves and they are gullible lemmings of the McConnells, Robmeofmoney, Rove, Rove the money to off shore accounts, because the 50% of Americans are stupid, lazy and the wannabees 2%. They think they can live on scraps from the 2% tables. They did nothing to create jobs except still going on abortion (nothing to do with economy and job creation), In God we Trust, persecuting Holder for nothing, just to get to Obama because they truly have nothing to pin on him. Now with this ACA they will run out of breath and pound on this untill the cows come home. Light bulbs for you to use, but forget the bridge that is falling apart, forget the fires that devastating the states, not enough firefighters to put them out. Robmeofmoney will replace ACA with Baincare.
          Borrow money from your neighbopr to pay your bills, Baincare is here to stay and make money for Baincare creators not for you.
          The funny thing is most people do not understand the ACA, it benefits the old the most, and the ones who capped their insurance. It benefits the small business (like mine) if you offer a health insurance too employees (special tax brakes). People do not like to read and be well informed and most don’t understand it anyway. I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE VOTE IN THE SAME PEOPLE THAT DO NOTHING FOR THEM???!!! GULLIBLE, GULLIBLE DULLIBLE. Don’t use Wisconsin as a example, people already sorry that fell for Koch Bros. spin, more jobs moving out of state. No bid contracts now go to Walker buddies, the small man have no chance to get even 1% of the jobs. Just see who is building the expansion on Hwy 50 and Interstate 94 in Kenosha/Bristol.
          I must give a credit to GOP, they stick together like glue and will commit suicide (reminds me of Jonestown) to bring the country down. Some have more money than brains. They love money more than life.
          NEVER VOTE for a person that each day says something else on the same subject, a person that sit on the fence and watch and see. People like that are easily manipulated because they are not so sure of themselves, not smart enough to see it on merit of their own intelligence. They can be easily bought with money. Rove, Rove the money have plenty of it. Common sense – they all pumping money for their benefit and not for the middle class or the one sitting on the fence. THAT Will never hapened.
          It should be about country and not about election and to see who’s got the better imaginary economy, who is the better person. Country first and foremost. US Gov. is not a business and can not be run as such.
          Like Robmeofmoney wife Ann said – it’s out turn. Hmmm for what????To do what????? Why a man who makes 25M a year plus wants a job that pays 400K and a big headache??? What legacy did Bush left?? Country in debt, 2 wars and more poor and more money for the rich.
          GOP will do anything to take this President down, no matter what he does, they will spin it until all believe it. You will get what you voted and don’t blame anybody but yourself when you end up in the gutter. McCunnignell, Cantor and the GOP will not be there for you. We are in 21 Century , do we need to go back in time to the 17-18 Century.when landowners have the power and the worker had none?? I heard Robmeofmoney will be building big plantation down the south and will be looking for workers, $pay $7.00 hr no benefits and 10 hrs shifts. He needs money for his elevator for his cars. He is a miracle maker – he drives 3 cars at once.

          • My hat is off to you…………

          • Take your meds, since you will need them once you start to swallow the 20 + new taxes this clown has now gotten levied on the “Middle Class”.

          • Gammaanya

            William- Poor You, I think you are on med called Robmeofmoney. I am CPA I run CPA business and I know about taxes, more than you will ever know. I have 3 businesses- YES 3 and will start another soon – working on it. What do you have – delusional promises form Robmeofmymoney so you can have scraps. Enjoy your meal. Soon you will not afford even OTC meds. It’s not a tax but you can’t understand what Judge Roberts did to pass this bill because your single digit IQ will not allow you to comprehend what he did. He used Commerce Clause of the Constitution to pass it as a Constitutional. Don’t foam at the mouth look it up what Commerce Clause is and what it stands for. Further more IRS will not come after you in any shape or form. I say Bless the law as a tax issue and Kudos to Judge Roberts for claryfing that. This man knows the laws of Constitution while the NAY sayers are on big payola from the Big MOney and should not be a judges. They have best Healthcare care on your dime. GOP just wants to follow Ron Paul – let them all die while he enjoys the best that taxpayers pay for him..Ignorance can be cured but stupid is forever. I feel sorry for you and I pray that you will never get sick and don’t have any insurance. You will be a charity on taxpayers dime and contributing nothing yourself. This ACA makes everybody share the cost, it’s a scialistic program, so is the Medicare, SS and Public Education. I guess you already have ingrained on your brain that anything Obama does is wrong for the country. If you have a job, Thank Obama if you looking for rob me of my money, your job will be outsourced or off shore. Do you know the difference.???. Game of words. LOLOLOLOLOL. Sprinkle pepper spray on your salad, after all it’s a vegetable according to Faux News and Murdoch. Bon Appetite Monsieur William,

          • You folks are all lunatics…I can’t believe what I’m reading here. The sad thing is that you sound like somewhat-smart individuals – why can’t you see what’s going on right in front of your eyes?
            I won’t take Wisconsin as an example – but how about Greece, Spain, or France? See how a redistribution of wealth through taxation of the “rich” (read by Obama as middle class and up) and ridiculous overspending by the government (in order to support the dependent majority of lower class citizens who make a living doing nothing but taking handouts from the govt.) has worked?
            Sure, big corporations and the extreme wealthy find tax loopholes…but they still pay taxes – that is, they contribute to our country’s well-being. It is not there fault that govt. can’t control it’s spending and, much like a spoiled child, always is crying for more. How about the overwhelmingly large number of people who live off of EBT cards and Food Stamps, who live in mandate-built low-income housing, who receive welfare or unemployment $ and DON’T PAY ANY TAXES.
            You want to talk class warfare….that’s just what Obama and his clowns have created. They have guaranteed themselves a voting population of people dependent on large government who cannot and do not contribute positively in any way, shape or form to our country. Instead, these are the folks who live off of us hard-working Americans and sit at home popping out babies for more govt. support (“income”) and smoking cigarettes that they bought off of a govt. issued EBT card.
            You want to argue taxation….these types of individuals are the real tax on our society and it’s Obama and his crew who have created them and are continuing to grow this pool of scum that will surely vote to keep Obama and their free handouts. Who wouldn’t? Me…that’s who!

          • dtgraham

            Converted to U.S. dollars, the national debt, per capita, of France is $34,193.00. The U.S. national debt, per capita, is over $50,400.00. You were saying?

          • Gammaanya

            Jada, U R watching too much TV and Faux Naws. ACA has nothing todo with welfare that is provided by states with funds from Gov. Besides the point. R U jelaus??? In any society you will have a free riders. I live in a well to do neighborhood and I see much freeloadres with income over 200K. No matter what is your status. Now, people who work at minimum wage pay more in taxes (I am CPA) % wise than Romney or Obama or others zillionaires. They have all kinds write offs and actually get more money back than the low scum you call them.
            People who are not working or on SS pay property taxes, on taxable grocery, taxes on purchasing cars, eating out etc. THEY DO CONTRIBUTE. I have a tenant on Sect.8, she is 68 yrs black woman on min. SS of 700. a mo. She have to pay electric, gas and some of the luxury of having a cable or dish. taxes atteche to that. She is disabled on wheelchair and go for dialysis 3 days a week to stay a live and waiting for kidney transplant. So what society suppose to do with a person like her?? Let her die?? like Ron Paul said – Let them all die??
            R U CHristian??? Does Judge not, lest ye be judged” means anything to you?? Or “Give a hand to the poor and ask for nothing in return” – Jesus. I am not particualrly religious but I do believe helping the less fortunate. As for France, Greece – AUSTERITY , Corruption exactly what is going on here, brought them down. I travel a lot (I also have translation businesss). It have nothing to do with economy and as you call it people popping babies, live off EBT cards and what have you. France, Sveden, Norway, Poland, Jordan , Germany have the best social healthcare, they don’t have obese people on disabilities eating in all you can eat buffets etc. To get on their welfare system you have to be truly destitute. EU helps people to start businesses with giving them GRANTS (do you know what that means) not SBA loans that you have to pay back with interest and lot of people start little shops and make a living. Global markets are like a domino game. Just pray that other countries don’t switch to their currency and US dollar will be no longer International currency – that would wipes us out. Understand how international trade work, how money are exchanged and who is behind manipulating. Everybody is blaming the Presidents, but they have very little to do with it. He doesn’t run OPEC, everything is a commodity and countries deal with it either by clearing exchange or product for money etc. SPECULATIONS by CAPITALISTS drive the market up or down. It’s like betting on a horse win or loose. We need more regulation to keep prices in check. That will never happend. CORPORATIONS ARE the GOVERNMENT WELFARE RECIPIENTS and CONGRESS IS A NURSING HOME FOR THE OLD, good for nothing Congressman..
            It’s sad that you see some of the unfortunate people (nobody can be bright as you and hard working and me,me,me only) as a scum. I did not notice that my neighbor whose husband died and left her with over 1 M in debt (maxed out his ins limit) is a scum, because she had to sell her 500K home for 300K, lost her job because her Employer felt that she will drive the cost of ins. up more, so they let her go, so at the age of 63 yrs, widow, with staggering debt of 1M she lives off widow benefits. SHe closed her husband business and let go 5 people. Now she barely make a living because most of her money goes to pay her husband medical bill. So don’t ride to high, the fall might be painfull for you. Pray that you still have your job or business and don’t get sick. Republican’s and ROBmeofmymoney will let you die. I gurantee you that. I pity you. I hope someday somebody show you the same compassion, understanding or contempt you spew here.
            May God Bless you, because you don’t know what being poor means. Certainly not to Romney and the like. Every society (person) is judged by how it’s treats it’s least fortunate amongst them. Your score is ZERO. Forrest Gump mother said the best – ” Life is like a box of stupid Americans. You never know how stupid they are until they vote”

          • Your a fool. Just because the recession/depression didn’t affect you doesn’t mean it didn’t occur. Obama didn’t create class warfare.. He didn’t create over bulging welfare recipients, he inherited it from the fall out caused by Dubya and once that happened, when he became potus the dominoes were beginning to fall faster.. We have this aid because there are no jobs to be had and rather setting back and watching American citizens die off like flies, in trouble times you make the best of it by helping others.. Once this GOP stifling ceases and jobs begin to open up, the majority of recipients will get off welfare and food stamps and unemployment will lessen as well because you can’t receive unemployment while working at a job and if you do then you should be charged with fraud unless your not making much over minimum wages.. You think welfare is big money? It’s almost enough to pay your rent and bills, you also need food stamps in order to feed your family. Welfare is borderline poverty (one step back from living on the streets).. Free handouts? One day you may find yourself in such a situation, wonder what you’ll feel like when that ‘free money’ barely puts a roof over your head. You and those like you are akin to Ebenezer Scrooge before his eyes became open. Think about this.. Millions out off work.. No money coming in.. Disdain turns in to hatred as these unfortunates drop like flies while apathetic snobs who took advantage of the fall but call themselves “self made” munch on T-bones and drink perrier while looking out of five star restaurants at the fallen ones who suddenly become rabid and start mob violence because they don’t have anything to lose.. Welfare/food stamps are necessary during these lean times and if you don’t believe that then eliminate social ‘hand outs’ and see how safe you’ll feel within 6 months.

        • ParisGirl, the wealthy people who have benefitted from the Bush tax cuts have created jobs…in China and India, and while they are at it they funnel the profits to Swiss Bank account via the Cayman Islands. If in doubt, ask Mittens, who has lots of experience on the subject.

          • You should really do your homework since the Treasury has demonstrated that under those cuts they paid more.

          • Parisgirl

            I stand corrected…you are absolutely right. I was, of course, referring to jobs that would benefit people here in the US as the GOP keeps insinuating.

        • Well said.

        • How cosmicly stupid can one person be? Poor little Parisgirl. You don’t even have enough of a memory to remember that Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid had a government that the Republicans could not do anything to stop whatever they wanted to do for 2 years. All we got from that government was 5 trillion in new debt and 15% unemployment. Yeah, that’s right, the true unemployment number is 15%. Mitch McConnell made his famous statement came after 2010 election where Obama had done nothing to make the unemployment situation any better.
          The Koch brothers are only the balance to Obama’s puppetmaster George Soros. The only difference is the Koch brothers, unlike George Soros and his puppet Barack Obama, love this country and have made their money the old fashioned way, they earned it by providing products the people wanted.

          • Parisgirl

            You obviously do your research through FOX news andor the Rush Limbaugh show for Jerry Springer enthusiasts….Mitch McConnell made that statement within days of the inauguration. That is history and is archived on film. You seem to want to forget that George Bush took us 11 trillion in debt, started us on the snowball ride down hill with the unemployment, and oversaw the banking and housing catastrophe before he left office. It was not until O’Bama and the Dems that the Banks were put in check. Bush gave them free reign and now Romney wants to do the same.

            A chunk of O’Bama’s 5 trillion was the after effects of the left over war in Iraq where we should never have been in the first place. It was not cheap to clean up that mess and get us out of there. Another chunk went to jump start an economy that has had to be pushed back uphill. It seems a small amount for the amount of damage control that had to be exercised. Research your figures…we have gained jobs, and despite the GOP efforts to prevent it and the major problems in Europe, the economy is improving.

            Check with the Nobel Prize winning economists who agree that you cannot fight the debt until the recession is over and the economy is strong. Even Europe is conceding that this is no time for austerity. Carol Rove, the Koch Brothers, and their buddies like Donald Trump and Mitt Romney all know how to make money. But they make money that goes straight into their Swiss Bank Accounts. They in no way work for the betterment of this country or for improvement of the economy. They have all along with the GOP worked since day one of the O’Bama Presidency to take him out of office and they have done everything in their power to stall the economy and prevent job growth.

            I am not a poor little girl, and if you had degrees in political history and economics you might understand how the ideas put forth by Romney and the GOP mirror the causes of the Great Depression and how that depression only ended when we were forced to spend MORE money because of the war.

            It seems that the debt problem was conceived as a rally for the ousting of O’Bama. Except for briefly under Clinton, we have always had a debt. It grows higher with inflation and is checked by taxation. That is how it has ALWAYS worked. The GOP started with this ‘leaving our kids with debt…well we have all inherited a debt, why would these kids be any different. Instead, they would have us leave behind a crumbling infrastructure where bridges are falling down, roads are falling apart, disease manifestations are inevitable because millions cannot afford medical care, and with forced austerity the job market and the economy could fall into a global depression. This is what they are trying to leave our kids.

            What are your credentials sir, on these matters, that you feel more knowledgeable than Nobel prize winning economists? How cosmically stupid can one person be….well how far can you go?

      • Ed

        Both Dems and Repubs agree that the stimuls was not as succesful as hoped is because it was too small, not enough money.

      • Has it occurred to you that maybe not all of the richest 1% are money-grubbing vampires?

    • Well said.

  • ctruskey

    How much money in campaign contributions has Obama and the Democrats received so far from Bain Capital. That’s all Romney has to say, look Obama and the Dems are getting more money from Bain than I or the Republicans are. I agree the negative ads are hurting Romney in some swing states, but there are still 5 months till the election.

  • it IS the most important part of this campaign because all over the country where gop has held sway they are doing everything in their power to degrade the general populus into serfs while boosting the corporate power to keep them that way. Social security for instance was created BECAUSE corporations of the time did nothing to assist the employees either by paying decent wages good working conditions or any kind of substinance for their retirement years AND the GOP would have us return to those days of yester year. UNACCEPTABLE!!!

  • Teddy Parker

    In years to come, Barack Obama may be heralded as the greatest President in American history.

  • bf

    So far, there has yet to be a President who has helped the middle class. Sadly we are in a political struggle of Democrats who are helping the poor and Democrats who are helping the rich. For me, this election is not about outsourcing work but off-shoring work and stagnating American salaries. Why should big businesses be bring in huge profits while the American workers and small companies are just getting poorer and poorer? This article is correct, I am not against big business companies but if we continue to allow them free reign, America will die! I know my working moral has been totally destroyed. Now matter how much I do, it is foreigners who are being rewarded! It is foreigners and big businesses which are thriving while my coworkers and myself are suffering from the fact that our salaries are what they were back in 2000. every year our expenses keep rising. And I have been one of the rare Americans who has saved his entire working career. I don’t know how those with big families are surviving. And yes, this actually is the topic which ultimately determine who gets my vote. Barack needs to put the processes in motion to stop off-shroing to foreign companies. Mitt needs to start a war against off-shoring realizing how it is hurting America. And if neither of them do that, I will cast my vote for George Stephanopous! I think he would be a great President!

  • bf

    Sorry about that. I noticed I mis-typed my second sentence. Democrats are all about helping the poor while Republicans are all about helping the rich. None of them are helping the middle class! But by off-shoring our jobs to poor foreign contries, we are killing all American workers no matter what their financial situation!

  • peteserb

    It is amazing that Romneys outsourcing cost only 9% of what Obama’s stimulus cost the American workers who pay the taxes. At least Romney did also provide jobs here in the USA as well as outsourcing. Obama’s stimulus provided nothing!

  • Dave Morales

    we cant have a cult member as president

  • Running America the way Romney ran Bain scares me. Romney’s Bain leadership was a vulture capitalism and gutless corporate raiding. Corporate loothing and Donald Trump’s interest are another danger. God save America.

  • Greed is good? For who, is it good. For those that end up with the $$$. Unbridled, un-regulated capitalism is NOT a system whereby hard working middle class people ever get ahead. the rich will get richer, and the rest of us will get poorer.

  • The more voters learn about Mitt Romney, the less likely they are to cast their votes for him. Hence Romney’s reluctance to reveal much of anything of what he truly believes or about his past. What do you think we’d learn if he were to reveal his income tax returns? We know from the one return he’s produced that he maintains accounts offshore. We know too that he pays a far lower percentage of income than you or I do. If you believe that GWB was good for america, then you’ll probably be thrilled to see Romney as our next president.

  • thats why the anti-christ romney wanted the car companys to go bank-rupt. so romney could tell bains to go in and then blow them out of the water and into the fgire of bains hell. thy are so prode of . and the anti-christ romney would tell bains he wants a finders fee from them for the lead

  • Melvin Chatman

    From past experiences in this life, let me be the first to advise “all” concerned Citizens, it’s extremely hard to “Pin Down A Flip Flopper”
    Just like Fleas, they jump up and bite to suck the Blood out of you, so they can hatch more Blood Sucking Schemes – that’s how they “Roll”
    If Americans are blind enough to make this Blood Sucker President in November, be aware that TICKS are packaged with Fleas we’ll all see that Bain was just the beginning.
    Don’t know about YALL, but I got my Blood Sucked in 06, and needed this short period to recover from the “SUCKING” by “W” – thank GOD for Blood Donors!
    But it’s all good now that I know what / who to look for and trust me, there’s a big TICK coming to your address and his name is MITT – he’s GREEDY this time!

    • Tom_D44

      Darn right on the flip flopping there Melvin – It’s really hard to pin down these damn politicians:

      Stop the wars – oops still going on.
      Transparency – oops executive privaleges.
      “You will know everywhere TARP funds are going by seeing it online” – Yeah right.
      Bring down unemployment – oops still higher than ever projected.
      Close Gitmo – oops still open.
      NO Taxes on the middle class – oops Healthcare is a tax – the biggest tax in history.
      Regulate wallstreet – oops not so regulated.
      Prosecute bankers – oops still out there making millions and contributing to his campaign.
      Peace in the middle east – oops Iran still pursuing nukes, Egypt becoming more radical, and more anti-semitism being spewed.
      Fix our image in the face of the world – Uh Huh.

      And I’ll give him a few:
      Get Osama Bin Laden – Check
      Increase Gas Prices – Check
      Create an environment that will move us towards a single payer system – Check

      Face it – your Obama is just another greedy self serving politician like all the others. He just gets his money from Big Labor which is just as controlling and self serving as Big Business. And his policies are paying back his favors – to the unions who can’t pay their pensions. Greedy? He put money into legal tax shelters as well. Was that unpatriotic of him? Should he have paid more in taxes and not used those shelters? You know to help the little people? No he did what every other wealthy american does – hired a good accountant and protected his earnings to pay the least amount he could. Nothing wrong with that I suppose – except if you want to bring the country together then you lead by example. At the very least it would give him more credibility.

      Oh and by the way, quit blaming the republican house for all the problems. Obama had control of everything when he went into office and could have affected serious change for the first 2 years without any opposition. Why didn’t that happen? Why aren’t all of your pay checks higher? Why didn’t the shovel ready jobs go? Why didn’t he focus immeditately on the economy instead of healthcare which, even if you believe the claims that it would have created jobs, wouldn’t have made any differences for years to come? Yeah he’s really for the little people isn’t he? Government is not the answer and hating rich people is also not the answer. There will always be rich and there will always be inequality – that is a fact of life. Mother nature set it up that way. There are very wealthy and powerful people in China under a system that is supposed to be able to even the playing field for all. But instead there are billions of poor, manipulated, and abused people with no hope of living a lifestyle of even our poor. Freedom is a precious thing – Be careful what you wish for.

      • ExPAVIC

        IN THE END

        May have his faults, but it sure beats hell out of another Bush



    Come now the head American Taliban Republican Plutocrat has more than just Bain Capital to worry about.

    This rich, elitist, sexist, overly religious, deceptive, anti-evolution, anti-stem cell research, anti-union, anti-global warming, anti-national guard joining, pacifist, plutocratic, lousy personality, haughty, tax evading, bigoted white guy has more than Bain hanging around his neck

    This writer only hopes the voting American public is smart enough to see only a few of these faults.

  • karinursula

    Why is it that some people still don’t understand? The President is fighting Congress!!!!!!! They stopped everything that he proposed. The sheer hypocrisy of the GOP concerning the money that the President received from Hollywood is unbelievable. Here is Romney receiving a lot more money from those fat cats, we also know that somehow Romney has to repay these people. Are some people really this stupid? Infrastructure would be a
    beginning. The GOP fought the President over this for years. If you vote for Romney you be cutting your own throat.

  • Ed

    Romney founded Bain and was CEO. He has stated he LIKES FIRING PEOPLE. He is furious at Republican Governors who are bragging about how well the economy is doing in their states.

  • Send romney overseas and let him live in Africa and som e of these starving countries but leave him nothing but his clothes on his back.

  • Tom_D44

    Sorry BF. The democrats could never get elected if they worked only for the poor. You need money to get into politics and that doesn’t come from the poor. Therefore the Democrats are beholden to their supporters who are just different rich people from those that the Republicans are beholden to. And mostly, those are special interest groups, twisted and warped hollywood elites, big corporations and big labor. Unions, by the way, do nothing for the poor except for use them as pawns to do their street work while the upper management teams line their own pockets.

    • Tom, I gree with your comment about the fact that both parties cater to big donors (special interests) to get the money they need to run their campaign and have a chance to be elected in a country where a good 30-second commercial is often more effective than a well planned political platform, but I disagree with the insinuation that the Democratic Party has not done enough to help the poor. If it hadn’t been for the Democratic Party there would not be a Social Security, MEDICARE, MEDICAID, a minimum wage, equal pay for women and so many other programs and policies that attempt to raise the standard of living and protect the welfare of the less privileged. Yes, there will always be poor and rich people, laborers and CEOs, successful and mediocre citizens, but if you think about it logically that is the way it must be. What would happen to a society where everyone is a billionaire or a CEO? That would become the new standard a new social class would sooner or later emerge to do the menial work that must be done to keep our economic wheels turning. Regarding the ethics of big labor and billionaires like Buffett, I rather depend on them than on people like the Koch brothers who do business with the Iranian Ayatollahs or Las Vegas Mafia bosses.


  • Romney’s experience at Bain will be irrelevant for most voters, what is going to hurt him is his inability or unwillingness to provide specifics on how to strengthen the economy, reduce the unemployment rate, and improve the Affordable Healthcare Act. Saying that President Obama has not been able to end the Great Recession, that unemployment remains at over 8% and that he will repeal the AHA on his first day in office does not resonate with people able to look beyond 30-second commercial. After the experience we had during the Bush years, and the difficulties we have endured trying to fix the socio-economic and foreign policy problems Bush helped create, people are looking for new ideas on how to solve our problems not empty words.

  • Romney wants to cut taxes & remove regulations on big corporations to create jobs. Well, right now America’s big corporations are sitting on record profits & they are not hiring many people (at least not in America) — so what would be the point of giving them even more money? Besides one of the big reasons we got into such a severe recession is because many of the regulations that had been placed on banks after the great depression of the 1930’s were systematically lifted — starting in the 1980s because the banking industry said that they had learned their lesson from the great depression and that they were much more sophisticated now and nothing like that would ever happen again. Well, I worked at a savings and loan in the 80s and after regulations were lifted all of the S&Ls starting investing in junk bonds — and every single S&L in the state of Arizona went bankrupt because of that. And all of the deregulation finally caught up with the banks with them investing in derivatives & subprime loans & they almost all went bankrupt in 2007, requiring an enormous bailout to save them. And, more recently Jamie Diamon & Chase lost about $5 billion from wild and risky investments which they would not have lost if the regulations from the 1930s were still in place. So now Romney wants us to remove regulations on big corporations and let them do anything they want — like that really worked for the banking industry. Why are we so stupid that we never seem to learn anything from history?

  • FresnoDemocrat

    Why do I never see any specifics about Bain’s rape and pillaging of businesses? Surely there must be some public record of specific atrocities. A few specifics will immediately put a face on this issue. Interviews with people who got their jobs shipped overseas, towns that lost income and employment. Without specifics, it’s just another rhetorical argument.

  • rockin_the_bay_in_Tampa

    All we have heard for the last 30+ years is JOBS, JOBS, JOBS and TAXES, TAXES, TAXES…and needless to say, it is still an issue! You can create all the jobs in the world you could ever want, but you CAN’T make an employer hire you!

  • I guess in this world you have a problem if people can see your “history” (i.e. truth) but, as an “activist” you can get away with almost anything as a slug/dem..
    • What passport did obama use when he went overseas? Wait, he hid from that part of his life.
    • Did he get funds to go to school as a non-American…? Wait, he hid from that also.
    • Why did he lose his (and spouses) law license? Wait, he hid from that also.
    So, hiding from your past as a thief in the night gets your vote, continue to vote for this idiot/clown/slug/activist/socialist/liar/etc./etc. and you will continue to be dumb and happy.
    Why did he lose his (and spouses) law license? Wait, he hid from that also.
    Yep, I can see why you would think that a successful business man would be the wrong one to have; after all, he has experience unlike…what’s his name (he hid from most of them also).

  • Can they turn it over Romney? Heck, I thought they had already. Romney didn’t just offshore jobs with Bain Capital — he also did it as Governor of Massachusetts. I don’t know why him sending call center jobs to India is not the real battle cry of the reelection campaign.

  • jim beam

    Agreed . Romney is toast. The majority will not vote for middle class murderer. Not going to happen

  • onedonewong

    Nonsense all Romney has to do is bring up GM. It now make 3 out of 10 of their cars in China its moved its design works to China and is building 7 new plants there. Yep that was a great use of the bailout $$$

  • The truly disturbing part of this is that the Obama ads are flat out lies and the Washington Post knows it, but refuses to acknowledge it, despite sworn statements sent to the Washington Post from the present and former CEO’s of the businesses cited by the Obama ads It is also truly disturbing that writers like EJ Dionne are nothing more than members of the Obama campaign staff and don’t put out a disclaimer with their articles