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Sunday, February 17, 2019

As essential facts emerge concerning the September 11 incident in Libya that led to the deaths of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other American embassy staffers, it becomes increasingly obvious that Mitt Romney should have kept his noxious, uninformed, and opportunistic remarks to himself. But Romney’s comments criticizing US diplomatic personnel in the wake of that tragedy have proved him unfit for leadership, even without the damning information that has made him look foolish as well.

There was something truly vile in his statement accusing American diplomats of “sympathizing” with the extremists assaulting their embassy, when they were simply trying to defuse the Muslim anger that posed a grave threat to them and their colleagues. It was all too easy for the Republican candidate to pontificate from a safe podium while American diplomats risk their lives, as they do every day. (And to anyone aware that Romney avoided Vietnam-era military service through a Mormon missionary posting in France, his nonchalant slurring of courageous public servants was especially unbecoming.)

Romney’s smug criticism provoked instantaneous revulsion among former diplomats and foreign policy experts of both parties, mystified and appalled that he would hold the lives of those who serve so cheaply. Visiting an embassy in a dangerous place in the Mideast, East Africa, or South Asia, where the president’s portrait hangs on the wall, it is obvious that the people who work in those places depend heavily on the moral support of their nation’s leaders.

Meanwhile, reporting about the bizarre movie trailer that sparked violence across the Mideast could scarcely be more embarrassing to Romney and his amateurish advisers.  Evidently the producers of this thing are a gang of fraudsters and extremists, who misrepresented their project and sought to falsely implicate both Israel and the American Jewish community in America in their inflammatory project. Before Romney decided to line up beside these nutcases, he might have wanted to know that at least several are associated with anti-Mormon as well as anti-Muslim agitation, as journalist Max Blumenthal explains here.

Even if the film’s producers weren’t a bunch of crooks and cranks, there would be no contradiction between defending their freedom of speech, as a matter of principle, and criticizing their offensive propaganda. The American values that Romney pretends to uphold – even as he prepares to kowtow to the authoritarians at the Values Voters Summit – certainly don’t prohibit US officials abroad or at home from speaking out against attempts to inflame religious hostility.

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1,272 responses to “Romney’s Humiliation Grows As Facts Emerge In Libya Episode”

  1. I think the curiosity here is who is actually at fault? Did Romney choose to do this on his own, or did his advisers steer him toward it? It’s clearly the pivitol point of his candidacy because the Independents are jumping over to the democratic channel. Not only is it possible that Romney lost his chance for the White House, but it looks like his carelessness may have lost alot of incumbent republican’s seats in both houses. This is before the debates… and I’m certain the majority of the GOP is now holding their breath and crossing their fingers.

    • Lynda says:

      Earlier today on one of the numerous talk shows somebody claimed that the foreign affair experts working for Mitt were not consulted. They were shocked and surprised at Mitt’s remarks, as well they should be. Apparently Mitt went off on his own with onlythe consul of his political advisors. You would think that by now he would no better than to take their advice. Losing the campaign brings out the desperation, deception and off the cuff twaddle. Romney has run the worst preidential campaign in modern times and this intentional misrepretation of the facts is just the cherry on top.

      • It is also obvious that most senior Republican senators are distancing themselves from Mitt Romney on this issue. In fact, some seem to be pretty disgusted.

      • I am not sure if it is true, but I have heard that Mitt’s sons BEGGED him not to run for POTUS….apparently, they know their dad quite well and now for anyone listening and watching we are getting to know him too….I, for one, have seen enough.

      • Grunge45 says:

        With his advisers or without, I want someone in the presidency who can think for themselves, and in a mature way. Romney is sub par.

        • droccu says:

          “Did Romney choose to do this on his own, or did his advisers steer him toward it?” Does it matter either way? Either way its a sign of very poor judgement and a test case for Romney in handling a sensitive situation specially on foreign policy- a test he failed…again…miserably.

    • Dave says:

      Really? What planet are you on?

    • docb says:

      17 of the 24 romney foreign policy advisers are Bushies..NeoCons! He is weak but also a spoiled child who is disconnected…If provided a map he could not name the countries and would wager that he does not know the names of the Men killed in Libya while FINALLY showing some concern for the dead..if ask directly!

      Romney is an opportunistic child that wants the TITLE of President but running directly for 7 years has not shown him to get the skills or experience necessary to be a Leader! He can not think on his feet and is dismal when challenged!

    • msrita says:

      Do you really think that holding their breath and crossing their fingers will work for that Clown act Romney/Ryan.

      • Gammaanya says:

        Yep they are holding their breath and keep their fingers crossed, the billionaires will be pumping more money to get them and others elected and they WILL WIN.
        Why – because we have people who do not care about their country and it’s citizens and their freedom, They don’t like the fact that Black men is a President for one, second, money talks, BS walks and gullible , wanna be Romney listen and walk lock step right of the cliff. Who knows if they are not behind the film in some way. Why would you comment on something that did not yet happened??
        One of his adsvisors said horrible things exactly as Robme said. Everything Robme says comes from others who writes the bigger check. THat’s why he flip flops. Basically I think he is a decent man, but too ambitious and will do/say anything to get to the top. He is one of them – I am rich and I want to be POTUS, regardless if I know all or nothing, He knows nothing, he will not find Libya on map if you give him a GPS and a flash light. He have no clue how to be DIPLOMATIC. or what DIPLOMACY is. NOECONS don’t negotiate, compromise and they shoot first, ask questions later. Sorry to say R/R will WIN – we have too many STUPID, GULLIBLE AND RACIST PEOPLE. Racists are COWARDS, they know it but will NEVER publicly admitt it. He knows nothing about Russia and what they can do, Putin put it best. As far as Putin – he is one SMART cookie, don’t underestimate him. I just got a foreign newspaper and I will post later what they saying about all this when I get one of my translators to translate and Iwill post it. Interesting. Will will sacrifice our military to show how tough he is – he is not – HE IS A WIMP just like Bush – talk tough but when things get tough – he hides. WUSS

        • docb says:

          Hear the money guys are beginning to HEDGE their bets…except the adelson, kock, rovian idiots!

          Watch the next few weeks what happens in the MONEY GAME….You can buy ads but at one point people vote…behind the curtain..!

          The romney guy is a DANGEROUS AMATEUR ! Disconnected and disaffected by the happenings in the World around him! Besides ..he walks like a dork…which is very off putting!

        • jack_sprat2 says:

          Those of whom you speak voted for Obama the first time. The outcome of THIS election will turn on those who might have been turned red. Among those were people who had hoped that Obama would rein in military spending, reduce the deficits, invigorate the economy, or bring all of the troops home from the Middle East. Forlorn hopes, every one. Alas, as is the idea that Mitt would be an improvement.

      • jack_sprat2 says:

        He didn’t say that HE was holding HIS breath.

    • HajjaRomi says:

      Regardless of who his advisors were, the words came out of Mitt Romney’s mouth. As Harry Truman once pointed out, “The buck stops here.” We do not need to enable this hopeless excuse for a politician (or human being) by excusing him on the ground he didn’t consult his advisors. If he had either a conscience or a heart, that would have been enough to stop him. And as far as costing his fellow Republicans their seats, well, they deserve to lose them if they decide to “follow the leader” as the Party now seems to feel it has to do. They do not gain any respect by following a fool.

  2. bcarreiro says:

    Romney has no respect for anyone unless theres something in it for him. He is passive aggressive not assertive by no means. His small mind is his own worst enemy. He has no intentions on making this country a whole only to divide it. Just because you are rich doesn’t mean you are a successful business man. There’s a difference between wealth and wisdom and you quite frankly are out of character. Obama said it well, will let the people decide…..IRRESPONSIBLE.

    • Gene says:

      Americans, residents, can you imagine this guy Romney getting elected?our president inherited a mess then the republicans are blocking his job proposal but yet he saved GM,killed the pirates hijacking ships,killed Osama.he is mot like Geoge bush who caused us two wars , several young men lost their lives through wars (ext ) as a black Man I am married to a white Woman and its been over 20 years, as an Engineer I am not a racist but America please wake up and ask your leaders to stop dividing us as human and children of God or a greater creater.

      • Dave says:

        Are you ignorant, or just hate republicans? Don’t you realize that the reason for these anti-American attacks in Libya, and soon Yemen is because they have no respect for our country and have NO FEAR of our country because they know Obama will do nothing to retaliate? Wake up, get out of your shell and understand what Obama has done to our image in other countries. Have you ever been out of this country and travelled to other countries? I would bet you a lunch at chick fil a, that you have not been out of this country and are totally ignorant to what other countries think of Americans since Obama has been in office! Many of these countries including the taliban are hoping that Obama gets in office for another term. That gives them all more time to plan their bigger attacks on our country. Wise up clueless!

        • CarlDiederichs says:

          Your response shows you may have been out of the country, but with blinders on.

        • Other countries have much more respect for the US now than when Bush was in office. There was wide spread hatred and dislike for the US worldwide. Countries in the Middle East have always hated us, and always will as long as we continue to treat Israel like it is the 51st State to the Union. When Bush was president, countries in Europe and all over the world looked at us with disdain.

          People say that Obama is an apologist, if he was, it is because there was much to apologize for after Bush and Cheney. So kill the noise about the Obama administration being weak with the Middle East. Just ask all the terrorist who are dead because of Drone strikes.

          • BDD1951 says:


          • Dave says:

            It’s obvious you have never been out of this country and are totally clueless.

          • George says:

            Clueless Dave, I agree with the others here that you are way, way wrong! And I have been to more than 80 cities in over 35 different countries, so don’t respond with your “never been out of this country” bullcrap. YOU are the one who needs to get a clue!

          • Dave, that would be a negative. Let me give you a little background. I am from a military family. Born on Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Raised in Fayetteville, NC/ Fort Bragg. After graduating from NC A&T I was comissioned into the army. After completing jump school at Fort Benning, I was sent back to Fort Bragg. I did 4 tours in Iraq. So yes I have been out of the country. I know very well what I am talking about.

          • BDD1951 says:

            Than You so much for your service, Ice.

          • sigrid28 says:

            We needed you then, feet on the ground, as we need you now, fingers on the keys. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

          • rbg3 says:

            I say “Icepharoah06 for Congress” and “Mariarast for the State Department”. Thank you for your civil words and wise perspective!

          • Suzan l says:

            Four tours of Iraq! I am in tears and am glad
            that I was able to read such a stirring and moving story. It comforts me in this time of anger and hatred, from the ignorance of those who don’t even respect or even understand why an how we are free now, to be able to learn of you and others like you
            who speak the truth from your own experiences. Thank you for your incredible commitment to serving your country, at such risks, as a true Patriot of the United States of America!!! God Bless you!

          • OOOOORRRR we have all been out of the country and or live out of the country and are dealing with reallity not some fictional FAUX “NEWS” dystopian puddle of tired lies.

          • neece00 says:

            Very well said

        • BDD1951 says:

          Horse feathers!!

        • Dave, baby, I am sure you will find some way to blame Obama for 9/11. The American image is tainted because of greed. It happened long before Obama got there. Many countries and peoples around the world look up to and
          respect Obama. Many also love America.

        • George says:

          You are the clueless one here, Dave. America’s worldwide reputation under GWB could not have been worse. He caused us to be portrayed by the world as incompetent warmongers and opportunists. Obama has returned diplomacy to what it should be, but the damage from two unnecessary wars will last for decades.

          • Dave says:

            Clueless and ignorant.

          • Dianes4babies says:

            Yes, YOU sure are!!!

          • msrita says:

            I approve this message from Dianes4babies.

          • neece00 says:

            No I believe that you are clueless and ignorant, the USA has finally gotten some respect from other countries

          • exaclty DAVE you are clueless and ignorant and this from a world traveler and former intel analyst….have been watching for over 30 years now and at no time was America thought so little of then when GWB was in office…and hey just so you know I started that 8 years as a repblican…but it was impossible to ignore the BUSHSHIT. Obama has restored diplomacy to it’s rightful place and he will bolster its place as our first resort in the next four years….you and your kind of cowboy-we’re-tougher-then y”all policy will be gone forever within 12 years. Here’s why…Obama will win…he will get the congress back…he will fix the country and the repugs will not learn their lesson…they will pull out this stump in 2016 and another progressive Dem will win and spend 8 years in office. That is the legacy of GWB and mittens.

          • Suzan l says:

            Excellent response!! I never hear any gratitude let alone comprehension mentally from a Republican that we, with Obama’s steady and unrelentless persistence, have recognized just how we have come!

        • rothgar says:

          Like how Osama bin Laden has been planning attacks. Wise up!

          Almost from day 1 (Somali Pirate Attacks) the current President has shown that he will use deadly force when needed.

          He doesn’t bloviate about it endlessly like certain Texas Chicken Hawks who seem to need to talk big to avoid appearing to be the small cowards they are.

        • gahoof says:

          Are they hoping that Obama will get re-elected so that he cn finish the job he’s doing …on the al Qaeda and taliban leaderships?

        • ANN says:

          Sounds just like Fox News!!!

        • Dave, why don’t do alliterate more about your experience. When did they ever have respect? 9/11 didn’t happen on President Obama’s watch.
          And what are the facts of: “Many of these countries including the taliban are hoping that Obama gets in office for another term. That gives them all more time to plan their bigger attacks on our country.

        • TZToronto says:

          The Taliban are not a country. And how, exactly, would you like Obama to retaliate? Should the United States invade Libya and/or Egypt? Send in drone strikes to attack . . . something? How about Yemen? You accuse people of ignorance, but you don’t seem to understand that it is not the governments of Libya and Egypt that are attacking the U.S. but rather organized, anti-American groups that want to destabilize the entire region from Morocco to, probably, Bangladesh. (Following these attacks, it’s been mainly disenchanted youth who have been demonstrating and clashing with police–who are actually protecting the U.S. embassies.) George W. Bush invaded two countries, at the cost of thousands of U.S. and allied military lives, not to mention hundreds of thousands of residents of those two countries. One invasion was based on deliberate lies, the other on a desire to build a pipeline through hostile country. Is this what you want Obama to do? Who is ignorant here?

          • fedupwitgop says:

            We all probably can diagree with some of the president’s policies; but let’s be clear he is a intelligent, calm, precise and strong on foreign policy and when it comes to those who will harm us …if you want proof, well go find OBL!!!!! I think Dave just want the flip floppers R/R in the WH no matter how incompetent they are. Oh and I hear the economy is steadily improving and what about the polls in those swing states? Face it R/R the cover has been pulled off and we see the real R/R. Empty suits with talking points!!!

        • johninPCFL says:

          Obama will do nothing to retaliate? Maybe we should ask OBL about that. Oh, that’s right, he’s DEAD. How about his lieutenant? Oh, yeah, he’s hiding in a mud hut. Well, how about HIS lieutenant? Oh yeah, we can’t because he’s DEAD too. The anti-American attack in Libya was initiated because we killed their guy, the #3 in AlQaeda, in June.

          It seemed like there was plenty of flag burning, etc. in Lebanon during the Reagan presidency, just before the barracks bombing where a few hundred marines died. Why would Romney be more respected in the region than Reagan?

        • SaneJane says:

          Dave, you calling someone else ignorant is surely the most complete case of self-delusion I have come across. Obama will not retaliate? You must still be out of the country in some remote area with no communication as you seem to have missed the last four years.

        • Dianes4babies says:

          You are way off base! This country’s standing in the world has never been better under this president! Come out from under that republican rock and you might see some true facts!

        • Joe_Buckstrap says:

          Dave, You’re making this up, right? Obama inherited a complete and abject mess on every front from t he last incompetent Republican reptile brain that occupied the WH. Thebeconomy was in a total tailspin losing 750, 000 jobs a month. Under Bush (with Mitt’s help) millions of good American jobs were sucked out of the country – never to return! We were mired down in two wars the Bush regime lied their way into by seducing a gullible public shocked and awed by 9/11: an attack the Bush regime had complete foreknowledge of, yet blocked a criminal investigation with subpoena power and made up bullshit stories that our $ trillion air defenses that had never failed before failed completely and multiple times in a single day, that 16 intelligence agencies were clueless despite months of multiple warnings and that foreign intelligence didn’t know (despite their repeated warnings) Btw, did you know that hard evidence of miltarized thermite was found in all three collapsed building sites at the WTC complex, material proof that the government lied about how those buildings collapsed? We were lied into two wars that took over 6, 000 American troops’ lives, wounded over 16,000, created a police state bureaucracy and a culture of fear (a petri dish for Republicans), stripped Americans of their Constitutional rights by legislative fiat urged by a regime of liars, crooks and scoundrels.

          Obama had to deal with a total financial meltdown, the collapse of a backbone industry, two bullshit wars that were never paid for, the largest deficit in American history and no shortsge of socisl and health issues in American society. Instead of pulling together and fixing the problems, all your Republicsn leadership can do is pledge how their number one priority two years into the Obama administration is to get him out of office. The Republican priority is not to fix the colossal mess they created but to sabotage a Democrat President and they did everything possible to make it toughest for Main St., America.

          With this incident in Libya, once sgain the Republican reptile brain raised its ugly head, inventing falsehoods and contrived straw man arguments to foment fear. Obama wound down the Iraq war and now you have the legacy og the Bush years: a Shia dictatorship that allies with Iran to sulport a Shia dictatorship in Syria. Obama used drones to take out insurgents in Pakistan and Yemen and Afghanistan and Libya. What do you and Republicans like you know, Dave? Let me tell you: you are all full of shit and know nothing. America doesn’t need another greedy, lying, crook reptile brain at the helm.

        • atc333 says:

          So what was the GOP excuse for 911? How about the 9 or so other attacks on US Embassies across the world when GWB II and the GOP were in office?

          The GOP record in that regard, just as in our economic history, job creation, deficits, the shrinking middle class, the massive deficits incurred, the Bush II economic meltdown, all demonstrate the GOP has no clue how to manage this Nation’s economy. Every time the GOP melts our economy down, a Democratic Administration has to take office and clean it up. Facts are facts, and GOP economic theory has been a disaster for America.

        • adler56 says:

          Dave you ignorant racist. Under President Obama other countries have regained the respect for America that dumbya lost us with his back rub for Merkel and his man crush on Putin.
          Dumbya was a total loss and so is Romney and his buddy lyin Ryan.

        • 101strac says:

          You are aware that 911 happened on bush’s watch and that he and his cronies propensity for war did not prevent it from occuring. By the way, the taliban isn’t a country.

        • mariarast says:

          I am an American living in Germany, working with our military forces. I have lived in Germany for many years (due to my job) and I can tell you that the “image” of America you speak of has improved significantly under Obama. They thought Bush was a joke and a “cowboy”, ready to go in anywhere, guns a-blazing. That image does not make us look good in the world. It makes us look arrogant, irresponsible, and “hot-headed”. Obama is doing exactly what needs to be done…keeping a cool head, gathering all the facts, and then making an intelligent decision. His demeanor does more to keep us safe than someone going off half-cocked all the time. Like it or not, this is a small world, and we play a lead role in keeping the peace and promoting what is in the best interests of all of us. We are a global society and not an island where we just keep to ourselves and the hell with the rest of you. It just doesn’t, and can’t, work that way. We are too dependent on each other in many, many ways. By the way, I’m sure the Taliban think that Obama is a formidable opponent…he helped take out their leader (Bin Laden) and since has “taken out” many high ranking Taliban leaders. Obama will not hesitate to act, IF it’s necessary. The attacks in Libya, Yemen, Egypt, etc. are not because they have no fear of us…it’s because their beliefs are archaic and to them there is no other way to live other than through Islam. Everything else is evil and wrong and must be destroyed. They have carried these beliefs with them for CENTURIES and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. Guaranteed, if Romney becomes president, God forbid, we will be thrust into another senseless war, probably with Iran, because he will do just like Bush did…shoot first and ask questions later. We need a “thinker” in the White House, and not someone who will react on his first impulse. That kind of reaction usually leads to more trouble. Broaden your perspective, Dave…we are not alone in this world and should be an example of all that’s good and right in the world. Might does not make right.

        • msrita says:

          I just hate ROBME. He is not President material.

        • highpckts says:

          Dave – excuse me Dave but I have been out of this country while Bush was in office and we were told not to wear any American emblems of any kind! Guess you are wrong again!

        • Joseph Hemphill says:

          no retaliation ?? ask bin ladin or the dozens of # 2 Al-Quada deputies about no retaliation, oh wait…. they are DEAD….. and by the by… I have traveled extensively throughout the world and by far most of the worlds population adore President Obama, especially after the ridiculous cowboy diplomacy of the last republican regime.

        • ExPAVIC says:

          Get Real

          You comments lack a sense of reality. Edit what you have written so they apply to current events. You are just as out of step as RoMoney-Ryan. Think about it on November 7th after the slaughter.

      • Dave says:

        what the hell do you mean “greater creator”?…you lost your marbles dude….

    • Joseph Hemphill says:

      Romney and the GOP equates wealth with success, I know plenty of Successful people who are not wealthy.

  3. Mitt Romney woud have been better off admitting he made a mistake. By embracing the “no apologies”, “slash and burn”, and “you are either with us or against us” policies of yesteryear he became a surrogate of George W. Bush. The ineptitude and greed that characterize his behavior are second only to his arrogance. The worst part of this incident is that the world is watching, and I suspect they are not too impressed by what they see. I realize Republicans could care less what foreigners think, but perhaps they should. Our economy depends largely on trade and on our privileged position in the global economy. Portraying ourselves as bullies made appeal to a high school kid, but it is highly inappropriate for a presidential candidate.

    • The_Liberal_Republican says:

      Romney makes George W. Bush look like a Rhodes Scholar!

      I think Obama should just Shut up, Send an empty chair around to do his campaigning, and just let Rmoney bury himself in his own stupidity!

      President Obama has much more important things to worry about than trying to beat this hack!

      • bud2011 says:

        You are right, Obozo is sending an empty chair around to do his fund raising. His foreign policy is a failure. “When someone doesn’t do their job, we have to let them go.” Clint Eastwood. Bye-Bye Barach.

        • The_Liberal_Republican says:

          Wow, looks like I’ve got a live one here!!! Care to elaborate on why President Obama’s foreign policy is a failure?

          I prefer facts, but I do also enjoy teahadist talking points and hyperbole!

          • Using GOP negative logic I would say that Bud believes the raid that ended the miserable life of OBL was a travesty, the drone attacks that killed dozens of Al Qaeda leaders and operatives were misguided, the tough stand against Pakistan is no match to the cat and mouse game that Msuharaff played with Bush, the fact that several North African countries replaced ruthless dictators with democratic government is a step in the wrong direction, and the fact that our international credibility has been restored and the world is again looking at us for leadership is a liability. The main qualification for Tea Party foreign policy credentials is acing negative logic 101.

          • wcritter says:

            I am a Democrat/Independent. I love the way you think and put words together. I wish I were as eloquent.

          • The_Liberal_Republican says:

            There you go, bashing all his talking points, before he even had a chance to spew them.

            I would add that he is probably pissed that President Obama refuses to skip hand in hand with Israel into yet another war in the middle east.

            I bet we have enough recon on akamadickwad, or whatever his name is, that if he gets a new pimple, we know about it!

            Personally, I like the sneaky death from above drone strikes that seem to be so effective! Anything to keep our nation’s finest out of Harm’s way in my book!

            And my dad said playing f-15 strike eagle on my commodore 64 would never get me anywhere! I bet I could be an air force “Ace” from the comfort of my own couch, if they would just link one of those drones to my playstation!

          • You Nail It Just Like Romney Went Over There Kissing Their Butts Promising Them That He Would Back Them Up Which This Country Will Most Likely Do Anyway But Obama Trying To Get Them To Work Out Their Problems Without Bringing War To The Table!!

          • They Believe If They Lie Long Enough People Will Believe Them !! LOL Sorry That Only Works On Dumb People Like bud2011!!! It’s Time For The Debates Where Obama Going To Nail Romney On All Of His Lies!!! Then We Will Have 4 More Years To Clean Up The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Mess They Left Behind!!!

          • It has worked well for them in the past , but Nittwitt has really scewed it up. He is full of BS, opens his mouth and diarea of BS flows. Then he his memory fails to remember what he said. What is so funny is he is compleely numb to how he is “impressing” people, both freind and foe. Thats ok, he impresses himself

          • bud2011 says:

            Obama has no foreign policy. Even the marines in the embassy were without ammunition. He is the most incompetent person in the room, in any room. 23 million unemployed, 8.1% unemployment, 16 trillion dollars in debt. Pandering to every special interest group. Now he has to bail out the teachers union in Chicago. Probably a grant from us taxpayers. It’s time to let him go back to Chicago.

          • msrita says:

            Why should the American People give a crap about Isreal. They don’t want to listen to USA and trying to start a WAR with IRAQ. See this picture its my only SON.

          • I Know That’s Right If Romney Was President We Will Stay In Wars!! Please Thank Your Son And I Thank All The People That Served In All Wars But Sooner If Not Later We Must Live In Peace I Hope!! War What Is It Good For!! NOTHING!! The GOP/Tea Party War Mongers Are The Only Ones Raging Wars Cause Of The Money It Makes For Them !! Neither Them Nor Their Family Are In The Armed Forces!! Most Of Them Are Draft Dodging Chicken Shit Thug!! But They Don’t Mine Sending You, Your Family And Friends To Fight A War They Started!!

          • May God bless and keep that hero safe Ms Rita. Thank you and your son for his service and your support of it. Notice none of mitts sons serve, it’s so easy to talk tough when you have no skin in the game.

          • Sharyn Fisher says:

            Joel.. He said his sons are serving by helping to get him elected. Can you believe the gall of that man!

          • The_Liberal_Republican says:

            How the hell could it possibly be President Obama’s fault that the Marines didn’t have ammunition? Can you provide a link to that gem?

            Or, did you just make that one up yourself?

            If there’s one thing we have, it’s bullets! Not enough butter to feed those suffering in our country, but we DEFINITELY have Bullets!

            You’ve obviously never been in a room with the President.

            No doubt, times are tough, but when do I get to start blaming all the teabaggers you voted in? They’ve had 2 years now, what have they accomplished?

            Something like 33 failed attempts to repeal the affordable care act, first credit downgrade in the history of our country, under their watch!

            Those are the big one’s I can think of. The right wing haters gave President Obama about 30 seconds before they blamed the whole recession on him.

            I even remember Limpy going so far as to say that corporations started shedding jobs as soon as they heard he was going to be elected!

            My god but you are a loon!

          • He Working With Romney Shoot First Then Ask Questions After !! LOL That’s What Got Romney Dropping In The Polls!! LOL

          • neece00 says:

            I heard it today as “shoot first and then aim”.

          • No Matter How It’s Put It Dumb And It Only Causes Problems!! Like More Wars!!!

          • You’ll hear from him again! As a Republican canidate for President of United States, seems he ia taking an advance couse in stupidity from FLOPPY

          • Joseph Hemphill says:

            the Marines were ordered by the Ambassador ( Egypt ) to not have loaded weapons, who by the way was a Bush appointee, it is up to the host country to provide security to the embassies.

          • The_Liberal_Republican says:

            Do you have a link to that?

            Just seems fishy…

            From what I saw, this story is fantasy!

          • Joseph Hemphill says:

            I stand corrected, I had read that tidbit on some report somewhere, I thought maybe Huffington Post, but after fact checking, here is the link to snopes that states the claim Marines were ordered to not load their weapons, false. Another valuable lesson that you cannot trust everything you read, especially on the internet.

          • Larry says:

            Bud where did you here the lie The marines at the Embassy had no ammunition on Faux News how stupid are you to believe such nonsense you covered all the talking points and even threw in a few lies as you Repugs always seem to do, you make yourself look really ignorant when you talk about stuff you know nothing about you remind me of Nitwit Romney and Lying Ryan!!

          • Landsende says:

            Before you go around making unfounded accusations get your facts straight. There were no marines stationed there because it wasn’t an embassy. As for the 23 million unemployed and 16 trillion debt blame the republican Bush policies which the president inherited. As for pandering to special interest groups Romney/Ryan are the kings of pandering to the tea party, religious zealots and the Koch brothers. The teachers strike has not been settled yet so how can you claim he is going to bail out the teachers union? Quit listening to Faux News who have admitted on air they lie and druggie Limbag and get your facts straight before you go spewing your lies.

          • The_Liberal_Republican says:

            And which one is it? If he has no foreign policy, Then how can it be a total failure?

            What’s your plan? If you say it’s Romney’s plan, I would LOVE to know what that is!

            He sure as hell hasn’t told anybody any details?

            I guess it would be something similar to McCain’s? And I quote (to the tune of Barbara Ann by the beach boys) “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran”

            Look it up if you don’t believe me.

            Unless he made a miracle today, I haven’t seen a damn thing from Romney that resembles any sort of cohesive diplomacy approach!

            Look at that foreign trip he took. He managed to piss off every country he visited!

          • bud, you may want to educate yourself before you open your mouth. Our Embassy in Tripoli was not attacked, the target was our CONSULATE in Benghazi. Consulates are seldom, if ever, guarded by Marines. They rely mostly on local law enforcement, the military and the good will of the people. That is the way it has been since as far back as I can remember (if I remember right the first time I went to a U.S. Consulate overseas was in the 1940s.
            The rest is the usual cacophony of Limbaughesque refuted time and again with little success since those who use them are deaf to fact and so obsessed with hatred and intolerance that they don’t mind making fools of themselves if there is a chance some poor soul may buy their garbage.

          • I forgot to mention that the Marines stationed at Embassies are there for symbolic purposes rather than as a force capable of rejecting a major and well orcchestrated attack. Again, try to familiarize yourself with the issues you want to discuss before you do a Romney.

          • highpckts says:

            Dom v -well said!!

          • Nice to read statements from someone “educated” and intelligent ,

          • edwardw69 says:

            That is correct. Security is provided by a State Department equivalent of the Secret Service.

          • hell i don,t have to comment, you people are doing great, i just wish that all the that are making some of the assinine comments ,whould do some background reading before they open their piehole so i,am with you

          • It is kinda fun to see them trot out all the tired lies though…remember everyone and I think we should start chanting this everytime we hear the teabaggers rail about nothing….seriously I am just going to chant …THE DEBATES ARE COMING …THE DEBATES ARE COMING…THE DEBATES ARE COMING. neocons are going to shudder when they have to put mitten up ther with a mike to answer questions that he can’t and won’t…he is going to look sooooooo stupid with his pack of lies to lean on and nothing under that crutch but another pack of lies.

            All the big “O” has to do is steadfastly point to reallity….and say no that didn’t happen, and here’s the proof. BOOOOOOM debate is over next question.

          • Anddrew says:

            Ah hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha(breathe)Ah hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

          • dljones says:

            Your right bud2011. You lay out the elements of failure to a liberal and they show up like it was the county fair

          • highpckts says:

            D jones -you repugs are experts on failure! Bush’s terms in office is an excellent example!

          • dljones says:

            highpcks: And Obama’s success is an excellent example of the antithesis of failure. Give him responsibility and watch hypocrisy consume him.

          • Justin Napolitano says:

            Liberals have brains to think with, conservatives have lies to spew and forget the liberals have brains.

          • dljones says:

            How creative. Didn’t think liberals had brains!!

          • msrita says:

            Do you serve our Country? No so STFU! My Son is in this picture he is a Marine.

          • BDD1951 says:


          • Justin Napolitano says:

            You don’t know shit bud. Let me just say, in words you might be able to understand, we don’t care what you think.

          • Joseph Hemphill says:

            what a low information poster, typical racist bootlicker, to bad ” special ed ” didn’t work out for you, now back to scrubbin’ toilets for you princess, the adults are talking.

          • louisy8 says:

            please go and do your home workboyt the facts I am tired with you jackass out there

          • B4Real2012 says:

            Hey I sure couldn’t tell you. Because while we are suppose to be so mad about the last four years with President Obama who is trying to help us and has been cleaning up the Bush-Cheney TOTAL MESS, that would be making excuses. However, if you dare to mention the surplus and lack of debt that they strolled into and ate up and then some, that wouldn’t be fair though because it would be the TRUTH, plus we shouldn’t be talking about old stuff that they say should now be behind us. CAN YOU SAY LIARS AND HYPOCRITS? IF NOT, I CAN. Save it for your stuck-stupid on-stupid crowd, …….b-u-d…..

        • William Deutschlander says:

          Ignorance is BLISS, you seem to worship BLISS!

          • msrita says:

            LOL! Calling people Ignorant because Romney is failing in the POLLS. I feel bad for your party losers lose and winners win.

        • gomez555 says:

          What would Obama have had to do for you to rate his foreign policy a success?

          • Stella53 says:

            There is nothing the President can do to get any positive credit from people who have a deep seated hatred of him. Like Pres. Clinton said at the Convention – The hatred for the Pres. goes way beyond his policies. They hate the Pres. as a human being.

        • You are right about Barach trying to raise money the penny annie way & his wife is helping him by sending e-mails out to get $3 to 5 each email toward his campaign fund. How sad this is to me. He can’t do it on his own merits. Bye-Bye Barach.

          • u mean hello Mr.President another 4 yr. mitt & clint made sure of 4 more with that nonsense they talked.I guess mitt is getting advice from joseph smith

          • neece00 says:

            And Joseph Smith was the biggest con artist

          • Joseph Hemphill says:

            at least until he was tarred and feathered and hung.

          • Phinkelepants says:

            Talk about having you facts wrong. Joseph Smith was murdered (shot) while in the custody of law enforcement. I’m not sure why you think that was a good thing but you should discover for yourself why you seem to revel in the death of an American you simply disagree with. It’s sad really but it shows you to be a person who has utter hatred for those with different views. Your anger and ignorance have completely skewed your view of the world.

          • odypoly says:

            What does that even mean? Are you slighting his vast popular support among the American people — as compared to Romney’s support amongs millionaires and multinational corporations? Or that fact that the First Lady is a dynamic, genuine individual? You sound so petty, lady. I’d hate to have to live in your toxic little brain for a day.

          • Stella53 says:

            Tell that to the billionaire Koch Brothers who are funding Romney’s campaign. It is the small donors like me who will get the President re-elected. The Koch Bros. and all the other greedy billionaires will have wasted their millions on Romney. Of course, they can afford to.

          • Phinkelepants says:

            If this is such a slam dunk victory where “everyone” can see how much better President Obama is than Mitt Romney why do you and so many people here just seethe with hatred. Is there no room in your America for conservatives who simply disagree? Why is it that every time and I do mean EVERY time I interact with the President’s supporters that they see the interaction as an opportunity to bash the things I believe in. Is it possible that those who support diversity have a caveat that reads, “except for conservative Christians who do not support President Obama.”

          • msrita says:

            I donated 100 dollars.

          • BDD1951 says:

            Me,too. Proudly.

          • Same Here And Going To Give MORE!!

          • mynx1 says:

            Blah blah blah is all we get from people like you. Fact, almost 4 million people have contributed $3-5 to the Democrats campaign. That shows hope and faith. How many people have contributed to the GOP, handful of rich people doling out $100K-$2+million trying to buy the election.

            Supporters of the DNC stand up proudly for their candidate. Supporters of the GOP hide in the shadows of the Super PACs

          • another thing we are going to fix this four years…super pacs will be gone..and corporations will be back to building products not governments.

          • yes Christene and MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of real honest hard working AMERICANS are sending their money in $3-5 at a time to support a man they believe in. SOUNDS soooo evil doesn’t it. OH WAIT it sounds like honest grass roots politics.

            You know this is the last election in which an OLD conservative lets-go-back-to-the-fifties base will even be around to vote…this is it…if the repubs don’t change their tune they will die out completely. So go get some singing lessons or you’re DONE DONE DONE

          • Joseph Hemphill says:

            hack is VERY appropriate…. LOL

          • sonjad says:


        • Ed Madden says:

          The President has done his job in spite of unrelenting opposition from Republicans who have done everything in their power to block his “American Jobs Act”. Get a clue.

        • odypoly says:

          Yes, please do educate us! We’d love to know how the Republicans would have handled things differently. Unfortunately, if you’re unable to substantiate your claim, it will be clear that you’re simply another clueless, Fox-watching, Republican useful idiot.

          • bud2011 says:

            The House has sent bills to the Senate only to have Harry Reid sit on them because the democrat majority senate don’t want to have any ruling on those issues that could be used against them. After the election, President Romney will have a Republican Congress to get things done to get America on the right path.

          • Stella53 says:

            Yeah, the right path to war with Iran! The awful, d0-nothing republican Congress will be voted out on November 6, 2012 – just 56 days away now. It can’t come soon enough.

          • msrita says:

            Clueless is bliss. He is falling in the polls fast and steady.

          • bud2011 says:

            The uninformed felt the same way about Gov. Walker in the polls in Wisconson, when he irritated the corrupt unions. Stop drinking the kool-aid and start working for the future of America.

          • The bills Harry Reid “sat on” included riders that were unacceptablee to Democrats, and should be unacceptable to most Americans.

          • What The American Taliban Do Is Have Bills With All Kinds Of Crap Buried In Them And Hope The Democrats Are Dumb Enough To Pass Them Without Reading Them All The Wat Thru!! Those Evil Little Riders Will NEVER Make It Thru Cause The Democrats Are Not Dumb Enough To Fall For Their Bullshit!!

          • PURE DELUSSION…keep your head in the sand Bud it’s less dangerous than reading.

        • dellmartin says:

          Maybe in a bizzarro parallel universe known as bud2011land, but here on earth, it’s President Obama who has been making all the tough decisions on foreign policy. Remember that guy that GW didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about? Dead, along with many more of the al Qaeda leadership.

        • vlcpolitics says:

          I second the Liberal Repub’s request that you elaborate on your facts of President Obama’s foreigh policy failure. You ought to speak out only when you know what you are talking about. You look like an uneducated fool otherwise.

          • bud2011 says:

            Obozo encouraged and spent milli0ns for the muslims in Libia and Egypt, and now muslims are attacking embassies and counsulates throughout the middle east. Obozo has obstructed our ability to become energy independent. Romney will support our energy independence from the muslim countries. We have no future with the muslim middle east. We should stop sending money we don’t have to Libia, Egypt, Packistan, Africa and concentrate on building America.

        • highpckts says:

          Bud2011 -so you are a chest thumping warmonger?? What a waste!

        • OOOORRRR when someone proves they CAN’T do the job at all you just don’t hire them. Bud you need to wrap your head around the fact that Mitt is not qualified to and won’t ever be giveb the chance to be persident…he is going to lose in an embarrassing land slide. MaCain will look like a genius compared to Mitt by Nov 7th.

        • You mean that all those that prevented anything to be accomplished in the HOUSE “we have to let them go”? Bye gye teabaggers

          • bud2011 says:

            Only the House has been presenting bills and a budget to the lame senate. Once the senate if replaced we will have a strong congress.

          • Joseph Hemphill says:

            the house has been wasting tax payer dollars passing stupid bills that haven’t a snowballs chance in hell of passing the senate which by the way holds the all time record of republican filibusters, bud you are mouthing the party line so fine it would make Joseph Goebbles blush.

          • LA_CC says:

            How many of those were attempts to block women from exercising their rights? I’d call that counter-productive. There was nothing passed which would have helped the economy without some disastrous ad on. The Senate acted responsibly to ignore the BS and not waste their time on it. On the other hand, when the Senate Democrats want to pass something one guy on the other side can drag it to a halt… Rand Paul is doing it now and is preventing an American Vets Jobs bill from processing through the Senate. He’s trying to get his way on one little issue that could be dealt with separately – but he is holding up a popular, decent, jobs bill supporting our vets. This is the kind of low-life activity the American people are fed up with. Unfortunately, low-thinking Kentuckians will probably keep sending the guy back to do more damage. My hope is in other states. Seriously, you don’t seem to understand the world well at all. I’ll bet you haven’t traveled more than about 20 miles of where you were born.

        • Justin Napolitano says:

          Sorry, bud but your argument is a failure so please go sit in the corner.
          An empty chair is just an empty chair but an empty mind, such as yours, is a tragedy.

      • Romney Is Bush On Crack, Meth And Steroids!!!

      • TheSkalawag929 says:

        We can’t take that chance with the way the republicans are trying to rig the vote. It just wouldn’t be wise to rest now. We can rest after November 6th.

        • The_Liberal_Republican says:

          True True! Seriously, I have TONS of right wing friends, and I just don’t understand how they can support Romney!

          They are going to follow him right off that effin cliff!

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            Unfortunately all to often unfounded “Dislike” trumps common sense.

          • The_Liberal_Republican says:

            Amen brother, Amen!

          • Trump has less commen sense then romney and bush put together.

          • Dang Right says:

            Yeah, that’s how he became a billionaire, by flaunting his lack of common sense. You make a good point.

          • No he did that by not paying for goods and services that he got. Start a new business put it under a new name, run up the bills and file bankrupcy. User and abuser of the common stiff working for a living…… Lets play Jeopardy What is a Thief…..DT

          • john townsend says:

            What makes him a billionaire? He hasn´t proved it. Just because he says so doesn´t make it so.

          • Jack FIds says:

            -NEWS FLASH-
            Bernie Maddoff didn’t take the nickels & dimes from the poor or the middle class !
            Bernie fleeced people with money who thought being rich meant being smart, so smart they gave millions & hundreds of millions to a scam artist, a scam artist aided by BUSH ADMIN SEC stooges who sat on the evidence with zipped yaps .
            All of the clowns at ENRON were rich too… wanna talk Silverado Savings & Loan & Neil Bush, John McCain & big oil ?
            IF the rich had ANY common sense, they wouldn’t seek publicity OR the public’s approval & they’d live moral lives !

          • badswing says:

            i dont think skalawag was referring to trump, as in ‘the donald’. wow. i swear we should make people pass a test before they are allowed to vote. but then again, we dont even have to prove who we are to vote so i can forget about the test thing.

          • Just seeing TRUMP elicits stupidity, no matter how it is used. Trump (the Donald) has trumped himself with his mouth. If we had to pass a test I guarantee there would not be much voting going on in the heartland. Besides most of the Education going on in this country is from Big Nasty mouthed Radio Dimwits and Shauns who work for sly (so they think) news shows……

            Go free thinkers…..Vote your conscience not your ticket….Register Independent…..

          • Donald says:

            You are undoubtedly the snarkiest bitch I have come across in weeks. You are almost a caricature of the dimwit lib who thinks she is so clever. Your lib friends must think your calling heartland Americans stupid just so, so amusing. Why do really stupid people like you always think they are clever?

          • toptwome says:

            Watch it. No one wants a republican bully calling them a bitch. You are a dimwit republican voting for a republican billionaire who will have policies for the rich and only the rich. The middle class will keep shrinking while the poor increases.

          • d gasawa says:

            When Obama finally produced an economic plan (but still no budget!) it showed that he pans to raise taxes on families and small businesses and cut taxes for large corporations. Romeney’s plan is more balanced. Only a dimwit would think Romney is only for the rich.

          • faster says:

            This might be an all-time record for bigotry! Although Ms. Karrer-Lewis may not understand the heartland very well, her comments were essentially on point. I’m FROM the heartland, and I know that, aside from the urban areas, most voters are in agriculture, many are shamefully undereducated, and they do tend to fall for the Republicans without being overly-critical in their analysis. They also fall, big-time, for the fundamentalists, who can then use them as political tools. Rural America is where the “ignorant-and-proud” folks reside. I know them of old. Their ignorance is the result of the failure of our country to bring rural areas quality education. I hope it is a failure we will cease in the future.

            No, people in the heartland are not stupid. What they are is ignorant, and proud of it. Which is worse. The only GOOD thing about ignorance is that it is very curable. Sometimes even fun to cure. And there IS something wrong when a person can actually wish to smother his own human curiosity, which is the main ingredient in people who enjoy learning.

            She is right about the radio shows. If anyone can out-hate, out-stupid a dude like Limbaugh, I’d like to know who it is. With him as a friend and an important “voice” in the Republican party, they don’t need enemies.

            As for Trump, he has not only trumped rational analysis, but has given the game of bridge a bad name.

            Your post shows that a) you hate women because if a woman disagrees with you, she’s a bitch, b) you think libs are dimwits, and c) you detest all liberals, like me. That’s a lot to accomplish in just a few sentences! Congratulations!

            Nobody has to be “clever” at all to refute some of the inane attitudes on the right. Hate isn’t hard to refute, in case you didn’t know that.


          • stupid does as stupid sees

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            You’re right. I wasn’t.

          • THE USA should be estopped from any trumpeting of democracy around the world as the world is laughing at them, as it knowa they, through the OBAMAS, have totaly lost control of the USA so how can they possibly tell anyone else how democracy works when they have begome a socialistic nation under the
            horrendous rule of ”KING BARACK and QUEEN MICHELLE.

          • maias says:

            Commonsense is like deodorant. Those who need it don’t use it.

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            True all to often.

          • INCOGNITO says:

            Unfounded?????????? after the events of the past week you say unfounded???? You are beyond help. You must be communist to the core!

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            What does my statement “Unfortunately all to often unfounded “Dislike” trumps common sense.” have to do with the events of the past week?
            What makes you think that I need help?
            And what about the above statement makes me a communist in any way.

          • goshabum says:

            “Common Sense” here has proven to be give everything to the other countries. We have millions of Americans who need jobs…why don’t we open up some industries again like what we had many years ago, when a person could work for a good paycheck…I’d pay more for merchandise if I knew for a fact AN AMERICAN made the product and the materials used where American made. Where is Obama’s “GREEN” jobs promised? Are you better off today? I’m sure as heck not…not had a raise in 7 years!! Guess I should be happy I have a job, right?…Well again, that’s not BETTER OFF.
            Obama lost me when he allowed Muslins “prayer day” and didn’t allow the Christians their day. The Christians had been doing that for YEARS! (like over 100 of them….) and to NOT allow that was like a slap in the AMERICAN’S face! Guess what…Christians will get fed up with that “turn the other cheek thing,” and it doesn’t mean WE HAVE TO ALLOW things to continue happening….

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            Okay I follow, understand and agree with you up to “Well again, that’s not BETTER OFF.”

            After that I don’t have any idea of what you are talking about so I won’t comment on that.

          • mtj3134 says:

            Whatever the rights and wrongs are with Romneys comments, it suits you chicken brains to ignore the fact the the ambassador was killed on Obama, s watch on the anniversary of 9/11… but lets not go there because it would spoil you being in denial

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            Chicken brains? Really?

            No one is ignoring the death of the Ambassador Stevens and the three other Americans or the fact that the events leading to his death happened on the eleventh anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

            I think that you are reaching, as is the republican party, for something anything derogatory to pin on President Obama.

            What you are doing is much worse than “ignoring” what happened. You are trying to reap political gains from that tragic event. To what depths will you and your party sink all in the name of beating President Barack Obama?

          • badswing says:

            the guy gets in front of the un and claims the you tube video was the issue (which , btw, had been online since june!). he knows his “uniquely qualified” was a bunch of bull. and flying off to vegas was essentially calling it a bump in the road, oh wait, he called it a bump in the road.

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            Are you saying that the video wasn’t the cause of the U.S. Embassy attacks across the Middle East? BTW, as I understand it, the video had been out since May and the reason it didn’t cause such a stir in all this time is because it hadn’t been translated into Arabic until recently.

          • atie1951 says:

            Pay Attention ! The attack had nothing to do with the video . The Consulate was attacked a couple times before 911 . Ambassador ask for more security several times and was denied . They wanted barbwire put at the top of their wall . That was also denied ! One of the attacks left a large hole in the outer wall . Obama has stated that Al Qaeda is on their heels . Reported as NOT TRUE according to a reporter in Afghanistan . A couple other countries shut down their buildings . These 4 men were brutally murdered ! Why NO ONE came to air lift them out when the attack started ? Why were they not removed before this started ? Why in the H didn’t they send in at lest 50 Marines for security ? This is a Failure by the OBAMA administration .

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            Just because you are staring into a video screen doesn’t mean that you are paying attention or that you understand what is being presented to you. As your comment proves.

            Your response is to a comment that was made more than a month ago. Where was your comment then.

            Your the kind of person that comes along after the smoke clears and the dust settles and complains about how the situation wasn’t handled properly. If you can’t keep up then don’t participate.

          • toptwome says:

            President Obama is not an insensitive man. When he talked about bumps in the road he was talking about all the things that are going on in the Middle East that have been so unexpected as one country after another decides to rise up against their leaders. It has been very stressful for all the countries in the region.

          • badswing says:

            ok he is sensitive. inept when he says this murder was a bump. inept when he called the ft hood massacre office violence, inept when he change the verbiage from terrorism to the flavor of the day. inept when he watched as the arab spring sprung. keep sticking up for this guy. 4 weeks left and maybe we can get back on track. mind boggling how he still has defenders.

          • toptwome says:

            In Lybia. People do get killed in Afghanistan as well. It was a tragedy but it was not the fault of President Obama. The Ambassador could have left the country if he felt it was not safe. I wish he had so that they could have built a more safe place for him to locate.

          • russ says:

            Let’s try to better define ‘common sense’ shall we?

            Common sense says if you are hungry you work for some money to buy food.

            Common sense says if you want to live like George Clooney you work for some more money to buy a movie script so he will invite you to his mansion.

            Common sense says if you want to help others you start with one person at a time and take a personal interest in actually wanting to help them and not shove them aside and out of sight on a government program that keeps them off your lawn.

            Common sense says any fool will run for president, but it takes arrogance to try a second time.

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            I define “common sense” as it is found in Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary 10th ed. : 1. the unreflective opinions of ordinary people. ; 2 sound and prudent but often unsophisticated judgement.

            If you were hungry I am sure you would seek work in order to provide for you and your’s. It’s when the real world intrudes into your life that sometimes principles are shed in order to survive. Hopefully you are fortunate enough to have not reached that point. But I bet you have thought about it.

            Your view of the Entertainment Industry is sophomoric. It ain’t that easy.

            You are unrealistic in thinking that the number of people in need of help can wait in some imaginary cue waiting to be helped one person at a time.

            You don’t have enough time in the day to take care of what you believe you need to take care of to maintain your way of life. How do you squeeze in another person and their baggage?

            You don’t.

            We set up government agencies to take care of that. As a society that cares about the least among it that’s common sense according to the Christian Rules of life I was brought up by.

            Common sense may say that any fool will run for President but only a foolish electorate will ELECT the fool.

          • I was brought up among the poor and we never sought government assistance. My parents worked two jobs if neccesary. We did not spend money on uneccesary things, only the essentials. Those who call themselves poor and destitute today, have money for cigaretts and cable and cell phones. I believe in taking care of the poor, but they too, have a responsibility to take that generosity( food stamps,welfare, etc.) and make it go as far as possible. Spending it on steaks, pork chops, fast food (in some places it’s allowed), birthday cakes, Debbie cakes, and things such as that is not being good stewerts of the help we working class citizens are providing them. Many times they live better than those who are working and paying for their little extras. This is not something I heard on the radio or watched on television, I know from experience. I go to the grocery store and get behind those who live off of others and I see what is in their buggy and what is in mine. There is no comparison. I wish I could afford the things they purchase with my money.

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            I commend your parents on their work ethic and their frugality. I agree that there are some who take advantage of the generosity of others but for the most part those on public assistance are truly in need of the meager assistance that the government provides.

            You say you have been behind someone in line using food stamps that made purchases that you considered frivolous, but to judge a whole group of people based on your small sampling is unfair and skewed.

            I call into question your statement that “they live better than those who are working and paying for their little extras”. How did you gain your “empirical knowledge”? Did you follow these people around and observe their lifestyles? I think that radio, television, news papers, magazines and conversations with friends and co-workers is your main source of information on this subject. However you may assume whatever you wish. It’s just that it doesn’t make it so.

          • d gasawa says:

            It’s Que not Cue. And most Obama supporters get hungry, they apply for EBT, not for a job.

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            Thank you for the correction.

            I’m guessing that you meant to put the word “when” in after and.

            EBT comes after there are no call backs on numerous applications and part time pay nothing jobs.

            I’m really glad you don’t need the safety at this point in time but I am equally as glad that it is there should you or any other American have need of it in the future.

          • Anthony says:

            Trumps common sense, you did not just say that. Going bankrupt how many times? Romney is a much better business man than Trump any day. He was a joke and cannot run businesses! Mr Obama is the joke in this matter by the way and who would vote for 4 more years of this guys failed policies. There is somethings that a liberal and a conservative will never agree on!

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            Anthony your reading comprehension leaves much to be desired.
            I used of the word “trump” meaning to get the better of; outdo.

            Knowing what the conversation is about is more important than just chiming in with worthless stupid comments.

          • It is far better to fall off the effin cliff that to be Dishonored by being LOCKED UP IN A CAGE !!!!!! If Your King Obama wins I think You will have a quite different position.

          • The_Liberal_Republican says:

            Wow, He is OUR President! Just like the last 43 before him, except for the color of his skin of course!

            Holy Hyperbole BatMan!

            If 8 years of Bush didn’t kill me, I can certainly don’t think 4 more of a good president will!

            The level of the douchebaggery of you guys never ceases to amaze me!

            Really, this is all a put on, right? Do you really believe what you are saying?

          • lisahemmer says:

            It has nothing to do with the color of his skin. I am so sick of that excuse. I judge a man by his deeds. Do you really believe he has made things in this country better? Wow- the schools are failing our children if you people claim to be the educational elite-most every liberal thinks they’re the bees knees. Legends in their own minds.

          • louisy8 says:

            as I said you are a sick person, for you to blame Obama for all the crap the Buah, the big banks , wallstreet, two wars, tax for the rich and so much more, go and read the facts of all Bush did and did not pay for any of it, and all the Bills Obama try to past but
            gops blocked all, mam you are a jack ass

          • Patricia Brindle says:

            To louisy8=

            No, he is not a jack ass, he just woke up from a coma.

          • badswing says:

            let’s see: wall street and the banks: i think barney frank, chris dodd, franklin raines, rahm emanuel, jon corzine off the top of my head. wars: after we get out of afghanistan (when is that going to happen) and close guantanomo (when is that going to happen again?) I think of egypt and libya. tax rates even after having all 3 positions house, senate and presidency remained the same. I think we can call them the obama rates now and then just throw in all that debt and those yearly trillion dollar deficits and YOU GUYS ARE STILL TALKING ABOUT BUSH. very sad

          • The_Liberal_Republican says:

            I wouldn’t have played the race card but someone on this thread called OUR president “buckwheat”. I thought tha put it in play!

          • Justin Napolitano says:

            Hey Rick, you are not going to be paid for that comment; you used the word effin.
            By the way, you are already in a cage of your own making.

          • louisy8 says:

            man you are sick

          • BDD1951 says:

            So is my sister.

          • Wendy A says:

            We are already slipping off the cliff right now with who we have in the White House.. Time to climb back UP in November!

          • james says:

            In this election people are listen to the Tv ads and not reading about who they have to vote for. In the Republicians debates they were doing the same thing. Everone needs to do some reading about the 2 men that are running for president and stop listening to the ads. You have facts and fictions. Make sure that you are not voting for the party but for the person that will be president. Do the same for congress. We have went tru a tough 3 years. The next 4 years will be harder. It maybe time to look at a 3rd party. Question is would congress work with a 3rd party?

          • The_Liberal_Republican says:

            Ha two parties obviously dont work, so 3 just might! It’s worth a shot! I think people should just sack up and do what is right in their heart! We are electing a representative, you can’t expect them to vote exactly the way you want them to all the time! Hence the name, representative democracy!

          • louisy8 says:

            Gops are trying buy this election with ad from all the big dogs and from all their rich friends but God is good the rick with all their money the right person will win. Obama all the way money and lies will not win

          • Dang Right says:

            Right on! Romney was caught lying when he said he’d close Gitmo by the end of the year and he would cut the deficit in half, and he would have the most transparent administration. That Romney is a big fat liar alright!

          • badswing says:

            remember when they had the meeting on transparency and it was closed doors! too funny. and cspan was going to be in all the meetings and unemployement was going to be…pick a %, any %, and there were going to be no lobbyists pushing this administration! and ocare was going to be budget neutral (only off by a trillion after raiding medicare by 700 billion) and our path to fiscal sanity was thru shovel ready jobs and green jobs and bears and pigs and fantasy, oh my! oh wait, and he had a unique ability to reach out to the muslin world and peace will reign. the one thing he did promise that came true was his ability to stop the seas from rising (yes, he said that and probably believed it literally) and guess what, the rate of sea level rise has indeed stopped.

          • badswing says:

            your party wants God out, it was voted on and obvious what the outcome was. yet, just like always, they think they know whats best for you and said the outcome was very different than reality. and God snuck back in.

          • LiveFree says:

            I fall to the right of Romney fiscally and to the left of Obama socially. Republicans and Democrats live in this lukewarm world where your identity is created by playing for the team. Romney is the currently at bat for the team, so they support him no matter what, even if he is batting for the Red Sox wearing a Yankees jersey. They can’t see past the BS, because their world begins and ends on Fox News of MSNBC. They look through rose colored glasses and refuse to take an objective, questioning stance. IMO.

          • badswing says:

            if what you say is true about your beliefs you are one confused soul. its not even possible to have the tenets you are saying you have. get a backbone and make a stance one way or the other. live free means the least amount of government intervention in your life as possible. left of obama sure isnt that.

          • Hugh says:

            The least amount of government intervention? Where, exactly, is that? Not funding the armed forces, the FAA, the National Parks Service? Or do you mean Social Security? Medicare? Medicaid? Or do you think that we just shouldn’t fund welfare? The business of government is NOT to give carte blanche to the JP Morgans of this world but to ensure that the playing field is reasonably level and that if you fall down there’s a helping hand. If you travel to Germany and most of mainland Europe you’ll never see the poverty you see daily in the US, and government is far more active. Haven’t noticed that this has unduly hampered Germany’s manufacturers (who have to have workers on their boards). There’s no contradiction between recognising the legitimate place of free enterprise in a society that takes care of everyone. And the legitimate place of free enterprise is NOT to take everything and give nothing back in the way that we’ve seen on Waöö Street recently.

          • badswing says:

            if your response was to something i said i will answer….i agree with your statement but: if you think we are at a point where if you fall down we are there to give a helping hand you are fooling yourself. we have a hammock that people live on. and wall st. gets an unfair advantage that both sides are guilty of giving away. and i do tire of listening to how good everything is everywhere else. ie germany or australia’s 20 min wage or whatever healthcare or retirements etc….. everyone can leave here and go there.

          • Rex Remes says:

            I agree. If the grass is so green somewhere else, people can go there.

            But I think there are tens of millions of Americans who are quite happy with their government handouts and politicians that are afraid to take them away.

          • Gwen says:

            actually, it’s harder than you think. Open immigration is not an option in places like Australia or all over Europe. You have to have a necessary skills, no record, money and a sponsor. Try even immigrating to Canada. Not gonna happen unless you’re top o’ the heap.

          • Rex Remes says:

            Germans have a thing called a work ethic. And pride. Many Americans have lost both of those things. Big government is just re-inforcing this fall to mediocrity.

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            I just read your response to LiveFree and was wondering if you would clear something up.

            Is it your belief that a person can’t be fiscally conservative and socially liberal?

          • badswing says:

            yes and no, if they truly understand the tenets of conservatism being socially liberal makes no sense. it is my belief that the moral choice, the government that works bests for the most people, leaves the least amount of people without ability to move up the so called ladder is conservatism. individualism, freedom to choose best explained by mises , hayek and friedman (and i dont mean tom, lol) clearly show the moral choice as well as the choice where liberty is most dominant works best for the most. so the “fiscal conservative” saying he is socially “liberal” ,in my admittedly very small world, is confused. so i guess my answer is if someone says they are indeed both, they dont understand either ideology.

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            I have to disagree.

            I think that a person can be fiscally conservative and socially liberal without conflict.
            For example a person spends their money on those things that are of necessity only would be considered fiscally conservative. And a person that believes that everyone has the right to live their life as they choose without causing harm to another is what I would consider socially liberal. I see no conflict with the two philosophies residing in the same person.

          • badswing says:

            we have very different definitions. your socially liberal definition is astonishing!

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            What’s so astonishing? What are your definitions?

          • StopUSA says:

            $17 TRILLION isn’t pushing the USA over a cliff.
            You apparently do not work: do not know what a JOB is nor do you pay any taxes, nor your medical NOTHING
            ALL equals a pure Gov Teet boy…in desperate need to find his sperm donor…

          • The_Liberal_Republican says:

            Poignant! What a tool! Dismissed! No further comment!

          • badswing says:

            as you follow “the one” off the debt cliff. mind numbing.

          • The_Liberal_Republican says:

            I would argue that your mind was numb long before you saw my post.

            Econ101. Try it.

          • badswing says:

            econ 101 , huh? maybe you believe paul krugman but i don’t. econ 101 is to make trillion dollar deficits every year? econ 101 means quadrupling debt every year? econ 101 means bailing out banks and companies and forcing banks to make bad loans, and QE1 QE 2 and now QE 3???? great policy. oh my! what part of econ 101 did you miss?

          • Lisa Julius says:

            This independent feels the same about how you can support Obama! They both suck.

          • The_Liberal_Republican says:

            I am supporting our President, because he has more work to do.

            Our credit wasn’t downgraded until the Teahadist’s were voted into office.

            Deficits don’t matter when you are Republican killing Arabs, but when you are actually trying to pay the bills under a Democratic administration…

          • INCOGNITO says:

            We follow Romney because he has balls.. he’s not a wimp like obama and he doesn’t have bruises on his forehead from the belt buckles of every arab nation on earth with all his bowing apologizing and azzkissing. Obama is a disgrace to this country. Did you know that Romney wrote a check every single week to pay out of his own pocket for 700,000 pints of milk for a veterans hospital for more than 2 years and no one knew it was him??? He asked no recognition.. he just did what he felt was right for his fellow man.. He’s a very compassionate man.. He’s not a I. I. I. person like obama.. we’re damn lucky to have such a man running for the presidency. You libs need to take the blinders off before we all end up having to learn arabic.. As long as I can still breathe no one is going to turn my country over to the marxist/socialist party. And you’re not much of an American if you stand by and let it happen either. Its beyond me what any of you libs see in obama beyond a welfare check.. disgusting.. absolutely disgusting behavior for people who call themselves American’s! We are a disgraced nation at the hands of this moron..

          • The_Liberal_Republican says:

            Sorry bro, you lost me with your first sentence…

            I just you would have mentioned George Soros.

            At least then I would have had to drink to you….


          • The_Liberal_Republican says:

            Independent focus group on your comments say you sound like a third grader. My biased opinion says you sound infantile!

          • goshabum says:

            Rather follow him off the cliff than obama off the “give America away” highway. At least then I’ve fought a good fight. Obama just wants all americans to become like his nut job Muslin Brotherhood.

          • cavalcanti says:

            You guys ENVY Romney for several reasons: HE IS INTELLIGENT, HE IS COMPETENT, HE IS HONEST, HE IS HANDSOME. Attributes that you pall Obama LACKS. Sorry!

          • The_Liberal_Republican says:

            Too many comebacks, not enough time.


          • J says:

            your friends support Romney because Obama is teh worst of teh two thats how. If you like mediocrity vote Obama if you want someone who at least has business experience and wealth for compnaies vote Romney. Obama is a socialist unless you like teh socialist ideals go ahead vote bamabi if you like capitalism vote Romney. America is on her knees today because of Obama do you like traveling to foreign countries and having people sneer as the stupid fucked up gringo and their useless president.

          • The_Liberal_Republican says:

            Please go back and get your G E D sir. You won’t get far without it.

            And if you somehow managed to obtain a G E D, please return it, as it was given to you in error.
            No One with Composition and Rhetoric skills, such as yours, is worthy of a High School Diploma.
            I only hope that those independents that wade this deeply into this WAR on the English see that Teanderthals come by the moniker honestly.
            Good Day,


          • M256A1 says:

            Liberal garbage… Speaking about a bunch of liberal morons following their leader off a cliff, how’s it feel down there, bonehead?

          • The_Liberal_Republican says:


            Who left the bar door open again?

            The sheeple are on the loose!

            No new talking points today, just ad hominen I guess.

            Thank you for contributing.

          • russ says:

            Seriously I suppose at least they don’t stand around baaing and letting some fool talk them into thinking the hangmans noose is a necktie for the poor. We are so far down the gutter now there is no way for anyone to find a cliff to fall off of.

          • stevie D says:

            Liar…you don’t have any friends….well maybe imaginary ones.

          • libsbite says:

            come on you have no friends..

          • Mark Russomanno says:

            I dont understand how they could be your friends

          • outlaw481 says:

            DO not call your self a liberal Repub, you are a liberal democrat nothing else. People like you are destroying this country by your insane rants and following the Great Satan Obama

          • The_Liberal_Republican says:

            You called my rants insane, and called President Obama the “Great Satan” in the same post!

          • THERealityTsar says:

            It is funny in that I live in (liberal) New York City. My neighbors are nice, if shallow, young people, and I can not understand why they(or any thinking person) would vote for Obama, he has failed horribly and virtually everything he says is a lie or a mischaracterization of the facts designed to mislead people.

            I am beginning to feel better, the tide is turning against Obama and I expect that by 11/6 he’ll be lucky to win 11 states*….Help America and the World, vote Romney/Ryan.

            *Even after Barry bombs Libya, and maybe Syria for effect….

          • PSAV says:

            Its simple, a bad republican is a little bit better than a communist

          • YOU and your friends make me ashamed to acknowledge that
            i live in reasonable proximity to either of you…SHAME SHAME SHAME……

          • The_Liberal_Republican says:

            My, don’t we have a high opinion of ourself, eh Mr Martin?

            With all due respect, screw you, you sanctimonious turd!

          • ali_Shabazz_Kingfish_Stevens says:

            Are some of your best friends black, too?

          • Roger Hay says:

            As I said you are an asshole!

          • The_Liberal_Republican says:

            Thanks, I try!

            If bashing bizarre and or completely idiotic trolls makes me an asshole, I wear that badge with Honor!

          • atlasshrugged77 says:

            your name is an oxymoron, first of all. and where has, and where will Obama take us? Oh I know, to the EU, where gas costs $10/gallon, we are not energy independant, we apologize for America, condemn family values such as marriage and heterosexuality, and have to pay for everyone’s healthcare who doesn’t want to work, bc they get a phone, paycheck, and housing for free from our tax dollars.

          • The_Liberal_Republican says:

            Wow! You sound like the first 30 seconds of every Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity show I ever watched.

            You watch too much propaganda, in my opinion.

            Thanks for noting that my name is an oxymoron, never heard that before. No really, good catch, not!

            I would rather be an Oxymoron, than a Talking point parrot Maxi-Moran, such as yourself.

            Sour grapes make sour whine!

            You just got served 4 more years of Obama, popular vote and all! Deal with it.

        • I know what you mean if those repubilcians get their way, dead people and illigel alliens can’t vote for the democrats, we have to make it fair, as it stands now I can only vote 7 times, I want to be able to vote at least 20 times for a democtate of my choice. KEEPING IT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            Bruce your attempt at derision only goes to weaken your case for what the GOP euphemistically calls Voter ID laws. There is no evidence, overwhelming or otherwise, to back up your side’s claims of voter fraud.

            So let us call it what it really is. Voter Suppression.
            Republican Rule of Acquisition #2) If you can’t win fair and square CHEAT.

          • They have plenty of practice. just ask Bush! Big money talks in USA, Republicans listen

          • Lying , Cheating And Stealing Is The Only Way The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Can Win !! If There’s Some Cheating Going On You Can Bet The Farm It’s The American Taliban Whose Doing The Cheating !!! Remember Bush 2000???? Right Now Obama 313 Romney 206 Electoral Votes!!

          • Patricia Brindle says:

            So well sais and true.

          • louisy8 says:

            no matter what they try, they will not win voter suppression or not there is a God to see the truth

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            Agreed 100%

          • msrita says:

            Its not going to work the people will stand up and poll worker must abide the 1965 Voters Rights Act. This in the Constitution you can’t over the Law of the Constitution. I some of use could it would be gun rights. How about Bruce Brownose.

          • Justin Napolitano says:

            Have you ever voted, Bruce or are you just saying you did?

        • Barry Feist says:

          Could good old fashion racism have anything to do with it? Not suggesting it is, just wondering out loud.

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            As are many of us also wondering out loud.

          • lisahemmer says:

            When you can’t defend dear leader’s policies, always, always bring out the race card.

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            So what you are saying is that when your racial animus is being used we should handicap ourselves by not pointing it out.
            Well that ain’t going to happen.

          • lisahemmer says:

            Where is the proof of “racial animus”? It’s an opinion on your part that it occurred. Where is your requirement of proof in this instance? I thought us republicans were the ones that didn’t believe in science? Sorry- this is one republican that does, unfortunately to your detriment.

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            How about depicting President Obama as the “welfare president”, he’s a Muslim or needs to learn how to be an American to name a few. You’ll probably deny any racial connotations but your denial is not proof that it doesn’t exist.
            I think you mean “Where is my proof?” as I would require of you if you made such a statement.
            It’s not that republicans don’t believe in science it’s just that you like to pick and choose what science you will accept.
            If you are saying that you are one republican that believes in science then I am both glad for you and at the same time sad. Glad in that you believe in enlightened thought . Sad because you must be very lonely being the one republican that does believe in science. And it is no detriment to me that you believe in science.

          • lisahemmer says:

            Sorry- it is a detriment to you because you can no longer lump all republicans together as anti-science. How is welfare president racial? It doesn’t exist in my statement unless I make the statement. There are more white people than black or mexican people on welfare- who is the racist here? You trying to sound so elitist- that is what is sad.

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            Welfare President, Food stamp President and other statements along those lines are dog whistle statements. Statements designed in such a way that when made they send a signal to white republicans that those undeserving minorities are taking money out of their pockets again without having to work for it.

            I think that you know that these kinds of statements exist and the reason for their existence. It doesn’t matter that the facts don’t support the claim neither does your not having made the statement personally. The intent and the results are the same, to stir up racial animus.

          • lisahemmer says:

            Oh.My.Goodness. Read your reply- who is the racist here? “White Republicans”? ” It doesn’t matter that the facts don’t support the claim?” Wait- I thought Republicans were the anti science group? Neither does my not having made the statement personally? Wow- talk about discrimination! Thank you for making my point about how racial and discriminatory a lot of liberals are.

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            lisa if pointing out the obvious is being racist then so be it.

          • lisahemmer says:

            Obvious in your opinion, not fact. So, you pick and choose when you want to use facts, is that it? As I said, more white people than blacks are on welfare, so how can that be a racist term? Facts are pesky little things, aren’t they? And you can be racist when it suits your beliefs? That’s even more racist! What a hypocrite!

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            Yes it is a fact that there are more white people than black on welfare. I agree with that.

            What I’m saying is that at large when the subject of welfare is brought up the image that most people see within their own minds is that of some black person living in the projects driving a Cadillac and living large on the public dole.
            I know this is what a lot of white republicans over the age of about 40 see because that is the image that Ronald Reagan planted and nurtured during his first successful presidential campaign. It has become a staple in the republican playbook.

            Yes facts and truths are pesky things. And republicans don’t seem to have a problem leaving them out in order to achieve their goal.
            Wasn’t it someone in the Romney campaign that recently said that their campaign wasn’t going to be run on the basis of fact checkers?

            Go back to the republican primaries and listen to what Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum were saying and here of late even Mitt Romney has dabbled in it.

            No. The hypocrisy is not mine.

          • lisahemmer says:

            Sorry, but you are a hypocrite. What about the liberal view of trailer-park white trash, swilling beer and watching Nascar, while collecting welfare checks? I can claim the same thing. Don’t even mention facts and truth and the Obama administration in the same sentence. “Over the age of 40”- now you engage in age discrimination- your hypocrisy knows no bounds. How can you even look in a mirror? Their campaign wasn’t going to be run on the basis of fact checkers, such as PolitiFact, or FactCheckers. org- well-known left-leaning organizations. Get your facts straight. I refuse to engage any longer in a battle of wits with someone so grievously unarmed. Good day, and may your blindness be self-serving, because people with your beliefs are the doom of this country as we know it.

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            I said their comment was “Their campaign wasn’t going to be run on the basis of fact checkers.” That is a true statement.

            You changed the meaning of what I said by adding on ” such as PolitiFact, or FactCheckers. org- well-known left-leaning organizations. ” I never said that. And then have the nerve to claim my facts aren’t straight. You are the one who is unarmed in this debate.

            When you say “because people with your beliefs are the doom of this country as we know it.” what do you mean by “this country as we know it”?

            Are you looking at as taking away your position of privilege is the doom of the country?

            It’s not my blindness that you should be concerned about. And thank you I will have a good day. I wish you the same.

          • lisahemmer says:

            I didn’t change the meaning of what you said- I clarified it. You didn’t do a thorough job of researching your claim. “My position of privilege”? Ha Ha! You don’t even know who or what I am, much less my position in society. People like you don’t believe in the principles upon which this country was founded. Read the Constitution- without Obama’s interpretation. Actually read it, and the Federalist Papers. Throw in the Declaration of Independence while you’re at it- then you’ll understand my meaning of “this country as we know it”. Liberals- when they can’t defend their own argument, twist the facts, and attack their opponent. Proud of yourself?

        • james says:

          We have many great Republician and Democrats that would make a great president but Mitt is not one. There are many things wrong in the US that will take someone that wants to do more than make money.

        • INCOGNITO says:

          Republicans rig the vote?? How many channels do you get on that outer space antenna on your head.. It wasn’t Republicans who registered dead people to vote in the 08 election.. It wasn’t Republicans who had black panther’s at the polling places with baseball bats trying to intimidate the whites.. You need to do some fact checking before you shoot off your ignorant mouth and at no time did Republicans state they would declare martial law if things weren’t going their way..Libtard!

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            Yes republicans are trying to rig the vote.

            You can continue to beat that dead horse about registering dead people all you want. It won’t win the race.

            The case is in person voter fraud which hasn’t been proved by the republicans who are instituting the new more strict voter ID laws to prevent something that doesn’t exist.

            I’m sure that you were intimidate by all two of the Black Panther members that showed up in front of a polling place in a predominately black district.

            You need to stop manufacturing outrage.

            An finally where in the post that you are responding to do I make any comments about martial law.

            You are the one with the fact problem and the mouth of ignorance not me.

        • cavalcanti says:

          After November your pall Obama will be “FORWARD” to Kenya, by all INTELLIGENT Americans,where he belongs. Then you MENTALLY RETARDED LIBERALS, will have nothing to do, and you be resting for a long, long time.

        • Joe Flinn says:

          Run your household the way Obama and the liberals have run this country the past four years…let me know how long you stay solvent.

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            Probably longer than if I run it the way the previous administration did and a Romney administration promises.

        • just freakin ducky says:

          WHAT???????????? (republicans trying to rig the vote) I honestly do not understand most democrats I have heard talk. I have not heard oh wait… maybe one or two tops. Make a lick of sense of what answer they make to a question. Or statements they make. As this one. Democrats are fighting to make sure that it is not mandatory to show photo I.D to vote. If they were really trying to rig the vote. They would agree on the no photo I.D they do not agree on this…. Like I said they make no sense to me on much of anything they say. Sorry if anyone is offended but is truly my opinion.

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            I honestly don’t understand your post.

            “Democrats are fighting to make sure that it is not mandatory to show photo I.D to vote. If they were really trying to rig the vote. They would agree on the no photo I.D they do not agree on this…. ”

            Democrats are saying that the new voter photo ID is unnecessary and an undue burden on minorities, the poor, seniors and students.

            There have been no cases of in person voter fraud. So there is no need to change the kind of ID you need for voting.

            What it boils down to is that in order for republicans to win the presidential election they must restrict democrats ability to vote.

        • Keep drinking the Koolaid. Obama is the liar-in-chief and you all can’t see how he is destroying this country. Debts deficits unemployment foreign affairs – what has he done well? NOTHING. As for rigging the votes- that is the Democratic party speciality.

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            Sandy if anyone has been doing any drinking it’s you.
            The only reason you would call Obama a liar is you wouldn’t know the truth even it walked up and said Howdy.
            I can’t point to anything that the President has done, that was good,that you would agree with so I won’t even try.
            If you consider fixing it so that no one is denied his or her right to vote, including you, well then I guess we Liberals are guilty of vote rigging.

          • MomsTalking says:

            obama has made sure the American Military does not vote by having the pentagon say they were having “problems” getting ballots out to 229 military bases!!!..housewives are able to put community papers out to thousands of people without the expertise and money and equipment available to the pentagon!!!!…AP(associated press) put out a phoney story(2 days ago) that an airplane crashed with 4700 pounds of mail going to the troops and alot was ballots…all burned!!..only the troops have confirmed no crash and the ballots were to be mailed to the troops IN SEPTEMBER!!…OBAMA has used dirty tricks once again….75% of the troops are voting Romney and he is OPPRESSING the MILITARY’S VOTE in order to win!!!..that sick muslim POS!!..the American Military deserve to be the first ones to vote in any election and should not be treated this way..obama doesn’t care because they won’t vote for him and because most of them are white!!!he has ROE orders in Afghanistan that ensure the WHITE MILITARY Personnel are KILLED!!look all this and more up on internet..

        • Randall says:

          i vote 1x how many times do you vote?

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            What are you implying Randall?

            I vote once per election.

            Randall you should strive to be as smart as you think your mouth is.

        • oldostritch says:

          No. We can’t rest, ever. Evil people will always work for their objectives, we must work to thwart them and accomplish ours.

        • russ says:

          Since when was chicago run by republicans? Or maybe you just forgot to add the ht after ‘rig’

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            I don’t know when Chicago was run by republicans. Nor do I care.

            No I didn’t leave out or forget any letters in my post.

            I posted exactly what I meant.

            The Republicans Are Trying To Rig The Vote In Their Favor.

            I can’t make it any plainer than that.

        • libsbite says:

          obama is giving the country over to the dogs. Our foreign policy is lower than ever. Our economy is lower than ever.

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            I disagree. Considering what sad shape the country was in when Obama took over I’d say that we took the country back FROM the dogs.

            I think that our foreign policy and our standing in the world have been restored to pre-Bush status since Obama became President.

            If you look realistically at our economy you will see that we ARE in much better shape now than in we were in 2009 when Bush left office.

            We aren’t in the best of shape as a whole yet but we are a darn site better off than we were.

        • rcbCAL says:

          Please explain how the Republicans are trying to rig the vote.

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            The fact that the Republican vote rigging story has been around for more than a year and with all the information out there on the subject and that I made the comment that you are referring to more than a month ago the answer to your request is no.

            You really don’t expect me to believe that you don’t know the answer to your query? If you don’t then A) you haven’t been paying attention B) you’ve got some snide little quip you want to put out there thinking it will score you some points in Conservative Land or C) you are willfully stupid.

        • PSAV says:

          Chicago democrats are the ones that are famous for two things:1. Dead people voting and 2. Vote early and vote often. Stop drinking the Kool aid. DUH??

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            Your snide, snarky and surly remarks are typical of low information voters.

            Obama/Biden 2012 Four More Years.

        • d gasawa says:

          Five instances of Democrat voter fraud in the news yesterday.
          Zero instances of Republican voter fraud in the news yesterday.

        • ANOTHER genius, we pray there are not enough ”FOOLS” to re-elect
          this buffoon again….the first time was a mistake… he has a record,
          the worst ever in the history of this REPUBLIC even wose than the peanut farmer, who we assume you and ”TheSkalawag929” loved.
          AMERICA does not deserve the title ”THE WORLD’S DEMOCRACY”
          with the likes of you guys that vote with something other than your head…..another part of the anatomy comes to mind.

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            I am neither genius nor fool.

            It is your opinion that electing President Obama was a mistake. You are entitled to your opinion.

            Yes the President has a record to run on now and I think that it is a very good record.

            As to President Carter’s achievements he was able to broker a peace agreement between Egypt and Israel. No small feat.

            Who is asking to be the ” world’s democracy”? I’m not. I am not for bending the rest of the wold to an American perspective.

            Prior to reading your post I thought it would impossible to think with the part of anatomy that you alluded to. You have convinced me that I was wrong.

            You are a prime example of someone blessed with that capability.

      • citizenmb says:

        Even though your e-name is oxymoronic, you are NOT a moron! Welcome to the Democratic party–as a Conservative Democrat(?) That name tag would not be oppositional because Dems are much more willing to embrace good ideas, even if they do lean more conservative than most Dems are. But back to Mr. Romney. He can be anything the Tea Party wants him to be–namely as crazy and craven as they are. Hey! It enabled him to win the nomination of his party, even though his opponents were so very weak they R’s had to settle for him. Now he has to “TP” himself, and it’s no Halloween joke!

        • The_Liberal_Republican says:

          Why, thank you! I love the Oxmoronic nature of the name! Actually, I think you would find there are plenty of socially liberal Republicans.

          Personally I’m a total Rino now. I could never sink to the depths of fiscal craziness I see in the present party!

      • Wendy A says:

        Yeah, more important things than acting as President, meeting with your jobs and security councils, and meeting with foreign allies. It’s more important to campaign and play GOLF. Even more important to send Tweets about selling campaign sweatshirts while the deceased from overseas are arriving in America. But Most of all… really, the MOST important thing he does, is Apologize in behalf of all of us American Infidels… even when OUR Americans are being Murdered by people of HIS faith… Muslims. Now, THAT.. is an AMAZING Responsible President… Hail Obama….

        • The_Liberal_Republican says:

          For God’s sake take a reading comprehension class people! I said he does have more important things to do than campaign! I said he doesn’t need to campaign because Romney digging his own grave! And whoever the person was that called the president Buckwheat? Thank you! At least you are honest about your racism!

      • onedonewong says:

        An Barak looks like Buckwheat

      • james says:

        Sir I went to Iraq 3 times. I have an ideal if you believe Mitt is right I believe you should put up or shut up and go into the Army. I do not know if you like I am is a vet. If not when you believe you are going to die you may began to see a bigger picture. In the Vetnam war Mitt protest draft protester and supported the war until he completed College. Then he went to France. I wish he had stay there. I know you knew this if not I believe you need to do some reading and find out who and what Mitt is. The price of freedom is not cheap. We as an Americian will be free as long as we are will to pay the price. I do not rember who said this but this is what I believe. There are many great Republicians but Mitt is not one. Newt was right about Mitt.

      • useralreadytaken says:

        Like playing golf? If you think Obama is so smart, why doesn’t he release his college transcripts to prove it?

        • The_Liberal_Republican says:

          I never said Obama was smart, I was commenting on how STUPID Romney is. Really, try to keep up!
          Exactly what GPA would you be satisfied with anyhow?

          Golf is a great game and if President Obama wants to play once in a while, great. Everyone gets time off.

      • Much more important? You mean like trying once again to repeal section 1021 of the NDAA 2012 that allows for the indefinite detention without charge or trial which does indeed apply to American citizens and violates our constitution which is why a federal judge put a permanent injunction on section 1021? Or his kill list which includes American and non American citizens that was addressed in congress by Ron Paul saying it was unconstitutional and against what this country was founded on. Or maybe how he is working on the NDAA 2013 that will allow the government to use propaganda on US citizens. But do not take my word for it for the NDAA 2012/2013 in text is public. What I am trying to say is that voting for the lesser evil is only going to send us in a downward spiral. There is no room for improving with such a mindset. We are in constant violation of Habeas Corpus. Do your research and see that I am right by facts BUT do not misunderstand me I am not promoting Romney, he is complete garbage. But Obama is not much better. He preaches to other countries about democracy and how they should not suppress protestors yet we suppress them here. One last bit of info, our liberties and freedoms do not protect themselves. We the people must protect our freedoms and liberties.

        • The_Liberal_Republican says:

          Thank you! I don’t know what else I can do.

          As W said, being the prez is hard work.

          Not a dig on W, just saying you can’t possibly please everyone.

          I really appreciate your thoughtful CITED posted.

      • StopUSA says:

        as if the Kenyan god king is concerned about the USA…where have you been?

      • Dang Right says:

        Right now, polls say that more people believe that Romney is the smart one. But don’t let the opinions of the masses alter your opinion. The President deserves time to go to Vegas and the Letterman show ahead of national business.

        • The_Liberal_Republican says:

          You are proof positive that collectively we, as Americans are idiots!

          Thanks for making us collectively dumber.

          I’m sorry, did I say collective enough to make me a commie?


      • cavalcanti says:

        DESPERATE PEOPLE MAKES DESPERATE COMMENTS. The important things that your pall Obama worries about is when he is going to have a party with his GAYS friends and MOVIES STARS.

      • Joe Flinn says:

        More important things like how to flush America down the toilet.

      • J says:

        Sure does like bankrupting teh country installing his spread the wealth tax policy and kissing ass to every muslim potentate he can find. Obama is a wqeak kneed vascilating idiot he submits a forged birth certificate and when told he doesnt pull out his real one. Makes you wonder if he even is able to be president legally doesnt it. Ask about his degreee cant see to get it out weither. He is a lying sack of bovine exccrement and the useful idiots on teh left bought into him for Change. Well change is coming like it or not US credit rating going down thanks bama, US defence readines going down thanks Bama , US deterence gone thanks bama, US foregin policy useless thanks bama and on and on all thanks to obama America first and last muslim president

      • Romney dumber than Bush? Come on, that’s more of a lie than you claiming to be Republican.

        Which empty chair should Obama send? I know a few. . .
        The empty state senate seat that he seldom sat in to vote or uselessly voted “present”.
        The empty US Senate seat he seldom sat in to vote.
        Or better yet, that seat in the Oval Office that sits empty while he plays golf, appears on Letterman, campaigns for reelection, etc., etc.

        • The_Liberal_Republican says:

          You had a pretty good rebuttal going, but then you bailed out to the same tired talking points that I have heard repeated over,and over, and over!
          Golfing is no more of a crime than skateboarding.

      • abebird says:

        America has much more important things to worry about than trying to keep Obama on job !

      • Randall says:

        what planet are you from and what drugs are you on
        yes obama must hide the 105,000 champaign stack in jasy los bar
        and decide which tv show to go on
        all so very important pfffffffffffft!

      • PabloKOh says:

        More important things like keeping a few of his 2008 election promises, closing Guantanamo, bringing more transparency to the government, stop raiding medical cannabis dispensaries, getting rid of some of the lobbyists in the white house and ending the occupation of Iraq.

      • clearhead says:

        Right !! Beyonce, golf, David Letterman, campaigning — the ruling of the American people never seems to end.

        • The_Liberal_Republican says:

          Wow! I am stunned at how many of you tea-baggers run with the same talking points!

          It’s not even fun to bash anymore!

          Did you even read my post? I said he does have better things to do than campaign, so I guess I agree with you?

          My reason for him getting off the campaign trail may be different, I think Romney is going to bury himself in his own BS!

          • clearhead says:

            It is immediately obvious that you are ‘stunned’ by SOMETHING. Yes, I waded through your ‘post’ and more or less understood what you were attempting to say, but being a free and equal citizen, I have a right to my opinion as well as you. Maybe the point of my sarcastic reply to you was not understood. So allow me to clarify it here: Most of us would lots rather hear Mitt Romney make a gaffe, or even an occasional statement of opinion with which we disagree, than to be deluged with the radical spewings and blatant lies perpetrated by the present ‘administration’ and their mob of lemming-like minions. So now you may again return to your fun af bashing, if that’s what gives you pleasure.

          • The_Liberal_Republican says:

            Why do you continue to spout talking points then?

            How about a little originality?

            I understand sarcasm, maybe you don’t?

            If reading one paragraph is considered wading, then you have already lost.

          • clearhead says:

            Maybe I’M the one who doesn’t get it, for after thoroughly scanning your babble above, I seem to be at a loss for answering your three ‘questions’, and of course your last blurb doesn’t require or even deserve an answer. Ta-ta — see you in rehab.
            P.S. Your monicker is oxymoronic. But God bless you anyway, and have a nice day. Semper Fi.

          • The_Liberal_Republican says:

            Nice to see you understand the concept of “oxymorons”. Your life must be full of them… “. “Social Conservative, Military Intelligence, Fox News…”
            Thank you for your service.

            E Pluribus Unum

      • badswing says:

        i think the one has taken your advice. all i see in his campaign is an empty chair. why the support for this guy who has proven he cant get the job done? why buy into the bs from the msm about romney. he could be a democrat for allahs sake. they could have you supporting him in ten minutes if he were running against a conservative. you honestly think he is dumb? and you honestly think obama is “the one”? get a grip. enumerate obama’s accomplishments for the 4 years, 2 of which he has had full control of both houses and the always available (to him anyway) fiat rule around our constitution. now of course , being a “liberal republican” you may think that having more people on disability, food stamps, welfare and unemployment are good things but i consider those failures so please leave them off the list.

        • The_Liberal_Republican says:

          Sarcasm, it’s what’s for breakfast.

          More private sector, jobs!

          Stock market at near records!

          The Auto industry is back in America! We are building GM, Ford, Chrysler, VW, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, Toyota… all here in the USA!
          And while I won’t call it a success, I’m glad there are safety nets out there to help those that are most in need.
          Things will only get better.

          Romney actually was my choice in the GOP ticket. Conservatives convinced me months ago that the man is unfit for office.

          • badswing says:

            U6 is 11%. that’s reality. the dollar is getting to look more and more like zimbabwe’s money. so our “record” market isnt worth a dime. and GM is in debt BILLIONS. so with 6,000,000,000,000 in more debt this is what you can show? did you hear they are lowering the price on the volt? now we will lose about 60K per car. brilliant, the one is just brilliant. i could have had these numbers with only 5,000,000,000,000 in debt. pathetic.

          • The_Liberal_Republican says:

            Debt is a necessary part of almost every balance sheet.

            Take a business class please.

            Your Unit cost on a Volt is pure fallacy! I would give you an Econ lesson, but just google it please!

      • russ says:

        yeah like being on any talk show that will have him during a slow week of really worldly important conversation.

        • The_Liberal_Republican says:

          That’s funny, most of the time, republicans think that the UN is a useless organization. I thought they were coming with global taxes, and to take your guns? The UN is only useful to the GOP when they can craft talking points against the current administration.

      • libsbite says:

        The funny thing is romney and bush are both smarter that obammy. He so dumb he is scared to release his college transcripts. Ole dope smoking obama is a looser.

        • The_Liberal_Republican says:

          Are you trying to sound stupid? Your posts are so laden with grammatical and spelling errors, that you do a fine job of exposing yourself as an idiot.
          It’s loser, you loser!

          The rich are using you like a pawn.

      • libsbite says:

        like what go on letterman? hhahwhhahahh you sure are stupid…

      • c smythe says:

        Rhodes Scholar! – good one, you do stand up?

      • Anton says:

        Like taking more vacations with our tax dollars and meeting celebrities. While our troops die and people destroy our embassies. He and you are the real hacks around here

        • The_Liberal_Republican says:

          The logistical costs of the office are not his fault. Moving any president is a very expensive endeavor.

          This is the same crap that came from the left about Bush’s Vacation time. He did take more time off than our current President. You do know that, don’t you?

          Do you expect the president to hit the battlefields, and protect our troops? Our embassies are in very dangerous neighborhoods, and our troops have been sent to clean up some nasty areas. It’s a shame that anyone has to die, but that is a soldier’s task. I’m amazed that we don’t lose more of them. I guarantee that President Obama will work harder to bring our troops home than Romney. Romney is ready to roll into Iran, guns blazing, right now!

          If you think our troops have had it rough in the Middle East to date, just wait till we start poking Iran. They are a much bigger nut to crack than our current quagmires.

      • toptwome says:

        Bush was the empty chair. Other people were in charge particularly Dick Cheney. Romney and Ryan are serial liars and both may be psychopaths with their selfishness and greed. They have real contempt for the middle class and working poor who they consider lazy moochers. Americans are not going to elect this bully and pathological liar.

      • ccw111 says:

        Obama can say all he wants – but 4 years of nothing says it all.

      • like golfing. He seems to be doing more of that than meeting with his economists/intel breifings. I guess how is golf score is or how he looks on the View is more important than making real polocies to create jobs and actually turn this economy around

        • The_Liberal_Republican says:

          Golf is an incredible game. The President is allowed some time away from the office. He takes an entourage with him on the course, so he is never completely away from the job. He is always working, just like any other President.
          I guess you prefer cutting shrubs and pretending to be a cowboy as recreational activities? Everyone needs a way to relax. That’s fine, but don’t hate on the Prez because his hobbies are out of your comfort zone.
          The economy has been, and currently is, turning around. You must be too blind with hate too see.

      • Carol DeFilippo says:

        Obama has a great deal to worry about….yeah like the View, las vegas, Beyonce and JayZ and golf He put this country at risk He has no allegiance to anything but the mighty dollar in his pocket!

        • The_Liberal_Republican says:

          Feel better?

          The hate is strong in you.

          Should he apologize because very famous people support him?

          I guess you would prefer he hold back room, 50k a plate dinners, and pi$$ on 47% of the country?

      • TRULY you deserve him ( THE SELF PROCLAIMED GOD MAN) He probably will cheat his way into another term and proceed to ”DEEP SIX” what he has already BANKRUPTED….even your minnow CEREBRUM cannot dismiss
        the immeasurable damage you and yours are about to unleash on planet
        earth. The precursor for us that understand your maniacl friend is BYE- BYE USA…..THE WORLD SIMPLY SAYS ANATHEMA TO YOU, ONE OF THE MISGUIDED.

    • BDD1951 says:

      Here is some advice for R/R. “Think twice before you speak, because you words and influence will plant the seed of either excess or failure in the minds of another.”-Napoleon Hill.

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      Romney’s humiliation is a label that Mr. Conason and some others have applied to this “candidate.” The “candidate” himself, like the emperor with no clothes, believes he has done no wrong….that he stands naked before the world, yet thinks he is fully clothed.

      I think the late, great statesman, Adlai E. Stevenson (1900-1965) stated it best:

      “I venture to suggest that patriotism is not a short and frenzied outburst of emotion but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.”

      “Frenzied outburst of emotion” describes not only the “candidate/his VP,” but that of the Teaparty and extreme right wing facists in the USA today.

      Conason states it best by observring that:

      “Romney’s smug criticism provoked instantaneous revulsion among former diplomats and foreign policy experts of both parties, mystified and appalled that he would hold the lives of those who serve so cheaply…..He seems like some kind of presidential mannequin — cosmetically perfect, yet lightweight and utterly hollow within. He is a contender for least qualified major party presidential candidate in modern history.”

      Obama and Hillary Clinton, however, do exemplify the ” tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.”

    • His Ego And The Koch brother Wont Let Him !! That’s Why He’s Dropping In The Polls Even Fox Fake News Is Getting Tried Of His Crap!! Lying And Obama Bashing Will Not Win This Thug The White House!!!

    • Romney Is Dropping In The Polls And Even Fox Fake News Is Getting Tried Of His Crap!! Florida Down, Ohio Down, And Va Down Romney Is His Own Worst Enemy!! I Say Let Him Keep On Running Off At The Mouth The More He Talk The More He Drops!!LOL

    • morgan520 says:

      Again, as always, well said – succinct and to the point – Romney is an “empty suit” who blows whichever way the wind blows

    • montanabill says:

      Romney should immediately call Morsi and issue 10 mea culpa’s. By the way, it is not bullying when someone hits you and you hit back. It is also better is the guy that wants to hit you knows he’s going to get clobbered if he does.

    • onedonewong says:

      As barak got on his knees to the ElQuida thugs and begged for forgiveness. And he plans on making another apology tour in Oct

    • Dang Right says:

      Dominick, I get it. This is one of those 3rd grade “what you say is what you are things” right? Slash and burn, ineptitude, greed, arrogance, bullies those are all trademarks of the current administration, right? So the best thing to do is to say that is what the other people are. Keep up the good work. It is very convincing.

    • INCOGNITO says:

      Oh and obama’s azzkissing, bowing and scraping and apologizing to infidels really portrays us well doesn’t it..

    • cavalcanti says:

      Are you talking about the IMPOSTOR, CORRUPT, ARROGANT, LIAR OBAMA?

    • George says:


    • Joseph Murratti says:

      It’s NOT bullying…it’s called “LEADERSHIP”, whether you like it or not. America leads the World. We NEED a STRONG LEADER, not a BOWING to the Saudi King AZZ-LICKER.

    • BBCSomerset says:

      Inappropriate for a president is attending a church for over 20 yrs with anti-American rhetoric being preached! And associations with known terrorists and bombers! Just ask yourself this question. Who’s the person behind Obama pulling the strings?? George Soros such a nice respected guy! Get a clue and by the way, you might want to stop using Bush as your scapegoat, this lunatic has had 4 years to erase all the bad things Bush did, but he’s kept most of his policies. This guy can not think for himself. He should be applying for the job of emcee for a talk show or the Academy Awards, not that’s a job he could do without pointing a finger at his predecessor!!

    • GREAT, you preferr unadulterated stupidity, ”EVIL” and buffoone
      ry to someone with a sence of decency and moral qualities.

  4. Dave says:

    Hello all Obama supporters – Can any of you tell me if you are all ignorant, or just hate republicans? Don’t you realize that the reason for these anti-American attacks in Libya, and soon Yemen is because they have no respect for our country and have NO FEAR of our country because they know Obama will do nothing to retaliate? Wake up people, get out of your shells and understand what Obama has done to our image in other countries. How many of you have been out of this country and travelled to other countries? I would bet you a lunch at chick fil a, that majority of you have not been out of this country and are totally ignorant to what other countries think of Americans since Obama has been in office! Many of these countries including the taliban are hoping that Obama gets in office for another term. That gives them all more time to plan their bigger attacks on our country. Wise up people!

  5. That is complete bull shit, from the liberal media. He is a much stronger candicate than the fraud Obama.

    • You’re showing your ignorance…and what’s a candicate?

      • Dave says:

        Are you ignorant, or just hate republicans? Don’t you realize that the reason for these anti-American attacks in Libya, and soon Yemen is because they have no respect for our country and have NO FEAR of our country because they know Obama will do nothing to retaliate? Wake up, get out of your shell and understand what Obama has done to our image in other countries. Have you ever been out of this country and travelled to other countries? I would bet you a lunch at chick fil a, that you have not been out of this country and are totally ignorant to what other countries think of Americans since Obama has been in office! Many of these countries including the taliban are hoping that Obama gets in office for another term. That gives them all more time to plan their bigger attacks on our country. Wise up clueless!

        • frivolous01 says:

          You mean like the attack that happened when Bush was in office? Sorry, but the anti-american sentiment runs much deeper than President Obama. It has been festering for 30 years or more. Do you have any understanding of history and what two gulf wars have done to our relationship with Middle Eastern countries?

          And by the way, I have traveled to other countries and have many friends in other countries. Our status went up immeasurably when Obama was elected, not that it could have gone down much lower than it did with Bush.

        • Dude, 9/11 happened under BUSH’s watch. When it happened, Democrats had the decency to support their country, even going so far as to vote for an utterly unnecessary war in Iraq. Just imagine how Republicans in the gov’t, and Republican voters would have behaved had 9/11 happened under Obama’s watch.

          The hypocrisy is killing me.

          • Dave says:

            OK, you are a perfect example of ignorance or stupidity;
            Terrorists don’t have to attack while democrats are in office, democrats weaken the USA military and lessens the threat to terrorists around the world. Look at the countless amount of military bases that have been shut down under the watch of democrats. Do your research before you start hating republicans because you’re not rich.

          • daniel bostdorf says:

            Dave….you are factually incorrect at all levels….where do you get this stuff, Glenn Beck? Rush Limbaugh??

            Most of us here HAVE done our research and have an attention span longer than 15 minutes.

            You simply have to get your head out of the sand, quit listening to Fox News and right wing radio stations. Go read the 13 volume set of Will Durant’s HISTORY OF CIVILIZATION before you post here OK?

          • Stella53 says:

            All you have are FAUX News talking points – so fair and balanced – NOT!

        • daniel bostdorf says:

          hey Dave….might be nice to know your full name. We here like to know who really is posting.

          You entire statement is totally, and unequivocally false.

          Obama has exemplified the finest in Patriotism and love of this country.

          “I venture to suggest that patriotism is not a short and frenzied outburst of emotion but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.”

        • RobGinChicago says:

          Dave they are not scared of our country, they do not respect the United States, and they actually want the U.S. to retaliate. It doesn’t matter (to the fundamentalists) who is elected President. That’s just how they roll. They live to die, just not their leadership (who goad them into jihad while hiding and protecting themselves.) That being said, I much prefer the reasoned, nuanced and adult responses of the Obama Administration to the cowboy/fratboy antics of GWB (No, Angela Merkel did NOT appreciate the massage).

        • Stella53 says:

          We are wise and we do have a clue. If they have no respect for us, it’s because of G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney, not Obama. If you stop listening to FAUX News and Rush Limpbrain, you’d have a clue too!. Wise up!

    • You can come out of the hole any time now!

    • johninPCFL says:

      The guy who’s leading? Hmmm…

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      Hi Gary, great you used your real name. Or did you?

      Ok–your 19 word “comment” has no substance. It has no narrative logical premise. It has no logical foundation.

      So what is your point?

      This column is about Romney’s humiliation. Not your 19 word indictment of the media.

      Why don’t you take some time, and THINK about something of substance to say.

    • msrita says:

      Wow the Repuckians are shaking in their boots about their Candidate. Should have pick someone else. Oh I forgot all the Candidate were crazy so picked the best you had. Ron Paul has so many followers but you decided to pick mannaquin.

  6. dellmartin says:

    Just another example of Mitt thinking he’s still a CEO, so anything he says must be true and “you people” should just believe him. Mitt, sit down and be quiet and let our Commander-in-Chief do his job. The more you try to stick to your story, the worse it is getting for you.

    • Stella53 says:

      No. No. Let Mittens keep on talking. Romney is turning out to be a very strong campaigner and surrogate for President Obama! Who would of thought Pres. Obama would have such a wonderful surrogate for his re-election? You said it yourself – the more Mittens talks, the worse it is for him.

  7. Mitt Romney’s foot in mouth disease strikes again.

  8. Hajji says:

    Romney does not fit to be a president, best to resign his nomination and move on. if elected will see more turmoil ,possible mors conflicts and got to condemn both sides of the coin, whether muslims jews or christian, no favorism for selfishness

  9. Grunge45 says:

    Romney put himself in a hole, and then used childish, uninformed methods to try to get out. I would not want this bumbler to be near the nuclear button, nor near the Joint Chief of Staff.

  10. Mitt is not ready to be a president of this great nation. You can not run a country by bullyng others. He is finished. Obama looks presidential every day.

  11. carolknows says:

    snake-oil salesman does it again

  12. emadis41 says:

    Even GWB did not act that way, his State Dept. condemned similar acts of inciting religious sentiments. He showed how arrogant and foolish he is to be the leader of the Free World.

  13. desertdustoff says:

    This pompous jackass (nit wit mitler) has no understanding of what being humbled means. And DAVE where have you traveled? Any place that “hates” us is simply a remnant of the bush/cheney administration of attempted manipulation and denigration of the muslim world. And your comment about chick fil a is so appropriate for an American taliban, rethuglican, bigoted, gop (greed over people, greedy ol’ pedophile) asshole!!

  14. Smug, arrogant, oh so above us all….what else do you want in a president? How totally correct was Obama’s statement that Romney shoots before he aims. Romney CANNOT deal wtth internatonal events, or have a dialogue with anyone else in other countires. WHY? Because he is so absolutely sure he knows it all.

    • sigrid28 says:

      I’m even more worried about Romney’s certainty that all he knows is all he NEEDS to know. Certain persons with his level of wealth, though not all, can be insulated from the consequences of their errors. When mistakes have no consequences capable of destabilizing an individual and his way of life, the “ignorance is bliss” phenomenon may take over. This can have the function of rendering a self-centered multimillionaire incurious and almost unable to learn.

      Other super wealthy Americans are constantly turning over stones, trying to understand things that puzzle them, exploring the world as a place of ongoing wonderment and possibility–my favorites are Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey. Why Romney does not question his judgment may have to do with the entitlement that came with his upbringing and with the yes-persons who often surround entitled individuals who don’t know better–and even some who do: think Donald Trump.

      It appears that Romney’s current entourage seeks to manipulate him by feeding his political ambitions to achieve their own ends. For Sheldon Adelson, it is war with Iran. How is that working out for him? For the Koch brothers, it is destabilization in the Middle East to increase oil profits. How is that working for them?

      It could be that Romney’s latest gaffes stem, perhaps, from his disinterest in getting to know the people who surround him, please him, fan his ego, and support his campaign. If he isn’t motivated to learn as much as he can about world affairs, why would he be motivated enough to get to know those he considers his subordinates? The stranglehold of an unwavering sense of entitlement–whether a product of religion, social status, or personality–can become a lifelong handicap. This self-perpetuating disability would not serve the United States well in the presidency.

  15. ObozoMustGo says:

    Here are the facts that you will not learn in this septic tank called “The Memo”


    Obozo is a scumbag and must be thrown out like the trash that he is.

    [click image to enlarge]

    Have a nice day!

    “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” ― George Orwell

    • BDD1951 says:

      Where do you get your info? Faux News?

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        BD… pull your head out of your a$$… it’s all over the international media who is covering the story while the state controlled media in America is in the tank for Obozo and will not cover it. Look at the British papers today. Go to their sites. You will see it. It is true. They have the documentation and the memos that prove that Obozo knew in advance of the attacks and did nothing.

        Obozo has only attended 33% of his intelligence briefings.. most likely because he has NO intelligence.

        Obozo has blood on his hands, literally!

        Don’t be so ignorant. You will not get this news from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, or MSLSD. It is negative for Obozo.

        Have a nice day!

        “Blaming a filmmaker for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo

      • Stella53 says:

        “Obozo” is gonna beat the c rap out of Mitt the Twit on November 6th. Mitt the Twit has proven he’s not ready to take the helm. He proved that solidly this week.

  16. atc333 says:

    Mitt Romney and the current incarnation of what now is the GOP are exactly what George Romney attempted to warn the GOP against becoming years ago. Obviously neither Mitt, nor the GOP paid any attention to what George had to say about pandering to a small, select group of powerful individuals.. Many voters today still remember George Romney, They would say, to paraphrase a famous political put down, ” I knew George Romney. He was my friend. You sir, are no George Romney”.

  17. adler56 says:

    I believe one of the reasons for the attacks were to try to influence our election. Romney might have gained if he had just kept his stupid mouth shut. Instead he made the election easier for President Obama. Romney should resign and save the country the embarassment of the next
    7 weeks- plus the wasted money. Just walk away williard- you threw your chance away with your bully attitude.

  18. ObozoMustGo says:

    Obozo’s foreign policy summed up in 1 picture…

    [click image to enlarge]

    Have a nice day!

    “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” ― George Orwell

  19. howa4x says:

    Don’t sugar coat it ok

  20. Absolutely right on–100%!!! One of Romney’s advisors—a foreign policy advisor—said that no ambassador had been killed since Carter’s term. Well, look what happened under G.W. BUSH’s term! And THANK YOU for that vital bit about Romney NOT serving in Vietnam. Do I see a Swift Boat in Romney’s future. I intend to spread THAT information far and wide!

    • How soon we forget….Bill “BJ” Clinton avoided service too

      • daniel bostdorf says:

        What does Bill Clinton have to do with Romney’s humiliation, the topic here?

        You 10 word statement is a distraction. Go post at Fox News or Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh or the website where great thinking statesmen like you get your information from.


      • Stella53 says:

        And Romney’s five priviledged sons? Did they get deferments from military service as well? Five sons and not one of them signed up to defend the country they want to take back from who knows!

        • msrita says:

          That you Stella53. That is our Son in my profile picture. He has not gone to war yet he was his Platoon Honorman in bootcamp. He made his family proud. He just completed his 1st year last week. He is stationed in Japan.

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      Romney has Bain Capital albatross around his neck and that of the “Republican Party.”
      I put quoates around “Republican Party” because the party I knew from Lincoln to Teddy Roosevelt died along time ago.

      There is no need for any specialized, karl rove produced, “swift boat ad.”

      Romney’s own business s and political record is proof enough that he is simply unworthy of holding any political office now or in the future.

      Romney’s humiliation on the world stage is a complete embarrsment for this country. No wonder clear thinking, fair minded and real Americans with real patriotism in their hearts are abandoning Romney’s sinking ship of incompetence.

    • smittyray says:

      Hopefully you will spread information far and wide on how Hillary and Obama had vital information about what was coming down and they did nothing about it. They sat on it and look what happened. They are a disgrace and I intend to spread THAT information far and wide. Lamestream media sure as hell won’t tell the truth.

      • Stella53 says:

        Yeah, sort of like when BUSH was given vital information beforehand that we would be attacked by terriorists yet he did nothing! But I don’t need to spread this information because the world is already aware of how G.W. Bush screwed up! If you want the truth, why are you not posting on FAUX News boards – afterall, aren’t they “Fair and Balanced?”

        • smittyray says:

          Isn’t amazing how anybody who listens to the puppets on MSNBC do not want to discuss how Hillary and Obama screwed up big time. It is called DENIAL, CLUELESS, and just plain Stupid. Face reality and face the facts, Hillary, Biden, and Obama are losers.

          • msrita says:

            So you listen to Rush and Fox News who are the biggest lies to their inbreed followers

          • smittyray says:

            Here you go again, stupid is stupid does. You refuse to bring up anything about Obama but you continue to acuse others. Guess Obama and his ‘blame game’ has rubbed off on you. That is hilarious! Only puppets would do and say what you are saying. By the way, I am not the only Democrat that feels this way, and we are sick of the lies from our own party candidates and campaign team for Obama.

  21. daniel bostdorf says:

    Romney’s humiliation is a label that Mr. Conason and some others have applied to this “candidate.” The “candidate” himself, like the emperor with no clothes, believes he has done no wrong….that he stands naked before the world, yet thinks he is fully clothed.

    I think the late, great statesman, Adlai E. Stevenson (1900-1965) stated it best:

    “I venture to suggest that patriotism is not a short and frenzied outburst of emotion but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.”

    “Frenzied outburst of emotion” describes not only the “candidate/his VP,” but that of the Teaparty and extreme right wing facists in the USA today.

    Conason states it best by observring that:

    “Romney’s smug criticism provoked instantaneous revulsion among former diplomats and foreign policy experts of both parties, mystified and appalled that he would hold the lives of those who serve so cheaply…..He seems like some kind of presidential mannequin — cosmetically perfect, yet lightweight and utterly hollow within. He is a contender for least qualified major party presidential candidate in modern history.”

    Obama and Hillary Clinton, however, do exemplify the ” tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.”

    • smittyray says:

      My god, are you blind or just stupid. Obama and Hillary exemplify nothing but a huge screw up knowing information before all hell broke loose and did nothing. They need to go and Romney and Ryan need to take over today.

      • fedupwitgop says:

        What???? Obama/Biden 2012. Hillary 2016!!! Nuf said.

      • Stella53 says:

        lol! Mr. Romney has shown us and the world that he’s just an arrogant screwball who knows nothing about foreign policy nor diplomacy. Look at what he did when he went to London. He embarassed the United States with his arrogance and stupidity. Romney made a fool of himself and American votes are paying attention now. The GOP Convention was a joke and so is Romney.

  22. William Deutschlander says:

    The ENTITLED rich kid, the EXTORTER of Capital, the KING of Swiss and Cayman tax avoiding bank accounts, is a starched shirt supporting an Air Head with an ill informed mouth, Mitt Romney.

  23. montanabill says:

    Another ‘shoot the messenger’ article.
    The anniversary of 9/11 was coming. A time when terrorists love to try to strike.
    We were warned, in advance, that demonstrations were going to happen.
    We know the countries where there are strong radical Islamic groups and sentiment.
    The administration says they had no advance warning on Libya, yet they know it is a totally dysfunctional country will a weak central government and a strong radical component.
    “As we did with all of our missions overseas, in advance of the September 11 anniversary and as we do every year, we did evaluate the threat stream and we determined that the security at Benghazi was appropriate for what we knew,”… State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland.
    That is an astounding statement! These people are in charge of our security. Do you now feel safer?

    • ObozoMustGo says:

      Hey Montana! There is a lot more to this story than meets the eye. The US press will NOT be covering Obozo’s incompetence because they are in the tank for him. They are not observers of the election, but are instead participants. I just posted an article from The Independent out of the UK who is covering the gross negligence of Oboza objectively. It’s in the comments herein. You should read it. It will make you sick to your stomach what this piece of crap president has done.

      Have a nice day!

      “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” ― George Orwell

      • montanabill says:

        Where did you post it? You can’t use internet addresses directly here, so make it look like text.

        • ObozoMustGo says:

          Montana… I posted it in here in the commets section. But here is the link cleaned up

          www dot independent dot co dot uk/news/world/politics/revealed-inside-story-of-us-envoys-assassination-8135797 dot html

          Have a nice day!

          “Blaming a filmmaker for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo

          • montanabill says:

            Just in case the administration still hasn’t learned it, this, from that article is the mindset of the people in Muslim countries:
            Wissam Buhmeid, the commander of the Tripoli government-sanctioned Libya’s Shield Brigade, effectively a police force for Benghazi, “….The deaths are all nothing compared to insulting the Prophet.”
            Even the rumor of an insult can set off these people. That means being ultra-prepared at all times.

          • mshawaii808 says:

            You are in DISNEYLAND with ROMNEY!!!

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            You’re welcome. And you are correct about the fact that Obozo and his minions of leftist freaks and useful idiots cannot even understand what the Buhbeid guy is saying. It’s almost like their ears and eyes are turned off to this reality. The only explanation must be that they are just simply stupid. But they do get pissed at my posts… which I like. It’s a badge of honor to be hated by leftist freaks and morons.

            Have a great weekend, Montana!

            [click image to enlarge]

            “Blaming a filmmaker for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo

      • mshawaii808 says:

        What a waste of space…..nut case!

      • Sand_Cat says:

        You haven’t got a clue, Why don’t you crawl back under your rock!

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Far safer than when people like you run things.

  24. My opinion: We should not be running Romnie down because he speaks the truth. The truth will set us all free!!! Jesus Christ taught us to speak the truth and don’t beat around the bush. We whould all take heed to this advice. Don’t “kiss butt” in order to keep peace. We need to break away from those violent countries where we have to walk on thin ice in order to keep our people safe. Just get them all out of there and be All Americans. Don’t let the terroists into our country if they are a threat to our country. We are so “nieve” to the fact that we have them all around us. They act so friendly, but when they get the chance to harm us they will because of their religious beliefs. Get them back to where they can live and worship in their own country and not infiltrate our society with their warring notions!
    We are to love one another “unconditionally” because we are all God’s children and are no better than anyone else. We are saved by his Mercy and Grace and not of our works, only. But the two must go together.

    • mshawaii808 says:

      What a RELIGIOUS fanatic!!! Keep YOUR GOD and let the real voter’s decide. ROMNEY is a DUMMY!

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Obviously Jesus Christ failed to teach you any respect for the truth, or any ability to distinguish it from pusillanimous lies. His lessons about piling up earthly wealth and about being generous and compassionate also seem to have bypassed you. Are you one of those who worship “the Risen Christ” – your “get out of Hell free” card – in order to ignore all those awful, embarrassing things that Jesus character said?

  25. ObozoMustGo says:

    Here is the proof that Obozo ignored warnings from an honest journalist. Hat tip to The Independent from the UK…

    Revealed: inside story of US envoy’s assassination

    Exclusive: America ‘was warned of embassy attack but did nothing’

    Kim Sengupta

    Friday, 14 September 2012
    The killings of the US ambassador to Libya and three of his staff were likely to have been the result of a serious and continuing security breach, The Independent can reveal.

    American officials believe the attack was planned, but Chris Stevens had been back in the country only a short while and the details of his visit to Benghazi, where he and his staff died, were meant to be confidential.

    The US administration is now facing a crisis in Libya. Sensitive documents have gone missing from the consulate in Benghazi and the supposedly secret location of the “safe house” in the city, where the staff had retreated, came under sustained mortar attack. Other such refuges across the country are no longer deemed “safe”.

    Some of the missing papers from the consulate are said to list names of Libyans who are working with Americans, putting them potentially at risk from extremist groups, while some of the other documents are said to relate to oil contracts.

    According to senior diplomatic sources, the US State Department had credible information 48 hours before mobs charged the consulate in Benghazi, and the embassy in Cairo, that American missions may be targeted, but no warnings were given for diplomats to go on high alert and “lockdown”, under which movement is severely restricted.

    Mr Stevens had been on a visit to Germany, Austria and Sweden and had just returned to Libya when the Benghazi trip took place with the US embassy’s security staff deciding that the trip could be undertaken safely.

    Eight Americans, some from the military, were wounded in the attack which claimed the lives of Mr Stevens, Sean Smith, an information officer, and two US Marines. All staff from Benghazi have now been moved to the capital, Tripoli, and those whose work is deemed to be non-essential may be flown out of Libya.

    In the meantime a Marine Corps FAST Anti-Terrorism Reaction Team has already arrived in the country from a base in Spain and other personnel are believed to be on the way. Additional units have been put on standby to move to other states where their presence may be needed in the outbreak of anti-American fury triggered by publicity about a film which demeaned the Prophet Mohamed.

    A mob of several hundred stormed the US embassy in the Yemeni capital Sanaa yesterday. Other missions which have been put on special alert include almost all those in the Middle East, as well as in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Armenia, Burundi and Zambia.

    Senior officials are increasingly convinced, however, that the ferocious nature of the Benghazi attack, in which rocket-propelled grenades were used, indicated it was not the result of spontaneous anger due to the video, called Innocence of Muslims. Patrick Kennedy, Under-Secretary at the State Department, said he was convinced the assault was planned due to its extensive nature and the proliferation of weapons.

    There is growing belief that the attack was in revenge for the killing in a drone strike in Pakistan of Mohammed Hassan Qaed, an al-Qa’ida operative who was, as his nom-de-guerre Abu Yahya al-Libi suggests, from Libya, and timed for the anniversary of the 11 September attacks.

    Senator Bill Nelson, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said: “I am asking my colleagues on the committee to immediately investigate what role al-Qa’ida or its affiliates may have played in the attack and to take appropriate action.”

    According to security sources the consulate had been given a “health check” in preparation for any violence connected to the 9/11 anniversary. In the event, the perimeter was breached within 15 minutes of an angry crowd starting to attack it at around 10pm on Tuesday night. There was, according to witnesses, little defence put up by the 30 or more local guards meant to protect the staff. Ali Fetori, a 59-year-old accountant who lives near by, said: “The security people just all ran away and the people in charge were the young men with guns and bombs.”

    Wissam Buhmeid, the commander of the Tripoli government-sanctioned Libya’s Shield Brigade, effectively a police force for Benghazi, maintained that it was anger over the Mohamed video which made the guards abandon their post. “There were definitely people from the security forces who let the attack happen because they were themselves offended by the film; they would absolutely put their loyalty to the Prophet over the consulate. The deaths are all nothing compared to insulting the Prophet.”

    Mr Stevens, it is believed, was left in the building by the rest of the staff after they failed to find him in dense smoke caused by a blaze which had engulfed the building. He was discovered lying unconscious by local people and taken to a hospital, the Benghazi Medical Centre, where, according to a doctor, Ziad Abu Ziad, he died from smoke inhalation.

    An eight-strong American rescue team was sent from Tripoli and taken by troops under Captain Fathi al- Obeidi, of the February 17 Brigade, to the secret safe house to extract around 40 US staff. The building then came under fire from heavy weapons. “I don’t know how they found the place to carry out the attack. It was planned, the accuracy with which the mortars hit us was too good for any ordinary revolutionaries,” said Captain Obeidi. “It began to rain down on us, about six mortars fell directly on the path to the villa.”

    Libyan reinforcements eventually arrived, and the attack ended. News had arrived of Mr Stevens, and his body was picked up from the hospital and taken back to Tripoli with the other dead and the survivors.

    Mr Stevens’ mother, Mary Commanday, spoke of her son yesterday. “He did love what he did, and he did a very good job with it. He could have done a lot of other things, but this was his passion. I have a hole in my heart,” she said.

    Global anger: The protests spread


    The furore across the Middle East over the controversial film about the Prophet Mohamed is now threatening to get out of control. In Sana’a, the Yemeni capital, yesterday around 5,000 demonstrators attacked the US embassy, leaving at least 15 people injured. Young protesters, shouted: “We sacrifice ourselves for you, Messenger of God,” smashed windows of the security offices and burned at least five cars, witnesses said.


    Egypt’s Islamist President Mohamed Morsi yesterday condemned the attack in Benghazi that killed the US ambassador. In a speech in Brussels, Mr Morsi said he had spoken to President Obama and condemned “in the clearest terms” the Tuesday attacks. Despite this, and possibly playing to a domestic audience, President Obama said yesterday that “I don’t think we would consider them an ally, but we don’t consider them an enemy”.

    Demonstrators in Cairo attacked the mission on Tuesday evening and protests have continued since.


    Militants said the anti-Islamic film “will put all the American interests Iraq in danger” and called on Muslims everywhere to “face our joint enemy”, as protesters in Baghdad burned American flags yesterday. The warning from the Iranian-backed group Asaib Ahl al-Haq came as demonstrators demanded the closure of the US embassy in the capital.


    Islamists warned they may “besiege” the US embassy in Dhaka after security forces stopped around 1,000 protesters marching to the building. The Khelafat Andolon group called for bigger protests as demonstrators threw their fists in the air, burned the flag and chanted anti-US slogans.


    There was a Hamas-organised protest in Gaza City, and as many as 100 Arab Israelis took to the streets in Tel Aviv. In Afghanistan, President Hamid Karzai postponed a trip to Norway, fearing violence. Officials in Pakistan said they “expected protests”. Protesters in Tunis burnt US flags.


    Have a nice day!

    “Blaming a filmmaker for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo

  26. Robert M says:

    I must disagree in order for Romney to feel shame he must have some humility. He is patently arrogant and uncaring about his own country and its diplomats and soldiers.

    • Joseph Hemphill says:

      Romney displays classic sociopath tendencies and narcissistic disorder, he should be in isolation and heavily medicated.

  27. ObozoMustGo says:


    Hat tip to Noah Rothman at Mediaite…

    Obama’s Horrible, Gaffe-Laden Week Goes Unreported
    video by Noah Rothman | 12:25 pm, September 13th, 2012
    The United States and President Barack Obama have suffered a pretty bad week, but for varying reasons. The U.S. was dealt a heavy blow Tuesday when the American Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, was brutally murdered in a coordinated attack on a consulate in Benghazi. But the focus of most of the press has, to their disgrace, been on the appropriateness of the timing of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s attacks on the president over this incident. In the space of the last 24 hours, however, the president has committed two offenses against both etiquette and policy that should be reported on extensively.

    On Wednesday, in an interview with the Spanish-language network Telemundo, the president was asked about the attacks on two U.S. embassies in North Africa, specifically a breach of America’s embassy in Cairo by crowds of protesters. The Telemundo reporter asked if Obama considered Egypt an ally. Obama replied that the United States did not consider Egypt an ally, “but we don’t consider them an enemy.”

    This remark displays a flippant nonchalance about American security policy and a downright antipathy for history and the work of generations of Obama’s predecessors.

    The United States, in concert with Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, wrestled the key Arab state away from the Soviet sphere of influence during the tenure of President Jimmy Carter. This effort culminated in the 1979 Camp David Accords, which are better known for cementing a lasting peace between Egypt and Israel. The agreement also served as a basis for a lasting partnership between Cairo and Washington — this relationship has safeguarded peace in the region for more than a generation.

    By cavalierly saying Egypt is not an ally of the United States, the president has bucked more than 30 years of American foreign policy in a critical region. This casual display of disregard for precedent and a pillar of diplomatic policy should inspire a measure of outrage. On that front, there is a glimmer of hope. On Thursday, NBC News’ chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel delivered a rebuke of Obama’s dismissal of America’s relationship with the Egyptian government.

    But the tepid outrage of one reporter does not a trend make. This episode merits wider reporting and at least some debate over how appropriate it is for the president to single-handedly usher in a major shift in American global security policy vis-a-vis our relationship with Egypt.

    Following what can only be correctly described as a gaffe regarding Egypt, the president made what can only be correctly described as a gaffe on the campaign trail.

    While attending a campaign rally on Wednesday in Las Vegas – yes, a campaign rally, on a day marked by such solemnity that the press viewed it necessary to harangue Romney for even broaching the subject of politics – President Obama drew a comparison between the sacrifices of his campaign volunteers and those of the American service personnel who lost their lives in Libya just hours prior.

    “And obviously [our] hearts are broken for the families but I wanted to encourage those folks at the State Department that they were making a difference,” he said.

    “The sacrifices that our troops and our diplomats make are obviously very different from the challenges that we face here domestically but like them, you guys are Americans who sense that we can do better than we’re doing….I’m just really proud of you,” he added

    Had this statement not occurred in an environment marked by the most farcical displays of outrage over Romney’s supposed breach of conduct, it could go ignored. However, in light of how the press jumped down Romney’s throat over the process and tone of his criticisms of Obama (watch the press conference here if you missed it), the media will be correctly accused of putting its thumb on the scales if they do not treat this statement with a similar measure of distress.

    This summer, during a much-panned visit abroad after having offended the British people by questioning London’s preparedness for the Summer Olympics, Mitt Romney was asked by a perturbed member of the political press, “What about your gaffes?” I eagerly await the press directing this loaded question towards the president. At this point, the credibility of the political media just about depends on it.

    UPDATE: An Obama administration official has clarified the president’s remark about the alliance between the U.S. and Egypt. White House spokesman Tommy Vietor told Foreign Policy Magazine that people are “reading too much” into Obama’s comments.

    Ally’ is a legal term of art. We don’t have a mutual defense treaty with Egypt like we do with our NATO allies. But as the president has said, Egypt is longstanding and close partner of the United States, and we have built on that foundation by supporting Egypt’s transition to democracy and working with the new government.

    As all know, it’s always necessary to issue a clarification when you are properly understood the first time. Oh, to be a fly on the wall at Foggy Bottom today.

  28. msrita says:

    Idiots please go Vote and lose the Election. He is not President material. Sorry NOT! I’m LMBAO!. OBAMA WINS

  29. Thanks guys; I come to this web site once a day to get a laugh! You people drooling all over Ozero and yourselfs are pathetic!

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Speaking of pathetic…

    • msrita says:

      Do you know Romney is down in the polls since his comment. Losing in OH,VA, PA and FL as of today by 4 points. Not tied, nor leading. Right ringer are a Joke to my Country. My Son is a Marine serving his Country why not you blacktastic Ms Rita.

  30. daniel bostdorf says:


    First of all, this article at The National memo is about Romney’s humiliation, not some British newspapers account of the middle east uprising against a film that has caused this entire mess.

    I was hoping that “the unknown poster hiding behind a bizarre user name” finally fell into the trap of even mentioning The Independent from the UK… The Independent is nether “independent” or a factually correct publication. It is owned by A RUSSIAN WITH TIES TO PUTIN Alexander Lebedev. Putin supports Romney.

    This “newspaper” has been a supporter of the conservative extreme far right wing of the Tory Party in Britain, as well as conservative causes and candidates here in the USA. The disgraced Margaret Thatcher was a lifelong Tory. The poisonous racists elements now in Britain calling for an entire police state replete with video and eavesdropping surveillance on all its citizens go hand in hand with right wing poltics in the USA.

    The Independent’s mindset is like the US version of FOXNEWS, The Teaparty, and right wing radio talk show hosts like Limbaugh and Beck..of which MUSTGO-OBOZOMUSTGO is a fanatical follower of. It claims to be “fair and balanced” but is neither.

    Opponents of fair minded political candidates, here in the USA and Britain, cook up a fictionalized political “article’s in the guise of fair minded and balanced reporting.

    Shawn Turner, spokesman for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, states: “This is absolutely wrong. We are not aware of any actionable intelligence indicating that an attack on the U.S. Mission in Benghazi was planned or imminent.”

    MUSTGO-OBOZOMUSTGO…Romney’s humiliation is an embarrassment and subject of Conason’s article.

    As I stated before, the late, great statesman, Adlai E. Stevenson (1900-1965) stated it best:

    “I venture to suggest that patriotism is not a short and frenzied outburst of emotion but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.”

    Obama’s response as well as Hillary Clinton’s to this crisis is powerful leadership.

  31. vlcpolitics says:

    I could not have said better. I hope the American people take notice of his unfitness for the presidency and retire him to his car elevator home.

  32. sheilab2 says:

    This incident just goes to prove how stupid, venal and grasping the Mittster is. He is willing to denigrate his President,his country, his fellow citizens, the diplomatic corps, etc. in his losing race to the White House. Just the thought of this loose lipped, thoughtless person as Commander in Chief is chilling. He has only one thought in mind-to make more money for himself and his friends, devastate the poor and middle class and reign supreme from Salt Lake City. Probably want to move the capitol there. Don’t let this happen, vote Obama/Biden and dump the romney-ryan-road to ruin .

  33. Jim Myers says:

    The gutless SCUM that originated the disgusting and immoral posting that led to all the death and destruction should be hunted down and turned over to the marauders for a “FAIR” trial. After all, they caused this mess in the first place.
    As for the attacks on the President by the extreme far right, led of course by Romney, are to be expected. After all, if you do not have a strong case for the election, just make up some lies, keep repeating them, and the followers will believe them. The sad part is that too many people will also take these lies as gospel, without actually checking the facts, and that is the main goal of the extreme right anyway.

  34. DirkVanden says:


  35. 1standlastword says:

    This son of a rich man has choosen to uses the pursuit of political office to satisfy his drive for power and has in the process allowed a crazy leading faction of the GOP to make him “head clown” He has truely damaged his credibility forever as his public persona will never again be respected.

    He has condemned himself to the status of highclass fool!

  36. OBAMA knew the attacks were coming and did not do anything. He let Stephens go into a situation that he could have warned him about. Maybe skipping all those breifings is not such a good idea.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Yeah, yeah, yeah.

      Any more straws you’d like to grasp at, Mittwit?

    • Patricia says:

      That is total BS and you know it.

    • William Carr says:

      You MUST be crazy.

      Where did you get the idea that President Obama skips briefings or knew there would be an attack on the Embassy?

      Somebody spent $5,000,000.00 to make this hack of a “film”, then released the Arabic translation on 9/11 to CREATE a riot.

      Now, who has that kind of money, and why would they WANT to create a riot just before the Election? Hmmm.

    • smartdee says:

      You need fact checkers! No one would be that crazy except extremists…and we all know who they are.

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      Shawn Turner, spokesman for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, states: “This is absolutely wrong. We are not aware of any actionable intelligence indicating that an attack on the U.S. Mission in Benghazi was planned or imminent.”

  37. britwit says:

    OMG – new reports show Romney unbelievably DOUBLING DOWN on his criticism and justifying it yet more innacurate portrayals of Obama’s supposed “apologies” abroad. Until now, I wasn’t sure just what kind of leader Romney might be, but he’s now erased all doubt. He’s that guy who believes apology equals weakness — we’ve all met that guy, haven’t we, ladies? And run away screaming. So not only will Mitt not apologize for his importune remarks in this tragic chapter, he demonstrates also that he hasn’t got the slightest inkling of the fundamentals of diplomacy, which often invoke either nuanced or straighforward apologies for the wrongful actions of US citizens. Such as (for example) the rape of a Japanese 12 year old schoolgirl by American servicemen back in the 80’s…the inadvertent burning of Korans earlier this summer in Afghanistan…or…let’s say, the deliberate incitement by American hack filmmakers of Islamic fury by depicting their holy leader in an way that would cause unbounded outrage among Christians if about Jesus! Mitt has just abundantly demonstrated not only that he’s an arrogant ass but also clearly NOT a follower of that most basic of Judeo-Christian tenets: treat one another with respect and sow love where there is discord.

    Christianity is about a whole lot more than giving money to your fellow mormons, Mittens. Shame on you. You paint us all with a black brush.

    So Happy New Year to my Jewish friends, and peace to those of the Islamic faith. In the words of a famous atheist: “Imagine.”

    • William Carr says:

      I can only imagine the reaction of the Westboro Baptist Church if someone in Iran had released the identical film about Jesus Christ.

  38. curious11 says:

    Romney didn’t make any mistakes!…. the State Department confirmed that the Obama administration new about the attacks and did nothing…. “nada.” Oh, but Obama was out fundraising in Nevada and cracking jokes as usual. Now idiots want to call Romney’s well-framed criticism as awkward!… Ha, well I’m glad to see Obama is already sliding in the polls. Seems he never could even get up to 50… but now he’s down 3 points. After all this mess is over, he’ll be lucky if he gets 40. Can’t wait to vote this incompent, poor excuse of a President out of office. Then he can go back to Chicago with deadfish and crack jokes at their favorite “gentlemen’s” club, the “East Bank Club” and “Man’s Country.” Google that, you hypocrites!

    • Patricia says:

      The State Department never confirmed any such thing and you know it. You right wing extremists come up the biggest lies I have ever heard and the American people aren’t falling for it anymore.

      • William Carr says:

        I think they get stuff like that from

        Conservatives believe anything another Conservative tells them.

        So one lies, posts the lie online, and then they’re all repeating it as true without ever bothering to check.

        The majority of Americans are starting to wake up and realize this stuff is fishy.

        For those that think about politics, the term “false equivalency” is becoming trendy.

        We grew up with a Main Stream Media that had to obey the “Fairness Doctrine”.

        So, we got used to the idea of two sides presenting their arguments, and thinking that disagreements were just a matter of opinion.

        Now, of course, the Fairness Doctrine is long dead, and so-called “Journalists” spout editorials as facts, and manipulate the story to fool people.

        What makes it practical is, these people WANT to be fooled.

    • William Carr says:

      Romney claimed the Embassy press release was “apologizing” for the attack that killed the Ambassador.

      But… that press release came out hours BEFORE the attack and the Ambassador’s death. The statement was about the insulting, amateurish video, that was DESIGNED to cause Muslim riots.

      Anyone who’s served overseas would be quick to pick up on how insulting this was to the lunatic fringe Muslims.

      Romney DID make a mistake… a serious gaffe.

      The President would have been informed about the attack, and dispatched troops to reinforce the Embassies.

      You’re probably repeating crap from If you haven’t figured out yet they make stuff up, you’ve gullible.

      Polls ? The attack was on Tuesday…

      “In the latest survey to show Obama ahead, a Reuters/Ipsos online poll on Thursday gave the Democrat a 7 percentage point lead, 48 percent to 41 percent, among likely voters.

      Survey aggregator Real Clear Politics’ average of national polls gives Obama a 3.3-point advantage while Gallup’s seven-day tracking poll of registered voters has Obama leading by 6 points, one more than a Fox News survey of likely voters.”

    • smartdee says:

      Patricia is absolutely correct…the ads put out by the Romney/Ryan campaign are riddled with lies. After don’t forget the right wing extremists in Congress set out to make Obama look bad and block everything he wanted to do for the past two years. I guess you would like to be the benefactor of more Bush trickle down! Good luck!

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      Shawn Turner, spokesman for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, states: “This is absolutely wrong. We are not aware of any actionable intelligence indicating that an attack on the U.S. Mission in Benghazi was planned or imminent.”

  39. BonnieMama says:

    This is heartbreaking. Chris Stevens has spent his life in public service – from the Peace Corps to being the U.S. face in the troubled Middle East. He balanced so well being a learned, brilliant scholar with being a gallant, gentle humanitarian. He gave his life for us. His sacrifice for us Americans, the Middle East, all human progress must now be overshadowed by selfish, unthinking, arrogant, political posturing?
    Shame on you, Mitt Romney. Shame on your handlers and advisers. You should never come anywhere this subject again – and possibly all discussion of foreign affairs – because it exposes too many faults that your good looks and great money can’t fix.
    And please, please do not even think of bringing up the name of Chris Stevens. Damage is done and is unforgiveable.

  40. Romney’s comments were proven to be correct. These attacks are directly related to anniversary of 911 and terrorists making statement that Obama is weak and Osama’s people are still in a position to attack us. the movie thing is a red herring ruse.

  41. It appears the Obama Doctrine for the Middle East is in a shambles and a total failure.. Terrorists planned these attacks on the anniversary of 911. Our enemies view President Obama as weak so needed to attack before he might be voted out. OMG-Obama Must Go.

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      No it isn’t. Hardly in any shambles.
      Romney has humiliated himself with his frenzied outbursts…

      “I venture to suggest that patriotism is not a short and frenzied outburst of emotion but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.” – Adlai E. Stevenson

  42. Nero fiddles while Rome burns. Obama goes to Vegas to campaign while US embassy’s burn. Shame on him.

    • William Carr says:

      It’s the 21st Century, Orville.

      President Obama is on the job everywhere; in the White House, speaking before Congress, and on Air Force One while traveling.

      The President has already acted. I’m sure you’d love for him to sit in the Oval Office by the phone and stop campaigning, but he has one of those newfangled “Cell Phones” now.

      The Shame is on you, for being stupid.

      It’s not as if the President ran off to Texas for a record-setting vacation after being warned Al Queda was about to attack…

      Oh, wait. President Bush did just that.

      If President Bush KNEW Al Queda was going to attack, being in the Oval Office would be risky, of course.

      It explains the long vacation. It doesn’t explain inaction, of course.

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      First of all, this article at The National memo is about Romney’s humiliation not Nero.

  43. Romney(the military mittchurian candidate) should just give up running after undermining OUR country & OUR President, trying to act like the president with no understanding or any honor. This is no way for anyone to run as a U.S. presidential candidate! It is embarrassing & totally inept!

  44. Bob Williams says:

    And tell me again what Obama had to say about the issue. Wasn’t it something like “I’m sleeping, so don’t bother me! Besides – I’m flying to Vegas tomorrow to pimp for more money!”

    Deplorable! But then what can you expect from a Community Organizer?

    • William Carr says:

      You create a Lie in your mind, believe it’s true, and call it Deplorable.

      You are a True Conservative.

      So others will realize what a fool you are, I’ve answered your question. Here are the President’s words.

      “”Today the American people stand united in holding the families of the four Americans in our thoughts and in our prayers,” he said. “The United States condemns in the strongest terms this outrageous and shocking attack. We are working with the government of Libya to secure our diplomats and I have also directed my administration to increase our security at diplomatic posts around the world. And make no mistake, we will work with the Libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people.”

      “We will not waiver in our commitment to see that justice is done for the terrible act and make no mistake justice will be done,” he concluded. “But we also know the lives these Americans led stand in stark contrast to those of their attackers.”

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      First of all, this article at The National memo is about Romney’s humiliation.

      Obama wasn’t asleep….I fear your brain was.

      What a inane comment.

  45. felicity says:

    Go help us all he is called “mitt the twit” in the rest of the world especially Britain. Plus he pushed Romney care in Massachusetts. We had to leave the state since we could not afford the fines

  46. CaptD says:

    I’d suggest that Romney needs to go to Libya himself except I would not want to put his protection detail in harms way…

  47. MPD says:

    Conscientious conservatives need to keep speaking out against Romney and start doing it more strongly…they should even actively support Obama.

    There’s a lot more at stake in this election than whether the top marginal tax rate goes three percentage points in one direction or another.

    This man Romney is proving himself unfit to lead in a dangerous world.

    • nana4gj says:

      You also need to wonder who would volunteer to serve in the military or the State Dept under a Romney presidency, when he can not summon any basic understanding of their role and their risk but just castigates them loudly, repeatedly, and publicly, for issuing a statement denouncing an insult of the religion of the host country where they seek to serve, to mitigate potential mob action, using intelligent and appropriate diplomacy and basic psychology.

      Romney is unfit to serve. Unfit to tie the shoes of the entire American public. As far as I am concerned, he is a persona non grata.

  48. gardenerman says:

    I wish you would quit making negative, convoluted and pedantic comments against Israel. Israel is the most liberal country on earth trying to preserve its existence against hoards of primitive reactionaries–sand crackers. It’s jerks like you who give liberals a bad name.

    • William Carr says:

      Gee, I wish the “most liberal country on earth” comment was true.

      But in fact, Israel is being run by their version of Conservatives.

      The West Bank Settlements kind of kills your theory. Sorry.

      • gardenerman says:

        As if I hadn’t thought of that!  I didn’t say there were no conservatives in Israel. Please tell me which country has no reactionaries! I wish the most conservative leader America had was Netanyahu. Do you picture him trying to overturn Israel’s socialized medicine. The American definition of liberalism apparently is appeasement. Do you want liberalism to be associated with Neville Chamberlain?

    • nana4gj says:

      Actually, it is those who pander to Israel in our own country and who are not true friends of Israel, only opportunists, who are giving the present Israel a bad name. It is their own Leader, who is allowing himself to be exploited by those in this country who seek only their own political ambitions and are using Israel instead of helping Israel. Some of us respect the Israel who had competent and responsible statesmen for their government. All accounts indicate that the majority of people in Israel are not happy with BiBi, and I think we can all take a lesson as to what happens when a country elects a bombastic blowhard who is rigid and uncomprimising and demands respect and support and feels it unnecessary to demonstrate it. Good sense is nowhere to be found in someone like that.

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      Conason’s article at The National memo is about Romney’s humiliation.

      Not anything else particularly Israel.

  49. stone says:

    What does his little smirk say as he exits the stage?

  50. dggrundhoffer says:

    Stupid is what stupid is and in this case Romney.

  51. stone says:

    It tells me a lot about the man that wishes to be the leader of the free world.

  52. msrita says:

    Thanks to everyone who made kind comments on my post about my Son that is Serving our Country. I will email all your names to him and your kind words, thoughts and prayers.


  53. B4Real2012 says:

    REVISED AND REPOSTED – Inept, spineless and bloviating idiots comes to my mind – It is getting to be fewer and fewer adjectives left to describe some of the worse bunch of bumbling idiots to disgrace the U.S. elections, even in recent memory or CAN YOU SAY, EVER! Can These people really consider themselves as intelligent? REALLY? They are running for the PRESIDENCY and other elected offices. but people like the Romney-Ryan Stooges are far worse than even the McCain-Palin ticket and I NEVER thought that I would see worse than Palin (who is also still an idiot). The Bermuda Triangle waters isn’t deep enough to dump ALL of these CLOWNS in (my apologies to the actual clowns who earn a real living) The jokesters, which includes non-running-(alleged) candidate (dooh-dooh Trump, are dangerous to everyone, including themselves, and they are so far STUCK ON STUPID THAT IT’S PITIFUL. November 6th and 7th almost can’t get here soon enough. It’s pass being SAD.

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      Why can’t you folks stay on topic? This article at The National memo is about Romney’s humiliation.

      “UNREALB4REAL2012” What the frig are you talking about?

  54. nana4gj says:

    He is disgraceful. I cannot even try to listen to his addresses anymore. I have completely dismissed him, as I feel he is polluting the airways and the environment. I will be glad when this is over and he is consigned to obscurity. I hope his defenders in Congress, who may be up for reelection, go with him.

    I have been offended by these non-patriots for 4 years and find them all unfit to tie the shoes of the American citizen in private life who does their part to value their country and of those dedicated public servants in government and in the State Dept and our military who put not their lives at risk to personify American “exceptionalism”. “Exceptionalism”, something the GOP talks a lot about but does not know how to live.

    I only hope the National Security Team has not informed this candidate of anything and that the process is reserved for the President elect and not some two-timing, inept, opportunistic puppet of disreputable financiers and our own radical fundamentalist right wing.

    Thank you for this article. Well done.

  55. Ford Truck says:

    If Romney wins in November and is sworn in as President in January, his tendency to fly off the handle without having all the facts, his megalomaniacal bravado, and his clear, irresponsible desire to play the big-man part, the U.S. will be involved in another war (probably with Iran) by mid-summer of 2013.

    Romney is clearly a man with a small penis who wants to drive the biggest, baddest car on the block just to feel like a real man!

    Unfortunately, that big, bad car he wants to drive is the U.S. military and with him behind the wheel, it will cost billions of U.S. dollars and many American lives.

  56. nana4gj says:

    Romney is persona non grata after his latest pronouncement. Before, he was goofy, inept, uninformed, a pathetic liar, and, basically, evidence of lack of character and integrity in his pareer as a venture capitalist. He has completed the escalation to persona non grata.

    In a time of crisis, with military and State Dept employees at heightened risk, he only escalates the crisis, denounces from his safe perch their actions which were appropriate, and, like his GOP colleagues over the past 4 years, uses the crisis for his own perceived political gain.

    I agree that this is a worst duo than the one of McCain/Palin. McCain’s biggest mistake was Palin. Romney/Ryan is Palin with testosterone, made worse because they should know better. That is what is most offensive to me, that they should know better, that we should have been able to expect more from them. They are the perfect standard bearer for what their Party has devolved into, representing everything and reminding us every day, of what we have witnessed from that Party over the past 4 years.

    Compared to the brave citizens of 9/11 who perished just because they were American; who gave their lives to protect the Capital and those who are supposed to serve their country in that building; who cleaned up the debris after and cared for what little remains they could find; and for all the military who were motivated to defend our country wherever they were sent, this man and all he represents, is unfit to even walk amongst us.

  57. bud2011 says:

    Unlike Obozo I served as a captain in the US Army during Viet Nam.

    • gardenerman says:

      Oh yeah captain? I was a Vietnam grunt PFC. Why is that officers are all conservative, while the ranks are Democrats? Maybe it has to do with the fact that you all think you are oh so superior, like Shitt Romney.

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      PLease prove it by stating your real name, rank, serial number and details of where you were assigned. Where were you deployed from and where were you sent in Vietnam?

      So–by posting here you agree Romney ‘s humiliation disqualifies him from being President?

    • english_teacher says:

      And unlike Romney, who could have served in Viet Nam but didn’t, you served as a captain in the U.S. Army.

  58. joseph says:

    I understand that romoney said that the uprisings would not have taken place if he were potus. So far he hasn’t given 1 iota of his plans. I suggest if he’s that certain that there would be no uprisings becaus of him, then why doesn’t he just hop on a plane and and fly out there and tell those people who he is. Im sure they would all fall on their knees and worship their new leader.

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      Romney/ryan hves no plan for anything. They are making it up as they go and will both do an “etch-sketch moment” when caught.

      Which is the greater humiliation?

      Neither….both are.

  59. Barry Feist says:

    One of these days people will have to realize that a “kick butt, take names” approach to foreign policy is OLD SCHOOL. All it creates is resentment that will eventually bleed out.

  60. smartdee says:

    Great article! You “hit the nail on the head”.

  61. emadis41 says:

    To win the White House, the GOP started a campaign of lies and deception, mostly aimed at their narrow minded, Neanderthal base. Now that he got a chance to show his leadership he failed miserably as well as the GOP. Now they claim Obama sympathizes with those who attacked the US Consulate at Benghazi….LOL. Obama killed more of the Qaeda terrorist in his tenure more than GW Bush did in 8 years, over which the GOP cried foul over the killing of Al-Awlaqi, because he has US citizenship. Romney and his Neanderthals should be ashamed of themselves.

  62. alohamgm says:

    why is Romney’s remark met with such disdain, when the Obama White House itself had the tweet removed. If you get on Romney, why not do the same to the white House and the president. One other question, what did you think about Jay Carney’s news conference today. He handled it as well as Obama has handled this whole middle east ordeal. They are both abonible.

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      This is about Romney’s humiliation regarding his inability to know the facts about Libya. Nothing to do wiht jay Carney.

      As I stated before, the late, great statesman, Adlai E. Stevenson (1900-1965) stated it best:

      “I venture to suggest that patriotism is not a short and frenzied outburst of emotion but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.”

      Obama’s response as well as Hillary Clinton’s to this crisis is powerful leadership.

      Romney’s “shoot fom lip no aim” is humiliating.

  63. alohamgm says:

    Let me see here, Obama’s mouthpiece says that the Muslims are not directing their hatred toward Americans. This is the voice of the White House mind you. Should we count the number of our Embassies that are now burning. And you people have the audacity to be in this room bitching about What Romney said. By the way, he was right in what he said, but obviosly you folks love capitulation. Mitt says that we should never apologize to people who are invading our nation, and ya’ll say he is wrong. Where do you people come from, Yemen

  64. Darrell says:

    Your are an idiot. Romney was brilliant.

  65. Darrell says:

    You are an idiot and Romney was brilliant. I will debate with you and the other deadheads together to prove my point.

  66. BDD1951 says:

    I heard today that whoever runs the debates wanted to have Fact Checkers there but, Romney refused. Typical.

  67. Butch says:

    Let lil dink mitt and the republicKKKans scream war it won’t be their problem it will be our son’s and daughter’s our economic dollars! OUR RECOVERY! buyer beware! WE are NOT in the RR PLAN = WAKE UP! Obama 2012.

  68. Joe Narusiewicz says:

    To even think of Mitt Romney as commander and Chief is truly a frightening thing. His desire for power and to pretend he is a leader would be getting the USA in trouble constantly. He is simply inept. He didn’t even mention the troops at war during his acceptance speech at the republican convention to be commander and chief then he won’t retract a statement when he should have waited until all the facts were especially on 9 11. He changes the tune from the economy to foreign policy and continues to lose more ground. Even his base doubts him and the zombies are not jumping up and down as much. Those that totally stand behind him are looked at like….are YOU KIDDING ME! Sometimes I feel sorry for the practical people who are conservative and this time around are stuck with a real Boob.

  69. Beware of politicians wearing sheeps clothing when they are really wolfs in disguise….

  70. Beware of politicians in sheeps clothing when they are really wolf”s in disguise

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      What the hell does this mean regarding Romney’s humiliation…

      If you mean that according to Aesop’s Fables (where it was first written) and best known to us today by the famous George Fyler Townsend’s 1867 translation:

      “now once upon a time a Wolf resolved to disguise his appearance in order to secure food more easily. Encased in the skin of a sheep, he pastured with the flock deceiving the shepherd by his costume. In the evening he was shut up by the shepherd in the fold; the gate was closed, and the entrance made thoroughly secure. But the shepherd, returning to the fold during the night to obtain meat for the next day, mistakenly caught up the Wolf instead of a sheep, and killed him instantly.”

      OR maybe you mean The King James Version of the Bible in the warning located Matthew 7:15:

      “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

      If you suggest that ROMNEY/RYAN, The Teaparty, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and others like them are false prophets….then….you are correct.

  71. onedonewong says:

    As the facts come out it shows once again that the amateur in the WH continues to cost american lives. Obama was briefed on the on going problems and the threat to our embassy. He refused to take any action and his only guidance was to have the Marines disarmed so that his fellow Moooslims would not be any danger.
    The ambassador was sodomized and Barak wants all the details since he swings that way

    • progressiveandproud says:

      Where is the proof of sodomization (other than Rush saying so on his show)?

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      No one sodomized anyone..

      This is classic by the book karl rove disinformation campaign.
      Not that the poster Or poseui has no facts after 13 hours.

      • onedonewong says:

        I agree that moooslims are nobodies and don’t deserve all the attention they are getting but they did sodomize the ambassador. Thy sent barak a video clip so he could get his rocks off

  72. carlos valentin says:

    The Republicans, don’t have an agenda. Mitt, is not a very carasmatic person. The dems, are all full of lies too. The dems, however, are ahead of the game so far. The republicans, are trying to win buy spending money on propagnda. They better come up with something soon. Obama, is way a head. Money can’t save you now. Obama, has more money.

  73. America erase all your racist feelings and vote for President Barak Obama, the republicans have said he is a racist as anyone else well i’m a 73 year old white man and read or herd him talk on TV and not one time has he used the race card like the republican parties. People of America stand up for the greatest President of the US of America. The reason the republicans don’t want him reelected is because he is going to take all the loop holes out of taxes for the rich and the crporations. These crooks are putting all their money to stop him.

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      Just a reminder….if really matters…he is half white…so if you have a half hearted support of Obama, vote for him.

      ROMNEY”ds humiliation has disqualified him from the presidency….

      Race has nothing really to do with this, at least for those who are not racist.

  74. Lefsa123 says:

    Mitt Romney is a better man than this…..just before this all happened we had the talk show pundits and Sarah Palin telling everyone that Romney would lose the election unless he took a harsher stand. So he took the first opportunity that came up to show his strength and nobody liked it. Better advise would be for him to ignore what Rush Limbaugh and his parrots are screaming and do what is in his heart. Only Rush and Sarah think that God has appointed them to speak for the common man–everyone else sees them as the devil’s advocates and as someone who make their living by getting hysterical about every little thing. Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin get paid very well for preaching to the meek and making divisive, polarizing and destructive comments. They represent low class America–those who are not smart enough to accept responsibility and solve problems or even hold political office. They are quitters and losers and grifters. They do not represent the majority of people in our Country–they get their strength by making the most noise. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, nobody should follow their unasked for advise–it will only get you in trouble. Mitt Romney is better than them and should follow his heart rather act like them. They are loose cannons who cannot listen to reason.

  75. lana ward says:

    The kenyan, when he finally did make a statement-he Apologized to the terrorists for an americian “hurting their feelings” WHAT THE FU–! He was SO concerned 4 americans were murdered that he went on a FU—– rap show ,then flew off to Las Vegas for a fund raising campaign!! Then the so called media focusing on Romney ,distracting from the kenyans murdering failures. This kenyan has FU—- up the whole world

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      If your real name is Lana, you better get back on your medication because your bizarre rant is embarrassing and humiliating to you.

      This article is about Romney’s humiliation. And the facts that support this humiliation.

      • lana ward says:

        If you would watch a real news channel, you would know what i said IS true. CNN and MSNBC NEVER tells all the news. They only tell what they want you to hear. Never, ever have they told the truth about the kenyan when it will make him look bad. Never .Watch some real news, you will learn something

        • daniel bostdorf says:

          Baloney…prove it with substance….facts.

        • english_teacher says:

          So which network is a real news channel? Do you mean Fox with its distortions, half-truths, and sometimes downright lies? Not much of a choice, is there?

          • lana ward says:

            Anything has to better than what your watching since you think that Anti American big fake in the White House deserves to be there. Had the “media” been honest with the American people about this fraud(obama) 4 years ago, Americans would NEVER have voted for him. They should all be in prison for treason–and the kenyan too!

  76. lana ward says:

    Thanks kenyan, my country has just been downgraded another notch. Keep up the good work!

  77. susanai says:

    Romney and Ryan are both a disgrace to their country and should not be holding office, let alone running for President and V.P!

  78. Soapm says:

    I don’t understand, Romney is defending the film makers freedom of speech as an American value but criticized the Muslim’s for burning our flag.

    This guy needs to come with a program so we can keep up with all the faces he puts on…

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      We live in a “world theatre” thanks to the internet and social media.

      You do Not legally have the right to shout fire in a theatre.

      This film shouted fire in the global theatre.

      This is not about free speech.

  79. Support our American foreign diplomats and vote to shut candidate Willard Romney up!!!

  80. james says:

    John McCain, Rush Linbaugh and other right wing extremist have been demanding that evertime in the mid east a conflict arise the US goes to the aid toget rid of the gov that are anti US. The problem with this is the question about if we help those that want to displace their goverment will we be better off. Obama has said over and over we need to know more before we get involved. Mitt inorder to give that ideal he is the man for the job and continue to say he has all the right answers with out explain what they are has depended upon the wrong men and women to provide him what to say
    if and when he say anything. What make a great leader is not one that make move based upon an ideal like we need to go into Iraq because of 9 11 and over trillion of dollars and a debt that will live on for who know how many years. Mitt maybe a great bussinessman but as a leader that will not say I was wrong lead me to wonder what we will get if he become the next president. How many more almost war will we fight for no reason?

  81. If Americans elect Romney, they deserve him.

  82. The left has been complaining that Romney wouldn’t talk about foreign policy now becomes the newly skewed complaint that Romney did talk about foreign policy and we don’t like what he said… Not to mention the fact that he expressed what almost every American was thinking… Mitt gets it coming and going, and everywhere in between…kind of, a damned if you do and damned if you don’t scenario with some of you left wing nuts.

    Generally when a U.S. Embassy gets stormed by a mob, it’s usually a matter of American concern that would garner headlines and commentary…possibly even a debate between presidential candidates…WOW, there’s a thought…but, no… everything changes since one of the candidates is Barack Obama and the other is Mitt Romney.
    Forget the dead body of Christopher Stevens…Forget the desecration of the embassy’s flag… Forget the question of what we’re going to do to track down and bring to justice the murderers…Forget the discussion on how to respond to two governments unable or unwilling to fulfill their most basic international responsibilities…Come on lefties, lets focus on the propriety of Romney criticizing the administration for its initial response. You know — important stuff.

    Truth is that demonstrators gathered on Tuesday — supposedly in response to an anti-Islamic film — and the U.S. Embassy in Cairo released a statement that was atrociously weak and unabashedly stupid… “the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims — as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions.” unquote…
    Furthermore, it rejected “actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.” Are you kidding me…if the statement was meant to appease the mob, guess what…it didn’t work…and I can’t think of an instance it ever has.

    It’s time to face facts…Obama is incompetent economically and dealing with terrorists… the PC sensitivity towards the Middle East is not only wrong but dangerous.

    • english_teacher says:

      I see mostly opinion here, very few facts. Unless you were in both embassies when these events were going down which would give you unique insight into the situation.

  83. jwuor111 says:

    The Romney/Ryan campaing is playing the blame game all the time. Ane we all know it.They blame him for everything. Hey, they even blame him for hurricane Isaac. They’re also saying, he is a weak president.That make me wonder if G. W. Bush is the weakest of them all. He was siting right in the class room, when terrorist invaded us.And he didn’t fight harder to kill those who were responsible.At least Obama is weak, but he is brave and care about American lives.And that’s why he got rid of more terrorists than any president.Mr. Romney and Ryan should think twice before making those kinda statements.

  84. daniel bostdorf says:

    TO the “SKELETON” of Janie Lyn Skelton and people of her mindset…

    How insensitive can you be?
    “Forget the dead body of Christopher Stevens” Whoa..
    You have serious issues to deal with.

    This post is about Romney’s humiliation. And now yours…

    Truth is that demonstrators gathered on Tuesday in response to a right wing crazed religious CHRISTIAN zealot mocking the Muslim religion…in a film that shouted “FIRE” in the world theatre…

    Obama has done nothing wrong!

    “I venture to suggest that patriotism is not a short and frenzied outburst of emotion but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.” – Adlai E. Stevenson

    Romney expressed a frenzied outburst…

    It’s time to face facts…Romney/Ryan is incompetent economically (Bain) and dealing with terrorists.

    Politically Correct “PC” means adherence to “tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.”

    This is Obama and Hillary Clinton.

  85. robert says:

    President Obama and Secretary Clinton is doing very well is dipolmatically handling the unrest in the Middle East, sparked by a badly made, dubbed in film desecrating the Prophet. This situation is unfortunate, but that film had been airing on YouTube for months all over the world, even in Egypt before someone in Egypt got hold of it and saw in it an excuse to incite Muslims to protest, as usual, against America. The most unfortunate thing is, someone’s mother, father, uncle, sister, brother, husband, friend, or loved one was mudered who had nothing to do with the film, who had probably took pride in the people of the protesting nations for overthrowing dictators who were oppressing and murdering them, and was in these nations to help the people transition to their new governments. It is a shameful sight to see because none of these Muslims are exhibiting any of the true attributes of Islam: obedience to God, love of brother and sister, peace, and tolerance. Mit Romney made matters no better with his juvenile statements, oppotunistically trying to capitalize from the deaths of American diplomats, but he was telling us what his intentions are. A Romney/Ryan ticket will be a continuation of Bush/Cheney. Netanyahu hasn’t come out clanging his swords for nothing right after a visit from Romney. An Israeli/Iranian conflict has the smell of money to it. Profiteering money, the same kind of money that Bush/Cheney siphoned off of the two wars they convinced America to enter. Those wars costed America a billion dollars a month. Bush/Cheney borrowed eight trillion dollars from China to finance those wars, and siphoned atleast two-three trillon through haliburton and Blackwater for themeselves and their friends. Americans will be paying on that debt for the rest of our lives. Cheney, of all people, has come out against President Obama for supposedly snubbing Netanyahu. It’s like deja vu all over again. They will profit greatly off of an Israel/Iran conflict. Netanyahu is straining at his leash to go to war with Iran because he will do to Israel what Bush/Cheney did to America and what Romney/Ryan plan to do. War is synonymous to opportunity for these people, and bush/Cheney showed them how to do it and get away with it. War is not good for anyone or any nation. After seven years of it, world economies are still reeling from the impact of two useless wars, and is still going through it in Afganistan. Americans and all the people of the world need to take a hard look at any leader who would seek to drag them into the abyss Bush/Cheney dragged us into. It is the people who suffer from wars, not them.

  86. ridemybroom says:

    YO ! Romney !……do us all a big favor….sit back….take a deep breath….chill out…take a few pills….get over that nerve thing thats going on with you not to mention that alzheimer forgetfulness that you seem to have and dude…just feel the Obama love,,,let it fulfill you from head to toe…just immerse yourself in it …let it slowly cover you and ann and just sit back dude let it go all inside you and repeat over and over and over im not gonna win this fight…im not gonna win this fight….i feel the love of Obama as it caresses my very soul….what a good love it is…rip my soul apart OB rip it good….yay, i feel the love i cant stop this feeling…..i cant stop believing…help me OB feed the love more and more….

  87. faxt42 says:

    Mitt Romey makes money, shooting the star of presidency, no brain but Bain. What else we could expect from him, jobs…he does not even care for others people safty let alone for jobs.

    Does he care of how many people could have lost their life because of his no brain but Bain. Money is good but do not let it control your greed, once you die, money does not go with you.

  88. ExPAVIC says:


    Let RoMoney-Ryan keep up their mindless chatter. Every time they open their mouths they demonstrate what a mindless, unfounded, undirected pair they are really. In comparison, McCain-Palin were more adept than this pair of clowns.

    Quiet them? Hell no let them hang themselves every time they speak. It’s just hot air anyway, but let the public get regular blasts of their hot air.

  89. Joey0013 says:

    Romney shows how stupid he and Ryan both are will not vote for two fruit cakes and draft dodgers. t his is a pair of nuts you should put away like trash.

  90. Michael A Jones says:

    I think the American people should establish impeachment procedures for political candidates such as Mitt Romney, candidates that want to tear down the progress that this great nation has made and striving and trying to do even greater things. It is a waste of time for Americans to be subjected to this kind of prevarication. The American people can readily determine that Mitt Romney is not qualified to lead America. He is simply a leader for a group of know-all, rich, self-serving wannabe Americans that think they can manipulate enough people to say and do anything to create enough chaos to confuse intelligent thinking. It is time for clear thinking Americans to show these fat cats,( people who would rather put a dollar in their pocket than save America from the wheels of a bus) that this is a country of the people, for the people, by the people!!!!

    Michael J.

    • Dawn Rainbow says:

      I agree with you. Obama averted us going over the cliff his party left us on, we’re creating jobs now over losing 800 K monthly like his party had us at, we’ve gained 4 Trillion $ on the debt because of his party’s recession & refusal to increase revenue as in taxes so what do they propose to triple the deficit. This party doesn’t care about the deficit they only care about cutting taxes.

  91. chisolm says:

    The recent attacks, protests and murders aimed at the US are well planned actions designed to coincide with 9/11 and little to do with the movie.

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      Factually incorrect. Please, quit listen to Rush Limbaugh.

      Rpmneys reponse to this is embarrassing

      • eztalk says:

        Sorry, daniel, didn’t mean to give you a thumbs up.

        You’d better check your facts: CNN’s report is quoted above in my post and says the same thing. You do believe CNN……don’t you?

  92. sonjad says:


  93. Well, HELL… They DON’T call him “mitt the twit” for nothing, ya know….

    Nuff Said..

  94. Here again you see it America………….His (Romney/Ryan), incompetence as a Presidential Candidate.
    The best is yet to come, before the Debates!

  95. Joyce says:

    A real man is considered a real man when he stands up and admits to wrong. and apologise for it . The misrepresentation of facts has been Romneys hallmark .The silly and outlandish statements is unbecoming of a leader. Leadership involves much more that caustic words , it has to be devoid of hysteria and must show class even under pressure . Bush apologised three times once to China re the planes, he also apologised to Saudi Arabia and Abu Grahib, Obama never apologised to anyone any country, there are no historical documentation to prove this. During Bush’s administration 1 2 embasies attacks occured . Was Bush capable of preventing these attacks.? Romney should stop the blustering and tell us what plans he has to prevent any attack .The man is a an old fool is totally lacking His past behavior overseas this summer is enough indication to tell us he is abig FRAUD hoping to occupy the White House .

    • leoBr says:

      Bush is a demagogic clown that has no problems to say whatever and create the worst damage of all regardless.

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      Obama has, in fact, apologized to countries who our drones have accidentally hit civilians.

      Again, his article is about ROMNEY’s humiliation. Obama has nothinh wrong in the matter of an anti-Mulim film creating this outrage in the Muslin community.

      You are right when you state: A real man is considered a real man when he stands up and admits to wrong. and apologise for it . The misrepresentation of facts has been Romneys hallmark .The silly and outlandish statements is unbecoming of a leader. Leadership involves much more that caustic words , it has to be devoid of hysteria and must show class even under pressure .”

      Remember this:
      “I venture to suggest that patriotism is not a short and frenzied outburst of emotion but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.”
      – Adlai E. Stevenson

      Mr. Romney and Ryan, The Teaparty, Pundits and Extereme Republican politicians, Fox News, Rush Lindbaugh, Glenn Beck and their ilk:

      “Patriotism is not a short and frenzied outburst of emotion…”

      OBama and Hillary’s response is nothing more than this:
      “Patriotism is …the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime.”

      • eztalk says:

        I thought you told someone above that this article is about Romney, not Obama????

        ” daniel bostdorf

        This article has nothing to do with Obam, only Romney’s humiliation.

        Please stick with article topic.”

  96. Bill5321 says:

    I hope Joe feels better after this very ignorant rant

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      What are you talking about? Can you please have more than 8 words? This isn’t twitter or a bumper sticker slogan contest.

      Please explain to us what you mean.

  97. useralreadytaken says:

    Freedom of speech is a US right, in our Constitution. As an American citizen, you can say anything about anybody, unless you are directly threatening me. Romney does not speak for all Republicans, and definitely not most conservatives. Pretending that he does is a childish argument, that no one is making. I believe it’s the Democratic sheep that line up behind their false messiah, no? Probably better off making this argument against the left.

    On the free speech tip:
    Mohammed was a pedophile and his followers largely are masochistic, uneducated, and violent. Islam is NOT a religion, it is a political death cult.

    • TWaller says:

      Hahaha you do realize that ALL religions are founded by men who desire nothing more than sex, money, and power, right?

      Hint: God is a fictional character.

  98. useralreadytaken says:

    Obama has spent us off a cliff. Time to fix the dialog. When you’re in a hole, you stop digging.

  99. LiveFree says:

    A good article, but I disagree with the author’s interpretation of free speech. Free speech does not mean you are immune to criticism. It means nobody can take away your ability to say what you want (as long as that something is not intended to bring harm onto others.) So, saying that you condemn something that someone else has said isn’t attacking anyone’s free speech. Removing or censoring their ability to say it, is.

  100. Are you freaking serious?! You’re trying to blame this on Romney?! Are you that big a liar? Or are you that big a fool?

  101. daniel bostdorf says:

    I have re-read Conason’s article, and I find no mention of anything to do with his interpretation of free speech. The article is entirely devoted to Romneys humiliation as it relates to his response to the anti-muslim film. This film is now creating an excuse for an uprising of anti-american attacks.

    If we want to engage in a free speech discussion, I suggest we go to some other news story that is dealing with that issue, not here.

    The reason the muslim world is in an uproar is because of this deplorable anti-muslim film.

    How our political leaders, and wanna be presidents react to it, is the focus of Conason’s artcle..

    So I think it best that those hiding behind anonymous user names stop distracting this particular converstaion about Romney….nothing to do with free speech.

    • leoBr says:

      The “Muslim world” couldn’t care less about some stupid irrelevant movie. Why nothing ever happens is Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan or even Pakistan? There are scoundrels, mostly imams, who take advantage of the situation and brainwash poor uneducated morøns in the most destitute countries. It diverts attention of those people from real problems. And that’s why those countries are in the garbage bin of the world.

      • english_teacher says:

        So what is our excuse for those who spout misinformation and half-truths to try to brainwash the poor morons to make them think that the top 1% actually give any thought to them except as serfs and cannon fodder? The RINO right wing focuses on hot button issues that have little or nothing to do with bringing this country around.

  102. Sharyn Fisher says:

    The current Congress has introduced: 44 bills on abortion, 99 on religion, 36 on marriage, 71 on family relationships; and — ZERO on job creation.

    Last year, Pres Obama introduced the American Jobs Act. Independent analysis projected that the bill, which was fully paid for, could create as many as 2 million jobs in 2012. But, Congress couldn’t pass the act b/c if successful, Pres Obama’s re-election would be certain. Instead, they played with your life and mine.

    Now, Repubs say: “The President’s jobs agenda isn’t working.” Guess what: we never even gave Obama’s jobs agenda a chance.

    • lisahemmer says:

      You are so full of crap. 30 House bills were produced, and Reid wouldn’t bring them to the senate floor for a vote. What independent analysis- Zandy’s? Oh, yes, a known democratic sympathizer. Try reading for a change.