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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Mitt Romney’s campaign saluted its top donors on Wednesday morning with an exclusive party aboard a luxury yacht flying the flag of the Cayman Islands.

ABC News reports that the event, which did not appear on any public calenders, was meant to thank those who have already contributed more than $1 million to Romney’s campaign. Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell was scheduled to speak to the roughly 50 guests, including energy billionaire Wilbur Ross, elite Republican fundraiser Mel Sembler, and Romney’s older brother, Scott. Presumably, no “nails ladies” were invited.

Several other guests covered their name tags as they exited the yacht to prevent ABC News from identifying them.

The luxury yacht, called “Cracker Bay,” is registered in the Cayman Islands and flies the British territory’s civil ensign. This raises an uncomfortable comparison for Romney, who has at least 12 accounts worth up to $30 million in the Cayman Islands. Cracker Bay was almost certainly registered in the Caymans for the exact same reason that Romney has stashed his money there: To avoid paying taxes on it.

The episode is a potential messaging disaster for Romney. As Republicans inside the convention try to convince a skeptical public that they are committed to protecting the middle class, their standard-bearer hosts a party for millionaires on a tax-free luxury yacht just outside. That image will certainly be comign soon to a Democratic attack ad near you.

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    I guess that Romney chose the Cayman Islands so that he could visit his money while entertaining his rich friends.

    • patandfritz

      If you had say, just for the sake of argument, $10 million dollars to your name. Would you be all so willing to give up $5 million to taxes?? Or would you find ways to avoid that? Accounts in the Cayman Islands, gold, and use all the deductions allowed by law?? Or would you refuse to use the deductions and give the 50% to the government willingly?? Be truly honest when you answer. I already know your answer will call me names which will then cause me to disregard anything you say.

      • jarheadgene

        NO ONE is talking about 50% tax rates they are talking 35%…yes. if I had $10 million and the tax rate was 35% I would still be left with $6.5 million….Wow, how could ANYONE ever stretch that? And you do throw GOD Around how about you check out Prove 14:31 and Mark 12:41-44 If you truly believe in him.

      • You know how blessed alot of us check to check working blue collar workers would love to have 5 million dollars!!!??…I would throw 5 million, YES 5 MILLION faster than a New Your minute back at the government if it truly to be used in lowering the deficit. Because I have no problem doing right when so many others are struggleing. I have no problem paying half of that so there’s a future for the younger ones and working people can add a Social Security check to what lil retirement they have alot of states are running on empty now. I could retire easy on 5 million..EASY…and on a beach at that…What you fail to see and the majority of your party is your not from our world…you got to have as much of those millions as possible…if your like Nit, you got most of it on the misfortune of his “Wall Street Club Corporation” buying out struggleing companies and putting people out of work. I see your main home in New York is not enough…u need the millions more for your winter ski cabin in Lake Tahoe, and beach home in the Caymens, You need the extra millions for your Mercedes, your wifes BMW and all her cosmetic surgeries. You base all your decisions, party hate, and class disdain for what’s left of the middle class, you slyly smile at us, tell us to vote for the rich, and there’s always someone using their position and power to line their pockets on small business owners and the working class’ life savings and retirement. Reality is you don’t want anyone of us left with 5 million dollars because we may move to your neighborhood, join your country club, eat at your resturant, or shop clothes at your clothing store. You want your cake and eat it too. A party based on corruption, greed, and power guilty from 2000 to 2008, on your watch, having your guard down and other questionable actions during 9/11, deregulating oil companies just to see gas double with 90 days driving food and other commodity prices through the roof, Deregulating Wall Street, turning loose those in Bush’s cabinet, the “Golden Sach’s Billionare Club”, to rob Ten’s of thousands retirements and life savings, at the same time breaking the banks and ING, cashing in on their known to be worthless investments, they were caught red handed but since deregulated allowed to go home with 65 million between them??…Oh and don’t forget about opening up a 2-front war, when he illegally invaded Iraq with lies about mass destruction. Only thing mass destruction was his 2 terms on this country. All that Halliburton mess making millions daily and sending shoddy equipment at the same time. Let’s don’t forget about how the soldiers who were wounded both mentally and physically were treated…The Katrina failure and all that FEMA money wasted. Bush and Cheney ought to be brought up on charges of murder, embezzlement, fraud, for their hand in the Iraq blunder. The billion in Hussein’s seized assets that auditors couldn’t find as Bush left office and basically leaving the country in a state of broke shock to Obama as he took office. YOUR party punched a hole in the dam the size of a beach ball and expect Obama to put his finger in and keep it from coming in…You leave the man with a 20 foot deep hole…give him a teaspoon, and tell him to fill it in…Now your party has got a champion in Nitt Romney…God Save Us…You got to be out of your mind to look us straight in the eye with a man who’s been known to talk down to women in his church, a faith well known for it’s woman stay home and raise the children attitudes. Thing is…what you fail to see…the backbone of the country, the working class has no other choice but both partners working…Republicans run their nomination for the presidency with clever lies of deception, class disdain, secret power and money agendas, and could give a ratz azz about us as long as we change the brakes on your Lexus, clean up after your kids at school because they’re spoilt brats and never made to respect anything or anyone that wasn’t in the Repub Club, waiting on your table, and mowing the greens at your golf course…All this will come out when the Democrats have their say at the Convention…The Republican party and Nitt will be exposed…

        • WHOA!!!!!!!!! Billy s ahhhh Love it….. patandfritz he shut that azz down…..

      • CPANY

        Where did you get the ten million dollars? Is it current taxable income? If it is, the tax laws should make you pay the tax, without the benefit of offshore tax havens. If you got the ten million as an inheritance, then you don’t owe any taxes.

        The culprit is the law, but the law is as it is because the rich pay their lobbyists to get legislators to pass laws that unfairly favor the rich. Those laws don’t appear out of nowhere and are discovered by the rich. They’re enacted because of the actions of the rich. The rich are the true culprits.

  • Nenry Decker…you are a phuquen TWAT!

    • CPANY

      Who is Henry Decker?

  • edwardw69

    Well, Mr. Romney told Chris Wallace on Sunday that he had no idea where his money was, because it was in a “blind trust.” He didn’t know it was there or in Switzerland or Bumtwist Egypt.
    Soooooo, if he did pay taxes, interest and penalty in 2009, under the amnesty program for unreported income, it’s not his fault.
    Does that clear it up for you?

    • CPANY

      No. Are you insinuating the Romney failed to pay his taxes and had to avail himself of an amnesty program?

      • edwardw69

        Insinuating? No…… however, I think I’ll join you in jumping to that conclusion.

        • CPANY

          I haven’t jumped to any conclusion. I’m trying to figure out what you’re saying. Do you mind clarifying what you’re accusing Romney of doing?

    • You mean like Tim Geitner, secretary of the treasury who didn’t pay his taxes for years,and then didn’t pay any penalty when he became secretary, or Charley Rangell, the congressman who didn’t report over $600,000 in income.
      Also, where did you get information that Romney paid penalties under the amnesty program? The same guy Harry Reid used for his lies?

      • CPANY

        Todd baby:

        I can believe that Mittens evaded taxes. All those rich scumbags do that.

        • You mean like JFK and John Kerry???

      • Justin Napolitano

        Todd, Geitner’s problem was with payroll taxes not income taxes. He was told he was an independent contractor and had to pay both halves of the payroll tax. He believed that he was an employee and did not. Either way he paid the payroll tax that was due. Please get your head out of your ass.

    • ottokristen

      I don’t get you Are you being sarcastic or you really mean it?

    • signalfire1

      He can’t keep track of his own money, but he wants to run the government?

      In the same way that Clinton couldn’t keep his pants zipped until he was out of office, this twit can’t even stop showing off the money for the duration of a campaign. It’s like he wants to lose or he has no clue how it looks to the rest of us non-millionaires.

      Someone up thread asked who could possibly be voting for this guy, and how is it possible the polling is so close? I’d really like to know how we’d know if the polls, and the vote totals, were not already a done deal. Mitt has that ‘I know what’s going to happen’ look about him. Bush stole the election twice. Romney’s hired goons have screwed about with the primary voting, allegedly (but believably) stealing whole states and injuring Ron Paul supporters. Remember what one of his Cranston School buddies called life with Mitt?

      Like ‘Lord of the Flies…’

      He probably figures, like the Bush family, that us peons would just love another 50 years of first him being our lord and president, and then in turn every one of the sons.

      What do you think it would cost in bribes to have the Coast Guard board this ship, find drugs, and seize it?

    • ExPAVIC


      You watch your money to see that it isn’t going to lead to avoiding taxes or investing in Russian or Chinese jet fighter development, or similar applications. How about ownership of a diamond mine that uses child labor?

  • Well duh! This group inviting women? Are you kidding. They hate women and want us all barefoot and pregnant and bearing children we can’t afford to raise. And by God, they do not want us to vote. Any woman insane enough to vote for thsi party should go pander to her hubby or whatever rich man she can find to “take care of her.” You know the playboy type.

    • you’ll right on target with this mind set. i agree whole heartily with you.

    • patandfritz

      You are so full of the koolaid you don’t know which end is up. I am a female and a Republican. I have been treated far more fairly and as an equal by the Republicans than ever was by the Democrats which is why I am a Republican. I do not have a husband so I do not have one to tell me how to vote. Your arguments are full of bilge water. I wish you well in moving forward with your life. God be with you.

      • How could any Intelligent human being believe the rhetoric the Greedy Old Party puts out. If this Romney character gets elected, get your money out of the stock market because we will be in another deep recession within 6 months, just like we were 6 months after GWB took office. We were a gnats hair from a depression when Obama took office. He saved the economy and needs to continue in office in order to pull us completely out. The GOP is a joke. Not a very funny one, but a joke anyway.

        • patandfritz

          Oh grow up!! This whole mess we are in was brought on by Reid, Pelosi and crew when they took over in 2006. Wake up!! Get a bit of reading done. Go to the lists of all the bills produced and passed since they took over and see for yourself how much junk they created. Look at all the pork to buy votes they have done. If all the useless spending was stopped that they use to buy votes with we wouldn’t have such a deficit. Stop blaming and get honest.

          • bostnbilly

            Who is Fritz? And….thank you for turning our attention to 2006 – the year that Bush finally deregulated the banks so they could make speculative investments with your money. You’re being hood winked to overlook the few changes under Bush in the few government functions that matter. Regan did the same with the S&Ls. Bush was just Regan Redux. The people you don’t see are the big money interests – the Citizens United PACS – who want to stop regulation cold – and they are counting on racism and a phoney moral message to stop the checks and balances. Stop and think – why are you being whipped up into such a froth when you can’t even pin point the cause of the financial disaster – it was not pork – it was a very successrful money grab by Big Money Banks. LIsten to them – like the sound of the hate Obama music? That is the sound of your own net worthe gettin redy to fly out of your pocket.

          • jarheadgene

            PAUL RYAN VOTED for every one of those money bills CHENEY/bush asked for. They got us here and PAUL RYAN did everything he could to sink OBAMA by voting against everything, except of course the stimulus that put money in his family ROAD Construction Company. PULL the voting records..their public record. The GOP is counting on you BEING LAZY and believing every lie.

          • tonilaura

            Tell me, who gave Reid, Pelosi and “crew” the ability to put us in this mess? I have disliked them for years but I don’t vote in their states. However, Obama had control of Congress for to years when the most damage of the last ten years was done and will continue as long as he is in office and if the Congress goes back to democrat control, find your shelter. This con man did not fool me but i was out numbered.

        • Director General, thats what we call DG in Cameroon, Obama saved capitalism and the US economy from the mess in which GWB had placed it. The collapse of the US economy would have brought about the collapse of the Euro and would have ushered in a world wide economic crisis. Obama has spent all of his term of office correcting the blunders of eight years republican adminstration and the republicans are not ashamed to criticise him!

          • Well said.

          • You too are misinformed. Obama hates capitalism. Go see the movie 2016 and learn a lot about Obama. He’s so secretive about everything…his birth, his records, his life before the Senate. Don’t you wonder what he’s hiding? I’m not even convinced that he should have been elected President in the first place. He wasn’t born to parents who were both born in the United States. How can yousay that he has corrected anything when he’s driven us into bankruptcy, lowered our national security, given more rights to illegals than to American citizens. Get real. Go check out the facts for yourself. They are out there…go educate yourself.

          • Why don’t you stuff your trash where it belongs, in the garbage. The president has bent over backwards to give what was requested of him. Ask ramoney why he doesn’t want to open his tax records? What’s he hiding? Ask him about all those secret off shore accounts to avoid paying taxes. Ask the retarded republicans why they filibustered over 300 bills in the congress? Who has driven us into bankruptcy within 6 months of being in office? GWB. Where are romoney’s birth certificate,tax records, school reports? Is he a child of american born parents who lived in Mexico? Take your own words and get educated. Forget Fox news and rush limbum. Use your own brain if you have one,and get real.

        • montanabill

          According to your logic, the Greedy Old Party wants to put us in deep recession, so they can what…reduce their fortunes? People who make money like to make more and blowing the economy is hardly the way to do it. On the other hand, which party actually benefits from more people on welfare? Just something to think about.

          • jarheadgene

            YEEEHAAAAAWWWW it’s MONTANA BILL! They aren’t reducing their fortunes….their fortunes have gone up by almost
            300% since the CHENEY/bush years. Tge tax codes are all still in their favor. They don’t seem to mind waiting til Obama get the boot to re-invest in American jobs and economy and then claim it was all Romney….problem is the think all Americans are stupid. If Obama stays in, and they want to get the wheels of progress moving again they will have to let him….imagine, their two worst fears…WE the PEOPLE used one person one vote to sent R n R packing and they
            would have to sit by while a BLACK President restores America.

          • montanabill

            The last time I looked Jarhead, not many business owners’ fortunes went up by 300%. Democrat propaganda has you believing that the majority of Republicans are rich, billionaires. I think you’ll find that most are middle class Americans, the kind that want a chance at the American dream not American welfare. The reality is that there just as many Democrat billionaires trying to manipulate the system as there are Republican billionaires.
            Perhaps you can enlighten us as to what the President’s plan is for the next four years since Plan 1.0 didn’t work so well. Or do we have to use Pelosi’s strategy, ‘we have to elect him to find out’?

          • jarheadgene

            You didn’t look at the top … think the GOP cares about small businesses…I would say less than 100 employees….they don’t care. They used to care, They don’t care now. The GOP cares about answering to LOBBYISTS so they can continue to get that money rolling in. In some cases the same is true of the DEMS too.

          • montanabill

            You may be right, jarhead. My hope is that the Tea Party has put some fear into them. Speaking of lobbyists, have you looked into Obama’s staff?

        • The economy was great for 7 3/4 years under G.W. Bush. Barney Frank (D) and Chris (D) supported by the democratic majority in congress caused the housing and banking problems. True the republicand did not fight them but the democrats are responsible and if you are too ignorant to read and study to find out the facts you too are part of the problem. Quit watching Soap opras and reality TV and start reading and studying and you too can be wise. How did rich people get rich, Certainly not by being dumb. Poor people aren’t dumb but they are not smart like rich people. Is the Democratic party made up by rich or lower income people in general. I know there are exceptions. Right, poor people make up the Democratic party. Rich people make up the republican party again with exceptions. There are not enough people in the us to make up the Republican party but you get the picture. Now do you want smart people running the country or not so smart pwople running it. By the way. I was born and raised in a Democratic home. Was the chairman of the locan Young Democrats in my home town. and voted Democrat until I got older, wiser, and smarter and now I am a conservative Independent. I am not a racist nor a homofobic. I don’t hate muslims or jews, blacks or whites, and I love women, My mother, sisters and wife are all women and I love them as well as my daughter and granddaughters. I love athiests and agnostics and I pray for them as well as for myself and I’ll pray for you.
          I love democrats and republicans. liberals and conservitarians.
          This country has more important problems than who is going to pay for our birth controll or if I approve of gay marriage. I believe that the end of the Obama rein is coming to and end. If not I will make it thru but my grand children will be looking at a worle without a moral leader to stand up to the rogue nations of the world. We are on the verge of loosing our dominance in the world and who will lead then? Russia, China, Iran?
          God bless this great land called the United States of America. God bless our military and our people and God lead us.

          • What Stump did you crawl out from under. If you think that the Romney/Ryan unholy duet will fix everything for you I suggest you crawl back in your hole under the stump. Then you will not be able to see the mess this country will be in if the get elected. I just pray to God that won’t happen.

      • Not to seem offensive, but have you ever been raped; become pregnant as a result and forced to bear the child? Do you believe an acorn is an oak tree? Are males beneath you at work being paid more than you for the same work? Please share with us the details of benefits you have derived from Republicans, since I am likely much older than you and have no memory of such coming from the GOP. (A national prescription drug plan with no funding that contributed to a monstrous deficit is not a benefit….). Actually, the GOP has had a plan to denigrate and thwart our president in every way possible. That is no plan for this country….their plan having kept the recovery limited so they can then tell the lie it is the President’s fault. Damn and blast such lying and dishonorable…even treasonous tactics! These practitioners do not deserve to be called Americans, much less be on the government payrolls. I am a woman with no party membership, but vote more with Democrats because they are the party for the People. If you HAD a husband, do you then imply he would tell you how to vote? Well, are you not fortunate that you have such freedom…even if it is not your idea? No man has a right to dictate what a woman must do with her own body. Women do not dictate that of men. Your comment contained insults and yet in the last sentence you wish a person well and command that “God be with you.” Whose god…yours? You Republicans do act as if you own a “God.” The hypocrisy of such remarks is stunning and so common in practice that it renders any such well-wishing much less than genuine. Please, in the name of God; stop.

        • jarheadgene

          MS. MURSU….Love what you wrote.

        • Ms. Mursu, this is one of the most thought out and articulate responses I have ever read in any online public forum. Thank you very much for putting your thoughts out there for us to read.

        • Very well stated Ms.Mursu….Hmm and i can say not a soul will say anything in the negative toward this statment…Because they can’t…

        • patandfritz

          I am 63 years old. Been a Democrat, Independent and now Republican. I have run for and held public office. No one ever told me how to vote ever. I have been in the medical field since 1966. I have been an EMT and Firefighter. I have given to my community. I am a very independent person. Have you been raped?? Have you born a child out of rape?? Did you ever consider adoption for a child born unwanted?? Must the answer always be to murder the child?? I had a very good job and very good future before your idols took over. Now I am living on almost nothing and just spent 6 months living in a friend’s basement with no windows. Do not tell me about hypocrisy of the Republicans. I will give you hours of the hypocrisy of the Democrats in return.

          • tonilaura

            Just one question. Do you know what it is to carry a child? No I have not had any child I did want but carrying a child of rape, especially for a young child, would be devastating. I have heard, read of children, 12 or 13 being in that position. Myself? I think I would listen to a medical professional and consider the female of certain situations. I don’t believe in a blanket decision for all. I am still a registered Independent. I am a Catholic but my heart bleeds for a child being so abused and all I want is to easy the pain,so I am sorry of I offend you. Abortions is not to be taken lightly and that is what I meant. Women who play but don’t want to pay, women who fine it carrying a child disagreeable, women who don’t want their careers interrupted, women who object to the sex of the child, these are my targets. For you information,I have five living children and I feel blessed. I had three miscarriages and I never forget them and what might have been.

          • fedupwitgop

            Wow I need a friend like yours that will let me live rent free, free food, free toiletries, free, free, free!!! I even like Tax free money. Oh almost nothing? wouldn’t be some of that bad government money?

          • patandfritz

            What the heck are you talking about?? Did I say anything about living free?? Where did I say that??? You are such a fool!! I paid to live there, I paid for whatever I could with whatever money I could make during that six months. I was unable to live in an apt. because I was living on $103 Workers Compensation after falling and breaking both my elbows seriously. You are such an a$$ you aren’t worth my time.

          • Romney vetoed the morning after pill. Surely that is not murder. Bringing an unwanted child into the world is detrimental to the child and the world.
            I am 67 and have been a Republican, Independent and now a Democrat for this election where the Republicans nominated two lying hypocritical representatives of the super rich. They are supported by and will be puppets of the same thugs who brought us 9/11, the anthrax attacks and two wars with countries that did not have even alleged hijackers on the flights. Yet these countries have been made to pay with their lives, their security and their freedom.
            Here are a few questions patandfritz: How do you explain the secret War Games going on on 9/11? How do you explain bomb sniffing dogs were pulled on the Thursday before 9/11 or Jeb Bush signing martial law the Friday before 9/11 or White House insiders starting anti-anthrax antibiotics secretly three weeks before 9/11 or the President’s cousin, Jim Pierce, moving his business meeting out of the WTC for 9/11, or Giuliani abandoning his Building Seven headquarters before the WTC collapses saying he was told they would fall but failing to pass the warning on to the towers. How do you explain Giuiliani buying the building in Boca Raton where the first victim was infected with anthrax. How do you explain why that victim, Robert Stevens, had been attacked when his only major claim to fame was that he had published a photo of Jenna Bush sitting on another girl’s lap drunk?
            Building Seven was not hit by a plane, had only small fires despite the fact that its fire and sprinkler alarm systems had been shut off a little after six according to NIST, and yet fell as if in controlled demolition, symmeterically and almost as fast as the speed of gravity. How did the BBC News report it had fallen a half hour before it did?

          • Sorry, Patandfritz, I meant started secret antibiotics, which are risky, three weeks before the first known THREAT, (not three weeks before 9/11)when did not occur until the first known victim was infected. The scientist who was made the scapegoat, Bruce Ivins “committed suicide” before he was even accused, was cremated without autopsy, yet did not have the equipment to screen the anthrax into finer and finer dust until they would poof out and be inhaled when the envelopes were opened. This is according to his colleagues, experts in his lab operations and equipment.

          • Hi Patand.I am 75 and I always was working for myself and when I had a chance I gave an employment to few people.Sometime I did not know if a job coming my way and I tried to keep the people working.I had to put an effort in to it.I never made a big money and I lost some when It was bad long time before Bush,but I did not blame anybody but myself.I want to ask you have you been raped?And when did you lose your job?Was it when President Obama too over?It would be silly to blame him for something which was crumbling down long time before that.You see if you would know something about an economy at all,you would know, that to get out of a slumber of the size Mr Bush left us takes at least 7 years.Read your Bible.Do you remember Josef’s dreams.How long the hungry and the fat years lasted?
            If you want to know more, read Das Kapital of Karel Marx.

          • patandfritz

            I was doing great until 2009. I never had a problem getting a job, even owned my own business for awhile and it is totally my own fault I am not in business for myself now (that was in 1997-1999). Mr. Bush did not leave the mess. The Congress that took over in 2006 made this mess. Mr. Bush was alone among a Congress full of Democrats. The minority cannot out number the majority. He was hog tied because there weren’t enough Republicans to outnumber a socialistic America hating bunch of Liberals. You know I speak the truth. You just wish it wasn’t the truth and it is easier to point the blame at those who couldn’t change it than to accept the fact we had been had by them. Until you stop believing the propaganda you will see no progress in the direction of freedom, free enterprise, and people living their own lives without government interference. No, I have not been raped thank God. I do not believe in abortion. I have an adopted child. How could I believe in abortion? If her mother had chosen abortion I would not have had this precious gift. Why must abortion always be the answer? Can’t people believe in life and bring the life into this world and let someone adopt that life? What if Mary and Joseph had preferred abortion?? Christ wouldn’t have been born. Sorry, don’t talk to me about the Bible. I have read it and believe in it and I ask God to guide me in my daily life.

      • Any woman, or Gay Person or any other minority who votes Republican, is in the same class as “Jews for Hitler!”

      • jarheadgene

        Good for you…I’m glad you’re happy with the party that wants to keep huge tax breaks for the rich so they can pay 13% tax rate and less. They also know they are going to hike the taxes for those of us who make less than $250K, to offset the next
        war they are racing to in IRAN. I used to be a GOP…but when I kept seeing the
        disparity and when Dick Cheney basically stole the Presidency right out from under W. And when he lied re WMD’s to get us in IRAQ so he could insure his “no bid” contracts for Halliburton/KBR. I decided they didn’t need me in their party. And now I am embarrassed that delegates at the convention would be throwing peanuts at hardworking camerawoman for CNN. She was black and the delegates were saying, “This is how we feed the animals!”, as they were throwing the peanuts. If you are staying in the Party because of your Christian Beliefs, “GOD is not a Republicans, nor is he a Democrat.”

      • Thats why they like you you are submissive

      • Are you sure you are a Rupublican ‘woman’? Hard to believe.

        • patandfritz

          Yes I am and I have a birth certificate and voter registration to prove it unlike your idol Obama

          • tonilaura

            You are kidding. Please, oh, please what did I say or write to give the impression i don’t want the Obamas out of the White House? i did not vote for the con man in 2008 and I sure as heck am not a follower. Please, my ancestors are rolling over in their graves.

      • patandfritz: You are really a male trying to speak as a WOMAN. You did not make it!! We are all on to you.

        • patandfritz

          My name is Patricia Ann, I am 63 and I live in the east in a Democrat state. You are the one with the issues. You need help.

      • well seems as you have two big problems (female and a Republican) being a female is a problem for the GOP just want you to be seen and not heard . a pit stop for them thats all . and being a Republican that problem explans it self

        • patandfritz

          As I said before, I have been treated with respect and as an equal by Republicans. I ran for office and got elected as a Republican and the support was amazing. I don’t think people such as Hillary Clinton, Geraldine Ferraro could say the same for their parties who ripped them to pieces. Not to mention it was you liberals who ripped Sarah Palin to pieces and not us Republicans. You see, it is the liberals who fear the women. The only reason Pelosi has gotten where she is is because she is a nut job the party fears. I am a strong woman with no fear of the likes of you or anyone else. I can and have suffered at the hands of liberals like you. Not worth the time. You go believe what you choose to. You are given that right by this wonderful free country. I too will believe as I wish because I too have that right.

      • and i wish you well and may your eyes open up to see the truth of the GOP and the anti-christ romney

        • patandfritz

          I wish you the same with your idol.

      • shonti

        Hope you don’t choke on your TEA. I think I know why Romney is hiding his tax returns. He is not paying his church on his hidden money. I suspect he is hiding his money so he won’t have to pay on his billions. Of course he doesn’t bring his Party ship to the US otherwise he would have to pay taxes on that too. What a mess it would be if his mormon people found out about the billions that he has hidden. Not 10% to his church. OOPS.

      • highpckts

        God be with you???? God is with all of us even you! You better go to factcheck and bone up on the lies that going around on both sides! I want an INFORMED voter going to the polls! You are not!

        • patandfritz

          I am informed and thank God my information isn’t from you. I read and listen to all sides and choose for myself. FYI!! I served a political office. I ran for election and got duly elected. Can you say the same?? Have you served your community in such a manner?? Do NOT insult me with your uneducated sheep herded so called knowledge until you have been there done that!

      • rainbowalice

        you lie as much as Paul Ryan does – you people have distorted truth and reality so long you are incapable of recognizing it any more!

      • Why do u have a male outline for your avator LOL DORK

        • patandfritz

          Jerk!! Because of idiots like you

    • montanabill

      Speaking of ignoring facts, what do the Republicans like least? Answer: government funded welfare. So in response to your ‘bearing children we can’t afford to raise’ comment, think about which party actually benefits from that scenario. Is it the Republicans who don’t want more people to need welfare, or the Democrats, who want people dependent on government?
      I suspect you haven’t been watching the parade of successful women speaking at the GOP convention.

      • jarheadgene

        How many do you think secretly had, what is now legal, an abortion or two?

        • montanabill

          None of my business and totally irrelevant.

      • jarheadgene

        My be none of your business now…but Paul Ryan, Aikin and alike want it to be their business. They want all cases of abortion to be illegal. And it’s relevance is this….Mitt claims he wants smaller govt….How can that be done when they want to police every vagina in this country?

        • montanabill

          Unfortunately we have a situation where the right thinks it needs to get into such things and where the left thinks it is perfectly proper for us to pay for people’s sex lives or force religious institutions to do things against their creeds.
          Neither of those things will have much effect on the economy and that is the thing we must attend to before we truly do become a 2nd rate country. First and foremost, that is what this election is about.

    • eather thy want them barefoot and prego . or the gang of guys just want to be KEBLER ELFS and pack each others fudge for the time of the party a gang banging fudge packing kebler elf good time ewwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Whatever the rights and wrongs may be, the real news here is the stupidity of doing it this way.

  • So what, most mega yacht’s in the USA fly flag’s from other countries. It’s the federal government who should be blamed for this with their over-taxing ways….

    • frogbath

      It’s fairly obvious that you didn’t do your lessons in school, Captain of Lower Taxes; the words “yachts” and “flags” don’t need apostrophes…you, however, did use “it’s” correctly which is to your credit.

  • Two pretty obvious spelling/editing errors hurt your credibility!

    • A juvenile way of avoiding the issue! The Republican Party is anti-women and the TEA Party equals the American Taliban!

    • CPANY

      To whom are you replying and what are the obvious errors?

  • Uhave2laff

    If anyone thinks this is okay, then this statement would not have appeared in the article: “Several other guests covered their name tags as they exited the yacht to prevent ABC News from identifying them.”

    • The more important reason is to not have the IRS know you are a Romney supporter because Obama has an enemies list and has sicked the IRS and other government agencies on Romney donors to try to intimidate them. This is even more troubling than Nixon’s enemies list

      • CPANY


      • Justin Napolitano

        Todd please go somewhere and do something to yourself.

        • barbarahugh

          I agree !!!

        • Johntique

          Justin …….

          It would appear that Mr. Nelson gets his information from either the Koch brothers – or Sarah Palin. Either way – his misinformation is what is truly disturbing – but typical of the G.O.P.!

        • metrognome3830

          I think he probably does something to himself a lot.

        • The flag on that boat is from BERMUDA isn’t it?

      • greghilbert

        Even more troubling is the $50 million Romney gave to the NRA to pay mercenaries to shoot anyone with a Vote for Obama bumper sticker.

        That’s an absolute fact, while the item you are repeating is a rumor started by Rush Limbaugh, who’s getting rich for knowing there’s a Fox News sucker born every minute. How do I know Romney’s payment to NRA is a fact? Because I was a crew-member on the Romney Cayman yacht yesterday, and I heard his rich donors make Romney promise to send “ANOTHER $50 million to the NRA to hire more mercenaries to shoot anyone with a Vote for Obama bumper sticker”. That’s a quote, and I recorded it with my smart-phone. It will start airing on TV Nov 1.

        “Sicked” indeed.

        • chisolm

          These types of posts should not be allowed, somebody may take you serious. If Romney wanted Obama voters shot he would simply advertise for a rally for Obama supporters in chicago.

        • anyasnote

          We need more people like you if it’s true. I hope it is. I just came back from Europe and I am sad to say they all saying AMERICAN’S ARE STUPID., GULLIBLE AND PLAIN LAZY.

          • they been saying that since the end of WWII…they’re the ones that gets all the government health and education free…they are the ones that have mandatory month long holidays to deal with stress and having to work for leaders and positions of authorities that are mostly manned by Republicans…Tell them when they have to work like dogs each day to mind their own business…We saved them to end WWII, fed them, lent them millions and millions without the majority ever paying us back…and some we still send money and food…so what Europe thinks of me I could really care in the least…only people to get to visit Europe on vacation are Repubs anyway…the only Dems you’ll find are on business…or at home working wondering if they can afford to go to a local state park to vacation…

        • Uhh you may be in danger.

      • Uhave2laff


      • fastfootedd

        Once again another republican supporter spouting whatever comes to mind without substantating the information. Stop spreading lies — wait that’s about the only thing that the Rip-publicans are good for. What do they have to offer us in terms of improving our country? In addition, those of you who continue to mention birther ought to consider what their own official Nominee (Nit Romney) has set as a example of American. Hide his money in off shore accounts to avoid paying his fair taxes even at the greatly reduced rate voted in during the Bush league years. Now that just UNAMERICAN. It speaks volumes of his character. He’d be an even bigger laughing stock than Bush was should he somehow buy his way into office.

        Wake up before it’s too late and before American becomes more of a police state than it has all ready become. Vote out the Republicans in the House and
        Senate, give Obama a second term and see just how great our country will be as long as we have cooperations. All the Republicans have done during his first term in office was to stone wall his every move and yet – despite what the Republicans will have you believe – the economy has improved significantly from the devestating impact of a two term joke. All this without the help of the other side. Their whole goal is to “Make Obama a one term President” while we suffered through an near depression – Wow – I really want those guys in charge. the Nazi’s

        • chisolm

          “Great”, in your estimation, must include $16 trillion in debt with annual deficits in excess of another trillion. Ever larger government intruding on our lives, rationed health care, 8+% unemployment, half the population paying no federal income taxes, 47,000,000 on food stamps, class warfare, constant allegations of racism, even more illegal immigrants, etc.

          • Landsende

            Republicans ran up the debt during 8 years of GWB. President Obama has only added $4trillion, part of that still from Bush. As for government intruding on our lives, the teathuglicans want to legislate womens health, what can be taught in school, gut social security, medicare and medicaid, do away with Obamacare even though it’s modeled after Romneycare and the republicans own plan, and will help millions to get affordable healthcare, give tax breaks to the rich while increasing it on the middle class and poor, giving more tax breaks to corporations even though they have not created any jobs instead moving them offshore, gut the EPA so these same companies can pollute the atmosphere more thus adding to global warming, while denying it exists. If there is class warfare it’s because the teathuglicans are waging it against the poor and middle class and women.

      • tesla33

        Either Todd is on drugs or he watches far too many conspiracy movies. Anybody know which it is?

      • Please!

      • gahoof

        Hey, Todd, still check under your bed at night for “commies?”

      • So what do you use for proof related to that statement? Can you cite any reliable sources?

      • Landsende

        If President Obama has the much control over the IRS he would have made sure Romney was audited on the tax returns he refuses to release. Kind of shoots down your theory that they covered up their name tags to avoid being reported to the IRS.

      • Where in the hell do you get your information? ….In the dining area of the local McDonald’s watching FOX NEWS while you scarf down another Fat burger?


      • Republican = Rich or Stupid. I think I know which one you are, Todd.

        • Independent

          Sent from my Virgin Mobile Android-Powered Device

      • artisan1475

        Wow, another right-wing conspiracy theory. How do you handle all this paranoia?

        Besides, if you pay your taxes you have nothing to fear from the IRS!! They are welcome into my files anytime!!!!!!

      • more whackjob conspiracy theories…

      • you’re an insider? please!

        • Why would you make that statement I worked and earned everything I have or have ever had
          Sent from my Virgin Mobile Android-Powered Device

      • When you suck all the money out of the economy, it stops. Where ever he goes, Scrooge Mitt Duck sucks all the money out of the equation, and removes it from the economy, just like he sucks all the oxygen out of the room. This economy was built on the working class from the bottom up. But now trickle down economics have sucked up all the money. If the working man is not spending, the economy stops. He wants to shrink the economy at a rate of $1 billion a day, as the rich man’s tax break goes off shore. We are NOT all in the same boat, or they would not be drilling holes in it.

      • missposie

        Be careful you could go blind if you keep up (no pun intended) that activity!

      • Todd, please produce proof of your statement, or are you just about generating lies? Maybe you write for Americans for Prosperity, Or Restore our Future?

      • crawl back under your rock

      • m1a0n3u0e1l2

        You have an extraordinary mentality. In order to achieve this “geniality”, you have to have more brains than a coconut and more feelings than a jellyfish.

      • Todd is correct. People shouldnt mouth off before doing research. When Ron Paul was looking hot, Obamas people intimidated his staff and supporters. When Romney began going up, the same thing happened to him. And thats not even underground news either, its easily researched in mainstream news, the attacks on his supporters by government agencies. Even before the 2008 election Obamas people did plenty of nasty stuff to clear the road for Obama. Obama is the dirtiest rat ever and i cant believe i voted for him. Problem is that Romney is just as bad in his own right. Cant and wont vote for either of them.

    • sigrid28

      Is anyone else astounded by the luxury yacht’s name, “Cracker Bay”? The dimwits behind this choice of venue probably thought, “At least it’s not racist, with a name like ‘Welfare Queen.’ ” I want to ask the flacks who came up with this, What do you think the word “cracker” is? And it’s even flying the colors of the Cayman Islands.


    • patandfritz

      I would cover my name tag too. I would not want my name out there where I would then be subject to abuse by Obama and crew. Abuse such as a tax audit inflicted on me within days, my name in the newspaper claiming I did something terrible to someone and my name slandered all over the press. Just ask all the others who donated to McCain in his campaign and what hell they went through after Obama found out who they were.

      • Uhave2laff

        Even if what you say was true (and it’s not), the “hell” McCain could have gone through would have been far less than the hell the country would have gone through had McCain won.

  • I’m not surprised they hid their name badges.

    • CPANY

      Why did they wear name badges? Don’t these rich bastards all know each other?

  • IThinkthereforeIVoteMHO

    A Fisherman reportedly overheard this coming from the “Cracker Bay”.
    “Some Folks are born to waive the Flag. Ooh, they’re Red, WHITE, and Blue.
    And when the band played “Hail to the Chief”. Ooh, they’re pointing toward you, Mitt.
    I’m Romney … I’m Romney, I am a Governor’s son, Son.
    I’m Romney … I’m Romney, I am a Fortunate one.
    We 1% Folks are born, silver spoon in hand. Lord, don’t we help ourselves, Oh.
    But when the taxman comes to the door, Lord, the U.S. House looks like a rummage, yes.
    I’m Romney … I’m Romney, I am a Millionaires Son, Yo
    I’m Romney … I’m Romney, I am a Fortunate One.
    We GOP’s inherit Star Spangled eyes, Ooh, we send you down to war, Lord.
    But when you ask us “how much will you serve ???” Ooh, WE only answer
    No More! No More! No More ! Yeah.
    I’m Romney … I’m Romney, I ain’t no military son, Son.
    I’m Romney … I’m Romney, I am THE Fortunate One.

    • jarheadgene

      Love your use of Creedence….updated.

  • Bob Williams

    File this under “Imagine that???”…

    Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry is docking his family’s new $7 million yacht in neighboring Rhode Island, allowing him to avoid paying roughly $500,000 in taxes to the cash-strapped Bay State.

    If the “Isabel” were kept at the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee’s summer vacation home on Nantucket, or in Boston Harbor near his city residence, he would be liable for $437,500 in one-time sales tax. He would also have to pay $70,000 in annual excise taxes.

    • edwardw69

      I thought Mr. Obama was in the running. I didn’t know Mr. Kerry was.
      We would like to see Mr. Romney’s 2009 tax return, please.

      • Bob Williams

        I’ll see what I can do about Romney’s 2009 Tax Returns if you will get Obama to unseal ALL of his college records for both Occidental and Harvard. That way we can see that he claimed to be a foreign national to get tuition breaks and free money. It’s all in those records.

    • grammyjill

      and that’s why he didn’t make president.

  • DukeDacat

    “The luxury yacht, called “Cracker Bay,” is registered in the Cayman Islands”

    How do you say…….. Hypocrite, Charlatan, Hypocrite, Deception, Trickery, Scam, Con,
    Rip-off, Scheme, Plot, Cheating,……..

    and last, but not least; Dishonesty………………..

    By the, have a nice day………………..

    • CPANY

      Too bad that Obama, as commander in chief of the armed forces, couldn’t send a team to attack the damned boat and send it to the bottom with all the rich bastards aboard.


    To bad the Coast Guard couldn’t have seized the yacht for tax evasion. Had they been able to prove it was owned by a US citizen or corporation.

  • I believe JKK’s yacht was much larger than Romneys. And John Kerrys as well. I thought you Liberals hated ALL wealthy, successful people, apparently not. And Teddy Kennedy was caught spilling diesel oil into the Bay Illegally, and didn’t want the floating wind turbines blocking his view there, but all right if they blocked the view of the peons somewhere else, but not him.

  • Who really cares wherre is money is just the envious! You folks I am sure have better things to do with your time other then show conceern about his fortunes. Give it up!!

    • Justin Napolitano

      I care Chris because if he can’t and wont invest his money in the US why would anyone want him as President? I want a man the invests in this country, creating jobs in this country and paying taxes in this country. Not some scum-ball saying he is a great American and then hides his money everywhere he can.
      Romney is a scum-ball and is basically dishonest. Honest people have nothing to hide; Romney hides everything. He probably has a mistress or extra wife somewhere that his wife doesn’t know about or maybe several children with other women. If I were in a room with this bastard I would back out of it while holding onto my wallet.

  • Henry Decker is just an uninformed, biased idiot. The reason many yachts in the US are “red flagged”( flags of any of the British commonwealth nations) is that when they are travelling, and have any trouble with pirates, etc,. the British governmant will come to their aid anywhere in the world. The US government won’t. And it has been that way since long before Obama became president. It also makes it easier to hire crew from anywhere in the world, as US flagged vessels can only hire American crew. Tax reasons are important, but nowhere near as important as the worldwide protection


    Hosting a party for his million-dollar-plus donors is really a brilliant move by Mittens. It sends a message to the middle class: I’m rich and I’ll do as I please, regardless of whether it may offend you.

    Anybody want to volunteer for guillotine duty for when this rich prick and his friends get theirs?

  • How come the press doesn’t criticize the extravagance of Michelle and Barack Obama’s vacations on the taxpayer’s dime???

    • Landsende

      For the same reason they didn’t criticize all the vacations the Bush’s took at the taxpayers expense.

    • grammyjill

      I don’t think hanging out on a beach in martha’s vineyard is too extravagant. And if you paid attention, it was filmed and shown on the news.

  • Joe Narusiewicz

    Romney plastic fantastic, a total tax dodger, a changeling and a flip flopper for his ambition to win, his business experience creating jobs in China while laying off of American workers and taking millions from that process then hiding it in tax shelters around the world. This guy is pathetic and is a true elitist and a big phony. Show your tax returns Mitt Romney you shill for the filthy rich and oppressor of American workers. His backing of breaking medicare and social security while giving tax breaks to billionaires is sick at best. Only the dumbest and hypnotized good back him along with the brown shirts of the tea party.

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    I guess Obama choose Switzerland to have his party at with Bill Clinton leading the way. It would be interesting to see a report that highlights the hypocrisy of both camps.

  • geewilly

    Another example of him being out-of-touch with regular Americans… covering their name tags… what a joke… are they embarassed to be seen as the rich white guys attempting to buy the American presidency???

  • Teddy Parker

    Don Corleone…

  • Leana_Bosley

    The Republican party just does not get it. When enough people find out what is really going on (the silent majority) and find their power to make a change the party will be dead in the water. Get the word to the people and step back; majority wins.

  • GodlessRabble

    I just cannot understand why Romney is so high in the polls. Either the pollsters are crazy, or the public is.

    Why would anyone want a president that cares so little for his own country that he uses foreign countries to bilk the USA out of it’s fair share of tax monies. I do not call this tax avoidance (legal tax reduction) – I call this pure tax evasion – he uses all the assets of this country including the freedom, the infrastucture, our courts, the military protection..etc. etc… – (all the stuff the middle class pays for) – to make his money – then he uses subterfuge to cheat this country from the money he should be paying to help defray the costs. Then he has the f’ing nerve to call retirees lazy for receiving Social Sec and medicare (which they have paid into during their lifetime). Then – if he gets elected….the taxpayers will foot his medical insurance, and pension…..etc…etc…while he still hasn’t paid his fair share…..he has the nerve to call others freeloaders!

    With the repugnican right wing zealots screaming that the govt is spending all this money should seriously take a look at how these rediculous tax laws are increasing this debt that they hate so much and perhaps they might decide to get out of women’s reproduction rights and peoples bedrooms long enough to do something that might really make a difference.

    Now if women, blacks and hispanics are not for Mitt….then who is? Certainly, there are not enough bigoted white men to make up the 48% + or – that the polls give to Romney. I wonder when these morons will figure out that the “new” repugnican party has no concern for the USA – it’s people or the country itself. Get real folks….the repuglican party no longer cares about this country…..they only care about their greed and keeping everyone else from having the same chances as they did….

    • ottokristen

      You asking who are the people who would vote for Mitt.
      Same question I asked more than 12 years ago ,who would vote for Bush.I even lost some of my republican friends because I predicted that bush will be a disaster.
      Those are the people gullible enough to let it happened.And there are almost half of the population of United States.Some are rich ,some uneducated,and some who don’t give a damn.

      • jarheadgene

        Who would vote for Romney….”A picture’s worth a thousand words.”

  • barbarahugh

    Goodness how blind can these that are poor and still go and vote for Romney??!!!!He is for the rich at the poor man expense !!!! They are going to fix up America so the poor can stay as is and they can add the their millions more and more of your hard work wish I was rich monies !!!!

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    If people spent less time being jealous of the success of others and more time working, maybe they would be successful also. Liberals are trying to make us believe that successful folks have done something wrong to achieve success, when all they’ve done “wrong” is give up many weeks, months and years of their lives working at things they really believe in.
    To be successful in live takes determination, enthusiasm & persistence. That’s why immigrants who land here many times are more successful than we are…they may possess only one skill, but they combine that with HARD WORK and run circles around us. Liberals should stop trying to turn the many against the few…it didn’t work in WWII and it won’t work today!

    • Where on earth did you ever get the idea that liberals believe that successful folks must have “done wrong” in order to get where they are? I for one am glad I live in a country where success can be earned through “determination, enthusiasum and persistence.” What I object to (and so do most liberals) is successful folks who hide their assets in order to avoid paying taxes. We object to them flaunting their wealth while making statements like “the poor can take care of themselves.” (Mitt Romney). We object to them condeming the poor for not working harder and for catagorizing them all as slackers and thieves. We object to them trying to do away with programs we’ve paid into all our lives with the expectation that those programs would still be here for us in our old age. But we DO NOT think there is anything wrong with being successful.

      • middleclasstaxpayer

        Then why the constant “play by the same rules” and “pay your fair share??” NO ONE, well-to-do or otherwise wants to pay any more taxes than they have to. The upper incomes already pay 80% of ALL taxes in the US, yet are made out to be somehow unAmerican??? I doubt you, Kathy, volunteer to ADD something to your yearly tax bill. You pay what you must, less ALL your deductions, and that’s it. Liberals are attempting to turn the many against the few to gain votes in a very difficult election. Liberals are also allowing millions of previously undocumented workers to be legally added to our population, denying jobs to American workers, again to garner more voters and votes. You are killing the goose that laid the golden egg to promote liberal ideology. This country was built on hard work & entrepreneurship, NOT Class Warfare!

  • barbarahugh

    What is Romney giving to those that are voting for him that did not have the millions but gave what they had to take from paying a bill at home so that he can mess the country more then what it is already ? The elderies better change their minds they will be left out by 2016 !!!

  • wayup

    Justin, you mean Todd, go f _ _ _ k yourself? Go ahead and say it! tea baggers like him don’t deserve to be respected. I am so sick and tired of these stupid, sick mother-f_ _ _ _ rs disrespecting the president of my country because they cannot stand to have a black man in the white house! SHAME ON THESE SO CALLED AMERICANS!!!!!!!!

  • Bad_Economic_Times

    The yacht’s name is “Cracker Bay” ? How appropriate for these lilly-white , champagne-toasting, ultra rich racists! They ALL are a bunch of CRACKERS!

  • I know most of you who vote blindly or simply don’t vote at all are not interested in these article, but hopefully I catch the eye of one or two people who gain some insight from reading them. The man wants to be our president but he owns a yacht that flys a Cayman Islands Flag. He helps to destroy our economic sturcture, but has 12 accounts in the Cayman Islands worth $30 million dollars. The man flys a flag from a different country on his yacht. Am I the only person who see something wrong with that picture.

  • Thelma Henshaw

    The poor have no safety net in Romney’s agender neither the middle class.
    It speaks volumes of his character. God bless our soul and let Romney win the presidency
    all fed money would be transfered to Cayman Island for more Yacht purchase and more party for the rich guys.

  • howa4x

    If anyone thinks that Romney is not a 1% er this has got to wake them up. The middle class is constantly lied to by Fox and Friends to think that these billionaire are looking out for them. Why are they on a yatcht outside of America where a person running for the highest office is entertaining them. Why is he in the Caymans? Maybe to make a quick withdrawl of funds that won’t appear on any campagin documents submitted to the election commission. The people on the boat are the ones that Romney is beholden to, not the millions of people that need help right now. Wake up Middle class!!!!!

  • greghilbert

    I dream of the day when this ABC report would immediately trigger the sending of an aircraft-carrier task force to the Cayman Islands, the confiscation of the yacht, the freezing of all assets held by wealthy Americans and US-based corporation in the Caymans (pending aggressive investigation of tax evasion), arrest of Romney and wealthy donors on charges of conspiracy etc, and a loading of the yacht with the Supreme Court justices who ruled for Citizens United, destination Alcatraz by way of the South Pole, with Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers in a dinghy being towed by the yacht.

    • Johntique

      Greg …………….

      If only dreams came true! ………… which, ufortunately – they don’t. But ……… your brilliant paragraph tells great truth regarding the entire governmental situation that we endure. I am numbed by the lies being thrown at the gullible public by all of the media – who are complicit to the point that I no longer watch certain networks (think Fox). I hope we’ll hear more from you!

  • DurdyDawg

    Of course the neocons and t-peers are gonna snide at us for being so jealous of rich guys.. That’s their usual comeback anyway.

  • Hope the yacht sinks (no one hurt, of course)!

    If that is what GREED brings, I don’t want it!
    What I want is an end to corruption in Washington, on BOTH sides of the aisle. Guess that’s a pipe dream!!!

  • Why is it every time the GOP hold a convention there’s a hurricane? I guess the man (or woman) upstairs is trying to tell them something. Think they’ll listen???

  • desertdustoff

    todd…I second Justin’s recommendation…only have one of your tea baggin’ kkkers give you a hand…pun intended!!!

  • desertdustoff

    middleclasstaxpayer…grow up, educate your self and quit being a party mouth piece. You tea baggin’ American taliban are all alike. If you elect the 2 puppet stooges nit wit mitler and lyin’ ryan, the go back team, you will be responsible for the destruction of the middle class and serfdom for your self. Oh well, you guys have been doing this since before the civil war. Ignorance is not bliss; it is a gop (greed over people) voter. And for all of you repugnican women out there…shame on you for letting your “lord” husbands tell you what to think and how to vote. You are a disgrace to your gender.

  • Sounds to me that Romney is spending private not public money
    like the Obamas and( especially Micelle) what a classless person she is) spends the public’s money
    on traveling the world in US jets at enormous expense not counting
    the secret service etc. and they are trying to say what???
    I do not get the point!!!

    • rmarqua2921

      I don’t get your point? I will tell you Michelle Obama is one of the classiest Presidential wives…Barbara Bush was classy too and Laura Bush too! You need to take your racist trash some other place and spew it! You are a disgusting American!

  • MCJE

    I receive nasty emails about President Obama and am tiried of it. It is about time things are being sent telling exactly what Romney is about………MONEY AND THE RICH !!!!!!
    Get over it…all those stupid petty lies people are still grumbling about this and that. No matter who our President of U.S., shouldn’t “we the people” support our active President in trying to make it a better America. Come on people, be a good example to our children and peers and be positive in regards that President Obama is trying to do good just like other presidents before him. Do you think Our Heavenly Father would want us to be so heartless?

  • I am now convinced that the rich have figured out that it is not in good taste to let folks know how rich you really are. My Dad always talked about people throwing rocks at expensive cars being driven around in Syracuse NY during the other ‘ Great Depression”.

  • Don

    todd if u believe that i have a bridge to sell that runs from tampa to the caymans!!!!!!

  • rockin_the_bay_in_Tampa

    It will be interesting to see how they weasel out of this one…especially since ABC News mainstreamed it. That is the problem with having “news” channels like Fox News who only report slanted to the right reporting, CNN and MSNBC which try to shed light on the shenaigans and corruption going on in the secretive world of politicians and the super rich. However, unless you have cable or a dish, you don’t see this kind of reporting. I commend ABC News for reporting it on mainstream television that EVERYBODY can tune in to.

  • blueclouds123

    He will be having yaght parties if he is elected because he will owe to these people and you, the public, will be lucky if you have a row boat, hopefully with oars.

    • I already have a 32′ what do I need a rowboats for?

  • You know Romney – a real party animal. I wonder how the ginger ale was?

    Have more fun and check in with the Hollywood set down there and get some fresh cocaine and pro-Obama action. Better yet, check in with the Harvard, Yale and Stanford Foundations while in the Caymans. They have Billions upon Billions down there in the Caymans so as to avoid “UBTI” and keep there tax exempt status. ie. who do you think paid Romney for his services? Shouldn’t they maybe be paying a bit o’tax too?

    • 14% of millions is a lot more than we will ever pay in a lifetime! That is what the proof is pointing to at this stage he has paid.

      • rmarqua2921

        Maybe you could show us his tax records which show he paid 14%? Is that what you paid while making millions a year?

  • richnoo

    Who do you know that wants a President who stashes 30 million in the Cayman Islands so he can avoid paying taxes. Now that is a great Role model for America.

  • Romney has shown his on how women before this . Why is everyone surprised. Why does he not show his Tax records. Because it will show he hide his money to avoid taxes all along. Do we want someone who says one thing and his view is if not caught, then it is ok!!! What a man without ethics . How do we view a man worthy of being president. We should not but beware his rich cronies want to buy the election. We need to stop them and make it clear the goverment is the people and for the people !!!

  • artisan1475

    Its beyond me that someone so clearly and obviously avoiding taxes can run for President. If he’s not actually involved in illegal activities (i thought hiding money for tax avoidance was illegal) then he is at the very least unpatriotic. Noone likes paying taxes but its also nice to know emergency services are a phone call away and can get to my house quickly on roads we pay for.

    …but I’m stating the obvious, or what I thought to be obvious until I see articles like these and I just feel sickened…

  • Anyone who thinks that R/R is for the middle class and women needs a psychiatric evaluation…or maybe they know and just don’t care…

  • Mitt is a scum bag and many of us know it as for Ann Romney,did she really think she touched the hearts of the non-rich women in this country? If so than I got a bridge I would like to sell her.

  • I believe JKK’s yacht was bigger than Romney’s yacht, and maybe John Kerry’s yacht was bigger too. I don’t think JFK & Kerry earned their wealth, they both inherited it, Romney gave ALL his away to his father’s college in his honor. Or do Liberals just hate it when the other Party has wealth?

    • rmarqua2921

      Wealth is not the problem! More power to anyone who gains wealth! The problem is not paying taxes on the money you earn here in the USA and sending it to all those tax havens in the Cayman Islands, that is the problem! And then giving your buddies tax breaks while the middle class is treading water! THAT IS THE PROBLEM!

  • LOL. Hidden name tags ? Yacht registered in the Caymen Islands ? What’s not to like ?

    If elected, he can turn Arlington into a Polo Ground so us “subjects” can watch the “Royalty” at play.

  • quasm

    Mr. Decker;

    Can I suppose all those attending $1,000 dollar plus a plate fundraisers for Pres. Obama are just as evil?

    Dik Thurston
    Colorado Springs

    • rmarqua2921

      You can’t buy Obama for $1000, and for sure you can’t buy Romney for a thousand…it will interesting how he Romney pays back all these millionaires and billionaires!

  • MatterMan

    I’m sure ABC took some pics which are more highly valued than simply stating names. Remember A Picture is worth a thousand words. So just get ABC to send us all nice blow ups and I’m sure the American People will get to see the Koch Bros. in the flesh, along with the rest of the Gas Oil and Pertoleum Syndicate that is bilking the price of gas every time you turn around and for some inane reason Oh the weather is too hot, or they had to shut down Gulf Drilling because of the Hurricane. If they donated all that money to the already money that he has. I think they should have brought their own boat and they can have party every month, since they all probablly have laundry accounts in the Cayman Is. and elsewhere. He must have a plush pad in Switzerland to go and check up with his Bain Cronies, and see if the deposits are being correctly placed. If your going to make a story, you have to follow the money-sonny. All the Big Banking Cohooters swere in Jackson Hole Wy. last week. I wonder why they go to Jackson Hole. Doesnt’t Cheney live there. Ooh Noo, Mr. Bill, were being screwed over again and again.

  • If this is the best the left has got on Romney, I would say they are certainly going down. A charter boat that bears a flag of the Caymens? Seriously?

    • I read luxury yacht, not charter boat. Altho’ if chartered, why charter a boat bearing the Cayman Islands flag?

  • gop, aka the tax dodging party

  • patandfritz

    “Todd please go somewhere and do something to yourself.”
    ” metrognome3830

    I think he probably does something to himself a lot.”

    Comments like this are why some of us would never consider being a liberal. I would not want to be a person who stoops to your level of vile

  • jim bosche

    first of all, being a “millionaire” isn’t that big of a deal. Yes, the majority of the people do not have it. but I know some people who do. and the reason why the want obama is because they are not idiots. they are not oblivious to the sense of equality that we need to have in this country. No, everyone doesn’t deserve a yacht, but in my life, the most interesting people don’t have one. obama has to play the political game. romney just gives the sh*t-brained racists some kind of demented hope. romney is not a good man in any sense of the word, his wife and kids are not good people. obama is a good man, his wife and kids are good people. really sucks for the bigot.

  • He ain’t evading taxes,is he? YEAH, ELECT THIS ASSHOLE….NOT!

  • You my friend are Delusional.

  • You my friend are delusional.

  • You are delusional.

  • Todd is correct. People shouldnt mouth off before doing research. When Ron Paul was looking hot, Obamas people intimidated his staff and supporters. When Romney began going up, the same thing happened to him. And thats not even underground news either, its easily researched in mainstream news, the attacks on his supporters by government agencies. Even before the 2008 election Obamas people did plenty of nasty stuff to clear the road for Obama. Obama is the dirtiest rat ever and i cant believe i voted for him. Problem is that Romney is just as bad in his own right. Cant and wont vote for either of them.

    • intimidated his staff?? A politician trying to take votes away from another and the INTIMIDATED HIM wow, That’s a shame

  • alphanumerical

    If this person gets to be President “Plutocracy will reign supreme. I still have a hard time believeing a woman who will pay $990.00 for a tea shirt. That woman is Ann Romney. I guess I am just too middle class. I seems she has more money than sense.

    • No one said anything about the multi thousand dollar outfit that Moochelle had on. How successful do you think a poor person would be as POTUS? Have you ever gotten a job from a poor person? We don’t care how rich R/R is if they don’t perform and get things moving in the right direction we will vote them out it’s that simple. O has nothing to run on zip,zero,nada. He crammed O care down our throats knowing that 3/4 of people were against it. But we had to pass the bill to know what’s in it what kind of BS is that? You bought it hook, line and sinker.

  • Gee if my comment is that volatile, i”ll take a break & have a oh henry candy bar



    The rich always avoid situations that outwardly look like they are favoring themselves. Then they can say they didn’t know about things that are against our beliefs and values.

    It’s called being piggish or commonly referred to as typically American Taliban Republican.



    Well if you heard his speech, Ryan is better at lying and distorting facts than RoMoney.

    These two radicals will stop at nothing to confuse the electorate into voting for them.

    This is so typical of the American Taliban Republicans.

  • I think any American sneakyand dishonest enough to hide their money in off-shore accounts to avoid paying U.S. taxes shouldn’t even be considered for President

  • alumahead

    This should raise the hair on any true blooded American, but I assure you, this won’t raise an eyebrow on the right. Lies and immoral justification is what they do best.

  • Romney and Rayan borrowed Saddam Hussain Moto STARVATION OF THE MASSES WEEKENS THEIR WILL AND WILL HAVE TO FOLLOW YOUR ORDERS TO SURVIVE. Did’nt the Reublicans Create Saddam??? Ask Papa Bush when he ran the CIA.

  • Warren B. owes 1 billion in back taxes and he is fighting paying it. Do you send in more that you owe? Do you take every deduction you can? No one rich or poor wants to give the government more that they should. They throw it away on stupid junk everyone knows this. If I had money enough I would have a Caymans account.

  • This is one yacht that should have disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle—pity.

  • Well, lets wait a bit. Ann Romney is going to humanize him when he wins the elections in November. The man is a walking contradiction of the economy he soooo thinks he knows all about.

  • 13observer

    What is the difference when we have illegal aliens working the “underground” labor markets to escape detection, taxes and sending their money back to Mexico while living off our welfare and displacing U.S. workers?

  • Ed

    It is Romney’s hope to have the Caynman FlAG FLYING OVER THE WHITE HOUSE!

  • BillInOrlando

    ABC news update: The yacht is owned by MA Senator John Kerry’s wife, Pickles. When Kerry, on national TV, was introducing his V.P. running mate as the most qualified person to help him run the country, it was Pickles who stood up and started waiving to the audience. After Kerry was caught hiding the yacht in another state to avoid paying MA taxes, they moved it to the Cayman’s to avoid paying taxes to anyone.

  • Romney/Ryan’s smirking cynicism is such a cowardly form superiority

  • patandfritz: Its you who is drinking the koolaid and smoking funny stuff when you read the NEWSPAPERS! The only time the middle class gets ahead in anyway is when the DEMOCRATS are in office. Are you afraid the democrats are going to oust you and keep what is yours? You must be you wimp! The GOP is when we usually lose in Stock Market, inflation hits big-time. It all goes back to Reagan, then the two Bushes. And without a Democrat in office, the stock market will CRASH again and it will be 1929 all over again.

  • And what about Ryan? Does he and his wife use birth-control. If no contraceptaves are allowed by the GOP why is that Ryan and his wife have only three children??? Oh, I know. He abstains!!!! Or maybe the good lord says he doesn’t need any more kids, so I’ll just them more children to the poor women with no husbands. How do you suppose that works???? And its not you jarheadgene, I am replying to.

  • montanabill: The poorest republican is Boener, the house speaker, and he is worth over 4 Millions dollars at the time he was make speaker. That’s pretty poor – but it wouldn’t be bad if it was you would it now?

  • Heidi Williams

    How do people get away with such lies? Romney was making a speach in Wisconsin all day Wednesday after which time he flew back to Tampa.

  • fedupwitgop

    I made you angry wasn’t my intent!!! Read you wrong but thankful you had unemployment. I lived on it for two years couldn’t have made it otherwise. Thankful to God for it. Pray your situation changes.

  • Hap

    No suprise here. If the repubs have their way there will only be two classes of people in this country the rich and the poor. Wake up America this country will be in big trouble if they take control again. People must have short memories if they have already forgotton the eight years of Bush

  • Hey Patandfritz,

    Just you wait sweetheart. You may feel you are being treated right by republicans now. however you better pray Romney doesn’t win, because if he manages to steal the election and win you can say goodbye to all your rights you have now.

  • 67596759

    The message is clear, this candidate Romney is preparing a presidency that cates to the rich and hopes the rich will help spur the economy. That help didn’t happen under GWB despite huge tax breaks…how many jobs created by that…and at what cost to the deficit. Republicans today have lost grip on the economic reality we are in, mostly due to Bush wars and tax cuts, and prefer an ideology that assuages their discomforts in life at th expense of fact and information. Of course everyone is ‘right’ , no one says they are full of it…but surely a rich guy who hides his wealth, pays less in taxes than ‘the average family’ and who supports tax cuts for the rich and cuts in services to the poor and shrinking middle class’ is not to be trusted to struggle for the little guy in the coming years…it would be silly to ecpect him to do that with all the we know about him.

    Please, don’t be silly in November – nothing could be more serious.

  • I am not surprised! Romney has yet to divulge his tax returns. What he has divulged is that he paid less in taxes than most of us. This man could care less about most Americans. He has led a sheltered and privliged life. He does not know how the rising cost of gas and food and medicine can destroy a an already lean budget. I truly hope that people will carefully examine what he and Paul Ryan want to do if elected. I can sum it up in these words to women, minorities and the middle and working classes…bend over, here it comes!

  • They are over there partying in the backyard of very poor people. Do they care? no. Will they care about those middle class in America? no. Will any of them get off the boats and hand a $10 bill to a poor store owner over there in the Cayman? no. They use the services and go back to their rich lives – probably to talk about “those poor people in the islands where our yacht is boarded and cared for”.


  • Trying to figure out why my middle-class parents are still on-board with Mitt-the Witt??!!

  • What a bunch of hypocrites! If you were making money legitimately you would search for every way to protect it from Government greed, they take enough from every one of us, thought about how many taxes you pay that go directly to Gov., and what are they really doing for you, and the wealthy pay a lot- lot more, and did you know they are the job creators, no you haven’t heard that you just listen to the idiot liberal media?
    Just one example; every state has a lottery and several national ones all collecting huge HUGE taxes, but education budgets are hurting? Where’s all that money going, into a slush fund, typical of about every Gov. fund, wake up! I’m a Democrat but you “Dumbacrats” are unbelievable, and did I mention hypocritical, and let me add jealous to your list, and it gets you nowhere just looking like a donkey, oh wait, isn’t that the symbol? I’m Sick to death of you, oh wait is that one of your hate crimes……

  • That’s why they call it the Republican PARTY! Let them drink seawater, I say

    • Wait till you see Obama’s Dumbocrate “Party” that will look a whole lot more like a party than the one the Republicans had, come on, stars and party girls, real party girls who need protection they party so hard, and comedians…come on wake up!

  • Darn it ,he forgot my invitation again


    TRUE 1% RICH PEOPLE do not have to play by the same rules as the rest of us. out of touch with americanS if MITT ROMNEY become President the same AS BUSH. BIG BANKS WILL RUN THE SAME GAMES ON THE POOR ONE MORE TIME. AS I WATCH THE RNC THIS PAST WEEK WHERE WAS THE NON WHITE PEOPLE. IT LOOKED LIKE WE WAS NOT INCLUDED. AND THAT IS JUST THE WAY IT WILL BE IF MITT ROMNEY IS OUR PRESIDENT. I LOVE MITT FOR given us the real deal non whites you got a fight for all your programs Mitt is coming for them. and poor whites will so be grouped with us one people just keeping it real. rich saving the rich.