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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The controversy over Ron Paul’s newsletter business erupted again on Friday — just days before the Florida primary — when three former associates of the libertarian presidential candidate contradicted his earlier claims of ignorance about the racist and anti-Semitic material published under his name. Although the Texas Congressman has previously insisted that he had been unaware of the newsletters’ racial slurs, his former secretary Renae Hathaway, who still supports his candidacy, said: “It was his newsletter, and it was under his name, so he always got to see the final product. .?.?. He would proof it.” Hathaway told the Washington Post that Paul was a “hands-on boss” who frequently visited the publication’s offices despite his busy schedule as a Congressman and practicing physician.

Confirmation of Hathaway’s recollections came from Eric Dondero Rittberg, another ex-aide, who told the Post that Paul approved all the final copy in his newsletters during the 1990s, when the racist articles appeared. As other former Paul associates have suggested, Rittberg said that the Congressman’s motives involved greed more than bigotry. “The real big money came from some of that racially tinged stuff,” Rittberg said, “but he also had to keep his libertarian supporters, and they weren’t at all comfortable with that.” According to the Post’s analysis, the newsletter business was so profitable that Paul went from personal indebtedness to a net worth of more than $5 million.

Although the newsletters were reportedly written and edited by Lew Rockwell – a close associate of Paul and longtime far-right pamphleteer — the Congressman was not only aware of their contents but endorsed the strategy behind them. Ed Crane, who headed the libertarian Cato Institute for many years and knows Paul well dating back to their years together in the Libertarian Party, said the Congressman told him that the strongest response to his mailings came from the subscriber lists of The Spotlight, then the weekly publication of neo-Nazi Willis Carto’s Liberty Lobby.

A spokesman for the Paul campaign said that Paul didn’t recall that conversation with Crane, and more broadly denied the descriptions of his role in publishing the newsletter by Rittberg, Hathaway, and another former employee who spoke to the Post anonymously. The Paul campaign also directed reporters to Mark Elam, owner of the company that printed the newsletter, who said Paul was “a busy man” in those days. “I just do not believe he was either writing or regularly editing this stuff,” Elam said.

The emerging story of Paul’s newsletters is hardly flattering to the candidate. Is it plausible that he paid no attention to a business that employed his wife and daughter and earned millions of dollars for him? Or was it ethical for him to market the newsletters as the products of his intellect and insight if he knew nothing of their contents?

What remains ironic is how little impact the newsletter controversy is likely to have on his candidacy, even as his fellow presidential hopefuls are held accountable for positions and actions from past decades. The Republican Party will always marginalize the droll old doctor, not because of the vile bigotry in his past, but because he now defends constitutional rights, criticizes U.S. foreign policy, and denounces the war on drugs. Republican audiences still cheer whenever Newt Gingrich blows the racial dog whistle, after all — the louder, the better.


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  • fordneri

    Whether he wrote them, read them or what ever. His name is on them and he is going to take the hit. the sad reality is he felt that way then and probably feels less prejudiced now, but we don’t trust him. We can’t afford to trust him. The job he wants is too important.

  • 1olderbutwiser1

    There was then, and still is today, tons of racial bigotry in america, why should anyone deny that? I personally find much more bigotry among blacks than whites. Just as jews scream “anti-semitic” while they manipulate public opinion by owning a disproportionate level of media, blacks scream “discrimination” when a level of responsibility in society is expected by them. Why lie about anything? I had two far-back relatives who died in the civil war fighting to free slaves, and two weeks ago I was mugged by three black hoodlums. Whites have their share of bad, to be sure, but I truly believe, by seeing continually, that far more blacks than whites, percentage-wise, are simply looking to get over on society in general. It’s a truism spoken eloquently, as Obama spoke with seemingly (you never know if he’s being sincere or just “posing”) sincere appraisal, that parenting doesn’t end with conception. Locally, it appears few of the blacks here ever got that message. You can argue till the cows come home, but when I ride down a street and have black kids crossing the road, an open roadway, with bikes or just chasing each other for whatever reason, they see no reason to watch for traffic, and if you blow your horn, they simply give you the finger, or throw a stone at you… sense of civility at all……this is enhanced by a legal system where lawyers line up forever to steal as much as they can from anyone who has ever worked and has assets.I see repeatedly when renting to black people, this inherent desire to damage the white man’s economic lot in life, while not being willing to improve their own lot, presumably because it will incur responsibility for, their own actions….????? Property rental is a touchy situation, of course, because it is a have-versus-have-not situation….but what is militance other than trying to drag any achiever down to the level of the non-achiever? It is long past time we address the level of racial prejudice by blacks against whites, maybe should have a truly open debate about this. Maybe we could have Juan Williams and Sharpton representing fairness, and Obama representing responsibility. Wow….that should be easy to find advertisers for, wouldn’t you say? I support Ron Paul for president, regardless of his true racial feelings, but I disagree with the concept of legalizing drugs. I would favor prohibition, and sharia law for dealers. And above all, I believe and society has proven, alcohol is just another drug. and I still ask anyone who will listen to a rational statement, what is wrong with sobriety? It is the most normal state. And badly needed if America is ever to return to greatness rather than indebtedness and servitude.

  • mari2JJ

    The reason I am so skeptical about his silly denials is that the meme in those printed papers are so in keeping with his racist comments in the past and although veiled now, still part of his meme. But his gutless denial when his name was on the rag is what totally reduces his credibility and his hope of convincing us of his honesty. I lived in Texas during the worst of the racist wars on blacks and Hispanics and believe me, it was so un-Godly that it gave me many sleepless nights until I started to actively protest along with these ethnic groups. Paul is a gutless wonder when he hides all his past this way. I know those stories are disgusting but he needs to fess up or he will look even more disgusting than he does now. REMEMBER, HIS NAME WAS ON THE PUBLISHES STUFF!


    Few people are ever big enough to admit that they are racist. That word is so repugnant to them while the many racial epithets they utter or publish are not! His denial of having seen, edited, or published such racial slurs is far greater EVIDENCE that his racism remains deep-seeded! He cannot deal with such matters “privately” because his words have been spewed into America’s ears! Full confession is the only thing that will help to launch him into the journey of a recovering racist. Just like a “drunk” the longer one denies his or her problem, the worse it gets!

  • vh216829

    SInce when we tagged the facts however we want? He gave the FACTS in his notes, not the OPINION. One decent person came on the political arena and we are …ready to dig him deep right away. We want sharks on the presidential chair, we want businessmen, who know how to make money for themselves?… Shame on us, americans…

  • jimmyags

    All the Paul supporters claimed it was a conspiracy by the “big media”, now here are the people behind it coming forward. oops

  • Wolfboi70

    How long must we continue to beat this into the ground people. By now, Id be willing to guess that 95% of anyone who even CARES about this, has made a decision on where they lye. There will ALWAYS be people who will come forward to damn him or free him, of these charges, the media can spin it ANY WAY IT WANTS TO, and its just…. Well old news, boreing news, and although there are some who will argue till death with me, its also irrelavent… Look at the man now, listen to him now, look at his actions now, and get over the he said she saids of 20-30 years ago… I ask and challange any of you to answer this, who here is the EXACT SAME as you were 20-30 years back, none, we all HOPEFULLY, grow, learn, and expand ourselves and get a better perspective on things as we live life. Hes a much different man now than then… I think we all have already made the decision on whether we hate him for these letters or give him the benifit of the doubt…. And these agonizing articles, beating, rebeating, and reselling the same crap to us over and over and over again, has not, is not, and will not CHANGE anyones opinion, which has been made up at least 2-3 months ago. Can we not move on to anything else. Perhaps the media keeps reselling this crap, because THERE IS NOT ANYTHING ELSE BAD OR SCANDALOUS ABOUT RON PAUL, a man who says what he means, and does what he says… A very odd thing in politics, but appealing to many none the less, if you can not find anything else scandleous on him, the other goof balls offer plenty of lies, affairs, boarderline criminal activities, tax frauds, and just plain bad economical and political policy.

  • Nuberq6

    Many times I go on these forums and often run across people that use and cite all the negative and bad experiences they’ve encountered with people of another color or ethnicity as a way of justifying their own innate ability to remain a closet bigot. There’s an old saying: ” Beauty is where you find it”. Its all in accordance to what your looking for and where to go to find it. So true then if one is looking for something bad or negative in a person of color or ethnicity then they’ll find it and keep a mental score card on it.
    My point is that there is a huge abundance of Black people out here that live within the “letter of the law” who are reasonably educated and very responsible and resourceful people who have a strong work ethic and raise their children accordingly. However,to a closet bigot these numbers are never referenced because it goes against the tally on their “bigot scorecard”. In their mind they would find a more comfortable living experience if America would legislate black people to a life and time experienced in a pre 1960’s era. I can recall reading a 1963 Mississippi newspaper editorial that quoted the last words a lynch mob victim heard from one of his white assailants when he asked why they were about to lynch him. He was told: ” Hey we don’t hate you just cause your black..we hate you cause you gotta big mouth reminding us and other’s of your kind about it!”

  • bmchast

    I’m not sure where you live but in response to your dim view of black Americans I must say it is disheartening that you seemingly put us all in the same category. As in any town/city/state there are people that we wish would change their ways for the better of mankind. However, there are the many more who are decent, hardworking Americans, not looking for handout as I presume you do not.
    Would you believe that in various states there are more whites percentage-wise on welfare than blacks! I don’t believe they all want a handout. I believe most whites are like any other race of people; they seek the assistance because they truly are in need of a helping hand while they are seeking jobs or other alternatives to sustain their lives.
    There are about 138 black households in my subdivision and not knowing anyone’s personal business I would say that more than the majority work every day, most have 2 adults working in the home and their homes inside and out are as decent as any other community who values their homes, jobs and the future of their children.
    I’ve been in the workforce since 1974 and I’m only one of millions of black Americans that can boast the same. Separate the facts from the rhetoric and you will not have to live in fear.