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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Ron Paul Supporters Release Stunningly Offensive Anti-Huntsman Ad [Video]

A group of Ron Paul supporters has released a shocking ad attacking former Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman, which is certain to be remembered as one of the most offensive political ads in history.

“Jon Huntsman’s Values” labels Huntsman as an un-American “Manchurian candidate,” who can’t be trusted due to his ties to China. In between various clips of Huntsman speaking Chinese, it also manages to attack Hunstman for adopting two daughters from Asia and for his Mormon faith (“Shares Our Values? A Man Of Faith?” the video asks,) and concludes with a doctored image of Huntsman dressed as a Maoist soldier.

As Mediaite puts it, the ad “makes ‘Willie Horton’ look like Will.I.Am’s ‘Yes We Can’ ad.” In an election that has turned deeply negative, this spot is the most deplorable yet.

The ad was produced by “NHLiberty4Paul,” a group of Ron Paul supporters which does not appear to be affiliated with the Paul campaign or any pro-Paul Super PAC.

Hunstman has publicly spoken out against the ad. “If someone wants to poke fun at me, that’s OK,” Huntsman said at New England College’s “College Convention.” “What I object to is bringing forward pictures and videos of my adopted daughters and suggesting there’s something sinister there.”

The Paul campaign has distanced itself from the spot. “The video was utterly distasteful and no one who actually supports Dr. Paul’s principles would have made it,” Paul’s New Hampshire spokesperson told the Associated Press. Still, that statement will provide little reassurance to voters who were convinced by Paul’s racist newsletters that the libertarian Republican holds uncomfortably close to ties to bigots.


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23 Responses to Ron Paul Supporters Release Stunningly Offensive Anti-Huntsman Ad [Video]

  1. The ad is so silly it hardly qualifies as offensive. Your writer is indulging in a bit of hyperbole. On the other hand, there are silly people in every state and we have to let them vote, an unfortunate element in what Churchill called the “worst form of government ever invented.”

  2. This ad has no affiliation with the Paul campaign or the Paul superPACs. It was denounced by the Paul campaign. It was clearly put out by a group that seeks to sabotage the Paul campaign by inferring that his support comes from racists. The people who produced the ad are clearly no supporters of Paul and are cowards for not stepping forward.

    The National Memo article is misleading because though all of the above is known, the article still tries to associate the deplorable ad with Paul. The elephant in the room is that Paul is the biggest threat to Obama because most of his support comes from young Americans who are aware that the status quo is leading them down the road to serfdom.

    The National Memo is basically saying that Paul is responsible for unaffiliated parties who produce ads with his name on it with racist content he totally rejects. It’s a psy-ops campaign to sink the Paul campaign. Who produced? Fox News?

  3. How about instead of hearing chinese I don’t understand.why not put the english translation below what he is saying? And how about instead of a musical background burying clear hearing of what is spoken, and document the days and times of these chinese spoken messages? I had heard thru the grapevine several months ago that huntsman was indeed a manchurian-type, so there may be a whole lot of truth behind this ad. On the other hand, it could be just a fanatical fringe element. We can see how obama lied and lied, we don’t need another lying frontman for this country. How about it, let’s see the proof of the pudding. America has been lied to enough by people who only turn out to be thieves.
    We must remember that america has been taken over by lawyers whose goal is to steal the milk while we raise feed, clean up after, keep healthy, and even do the physical milking, while the lawyers get all the milk, the only worthwhile product produced.
    And, Skep, this is america.How can any red-blooded american not be offended by a presidential candidate with such close ties, and a proven history of sending american jobs to, a country who won’t even value it’s currency fairly?

  4. In a way, for me, it makes Huntsman a more acceptable candidate. In the realm of foreign policy it is important to have an understanding of other cultures especially China.

    He is obviously not racist and shows some compassion by adopting children of a different culture and color and totally oblivious to any political consequences.

    If nothing else; it makes me want to learn more about this candidate. For, when I think about it, his performance and answers in the debates I saw were well thought out and made more sense than any other candidate.

  5. Dear sweet Ron Paul. How will he be able to defend this ad? To attack Jon huntsman and his children is too disgraceful for words.!

  6. But we have been Obamanized to where we should think that the sharpest answers to questions a candidate has studied for, and have been well prepared to answer with a 30 second soundbite, represents an honest answer. About the last thing I assume out of any politicians mouth, is something 100% /9/9/9 TRUTHFUL /9/9/9 .

  7. Otto appears to be the type of American the ad was targeting. He needs to read some H.L. Mencken.
    As for 9/9/9, what more can be said?
    Ignorance doth shine as the sun.

  8. You’re (or as you would probably say ‘your’) an ididot. Obama hasn’t lied any more than any Republican candidate or incumbent – probably less! He hasn’t (yet) kept all of his campaign promises (thank you, Speaker Boehner), but he is more in touch and more interested in the welfare of all Americans than the candidates who curry to monied selfish One Percent. Regarding Huntsman, someone with a more wordly (and less racist) perspective than some of his competition is a much more acceptable alternative to the more publicized candidates. Having ties (which doesn’t necessarily mean allegiance) to China isn’t a bad thing – particularly in today’s world. Certainly a less isolationist stance than Ron Paul’s or less sabre-rattling attitude than George W. Bush would go a long way toward re-establishing America’s former preeminent position in the world.

  9. all I can say is anyone who calls themselves a republican should be ashamed not for what this ad says but for the lengths they and their PAC’s will go to ignore any issues of any type except personal attacks. That this ad is so distorted we really don’t know which deranged candidate it is really meant to help or hurt. This is some seriously crazy sh*t. The right scares the sh*t out of me because they are so totally lacking in perspective and ethics that I don’t know why they aren’t just shooting down their opponents in the street yet. It’s bound to come to that sooner or later. My advice is don’t make eye contact, and that includes tv, with any republican candidate or his minions or henchmen. Mute the volume and look away until the ad is over or risk brain damage or, at minimum, indigestion.

  10. To call into question Huntsman’s loyalty to the US as well as to portray the Chinese people as inferior is mindless in this day and age. I am waiting for Ron Paul to disavow this ad, not just distance himself from it, and to direct the PAC that made it to not ever create such a moronic and unintelligent piece again. It does Ron Paul a huge disservice. And if Paul does not disavow the ad, that also speaks volumes about Paul.

  11. There’s no reason for Ron Paul’s campaign to want to do any harm to Jon Huntsman, who has absolutely no chance and whose every vote comes from the hide of Mitt Romney, who is Ron Paul’s principal target. It’s absurd to think that this ad has anything to do with Paul or his campaign, except perhaps a game someone is playing like that Republican – was it Santorum, I don’t remember – who set up a phony Green candidate to split the vote against him. I think we’re going to be seeing a lot of “progressive” attacks on Ron Paul in the next few months, the crowd that thought that kidnapping and torture, endless imperial war, a blank check to the banksters and other corporate purchasers of Obama, and treating the Constitution like a “goddamned piece of paper” were all terrible things for Bush to do, but they’re fine for Obamna to do.

  12. No intellectually honest person gives any credence to TV political ads. All distort the truth to the point of being outright lies. The same thing goes for those slick mailers helping keep the post office in business.

    It’s sad but with the help of the Supreme Court corporations with much money and anyone else with more money than they need can have the loudest megaphone and spread all sorts of vile filth, lies and distortions posing as facts with slick expensive promotions.

  13. Don’t you love the way these fascist organizations use words like “liberty, freedom, our forefathers,etc.”

    I’m sure that Paul didn’t know anything about this ad just as he didn’t know anything about the racist newsletters that he signed his name to.

    I predict that Huntsman will do well in NH and Paul’s ad will help him win the sympathy vote.

  14. The problem for Paul is that indeed many people supporting him would be more than happy to create the negative Huntsman ad. Paul has been responsible for publishing racist material for years and the media gave him a free ride for it (he claims he did not know what was being published in his name. If true that statement should disqualify him from holding high office). Mr. Paul is a misogynistic racist dinosaur from an age most Americans have hopefully outgrown. Down with Paul and his supporters.

  15. You must be reading revisionist history books, and base your stated “facts” on those. There is an awful lot of revisionist history in the current advertising and blogs favoring our current liar-in-chief. If Huntsman has in heart in America, why did adopt chinese children? Think about that awhile before you shoot from the hip. Everything we have given to china, they steal our military secrets, our corporate secrets, our jobs with unfair currency exchange, and you want to sympathize with both they and Huntsman? You need your head examined by a competent psychologist, not the Obamacare type.

  16. I agree with yoy, fringe elements in the Paul camp could have written and produced this ad. Can you tell, though, that the republican party fears Paul? The republicans simply use different speech patterns while doing as the democrats do….rape,pillage, and plunder all our wallets. The democrats give it to unionized government workers, the perpetually poor and always gonna be poor, and in wars in other countries (republicans also do that, I know). The republicans give it to the richest of the rich, and then demand more tax breaks for those people. Either party, rather than face the financial truths of past sins, would rather inflate our currency to the moon rather than pay off any debts with dollars worth anything. This would destroy world currencies and world trade. Paul’s approach would re-affirm to the whole world the value of our freedoms and our currency as well, and re-establish our cognizance of the shining city on the hill. These next four years, if we can make it to a new and responsible leader, will maintain our position that is currently sinking fast. Why do we call an American company, and get routed to someone who hardly speaks our language as a way to resolve any problems with products (usually imported from china or another asian company)and live with this frustration? Because all the regulations we have protecting american workers. It costs a bundle to hire employees, especially manufacturing. Soon as you hire a worker, they have an accident and go on workers comp, or cut off a finger and sue for 5 times what comp allows, or just demand union representation and a large raise before even demonstarting competency in their hired position. Americans expect too much for what they do, and no politicians have the gazoonies to express that truth while running for, or holding, any office. Typical candidate in America can address a crowd of third generation welfare deadbeats, and be telling them how they deserve more, and how worthy they are and how precious they are as wonderful human beings, to exit from the stage and find their cars wheels stolen and their security guards mugged.

  17. Unfortunately, Paul’s policies act as the proverbial “carrot on a stick” to right-wing nutcases. They show their true colors through things like this and it is reprehensible to Libertarians and the vast droves of Paul supporters who would all condemn it. Ron Paul had nothing to do with this.

  18. It seems to me that if you’re an ambassador to China, it would be detrimental for you to be able to speak the language….just because he speaks Mandarin doesn’t mean that he’s a traitor to this country! What it means to me is that he cared enough about doing a good job for America that he actually took the time to learn the language (who knows what the Chinese are saying unless you know the language….seems smart to me). As for adopting Chinese children, many Americans have adopted Chinese children….does that make them traitors to this country? I don’t think so. As for “OlderbutWiser,” your name belies your intelligence!! You might be older, but you aren’t wiser! Just my opinion….

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