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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Rush Is Right: There’s No Place For Latinos In This GOP

Rush Is Right: There’s No Place For Latinos In This GOP

There’s a war going on in the Republican Party.

Some in the party believe that the only way to be competitive in national elections is to support comprehensive immigration reform. They look at how Republicans’ share of the Latino vote in presidential elections has dropped every time since 2000, and believe that Latinos generally have a pro-life stance and thus are a natural fit for the Republican Party. These Republicans are led by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and former Florida governor Jeb Bush, who represent the “business wing” of the party that has always pushed for more immigration because it is a source of cheap labor.

This wing is being opposed by the group that shut down comprehensive immigration reform the last time it was being proposed, late in the Bush administration; the wing of the Republican Party that believes immigration reform will not reward the GOP because Latinos are more likely to vote Democratic. This wing is led by Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Senator David Vitter (R-LA).

And this wing’s argument is mostly correct.

In a Pew poll from 2012, 75 percent of Latinos say they believe in a “bigger government” with more services. Latinos identify with the Catholic Church when it comes to abortion, but also when it comes to caring for the poor and taking care of fellow citizens, tenets of the religion that aren’t as important to social conservatives.

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  • foolsdance

    I have known, as friends and coworkers, many Latinos. Everyone of them has been an exemplary employee with an incredible work ethic – unlike many whites I have worked with.

    • old_blu

      I don’t care if Rush is right or not I can’t stand him. You are right foolsdance I have many friends that are hard working people, in fact the only one that comes to mind that takes advantage of the generosity of America is a white guy.

  • charleo1

    When was the last time Republicans agreed with Democrats, and themselves? On anything?
    I say it was the
    time they told Nixon if he didn’t resign, they had the votes to impeach him from office.
    I expect to open up the paper one of these mornings and read, T-Party faction breaks with
    Republican leaders in ongoing disagreement over which day of the week it was yesterday.
    Speaker Boehner’s motion to once again, adjourn to the bar for further study, and consensus
    passed narrowly without T-Party support. Claiming they had removed their green affirmative
    buttons from their desks the first day the House was in secession, and could only vote no

  • Flush Rush

    • sunmusing

      just did…thanks for the encouragement

    • If only we could flus him out of the country, along with Beck, Hannity and some others.

  • daniel bostdorf

    Rush Limbaugh is at it again…what else is new.

    Rush’s statements:

    ““They (Latinos)want relatively poor people who depend on government for their prosperity….For some reason, culturally, they think that they’re invested in hard work. And using the Cuban exile model, they’re exactly right. But the Hispanic demographic, if you will, or population, has shifted. And the Cuban exile model is no longer the dominant model. The Mexican immigrant model is. And that — they arrive with an entirely different view of America. And I’m sorry if this is offensive, but it’s true.”

    It is way past offensive, it’s racists and has absolutely no place in this country let alone public airwaves.

    Even some canine friends I know are scared to death of Limbaugh’s mental state. See photo.

  • I wrote it many times before and am writing it once more now: If GOP will continue to listen to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, they will never reach anywhere. These two individuals are there for money and have nothing at heart for the Party. Sarah Palin was one of them BUT thanks god she no longer has the platform to talk from.

  • I, reluctantly, agree with Rush Limbaugh on this one. It will be a long time before Latinos are convinced to support GOP policies. However, I disagree with the insinuation that the reason for their rejection of conservative policies is influenced by their support for greater public sector services. The main reason Latinos -Mexican Americans and Central Americans – oppose the GOP is because of their policies of exclusion, expressions of hatred and the anti-immigration and anti-cultural policies embraced by the GOP in years past. Add to that the GOP efforts to marginalize minorities and characterize them as lazy parasites living off government handouts, and I think it is fair to say the GOP has a major problem in their hands.
    I think it is important to point out that Spanish speaking people are not a homogeneous group. The aspirations and ideological leanings of Latinos (people of Mexican and Central American ancestry), and Hispanics (Cuban-Americans, Puerto Ricans, Colombians, Venezuelans, Dominicans and others) are often diametrically opposed. Some segments of the Hispanic community, especially Cuban Americans are staunch Republicans. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and other GOP luminaries come from the relatively small group. Their views are often influenced by their experiences, and those of their parents, under the Castro regime. They blame JFK for their demise and are still influenced by the anti-communist and anti-socialist position embraced by the GOP for decades. Interestingly, recent policy changes, including freedom to travel to Cuba and the ability to send money to relatives in that island, is changing their views of the Democratic party to the point that the Cuban-American vote was almost split last November. The latter suggests that even those Hispanics that supported the GOP for decades are starting to change their minds.
    The only way the GOP will be able to attract Latinos and Hispanics is to change their ideology and abandon classic conservative orthodoxy. Since doing that would leave the GOP without a constituency, the best thing they can do is move back to center-right to increase their base…without Latinos, African Americans, and most Hispanics.

    • Germansmith

      The main reason Republican Cubans did voted for Obama was because they saw Romney as a FAKE (unfortunally we have plenty of experience spotting those in Florida politics) and considered Obama the lesser of two evils.

      Most Cubans in Miami still support the isolation of Cuba (not my point of view, smack a Wallmart in Havana and there goes comunism).

      Living off (surviving really) unemployment, Medicaid, food stamps and disability payments (while maybe getting small jobs on the side paying under the table) has become so easy that a LOT of people are losing that “hard work philosophy” and trying to just make do with government help.

      • Collecting unemployment and doing small jobs is not limited to a specific ethnic group or culture. I know people that are doing exactly that, some are making more than the unemployment benefits they are getting! I believe the government should do a better job at identifying fraud and, once they do it, government benefits should stop immediately.
        BTW, this is an issue that also affects several European economies trying to recover from the economic collapse that occurred in 2008. Robust underground economies are a factor in the ability of those countries to recover.

        • Germansmith

          never said it was limited to ethnic group. BUT it is culture related
          If you see your parents, uncles and other family members living for free of government handouts, you are more likely to follow that life style. It become a culture of their own.

          Same as education and how we value it becomes a culture as well.

          Ever wonder why so many jews in the United States are doctors, lawyers or successful business people?

          Ever wonder why you seldom see a Chinese or Japanese person begging in the street in the US?

          Are they smarter or more dignified than the rest of us OR is it their culture?

          • Cultural influences do play a role in the way we think and act, but so does the way society treats people outside the mainstream. Some, especially those who are lazy and have no ambition, are likely to be influenced by what they learn from their parents, friends, and in their neighborhoods, but that is not always the case. I know people – all of them Anglo-Saxons – that spend the day sleeping because they are bipolar or have terrible backpains, and several times a week they experience a miracolous recovery that allow them to leave and party as soon as the sun sets. Needless to say, that doesn’t mean Anglo-Saxon people are lazy or cheaters.
            Conversely, I have seen Latinos doing grueling work, often in the field for hours on end, for barely enough money to subsist. When their chidren emulate their parents, they seldom do it because they want to be poor, they do it because their families need an extra income, no matter how small, to make ends meet. What is remarkable to me, is that in spite of all the barriers and limitations they face, many manage to go to college and become valuable members of our society.
            I think it is important to remember that while culture influences our behavior, and often our expectations, we are all individuals and what really matters is not what someone else does, but what we want to do with our lives.

    • Ey,Vila from Where you came From ? Ask your Great Grand Mother where your Roots came From? You Change your Name here.What your teach your Kids about your Roots. We the Latinos or Hispanic In Gral From Mexico to Chile ,We has Culture and Very Rich .If not ask the Major Universities in The US ,Japan, Russia why is The Interest in Study our Culture.If you has time in this Life go to Visit The Maya Road,or Machu Pichu in Peru or go to Venezuela to see the Water Fall Better what Niagara. I Think you has to Know about our Culture .If we are Here in the US is because is our time to came Here,Like the Europeans and we has more right to be here ,because is our Continent AMERICA. (North-Center and South)

      • Hi fidel,
        I do guess you didn’t understand Dominick Vila what he wrote. Infact he is on your side Latinos. He is defending you. He has not written anything against you (Latinos).

        • sigrid28

          Dear frida,

          I hope you know you are welcome on this comment thread, unlike “fidel.” He is only PRETENDING to be Latino or Hispanic in order to make Latinos and Hispanics look stupid.

          You, frida, are to be commended for speaking two languages, something that is beyond the ability of this pretend “fidel.”

          Native English-speakers who have studied romance languages know what kinds of dumb mistakes English-speakers make when they try to sound like Spanish-speaking Americans to make fun of them. If “fidel” were faithfully Hispanic, he would not write English making the kind of mistakes that appear in his post.

          “sockpuppet” is internet slang for someone who tries to sound like someone else, or impersonates someone else, in order to humiliate the person or group he is impersonating.

          “Pitiful” is a polite insult you might hear in the American South. It can refer to someone who is unbelievably out-of-touch that he or she cannot thinks he or she is superior to everyone they encounter, even on a comment thread.

          I am looking forward to more comments from you and Mr. Vila.

          • Wow! Many thanks sigrid28. I am learning every day.

      • sigrid28

        What do you call a far-right troll who tries to impersonate a minority they hate? A pitiful sockpuppet, not “fidel.”

    • daniel bostdorf

      This National memo LOL does not adequately quote Limbaugh enough. No one should agree with Rush on this at any level…please read Limbaugh’s direct quote:

      Rush’s statements:

      ““They (Latinos)want relatively poor people who depend on government for their prosperity….For some reason, culturally, they think that they’re invested in hard work. And using the Cuban exile model, they’re exactly right. But the Hispanic demographic, if you will, or population, has shifted. And the Cuban exile model is no longer the dominant model. The Mexican immigrant model is. And that — they arrive with an entirely different view of America. And I’m sorry if this is offensive, but it’s true.”

      • Poor Rush, the only thing he’s got going for him is his name, the rush he gets everytime he pops a valium. He can’t run for office because he is an ex felon.

    • sevenof9fl

      Do you know WHY Cubans have (or used to, they don’t any more) always voted for the GOP?? It has to do with money and the decades long promises of people like the late Senator Jessie Helms that one day the GOP would topple Castro and all the Cubans in Miami would have their property repatriated to them. That’s why that now shrinking hard line cadre of GOP Cubans had existed in South Florida for all those years. And I have no real clue how Rubio got elected because I know no Hispanics who can stand him. Most Cubans now, 2nd, 3rd and now 4th generation are ready to end the Embargo and normalize relations with Cuba and would not vote Republican on a bet. If you check the stats for the 2012 election all three SouthEast Florida Counties (almost 5 million people in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties), which are predominately Hispanic, voted deep deep blue. The Cuban Republican is pretty much a thing of the past, check the 2012 election stats, don’t just take my word for it. However Marco Rubio himself got elected, it wasn’t off the Cuban Republican vote, because that ship sailed back in 2000. The few remaining elected Cuban Republicans like Jose Diaz-Balart are becoming more and more moderate so they can keep their jobs.

    • Repulicans are liars, do you believe the story about Ted Cruz’s father coming to Texas, without a penny, worked as a dishwasher, and became a millionaire? I have asked a few people in Austin and they doubt it.

  • KDJ54

    Given the size of Limbaugh’s girth, he should be thankful there are plenty of Mexicans to keep him fed. Its probably a full time endeavor. All jesting aside, I would challenge Limbaugh to work along those Mexicans who spent 12 hours a day milking our cows, harvesting our potatoes, picking our lettuce, and doing all of the other lousy jobs we can’t get our other citizens to do. People like Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, and Coulter are too busy whining to actually do some real work.

  • Germansmith

    As a Cuban and Independent I will disagree with Limbaugh (probably 99% of the time I will disagree with him)

    Latinos do not come to the US to live off welfare, they come to work, they come for the opportunities or they come for political freedom. Most Mexicans want to start businesses same as Cubans, Venezuelans and Colombians here in Miami. They do not want to be poor and live of welfare forever…

    The moment the GOP move away from the anti-inmigrant stand and welcome the inmigrants, Latinos (most of them religious and family oriented and not necessarily pro gay) will migrate to the GOP.

    The reason Romney lost against Obama was because he was an incompetent candidate constantly sticking his foot in his mouth catering to the nastier right wing of the GOP. I will always wonder what would have been the elections results if the GOP would have been smart enough to pick Jon Huntsman instead of Romney

  • maquih

    Latinos are very hardworking people. The problem is that if you work in the fields or as a maid in the upper east side, you are getting paid close to minimum wage for backbreaking work. If you get paid minimum wage, you need food stamps and medicaid, etc.
    That’s what the Republicans don’t understand. There are millions of people working their asses off and they still need government welfare programs to survive.

    As a staunch liberal, I would be open to reducing food stamps and medicaid, BUT then we need to talk about raising the minimum wage to a point where somebody can work 40 hours a week and put food on the table.

    At $10/hr if you work 50 hours, you’re pulling down 25K a year. That might be enough for a single person, but what if you have a kid. You’re living at the poverty line and you don’t have the time or energy to raise your child properly!

    The Republican party DOES NOT CARE ABOUT poor people, period. And guess what, the majority of Americans are poor! It’s mathematically the way it has to be. As long as Republicans advocate for the rich at the expense of the poor, they will never be able to regain a popular majority.

    • sigrid28

      It is a fact that Walmart actually teaches its employees how to apply for government assistance rather than paying a living wage and providing adequate benefits.

  • We’ll take the niggahs & the Chinks…but we WON’T take the Irish!

  • It seems to me the GOP feels it can win with out appealing to mexixans and other Hispanics, Asians or African Americans. True the GOP has their token followers in thse groups. There next step is to rig the election by adding electorial votes by congressional districts most of these districts they control in the US house. That is worse than an athlete taking steroidss. I am a Republican and yes an old white guy 66 years old. But the GOP can win by teaching basic conservatism on how low taxes every where will create revenue and jobs, but apparently they do not want to do this and are running scared and just showing ignorance.

  • You are Right Rush,and let me Tell you , we not want any Senator or Congressman Came from the GOP ,Because they are Traitor to The Latino Community for Learn all the Racism from the GOP,Specially from You.Is Better they Create New Party or Disappear from Politic in The USA .We the Latino are Better worker what any other ethnic Group.If we not have the Right Tool ,we create a New for Work .

  • JOE

    as long as the republicans follow the likes of Limbaugh coulter and vitter with their racest views they will never win, the days of the white has faded like the bow and arrows

  • Powerseries

    In that case, If Rush is right, then the GOP is doomed.

  • rebl stevn

    The GOP should embrace the white majority. They haven’t done this and whites are leaving the party to be defeated by a quickly growing third world undertow. Like a Californian who fled his state, the latinos are bringing their inferior form of governing and embracing far left marxists ideology that they fled from originally. If you have a problem with the white racists, why do you keep moving into those majority white areas? Because you fuck up what you govern. We will separate peacfully. If you follow us we reserve the right to kill you.

  • FredAppell

    I understand America has an immigration problem, I get that. But if I had to live where so many of these people are born, with no education, no healthcare, no jobs, no prospects and worst of all, no hope and all I have to do to change my stars is to take my chances and cross a border to a better life, i’m going. I think we all become a little sanctimonious as Americans. We tend to forget the difficulties that arise in trying to get here legally not to mention how hard it is to obtain citizenship.

    I have heard that it may take years for some people to obtain the proper visa to get here legally, not to mention they don’t come free. When you’re desperate and can’t wait any longer, a year or two could be a death sentence. Years ago I was ignorant and didn’t care about their well being but I have had the privilege of meeting some of them over recent years and it has increased my empathy for the hardships they face. Are all of them good people with well intentions? No, but then again, are all of us?

    The reason why Latinos vote the way they do is because they know exactly who opposes them. We can argue semantics all day long but the truth is, Latinos and Hispanics hear and understand the rhetoric being said about them. They know what party feels dubiously toward them even as some of the more wealthy donors of that party lobby for cheap labor.

    It is a double- edged sword with immigrants caught in the middle as they find themselves being pawns in a political game. I was raised to believe that America is a shining beacon of light on the world, astonishingly it’s becoming more dim as time goes by and attitudes become more close minded.

    We as Americans need to decide which America we want to be and we better do it soon before we lose ourselves forever.

  • why is it everytime I look at a picture of Limbaugh or see him live doing his talk
    show I see Joseph Goebels, Martin Borman and several other Nazi brethren whose
    pics I’ve seen in German history books? If you ever have a chance to talk to a German
    non Jew..and I was born and raised in a community where the German catholic population outnumbered the protestants… who lived through the Nazi days in Germany, they’ll point to the Limbaughs
    Hannities, Becks and the right wing of the Republican party and give you a “better watch
    out ” look and tell you there’s a familiar tone in the air when these people rant and rave.
    They’ll tell you they doubt Nazism will ever take control in the USA but something very
    similar could if the people fall asleep and don’t pay attention.
    Look at the Republican stratedgy of winning local and state elections. They’ve figured it out.
    Take control at the state level where most people fall asleep in off year elections and you can
    take control of the country state by state.
    Abortion whether you’re for it or against it, will in time be outlawed in probably every state
    in the country. And if that tactic works for abortion, why not other issues near and dear to
    Limbaugh and the boys?

  • There is plenty of room for Latinos in the GOP, but we have to stop Illegals from continuing to enter by the Millions, directly resulting in many problems & costs to American Citizens & LEGAL Immigrants. Why is this such a hard concept to understand. Isn’t the security of our nations and it’s borders and visa overstays more important than politics? Many of you must believe in your hearts that we need to fully secure our borders & have mandatory E-verify well in place before any new “immigration” policy can be enacted, or else, wirhin a few years we will AGAIN have people complaining that “we can’t have all these people living in the shadows.” Millions more will enter Illegally without the enforcement measures in place First.

  • Rush Limbaugh is the FFathers missing link in curing,.. ëmptiness!I want to write a book about him,but it’s a waste of time and the pages will all be BLANK!In French we call it “VIDE!

  • tman000

    The Tabloid Radio shpw of Rush Limbaugh and others like him are good for the left and better for the ‘center’ both Democrats and Republicans. He, like his other friends spew ‘hate and fear’ to create a continuous divide among Americans. They are a perfect example of using their followers for their agenda, personal wealth.

  • The only Lations that will vote are cubans and dominicans, they think they are white. The GOP will not win an election anytime soon.

  • Ayaya Worenwu

    Why is Rush Limbaugh saying NO ROOM FOR HISPANICS IN REPUBLICAN PARTY? Is he ok?

  • JUST WAIT UNTIL all of those hot Latinas embrace Cosmopolitan Sexuality. “Right to life” will be replaced by “right to live as I please” like a rhye-kernel being devoured by ergot.