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Thursday, October 20, 2016
  • highpckts

    I truly wish he would and take all his “hot air and bull” buddies with him!!

  • Wouldn’t that be something to cheer about.

  • Yes!!!

  • Would Costa Rica take him?

  • Jack Wormer

    I’m afraid Ole Rush will be PATHETICALLY out of place in Costa Rica’s splendiforous tropical rain forests, especially AMONG its brilliant, multicolored parrots…….on the other hand, his departure from our shores may lift a doleful miasma from the American Psyche!

  • He does know they have that dangerous, dangerous singlepayer universal healthcare system there, right? Even for tourists. Watch out RL you might get treatment for your sociopathy.

  • Dear Costa Rico, lets all welcome another hot air balloon.

  • He’ll be back (cringe) you can’t keep a gas bag down. I see visions of Tricky Dickie in his demeanor, you know.. Like threatening to quit politics multiple times and declaring he isn’t a crook.

  • Scared me! I live in Costa Rica. You can keep him.

    • har82

      Ohh, you must be one of those -smart – democraps down there hiding your money lol.

  • i wish bill maher would go to mars

  • har82

    I sure wish all them democraps would have left the country and never came back when they ,, said they were leaving lol.

  • No, no Comrades. Report to your nearest office for more education if you would? Our insertion into every facet of your lives, our control over almost everyone in power, our insidious glorification of eugenics and keeping you useles eaters in your places is all for your own good. There are frightfully huge numbers of you, and we of course know best how to deal with this problem. How can a society who represents themselves with a wolf in sheeps clothing, or who have a stained glass window with the learned beating the world into shape on an anvil possibly be bad?