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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Almost a full week after Rush Limbaugh attacked Sandra Fluke for testifying before Congress about birth control, the controversy surrounding Limbaugh’s comments is showing no signs of dying down.

In his Tuesday afternoon news conference, President Obama responded to a question regarding the Limbaugh controversy by invoking his two daughters.

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  • rustacus21

    … as we now discover that, of all the companies in the WHOLE, WIDE WORLD, Bain Capital – YES! THAT BAIN CAPITAL, of Mitt R. notoriety, which owns Rush’s parent company – Clear Channel!!! Now it’s all “clearer” w/each word uttered, that while he no longer is in charge of the firm, he’s a ‘profiteer’ of their ‘profits’ no less. Much of what we see in the ‘Occupy’ movement – & hopefully I’m not speaking out of bounds here – are children, many from priveledged, elite backgrounds, whose Conservative parents endorsed this sort of… vile demagogery for yrs, but now, find themselves scrambling for their very existence, due to the betrayal perpetrated by Conservatives, costing them jobs, homes, savings, futures (for they, their children & even GRANDCHILDREN!!!) & even self-respect. The fact that he’s a pervert (DEMANDING women who qualify for birth control, post their sexual encounters on-line!?) is inconsequential to the reality that he has access to as many listeners as he does & of those, a majority very possibly agree w/him!!! I very much admire & agree w/the premise of Prez Obama calling Ms. Fluke & for 1, declare that the reason so many people in this nation have turned out like Rush & his Conservative supporters, is b/c their parents did NOT do what the President did, in initiating adult, mature & coherent dialogue w/BOTH SONS & DAUGHTERS, about the responsibilities of adulthood (including sex). As a twisted maniac, my hope is that Americans can piece dots together, connecting them, via this sorry episode, directly to Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, but more specifically, Mitt Romney. His shame of his ‘ethnic’ heritage, his wonton lust for money & profit, his disingenuity in pandering to poor & Middle Class voters that he detests, but attempts to pimp for votes ANYWAY – along w/the ‘legacy’ he’s handing down, guaranteeing his son (& other children, if there are more) will embrace this same savage, inhuman ‘values’ of the very same. A re-tooling of Americas philosophical & intellectual foundations is definately in order. Hopefully, Progressive Liberals are up to the challenge. Otherwise, Conservatives, as representative of the last 30-some years in power, guarantee continued demise & eventual destruction of the last hope on Earth, for true, virtuous & noble Democracy… Please understand what this means. The courage & determination of each of U reading here is what will make the difference & PLEASE, don’t think it won’t, nor underestimate how many of US we each have to rely on!!! Engage. Encourage. VOTE… w/passion, virtue & faith…

  • terango.lf

    So, are we ready to elect a President that has a (BIG) financial interest in Bain Capitol which in turn owns Clear Channel Communications which owns the syndication’s of the Rush, Hannity, and Beck shows!(on radio only)??? Who knows, maybe Romney will select Rupert Murdoch for VP with a fake birth certificate. Or skip the fraud and appoint Rupert Chief of the Federal Communications Commission?? I SMELL plutocrat(s) plus oligarchic elements.

  • SandyJ

    Margaret Meade said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” You hit the nail square on the head, rustacus — I copied it to my journal. Unfortunately, many of us are struggling so much to help ourselves and our families stay afloat, we don’t have the time or money to commit to the movement you so aptly describe in your post. You said: A re-tooling of Americas philosophical & intellectual foundations is definately in order. Yes Mam or Sir, you said it well. Thank you

  • Sleipnir

    Romney should quit pandering to the conservatives and speak out and say that Lushbaugh was totally out of line and slanderous with his comments about Sandra Fluke. Until he does he is condoning libelous attacks on anyone that speaks out on a subject they feel strongly about. I applaud President Obama for calling Ms. Fluke and letting her know there are still people that don’t condone this kind of behavior and she should be proud for having the courage to stand up for what she believes in.

  • imabrummie

    What a surprise that a sleazy outfit such as Bain Capital and their frontman, Mr. Bendyboots would have a financial interest in a piece of low-life trash such as RL. While I wholeheartedly agree with the concept of free speech, it seems this overpaid tub of lard oversteps the line by directing his vitreol into personal attacks rather than the issue at hand. It’s way past time that M.R. and his colleagues in the Republican Party came out and categorically distanced themselves from RL and his comments instead of backpeddling . . . or do they actually siubscribe to such activity?

  • I-Am-American

    As a long-time employee of Clear Channel, I have to speak out. I once made a very good living doing a professional job, the same as thousands of other broadcasters in this nation. Then Bain Capital came along and demanded that CC shed a certain amount of their workers to cut costs so the company could be taken private. I lost my job. But the economy was bad, so unless I wanted to move from the town where my wife and family were from, I had to take what I could get. I am back with CC in a lower capacity at less than half the salary as before. That has happened all over the nation. But the real point I want to make it, thanks to Bain, soon, the radio signals in every town that is served by CC stations will all sound the same. They are centralizing all their announcers and programming. That means lots of empty buildings across the nation, lots more out of work ex-radio people and NO local programming…you are being robbed of localism, while Bain Capital and the other fat cats reap even more profits. This is truly a sad state of affairs. Radio was once a vibrant, exciting, informative and entertaining business. Little by little, that vibrancy is being drained off and sold down the river so the 1% can gain an ever larger share of wealth and power. Deregulation that allowed a broadcasting company like CC to exist was a huge boondoggle, and should be repealed. And be sure to consider that when you cast your vote this November. The rich will continue to get richer, at your expense.

  • Obozo Must Go

    brummie, what did they teach you in the UK? Evidently nothing…. but Marx! How is Bain “sleazy”? Do you mean all the people (moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandfathers, Little League coaches) that work there are into pornography or prostitution or similar seedy behaviours? Is that what you mean by “sleazy”? Probably not. I have nothing for or against them, but such references to a private equity investment firm indicate you’re ignorance of how the world really works. No imabrummie, you’re not in the Land of Oz anymore, your back in the real world. And in the real world, there are people that pool resources to buy distressed companies to either turn them around, merge them, split them up, or liquidate them. Either way, the goal is to make PROFIT! That evil PROFIT! In fact, only a total useful idiot of the left would think there is something wrong with that. Regarding Rush Limbaugh, the author of this blog clearly is trying to mislead those of you who cannot think for yourselves (a regrettable trait of progressives). RL has not lost 32 sponsors. There is a difference between sponsors that contract directly with RL’s company EIB and those that contract with local stations. Some advertisers on local stations have requested their ads air during other time slots and a couple of high profile sponsors have severed their relationship with EIB temporarily (they are already asking to come back after their stock prices have tanked). But its nothing compared to the tens of thousands of advertisers that fill up the 20 minutes of commercial time per hour for 3 hours on 600+ stations nationwide. Despite your deepest desires to stifle the speech of someone that you disagree with, the demise of RL is nowhere in site. Sorry!!! 🙂 By the way, what the hell does the Republican party have to do with a radio talk show host? Nothing. And no one cares whether they distance/dont distance/whatever themselves from anything. Only a dummycRAT thinks like that, but ignores when Bill Maher, Ed Shultz, Olberman, Matthews, and the other leftist mouth pieces say 10x worse. Have a nice day!

  • MikeBurch

    Things just keep getting curiouser and curiouser. Bain Capital owns Limbaugh’s employer. Mitt Romney has his Bain investments in a $101 Million Cayman Island IRA (that’s an estimated amount; no one knows exactly what the “IRA” is worth).

    If someone put this stuff in a novel, no one would believe it! How did Romney end up shielding close to half his personal fortune from ALL taxes? An IRA is supposed to let the little guy save a few thousand dollars per year toward retirement.

    The Cayman Island IRA has been reported by major news publications; it came out after Romney disclosed his tax return. Now we know why he squirmed like a fish out of water when the subject of disclosing tax returns was raised.

    The tax returns also reveal that Barack Obama donated more that 14% of his earnings to charity, while Richard the Zion-hearted donated less than 2%. Who is the true Christian?

  • Obozo Must Go

    So that you morons dont get away with spreading such lies, Rush Limbaugh is his OWN employer. His company is called Excellence In Broadcasting (EIB) and Bain Capital does not own any of it. Why is it that the further left you go, the more stupid you become???? Or is it the other way around? Probably is the other way around… I’m sure of it. Have a nice day!

  • I-Am-American

    Yes, Rush owns EIB, but Premiere, a Clear Channel company represents and syndicates his show…which would make no money without syndication…and by the way, the millions of dollars he earns every year comes from the contract he signed with THEM…not out of his own pocket and not because he personally sold the ads. Distort all you want, its a Republican trait.

  • Obozo Must Go

    @I Am American…. Where to begin? There’s so much foolishness oozing from your comment, I could spend hours addressing it. Since when did it become a crime to earn millions of dollars? Let’s cover this again. Clear Channel owns lots of radio stations. Nothing wrong with that. They purchase programming from EIB and others. Nothing wrong with that. EIB takes whatever money it gets from selling it’s programming and the adverts that they control (this is their source of revenue) and they run their business and pay their employees, of which RL is one of those employees, from those sources of revenue. Nothing wrong with that. This is not hard to understand. Who cares who contracts with whom? What business is it of yours or mine? It’s entertainment, that’s all his show is. What are you, some kind of Occupy Wall Street loser/bum? Probably are. Like a lot of useful idiots that read this stuff daily. You should change your username to “I-Am-A-Dolt”…. it’s more reflective of what you really are. Have a nice day!

  • freethinker

    Yes, Limbaugh probably went too far. But surely, Ms. Fluke knew that standing up before a specially manufactured session by Nancy Pelosi, essentially telling everyone she wanted all insurance companies to provide ‘free’ birth control because she needed financial help to go to an expensive law school, was going to put a not-to-nice spotlight on her. Two questions: 1) with birth control already free or nearly free, why should I, if I don’t want a policy with birth control covered, have to pay for other people’s coverage who do want it. Where is personal responsibility? 2) did all the condemners of Limbaugh also condemn the hoard of liberal commentators, who used similarly insulting terms when referring to Sarah Palin? No? Then don’t expect to be taken seriously.

  • I-Am-American

    Well lets see if I can spell this out for you…idiot. Oops, I am so sorry I stooped to your level. First of all, I never said it was a bad thing to earn lots of money…I said CC is consolodating all of their stations, which means many communities will have no local news, no local people to sound the alarm in case of emergency, and lots of good people are put out of work…diversity is lost and it becomes one homogeneous entity…the same from San Francisco to Dallas, to Podunk…you say who cares who contracts with whom because you are a Rush fan and you agree with the vile lies and hate he spews daily, because you are the dolt he speaks to,and you eat it all up, you are his puppet. The public airwaves belong to the American public, and as such lies, slander and other hate speech really has no place…however I do not expect you to understand, because you are so caught up in the lies and talking points that groups like the super pacs spread. Lies and false statements that end up pitting one American (you) against another (me)…too bad most of you Republicans are so blinded by racism that you can’t wait to try to get Obama out of office it has clouded your judgement, and polluted your mind. So go ahead and keep lying, when the election is over and the president is still in office you will really spew some hate won’t you? Dumh and misinformed as you are.

  • I-Am-American

    I am so sorry to have lost my temper, and said some things to a stranger that I would never say normally. Politics are evil, it separates people who normally would get along just fine. So while I know you won’t accept an apology for the personal attack, I am sincere, and really sorry I said some of the things I did. I think I will swear off this kind of site in the future…my blood pressure can’t handle it.

  • Bellagram

    You asked “1with birth control already free or nearly free, why should I, if I don’t want a policy with birth control covered, have to pay for other people’s coverage who do want it. Where is personal responsibility?” Where is birth control free, and are you under the impression that all birth control is the same? Cause they are not, and some are a lot more expensive that some others. That being said, why should a woman who wants birth control (married or not as a part of that *personal responsibility* have to abide by the dictates of someone else’s religious views? There was a huge (still is) hub-bub about the state over reaching and breaking the separation of church and state, but now it is OK for some employer that is not affiliated with a Church to not allow coverage for something they have a religious objection to?

    That being said, did you by chance, read Ms Fluke’s testimony? What she was talking about was a friend who could not afford the birth control pills that she needed, not for birth control, but for treatment for polycystic ovarian syndrome and she ended up losing an ovary. She also spoke of another woman who had been raped, but did not go to the hospital and be tested for STD’s because she assumed her insurance would not pay for that either. The lady did not talk about having sex, nor did she say anything about not being able to afford the pills because she was going to an expensive school. It would be great if people would read the testimony to see what she actually said instead of assuming it was something that it was not. Mr. Limbaugh apparently made some of those assumptions. As for your second question, I do remember some unkind and untrue statements made about Gov. Palin – I also remember some female democratic members of congress speaking up and saying that that was uncalled for and to stop. There should have been more though, and men should have distanced themselves from it too. But that in no way lets Mr. Limbaugh off the hook.