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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ryan Calling The Kettle Black With Medicare Scare Tactics

Ryan Calling The Kettle Black With Medicare Scare Tactics

The Medicare “death panels” bogeyman is back, reintroduced by, of all people, Rep. Paul Ryan, the man who would reform the Medicare entitlement. What did Bill Clinton say about “brass”?

It was last month at the Republican Party’s happy hunting grounds known as The Villages, a retirement community outside Orlando, Fla., that the vice presidential hopeful told the assembled crowd that Obama “puts a board of 15 unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats in charge of Medicare, who are required to cut Medicare in ways that will lead to denied care for current seniors.”

Ryan is feeding seniors’ fears over rationed government care but fails to fess-up to all the rationing he has in store.

First, let’s sweep away misconceptions about the “Independent Payment Advisory Board,” (note the word “advisory”) to which Ryan is referring. This is a key Medicare cost-containment provision of the Affordable Care Act and a part of why the solvency of Medicare’s primary trust fund is eight years longer under Obamacare than without it.

Here’s how the board works: Fifteen experts in health care, including consumers and seniors — not government bureaucrats — appointed by the president but confirmed by the Senate, would be charged with finding new efficiencies in Medicare’s medical delivery and payment system. If increases in Medicare costs exceed a targeted amount — growth in the nominal GDP plus 1 percent after 2017 — the board must offer ways to rein those costs in. But the elected, accountable Congress has the last word. It can adopt the recommendations or reject them as long as it offers an alternative way to contain the rate of growth.

Contrary to Ryan’s claims, the board cannot ration care, raise taxes or premiums, or restrict benefits to bend Medicare’s cost curve.

This studied approach preserves Medicare’s safety net features while forcing Congress to be fiscally responsible, similar to the commission that helps close redundant military bases. It should be applauded by Ryan, who claims to be a fiscal conservative.

Except no true fiscal conservative would vote to put two wars, tax cuts for the wealthy and the Medicare prescription drug benefit on America’s credit card, or help scuttle the bipartisan $4 trillion deficit reduction deal from the Simpson-Bowles commission, or propose a fiscal plan that includes generous tax cuts to the rich and no balanced budget for at least another 28 years — all of which Ryan has done.

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  • Ryan is afraid to speak the truth and that is why he speaks in weasel words. The fact is that this panel has little authority in the final process. They will make recommentations and Congresss (those wonderful folks) will decide the final outcomes. Trying to conflate political agenda driven talking points with actual facts is so typical of this disingenious little man. Romney/Ryan are offering false choices mixed with a collection of half-truths and out-and-out deceptions. Yeah we certainly have a choice this November.

  • bcarreiro

    lifes fantastic when your plastic………delegating, overcreating and i would love to see your tax returns as well along with your voucher expense accounts. everything is a writeoff that the people have to pay for.

  • Considering what he is proposing, such as the dismantling of MEDICARE and gutting MEDICAID, it would not surprise me if this slip of the tongue is part of his final solution. Euthanasia is a lot cheaper than social programs, and it would ensure people like him have enough money in their pockets to replace their cell phones and go on Alaskan cruises instead of spending it in superfluous things such as ensuring their elders and the handicapped live with a modicum of comfort and dignity.

  • what do you expect, he’s floppys choice, any wonder way. If he ever did read the provisions concerning medicare he forgot the truth and in the Republician way replaced those with the opposite opinion! Think he jealous that under this plan NO elective poltiticans on the board-he can pedal his silver spoon values on them.

  • I suggest anything you hear from these weasels, you verifiy with your s site, then you have own eyes. If you are on this site then you have internet, use it. Remember their job is not not to see you have a good life, but they have an even better. at your expense

  • What the he!! is up with that freakin cheshire cat smirk on his face? I LOATHE this guy and the other one too….

    • We could all smile like that too if we were living LARGE and sticking it to the “ordinary” people in the way Lyin’ Ryan is. Lived off the Public teat all his life.

      • TheSkalawag929

        It does make you want to treat him ugly.

      • CAThinker

        And the thing that makes it so heinous, is that he’s a RICH GUY living off the public teat… His isn’t a story of rags to riches – it’s riches to riches. He would have had a stronger leg to stand on if he didn’t use SSI benefits to go to college – he didn’t need to he was already RICH. But like NitMitt and his taxes – everything was “legal”… That’s what’s so infuriating about these two – LyinRyan took public money to go to school, but didn’t need it, but to him it’s okay, it’s “legal”… NitMitt avoided paying his fair share, but to him it’s okay – its “legal”… So the folks that want to take the safety net away never needed the safety net, but used (in LyinRyan’s case) or abused (in NitMitts’s case) it.

      • Rvn, the correct terminology is YOU PEOPLE or THOSE PEOPLE…

  • msrita

    Does Lying Ryan know he lives off the American Peoples money. His Job is not in the Private Sector.

    • His Job is not in the Private Sector “Has it ever been.” I bet I have payed more into the Social Security system, then he has.

      • I hate to the bearer of bad news for you, but you are probably wrong about paying more into Social Security than Ryan. If your salary is higher than $170K you might be correct.

        All member of Congress, the President and VP, Federal Judges and most political appointees have been covered by the Social Security Program since 1984. I dislike the little weasel as much as you, but he has always paid into SS just like the rest of us since he was elected.

  • Lying chicken lips Ryan at it again…Death panels? Ryan should know more about those death panels than anyone I know…

    People in this country are more apt to be struck by lighting than these two clowns being elected…

  • William Deutschlander

    Paul Ryan is a grave danger to Democracy and truth!

  • Almost too bad that one or more of these type thinkers would have a calamity befall them to where they are no longer rich, have healthcare and have a health issue that requires long term maintenance. Would love to see what they would do and what they would ask for to save their sorry a**es. The rich need to spend sometime living like the real people of America instead of these mansions they live in where they don’t even wipe their own butts.

  • howa4x

    Since 80% of treatment dollars are spent in the last year of a patients life, we have to have a national conversation about it, without fear mongering and calling it idiot names like death panels or we will never be able to solve the medical cost issue. There are some good conservative , liberal, and progressive ideas that should be laid on the table and discussed in a rational way.

    • Landsende

      The teapublican conservatives talk about rationing healthcare but if someone has a terminal disease or is in a vegetative coma for which there is no hope of recovery and they or their family request assisted suicide they start screaming about the right to life yet they want to cut programs that would help to pay for the cost of care without bankrupting families. When our beloved pets become terminally ill we can humanely put them to sleep but are not allowed to choose that option for ourselves when our quality of life is gone.

  • Why would ANYBODY vote or trust this man! He was billed as an intellectual – he is NOT! They said he was a “stright shooter” his nickname is lying Ryan for a reason. He was voted biggest brown noiser in High School and has not changed. He was billed as a fiscal conservative – his voting record says differently. That trillion dollars of debt he is so upset about now – he voted yes for nearly every penny. He says that the American people are not taking personal responsibility – yet he takes no responsibility for maxing out the government’s credit card.

    He says that the rest of us are too dependent on the government yet he does not want to end any subsidies to corporations. His father made his fortune off of Government contracts. He married into oil money and wants to discontinue any funding of sustainable energy.

    There are only two reasons I can think of to vote Republican 1. Ignorance 2. Intolerance.

  • That smirk, probably took years to perfect – and now that he has it down to a tee, you’d better watch out, ’cause that’s how he reaches in your pocket; you don’t hear nothing, and you don’t feel nothing. But guess what?, what you thought you had, well, it ain’t there no more.

  • Once again “Lyin’ Ryan” is at it again. Scare tactics indeed! It’s nearing Halloween so we have to have a spook show. “The Death Panels” are already in full swing, they’re called Insurance Companies, and they condemn our old people and sick people and children to death EVERY DAY! And that’s who Romney and Ryan work for. Not us. They made that perfectly clear when Romney said 47 percent of us want Medicare and Social Security as an “entitlement” forgetting that these are things, like Unemployment insurance, that we PAY INTO! It’s basically the same government insurance they want to destroy by outlawing Obamacare. Is it not evident to people, even on the Right, that these two are oligarchs who want to rule THE MONEY and have no concern for people!? They don’t even care about their own constituents. They think they’ve got their votes sealed up! Liars and fools. What a ticket!

  • Justin Napolitano

    When Ryan opens his mouth lies tumble out like water from a tap. He can’t help it because it is a part of his personality. If he isn’t lying he isn’t talking. They say your values come from your family so I have to conclude that he comes from family that values lying.

  • Elsa

    Ryan is a low-life liar, who has no morals or concerns for anyone. He lies, knows he is lying and has no shame.

  • latebloomingrandma

    If Rep. Ryan wants to keep his reputation as a “smart” guy, he should not be associating with any thoughts that have come out of Sarah Palin’s mouth.

  • TSB

    Democrats are for saving lives, as opposed to Republicans killing lives!

  • IF Ryan hates people being on the “Government Dole” Why is he trying to secure himself Power and a Government paycheck by running for Vice President, AND his Congressionl seat at the same time? Maybe HE knows Repuks can’t win with him and Romney???

  • Ryan, your plan is the death camp!

  • Ryan-Romney never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

  • It seems that Mr. Ryan has written the American people off as a bunch of suckers that will swallow anything that he peddles. He thinks he can say anything and get the result he’s looking for.

  • S-3

    Again with the daeth panels – no wonder I really hate this country sometimes… Even if these bums lose in November, I need to consider getting armed in case they try to even encourage this noise anywhere!

  • Ahh, just a word. Obama is taking $716 BILLION from bankrupt Medicare, NOY Ryan, he has been responsibly try to make it solvent for future generations, your children included.

    • grammyjill

      Not even close. Obama repositioned money that was overpayments and give aways to hospitals and insurance companies, into benefits to seniors strengthing medicare and extending it for eight years longer. Ryan also plans to take the same amount of money, but instead of taking it from overpayments to suppliers he will be taking it from the benefits for seniors. And then he plans to give it to the rich. It’s all in his plan.

  • phantomoftheopera

    as i’ve said before–we already have death panels. they’re called “insurance companies”. if you’re lucky enough to have health insurance. if you don’t have health insurance, it’s called “living in a fourth world country”. (most third world countries have universal health coverage, so we have to go down a notch.

  • He is a stinko and I’ve never trusted this guy or his partner Mitt both stingy stinky!

  • dljones

    Ryan is a thinker with solutions, not like Biden a career government blood sucker that is in denial.

  • dljones

    Yea-go Biden

  • Paul Ryan should stop the Medi-scare. It wont work this time. It is not 2010.
    Mr. ” tea party darling”. The ” scare and switch” tactics wont work this year.

  • Mom be careful what you teach your boy, your grand children are watching..