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Saturday, March 23, 2019

April 13 (Bloomberg) — Grover Norquist, the tax-cutting champion, famously said he wanted to shrink the federal government “down to the size where we can drown it in the bath tub.”

With gargantuan deficits, that seems like a pipe dream, but it may be time to start running the water.

The new plan offered by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan and approved recently by Mitt Romney and congressional Republicans puts the Republicans on record supporting a federal government that within a decade will consist of little more than national defense, entitlements and interest on the national debt.

Those are largely transfer payments to defense contractors, seniors and bankers. The rest of what the government actually does would be eviscerated, from building roads to environmental protection to medical research.

Ryan has abandoned the Republican fantasy on display during the primaries that cutting liberal spending programs will be enough to restore fiscal sanity. He’d go where the big money is — entitlement reform — and also eliminate a series of tax deductions used by the affluent, though in an April 10 editorial board session with Bloomberg View he was still mum on which ones.

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15 responses to “Ryan’s Cuts Diss The Republican Party’s Founders”

  1. howa4x says:

    The Republicans for all their references to god are really the party of the anti Christ. They reward the rich and take from the poor. If Jesus were alive today where would he be? Republicans would like you to believe he would be a corporate board room squezzing the last penny out of worker givebacks and opening up in the third world to pollute more and save on enviormental spending, or maybe a rainmaker on Wall st. Rich and uncaring.
    The reality from what I have come to understand is that he probably more than likely be in a homeless shelter railing aganist a goverment and financial sector that dosen’t care about what happens to children , older people, and the enviorment.
    Do you think that he would support the Ryan budget?

    • EdC says:

      A big Amen, and Halilua, Who was it that put Christ on the cross, Wasn’t the same people who didn’t like him healing the masses, and giving hope to the downtroden. sounds like a bunch of conservitives to me.

    • Kolenekeo C. Darwin Kaeo says:

      This must be the new Ku Klux Klan … walk around with the conservative movement while, shoving a burning Cross up our A$$ … hahahahaha … though I’m kidding it, doesn’t surprise me one bit. This preclusion makes NO sense at all as, it does appear the falsification of Romney’s religious views has befallen him. He’s passing judgment on president Obama, making false claims to gain votes (Lies), and it doesn’t seem to faze him one bit. The rhetoric has to stop and return to civility and, if not then our country’s in dire straits if this moron becomes president…. I wonder if there’s an island in Tahiti to hide …


  3. Maybe we could get lucky and he will choke on that silver spoon!

  4. DonnaAngelStar says:

    The only thing wrong with the Ryan Budget is that it doesn’t cut into enough entitlements.
    You Progressives are Keynesian and Monetarist fools. You can’t spend your way out of debt and printing more fiat cash is just devaluing our money. Why is gas so high? Look to the FED’s spending and printing policies.
    As far as our Founding Fathers go, they would be appalled by the entitlements and subsidies foisted on We the People by any of the elites in power. Our country was not founded on a bunch of entitlement junkies but tough, rugged, individualists who were responsible for their own actions, not dependant on any “government” or NGO to bail them out.
    No, we Conservatives do want to throw the baby out with the bath water but we do want a return to common sense policies and do not want to become another Europe.
    Our Nation is a Republic, not a democracy.


    • EdC says:

      YOu are so right we can’t spend our way out of poverty, so why are we giving money to the rich, for absolutly nothing? And why do the Republicans want to continue having wars so that we cangive to Haliburton, and it’s substies, for jobs our own military could do for less. So yes lets cut entitlements, the first is the entitlement that Republicans think they should have a double standard, on taxes, And I should like to ask you if Ron Paul wants to get out of wars, how can he stand with Israe, who is on the brick of WAr 27/7/365. The money alone spend in six months, in Iraq could have paid for a years of heavy construction on rebuilding the inforstructure. Another six months could have paid for all the medical care needed for the country for two years, but it made haliburton and the Oil companies so much richer, thats the good conservative way

    • gwynne says:

      That’s why the gop insist that the oil companies and big corporations get entitlements, even when they are making record profits? There is welfare everywhere in this country and much welfare fraud!!! Let’s start by cutting those entitlements first and how about a little trimming to the paychecks and “perks” the elected officals get!

    • Lynda says:

      Please be specific about what and where you would begin to cut. Would you cut any from the approximately $1 trillion spent each year on the Pentagon and related budgets? Social Security is not an entitlement program so we know you won’t be cutting anything there. Subsidies may indeed be a great place to start, except that you would have address big moneyed interest that wish to keep socialism for the energy companies and big agriculture. BTW, what does a temporary situation in the price of gas have to do with entitlement programs?

  5. Lynda says:

    Considering that the new Ryan budget does not approach a balanced budget until 2040 why are all of the loons in the party falling into line? I thought the TPers were elected to create jobs and trim the deficit and pay down the dept. Are we suppose to believe that in 2040 they will begin to address paying off some of the national debt? Yeah, I believe they are the party of fiscal conservatism…really I do…I swear I do. What a bunch of frauds.

  6. the american people are eating fried icecream, stoooopid. if any brain power was available, their would have been a civil war when jfk was sucsesfully murdered.

  7. ryan; posterboy for the grand old nazi party. now masqing as the G.O.P. if the people are so stupid as to vote for the thoese who WILL ENSLAVE THEM, guess they will get what they wish for.

  8. the founders of the republican party would shoot the asses running it now.

  9. lugdus says:

    Please explain how interest on the national debt is a transfer to bankers.

  10. 1AmericanHoney27 says:

    The dumbest statement I’ve read all day is ” Vote for Ron Paul “…. Just another ignorant “Fat Cat” remark in which they’re talking out the side of their neck…. How many times will that ol’ fool run (walk) for president be4 he realizes the intelligent of America knows he don’t have a clue… As with the rest of the Republican “Fat Cats” he just wants to line his pockets with more of middle American $$$$. People please wake up and smell the coffee while you can still afford to buy a cup. All your vote buys in the Republican Party is stupidity, double talk & flip-flopping… Give your vote and backing to the best man for the job and keep PRESIDENT OBAMA where he needs to be in the Oval Office. Remember $$$$ talks & BS walks in which the Fat Cat Republicans have an over abundance of both… God Bless America keep her moving forward instead of backing up….. Obama in 2012 & Pray for Hillary Clinton in 2016…..

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