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Thursday, January 17, 2019

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15 responses to “Scott Walker For Vice President?”

  1. CPANY says:

    Walker would be a good choice for vice presidential candidate. That way, the voters would have a clear choice for the election, as the Republicans would field an unbalanced ticket in two vital areas: geography and political orientation. Both candidates trace their lineage to the upper Midwest and both are arch conservatives who represent the rich.

    • johninPCFL says:

      Other than Mitt’s Mexican father, you mean. Why was that not an issue during George Romney’s presidential run?

      • Mike R says:

        The same reason John McCain being born in Panama was not a problem: Because they were Republicans. The tea-baggers only care where you were born if you were a Democrat.

      • DurdyDawg says:

        The fact is, it was a factor that the GOP was in the process of changing the writing of that law about American parents (limiting it to one) but scuttled it promptly after realizing the old man couldn’t make it to the top..They do not want Obama’s situation to come out so you’ll not hear about it during the race except from nobodies like the donut mouth who would only be reporting it as a public concern thus not sanctioned as a political issue by the Pubs.

        • EdC says:

          Dawg. are you riding on the roof, the question was why wasn’t it a factor when George Romney, born in Mexico, Ran for President, the answer was because he was a Republican, more detail would be that before the democrates got a hold of it, the Republicans tried to change the law, and that didn’t work, It wasn’t because of the parentage, it was the actual birth citizenship of the candidate. Even Arnold wanted to try for it, but the same thing happened. Which leads us to the very fact that Obama IS qualified, his birth certificate is legal, or he would not have got to run in the first place. The papers please law, enstated by Brewer was just another way to try to stop him just like The Scot claim in Florida, to surpress the vote. To try to clarify this to the tick headed Republicans that read this. If you were born in say Las Vegas Nevada, and I as an official of another state said papers please, that means even ifyou gave the right papers I could state, since I likley didn’t like the look of your Mustach or your tattoo, or if you were a cute gal and wouldn’t put out, I could question your papers as forgeries,and prevent you from doing anything about it, by putting you in jail. Which is exactly what is happeneing in Arizona, which has private, for which the federal government pays for, not the state, which increases everyones taxes, cause the Arizona laws encourage it.

          • DurdyDawg says:

            It doesn’t really matter (in my mind) it’s that the GOP wanted to play both ends, one for and one against.. That’s why their not running with it because it will bring up their involvement, instead they allow outsiders like trump to play with it. Obviously they aren’t pursuing it rather letting others stir the cess pool.

  2. …and one may be indicted in a few months. A model to wish for, for certain.

  3. ladyj says:

    neither one, Romney and Walker will screw up the nation worst. Say good bye to women rights, social security, medicare, social programs, planned parenthood, and say hello to wars, and religion which in my opinion should stay out of poltics

  4. Jim says:

    Oh please, oh please make it so! The teabaggers would s#!t their pants in ecstasy, and it would all but ensure an Obama victory. PleaseOhPlease!!

  5. abenawab says:

    They make a good team. Boliviating & Ignoramus. Need I sort it out who is who !!!

  6. Postman27 says:

    Great idea; would get him out of the statehouse of Wisconsin. Then the loss in November would also look good on his resume. Would make a great car elevator operator in the Romney homestead…

  7. bigspender7 says:

    Yes by all means. Pick Walker for VP. I loved this script the first time I saw it… remember Spiro Agrew?

  8. joyscarbo says:

    Love this!

  9. joyscarbo says:

    No matter who Mitty picks for his VP, we all know that it will be pandering to a sect of the population for votes…a hispanic to capture their votes- but then, what about anti-immigration building that wall? A woman….well, that Palin thing didn’t work out so well for McCain and maybe they’ve learned their lesson…or maybe Condie Rice? Ahhh….two birds with one stone- women and black vote.

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