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Saturday, March 23, 2019

When Governor Scott Walker faces Wisconsin voters in 2014, he’ll be running on a record of confronting public worker unions, turning down Medicaid expansion that would have covered 181,000 Wisconsinites and creating far fewer than the 250,000 new jobs he promised.

And if that isn’t enough, he can run on the Wisconsin Omnibus Tort Reform Act of 2011.

One of the first bills Walker signed into law, these reforms were taken almost entirely from the Koch-funded legislative warehouse of the Billionaire Rights Movement, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

The legislation prevents state health investigation records from being admitted as evidence in any civil or criminal cases against long-term care providers, including nursing homes and hospices.

Sarah Karon of the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism looked into the impact of the reform and found that the families of patients who often cannot testify on their own behalf are powerless to redress abuse and neglect.

In one case, Joshua Wahl — a paraplegic patient with spina bifida and brain damage — had a bedsore left to fester for months before he was finally hospitalized, according to a state investigator.

“It scares me for those who put their trust in a facility,” said Karen Nichols-Palmerton, Wahl’s mother. “It scares me to think of things that could be brushed aside. I don’t rest so easy anymore.”

Nichols-Palmerton is suing the facility, but the investigator’s report will not be heard in court, thanks to the Wisconsin Omnibus Tort Reform Act of 2011.

Why did Walker and Wisconsin’s Republicans decide records documenting such abuse shouldn’t be admissible in court?

It isn’t good for business.

“Each of these (proposals) is aimed at one thing — jobs,” said Brian Hagedorn, Walker’s chief legal counsel, during a hearing for the bill. “These changes send a symbolic and substantive message that Wisconsin is open for business.”

State investigators’ reports are published online. But a Department of Justice spokeswoman told Karon that the law makes it difficult to prosecute abuse and neglect cases at early stages, when severe injuries or death can be prevented.

Nursing homes that accept Medicaid or Medicare must be investigated every 15 months. Non-federally certified facilities are investigated by the states every two years. Wisconsin has cut its staff of nursing home surveyors by more than 30 percent, even as complaints about such facilities have risen by more than 100 percent since the year 2000.

Walker’s record of opening Wisconsin “for business” and turning away from its grand tradition of progressivism hasn’t had such a great effect on job creation. And the cost, especially for those forced to rely on long-term care, is falling squarely on the most vulnerable.

Photo credit: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File
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54 responses to “Scott Walker’s Latest Victims: The Elderly And Infirm”

  1. Lynda says:

    Why do Republicians hate the country that allows them such freedom of choice and speech?

    • mah101 says:

      I am sure they don’t hate the US. But they combine their certainty that they are correct with a flagrant disregard for fact, evidence, and experience along with a blindness to anything outside their own experience and beliefs, so that what they end up with is a view that they are doing good. This despite all the evidence, public opinion, and outcry.

      Combine the arrogance of certainty with a disregard for critical thinking, openness to other perspectives, and disdain for facts and you get this crowd.

      • People who ascend to become part of the GOP probably don’t hate America, they just don’t really care about the country, its people or the planet in any way other than for these to being a means for them to make MONEY. Thinking back over the past 30 years, I can find nothing that the GOP has done that has not had a profit motive involved, or a motive to channel money from the have nots to the haves. I challenge anyone posting here, to identify one thing, one piece of legislation the GOP has voted yea on, that did not have a profit motive. Even the drug benefit added to Medicare was passed with a profit motive; it was a way to channel more money to the drug industry. And the championing by Bush of privatizing Social Security, was motivated by the desire to channel more money to the financial sector. I’m guessing that even when Bush Sr. was so willing to start the Gulf War to protect Kuwait, it was because people in the oil industry were concerned about losing access to oil reserves, and on and on. The GOP has done little or nothing for decades with the actual motivation of promoting some form of humanity; caring about the welfare of someone but the rich. They’ve even allowed the deterioration of our country (infrastructure) and planet (the perserving of or wild lands and its animals) by fighting every effort the Dems have made to try and heal it.

      • RobertCHastings says:

        I have run into a number of those at various places on The National Memo.

        • You’re right, some of them come readily to mind: Lana Ward, Joeham1, Montana Bill, Empiremed, Obozomustgo, Nobsartist, middleclasstaxpayer, Inthenameofliberty and I’ve probably missed a few.

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            Well, at least you know who I am. But I find it very interesting that you say I am a Republican. I was a Democrat most of my life until I realized the corruption of our government over the last decade has been astounding – and our two ‘Great’ political parties are to blame. Nope – I don’t vote party anymore. I was a Ron Paul / Gary Johnson supporter and I believe our forefathers were very, very smart men. And the Constitution is a great document. I am open to arguments against that. But if we lose that document, then our country is no more. It may already be too late.
            So group me anyway you like. As long as you don’t group me Democrat. I’ve listened to enough of the rhetoric on this webpage that I’d rather be grouped with Repubs than with many who are lauded on this page.

    • ajjohnson31 says:

      I don’t think they hate the U.S., either. Their vision of the U.S. is fictional, however. They are, yes, disregarding critical thinking and not requiring facts in order to shore up their (or anyone else’s) opinions.

      I STILL can’t believe it, but there is a school board somewhere in Texas, which carried and installed into the board’s platform regarding a good education, that contained an agenda point saying that critical thinking skills should NOT be taught because it interferes with the children learning what the TEACHER wants them to learn. Yes, it actually said that.

      Freedom of choice and speech went the same way as freedom of religion. These baggers want freedom of religion which includes their right to shut down OTHER religions. Freedom of choice? The baby is ‘more equal’ than the woman carrying it, so she must enslave herself for nine months; then, there will be no aid of any kind for the children she must bear. The entire idea that there is a man that is at least as responsible as the woman – well, that’s a Democratic idea. The baggers believe that if the woman ‘sleeps around’, she gets what she deserves. The concept of the man being able to have sex at will with no responsibility of any kind is part of their belief system.

      They don’t hate the country. From their point of view, they OWN it.

      • What you were describing about Texas in your comment is part of the reason why Texas ranks 46th in the nation on it’s student’s SAT scores, and around 45th in what it pays its teachers; and possibly why Texas ranks dead last in the nation (50%) by having by far the highest high school drop out rate. Rick Perry has turned Texas into the cesspool of the nation with respect to virtually any category of assessment you want to question, including being the most enironmentally polluted state in the nation because of its numerous oil spills and terrible air around some of its cities from coal/oil burning generators and refineries.

      • jointerjohn says:

        Critical thinking is the antidote to religion and to the republican message. It’s the kryptonite to their superman.

    • jointerjohn says:

      Because they believe that getting rich is the ultimate expression in Americanism. Doing it at the expense of others is not reprehensible nor immoral to them, to them it is clever and cool! Just look how they idolize Donald Trump. They have investment portfolios where their hearts used to be. They don’t give a darn about freedom of choice or speech, because, in case you haven’t noticed, the only thing they care about is money and sex.

      • Not a nice picture is it?? You can see it; I can see it; even foreigners can see it. Why then are so many religious leaders so blind?? How can any preacher, minister or true lay-Christian not see that the GOP has morphed into nothing more than an extension of Satan?? It’s unconsionable to me that Evangelicals would idolize this obviously corrupt and depraved political party, and not see by doing so, that they’re only leading themselves and their flocks to damnation.

        • jointerjohn says:

          We cannot expect rational thought from people who believe the earth is only 6000 years old, that men are created superior to women, and that a man who died 2000 years ago is going to come sweep them away to an eternal celestial Sandals Resort. They have become the very thing their founder despised most.
          Case in point is this constant harangue over organized prayer in school. Jesus of Nazareth only taught one thing concerning prayer, that it is to be done in private! He even removed himself from his final meal with his friends so he could go aside to pray. He was very clear on this subject yet many of his self-proclaimed followers defy him constantly. I was an American Baptist Minister for eight years as a young man, so I have done the homework. My friends who are still in the faith tell me that he is coming back to earth, to which I always reply, “you better hope not, because when he sees what you have done with his message he is going to be really pissed.

          • The only Christians who would believe that the earth is only around 6,000 years old are those who don’t fully understand and believe that the word ‘day’ when used in the beginning of Gensis to describe how God created the world means ‘earth’s day’ – when it couldn’t have – because the Sun, that establishes earth’s day wasn’t created until the 3rd day of creation. So the DAYs of creation as described in the beginning of Genesis are God’s days -which could well have been millions or billions of years.

            And even despite all that, don’t forget that Jesus also said as recorded in Mathew 7:13 -Enter through the narrow gate, For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. (And he really did mean that ‘ONLY A FEW FIND IT’.)

            So Jesus knows full well that when he returns the masses will be doing just as you describe – believe me, he won’t be surprised. What’s sad is t he millions and billions who think they’re following the right way when they’re being led to damnation. So many billions of supposed Christians in this world are just that ‘supposed’, i.e., faux Christians, CINOs if you will – Christians in name only – who sadly believe that all they have to do is believe on his name, without ever really doing what they know in their hearts that they’re not living as Jesus and his Father are looking for them to live.

          • jointerjohn says:

            I love your approach to this and agree with you about the “Faux Christians”, but I have another set of problems with your treatise.

            Why did god supposedly send the savior of all mankind into the middle-east while locking out 200,000,000 people in the entire western hemisphere from the good news?

            Fifteen hundred fricking years after the so-called “good news of the gospel” arrived in the western hemisphere born by greed-meisters bent on the collection of gold and slaves. They murdered native people wholesale in the name of Christ. Did he, the supposed resurrected and living deity intervene? No he did not. Millions of people have been slaughtered by the followers of the ultimate pacificist. If he is indeed a resurrected and now living god, he is a piss-poor one indeed.

            The only sane and rational conclusion that can be gleaned from this is that the myth that holds Jesus of Nazareth as a deity is madness and racist.

            I am a descendent of the Aabsalooka. We have lived in southeastern Montana for more generations than we can count. Nobody told us about Jesus until around 1850.

            Your message of salvation says we did not matter to your god. I suppose we never did.

          • hilandar1000 says:

            Thanks for pointing that out. You are absolutely right — funny, I never thought of that before.

  2. nobsartist says:

    republiCONs are nothing but modern day Nazi’s and need to be dealt with as such.

    Democrats refusal to deal with them on those terms are nothing but Nazi lovers themselves.

    • hilandar1000 says:

      I’m finding that I am not totally in disagreement with your statement in this instance. However, I’d like to hear your definition of Naziism, since it has become a rather nebulous word in our present political climate. For the most part, I’ve found that when people use the term Nazi to make reference to a political party in the U.S., they usually have no idea what they are talking about. They just want to accuse the party that they disagree with, of the most evil of motives. I would say at this point that the republicans have more in common with Fascism — which is a corporate- controlled society. Another question I’d like to ask is, “What form of governance to you consider to be a preferable alternative?” — and “Which country of the world actually has implemented that type of governance?”

      • metrognome3830 says:

        Nazism was actually closer to, or was, perhaps, Fascism. A corporate-controlled government is a Plutocracy, which is what we are headed for. What is wrong with the type of government we used to have decades ago? That would be a preferable alternative.

        • Many don’t realize how dangerously close we came to having a corporate-controlled government: had Romney been elected we would have been one. Romney would have been nothing more than a figure-head for America’s corporations – striving to put into law virtually everything that would favor corporations. He had started the movement in that direction by recommending to a group of CEOs at a fund raiser near the end of the campaigning, that they should be intimidating their employees to vote for him but sending out letters saying that if Obama was elected that they may lose their jobs. And darn if a number didn’t take him up on that: the Koch Bros., the CEOs of GE, BofA and some others did also. Can you even begin to imagine the leverage corporations would have started taking in future elections if Romney had been elected!! That’s not to say they probably won’t step in and intimidate their employees in to 2014 and later, now that Romney has gotten the ball rolling with companies doing their darndest to run the country. Doesn’t sound great does it?? America, the first corporate run country on the planet!!

        • hilandar1000 says:

          I wrote what I did about forms of government to attempt to get Nobs to look up the definitions of those forms of government. I am getting a bit weary of his rants — with no facts, history, or knowledge to back up what he says. I was trying to get Nobs to see for himself that, no matter which name you use, — Naziism, Fascism, or Plutocracy — it all ends up being about the same thing — which is all the power of a nation being put into the hands of a small group of individuals who hold the lion’s share of the power and money of a nation and the rest of the people are basically enslaved by that small group who is in control. Mussolini was the one who made the statement that Fascism was a corporate-run form of government — which is definitely the direction we were headed if Romney had won the election. The last 3 GOP presidents have definitely moved the country in that direction, but they were not as open about it as is the new brand of GOP candidates.
          Yes, there are some things that were better — for some of us in the middle class — decades ago. However, we have made some progress in the areas of civil and human rights, and I would not want to go back to those former decades again — which was the way the GOP was unabashedly trying to push us in the last election. It is my sincere hope that our nation will rid itself of the scourge of politicians like Scott Walker who are clearly trying to move our country backward in the areas of civil and human rights and, at the same time moving towards the form of government that could be bought and controlled by large corporations.

          • metrognome3830 says:

            You’re right about the progress made in civil and human rights. And you’re right that the GOP (or whatever it is now) has worked hard to push us back to the 40s and 50s. Too often, some of us “old” people tend to remember only the good times of those decades and not the bad things that went on then. I also agree that political factions try to label themselves to make people think they are something they are not. The Nazis preferred to be called the National Socialist Party when they were anything but. Today we have the Tea Party who try to paint themselves as patriotic and concerned for America, when they are not. They are concerned about what has become the official “religion” of America — Money! That is the object of worship of the followers of the Koch Bros. and their apostles like Scott Walker. Power = Money. Money = Power. They do not consider anything else. Certainly not the rights of less fortunate humans.

          • hilandar1000 says:

            Yes, we do tend to think fondly of the days when there was not so much discord between the two political parties as there is today and a dollar seemed to go farther. Also Republicans seemed to be more open to issues that were of benefit to all people — not just the very wealthy ones. I am reminded of the Eisenhower years of the 50’s when the National Guard was called in by the president to ensure integration in the schools of the south. However, at the same time in the north, there were many small towns that would not allow a person of color to stay in the town after sundown. Also, when applying for a job as a young woman-teacher in the mid- 60’s, I can remember my dismay at being asked in the presence of several administrators (male, of course) what type of birth control I used. It would be cause for a certain lawsuit if that question were asked in an interview today. So, as peaceful as those days may have seemed on the surface, I wouldn’t want to return to them. It is hard to think of those hard-fought issues that we thought were somewhat resolved, and suddenly see them resurfacing 50-60 years later. I am one of those “old” people too who often tends to think fondly of those days, and then I have to stop and remember it wasn’t as idyllic as it may have seemed.

    • MARK says:

      While certain reasonable and worthwhile remedies have been proposed as a means for dealing with this trash, by way of various legislative measures,given the extreme obstructionism we have endured the process would be painfully slow and the full range of positive benefits in doubt. I must admit that in all honesty I believe with each passing day more and more that it may be necessary to kill them.

    • empiremed says:

      History shows that the Hitler Nazi economy was government controlled socialism
      just like Obama wants

      • MARK says:

        History does Not show that! What it does show is that the name National Socialist German Workers Party was a hoodwink used to appeal to the German people and conceal the Nazi’s nefarious intentions.They were completely and thoroughly fascist,radically intolerant of socialists,in particular communists. Fascism and Socialism are not the same.Socialists are and always have been opposed to any form of fascism. Fascism- Totalitarian philosophy of government that glorifies the state and nation and assigns to the state control over every aspect of national life.Fascism is noted for its rejection of reason and intelligence. Hitler gained support and backing of powerful financial interests enabling him to carry through his plans for making Germany a fascist state and the Nazis the sole legal party in the country. The American fascists are most easily recognized by thier deliberate perversion of truth and fact.Thier newspapers and propaganda carefully cultivate every fissure of disunity in the common front against fascism.They claim to be super patriots,but they would destroy every liberty guaranteed by the Constitution.They demand free enterprise,but are the spokesmen for monopoly and vested interest.Thier final objective toward which all thier deceit is directed is to capture political power so that, using the power of the state and the power of the market simultaneously,they may keep the common man in eternal subjection. Henry Wallace,1944 After all these years they are still at it but they will have no better luck than they ever have-witness the results of our most recent election.The people have rejected the fascists. Death to them in World War 2 and death to them now,forever, and always!

  3. charleo1 says:

    Well, if it’s jobs created at the expense of the people who will be doing them, I say, cut out the
    worthless middlemen, like Walker, and the Wisconsin Legislature. And just have the Kochs
    set the rules. I’m sure Charles, and David, would like to save the millions they have to pay out on elections, to keep the charade of elected representation going. That would also cut down on the endless parade of irritating political commercials, where all the Koch prosties, come out, and say how in love they are with the wonderful people of Wisconsin, on the Koch Brother’s dime.
    That, Governor Walker, would at least have the respectability of being closer to the truth.

  4. Budjob says:

    As a resident of Ohio,we have our own crazy,reckless,stupid Governor to contend with.However I would give the edge as far as evil is concerned to Scott Walker.The electorate in both Wisconsin,and Ohio were conned by both of these carnival barkers,and we are paying the price.Individuals had better realize that republicans,IN ANY CAPACITY do not benefit the working man or woman of the United States of America!!

    • rustacus21 says:

      … so how do they get elected is the question? Here in MI, we have our own problems. Maybe the justice dept ought to get out & visit a few of these ‘blue’ states & try understanding why ‘red’ state policies are killing people & the environments w/out the consent of the citizens. Where is transparency in elections – hell, in GOVERNMENT for that matter – when we need it?

    • metrognome3830 says:

      There’s an old saying: “Never attribute anything to evil that can be adequately explained by stupidity.” Scott Walker isn’t intelligent enough to be evil. He’s just plain stupid.

  5. Sc0tt Walker and the Wisconsin legislature must have borrowed a page from Paul Ryan. The last thing our society needs are cuts in social programs designed to help the elderly at a time when our population is aging and the fertility rate is at an all time low. Incredibly, millions of Americans continue to support an agenda that, if implemented at a national level, will destroy our society from within. Forget Al Qaeda, the Taliban and North Korea, the enemy is among us and in spite of the resounding defeat last November they remain as committed as ever to destroy America.

    • whodatbob says:

      Are the repucks attempting population reduction by cuts in funding to programs to help the elderly? Oh, these random thoughts!

  6. stcroixcarp says:

    Scott Walker is a failure as a governor and as a human being. He is a poor administrator. Several of his top appointees are facing prison terms or copped pleas to keep them out of the clink. He was kicked out of college for cheating on a student government election and hasn’t stopped cheating. I am hoping that the ongoing John Doe investigation in Wisconsin will provide him cozy room at one of his prisons. I’m sure that the prison guards who lost pension and health care benefits will give him the special treatment he deserves.

    • sigrid28 says:

      And let’s just look for a moment at the jobs Scott Walker is bringing to Wisconsin. Progressive friends of ours in Illinois (a Democratic state) just completed a five-year siege to drive corporate dairy farming out of northwestern Illinois, where one huge operation with its leaky drainage ponds the size of football fields was set to make life above ground unbearably smelly and underground, destroy the aquifer for the entire region. That’s not even mentioning the potentially disastrous effect on family dairy farmers throughout the region and land values. Local Republican government wanted this blight on the rich agricultural land and vibrant farm communities of northern Illinois. Now the same “enterprise” has focussed its attentions on Wisconsin, where Scott Walker waits with open arms. Progressives can win in Wisconsin as they did in Illinois, but it will be a heavy pull. It’s not in our blood as Democrats to be intolerant, but we may have to sharpen our combat skills now that the enemy we let tolerated threatens to destroy our land, our jobs, and our natural resources. Rest assured, I’m not talking about guns. I mean voters in Wisconsin will need well-organized, sustained, and laser-pointed political action to get rid of Scott Walker and his despicable minions.

    • JSquercia says:

      Interesting fact about Scott . I hadn’t known that about him . I am all in on praying that the good Gov. winds up in prison . Wonderful thought about the treatment he would receive from the prison Staff . As you sow so shall you reap

  7. jstsyn says:

    walker should have been recalled. What was wrong with Wisconsinites? The next governor can undo the harm walker does, hopefully.

  8. empiremed says:

    God bless Scott Walker for having the courage to stand up to the all powerful unions. He is
    doing exactly what he campained on. His attributes should be praised, not demagogued like
    you are doing

    • MARK says:

      Get the fuck off these pages you nazi scum,get out of our country before you are killed.Go fuck yourself,eat shit and die and go to hell.

      • Inthenameofliberty says:

        Aren’t you a nice man?
        You and your ignorant, psychotic kind are reasons our country will rot.
        You will not change. You will not reason. Your contempt and ill will drives us to ruination. We will never be at peace.

    • hilandar1000 says:

      First of all, I don’t agree with you. However, I would sincerely like to know what you feel his attributes are — and which campaign promises he made that he has kept.

    • metrognome3830 says:

      Did someone from Walker’s office write that post for you? You are obviously too feeble-minded to have written it yourself.

    • hilandar1000 says:

      Better join the real world, Emp. Scott Walker has a sinister past — better check it out before trying to get God to bless him. He’s managed to use illegal and unfair practices to get whatever he felt he wanted. For whatever reason — either cheating or giving up on learning, he never finished college. Yet he wants to direct the future of education in Wisconsin. Is this really the type of model you feel the students of Wisconsin deserve? What about jobs? — He’s laid off thousands of government workers and has one of the very worst jobs records in the country.

  9. Pamby50 says:

    Scott Walker is just the tip of the iceberg. We need to get rid of him, Snyder in MI, Kasick in OH, Scott in FL & Corbet in PA. We need to take these states back & get rid of as much of the damage they have done. The last part won’t be so easy.

  10. ococoob says:

    Who is this monster!?

  11. rustacus21 says:

    Hmmm… looks like there’s really something wrong w/the people in WI… OR the voting system, that would allow a maniac like THIS anywhere near even the office of animal control… But wait, is THAT how he sees the citizens of WI?! Well, those who aren’t wealthy, that is? Just curious…

  12. Susan says:

    Wait a minute–didn’t the Republicans just oppose the Affordable Care Act on the grounds that grandma would face death panels? Death panels would be a merciful alternative to the misery of living with inadequate and incompetent care and having no legal redress. Guess they don’t really care about grandma after all.

    And may Scott Walker blow all his ill-gotten gains and wind up lying in his own filth, covered with bedsores in an understaffed nursing home.

  13. TheSkalawag929 says:

    We will see if the people who elected these fringe governors and whackadoodle legislatures were duped or got the kind of government they wanted come 2014. If at this time in 2014 things haven’t changed then they will have no one to blame but themselves. After all the people outside their states can’t vote for them.

  14. Oh my, Walker again. Just when you think there is nothing else he can screw up… ~sigh
    Whoever follows him, if he has a soul, is going to be very busy.

  15. Too much information, about an insignificant Governor….. Scott Walker, and every Ultra-Right Wing elected official have one and only one agenda: STOP BARAK OBAMA!!!! Period…. There are no “Talking Points” no social issues, only continue to let the MEGA RICH CONTINUE TO DRAIN THE AMERICAN ECONOMY, OUTSOURCE JOBS, AND MAKE UNBELIEVABLE WEALTH…. Also let the idiotic rest of the population shoot and kill every and anyone they disagree with and call that 2 ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS!!! 1000, DEAD VIA GUNS IN AMERICA AFTER “SANDY FORK CONN!!!!

  16. agnessue says:

    Scott Walker is nothing but a tool for the far right wing promoted by the Koch brothers. The man is an idiot. I live in Wisconsin and have been told by people that they voted for him in the recall election because “he won the first time around and deserves to serve his full term”. This has got to be people who get all of their news from FOX. Hopefully the Democrats will put forth at viable candidate to oppose him, Bartlet is not going to beat him ever. In my best dreams Russ Feingold runs for governer. and we get back to being a state that is for the people and keeps us the best we can be.

    • robertblair3174 says:

      No, not all of them were Fox viewers, and a good many of them were Democrats. They simply believe that recall of a sitting governor should only be used in the event of criminal malfeasance. (Which has (Thus far) not yet been proven) Don’t disparage Wisconsin’s long history of “Fairness” It is that history, above anything else, that gives hope for a future of progressive ideals.

  17. This is good, a typical Republicant attempt to screw US over for the profits of the 1%’ers/

    “…The legislation prevents state health investigation records from being admitted as evidence in any civil or criminal cases against long-term care providers, including nursing homes and hospices…”.

    I read the above as:

    The litigant is no longer able to introduce evidence to make their case.

    Got that yet? If this dipstick gets this through then evidence pertaining to malpractice, negligence & cause of death+ the investigative reports (does that include the autopsy too?) about the case can’t be used as evidence.

    Maybe they could ban introducing the Certificate of Death in Court. Then there wouldn’t be a claim for wrongful death if you can’t prove a death occurred. (could always exhume the body & drop it in front of the Jury Box, that’s an idea).

    Sounds to me like the Republicant need a name change. How about the Taliban that would fit. In my mind they are no longer the Republicants, they are the Taliban.

  18. Robert Hubert Jr says:

    im in rage over republicans doing what they are doing to the American people! We need to start putting up our own candidates instead of the status quo or nothing will change. I don’t know what country this is anymore and the people better wake up bcz they want a stupid population that can be forced into minimum wage jobs to benefit them and their rich buddies. How is it people vote against their and their childrens futures is beyond me. Americans can no longer be sleeping thru our political process and we must reverse 100 years of bank controlled government when its suppose to be ours. Time for action people! talking about it is bullsh$t. Too much concentrated power and wealth is a DISEASE that is eating this country and WORLD alive. This isn’t just an American problem, the richest of all countries are trying a hostile takeover of the world and want us all to be slaves…and that’s the god honest truth… makes me absolutely sick! Mass boycott a 1% business and things will begin to turn..taking collective bargaining away is taking away rights! We as a people MUST be United and stick together at all costs or we will be fleeing to mexico and they will put up a fence on us for sure…this is not just hype, its the damn truth.

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