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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Often labeled a “reformer” for his determination to privatize Medicare and Social Security, Paul Ryan on closer inspection appears to be simply another Republican politician – like his new patron Mitt Romney – whose first priority is his own self-interest.

Both the ideology and the legislation he champions prove that he is utterly sincere in his admiration of Ayn Rand, the kooky libertarian author who elaborated her philosophy in a book candidly titled The Virtue of Selfishness. (The flavor of this 1964 essay collection can be gleaned from its original titleThe Fascist New Frontier. Its first draft included a Rand screed that compared President John F. Kennedy with Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.)

Ryan is a millionaire – one of the most affluent members of Congress – chiefly owing to a series of inheritances from his own family and the family of his wife, an Oklahoma heiress. And like Romney, he would certainly benefit from the tax proposals in the “Ryan budget,” which provides even greater benefits for wealthy families like his own than the Bush budgets that he supported during the past decade. The Romney-Ryan ticket’s chief policy preoccupation, in fact, is cutting their own taxes yet again while gutting government functions that serve the middle class (while raising taxes on them).

But the self-serving short-sightedness epitomized by Ryan’s ideas extends well beyond cutting taxes for himself and people like him. Consider his voting record on energy and environmental issues, where he has been a faithful servant of Big Oil and “skeptic” of climate change caused by carbon emissions.

That record happens to coincide perfectly with the interests of his wife Janna and her father, a lawyer representing oil and gas interests. Ryan and his wife have already inherited millions of dollars from a trust established by her family; and they own shares in several companies leasing property in Oklahoma and Texas to energy firms that benefit from taxpayer subsidies protected in Ryan’s budget. Although Ryan occasionally complains about “corporate welfare,” he and Romney both oppose any reduction in the multi-billion-dollar tax breaks enjoyed by the oil and gas industry.

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140 Responses to Selfishness As Virtue: The Narcissistic Politics Of Paul Ryan

  1. Why is Paul Ryan the choice of Mitt Romney and the Republican Party? He is a favorite of the Koch brothers, but he would seem to be more effective in carrying out their agenda in the Congress than the White House. There he has been happy to prattle on about his ideas.

    The Super Wealthy, with the exception of Donald Trump, often seem rather secretive about the lofty ideas behind their decision to enter public service. Take for example Mitt Romney’s silence with respect to Mormonism. I suspect that one of the reasons he so often says what people want to hear from him is that he refuses to share what he really, truly thinks with commoners, the riffraff. His privacy is one of his entitlements: he feels he can do what he wants without explaining it to anyone. From this entitlement comes his refusal to disclose his income taxes, his savagery with respect to making money, and his many hiding places for it. This entitlement goes far beyond the middle class selfishness of Ayn Rand–Romney does not despise the poor, he just doesn’t think of them at all.

    Paul Ryan, on the other hand, thinks they are inferior human specimens compared to himself, who could be improved by policies that would serve to toughen them up. What an odd pairing: Ryan who wants everyone to be tough like him, and Romney who lives in a world all alone, holding ours at bay.

  2. I would not call Paul Ryan narcissistic, I believe right wing extremist is a better depiction of his ideological leanings. Mitt Romney chose him as his running mate to rally the party faithful and to get credibility within his own party. Paul Ryan’s plan is focused on giving tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans in a futile attempt to stimulate the economy and create jobs, at the expense of the middle class, senior citizens and students. Tax breaks to the wealthy did not work in the Reagan era, and have not worked since they were put in place a decade ago. If they had, we would not be in the economic mess we are in today. They are, in fact, a contributing factor to deficit spending, accumulation of debt, and investment….overseas! Dismantling what former President Reagan called the safety net to allow billionaires to continue to enjoy their tax breaks and tax loopholes is not only despicable, it is sinister and it represents the worst a human being can do to the most vulnerable members of our society. SS is solvent and can remain solvent for decades to come with minor adjustments, MEDICARE needs changes, focused on controlling billing from service providers and unnecessary or redundant tests. MEDICAID also needs changes, but none of these programs should be dismantled as the GOP proposes, and student loans are not equivalent to stage III cancer! Ryan may, indeed, prove to be an albatross around Romney’s neck, the way Sarah Palin was to John McCain.

    • From your mouth to God’s ear that Ryan will be another Sarah Palin! We can only hope and pray that people find out what this pair is before November 6th, after that its too late and Heaven help all of us then.

      • Ryan really scares you neo-libs doesn’t he? You will try your best to put forth your lies to try to bring him and Romney down. But as the Bible says “The truth will set you free”. I can’t wait until November when the truth will set us free of the 2 idiots in the White House and Romney/ Ryan win by a landslide. It won’t even be close 🙂 p.s. Obama/ Biden= dumb & dumber

        • Sorry not all that you sterotype are liberal. When his record and his ideology show him to be only for himself and his rich , it is wrong. The goverment should not be bought and sold. His policy and belief is centered and his shelfish mindset. He should be put in his place and be shown how most people have to toll and work for their money. Out of touch politicians no matter what party should be voted out. But , you seem to think not of all of the political process. Maybe you should be shown how other people work. The middle class made America. And Romney / Ryan should be taken to the wood shed. Then maybe . Just maybe they we understand but I will not hold my breath. People like you make me think twice about being a American. Being shelfish wasteful ignorant and immoral are traits I do not see as good politicians, The likes of Romney and Ryan are those type of politicians. God help us .

        • It’s hard to see why Ryan wouldn’t scare anyone viewing him as a possible vice-president to a jiggling marionette with no discernible vertebrae. You righties alway post on these blogs with a sort of improbable rah-rah frathouse optimism. In your heart you know those two are gonna go down in flames by the middle of next month.

        • Youe neocons (or is that facists) always call people you disagree with idiots. Why the name calling? As for Ryan the so called fiscal conservative, check his voting record during the W years. Voted for the tax cut, the 2 unfunded wars, TARP and othe “spending” programs. As for his genius how much will it cost to implement and maintain a new Medicare system while having to maintain the current Medicare system for at least another 30 years. Where are the savings going to come from?.

        • who are you? what is your platform FOR the people? Will you be a senior very soon and apply for MEDICARE? There are ill people out here who need medicare, and you and Ryan or Romney with their millions are NOT going to help them out of pocket. Medicine is not cheap, children depend on medicare because of course they cannot work and are also in hospitals and rehab homes. Many seniors have illnesses which have depleted life savings. WHO ARE YOU? Have you no heart, like these two R-R seem to have none. Repent and ask the God our maker for help for all of us if these two “landslides” have anything good to say about anybody or anything.

          • I would like to see right wing seniors trying to get insurance from a for profit insurance company. I can’t imagine what they would have to pay and you can bet that Republican’s will fight any attempt to control the cost, just like they did with the Medicare drug provision. Middle class Americans need to wake up to the fact that we are simply cash cows in the world view of the Ryans and Romneys.

        • My Bible also says, “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren you do unto Me.” It says to “love your neighbor as yourself”. These lines are usually printed in red to indicate they are the words of Jesus. In the Old Testament it says that a righteous man supports the fatherless and the widow. There are many such statements in the Bible commanding us to help the poor and the downtrodden. I’ll grant you that there are many ways to do this other than through government programs, but it seems to me that the Ryan budget proposal will cause more suffering for the poor. That is why I personally cannot support it nor the party that advocates it.
          Indeed the truth will set you free. Whose truth? Yours or mine?

          • Also”Thu shalt not bear false witness ,Repulicans lie .That’s what they do.WMD,Birth certificate,Medicad ect. And they claim to believe in God and Democracy,and block us from voting?We are in real trouble ikf these guys lie thier way into the White House!!

          • Ryan took advantage of our SS survivor benefits when his dad died. He put them in his college fund. Apparently it is OK to help the widows of the rich.

        • On the contrary, Ryan is not the one that scares me, it’s the idiots that will believe the den of Romney/Ryan lies and vote for them in November that scares the hell out of me. Anyone who thinks that Romney or Ryan give a crap about the average American family is so mislead that it’s almost laughable.

        • And I can’t wait until November when Romney/Ryan will make their concession speeches! And yes, I agree on one item in your post: “It won’t even be close”!

        • truthmeister? That’s a joke , right? A landslide? Have you read the polls lately? Are you even old enough to vote? Will you return to this site after the election and recant your startlingly brilliant insights about the Obama administration? Will you be getting your GED anytime soon?

        • If you’re going to quote the Bible, let’s also remember that Jesus’ ministry was based on caring for the poor and less fortunate (oh, and btw, that wasn’t through a voucher program). Further, Ryan does scare me because he is so insincere. He’s trying to walk away from and flat out deny his reverence to Ayn Rand, who was a Russian atheist and pro-choice too. The only way that this comic duo can win the Presidential election is by disenfranchising minority groups. It appears that is exactly what they intend to do. How sad for America. We are working hard to ensure that eligible U.S. voters get to the polls to make sure that their voices are heard on election day, though. They won’t win. If anything, Ryan will cause the GOP to lose senate and house seats in November. The President is a good and sincere person. When he has looked to Congress to pass his Jobs Act, etc, they weren’t there. This “do nothing” Congress is to blame. Recall Mitch McConnell’s statement that their only goal is to ensure that Obama does not get re-elected. To that end they have done everything possible (eg filibusters) at an enormous cost to the middle class. This proves the GOP doesn’t care. They can’t stand that Obama has already had so many successes w/o them.

        • You must be very wealthy – congratulations. I am not and I would rather have a strong central government than a weak one. I have been to South America and most countries are ruled exclusivly by the rich – the poor live like rats because there is no way out. I do not want to see America moving closer to that reality, but I guess you do. Corporation will never care about the country. There is no such thing as a corporation that puts it’s country first – THEY HAVE NO COUNTRY only stockholders. The corporation serves only the stockholders and exploit all means available to achieve this. That may be your idea of a great country – but to me – it is a hellscape.

        • It’s November 19! How wrong you are thetruthmeister… big time, whopping WRONGGGG!!! Did your “truth” set you free, you bible loving freak! You’re ALL cooks! The truth is RELIGION is what makes you people crazy. Talk about dumb and dumber!

  3. Just another so-called ‘self made’ man who used out tax dollars to attend college and inherited money from the work of others, who now declares that the government should not invest in people or infrastructure. Is it any surprise that the Tea Party nuts would love this guy? Now that he has his own wealth, he selfishly demands that nobody else receive the assistance that he did except for the most wealthy in society. Compare this to the Tea Party deadbeats, who collect their Social Security and Medicare and forget about how they were made comfortable by the contributions and sacrifice of others, obnoxiously complaining about taxes even though they are lower than they have been in 60 years.

    The middle class has ALWAYS been the economic engine that drives American success as a nation. Yet these belligerent deadbeats don’t care about the ‘big picture’ — they’re too busy worrying about their selfish interests. Add to that their nutty desire to roll back the rights of women, the poor, and minorities and you have a vision of America that only the Koch Brothers could love — and they do. It’s time to not just repudiate this vision for America, but vote Ryan and the other nutty zealots out of Congress. We’ve seen enough of the Tea Party — time to exit stage left.

    • WhutHeSaid – spot on ! lets keep spreading the word like they spread the hate and perhaps we can avoid this spiral into certain disaster for this country…I LOATHE R and R…and anyone with a smidgen of intelligence should also….

    • The system that Ryan wants to kill (Social security along with Medicare) is what helped him after his father died. Now he wants to kill it to give him, Romney and all their rich buddies more tax relief while we pay for it.
      Obama 2012

    • He says he is/was against the spending in the stimulus package…..But check his voting record it was THE ONE Obama thing he voted YES on. Well why… be a good congressman and care about putting money out there to get America back to work like FDR did? WRONG…..most of that money was going toward Road Work and Bridges…the “THAT”
      in Obama’s speech….guess what RYAN’s family had done for generations….His cousins are currently running the company that was his dad’s…..YOU GOT IT….they do road construction….what a frickking surprise huh?

  4. Paul Ryan is the poster child of radicalized Right values. Smaller government, less interference—yeah–right! Thge only smaller government this jerk wants is for the financial industry to be completely unfettered by those pesky regulations, BUT wants to control what we do in our private lives–women’s health, birth control, marriage equality.
    Ah, the smell of Radical Right Freedom—don’t you love it!

    • Right on Don B, the reason romney/ryan wants less wall street regulations is so they can raid the overflow $$$, and give contracts to their buddies –>AND GET EVEN RICHER !!!!

  5. I think Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan to get the heat off of him with his taxes, overshore accounts, Bain Capital experience turning into a nightmare, he figured, he’ll pick someone who is worst than he is as a result turn the focus away from him. Let’s keep the focus on both of them.

  6. Catholics are taught as a primary duty to take care of the poor. In one famous parable Jesus taught, that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter heaven. I am interested to see by what logic he justifies taking from the poor and giving to the rich?Morally this is not a monopoly by Catholics alone, but shared with other faiths.

    Does he suggest that the way to end poverty is to tax the poor so they work harder? Does this smack of “Arbeit Macht Frie” (Work Makes You Free)? If your history is a bit rusty, this was the slogan that hung over the gate to Auschwitz concentration camp. This is not to imply that Herr Ryan is a national socialist, but the further to the right that the party moves the closer to national socialism it becomes. Brushing up on history, the national socialists were the far right in Germany.

    As a card carrying member of the “Me Generation” Herr Ryan shows excessive focus on self. Afterall does he and his sidekick Herr Mit think that it is only their efforts that build a company? No other factors of production are included in the equation? Godlike they proclaim that in the beginning there was darkness and out of the void MY corporation was created? So mien herren where were those who worked with you? Where is the public infrastructure upon which your success depends? Could your effort bear fruit if it weren’t for national defense, the public system of roads, airports, education, social security, etc?

    So, toward what mortal sin is Herr Ryan heading? Excessive pride (aka hubris)? Isn’t this why God’s favorite angel got kicked out of heaven?

    Caveat voter.

    • I like that, Herr Ryan. I’ve said on many occassion, when Bush and Cheney were in Office I gave them the dignity and respect of the title that goes with President and Vice President, even when I disagreed with their policies. I voted for McCain but Once Mr. Obama was sworn in I will continue to call him, The President, Mr. President, Mr. Obama, Obama, POTUS but never anything disrespectful like the TeaParty and GOP call him. I’m sure many of us have heard it all. Willard, and Paul are not in that office yet, hopefully never, so they do not command that same dignity or respect from me. OMG you were critized for the disrespect here quite a bit and I’ve even responded to you before about not knowing anyone named OBOZO, so as far as I know you are not talking about anyone I know; however, CWALTER….i like your post and the name Herr Ryan, I think I’ll use that in the future if you don’t mind.

      • You call Ryan,Herr Ryan, but you dismiss everything proven on the background of Obama.
        On the evening of January 11, 1996, while Mitt Romney was in the final years of his run as the head of Bain Capital, Barack Obama formally joined the New Party, which was deeply hostile to the mainstream of the Democratic party and even to American capitalism. In 2008, candidate Obama deceived the American public about his potentially damaging tie to this third party. The issue remains as fresh as today’s headlines, as Romney argues that Obama is trying to move the United States toward European-style social democracy, which was precisely the New Party’s goal.

        • gpo1913: NOBODY has cared to address (much less contradict) your true remarks and facts.
          When you confront them with the unvarnished truth about Komrade Obama, they go off on a tangent and/or call you names and/or they criticize Romney/Ryan.

      • The GOP demands respect for their candidates and, especially, their elected officials, but never does the same when a Democrat is in office. President Obama was called a liar by a congressman during a State of the Union address that was being broadcast to the entire world, and the GOP remained silent or condoned one of the most blatant offenses to the Office of the Presidency in American history. In all fairness that was not the first time the presidency has been smeared by mud by the GOP, the same happened when President Clinton was asked to swear under oath that he did not have an extra marital affair.
        I often wonder how George Washington, Dwight Eisenhower, JFK and other presidents would have reacted if they had been asked such a question. Obviously, we will never know since Washington’s visits to the slave quarters, Ike’s British “nurse”, and JFK’s dalliances, among others, were carefully ignored by elected officials and the American people out of respect to the Office of the Presidency.
        Unfortunately for our country the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Eisenhower has been taken over by the likes of Palin, Bachmann and Ryan and its lack of patriotism, respect, and focus on the welfare of all Americans manifests itself in actions most of us would only expect from enemies of the United States.

      • jarhead: You …? You …? You …? You “voted for McCain …”???!!!!
        har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har !!!!
        I almost broke a ligament here laughing …!!!
        Pleeeeeezzeee !!
        Why do you Lefties really believe that conservatives fall for your lies?!
        You (and several others in this “forum”) claim to have voted for a Republican just so that (naive) people reading your post will say: “Wow! if this person is a ‘converted’ Republican, he must really know what he is saying, and he must have his facts straight ! ”
        Come on, jarhead, that is so disingenious and dishonest of you.
        Tsk, tsk, tsk.
        You know what is really happening? You dumb Lefties have come to realize that Romney’s choice of Ryan is a HUGE coup by Romney… and all of you that have realized that fact (including Joe Conason who makes his living as a “reporter” of the worst kind) are all of a sudden hysterical with the writing on the wall come November.
        … Oh, and thanks for having voted for McCain in 2008, jarhead …. (har, har, har, har !!!)

        • I am glad I could give you a laugh Ed. When I walk into that booth I vote on the man….it almost always comes down to who is LESS slimey than the other. I was a registered Republican for 30years. Don’t care what you say about it. 4 years ago, McCain was the one. I knew very little about Obama, but I had seen a lot of what McCain had done over the years. He was always willing to work both sides of the aisle. He seemed like he had some honor and integrity and he was a Viet Nam vet. This year it’s Obama a Family man. a Christian, is he perfect HELL NO, but does he try to make decisions based on helping out the middle class. yes. ROMNEY…slicked down hair, 1,000.00 empty suit, mormon, money loving, greedy liar. I make observations and those are mine. AS for PAUL RYAN….they loose and 4 years from now people will say PAUL WHO..? I usually never care about the VP pick. Last good VP pick I can remember was LBJ. But then it really did end up counting didn’t it. And that’s also proabably one of the reasons he is memorable. Dan Quayle, Al Gore,Geraldine Ferraro, John Edwards, hahaha..if all goes well Paul Ryan will join their ranks and popularity.

          • Hey gene: You gave me a very good, well reasoned and measured reply and I gladly acknowledge that. Since you are so sincere and open, let me try to give you my perspective, my opinion from my side of the fence:
            1) In my mind, I can accept that Obama “projects” that he is a loving family man, and I believe he is sincere on this. HOWEVER, I almost fell on the floor with your assertion that he is a “a Christian”. If he were a Christian he would not be ashamed of showing and practicing his Christianity. What he has done is to the contrary: abolishing, in the name of something that intelligent people abhor, namely political correctness, the National Day of Prayer. He has also given many indications, some more subtle and nuanced than others, that he favors Islam and Muslims.
            2) What do I have against supposedly “law-abiding and peaceful” Muslims in this country? Mainly that they have shown, with so few exceptions that they can be counted with the fingers of ONE hand, a (to me) very revealing RELUCTANCE to speak up against Muslim terrorists and terrorist acts, and against activist Muslims right in this country, living among us, advocating the application of Sharia Law inside our borders.
            3) As to your assertion to the effect that Obama making “… decisions based on helping out the middle class…”, let me propose to you that: a) you can not improve the lot of the middle class by removing incentives to investment of capital; b) under a system in which 47-49% of the people do not pay federal income taxes (yeah, yeah, I know, they pay other taxes, but that doesn’t affect the main point here), how can anybody claim that “the rich” (whatever that means, and whoever they are) are NOT paying, and should pay “their FAIR share”?? How “fair” is that ?! c) Obama is actually propagating the myth that this Nation should, instead of striving for “equal opportunities”, strive for “equal outcomes”. And “equal outcomes”, Gene, can only be “achieved” under a socialist master that distributes POVERTY equally. This myth is being propagated in he most dangerous, but the most effective, way: very gradually, very insidiously, and utilizing (again, in a very subtle way) class hatred.
            I can see Obama’s genius, you see, because what he is doing really WORKS …
            4) Right now, whether Romney/Ryan are the best Republican candidates or not, the only way I can try to stop Obama is by voting for R/R. In the future perhaps my choices will be better …

          • I have seen where Obama gives the Muslim world a little too much respect. Is it that he is trying to be PC in the modern world, or is it his way of showing respect to his Dad’s side of his family, I don’t know. It does irritate me, as too be honest…..this is going to get OMG going…..I am willing to work with Muslims but have very little respect for their religion overall. How many sophisticated hospitals or clinics are built in allah’s name? When do you see Muslim led countries come to the aide of other countries during a disaster? Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan. SO MUCH stinking money, from oil, sits at the top. Do those people build hospitals and create other GOOD things with all that money. NO, they build bigger yachts and Dubai and uneeded crap like that. Am I worried about Sharia Law inside our borders.? Not buying into the fear. If someone is really suspicious they are 1 phone call away from Homeland Security. Is Obama, the person, still the better choice….YES.

          • jarhead: I noticed that, after your very well reasoned (most of them, anyway) thoughts on Muslims, you again choose Obama ….. THIS time removing any mention of his not being a Muslim and instead being (this is the part where OMG will go ballistic) …. a CHRISTIAN and a CATHOLIC !!!!
            What do we have here???

          • No…maybe I wasn’t clear…Obama is a Christian…Biden is the slack Catholic. Maybe I read that wrong somewhere about Biden.

    • You know when the Catholic Priests and Nuns are against someone, and I’ve never seen them against Reps, there must be something wrong with them! Enough said!!!

  7. At least he’s a Capitalist and believes the individual in control, not government. If it’s so wrong to be rich,why do so many people play the lottery

    • Don’t go all capitalist versus socialist on this page. That is a stupid question…why does anyone play the lotto?….mainly to take a gamble (with their own money….not a venture capitalist risk[with other peoples money]) to become wealthy…..NOW, what they do with that wealth is what makes all the difference do you become a BILL GATES, or a KOCH Bros.?

      • My point was, rich has been made into a bad word with this administration. Obama implies that because Romney is rich, he doesn’t care about the poor/working man. If that were true why did he take over broken companies and helped rebuild them. And it’s true all of them couldn’t be saved. But when you start a businness, that’s the chance you take and that ingenuity is what made this country great. Not the dependence on government.

        • He took them over to make money on them…ala Gordon Gekko….and he himself said he doesn’t give the poor any concern. There are good rich…Oprah, Bill Gate, Warren Buffet,
          George Clooney, I could go on…..but I’m sure you’ll pick them apart.

    • He’s a capitalist with inside info that you or I don’t and never will have! Also, his Father gave him wealth to begin with! I don’t begrudge anyone that gets wealthy in the good old American way!! I don’t like getting it off the backs of others and scamming the government!!

      • What proof do you have about scamming the government or on the backs of others. And whats so wrong about getting wealth through inheritance or family giving you a helping hand. Also ,you may start that way but it’s up to the individual to make something of it, Look how many lottery winnners squander their fortunes because they had no sence for finances.

        • Ryan wants draconian cuts to fix the debt on the backs of the poor and the middle class. He claims to be concerned that our children and grandchildren will inherit debt. Ryan’s children and grandchildren will inherit millions. Ryan’s ideology would deny my children and grandchildren the right to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and help themselves. Ryan’s ideology ensures that my children and grandchildren become indentured servants and remain second class citizens. I don’t care that this man and Romney are wealthy – I do care that they are greedy, selfish and have no compassion for people far less fortunate while at the same time claiming to be “christian.”

          • Let’s talk about cuts. How about 700Billion from medicare, which is already broken but at least people fund it. To give it to a program that the CBO says will cost upwards of 2 trillion.Obama senior campaign advisor David Axelrod claimed on ABC’s “This Week,” for example, that Medicare would be in “a death spiral under this plan.” Not content with that scary prognosis, Axelrod doubled down with the bogus assertion that the Ryan budget plan was an “attempt to do away with Medicare” and “a Trojan horse that ultimately will spell its demise.”
            That’s interesting, considering President Obama’s own characterization back in January 2011 of the Ryan plan as “an entirely legitimate proposal.” Obama recognized that spending for Medicare, Medicaid and other entitlements were “the major driver of our long-term liabilities” and that the right solution deserved “a healthy debate.” But the Obama administration has ducked trying to solve this problem completely. In fact, it is making the problem even worse by sweeping over $700 billion from Medicare to pay for Obamacare, which will rob today’s seniors of the choices they now have under the current Medicare program.
            Ryan has come up with an alternative market-based plan that prevents Medicare from self-destructing because of out-of-control spending, without substituting government mandates and rationing for the choices that are better left to patients, including seniors, and their doctors.

          • Funny how it went from the real number ($50B per year of savings by consolidating the VA, Medicare, Medicaid under one adminstrative agency) to a $500B cut to Medicare to your $700B number.

            At least we know you’d like to continue the government’s wasting $BILLIONS per year in duplicated services.

            Or, you just don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Decisions, decisions…

          • My not knowing came from an article written by Joseph Klein:Joseph Klein is a Harvard-trained lawyer and the author of Global Deception: The UN’s Stealth Assault on America’s Freedom and the new book, Lethal Engagement: Barack Hussein Obama, the United Nations & Radical Islam.

          • And those are?????????My facts came from an artivle written by Joseph Klein is a Harvard-trained lawyer and the author of Global Deception: The UN’s Stealth Assault on America’s Freedom and the new book, Lethal Engagement: Barack Hussein Obama, the United Nations & Radical Islam.

          • Stop lying. The $716 billion that Obama cuts is a tradeoff that affects providers, insurance companies and Medicare Advantage. The total budget actually EXPANDS benefits that will be available to seniors by closing the ‘donut hole’, reducing the cost of prescription drugs, attacking fraud & waste, and enhancing Medicaid benefits for those who need them.

            Second, Paul Ryan’s budget keeps the EXACT SAME CUTS in place, but uses that money for more truffles and dancing horsies for the wealthy (read: tax cuts).

            Third, AARP has endorsed the Affordable Care Act, and they aren’t known for endorsing programs that will hurt seniors. The Department of Health and Human Services has projected that Medicare beneficiaries will save about $4,200 over 10 years as a result of the Affordable Care Act. The Romney/Ryan plan would fundamentally change the program to a voucher program, with no ties to rises in seniors’ cost of living — all so that they can cut taxes for the wealthy.

            Enough whoppers already. If the GOP can’t win on the truth then it’s because they don’t deserve to win.

          • O K,do you mind telling me where these facts came from? Mine came fromJoseph Klein is a Harvard-trained lawyer and the author of Global Deception: The UN’s Stealth Assault on America’s Freedom and the new book, Lethal Engagement: Barack Hussein Obama, the United Nations & Radical Islam.

          • It’s a written law, which means you can Google it and read it. For AARP’s endorsement go to AARP’s website. For HHS projections go to the HHS website and search in the news section. These sources are a bit more reliable than a right wing zealot’s blog.

          • As part of the ongoing war over Medicare, the Obama campaign has lately been arguing that his national health care law actually extends the solvency of the program.

            “The president … doesn’t just talk about Medicare solvency – he actually did something, and he did it in a way that enhances seniors’ benefits,” Obama spokesman Ben LaBolt said, according to the Politico. “President Obama extended the solvency of Medicare by 8 years by passing the Affordable Care Act, and his budget would add another two years to its lifetime.”
            The problem is, the same Medicare cuts cannot simultaneously be used to help pay for Obamacare and extend the life of Medicare.
            Last month, a CBO report estimated that Obamacare would reduce deficits by $109 billion from 2013 through 2022. But that estimate includes about $700 billion in Medicare cuts. If the Obama campaign is saying that those cuts are being used, instead, to extend the solvency of Medicare, then Obamacare will run deficits of $600 billion

          • Actually the “cuts” are consolidations of overheads from three programs that are joined in the ACA: the VA, Medicare, and Medicaid.

      • Romney doesn’t flaunt his wealth, Obama does. He’s said more about it so it would seem that Romney doesn’t care. If that was so, why would he turn companies around and make them profitable for all concrrned.

        • Most of Romney’s money was extracted from companies he acquired control of, whether the company survived or not. The steel company, for instance, was running marginally but was not bankrupt. After Bain took it over, they repaid their acquisition cost by raiding the company’s “oversolvent” pension fund, then by borrowing against the company assets (and returning a tidy profit to themselves.) Then they borrowed further to pay themselves a healthy “management fee”. Then they walked away and let the beggars pick over the bones (i.e. declared bankruptcy.)

          Same story with Staples, though the company escaped bankruptcy (marginally) and recovered once Bain left them alone.

  8. When we talk about TERRORISTS we should remember that terrorists come in many versions.

    For instance terror of the well being of the U S Economy, in this instance the Romney / Ryan budget plan would TERRORISE Democracy and Christianity in the U S A.

    Both Romney and Ryan profess to be Christians but apparently do not understand the basic premise of Christianity, “do unto others as you would have others do unto you”.

    Selfishness and self centered dogma, as practiced by Romney and Ryan, have no place in a society based on DEMOCRACY and Christianity.

    Aetheists in general care about their neighbors and community as well as Democracy.

    Romney’s premise that you can and do succeed soley on your own is ridiculous, without the foreign investors he had access to through Bain he could not have succeeded in his extortion of operating capital to personal wealth. Ryan on the other hand has inherited wealth through family connections. Neither of them has Earned the wealth they enjoy.

      • jarhead: Here I am to correct you, …. again.
        There are conflicting opinions on whether Mormons are Christians. They do believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ so, at least in that respect, they are Christians. As for Ryan, he is a Catholic. How can you possibly say he is not a Christian?
        And how can you possibly say that Obama is a Christian? You’ve got it backwards, my friend !

  9. Getting back to the point of Joe Conason’s article…NARCISSITIC PERSONALITY DISORDER (not the lottery or gambling) The definition of “narcissistic personality disorder” that applies to Paul Ryan (and Romney) in my opinion, is a long-standing, inward and outward pervasive pattern of significant self-centered behavior, over inflated sense of self-importance, complete lack of empathy for others. It’s basis is in an obsessive sense of entitlement. This manifests itself in seeing and describing others totally as objects to meet one’s self-aggrandizing needs.

    Paul Ryan, in my opinion, does have a narcissistic personality disorder described by Conason based upon Ryan’s (and Romney’s) exaggerated sense of his own talents and/or successes. Ryan seeks out constant admiration and praise from others who have a similar mindset like Romney and the tea party movement. Romney, Ryan, Karl Rove, the Koch brothers, teapartiers and there ilk demand others to follow their viewpoints as being gospel or the truth. It’s the only way to govern in their collective delusion. They all have an absolute disregard for the feelings of others, and the ramifications that their collective fascism brings upon this country.

    Anyone remember the lessons of pre-Nazis German society, the brown shirts, the Goebbels propaganda and the banking money interests that supported Hitler?

  10. he really should walk the walk, and talk the talk..
    he out spent all his opponents combined,and when that
    didnt work, he dug into their past to muddy their reputation(Cain)
    i dislike when someone isnt man enough to take his own medicine,
    while marketing it to the rest of us.
    and in the past he critisized others for not releas info their returns
    and even had the audacity to cite John Mccains release of only 2 years of tax returns and setting the precedence,he is choosing to emulate..forgetting to acknowledge that he already had his returns out for all the years he was in the senate,and what was left was only his last two returns he put forward..
    lastly why emulate Mccain,when his father started a steller example.

  11. THE THING IS THE ANTI-CHRIST ROMNEY dosent want to be Pres. he,s working on a scam where he can take a % of the money ppl. gave him to run and pocket it . see he already took a vacation on his money he went to the UK POLAND AN TO THE MIDDLE EAST to insult the jewish ppl. too all on tax payers money and he still has his evil anti- christ working now to make of steal more money for his campain funds . he dosent want what a Pres. makes thats chump change . id say its just tipping money but im sure that greedy bastard dosent tip any one

  12. The more we learn about congressman Ryan, the less there is to like. Like some other republicans, he yearns for the days of the robber barons when an oligarchy of rich white men controlled the financial direction of the country. In an era before income taxes, a few families acquired a very large share of the national wealth. The middle class was as yet uninvented and had little chance of emerging in the world Ryan seeks a return to.

  13. Ok – let me ask all of you how should we preserve Medicare after its demise in 2024? And Social Security after its demise in 2036?

    In thinking through this answer do not listen to the “Political Class” BS – there is no fund with any money left in it. The $3.5 trillion that should be there is part of the National Debt (We owe the money to ourselves, you know like getting a Visa Card to pay off American Express). The money we pay in taxes today funds those on the system today. We the American Citizens are not paying into anything other than the General Tax fund.

    Give it a try what is the answer?

    • Wrong. The $3.5T is the source of interest bearing bonds. Like all bonds, they have maturation periods and are severly devalued if cashed in early.

      The problem is that the program has now promised a 300% return on investment (i.e. the average SS recipient draws out 3X what he puts in over his entire lifetime, accumulated interest included.) That is the direct effect of not attaching retirement age to lifespan improvements and adding drug programs and COLAs to the base benefits. While some $billions are also spent on welfare, waste, and illegals, they are not the major problem.

      SS was originally envisioned as a supplement to the savings and pensions of those who could put money away during their lifetimes, and as a basic safety net for those who could not. In the 1930s this meager safety net was augmented by family and local agencies (churches, etc.) Most of those other supports are now gone. Families don’t support elders as they did in times past, and tax-exempt churches have become monuments to their own excesses. In some areas, 30% of the real property is now tax exempt.

      SS has now become the defacto retirement plan of most seniors.

      • By law, income to the trust funds must be invested, on a daily basis, in securities guaranteed as to both principal and interest by the Federal government. All securities held by the trust funds are “special issues” of the United States Treasury. Such securities are available only to the trust funds. Isn’t this part of the National Debt?

        The key question was what would you suggest we do to fix the obvious problem?

        • Only if the monies collected and invested are part of the “national revenue”. Reagan treated them as such, but they’re still carried on the books as inter-governmental loans, and thus don’t show up as “national debt”.

          1) control Medicare costs. The ACA shrinks the admin costs of the VA, Medicare, Medicaid by combining the administrative offices and save $50B (estimated) per year. Get the doctors out of the clinic business and test costs drop dramatically, and are called for less often. Tort costs are estimated to be about 2% of the normal medical practice costs (insurance and judgements) so I don’t think there’s much to be had there.

          2) control SS costs. COLAs are indexed to costs of living, which are presumably dealt with by the interest on the fund. But the bond maturation period is decades longer than the contributors’ lifespans, with the immediae effect that the COLAs index annually, but the interst rates are assigned for 30 to 100 years and cannot be redeemed early. Today’s rates are 2% or less, so two years from now when the COLAs are pegging along at 5% per year, the bond rates will again not keep up.

          Offer retirees two plans: one with COLAs and one without. The COLA-equipped plan starts out paying a substantially lower rate, but that rate could be indexed to the interest on the bonds maturing to pay for it.

          3) index SS retirement age. Index retirement age to population average length of life and eliminate early retirement. We’re having a huge argument about changing the SS retirement age, and we re-litigate the whole thing with each new retirement group. Why not have the discussion once and attach it to the population lifespan so that it becomes automatic, and can be planned for?

  14. Instead of vilifying Ryan we need to focus on his Achilles heel so to speak. The Democrat Party needs to ferret out his weaknesses and transgressions and dismantle his credibility. Romney’s primary Achilles heel is his Ego and vanity. He cannot abide pointed criticism . The strategy in that area is already having the effect to make him slowly unravel. The more he unravels, the more he reveals his true nature.

    It’s “fun” to use the Forum for barbed rejoinder but we all would help the Cause more by giving monetary support to offset Campaign advertising costs. If each of us gave as much as $50.00 each that would help greatly.

    • That’s true oldtack. I’ve already given over $100 to the Presidents campaign. If everyone that cares gave $5 it would really help. I am a retired widow on a fixed income, but I care about the poor and middle class. One thing I’ve learned in my years is that republicans care more about the party than the people. I don’t say this lightly since my own sister is a republican. She just will not look up the truth.

  15. How about publishing all of the other hit pieces I’m sure you already had written all other potential Republican VP candidates, Joe? Did you do one for the biggest doofus of all who is currently occupying the position? Oh wait, you can’t make this election about your guys, can you? So far, the President has earned his merit badges for golfing, sending his wife on expensive, tax-payer funded vacations, demagoguing, divisiveness, Bush blaming, excuse making, hosing our health care system, spending, unemployment, expanding welfare, high dollar fund raising dinners, crony capitalism, law skirting and, last but not least, campaigning. None of those things will get you re-elected though, so round up the sycophants and say or do anything to try to tear down the other guys. Last election, when nobody knew or cared to know anything about Obama, he could get away with promising to be a new kind of politician, promising everyone everything, and offering hope. Now that we have found out what kind of non-leader he really is, the only hope is to not talk about his real record and simply attack any opposition in every possible way. Off to a good start so far. He probably doesn’t need to worry about the obvious lack of enthusiasm for him this time, the polls show he is ahead and polls are never wrong.
    Don’t bother flaming me, I won’t read or answer any responses. Besides, you know I’m right.

    • montanabill, go back on the range & rope some cattle. May we’ll get lucky and you will rope one by the horns and get dragged through the sagebrush!! Maybe it will knock some sense into you white hooded redneck !!!

      • 1concernedsenior: Don’t be nasty with montanabill. Don’t call him, using your accustomed shallow and sloganized logic, a “white hooded redneck”.
        Why not ADDRESS and ANSWER his very well taken points??
        Because you don’t have the facts, the brains, the reasons, and the candidate (poor Obama) to do so ….

  16. How could anyone 70 years old with children at age fifty be happy for them when medicare and medicaid is really not there for them? Ryan and Romney pretend that only those under fifty five will be affected but even if that were true it is still a horrible message for all the seniors of today who have their off spring coming up to retirement age; it is the dismantling of American pie and a great program for average Americans. The extreme right hates social security and medicare and now Ryan Romney are trying to portray themselves as hero’s of these great democratic accomplishments so they can get the elderly vote. DON’T FALL FOR IT!

    • You are falling for the lies told in your own party. The right does not hate SS and Medicare. Why would they? Someone is going to have to do something before we run out of money. Out of money, then what? The more control the government has ,any government, the less personal rights we have as individuals. Everytime they pass a new law in Washington DC ” We the People” end up with less freedom Period!

      • jojo, put the plug in the jug! By the way STOP LISTENING TO FOX (comedy hr) and listen to real news–> like ED SCHULTZ !!

        • OMG , close the front door and pull down all the windows! That would be the only way I would ever listen to to that guy. I would have to have the jug full of something worth drinking , if I drank to turn on MSNBC but I appreciate your concern. Maybe you should drop in on Fox and listen. Not the night time guys. Don’t think you could handle that but tune in from 8am to maybe 6 and get some real news. Have a nice day! P.S. the plug in the jug was funny. I’ll have to use that one sometime.

      • how about cut military spending,,, bring the boy’s home, Germany ? I think we won that one… Japan ? yep…. the cold war ? ditto…. Korea ? the chinese will keep the little dictator in line…. close the bases, bring the dollars home…

        • And stop giving huge gobs of money to the likes of Halliburton/KBR. And since manufacturers of any thing like rockets,planes,etc…have to meet mil spec….why can’t our govt’ also demand they will not do business with a co. that has excessive executive pay/benefits, to keep costs down. I like the way you think Mr. Hemphill.

  17. I am troubled by the Tea Party attitude and the reality that the rich become richer and the poor become poorer during recent Republican administrations. However, I found myself without a national party as the Democratic platform promotes a different kind of selfishness which goes against my own value system and what seems unfortunately a minority of others who, too, cannot identify their basic principals with either national party.

    The selfishness of the Republican party is found in its budgetary and tax priorities and desire to protect the wealthiest. The selfishness of the Democratic party is inherent with concepts of “choice” at the sacrifice of human life and issues which at one time were not even discussed because they were seen as so inherently wrong.

    I am without a party trying to identify the least of two evils while exercising my obligation to vote.

  18. troubled by the Tea Party attitude and the reality that the rich become richer and the poor become poorer during recent Republican administrations. However, I found myself without a national party as the Democratic platform promotes a different kind of selfishness which goes against my own value system and what seems unfortunately a minority of others who, too, cannot identify their basic principals with either national party.

    The selfishness of the Republican party is found in its budgetary and tax priorities and desire to protect the wealthiest. The selfishness of the Democratic party is inherent with concepts of “choice” at the sacrifice of human life and issues which at one time were not even discussed because they were seen as so inherently wrong.

    I am without a party trying to identify the least of two evils while exercising my obligation to vote

    • Bob Fontaine, it appears you’re one of those people who shouldn’t be allowed to vote. You would prob do better staying home and watchin your TV & wait for the results to stream in !! If you have not fig’d it out by now, do everyone a favor and not vote!!! You don’t have an obligation to vote –> in fact you should have to take a test to be able to vote !!

      • 1concernedsenior: So you would have us believe that Bob Fontaine, because of his well articulated concerns, should not be allowed to vote, BUT any person who shows up at the polls on Nov 6 with no ID SHOULD ???!!!
        These Lefties for Obama keep making less, and less, and less, and less, and less sense.
        WOW !!

    • Like many elections it comes down to the lesser of two evils. Vote your heart….do you want to vote for the Mormon (not REAL Christianity) and the Ayn Rand follower(humanistic aetheist), OR for the Christian(NOT MUSLIM)and the (major holidays) Catholic.

      • jarhead: There you go again, trying to make me fall to the floor with laughter:
        Do you really believe that Obama is (your own words now): “… the Christian (NOT MUSLIM) and the (major holidays) Catholic.”??? !!!
        Please, gene, get a hold of yourself and of something called REALITY !
        I know that you are joking, so I apologize ….

        • Well to be honest I think Joe Biden only attends Catholic church during major holidays, but I am not positive. And go ahead and laugh…but I am as serious as a Dick Cheney Heart Attack about this. CHENEY….you bastard….you still have a chance …REPENT! If you ever read this….doubt it, probably chillin’ on the Town Hall rag. They like you there.

  19. I still am not sure just how tax increases for the very wealthy makes for a”job killer” nor how Romney/Ryan plan to create many more jobs. I am sure they do not mean lawncare or nanny jobs. I would like to be fair to them-but just really can not figure out their plan nor understand their outright hatred for any of the Obama plans that seem to help the middleclass. Can anyone help me out here with real info please?

    • My suspicion is that ROMNEY is holding tightly (what he thinks is his little secret). He will probably have the Dodd/Frank law repealed. I agree it needs to be loosened up, it is giving the banks reasons to choke out small businesses across America. Then tweek or get rid of a few laws to maybe even get back to the Bush years of bank deregulation….and then it’s a Wall Street free for all. Plus he and CHENEY are chomping at the bit to go to IRAN…WAR is a money maker for them……and they still believe in trickle down. You are smart enough to see by your question…..trickle down never worked.

  20. Ryan has sold out. He was raised Catholic, and, one would think, would be concerned with aiding the poor, but he adopted the philosophies of Ayn Rand, which are at diametric odds with his christian upbringing. He professes to be a good man, a moral man, but cannot be while praising his mentor. Rand chose the absolutely uncontrolled laissez faire system of America in the twenties when she came here from Russia, bearing some baggage of her own, and witnessed that totally uncontrolled capitalism lead us into the great depression. Yet she was so obtuse as to not see this and continued to support the interests of the overly wealthy and utterly disregarded the middle classes and impoverished.
    The same thing happened in 2008, and Ryan is repeating that same behavior. Other than her extreme sexual behavior, the downfall of her objectevist philosophy was to fail to acknowledge that the source of many of our senses of human rights and liberties came from the christian backgrounds of our forefathers. Yet she continued to impune the church, indeed any and all religion. Now Ryan and Romney, if they get in, may be repeating her failure by placing the wants of the wealthy above the needs of the middle classes, and basically disregarding the human rights guaranteed by our constitution. They may, whether intentionally or not, lead this country out of democracy and into a nightmarish objectivist plutocracy.

  21. It has been said that behind someones fortune there is a crooked deal somewhere in the past.I do not know if that is true or not.One thing I do know is Mitt Romney.The Governor was a bully growing up,with those silly “PRANKS” while in prep school and college.A leopard does not change it’s spots.While Romney was governor of our state he was just as big of a bully.Will not even admit how he screwed us but still he states he can create jobs ,for instance,.If people are trying to outlaw bullies in schools because it is harmful to the bullied,do not elect one as president.

  22. I don’t like Ryan either, but this article or commentary – whatever name it goes by — is basically just a diatribe against Ryan whose main “sin” seems to be that he inherited money from his family. Since when did that become wrong? And, no, I am not for abolishing the inheritance tax on estates valued at more than $250,000 (except for family farms, i.e., not corporate farms). Not in one place is a solution offered by this author for solving the undeniable problem that social security, medicare, and medicaid, not to mention welfare, is unsustainable in their current form. These entitlement programs (and I am a SS and Medicare recipient myself) have been ignored so long that the cost is ripping through the federal budget like a Great White Shark on steroids. He has not suggested that it be dumped for current recipients or even those 55 or older, but that it must be reformed for younger people because there simply won’t be enough money to pay for it. No matter whether you like it or not, you can not increase taxes enough to pay for the astronomically growing cost of these entitlement programs. So, this is just another attack piece with no solutions — just finger pointing, name calling, and demagoguery. Shame on you. If you’re going to attack someone’s policies/proposals, then tell the whole truth and then offer a better idea. If you don’t have solutions, you are guilty of the worst kind of political attacks that appeal to emotion with half-truths and no solutions.

    • CSPatriot, you have a point–BUT the government has 2 1/2 trillion surplus in social security. It brings in more than it pays social security beneficeries, but must be adjusted because of future baby boomers retiring right around the corner! The right wing nut & teabaggers like the younger set to believe social security is broke – BUT IT’S NOT ! If they can get younger groups of people to believe SS is broke, it may make the program unpopular. The Committee for the Preservation of Social Security and Medicare TELL IT LIKE IT IS !!

      • 1concernedsenior: I have no idea where you get your “facts” and your “numbers”. Aren’t you too old to be smoking what you are smoking?

  23. Jarheadgene, I agreee with you on the total disrespect mutt & jeff have had for our president! There’s plenty of others who (by the things I have seen) would be wearing white hoods if they could get away with it!! President Obama is our PRESIDENT !! You hear that you right wing nut, tea baggers ?? PRESIDENT OBAMA IS OUR PRESIDENT !!

  24. Ryan not only used Social Security to attend college, coming from a wealthy family he used without need. I am not wealthy but it would not occur to me to ask for financial help if I have the money in the bank. Ryan is mean spirited and also stupid. The republic he envisions resembles to banana republics that were so prevalent in the 60ties, 70ties and 80ties and still are in Central and South America. If Romney/Ryan get their way, there will be no need for immigration reform. Mexico at that point might need it to stem the tide of immigrants from north of the border.

  25. With the selection of Ryan, Romney has CONSOLIDATED his victory in November. There is nothing any of you Lefties can do, as individuals, or as a group, to stop that …
    But, don’t you socialist-minded dummies dare abandon Obama now:
    Repeat with me: Let’s get rid of rich bastards !! Let them rot in jail !! Let them pay more taxes (even more !) !! ; we want to be serfs of the state !!; We want a “fair” society with equal outcomes !!; Welfare for everybody with no work requirements !!; Free quality health care for all !!; More and more benefits for everybody !!; A BUDGET ??! – NEVER AGAIN !!; Obamacare forever !!: Re-elect Pelosi and Reid !!; OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA, FOREVER !!!

      • I would call your bluff (you KNOW that’s what it is, 4poli) if I had any assurances that you would pay up.
        But any person who wants illegals to vote (NO ID, of course!) can not possibly have the integrity to make good on his wagers.
        If you really want to identify a fool, go to the nearest mirror, 4po …

        • Open a Paypal account Mr. Big and put your money where your foolish mouth is. Regarding illegals voting, a debunked theory, ever have an original thought that didn’t come from Faux News or RNC talking points?

          • 4po: Don’t you think I didn’t answer your bluff. It was just that the politically correct people at DISQUS censored my answer.
            That’s OK. I guess both you and DISQUS are afraid of the truth: That if ID is REQUIRED for so many items and issues less important than a national election, why on earth shouldn’t it be required to vote (unless you Dems are counting on the illegal vote and THAT’S what has you all shook up…)
            Wise up, my friend.

      • I’m with 4politics2: I’ll wager as much as you want EDSANJUAN. And yes I have a paypal account. I’m a self made retired union worker with 7 figure wealth a couple of times over. I have plenty. So lets go you repub troll put your $$$ where your low educated ignorant worms for brains are. Got balls troll ?

        • absolute: That was sooo funny and sooo DEEP ! You must be a man of substance.
          That notwhistanding, let me ask you this: a) “repub troll”, as opposed to you who are not a “troll” ? b) “low educated ignorant”, as opposed to you who are not “ignorant”? c) “worms for brains”, as opposed to you who have no worms …. and definitely no brains??
          Besides, I don’t feel any urge to flaunt my wealth like you apparently do.
          Furthermore, contrary to you who are completely clueless, I understand the difference between money (what you MIGHT have, although I am not so sure) and “wealth” (what I DO have). I know, I know, I just confused you even more than the confusion you have had throughout your life as a Leftie ….
          Oh well …

    • All most of us are asking for is to go back to the tax structure of the 1990’s so that we can pay down the debt and have an equitable system for all. What’s so bad about that? Were the people of the 1990’s “socialist-minded dummies” and “serfs of the state”? As I recall, life was pretty good in the 1990’s. Why do you go on such a rant? Were you ranting back then? Who is asking for “welfare for everybody”? It seems the Tea Party has caused a lot of irrational thinking.

  26. Insanity creates its own world whereas a mentally challenged individual would create situations where they are completely comfortable in but that the rest of us see as abnormal. The Ryan Proposal was authored with his, his wife’s, and her father’s wealth in mind, to keep that wealth solvent and generational so that they could pass it on to their offspring. Nothing is wrong with that. Yet, when his ideals of his own self interest and the self interest of others like him is imposed upon normal people,that’s when it becomes a problem. Were he a normal, regular, hard working tax paying American, he himself would scoff at how ridiculous and reckless to the poor and helpless asnd the elderly they are. Yet, in his schitzophrenia, he comes off as an intelligent, scholastic politician, but in the house he is feared and disliked immensely by many of the members of his own party. Only Tea Baggers appreciate him because he represent to them what politics is all about: poli-many and tics-a blood sucking insect: multiple blood suckers.

    • I believe it is AYN RAND upbringing that makes him think that way…..I don’t know if you have ever read her GARBAGE. What you described the “self-interest” is above ALL else.

      • Gene, to quote economist John Kenneth Galbreath, “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercizes in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”I think Ayn Rand would have agreed and probably would have taken this as a compliment! I believe she was a contemporary of Mr. Galbreath. Does anyone out there know if she ever responded to Mr. Galbreath’s observation?

  27. I would call him an atheist…especially after listening to his atheist friend for a large part of his life Ayn Rand he believed in her atheist ways so much he left his catholic roots to become a follower of hers…now the gop has a true atheist aboard their ship….talk about extremeism….paul ryan certainly has it….just remember only the stupid and the ignorant will vote repub….nuff said

  28. Of course these two millionaires cannot understand what being poor is really like. Neither one has visited Appallacia or Harlem or even the poor places of Indian reservations. They cannot conceive what it is like to need HELP from a small check that comes each month because people are already too ill to work anyplace. Selfishness is not the half of it when each one is looking through $ bills all their life and can afford to hire a cook to serve them each morning. What economy problem has been created by President Obama? Just trying to catch up with feeding the really poor and ill, seniors and down and outs who CANNOT work. It costs money and those guys need to get on the bandwagon and help people – to keep them off the streets and keep them from dying from hunger, which is the least that our President Obama has been able to do so far, with the DO NOTHING Congress doing dumb things and caring about themselves. Wake up Congress, pass the JOBS bills and FARM bills which help people. Medicare helps PEOPLE.

    • THank you, thank you, thank you for putting it in such simple terms…..they could care less about the disabled……If only Kharma was true….what a reckoning those two would suffer, and we would all be witness to it while we still live. But GOD is a patient GOD and will allow those two self-bloated, “self”-made, (HE’s laughing at that one), pompous, arrogant, spoiled-rotten, millionare bullshit artists to come to their knees before him Or self destruct and DIE without HIM. Governor Corbett of PA…hatehed from the same egg. What they are unaware of is there is a day….a day of Judgement and to those who do not know the REAL JESUS of the BIBLE will be judged. Right now they still have a chance….Remember Pharoah and Moses…..RE-Visit it….Moses goes to Pharoah repeatedly….”Let my people go.”
      after each pleading and plaguing it says. “And Pharoah hardened his heart.” It repeats that until our patient GOD steps in ….READ where it says, “Then GOD hardened Pharoah’s heart.” At that point it was too late….Let’s see where these two boys land.

  29. Here’s a thought, instead of listening to either Paul Ryan or overly cautious democrates explain the philosohy of Ayn Rand, go read her books yourselves. Most people find tht reading the fictin of Ayn Rand help them crystalize personal values and philosophy. Stop listening to the talking heads, educaate yourselves.

  30. This article seem to just be preaching to the choir. Yes, its important to know that he will benefit from his own plan and where he is coming from, but you don’t seem to have any critical analysis with regards to Ayn Rands book/ideas or his own plans. I guess thats hard to do when they don’t really know themselves!

  31. I wish that what you are saying were true. Would be great if Ryan’s proposals reflected more of Rand’s ideas. However the timid first steps to reality (which Ryan advocates) might be enough to stave off economic collapse.

    You correctly point out that America has not had laissez-faire policies. Indeed, governments in the US have subsidized much of our infrastructure. Yet if we must
    blindly follow in yesterday’s footsteps, which yesterday should we choose?
    The ones before the subsidies or the ones after?

    This article is not logically coherent and disregards basic facts of reality.

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