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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Despite ISIS continuing to lose territory by the day in Iraq and Syria, Republican Senator Tom Cotton got on MSNBC yesterday to tell the American public that President Barack Obama’s approach to the Islamic State wasn’t working. He didn’t suggest any alternative to defeating ISIS, instead spending the duration of his appearance listing everything Obama had done wrong as president.

“You have to go on offense against the Islamic state in places like Iraq and Syria and Libya and Afghanistan,” he said. “President Obama’s job is to keep us safe. It’s not to minimize the fear that Americans justly fear about terrorism.

“They think we have a disproportionate fear of terrorism in this country even after Brussels and Paris and San Bernardino,” he continued.

But governing by using fear as a political weapon is hardly presidential. And the president has a duty to tell Americans that their fear of terrorism is disproportionate, even unreasonable — when, say, guns kill exponentially more Americans every year than all terrorism combined.

Cotton went on to bash Obama for attending a baseball game during his visit to Cuba in the aftermath of the bombing, something he called “very troubling.” He and numerous other Republican politicians haven’t noticed the hypocrisy of denouncing Obama when President Ronald Reagan rode horses around California for four days before addressing the shooting down of Korean Airlines plane in 1983, which claimed the lives of 62 Americans.

Asked for an alternative plan, such as increasing advisors for allies on the ground, Cotton deflected, saying “That’s a question for our military commanders whether we need more.” He also noted the fact that planes were coming back from bombing missions “with bombs that are not being dropped because of restricted rules of engagement.”

Asides from Cotton, numerous Republicans have criticized Obama’s ISIS strategy while failing to offer an alternative of their own. “After allowing the ISIL threat to grow and strengthen for years, the administration still has no plausible strategy to destroy ISIL on anything close to an acceptable timeline,” said John McCain and Lindsey Graham in a joint statement shortly following the Brussels attacks. No alternative plan was laid out by either of them, except lip service on sending ground troops back into Iraq in, perhaps, a display of extraordinary short term memory loss.

Or they say Obama should do what is already being done: “The only way to defeat ISIS militarily is for Sunnis themselves to be the bulkhead of the fight,” said Marco Rubio last November, despite the Obama administration already planning to provide support to Sunni fighters. Slate provided a good summary of what Republican candidates’ ISIS strategies have entailed, and not offer drastic differences from what Obama has pursued.

Former Washington Post editor Eugene Robinson, who appeared towards the end of the segment, confronted Cotton on his position. “I’m still confused as to what your complaint is” he said, given the recent successes of the anti-ISIS campaign, which has included sizable reductions in territory controlled by the group.

In a smorgasbord of entirely unrelated and historically dubious assertions, Cotton blamed the rise of ISIS on Obama’s decision to withdraw American troops from Iraq, which he said created the power vacuum that allowed ISIS to take root. The president had also worked with Iran, he said, to “give them the ideological reason to justify their campaign of terror through the region.”

The reality, however, is that the 2003 invasion set the foundation for ISIS’s rise, by shattering Iraq’s governing institutions and created a power vacuum in their place. And it would be a stretch to say Obama “worked with Iran” to destabilize the region, especially coming from a man who led 47 Republicans to publish an open letter telling the Iranian government that the nuclear agreement between their two countries could be ripped up at any time, which was most likely illegal.

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47 responses to “Sen. Tom Cotton Bashes Obama’s ISIS Strategy, But Wouldn’t Do Anything Differently”

  1. angryspittle says:

    Cotton is a treasonous bastard. And an idiot.

    • Mr Corrections says:

      Those two statements apply to nearly every Republican, though.

    • ps0rjl says:

      This is typical Republican rhetoric. Blame President Obama for everything but offer nothing from them on how they would do it differently. As for Cotton’s assertion that Obama’s draw down of the forces in Iraq led to the rise of ISIS, perhaps he has forgotten that George Bush signed the Status of Forces agreement to remove troops from Iraq.

  2. Jinmichigan says:

    There’s talk of this assclown as VP on a t rump ticket. LOL.

  3. Lynda Groom says:

    What we have here folks is just another worm whining about a subject he truly does not understand. If not he would have put forth another plan of action, he can’t, didn’t and won’t since he has nothing of value to add to the conversation.

    • Daniel Jones says:

      Well, I’ll sing you a song about this guy named Cotton;
      Effect and cause are misbegotten.

      Go Away, Go Away, Go Away, you stupid man.

      His whole theme’s we’re wrong/unclean/mistaken,
      Lives not ours, just his for takin’.

      Go Away, Go Away, Go Away, you stupid man.

      Mocked to the tune of “Dixie”; Huzzah! Huzzah!
      You gormless ass, you’re full of it,
      Mocked to the tune of “Dixie”.

      No brain, just pain, mocked to the tune of “Dixie”.
      No gains just pains, as out of date… as “Dixie”!

      • Normaljackson2 says:

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      • idamag says:

        You are great. Laura Chesser is a scam.

    • plc97477 says:

      Maybe he is hoping that when trump goes belly up at the convention he will be in the right place at the right time.

    • Ken Walker says:

      Cotton is a Republican. Have you ever known a Republican to put forth any plan except “cut taxes, repeal ObamaCare and deregulate everything except a woman’s right to choose”?

  4. FireBaron says:

    Here is a translation of Cotton’s speech:
    “I would not do this any different than he is doing, but he is wrong because he is Black and a Democrat.”

  5. rednekokie says:

    I never thought we would have a U. S. senator as wrong about everything as the one we just got rid of, with the same initials, Tom Coburn, but, alas, Arkansas has managed to pull this ass hat out of the bigotry slime and foist him upon the public. Even worse a human person than Coburn — if that is possible —

    How on earth do we get rid of these knuckle-dragging numb-nuts?

  6. TZToronto says:

    As far as the baseball game is concerned, does anyone think that President Obama did not have minute-by-minute updates on the situation in Belgium? What could the President have done in the situation other than what he did–observing, with everyone else in the stadium, a moment if silence to remember and honor those killed? This game was a symbol of rapprochement between the U.S. and Cuba, something that has not happened for more than 50 years. Was he supposed to throw away an opportunity for peace and reconciliation to do nothing but make a useless gesture? And why didn’t Castro cancel the game? I’ll tell you why–He also recognized the importance of the symbolism, and, much as he was holding his nose to avoid the stench of dealing with the U.S., he, too, stayed to watch the game–something that the two countries love.

    • Whittier5 says:

      Yes, I am sure that the President has a cell phone. That baseball game was the single most important international diplomacy since Raygun and Gorbie met up.

      • TZToronto says:

        Well, I’m sure President Obama could have jumped up and run around screaming, “What are we going to do? What are we going to do?” That would have helped a lot, I suppose. Or perhaps he could have ordered an air strike on Brussels. Or maybe he could have ordered U.S. troops into Brussels to patrol the streets. In practical terms, there was little President Obama could have done to help the situation. The baseball game, though it pales in comparison to the attacks in Brussels, was very important in terms of the relationship between the United States and Cuba. But I’m sure you want the relationship between the United States and Cuba to remain as it’s been since 1962. That’s really constructive.

        • idamag says:

          Why didn’t Cotton immediately go to Belgium?

          • TZToronto says:

            Republicans have become so accustomed to doing nothing for so long that Cotton would never have thought to do anything.

          • Dominick Vila says:

            For the same reason W and Cheney hid during the terrorist attacks on 9/11/01…while Ted Kennedy stood on the steps of the Capitol trying to calm a shocked nation.

          • idamag says:

            Certainly not of the fiber that Winston Churchill was made of. Rudy Guillianni was out there showing leadership, but not the war criminals.

        • Dominick Vila says:

          I would not be surprised if many far right zealots would have preferred a President willing to send troops to countries where they are not invited, especially if their mission is to patrol Muslim neighborhoods, identify potential Egyptian granaries, or do a bit of carpet bombing here and there.
          The rapprochement with Cuba has done more to restore our international credibility, and mitigate the negative effects of the irresponsible rhetoric the world is hearing from Trump and Cruz, than all the policies we have pursued during the last half century, and that includes small gestures, such as attending a baseball game.

          • TZToronto says:

            Whatever one thinks of Raul Castro, it is worth noting that he, like President Obama, did not cancel the ballgame after learning of the Brussels bombings. He realizes what the “small gesture” means to Cuba-American relations. This is something the U.S. and Cuba have in common, and it is a symbol of how the two countries can work together in the future.

  7. plc97477 says:

    In other words, the second worse thing the Obama has done has been to occupy the white house while democratic and the worse thing has been to occupy the white house while dark complected.

  8. Buford2k11 says:

    Ol’ Tehran Tom, Senator Traitor…Poster boy for the USE and Free distribution of Condums…

  9. Whittier5 says:

    Little Tommy Cotton is a Traitor to his Country and a violator of his Army and Senate Oaths.
    Went to a big name school, but, apparently, like so many other RepugnantCons, like The Canadian, slept through college.

  10. Joan says:

    What has been clear during our President’s seven years in office is that he is ” damned if he does and damned if he does’nt” Everything is his fault unless it was a good thing and then it was done despite him. Tom Cotton’s assertions and previous actions only resonate with low informational people. Problem is, there appears to be a whole lot of them in “Merica” and they vote!

  11. Alex says:

    Why even give this treasonous bastard a forum? MSNBC is just as guilty as he.

  12. Bonissima91910 says:

    Despite ISIS continuing to lose territory by the day in Iraq and Syria, Republican Senator Tom Cotton got on MSNBC yesterday to tell the American public that President Barack Obama’s approach to the Islamic State wasn’t working. He didn’t suggest any alternative to defeating ISIS, instead spending the duration of his appearance listing everything Obama had done wrong as president.
    Criticize and don’t offer alternative solutions to anything! Whine, and whine, and whine for almost 8 years. This has been the irresponsible conduct of the Republicans for almost 8 years since they had their shorts tied up in knots because we have a President they “don’t like” for obvious reasons” He is a Democrat and he is Black! Losers, incompetents, contemptuous, dishonest, entitled, users of the people’s will and capital. And yes, as Alex (below states) TREASONOUS, and without conscience….. Oh yes, they are mostly Right Wingers (what does this mean?), and pay tell mostly EVANGELICALS utilizing the word of God in vain.

    • A. D. Reed says:

      Well said, Bonnissima — but you missed one. Their shorts are tied up in knots because the president “is a Democrat and he is Black” … AND he is very, very competent. He’s smart, capable, has used the powers of his office to accomplish an incredible amount despite historically unprecedented obstructionism and almost treasonous opposition. A black Democrat who SUCCEEDS by being smarter and more talented than they are. That’s what they can’t stand.

      • Bonissima91910 says:

        AMEN! Absolutely true! Can you just imagine how many years it will take for “them” to even start dealing with this absolute and wonderful reality? Mud slinging and incompetence is their call to fame.

        • A. D. Reed says:

          They won’t deal with it, at least not in my lifetime. And I’m pretty sure I have another 30 years left. I mean, they still hate FDR and JFK and LBJ, to say nothing of Carter and Clinton! The only Democratic president they can stomach from the past century is Truman–and he’s the one who called their bluff and called them out!

      • idamag says:

        They might have forgiven the President for being a Democrat, but they will never forgive him for being Black.

        • dana becker says:

          A smart black is the most offensive to them. The GOP goons must have missed him when they were doing all that profiling trying to ruin black kids lives so they could have their rights taken away. They missed one. Oh too bad for them and good for us.

          • idamag says:

            Yes, those uppity n******s. They knew what to do with them back in the old days in Birmingham, Alabama. Now look what them Democrats have done.

      • dana becker says:

        “A black Democrat who SUCCEEDS by being smarter and more talented than they are. That’s what they can’t stand.”

        It destroys their narrative of only whites are smart. Obama showed them he can do the job and do it better than they have. What really galls them is that he “singlehandedly” without ANY assistance from the traitors on the right side who made that mess, got the economy moving again. The GOP did everything they could to make him fail which would mean more pain for the people. The GOP did not care. They doubled down and constantly put their party over the well being of the people and the country. To me that is Treason and they deserve to be shot.

  13. midway54 says:

    Cotton and Cruz as political crackpots have seriously tarnished the image of Harvard Law or have demonstrated that other fine law schools such as Stanford, Chicago, and Berkeley have no reason to feel intimidated by Harvard or by Yale, the two foremost selected institutions of the right wingers and Federalist Society members in our plutocracy.

    • idamag says:

      Sounds like any cretin can graduate from Harvard is they have the money to buy a diploma. I lost my awe of that ivy league college when bush graduated.

  14. angryspittle says:

    Cotton is a treasonous bastard.

  15. idamag says:

    Because people don’t vote, we end up with these anti-government, racist, low mentality people running our country.

  16. I of John says:

    He is a chuckheaded imbecile.

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