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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

UN Ambassador Susan Rice met with senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC), John McCain (R-AZ) and Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) Tuesday morning in an attempt to assuage any questions they had about her comments following the tragic killings in Libya of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, in September.

Rice clarified that the information she originally disclosed was not accurate in one significant way. The attack was not connected to the protests that were occurring simultaneously in several countries across the Middle East. However, she insisted that she was offering the best information she had at the time.

“We stressed that neither I nor anyone else in the administration intended to mislead the American people at any stage in this process, and the administration updated Congress and the American people as our assessments evolved,” Rice said after the meeting.

The Republican senators emerged from the meeting uniformly insisting that their concerns hadn’t been alleviated.

“We are significantly troubled by many of the answers that we got and some that we didn’t get,” Senator McCain said.

“All I can tell you, that the concerns I have are greater today than they were before,” Senator Graham said. “We’re not even close to getting the basic answers.”

Senator Ayotte then added she would block Ambassador’s Rice’s nomination to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State—a nomination that hasn’t been announced yet. “I would hold her nomination until I had additional answers to questions,” Ayotte said.

The Daily Beast’s Michael Tomasky was shocked by Ayotte’s declaration. “That’s not unprecedented, but it is a heavy, heavy move, especially coming from a fairly junior senator no one’s ever heard of,” he wrote. “And it’s especially heavy to do it to a potential secretary of state.”

Former governor of Utah and candidate for the GOP presidential nomination Jon Huntsman became one of the first Republicans to suggest McCain, Graham and Ayotte’s response is overblown.

“The issue of Benghazi, I think you can attribute to the fog of war, more than anything else,” Huntsman told the The Huffington Post. “When you’re in a wartime setting and you have an attack like that — let’s face it. No one is prepared for an attack like that.”

Foreign Policy‘s Tom Ricks, appearing on Fox News earlier this week, agreed with that assessment.

“I think that Benghazi generally was hyped, by this network especially,” Ricks said.

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184 responses to “Senator Ayotte Threatens To Go Nuclear On Ambassador Rice”

  1. old_blu says:

    I find it hard to believe that these guys are using the tragic deaths of four Americans to score cheap political points. Disgusting and pathetic.

    I expect better out of Senator McCain.

    • 25800 says:

      I find it hard to believe, that you’re dumb enough to believe that the obama administration isn’t up to their eyeball in the biggest scandal since Watergate! rice went out and recited the party line to 5 Sunday TV shows. If she was miss informed , when who did it, who has the most to gain the intelligence community, they said it was terrorism from the start. Hillary & obama both blamed it on the anti islam video and not terrorism because it doesn’t fit obama plan that obama got bin Laden & saved GM both of which stretch the truth.Or it was some kind of weapons deal to help the so called freedom fighters in Syria, but 4 Americans died and the obama administration did nothing to help them to cover up their involvement. At least Richard Nixon had the balls to take the responsibility for Watergate & resigned , obama will just throw someone else under the bus! The truth will come out it always does, it’s never the act that gets them it’s the coverup ! Clinton got a blow job in the oval office,no one cares, not even Hillary, but when they lie it catches up with them!

      • Tom_P says:

        Can you explain to me how this tragic attack somehow connects to a ‘weapons deal’ in Syria? I do appreciate you’re at least proposing an actual motive other than ‘implicit hatred of American soldiers’ to this purported “worst thing ever,” even if you seem to have generated it randomly.

      • AdamMos says:

        There is no scandal here my friend. This was retribution for us holding an Al Quaida operative. Had Rice released that info then she would have been in trouble for releasing classified info. She released what she was allowed to release. Considering that there were 22 other protests involving the video on that day, it was not to hard to believe that this terrorist attack was also under the cover of the video protest. In fact, they already know that the terrorists did round up some young people that evening to protest the video as cover. If want to be angry about something than ask yourself why the republican House cut funding for embassy security by 300 million. Time to move on- you are not going accomplish anything other than looking very political and getting your asses further kicked in 2014. You are witnessing the end of the republican party. see ya!

      • old_blu says:

        Maybe you forgot about the WMD I notice you bring up all kinds of lies you want me to hear about but you forgot that one, and it was a lot bigger scandal than this or watergate thousands didn’t die in the watergate scandal.

        Edit: Please try to do better at putting a sentence together I’m not sure I still understand what you were saying, question marks would help a lot.

      • Riobound says:

        I can’t decide if the number 25800 represents surviving neurons or a sperm count. But you are making a BIG deal out of this incident. Where was your outrage when we lost all those Marines while Reagan was in office? Where was your outrage when the shadow of WMD were used to start two wars. Where was your outrage that these little conflicts were not paid for and therefore our national surplus of $2 Trillion was spent followed by another $2 Trillion under the Baby Bush years? You sir, are using this tragic event as a political tool and acting like a political fool for all of us to see.

        I think the term “Troll” fits you well.

      • Should we assume the GOP has a direct line to Al Qaeda and its affiliates, because nobody else knew this attack was going to take place, how, why or when. You are correct, however, in suggesting that the first thing to do should be to determine who had the most to gain from this unfortunate incident. Quite frankly, that is not too hard to determine. The timing of the attack, and the immediate reaction from Romney and the GOP while the attack was still in progress, leaves little doubt as to who capitalized on this incident. Are you aware of the fact that the Koch brothers have business interests in that part of Libya?
        Susan Rice said the only thing a government official with a high security clearance can say in situations like this. She revealed the unclassified information she was given and nothing else. Only people who never had a high security clearance, are not familiar with requirements dealing with classified information, or are aware of it but don’t hesitate to exploit a situation for political gain, can accuse Susan Rice and/or the administration for not revealing things that cannot be made public. Are you aware of the fact that in addition to satellite imagery and listening posts, we rely on spies and informants to get the information we need to limit the probability of attacks against us or determine who was behind a terrorist attack when one takes place. It does not take much to blow the cover of a CIA agent or an informant. Not that such a thing matters to Republicans, who can forget the Valerie Plame incident…

      • This satire is just too good not to appreciate.

      • This satire is just too spot on not to appreciate. Sounds just like a Teabag.

      • latebloomingrandma says:

        You may be conservative, but you don’t think. Everyone should know that the middle east and northern Africa are incredibly complex. The fact that Ambassader Rice did not state this as a terrorist attack, yet it turned out to be—well, what a shock! Who could have guessed? Anything involving the CIA denotes secrecy. Her reporting was only 5 days after the incident, and the story of that particular day on the Sunday shows should not be the concern here. This is a story that needs told in its entirety when all the info is obtained, not just one small chapter 5 days after chaos and tragedy. These 3 senators are looking small and foolish.

      • nobsartist says:

        speaking of scandals, VALARIE PLAME, 9/11, BUSH, CHENEY, IRAQ, PATRIOT ACT, WIRE TAPPING….should I go on, half wit?

    • cats33 says:

      Obama used the slaughtering of those kids to score political points, and he used dry tears to do it

  2. Don Ramsey says:

    Ayotte throwing her weight around is rediculous, as she has no weight to throw. She made it into the senate with the backing of McCain, Palin, Santorum,and Barbor. With a base like that, she’s standing in quicksand.

  3. Just another Republicant trying to find a way to keep their Party (NAZI) in the light.

    Go away Republicants…you don’t have a party any longer.

    Next time run your here Rush Limpdick, he represents you 1%’ers.

  4. docb says:

    The woman, ayotte , is dumb as a half box of rocks… Aligning with the biitter old coot, john and the old tart, lindsey! Bringing in Bolton and Iran Contra is proof they haven’t a clue!

    The whole right wing has gone bonkers…in their fear and hatred they have created monsters in every corner! Tawdry, cheap, and ridiculous in the extreme!

  5. TZToronto says:

    I remember another Secretary of State who went before the U.N. and stated unequivocally that Saddam Hussein had WMDs–no question about it. This was used as, in part, as GWB’s rationale for attacking Iraq. I don’t recall Republicans calling for Powell’s head because he was wrong–and his information was, supposedly, based on a a lot of intelligence [sic]. Now they’re pillorying Rice because, right after the Benghazi attack, she had imperfect information. If you’re going to be critical, at least be consistent.

    • William Deutschlander says:

      And the Democrats at the time recognized General Powell was fed misleading information, just as Susan Rice has been. The Republican HATE MONGERS just feel compelled to make an ass of themselves.

      • Bear in mind that what Ambassador Rice said was consistent with what the CIA knew at the time or, more accurately, what the CIA felt was prudent to say at a time when intelligence gathering to determine who was behind the attack was still in progress. Criticism, or condemnation, would have been justified if Susan Rice had revealed classified information, but since she did not do that I think it is fair to say that the people who sat on their finger when they were warned about an impending terrorist attack against the USA, remained ambivalent and went into hiding when the attack was still in progress, and then granted Most Favored Nation status to Saudi Arabia, the homeland of the terrorists that attacked us on 9/11/01, are engaged in a witch hunt to deflect attention from their own failures. The terrorist attack in Benghazi was an unfortunate incident after an unprecedented 3.5 years of relative peace, but trying to turn it into a major crisis after what we have endured the last 3 or 4 decades is the epitome of cynicism.
        Republican were in control of the White House and Congress on 9/11/01, Reagan was in office when over 240 Marines were slaughtered near the Beirut airport, and he then ordered the biggest cut and run in U.S. history declaring that was not our war. Reagan was in office when the Iran-Contra scandal took place, during the massacres in El Salvador and Nicaragua, and the heroic invasion of tiny Grenada. Would somebody remind me of the investigations that followed those incidents, other than admitting a Lt. Colonel was responsible for U.S. foreign policy decisions at the time?

        • latebloomingrandma says:

          You beat me to it,Dominick. I was thinking about those Marines in Lebanon and trying to remember the “outrage” against Reagan. He seems to have been able to get away scot-free with so much. The Republicans are still looking for their next Reagan.

        • TZToronto says:

          Don’t forget that Clint Eastwood made a movie about the invasion of Grenada (Heartbreak Ridge). Kinda cheesy, but somewhat entertaining.

        • Germansmith says:

          Dominick…In the US , both Democrats and Republicans have been equally responsible for foreign military and diplomatic disasters. The fuzz about Benghazi is politics as usual.

          Let us focus on Rice. She is known to be an Interventionist by nature and history. Do we need a Sec of State with the inclination to use troops and forces as a key diplomatic tool? I would prefer somebody with a less aggressive tendencies.

        • Well look at what a no-good black socialist you have stomping on your neck now. Everyone this pos places in any position is an anti-American and will help booboy strip you of everything you and your children will ever have. Mistakes are made but obamboo is a mistake YOU LIBERALS have made twice.

      • To be an ass just like the democrats? I don’t think so bozobot

    • rpg1408 says:

      What can you expect from a Party that has become sclerotic, as oppositional as a two-year old ( and on the same emotional level), and unwilling to accept the results of the last two elections?

    • Tom_P says:

      They are being consistent.

      Rice is a Democrat, and therefore is Wrong, even when she’s right.
      Powell was, at least at the time, a good Republican, and was Right, even when he was wrong. You get it?

    • Betta says:

      Listen. Rice had an opportunity to come clean and she didn’t. She continued to perpetrate a lie and she is responsible for that. Case closed. Stop making excuses for liars! I’m sure you were all raised better than that.

      Something she said to them smelled fishy. Everybody is not a fool. Don’t know about you, but I have had it up to here with the lies and corruption on both sides. It is downright shameful how it is arrogantly shoved in our faces and we do nothing.

      Everybody on that wretched hill of slime needs to come clean about Benghazi and everything else. We’ve got Americans pitted against Americans up in here. We are better than this and need to look to the source of the cancer that is growing among the people. WTF?

      Stop making excuses for freaking liars!

      • nobsartist says:

        Speaking of liars, I will bet you vote for them all the time and that you are a sore loser. Rice doesnt owe you or your fellow traitors shit so shut up and cry in your pillow, loser.

    • Plznnn says:

      TZToronto, I have seen you repeat these talking points on other sites, you are a propaganda meister, repeating the “seemingly” sensible comment about Bush (Still). There are many unanswered questions that let to the death of 4 wonderful American Citizens, and you try to brush it off with directing people’s thoughts to something else. We are NOT talking about WMD, and many times Democrats also blocked nominations of Republicans on much lesser circumstances, much less lies that caused the deaths of people by not acting on known information.

      • nobsartist says:

        I suggest you stick with fox entertainment.

        • cats33 says:

          Fox warned us over and over of Obamas’ tax hikes, so did Romney. Did the main stream media and Obama warn you????????

          • nobsartist says:

            So you must be one of those millionaires. Why do you spend your valuable time reading a site like this?

            Perhaps you are on welfare yourself and the tax hikes will not affect you but you feel you must project your opinion on others that really have no interest.

      • TZToronto says:

        I’m pleased that you think I am a propaganda meister. I didn’t know I was so effective! There’s nothing good about the death of four wonderful American citizens. It’s a tragedy, of course, but blaming Rice for giving the information she says she had at the time provides no answers. (In hindsight, it would have been better for her to say that she didn’t have enough reliable information to say anything definitive about what happened and why, but she didn’t do that.)

        No, we’re not talking about WMDs, but Colin Powell was, based on the false information–which, by the way, contradicted the findings of the people who were searching for the WMDs–that was given to him by the Iraq-obsessed Bush-ites. I wouldn’t doubt that he considers that lie, which he was led to believe by his superiors, the low point of an otherwise great career. By comparison, Rice’s misstatement is trivial. At least it hasn’t led to a war with Libya and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

        Perhaps you can inform me of the nominees that were blocked by Democrats. I’m sure there have been some, but I’m willing to bet there were good reasons for them.

      • notafoxfan says:

        i believe you have forgotten about the deaths of thousands of other wonderful american citizens you dont mention who happen to be fighting in wars we should not have been in..have you been given information by the cia that ms rice or the president has not?? if so, please enlighten all of us,or keep your opinions to yourself and allow the facts to come out as they eventually will..the central intelligence agency has reasons for what they release and dont to the general public, and that includes senators,congressmen and yes, representatives from the un..

      • How do you feel about the 3,000 wonderful Americans slaughtered on 9/11/01 when an ambivalent Republican President and a Republican controlled Congress did not heed to the warnings given to them about an imminent terrorist attack on U.S. soil? There are still a lot of unanswered questions about that tragedy and its aftermath, and I don’t hear any outrage from the right wing about it.
        The truth is that terrorism is part of modern day life, that it can happen anywhere at any time, and that intelligence gathering is not a perfect science. Our government, our diplomats, and every American working overseas know that there are risks involved when we live abroad, especially in parts of the world where there is civil unrest and part of the population oppose American values and are determined to do us harm and undermine our interests.
        Blaming the administration for what happened in Benghazi is like blaming Republicans for 9/11. Most intelligence reports before those tragedies lacked specificity, and we did not know when, where or how the attacks were going to take place.
        To the best of my knowledge the terrorists that carried out the attack against our consulate in Benghazi have not been identified. Why do Republicans, or anyone else, think the provocative film that fueled demonstrations of outrage throughout the Islamic world did not play a part in that tragedy? Maybe it did, maybe it didn’t. The only thing we know is that well trained and armed terrorists attacked our consulate, killed four Americans, and destroyed that facility. Everything else is speculation. Instead of being united in our determination to find those responsible for the attack and bringing justice to them, we are splitting hairs over semantics, and second guessing each other. The only winners are the terrorists who must be enjoying themselves seeing us fight each other instead of fighting them.

    • zephbe says:

      Colin Powell was not a female.

      • TZToronto says:

        I forgot. There was another female Rice that became the darling of Republicans. . . . Maybe the anger over the current Rice is the result of confusion about which Rice she actually is. Republicans don’t hate all females in office. They just hate Democratic females–in or out of office.

    • I Totally Agree With You My Friend!! What A Different A Rice Makes!!! The American Taliban Still Chewing On The Sour Grapes And Passing Gas In Washington And Stinking Up The Place And They Still Having The Witch Hunts That Shows The American People It’s Time To Get Them Out Of Office!!!!

    • montanabill says:

      To the contrary, Susan Rice had the correct information. Instead, she chose to do her boss’ biding by trying to sell the bogus story. Her information was not imperfect, only her judgement.

    • kdisg says:

      TZToronto: I agree my friend but Rice has 2 or 3 things against her before she evre starts with the bullshit_ting gop loons. First she’s a woman, as u can tell by what they have done this year”they dont like woman too much, second, she iss democrat and an Obama supporter, BIG HATE for them. See they have forgotten that BUSH used that exccuse when he said he used intel for war decision which we found out AFTER 4000 of our kids were DEAD that he was playing FOX news and making it all up as he went along. Intel has said they gave Rice what they knew and she repeated. She never tried to mislead the american people like they do and just finshed doing or did they forget spending 300 MILLION on made up hate stories about Obama? lol there like children and we should vote EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN out of office SOOOOOON

  6. I guess Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) is trying to make a name for herself, to bad she’s picking the wrong battle. She going to end up with as much to lose as Graham and McCain. These two are not even credible anymore. She’s a junior and coming out like this. Why are they making such a stink about Bengazhi when they did noting with everything that happened at our embassies during the Bush/Cheney years? This is all political, they should be ashamed of themselves, all of them!!!!!!!

    • AdamMos says:

      Someone needs to put McCain back on his meds.

      They have decided to have Ayotte do the dirty work so it does not look like 2 men picking on a black woman. Idiots. This may and should end Ayotte’s political future.

      • cats33 says:

        You’re implying she’s not as smart as men are?You’re a sexist. Oh, and they should take Obama off his meds. They make him look wild eyed and evil

    • sn77339 says:

      Kelly Ayotte needs to remember that Republican Congressional members are few and far between in New England, and she could have a very short career in the Senate if she doesn’t get it together.

  7. feeeo says:

    It is shameless grandstanding and use of the four tragic deaths for political gain.
    The American people can see through this hypocricy.

  8. Raphaelmj mj says:

    My take is John McCain is still bitter about his defeat four years ago. Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte are bitter about the recent loss. They just want to score a point. I do not think Democrats should fight this. We have many others who can be good Secretary of State.

    Norfolk MA

  9. Didi Paano says:

    What a bunch of idiots….using such a flimsy excuse to cause problems for this Administration. And, for Ayotte, a JUNIOR senator, to make such a comment is ludicrous!!

  10. don27 says:

    This trio are so angry about the election results they will stop at nothing to make things difficult for Obama. Rice is not the reason for their opposition to her appointment. Obama needs to keep these three in mind in the future. Revenge is best served cold.

  11. Didi Paano says:

    As for McCain….he’s just senile and needs to retire!! He, of all people, should know that you don’t give out classified information or information that isn’t clear until you know FOR SURE that it’s valid. Ms. Rice was doing her job; now they need to do theirs!

  12. Donald says:

    these three idiots should try to get the economy going because they really are looking like the idiots they are. McLain is mthe dummy ,the ambassador has more knowledge in her little finger than all three of you.

  13. nobsartist says:

    So much for trying to appease traitors. President Obama should ignore the republiCONs and treat them like the two year olds that they resemble.

    Bi-partisanship does not work with these assholes. That is why they are losers.

    President Obama needs to end gerrymandering and sign an executive order that creates voting districts with no more than 4 sides and ignore the “fiscal cliff” farce.

    He should respond to these assholes with two words-

  14. Marie Smi says:

    2014. Get rid of these racist obstructionists. 2014.

  15. Marie Smi says:

    These are the same idiots that endorsed romney as being an eligible candidate to run the United States of America!
    So much for their judgement or what they have to say!

  16. DebbyMac says:

    I can usually find a political agenda in the more extreme posturings of the GOP, but this one has me stumped…Could it be as simple as disqualifying her in favor of John Kerry, leaving his senate seat open for the likes of Scott Brown??

    • Tom_P says:

      “Let’s make a huge stink and try to get it to stick to Obama. Nothing else has worked, so let’s use these dead Americans.”

    • Owen Johnson says:

      DebbyMac, I suspect you might well be right. Even Chris Matthews brought up that possibility and he’s pretty astute. Another possible motive could be to keep attention off what they should be doing in the Senate about the “fiscal cliff” and the economy. Since it doesn’t look like the Republicans in Congress know which way they’re going to push yet, they need some time in “private” to figure it out and the Three Musketeers are running cover for them.

      I’ve been hoping Obama doesn’t nominate Kerry for Secretary of State and risk losing that seat again. Hey, how about Bill Clinton? 🙂

      • Susan says:

        How about Jon Huntsman? 😉

        • Owen Johnson says:

          Huntsman could be an intriguing possibility. He’s got the Foreign Service background and he’s a Republican so the GOP’s in the Senate would likely go for him. And it would leave Kerry in the Senate. I kind of doubt Obama would nominate him though. And if he did, I don’t know if the Senate Dems would go for it. Heck, the GOP members might not agree, if what they really want is a chance to pick up a seat.

  17. Ibsyboy says:

    I am sure they did not like what they heard in the meeting. And it is not what they are crying about. They heard nothing to support their witch hunt, so they come out of the meeting acting insulted, and use words like “troublesome.” McCain should be ashamed of himself for being involved in this nonsense. And it is nonsense. They don’t want a young Liberal Negro woman, who is an Obama appointee, as Secretary of State. They want Kerry appointed, so Scott Brown can get back into the Senate. If it comes to that the DEMS and Obama better pick a good replacement for Kerry and campaign their asses off to get that person elected.

    When in God’s name is the GOP going to go before thee press ans say we have an idea to improve education and it doesn’t include demonizing teacher, or cutting education budgets.

    There has to be someone on earth or in America they have some empathy for other than Billionaires, Millionaires and Corporations.

    Their act is so tiring. It’s like having to watch an awful reality over and over with out ever ending.

    They are speeding up their irrelevance as a Party with the sad, mischievous behavior.

    They are not going to be happy until Obama grows really old and dies and is buried somewhere out of sight of any living human being. Their children will carry on this contempt long after McCain and his ilk are long gone.

  18. curious11 says:

    I’m sick and tired of hearing about the so-called “fog of war.”With today’s technology things that happen all over the world are pretty crystal clear! Geez! We can even see our Mars rover moving about daily! So why doesn’t Obama and all his self-serving minions like Rice and Clinton just tell the truth! I mean we are fed up with all this bull!

    • Jim Myers says:

      Replying to curious11 –

      We shouldn’t forget the outing of Valerie Plame in retaliation for Joe Wilson telling the truth concerning the blatant lies about “yellow cake” uranium.


      The attack in Iraq was not only an expensive disaster, it was totally uncalled for.

      Taking out Saddam Hussein may have been a good idea, but for a Trillion Dollars, it strikes me that a more efficient method could have, and should have, been employed.

      Joe Wilson was right.

      How many covert ops were compromised because of the Traitorous acts committed by the so called “leaders” of the previous administration?

      To say anything derogatory about Ambassador Rice is just a feeble attempt to deflect attention from the horrible thumping Romney & Ryan received during the last election.


      It’s time to suck it up and act like adults, instead of sniveling little brats.

    • nobsartist says:

      you can move to canada. they have a member of the bush crime family running the show there. that should appeal to your truthfulness.

      by the way, have you ever heard of Valarie Plame?

    • Tom_P says:

      Consider, perhaps, that they have, and the conclusion was just not what they wanted it to be.

    • Dmullins84 says:

      Curious, have you ever told the truth in your life??? I seriously doubt it.

  19. crosstown says:

    Since McCain lost in 2008 and the republicans lost the recent election, their desperation is apparent in trying to display a scintilla of feeble muscle.

  20. Tere Askman says:

    I do believe the senators are still stinging because of their miserable failure to have a GOP president and they are acting out. I am really disappointed in Senator McCain, Kelly Ayote reminds me of McCain’s former running mate what’s her name. I think that if Ambassador Rice was serving under a GOP president and she made statements with the information at hand at the time of the attack, the GOP would be defending her. Can we say we see right through you????

  21. truth2009 says:

    All three of these Media Whores need to stop all the fake outrage! They need to stop wasting the tax payers money, and return to work. They are a pathetic bunch of Drama Queens!

    • curious11 says:

      Are you referring to Rice, Clinton and Obama???? (after all, he does swing both ways)…also, time for him to inhale his daily trash of nicotine and cocaine… seems the fiscal talks are making him nervous again!… Oh… and btw… someone should tell O the election is over… and he did win!

      • Landsende says:

        You really need to quit reading those trashy rags the Enquirer and Globe and believing everything they print. I’ll bet you believe in the Loch Ness monster and Bigfoot too. There are books that can educate or entertain without having to resort to printing garbage. Try it sometime.

  22. iamom4 says:

    Good comment about Powell. Everyone from the Bush team was on the air on one Sunday talking about the “mushroom cloud” including C Rice? Think of all the LIES the Bush group put out there to justify invading Iraq. These current GOP idiots are so beyond belief. The networks should quit giving them air time. There comments are not viable.

    • Jmz Warren-Nesky says:

      During G.W ‘s tenure there were over 30 such incidents as this also with deaths yet not one station (that I recall) reported such atrocities as has this incident.. More witch hunting.. These geezers know there’s nothing sexual that they can accuse Obama of so they’re playing with death in order to stifle Obama in this second term just as they stifled Clinton in his. Pathetic pub shit heads.

  23. Jim Myers says:

    Ten years ago I had a lot of admiration and respect for Senator McCain.

    Most of that was lost when he decided to embrace George the Second and his chest-thumping, anti-American political stance. (Remember the “Freedom fries?” Or the concept that anyone who did not embrace his political agenda was not to be trusted.)

    Amazing just how cynical the Senator has become. Or, maybe I am beginning to see the real Senator McCain after all.

  24. William Deutschlander says:

    These three so called Senators are just trying to demonstrate their ignorance and how unfit for public office they truly are !

  25. Germansmith says:

    I personally do not approved of Rice (she has a record of being too eager to use American power to intervene in other country’s problems)
    I would prefer a Sec State reluctant to use power to push other people around
    I think they are just using Benghazi as an excuse

    • nobsartist says:

      maybe Obama should appoint bush

    • Tom_P says:

      Being too eager to use American power to intervene in other nations’ affairs would, you would think, be a plus.

      • Germansmith says:

        I do not know…Was Vietnam a plus? Was Iraq a plus? Is Libya looking as a good investment? How about Somalia? Would you like us in Syria with the all different religions and cults fighting each others?
        Syria would be a bigger mess than Iraq.
        I have lived in many places in the world. America is admired because of her riches and culture and is despised and hated by our tendency to go around sending troops and ships to other countries at a minimum excuse.

        • Tom_P says:

          I mean from the perspective of the gentlepersons wishing to go nuclear on Mrs. Rice. Then again they haven’t given Obama any credit for using their health insurance proposals circa 1994, nor for pursuing a more sensible version of George HW Bush’s foreign policy. (NOTE: I refer to the guy from 1988-1992. Bush Sr. Bush 41. That guy.)

          • Germansmith says:

            OK, Clarified
            As a Healthcare and Insurance expert used occasionally by HHS as a consultant for implementation of PPACA, in my opinion is that is good for people with pre-ex and people that want health insurance and can not buy it….but in the long run it would be another heavy fiscal load to a country that can not be afforded…but election is over and is time to move on.

  26. Linda Rock says:

    Good for Huntsman ! At least there is one Republican who shows he is sensible and not a lunatic !

  27. Canistercook says:

    4 people died and hopefully politics will not overcome everyone involved truthfully telling what they knew and when. I only hope everyone knows what they are doing for our country’s sake.
    What did Rice know and when did she know it and if she was misinformed WHY. No politics just the facts please.

    • nobsartist says:

      Maybe the three idiots should ask Valerie Plame what happened.

    • Tom_P says:

      They’ve had the facts multiple times. But they weren’t the facts they wanted to hear, so they keep demanding more facts. They know the Truth, they just have to find the evidence! (or else they just want to keep relentlessly slamming the President.)

      • Canistercook says:

        I have not heard the facts and nor has anyone else. Who told ‘rice to lie?

        • Tom_P says:

          *says something which perfectly validates your worldview and preconcieved notions, because by God you know the Truth and there is absolutely no point whatever in developing or deploying these pathetic ‘facts,’ unless, of course, they meet the definition of the preconcieved Truth*

          To give you an actual answer, I assume you are referring to the standard practice of disguising references to classified topics? But I suppose national security is as nothing compared to the needs of the Party – just ask Valerie Plame!

  28. gargray says:

    I just lost my respect for McCain and the other others, Graham was always strange, and this Ayatte she is a new comer and will be a one timer. Do these people think that we the public can’t see through their anantipathy to stupid. I am glad that I did not vote for Mc Cain: what a president he would have made.

  29. mittens says:

    These Republicans are the Nastiest people to deal with….such animosity !!! Let’s get them out in thier next election….they really need to go so we can move ahead as a country with some descent people in power …..

  30. this seems like some perverse version of “Three’s Company” (McCain, Graham, and Ayotte). I’m really surprise that Kelly has decide to join in with the 3 Stooges of Crazy.

  31. Anyone with a thinking brain should not want someone who has proven to be a LIAR representing the United States on the foriegn stage . She doesn’t have the morals and ethics for the job . Liberals however voted for a known Liar and want to look right past the fact that the Prezzy thought so little of your intelligence that he could use a LIE about a video for Political cover . He held yopur intelligence in contempt and disresepected you but thats ok because he is Preezy and he hangs out woth Hova

    • Dmullins84 says:

      Michael Stoll, seriously you sound like an absolute fool. You know diddlly shit about nothing here, and then you come out and take a stance. My friend you’re in the wrong crowd to spread your manure

  32. Sa Janes says:

    It’s part of the republican strategy to darken the beginning of Obama’s second term–if there had been no attack, they would have invented something. This is today’s republican party–negative, divisive, fear-mongering and just plain stupid.

    While we should be united and of one singular effort to improve our intelligence and thwart our enemies, the republicans have once again decided to abandon Team America in favor of their party–to hell with any loyalty to the government or the people.

    Here’s John McCain–who chose the feckless imbecile Sarah Palin as his running mate–*misunderestimating* the intelligence and savvy of the American people once again. To his ultimate shame, regardless of his hero status, history will not be kind to McCain. In fact, it already isn’t.

  33. u_go_guys says:

    12 attacks on diplomatic facilities during Bush adminstration causing 53 deaths. Where was the outrage and investigation? Hypocrites. John McCain has lost it and is fighting to stay in the limelight. It was humorous to see the three of them come out of the hearing with the prestaged agreed upon outrage. The republicans will lose this one too.

  34. And let’s not forget, the republicans voted against monies for more protection at the consuls & embassies.

    • Owen Johnson says:

      I heard or read a comment that as a Consulate, that office in Benghazi wasn’t allowed to have a detachment of Marines like the Embassy in Tripoli is. So they’d have to hire a local security contractor – if the Rethuglicans hadn’t voted against the funding.

  35. flipped54 says:

    McCain still can’t get over his loss to Obama in 2008 and when the Republicans lost again this election that really pissed him off. Now he’s just trying to divert attention away from the much bigger issues. All three of them are acting like teenagers out of control….and yes, there is almost no comparison with what happened when Iraq was invaded on false information and caused the deaths of thousands more Americans and Iraqi citizens. Republicans just need to do something other than witch hunts and attempts to make themselves look good. They have not done anything good in a long time.

  36. Mimi2kool says:

    It is reassuring to know that there are still voices of reason within the GOP, and that not everyone kowtows to Faux News. I just wish there were of these people within the Republican party, because then there could be a reasonable dialogue.

  37. joujou228 says:

    Senator McCain is concerned about what exactly, Senator Graham has more questions than before but failed to state what they are. Why is the media giving these clowns so much air time? Senator Ayote is more troubled what troubled her no one knows. This is insane. the three of them are in sane they shouldn’t be in the senate.

  38. commserver says:

    The 3 Senators are looking to keep their names in the Media.

  39. ChristoD says:

    If they keep this absurd charade up, it is time to target their sorry asses. WTF is with these power hungry nitwits that they insist on playing the power trip game. Isn’t it typical of the right to do this and ignore the true charade that Condolezza Rice perpertrated pre the Iraq disaster. The Dems need to grow some and start using the Republican tactics of going for the jugler. Start with Cheney and getting the International Tribunal folks to indict the MF.

  40. itr time for you repubican nuts to take a seat you shown how stupid you are time and time again

  41. Ayaya Worenwu says:

    Republicans can never stop women bashing and thrashing.

  42. just ignore the two troublemakers –i would —screw them

  43. Jerry Beck says:

    I had to laugh at what Dominick and latebloomer had to say about Reagan,don’t they remember what they called him??? He was the teflon man,nothing ever stuck,lol. Was so sad but true. After losing,those people are just blowing a lot of smoke,maybe people will think they are still important.

  44. Gregory says:

    Moe, Larry and Curly are using this witch hunt to avoid working on the real problems of balancing the budget.

  45. John says:

    Why don’t they send john McCain, Kelly ayotte, and Lindsey graham, to Benghazi and just dump them there for good!!! Case Closed!

  46. vlady54 says:

    What do you expect from the three stooges? Their strong addiction in trying to stop Rice’s appointment is more important then satisfying their concerns.

  47. onedonewong says:

    Best intelligence that was available??? She really is a slow learner the day AFTER bengazi the CIA and State both knew it was a terrorist attack and were covering for Obama. The fcat that for over a week the administration barak, biteme, rice and Clinton continued to LIE to the american people and barak and rice both lied to the american people and the UN placing the blame on a dumb movie to appeal to his mooooslim buddies

  48. Those three senators are a total disgrace to their party.and to the country.

  49. JOAQUIM says:

    McCain sold his soul around 2007, give it or take it.

  50. Actually, the protests may have contributed, albeit incidentally, by creating a crowd into which the attackers could blend, thereby allowing them to get close enough to the consulate to launch their attack without being detected and identified as a specific threat beforehand.

  51. charleo1 says:

    Somebody help me out here. Since when does being sent out by the administration with
    a statement cleared by intelligence, and delivering that statement as ordered, make Ms.
    Rice, “unfit?” It seems to me, unfair would be a more accurate description. Whether it
    be Powell at the UN, or Condi, warning of a possible mushroom cloud pre-Iraq War.
    Correct me if I’m wrong. But I don’t recall a single Democrat calling either of these two
    Bush Administration nominees unfit. Today, the attacks continued, calling Rice abrasive.
    I would like to reintroduce Mr. John Bolton. Another previous appointee to the UN. Confirmed
    without much fuss at all for President Bush. So, what is going on here? Surely, it would
    be far too cynical of me to conclude the whole affair has nothing to do with embassy security,
    or, failings in, or by the intelligence apparatus. Or even a coverup. But has everything to
    do with the Senate Seat now occupied by John Kerry becoming available. And the good
    possibility of filling that seat with a Republican, if Kerry becomes SOS. That would be
    a disgraceful attempt to accomplish a political gain, not only by the tragic deaths in Libya.
    But also by the unjustifiable treatment of a dedicated, and capable public servant.

  52. I can’t believe that we even have a few Republican trolls here trying to defend the three idiots. The only other sad thing is that our so-called “Liberal-Media” keeps giving this hypocrite McCain a sounding board. What has he done; he was a POW and survived–got a medal. I know another POW that survived and got a medal–the Commanding Officer of the ship taken hostage by the North Koreans–he got a medal and we eased him out of the military as soon as we could after the Pr-was over. McCain just happened to be the son of the Commander in Chief of the whole Pacific Theater, so not so easy. He got a DC assignment, left the Navy, and became the Junior Senator from Arizona. Soon thereafter, he was involved as one of the Keating 5, just a small scandle that involved 5 senators, and a Savings and Loan guy, who with the help of the senators, took a lot of money from depositors in his Company–amazing how quickly McCain supporters want to forget that little bit of McCain history. Then we know what an excellent example he has been as a Senator/Presidential Candidate–I appreciate him for his excellent character in picking Palin as a running mate–Wow-he again demonstated what a sad case he has become. As for the other two nuts, you just have to consider what they are–further examples of just how out of touch the GOP, and a lot of our D.C. Press has become.

  53. Republicans suddenly are in love with John Kerry for secretary of state! Could it be that if he is chosen, his senate seat will be open for a Republican replacement– having nothing to do with Rice at all?

  54. juan says:

    John McCain (R-AZ), Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) – yes! bringing in the clowns. Love them payasos – a three ring circus those republicans.

  55. I am convinced The republicans have A PROBLEM WITH WOMEN, especially well educated, intelligent and articulate women. Susan Rice IS NOT, WAS NOT or intended to be the head of the CIA. Whatever information about the sad situation in Bengazi Ms. Rice gave to the press, WAS BASED on the data she recived from THE MASTER SPIES in the field in Bengazy. Republicans STOP your ATTACKS on women. YOU have not learned your lessons from the election………Keep going; MID-TERM ELECTIONS are not too far!!!!

  56. Republicans are suddenly in love with John Kerry– for secretary of state! Could it be that if he gets that job, his senate seat will be open for a replacement and the whole thing has nothing to do with AmbassadorRice?

  57. flyguygirl says:

    Huntsman and Ricks need to Goodgle: analgate and start reading the assessments on the Lame Cherry blog. My favorite game right now is figuring out who is writing this blog. Rightfully Benghazi should be the issue that dethrones this entire group. Fog of war? Are you kidding me?
    They had video in real time. After Benghazi the only people that will serve this country abroad are those that put money to the forefront bc D.C. does not have our backs. This is being written by someone who is neutral: I am more conservative than all Republicans on certain issues, then I am more liberal than all Democrats on certain issues. What we need is transparency and truth. Truth is going to be the sought-after commodity in this new millennium. As far as the Mideast the U.S.
    needs to completely disengage from the region bc these people hate us and in doing so the U.S. needs to revamp its energy policy even if it means we travel by horse and carriage.

  58. This whole charade is entirely due to their combined efforts to get John Kerry selected as Sec. of State in order to have an election in MASS so they think they can add a repugnican to the Senate. If Masachusetts elects a repugnican, it has to hang its head in shame. And the idiot who ran against Eliz. Warren would be the idiot they choose. I did hear today that Charlie Crist might run for governor of FL again and thank God for that because we cannot afford another minute of the jackass who now holds that position. Now that Charlie Crist has divorced himself from the losers repugnican party, it would be a huge step forward for Florida if he was in charge again. He knows the recent cutting of voting days was a step by repugnicans to suppress the vote, and he is as disgusted as I am. As a resident of FL it is simply shameful that we even have a criminal in the governor’s “mansion.” He stold millions from us taxpayers running a company that used fraudulent claims for health care reimbursements and took his millions and bought the election – and over a HIGHLY QUALIFIED woman who would have worked for US ALL.

  59. Oh yeah, do NOT FORGET the lies Condoleze Rice told blatantly to all of us – right from the Bushy boy mouth – in order to start a way in Iraq. You know he had millions to gain from that, but he didn’t bother to “put it on the books” because, you know, he’s such an “honest” guy. Yeah, tell me anotehr one. And now we’re threatened by antother Bush, Jeb, thinking he’s president material. Well, the kids who suffere because of his programs knoe differently. His “no child left behind” in fact left ALL children behind. Another Bush in the white house would really make fools of us all.

  60. Edmund says:

    Republican’s lost the election. They have nothing left but to drag this issue forever. Unless they can find something else to bitch about. Get OVER IT.

  61. nhgal628 says:

    Is Sen Ayotte clinging to McCain’s coat tails…..What a laugh ….She has not been in Washington long enough to criticise anyone….jumped up little Republican!!

  62. robert says:

    Maskin an issue of this is just how Tom Ricks called it, Republican/Tea Party hype. It was apparent on the day Ambassador Rice was speaking on those programs that she was going on what she was being fed by those in the intelligence agency. She wasn’t in Benghazi, and the events swirling around the attack made any concrete information cloudy. Muslims were erupting all over the place by the film debasing their holy prophet. Just because it was 9-11 doesn’t mean she would intuitively say, “it’s a terrorist attack”. The people in the embassy at first thought it was from rioting over the film until they realized the organization of the attack. President Obama himself alluded it as a terorist attack but was not sure. The timing of the film being exposed on 9-11, the rioting that arose from it, and the terrorist using it to mask their attack in vengeance for the killing of binLaden should be the focus instead of political terrorism on Ambassador Rice. I would bet those terrorists are laughing their asses off at the stupidity of the Republican/Tea Party, or perhaps the Republican/Tea Party know something about those events that we don’t know. I’m just saying, becuse why do they have they’re feet so heavy on the peddle about it? Like Ricks said, it’s hype, an attempt to keep something alive that should have been an Obama/Biden administration scandal.

  63. bob eddy says:

    In other words they they just didn’t get the answers they wanted….and God knows what they were expecting. Time to reform the filibuster rules and stop this partisan nonsense. If you can’t be a responsible minority, you need to be an irrelevant minority. No more right wing witch hunts. No more right wing obstructionism! No more minority rule!

  64. bob eddy says:

    “I would hold her nomination until I had additional answers to questions,” Ayotte said.

    While we are doing the filibuster reform it looks like we need to end the secret hold as well. Americans needs to start seeing exactly who and how these dreadful Republicans have contaminated the democratic process.

  65. marciano3rd says:

    Can’t understand the kind of mentality these guys have!! Are they due for re-election in 2014? The best that could be done is to boot them out and teach them their lessons!!

  66. They are still mad that mccain lost to President Obama lost to President Obama lost to President Obama . do you get the message mccain you are a loser and the rest of Az republican party are losers.

  67. Will says:

    Republicans–Don’t be mad. Especially McCain who lost the bid in 2008, and is still holding that grudge. The election is over, remember the same mistakes were made during President Bush’s administration. It is time to come together and move the country forward.

  68. nagena says:

    These GOP Senators are dead in line with their defeated candidate W Mitty Romney: “If you can’t win, destroy!” What a waste of space this tactic is! It is a fore-runner of the negative behaviour we shall see in the House, and it defiles the US. Obama was spot-on when he said he would go to the people to show up such ploys. The two senior men, Graham and McCain should be ashamed of themselves; the woman: who knows what she wants? nagena

  69. McCain and that crowd of Reublicans are just rebellious because there is a black man in office as President and I am not racist.I am a 73 yr old white man who s tired of seeing this bullshit,I have seen it all of my life.

  70. durh3174 says:

    Those, PUPPET, Republicans, sick and Dementia, as they, are. In, 24 month, some of them: Will, be out of a JOB.

  71. ridemybroom says:

    this is how they spend tax payer’s money…..people its time we protested the sobs and make them resign….time to put an end to this garbage….!

  72. ridemybroom says:

    why is it when you see McCain….you see Lindsey Graham by his side….is there something going on here that we dont know about….are they playing sexual roles of father and son…im just saying ….

  73. Hillbilly says:

    Senator Ayotte is using this incident to try and make a name for herself and she should be ashamed of herself. Graham and McClain are also publicity seekers . Losing of four lives is a tragedy but where were Graham and McClain when 9/11 happened and hundreds were killed and maimed and intelligence had warned the President it was going to happen and nothing was done. Where have they been since thousands of military and civilians lives have been lost because of Bush’s lies to Secretary of Powell about WMD in Iraq. These two didn’t say anything when Bush’s lies were discovered or have they said or started any kind of investigation into their President’s illegal wars, Then there are 4 deaths in Libya and they act like it is the end of the world, this may sound harsh but what are four lives compared to thousands of lives? This goes to show what hypocrites Republicans are, when a Republican President has caused thousands of deaths unnecessary they don’t open their mouth but let four people die in Libya and they want to know every little fact about it including the last time the four went to the bathroom.

  74. anne says:

    I agree with TZToronto. However, more than that, I am appalled with the presumption that our secret services and agencies tasked with spying and investigating terrorism have any requirement of being transparent. Quite the contrary. I expect them to do what they need to do and be discrete. Because to do otherwise puts people in danger and risks losing any advantage they may have gained. I appreciate the sense of safety I garner from knowing that others are working thusly on my behalf.

  75. ivory69690 says:

    hey air head JOHNY-GIRL McCain , your a lil late in getting on someone for doing something wrong . back in the day of your dirty Bush buddy you had the chance to get on some ones case when i belive her name was Rice also . and back then it was about the war the dirty Bush started of bad info and if i recall you was sticking up foe her then . if you want to voice how mad you are about the lose of lifes then how about all the lifes that was lose in that war . or is it in your air head mind now it catching up to you now ? your getting on the wrong Rice lady . your brain dead mind takes awhile to catch up i guess. what are you going to say now johny-girl? aaahhhhh al those rice,s look alike ? ur an idiot you just want attrntion . and hopefuly this is the kind needed so the ppl. can see you lost it and need to be put out in the feilds now and out of office .

  76. ivory69690 says:

    Rice clarified that the information she originally disclosed was not accurate in one significant way. The attack was not connected to the protests that were occurring simultaneously in several countries across the Middle East. However, she insisted that she was offering the best information she had at the time./// AND how can you say the attack was not connected to the protest ? how do you know it wasnt ? those taliban ding dongs make any reason one where thy can cause terror . what happens next if thy catch a taliban member and he tells you that thy used what ever there was to attact. those evil ppl. dont need much to do their evil deeds . do you think if other info comes out and shows JOHNY-GIRL McCain was and is wrong that he will say he,s sorry ? that wont happen because then he will just go with his other white dress and hood wearing hater McConnell buddy and go burn crosses in the feilds crying we messed up again .

  77. ivory69690 says:

    Senator Ayotte then added she would block Ambassador’s Rice’s nomination to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State—a nomination that hasn’t been announced yet. “I would hold her nomination until I had additional answers to questions,” Ayotte said./// you do that you sack of wet hair . and next time it comes up for you to run for or sit the ppl. will get ur worthless butt out of office . like there isnt a lot more important things to be doing now then dealing with this B/S and johny-girl mccain .

  78. olafaux says:

    Soon, and very soon, the New Secretary of State of the United States of America, Dr. Susan Rice, “Shall Be””.
    So, let the Racist Obstructionist Republican Senators “”HANG”” themselves, until they deprive their respective brains from OXYGEN!
    These cowards like No One else, except themselves. Their HATE for the Chief Executive has now transcended on to EVERY black folk on the planet, EVERY Democrat and, mistakingly Dr. Susan Rice. This is a FIGHT! Let’s Go folks. We will fight for Dr. RICE!
    God bless America!

  79. DALE AW says:

    Go ahead. It will do wonders for your party with the voting public. Your party is already seen as an obstructionist party. You might as well prove it.

  80. graysailor says:

    At least John Huntsman has some common sense. As for McCain he and Trump belong in the same rubber room.

  81. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Let the GOP go nuclear….This is yet another case of the GOP trying to prove a negative as they did back in 2003 when they stupidly tried to prove there were WMDs in Iraq after 3 UN investigation teams scoured the locations the GOP claimed was where these WMDs were to be found.

    The problem with spoiled rich GOP relic frat bois is they never know when it’s time to stand down. They love to present their male bully bravado as if others must just fall on their hands and knees believing every word that comes out of the mouth of the GOP..or, more aptly, is kept secret from the great unwashed masses until it’s time to spring it on them or until it is unwittingly divulged in the media.

    GOP frat bois always stick together. Remember the movie “Animal House?” ….That’s today’s GOP bully bois. You bet those two good ole good ole bois McConnell and Graham are up to sticking it to Ambassador Rice. After all, it’s their states that stand to lose the most if she is Secretary of State…KY and SC are big time locations of some of the US’s biggest military industrialist, aren’t they? After Texas, another good ole boi state, these two states lead the pack in military industries which get huge tax subsidies for locating these military industries in those states…Read…Taxpayers paying those subsidies that keep KY and SC’s economies nice and fat.

  82. Delores S says:

    the republican party really don’t like anybody right now move on get a life every year on 9-11 we can look 4 something 2 happen on that day we all know that something will happen on or near that day of 9-11, you can’t blame every one 4 happen maybe they need 2 check out their own closet @ see what is in it

  83. 4politics2 says:

    There is no bigger, self-centered a-hole in D.C. than the angry old man McCain. He questions Rice’s abilities after he gave us Palin? LOL! As for Ayotte…she’s such a lightweight I’m surprised she hasn’t simply floated away. These lame Republicans can’t seem to get over the fact that they lost.

  84. Chuck says:

    It’s real simple. Call their bluff. If I’m the President, I nominate her, and I dare these three to block her. Especially Ayotte, who’s from a state that Obama won handily and is trending more Democratic. She’ll have to worry about her own hide soon.

  85. groregi says:

    Mrs. Susan Rice’s comments on the attack of the U.S. consulate in Benghazi on 9/11/12 merely reflect the intelligence assessments given to her at that time. The Mc Cain, Ayotte etc. attitude show that they are closing the barn after the horses have left: the truth has already come out!!! Susan Rice is not responsible for the attack, the senators would make it look as though she had planned this sordid affair. They are overreacting to a problem for which they have no understanding and are looking for a scape goat to their own misconception of a very complex situation. Wake up Mc Cain!!! Susan Rice lives and works in New York City and not in Libya!!!!!

  86. groregi says:

    There was a Roman emperor who killed messengers who brought him bad news as though the men were responsible for the BAD news….Ambassador Susan Rice did not provoke nor promote the attack on her country men stationed in Lybia: she was merely reporting news that she was given to deliver. McCain and Ayotte might ignore the aforementioned detail of history and are trying to sacrifice the messenger instead of looking for the real problem…which by now they surely know…or is Ayotte trying to make her political platform on a very unfortunate incident that took the lives of four Americans???? McCain knows that by now, he must remain in his Senate seat…there are no other options for him anyway!

  87. Alogon says:

    Rice was reporting the substance of a CIA release intended for public consumption. It did not reveal everything that the CIA knows, because the CIA did not want Al Quaeda to realize how much it knows lest the source(s) be endangered.

    What the Republicans are doing is a scorched-earth policy, typical of sore losers: they didn’t win, so make it impossible for those who did win to do anything with their victory.

    That said, I’m not sure that Ms. Rice is the best person for the job of Secretary of State. It’s all a question of whether her great intelligence can get the better of her naturally undiplomatic personality.

    I suppose we should also consider the fact that, if Sen. Kerry were appointed Secretary of State, he would need to vacate his seat, giving the Republicans a chance to pick it up. I bet my blue booties that this opportunity partly explains their line, too.

  88. lolly says:

    STOP THE WITCH HUNT…WE’RE ONTO THOSE 3 nazis & their sinister game!!
    Ms Susan Rice has done nothing, compared to your other Rice, who has the
    lies & blood of the Iraq war on her hands!!!

  89. sheilab2 says:

    Who is this witch and where does she come from? I believe these 3 stupid, idiotic senators are just trying to set the stage for impeachment of President Obama. They are still fighting the last election and cannot stand to think of President Obama being re-elected so this is their way to “get even”. How do jerks like this get elected? A grandstanding new Senator (Ayotte), a closeted homosexual (Graham) and a senile old fool (McCain). Pardon my vulgarity, but these three need to get a grip and start doing something except ragging on Secretary Rice.

  90. Nancy says:

    These Hacks have made themselves a laughing stock and irrelevant to the Political scene. Their Bias is blatant and pitiful. Just curious to know where all their outrage was during the slaughters at American Embassies when ReTHUGlicans were in charge, not to mention the THREE THOUSAND dead in the World Trade Center attack….

  91. This is an attempt to end a nomination before it is even presented to the Senate. This is a sorry display from our elected officials. I hope that the outcry from the public is so loud, that they will give up this foolish display. An, get back to the many real problems that face this nation. An, yes I believe former Secretary Of State Powell would be the first to say this is a witch hunt. The out and out lies that got us into the Iraq War will never truly be investigated.

  92. RodgerMitchell says:

    Yet another demonstration of what a rotten party the Republicans have become. And to think, it wasn’t many years ago, that I was a consistent Republican voter. But this current crop is so depraved, I’m fearful for the nation.

  93. gwsulapas says:

    Where were these two senators during the attack on the USS Cole, we had intelligence that
    terrorist were going too attack a Navy ship, the captain of the USS Cole was not made aware
    of the threat, and that has been testified to at congressional hearings on the Cole incident.
    And the cover up of the friendly fire death of ex-football player/turned U.S Army Ranger –
    who’s name escapes me at the moment. The whole Iraq war was based on untrue intelligence. Maybe McCain should remember how Lieberman had to correct him on the
    spot talking about Al Queda in Iraq…

  94. gwsulapas says:

    You guys should be in the congress, we need more people like u guys
    that know past, recent and current events… After all, it was McCain
    that introduce the nation to Momma Grizzly, now we get Ayotte, I
    wonder what magazines she read…

  95. The tragedy is the loss of four lives.

    This ongoing BS from ‘publicans is outrageous. Simply another lame attempt to to create fire where there is no fire. Apparently , Petraeus testified behind closed doors that Ms. Rice was merely repeating information she had been given by the CIA

    The truth is that we may never know the precise details.

    Where were the ‘publicans when we lost 245 Marines in Lebanon? (I believe there was one in the White House!)

  96. In what way, I wish to ask my Senator Kelley Ayotte, is your ill-considered stand against Ms. Rice designed to promote the interests of our state, New Hampshire? I suggest that there are better people with whom to associate than senators Grahman and McCain.

  97. In what way, I wish to ask my Senator Kelley Ayotte, is your ill-considered stand against Ms. Rice designed to promote the interests of our state, New Hampshire? I suggest that there are better people with whom to associate than senators Graham and McCain. You might consider the idea that cooperation with President Obama, who just won a very considerable victory in New Hampshire, would be in your best interests

  98. Thank you, AdamMos. I like the tenor of your reply and the facts that you provid.

  99. Maybe we should nuke all of Washington. That would clean out all the roaches and rats.

  100. David says:

    It seems if they could not beat the POTUS this election then they will try to cripple him on anything from nominations to policy even if they give in the end some within the GOP will do whatever they can to weaken the POTUS as much and as often as they can. Sad, but worse is a junior senator with no knowldge as to what information was or was NOT conveyed to Rice by the CIA and other agencies and behave as if she knew better. As for Johm McCain it is a shame he is slipping and becoming a thin deflated copy of a man i once repected. As from Granham it is time he comes out of the closet once and for all.

  101. Senator McCain–what really happened on 9/11? Yahoo Search: The Oil Factor Behind The War
    On Terror.

  102. Who and when will Former George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld be tried
    for War Crimes–thousand of American Troops were killed/or wounded in the “War Of Choice”
    What about all the innocent women and children that were killed during the invasion of Irag?
    Yahoo Search: The Oil Factor Behind The War On Terror.

    GOP Ronald Regean was not a saint…he should have been impeached!

  103. GREGO says:

    I think Senator Graham needs to go to the woodshed!!!!

  104. ococoob says:

    Who the hell is this Ayotte person? What, pray tell, is her credentials or qualifications in the foreign affairs dept.?

  105. RobertCHastings says:

    McCain, Ayotte, and Graham have not failed to connect the dots; this is, apparently,an orchestrated attempt to 1)derail Rice’s appointment and thus hand Obama his first defeat of his new term, and 2) deflect attention from the wrangling in Congress over the “Fiscal Cliff”. It is interesting that both McCain and Graham have said they would break their Norquist pledge. Do they feel this will somehow defelect suspicion over their treatment of Ambassador Rice?

  106. John McCain is a neurotic suffering from neurosis from his prisoner of war experience, the defeat by President Obama and failure to get any position of authority as he would have liked to. These personal failures troubles McCain to a point that he finds himself perpetually disturbed psychologically and emotionally. McCain has found it difficult to adjust to the fact that after losing the presidential elections which he craved for so much, he is never going to get a another chance to have a go at it again. So the only thing he is left with is WITCH- HUNT and VENDETTA for point scoring against people who are age mates of his children if not grandchildren. Susan Rice is twenty nine years (yes 29 yrs) McCain’s junior, the President is twenty five years (yes 25 yrs) McCain’s junior. McCain should have self-respect by realising that he publicly humiliates himself by appearing to be pursuing witch-hunt and vendetta against people who are not of his age. At 76 years how much time has McCain got left in his life to be pursuing these type of baseless allegations against people like Susan Rice? Ms. Rice is a US Ambassador just like many other US Ambassadors around the world. She also needs protection alongside her staff like the Ambassador in Benghazi needed. It is completely incoherent as to how Susan Rice could have been expected to have or provide accurate information about the Benghazi attack as if she was the Head of CIA or the National Intelligence Agency. Indeed if Susan Rice had given accurate information on what happened in Benghazi, right now McCain would be up in arms accusing Ms. Rice of leaking classified information. There is no way McCain can ever be happy with anything, because his aim is not to get the truth but an effort to frustrate the President and all those around him. It is possible McCain may have been a member of the Ku Klux Klan in the past. John McCain should be pursuing rtd Gen David Patreaus who was the Direct of CIA at the time the Benghazi tragedy took place. Unfortunately, Gen Patreaus was busy with Paula Broadwel at the time, so he was not even aware of what was going on in Benghazi. But McCain is also scared of taking on Gen Patreaus because in military ranks, McCain stands nowhere. In fact McCain has no military reputation to talk about. So the easiest target for McCain to take on Ambassador Rice an easier target for McCain. Last week when Gen Patraeus was briefing Congress about what happened in Benghazi, McCain was out in the streets crowing that the Administration was not giving them enough information about the Benghazi fiasco. When confronted by the press as to why he was not attending the briefing he ran away spewing verbal diarrhoea that as a senator he was free to be where he wanted. Something is amiss in-between McCain’s ears. Maybe the guy has become senile, such that he can’t differentiate sense from nonsense.

  107. jjrjon says:

    Oh how I wish senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC), John McCain (R-AZ) and Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) could have been there during the Benghazi attack. Since Mr. Kelly Ayotte is a public servant he should at least tell the public how he intends to go Nuclear, or is this another consorted GOP effort to waste Tax Payer money on a needless witch hunt.

  108. I have always hated Kelly Ayotte. No point me saying more ,period

    • lana ward says:

      You hate her because she’s good and decent? Because she wants what is best for America? What is there to hate? Oh yea, that R in front of her name

  109. AdamMos says:

    No I am implying that all three (Mccain, Graham, and Ayotte) are idiots to an equal degree. In fact, Rice is smarter than the three of them put together.

  110. Ford Truck says:

    Rice is out, the story is history, why is it still at the forefront of the page? Is there no new news??

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