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Wednesday, October 26, 2016
  • JDavidS

    It took him 21 hours and 19 minutes to prove to everyone what a great many of us already knew… He’s an idiot.
    Put his brain together with Lyin’ Ryans’ and they still wouldn’t have the intelligence of a house plant.

    • roguerunners


  • jnsgraphic

    Pompous Senator Cruz’s grandstanding, exposed his position for everyone to see that he’s only looking out for his donors and his own re-election. “Green Eggs and Ham” may be fictional, but the GOP/T’s determination to protect only the interests of the super rich, isn’t. He is irrelevant in politics today and just as stupid and asinine as Sarah Palin, no one’s impressed by blowhards like Cruz.

    • johninPCFL

      Green Eggs and Ham was a really good analogy for his own position – don’t know anything about ACA but hate it nontheless. Even Rick Perry (who showed him where the teat was so he could begin pigging out at the govt trough) called him an idiot.

      • jnsgraphic

        The moral of the story “”Green Eggs and Ham” teaches kids not to make up your mind about something without trying it, and is a great metaphor for Obamacare… once people try it, they might actually like it! And the GOPs biggest fear, that it may be a success and prove them wrong. If they thought it was going to fail they wouldn’t be trying so hard to stop it. How can you hate something you admit knowing nothing about?

  • Allan Richardson

    Looks like Ted is the “Cruz” the people of Texas must bear, for now!

  • KartofflMuter

    Oh please-McConnell would have to actually work for a living to become an idiot. He’s a moron,a stuffed dummy.An ass with no hole. In other words,he’s a fine representative of the Republican party,but not of the people in his district.

  • Mark Forsyth

    It seems that the GOP will show us how much further down one can go after hitting bottom,witness Cruz.