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Sunday, October 23, 2016

The intense backlash against the senators who voted to block the expansion of gun sale background checks is already having an effect, as senators Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) are now signaling that they actually support background checks — despite their votes to stop them from passing the Senate.

Senator Flake saw his approval rating plummet to 32 percent in the wake of his decision to vote against senators Joe  Manchin (D-WV) and Pat Toomey’s (R-PA) bipartisan compromise bill to expand background checks to cover all commercial gun sales. Flake also drew criticism for lying to a grieving mother about his intentions. Flake’s free-falling ratings left him as the least popular senator in the country, according to PPP — Flake himself described his current standing as “somewhere just below pond scum” — and apparently left the senator reconsidering his decision.

On Tuesday morning, Flake told CNN that he would be willing to reconsider his opposition to the bill if it were rewritten to loosen requirements on internet sales. According to Flake, under the Manchin-Toomey bill, if a gun owner emails or texts their friends about selling a gun or posts it to Facebook, “that is considered a commercial sale.”

While Flake said that he wasn’t sure if Senator Manchin could change the bill’s text in a way that satisfies him, he said he hopes that they can come to an agreement.

It’s unclear, however, whether Flake’s complaint is valid or merely an attempt to quiet his critics. As The Huffington Post points out, the Manchin-Toomey bill makes it clear that background checks wouldn’t be required for gun sales between friends and family members, and stipulates that background checks would only be required for internet gun sales that involve “an advertisement, posting, display, or other listing.” While the question of Facebook posts remains somewhat ambiguous, it seems clear that emails and text messages would be exempt.

Senator Ayotte made a similar attempt to explain away her opposition with a Tuesday editorial for Patch Amherst, in which she claimed, ” I want to set the record straight: I support effective background checks and in fact voted recently to improve the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).”

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  • Me thinks he is backtracking for votes!! Coward!

    • plc97477

      Whatever excuse he can find is fine with me.

  • chrisgranner

    This is such bullsh!t:

    “… the Manchin-Toomey bill is still a long shot to be revived. Five senators would have to flip in order to move the bill through the Senate,..”

    This is demonstrably false. There are 54 supporters of Manchin-Toomey. A bill in the Senate passes with 51 votes. In order to block consideration, a Senator must filibuster, and cloture (breaking the filibuster) requires 60 votes.

    But that’s only if a filibuster ACTUALLY HAPPENS! and in case after case, the mere THREAT of a filibuster has been enough for Senate leadership to punt on a bill.

    Senator Reid, bring this bill to the floor. Force the craven, out-of-touch senators who oppose this, to ACTUALLY filibuster — to put their names in the congressional record and muster a principled opposition to it. Hold a cloture vote twice a day. Shine a light in those chambers and watch the cockroaches scurry. We’ll have a bill to pass to the House in less than a week.

    SHAME on the National Memo for contributing to the ubiquitous blurring of this simple, clear senate rule. Not a “filibuster”, but a “threat of filibuster.”

  • turtlewoman1039

    Pond scum compared with republicans… Seems as if the pond scum should be insulted.

    • CrankyToo

      I concur, Turtlewoman. Moreover, there’s no scientific basis for a comparison between pond scum and Repugnican scum, since pond scrum are intelligent life forms, whilst Repugni-scum are not.

      • plc97477

        Good one, thanks for the chuckle.

        • CrankyToo


  • Lynda Groom

    What are you trying to say? Could it be that they have no moral courage and really have no core beliefs that are not first focused group tested? What a surprise…NOT!

    • plc97477

      You seem to be a very good judge of character .

  • Sand_Cat

    Internet sales are one of the worst abuses. Flake actually thinks that will change anyone’s mind about him?

  • Funny how they can read the polls after the fact, but not so much before their vote. When the polls plummet, they really squirm and waffle, but I don’t see any real conviction on their parts. Background checks should not have ANY loopholes, everyone who obtains a gun should be checked first. One brother may be clean as a whistle, while the other has a situation on his record whereby he shouldn’t be able to purchase or even be given a gun. Why always loopholes, just to appease the other side and get it passed. The loopholes widen so much that the bill becomes weak and ineffective.

    • idamag

      And, because I have nothing to hide, I am not against background checks.

  • bcarreiro

    to be a responsible gun owner than there should be no hestitation as to a thorough background check………….remember these republicans intentions was not for the people but for the greed.

    • Betta

      It’s not the responsible gun owner committing the crimes, yet he is punished for the actions of those who do.

      • idamag

        None of our laws are made for responsible citizens.

      • Thorough background checks protect everyone…. INCLUDING responsible gun owners

  • adriancrutch

    $$$$? VOTES? $$$$$? VOTES? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$! votes!

  • mike

    Just remember only one of these Senators is up for election in 2014 and he is from Alaska-the last frontier. It will be long forgotten by the time they run again, why? Because the short attention span of the American People.

  • ococoob

    Flake’s last name is what he is, a flake!

  • charleo1

    Sandy Hook Elementary felt different. There isn’t an American alive,
    with a heart, that didn’t hope for a better outcome. The support was
    overwhelming. We can’t blame gun owners, even rank, and file, NRA
    members, understood, and agreed, this bill needed to pass. It just
    shows us all, how hard it has become to go up aganist these corporate
    lobbies. Some say we will remember. Some say not. I hope we can.
    For those courageous teachers, and those beautiful children.

    • neeceoooo

      We the American people are owned by big business and corporations.

      • charleo1

        I don’t know about the people being owned by corporate.
        But, it’s very evident they own the government to a large
        extent. And the Right Wingers seem to have no problem
        with it. For them, it’s all about the tyrannical Federal Gov’t.
        Remember Herman Cain? He opened up his speeches,
        by saying, “I’m a Koch Brother, from another Mother!”
        What people need to do, is look at the way these friendly
        smilie faced, corporations treat their workers overseas.
        And, ask themselves, what makes us think they wouldn’t
        treat the workers here in the U.S. the same way?

        • neeceoooo

          Okay, you have me on that but our government is surely owned by big business.

          • charleo1

            The truth is, I’m not all that correct about the people.
            The crazy thing about the supporters of the radical
            right is, most are not rich. So they vote aganist their
            own best interests.

      • plc97477

        Not the people just the politicians.

  • Betta

    Here’s what most of you aren’t getting. The bill didn’t pass because it contained more intrusion on our privacy and freedom. Not so much the background checks which i think most of us can agree on. But here’s the kicker. Now you will be censored on what you can and cannot say on FB? Anything you say regarding gun sales is a commercial sale? Come on people. How much of your freedoms are you willing to give up? Until you have none left? This is the United States of America. NOT Russia!

    You can background check until you are blue in the face. It will NOT stop people who shouldn’t have guns from getting guns. It will NOT stop the very events these law pretend to prevent. It just will not happen folks. There are laws against murder. Does that stop it? NO! It doesn’t. Murders occur everyday in this country and not always by guns. They use knives, hammers, bombs, hatchets, saws, airplanes, etc.

    Do you really think criminals are going to register their guns or buy them legally? They haven’t been so why should they start now? Because the law says so? These guys are criminals. Not law abiding citizens and that is who these unconstitutional laws affects – the law abiding citizen. Not the criminals.

    If criminals want to commit a crime the last thing they want is evidence, such as a registered gun, connected to them. So they will get them illegally as they’ve always done. That will never change no matter how many new laws and intrusions on our privacy and freedom they come up with.

    You guys are rooting for the wrong side. You should be on the side of We The People. Not democrat or republican, but We The People.

    • Mikey7a

      Sorry Betta, YES there are other ways to kill people but check this little FACT:

      “This past week, my city achieved a melancholy landmark: 500 murders have occurred here this year. 87% percent of these murders, or 435 of them, were committed with guns. Chicago, which has racked up more murders than any other American city this year, has been called “the murder capital of America” (though, to be pedantic about it, it does not have the country’shighest murder rate. New Orleans enjoys that dubious distinction).”

      Here is the link, in case you care to read the whole article.

      Now, if I cared to spend the time, I’m sure the results would be somewhere in the 70-90% range by GUNS for murders, in just about every major American City.
      In answer to your question, sure I LOVE my freedom, including the freedom to NOT be shot by someone who NEVER had ANY RIGHT to own a gun!

      • idamag

        Very well said.

      • Betta

        And knowing criminals have one while you are restricted in what you can own makes you feel more safe?

        Your numbers are very pretty, however, you didn’t read what I wrote. I wrote that guns are not the only means of killing people. You gave a bunch of percentages on how often guns are used. Oh, and in case you haven’t heard, latest reports state that gun violence has actually decreased since 1990’s.

        Laws that infringe on our Constitutional rights will not stop mass killings. Government should enforce the laws already on the books instead of trying to pass more laws that only punish and restrict the law abiding citizen.

    • idamag

      You anti-government people not only amaze me, but you are scary. We are the government and if there are problems in our government it is up to us to fix them.. The government is not a “they” that is out to infringe on your rights. You see your rights might infringe on someone else’s rights. Case in point – 20 children lost their constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

      • Betta

        “You see your rights might infringe on someone else’s rights.”

        That’s leftist propaganda speak for political correctness. And how’s that working out for you?

        “Case in point – 20 children lost their constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

        It wasn’t a law abiding citizen who committed that atrocity. It was a guy who stole guns from his mamma. So, tell me again how more intrusive laws on the law abiding citizen would have stopped that from happening?

        How many of your freedoms are you willing to give up? Until you have none left?

        • idamag

          You know what? I am proud to be an American who supports my country and my government. You poor paranoid anti government people are weakening our Democracy. Until the point of the killing, he had no criminal record. So, at that time, he was a law-abiding citizen. You say “leftist” with spittle dribbling down your angry mouth. I don’t believe in political parties at all and think they should be done away with. Some things I lean left and some things I lean right. One thing I lean left with is I have the capacity to emphasize with other people.

    • Bad guys with guns get them from good guys with guns!

  • Hypocrites who soon enough will have blood on their hands.

  • old_blu

    What!! Republicans flip flopping? Say it’s not so!!

  • idamag

    Backward red state, Idaho, governor has declared a second amendment day.

    • neeceoooo

      That sounds like something red state Tennessee would do.

  • MoralCharacter

    Since this is about saving the kids, which started this whole gun deal again, I wish all of you would lend voice against the murder of 1.2 Million Babies each year in the abortion clinics across this nation.
    Seems most of you would surrender your rights to feel good about guns, when in fact statistics are against you. Chicago – severe gun laws, highest murder rate. Houston – lax gun laws, very low murder rate.
    Seems the liberal mind always disregards facts. I for one, support background checks, but not keeping records of them for a future gun registration effort – I DO NOT TRUST OUR GOVERNMENT.
    Facts is, criminals DO NOT use gun shows to acquire guns, as pointed out repeatedly by law enforcement and FBI, but you keep saying it in the hopes that it will make Americans fearful of them bad guys.

    • idamag

      Criminals will always have guns and robbers will always rob banks. If you were really of high moral fiber, you would have some compassion for twenty children who lost their constitutional rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. General McCrystal said that a man’s head would disintegrate when shot with the same rifle at 1000 yards. Can you visualize what 17 shots at a little boy did at close range? I have guns. I am not a paranoid. The government belongs to me and I am the government. Building up suspicion against a government in order to take it over has been done in the past. Your anger does not sound very Jesus like.

  • Eric Pedersen

    I think you Liberals have mistaken the NRA for the IRA. Or should we call it the ARA now.

  • docb

    Too late they voted on record..They are all out!

    • Betta

      It has nothing to do with profits. The children are dead because they weren’t protected. Ever think about that? Instead you want to blame an inanimate object that requires human intervention to make a move.

      For most of these schools people can walk right in off the street when the doors should be secured by security codes. Some daycare facilities do this.

      Do you know that in Israel this doesn’t happen and why? Because school personnel in Israel are ARMED! You’ll not find school massacre tragedies there.

      • docb

        Bull puckey and teapub nra arms dealers lies to preserve profit..Lie to yourself but the people do not believe the claptrap, newbie!

      • They’ll take it from your cold dead hands!

  • In the article they mention internet gun sales. When guns are bought on the internet they require a background check as they have to be shipped to a FFL dealer and then one has to clear a background check before the buyer can take possession.

  • bg1435

    Really, we don’t want your f******g guns. We just want background checks. These Politicians are sell outs. The NRA are their constituents.Thank you David Letterman, (we love you) for pointing this out to everyone, too. He should run for office. Look at Al Franken, he’s fighting for the people and still makes us laugh.