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Friday, October 28, 2016

Senators Johnson And Paul Give Secretary Clinton A Good Going Over

Senators Johnson And Paul Give Secretary Clinton A Good Going Over
  • iamhe

    Paul just committed political suicide… another unconscionable GOP jerk!

    GOP is history.. people hate them…

    • montanabill

      I’d have say it was Hilary who committed political suicide. “What difference does it make. It doesn’t matter…”. Many of us think it does matter when incompetence and a political campaign results in the deaths of four Americans, including an Ambassador. Mistakes can be forgiven if they are owned up. Deliberate lying to the American people (seems to be a Clinton trait) and then continuing to lie about the lie, can’t and won’t be forgiven.

      • Weapon of mass destruction.

        • ObozoMustGo

          Vern… Hillary sold the idea of WMD just as much as Bush did. In fact, ALL the DemonRATS, including the rapist Bill Clinton, claimed Saddam had WMD long before Bush was even elected. Get your facts straight.

          Have a nice day!

          “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” – H.L. Mencken

          • In case you have been out of the country and on another planet for the past fifteen years or so, the Clinton’s (Hillary and Bill) had nothing to do with the formulation of the Bush policy of preemptive strikes, nothing to do with invading a sovereign nation based upon baseless hypotheses, and nothing to do with perpetrating and perpetuating the myth of Sadam Hussein’s WMD and his connection with AQ. Your quote from H.L. Mencken is much more appropriate to to Bush and his neocon associates, who had been planning their invasion of Iraq even BEFORE Desert Storm. I realize that statement will not be supported by anything you can find on Fox or in the lexicon of either Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, or Rush Limbaugh, but real and reasonable and responsible people know it is factual.

          • Replying to ObozoMustGo –


            President Clinton was a rapist? Which of your Saints told you that?

            Rush, Glenn, Faux Snooze, Ann, ?

          • ObozoMustGo

            how about the trail of women left in rapist Clinton’s wake? How about the court cases and lawsuits against him? How about his lying to the Grand Jury about it? How about his impeachment? Clinton is the biggest scumbag there can be and it’s funny how he’s the hero of all you leftist idiots.

            Have a nice day, Jim!

            “Fathom the hypocrisy of a political party that has a convention focused on abortion, contraception, and so-called women’s rights, AND has as their big speaker and hero an admitted sexual harasser and accused rapist who was impeached for lying in a court of law about it.” – ObozoMustGo

          • Please Bozo stop with your unfounded statements and now your own domb fucking quotes. I will take Clinton any day over the village idiot W but I guess that’s whty you like W one idiot to another. I do believe Clinton was not found guilty of any charges but go ahead prove his guilt. You can be against contraception, women’s rights, abortion and equal pay but you will not win many elections except for the local ones where dumb shits like you live and unfortunately breed. On the national level with those outdated views you will not win many Senate seats, just look at what happened in the last election.

          • The dixie- can listen to the demos, boy o boy.

      • iamhe

        no, I disagree. I here the GOP talking, and GOP talk is pathological.. And in this case, a lack of social conscience layered upon more lacks in social conscience..

        Such unconscionable projections are incendiary.. trying to hurt the president, the American people.

        This is WaR my friend, two different sets of principles fighting for control of the government, the people, the money.

        basically it is an age old genetic battle, between genes that wire up a conscience, and those that don’t.

        as many as 1 out of 25 fail to wire up a fully functional social conscience.

        they call their enemies -socialists-

        They want their “freedom and liberty” to do anything that serves them with no interference from conscience..

        get the point?

        The American people have caught onto the GOP… they see the personalities of the GOP…

        • montanabill

          No, I’m afraid I don’t get the point. It is simply a request to be accountable. The Ambassador sent warnings and requests for more protection. Instead, protection was decreased. Hillary says she didn’t see those warnings or requests. Well, someone who works for her did. Who were they? Why did they authorize pulling security?
          The President says he authorized immediate support when he was informed of the attack, but the Marines were told to stand-down. Who over-rode the President and why?

          A member of Hillary’s staff, Susan Rice, was sent out to the talk shows to give the American people a false story. Why wasn’t Hillary in the loop when one of her people was used. It was known before Rice did her TV stint that it was a terrorist attack, not a ‘movie demonstration. Who gave Rice the bogus story to tell? Why was Obama repeating the story up to 2 weeks later?

          If Hillary really wants to be ‘responsible’, then she should answer the pertinent questions.

          Do you really think asking these questions is a ‘lack of conscience’?

          • iamhe

            Susan did not give false information, she gave the best information they had at the time… and it was said so,,, it was a terrorist attack, and information is still coming in, things are not clear yet, as to what happened and what was going on. And at the time it happened, there was protests and riots going on all over the midEast concerning the American made film denigrating Mohammed… an incendiary film…. At first it looked like it was another one of those riots….. of course you will not accept that! as McCain has said…. well we accept that and you should accept it to. It is clear to all the GOP is trying to play politics with this.. and it is disgusting…and unconscionable, and that IS the GOP’s calling card, finger prints.. The GOP has done more damage to America than alQueada… why are you defending and promoting these unconscionable belligerent SOBs?

          • montanabill

            Maybe you can argue that Susan did not knowingly give false information. Information might still have been coming in, but it was already known for a fact, that it was a terrorist attack and not a ‘movie demonstration’. That is irrefutable.
            People at the State Dept. admitted to watching the attack on live video. It never looked like a ‘movie demonstration’. Somebody deliberately gave Susan a bogus story and though I don’t believe it, I can accept that there is a possibility she didn’t know. She worked for Hillary. Hillary says she didn’t send her out. So who did and who gave her the bogus story. You can call it all the names you want, but those are valid questions.

          • iamhe

            Sorry, dude.

            everything you just said is GOP FOX misinformation… I can see you believe it,

            most or all of it has been proven…GOP exaggeration, misinformation.

            but you will not stand corrected.. Before Susan… Obama said it was a terrorist Attack.
            But I suppose you are still insisting Iraq has WMD..

            you believe what you want, no matter the truth and the facts.. the GOP is unconscionable in its tactics and agenda,

            everyone except sociopaths can see this.. loud and clear, plain and simple.

            You guys -GOP-are good at starting unnecessary wars, inflating health care cost, and crashing economies… and causing terrorist to attack our country and people.

          • montanabill

            Actually, he used the word ‘terror’ not terrorist. Two weeks later, he was still telling the movie story.

            The questions I asked were pretty simple. Hillary has had 4 months and a very large staff to put together the answers to her part of the mystery. She didn’t answer anything.

            The rest of your stuff if blah.

          • iamhe

            I stand corrected, and I am happy you agree that before Susan had anything to say, Obama is on record -his first response- he said, it was an Act of Terror..

            and lets not forget.. there were riots going on all over the MidEast at the time, and at first, it appeared to be another riot cause by the American made video profaning, denigrating Mohammed.

            And lets not forget how the GOP refused to pass additional security spending on our Embassies…the GOP is grabbing at straws to hurt our President, and the Middle Class.. greedy SOBs that they are.

            Bottom line, the GOP is the anti-social personality party.

          • montanabill

            The budgets are public. Look up the budgets for national security and embassies and see if you think more funding for them was required.

            Obama is trying to have it both ways. He knew it was a terrorist attack by the time he used the word, ‘terror’. He did not call it a ‘terrorist attack’. Then he never used the word again, instead spouting the ‘movie demonstration’ story for the next two weeks.

            Every budget is already bloated. So whenever Republicans refuse to add money to the bloat, they are automatically accused of ‘refusing to fund embassy security’, or not passing a ‘Jobs Bill’ or not passing whatever new spending the Democrats want, but don’t want to pay for. You claim the Republicans want to hurt the middle class. Suppose you tell me exactly how and what they are doing.

            Suggestion. If you didn’t watch Hannity’s BoomTown show Friday night, the next time one of those is on, watch it. It is largely non-partisan, which is a surprise given that Hannity is pretty partisan. Those shows will give you a true, first hand, non-partisan look at what really happens in Washington D.C. I was part of that game for a couple of years, so I can vouch for the truthfulness of the information.

          • iamhe

            “instead spouting the ‘movie demonstration’ story for the next two weeks. ”

            again.. the terror attack happened at the same time many riots were going on across the Mideast because of the unconscionable, American made, racist, bigoted, denigration of Mohammed movie. Which was in the eyes of Islam a profanity against what they hold as sacred… that always triggers violence…

            Obama never said it was due the the movie riots…. stop exaggerating, OBAMA is not the bad man you see. What you see is filtered and distorted by the misinformation that you believe and your own prejudices, and perhaps a lack of social conscience.

            Obama has a fully functional social conscience.. the GOP and its ditto heads don’t.

            The GOP is a magnet and haven for anti-social personality disorders…

            I hope for your sake you are not one of them.

          • montanabill

            Didn’t you watch TV at all for the two weeks after the attack? The President was on several times, each time telling the ‘movie’ story. Matter of record.

            My information is filtered by Obama, himself. If you were to search the internet and recover the texts of each speech he has given since he became a Senator, then President, you will see very clearly, that he talks in all directions, frequently contradicting himself. But most of you are so enamored by his speaking ability, you don’t hear or remember the words. You just follow blindly. Try the reading his speeches trick.

          • Reddiaperbaby

            Our intel before 9/11 was pretty alarming, but I didn’t see the Bush/Cheney crowd giving much of a shit. Didn’t that make you a little upset after 3,000 deaths at the WTC? And no congressional hearings about that failure? And nobody was fired? Get a fucking clue, you right-wing moron!

          • montanabill

            This is not about Bush/Cheney or any other straw man. Wise up.

          • Reddiaperbaby

            It absolutely is about the lies and intelligence failures of all administrations. One good committee hearing deserves another. If you wise up, your IQ might hit triple digits.
            Sent from my iPad

          • Allen West probably overrode the President’s request since he has a higher security clearance than the president. Where was your outrage when W ignored security briefing informing him that Bin Laden was going to attack the US, almost 3,000 died in that terrorist attack. Where’s the outrage about other attacks against US embassys and consulates?

          • montanabill

            You are attempting to divert attention to straw men. Let’s concentrate on this issue.

          • But when you right wingers bring up Bill Clinton in issues not involving hime then it’s ok. I forgot the right wing rules “Do as I say not as I do”. Besides you asked who overrode the President’s order, it could only be someone who has a higher clearance, therefore Allen West.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Montana… that iamhe dude is a complete idiot. Like most of the leftist freaks who post on here, save a few.

            The real reason there was no security at that compound is because it doesn’t make any sense to have a large presence of armed US military security at a hush-hush CIA compound that is being used as hub for weapons dealing to Al Qaeda in Syria through Turkey. That’s what they’re hiding… weapons dealing to Al Qaeda. They could not care one single bit less about those useless pieces of meat that the terrorists killed that night. They were no longer any use to Obozo so their murders are of no import. Hence the reason the whole story was ignored by the MSM and the reason the low information voters know more about the last episode of DWTS than they do about what happened in Benghazi. Sad but true.

            Have a great weekend, Montana!

            “Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.” – H.L. Mencken

          • patuxant

            Hey…go back and ask all your questions to Bush and 9/11. You want to find the mole on the elephant’s ass, but fail to look at the nose in front of your face.

          • montanabill

            Everyone seems to love straw men. The question is about Benghazi, not about Bush and 9/11, or Pres. Clinton letting Osama escape when he had him, or Benedict Arnold.

          • patuxant

            Yeah and you love them too. ow about Bush Sr not ending the job with Hussien to begin with?

        • ObozoMustGo

          he…. there are a lot of idiots on this site and many of them ramble on incessantly without making any sense. With this post, you have placed yourself amongst the rarest of the rare in being a complete moron. The rest of us read your post and know right away that you must be smoking/snorting/shooting/licking/drinking/ what ever because these are the ramblings of someone who is high.

          Go back to your crack pipe, dope!

          Have a nice high!

          “Demagogue: one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots.” – H.L. Mencken peering into the future at Obozo and his supporters

          • iamhe

            You are wrong as you are in most of your unconscionable beliefs and actions.

            maybe you could lay off the coffee and eat more fiber.. the back-up is effecting your perception.

            all you have is name calling… no substance…

            It is my contention that the GOP is a magnet and haven for anti-social personality disorders.

          • Bozo you are the biggest idiot I have seen on this site. All you can do is write these ignorant rantings about the rest of us smoking/snorting/etc. because we dare disagree with you. If we are idiots prove your points with provable facts not the Egyptian newspaper you cited as a reliable source to prove you ridiculous comments. Using a source that you say is information that wasn’t sourced is typical of your bs.

          • ObozoMustGo

            billy boy… you still stuck on the fact that Obozo has muzzy brotherhood members in his regime? The Egyptian article merely cited facts about the well known backrounds of the individuals in question. You can even look them up yourself if you weren’t such and Obozo zombie with a single digit IQ.

            Have a nice day!

            “Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were Bill the comment poster on The Memo. But then I repeat myself.” — Mark Twain, edited by ObozoMustGo

      • Just who was lying, and what did they lie about? If you have been watching as this unfolds,it SHOULD be becoming apparent to you that Ambassador Rice DID NOT lie, she was repeating what she had been told by the intelligence community, just like Colin Powell did at the UN prior to the invasion of Iraq (or, as a Republican, have you already forgotten that?). Secretary Clinton has not lied, nor has she covered up anything. Shehas made it very clear that at least a large portion of the responsibility for what happened in Benghazi falls squarely in the lap of the Republicans during the Bush administration who greatly reduced spending on the State Department for security on embassies and missions around the world, and the current obstructionists in Congress who are STILL refusing to adequately fund the Department of State. Without funding, it is rather difficult to provide adequate support to State Department activities around the world. And I am sure that you, as a GOOD Republican, don’t want to reduce our presence around the world.

        • montanabill

          I don’t know whether Rice lied or not, but she was definitely telling a bogus story when the administration already knew it was a terrorist attack.

          The key questions revolve around ‘who’. Who kept Ambassador Steven’s warnings and requests for more security from Hillary?
          Who decided to reduce security?
          Who over-rode the President’s command to provide immediate support when the Marines were told to ‘stand-down’?
          Who prepared Rice’s bogus story and why was the President still repeating it up to 2 weeks later? (Don’t give me ‘the intelligence community’. That’s like a kid saying ‘nobody’ when asked who broke a vase.) Who sent Rice out without Hillary’s knowledge? She worked for Hillary.

          Just one more little question. You probably recall the President claiming he called it a terrorist action the next day. Other people have testified that it was clear that it was known to be a terrorist attack within hours. So why didn’t someone from the administration immediately go on TV after Rice’s performances to correct the story?

          • adriancrutch

            The INTEL WAS A Egyptian riot AND a benghazi riot and if you speak the language you can find the truth on your OWN like I DID!

          • iamhe

            The GOP principals refuse to accept the facts!…. no sense trying to talk to them at all… they are all anti-social personality disorders screwing up our American government.

            They would refuse to acknowledge gravity if they could get anti-obama, anti-middle class milage out of it.

            obstructionists… evil, anti-social personality disorders.

          • montanabill

            It was the possibility of a Benghazi riot, but people on the ground and those in State watching live TV quickly determined it was terror attack. Get your news from a better source.

          • montanabill, you are very, very right! You don’t know, so what is your problem. Secretary Rice had her talking points prepared by the inteligence agency, so did Secretary Powell. The difference is that Secretary Powell was hanging out there to dry in front of the whole wide world in the UN. What’s even worse, everybody knew it was all bogus. If you can’t motivate somebody with brilliance, dazzle them with bullsh……

          • patuxant

            Wow! Such a font of information are you now? Given that, why didn’t you speak up before this if you were in on such tight information?

          • montanabill

            Right, the ‘intelligence agency’ is to blame. And no one in the administration knew any better, so they let the President fumble all over himself simultaneously claiming he said it was a terror attack while still telling the ‘movie’ story. Please!

            P.S. For those of us who were alive when Powell made his presentations, we remember that a certain Senator name Hillary, backed him all the way.

          • patuxant

            My question to you is why did the Repubs decline funding for our embassies?

          • montanabill

            Because they already had plenty of funding. Look it up.

          • patuxant

            Oh really?

          • montanabill

            Because they already had sufficient funding (matter of record) and this was a consulate. Wise up.

          • patuxant

            Bull Shit

          • lrandy

            They never declined funding for the embassy.

      • ObozoMustGo

        Hey Montana! What these leftist freaks fail to admit is that almost ALL DemonRAT politicians, even before Bush was elected, supported and sold the idea that Saddam had WMD. Clinton the rapist and Albright both were quoted many times in the late 90’s warning the world about Saddam’s WMD. The lefist freaks just don’t like the truth.

        Have a great day, Montana!

        “If a politician found he had cannibals among his constituents, he would promise them missionaries for dinner.” – H.L. Mencken

        • FoxNewsbadforyourhealth

          Warning is one thing, but actually taking action based on warning and no real proof, just lies is unacceptable. Bush’s actions has condemed him for life. GOP didn’t want his help in the latest election is proof.

        • Sarah Mitchell

          All I have to say is your Delusional, get some help!

        • I hope you mommy is proud of your little rantings and naming, DemonRATS or Obozo. Gee she must be so proud of her little boy with his snide and ridiculous comments. Where and when did Clinton and Albright make these comments, what’s your source, I hope it isn’t the Egyptian magazine you used for your Muslim Brotherhood bs. As I remember even you said it was UNSOURCED. That’s areally credible media piece to use.

          • ObozoMustGo

            their own mouths, you moron. look it up.

      • i understand what the ambassador was doing there, but 3 ex-seals?

        • montanabill

          They were there for a reason. Ask your friendly, responsive neighborhood government. Might be interesting to know, but not relevant to the situation.

        • MERCENARY

      • Replying to montanabill –

        Let’s see. The Republicans cut funding for enhanced security at the Embassies. Four people died trying to defend those Embassies.

        And, somehow, Hillary Clinton is at fault?


        • montanabill

          Before you believe that line of mush, go look at the budgets and money actually available. Just the cost of one of those 200 tanks we are giving to Morsi would have paid for a lot of protection.

          Who knows whether Hillary was at fault. She didn’t tell us who kept the Ambassador’s warnings and requests for more security from her. She didn’t tell us who in her department authorized the reduction in security. She didn’t tell us who instructed one of her employees, Susan Rice, to go on TV.

          However, when she says, “I’m responsible.”, maybe she is.

      • Reddiaperbaby

        Still waiting for the village idiot from Texas to apologize for 9/11?? You’re such a schmuck, how can anyone so dumb go on breathing and taking up space on an overcrowded planet??

      • adriancrutch


      • patuxant

        You are a real piece of work. Sitting back here and postulating on the “truth” of the matter. Do yourself a favor and check out the deaths of over 3000 Americans on 9/11 and decide which is the worst horror. Did Bush ever own up? No!!! And a Clinton “trait”? Please! Why don’t you run for office if you know so f–n much?

        • montanabill

          Another one who wants to point to straw men to avoid the truth.

          FYI, Pres. Bill never did own to letting Osama escape when he had him in his sights, either. But that’s history also.

          • patuxant

            You have no bead on the truth. You didn’t and still don’t know about the FEI!

      • Fox left out the rest of her statement; she went on to indicate that it was her job aided by the Congress to find out what happened and to ensure that it does not happen again. Full transcripts are available from any reputable news agency!

        Pretty soon all of you will run out of air in the GOP bubble that you are living in. Can not wait for that day!

        • montanabill

          They didn’t leave it out any more than the actual recordings of her testimony left it out. Her job as Secretary of State is to know what is going on in her department. She has had a very large staff and 4 months to get to the bottom of what happened within State. She’s dodging the real questions, still.

          Sooner or later, you will stop living in Oz.

  • ObozoMustGo

    And now…. the REAL Cartoon of the Day!

    [click image to enlarge]

    Have a nice day!

    “Based on information that we — our initial information — we saw no evidence to back up claims by others that this was a preplanned or premeditated attack; that we saw evidence that it was sparked by the reaction to this video.” – Jay Carney on Sept 17th responding to questions about what caused the Benghazi attacks on our consulate on 9/11, despite email evidence that shows Obozo knew it was a terrorist attack moments after it started.

  • They had no more luck with Hillary than they do wrestling with thier conscience.Rationalizing is facinating isn’t it?

  • That was great! Those clowns thought they were so smart, Hillary put them in their place! Go Hillary!

  • mnmtac

    His real name is Randall Paul, and some in KY.wish he would go back to Texas with his daddy!

  • adriancrutch

    I’m still wondering HOW WTC building 7 collapsed?

  • adriancrutch


  • adriancrutch

    Get on your pygmy pony & get on over to the dental foss bush!

  • adriancrutch

    OBIEOZO played Mohammad in the (movie)!

    • Danceroflife

      Who is Obieozo?

  • iamhe

    Now the GOP SOBs are trying to keep the president from having the cabinet of his choice…those ∂©ƒ∂˙©ƒ∂ turds..

  • jstsyn

    I’ve often wondered how people in our past could have been so off the wall crazy. The republicans have and continue to show us day after day after day after day. Getting really old.

  • She punish very Softly,this is a Message for all GOP.


    More Evidence

    Once again, the old, old, used up, dead and dying, over the hill rich, old, white guys GOP is about ready for the dirt to be thrown on them.

    Should I bake a cake for the wake and where do we send the flowers. It should be time for burial since the GOP is really starting to stink, badly.

  • Rich711

    Hillary hands them their a$$.AGAIN. LMFAO.

  • ralphkr

    I am rather intrigued by the inconsistent accusations against our government. “Marines were ordered to stand down” is somewhat puzzling since our rescue team arrived at the Benghazi airport little after midnight (Were they disobeying orders or was their immediate superior disobeying orders?). “Running gun battle for hours” There was an attack on our Consulate that, according to locals, seemed rather disorganized since it started with a few attackers and gradually built up force. This was when our ambassador was killed by smoke inhalation. “Stevens body was paraded through the streets” after the attack local crowd was searching through the rubble and discovered Stevens and they rushed him to a hospital where he was pronounced dead (By the criteria used by Republicans I reckon we could say that we paraded the dead from the WTC through the streets of NY). The major battle was when our rescue team was ambushed at the CIA compound by a large organized group of militia.

    How can we defend against something like this??? By my calculation it would have taken a company of combat experienced marines to stop the second attack but only a couple of squads to stop the original attack on our consulate. Consider that our current policy is to only use local troops/police at consulates you can see that we shall need to quickly expand our military in order to station a company at each consulate and two companies at each embassy in the world. Yeah, that will happen about the same time that the sun rises in the west.