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Monday, October 24, 2016

Walmarts in 46 states saw strikes on Black Friday, according to organizers. The estimated 1,000 protests made national news, bringing attention to low wages and the retaliation that Walmart workers claim to suffer when they speak out.

However, the chain reported a “best ever” Black Friday, with almost no impact from the protests.

Dan Schlademan, director of the lobby group Making Change at Walmart, said “hundreds and hundreds” of Walmart workers joined the protests, which were mostly made up of union members and those sympathetic to the labor movement.

Consumers still dodged the protesters to grab the bargains that have made the day after Thanksgiving one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

Walmart CEO Bill Simon disputes the number of protests organizers are reporting. Even if hundreds and hundreds of workers did walk out, that would only be a fraction of the the 1.3 million who work for the world’s largest retail company.

“Only 26 protests occurred at stores last night and many of them did not include any Walmart associates,” Simon said in a company statement. “We estimate that less than 50 associates participated in the protest nationwide. In fact, this year, roughly the same number of associates missed their scheduled shift as last year.”

This either suggests workers are happy with their jobs paying wages averaging out at $8.81 an hour — so low they often have to seek government assistance. Or… Walmart effectively limits protests by making employees fear the consequences of protesting.

“If an associate speaks out, they retaliate by taking their hours, not giving them full-time hours, they write them up, they can ‘coach’ them,’” Venanzi Luna, a deli manager at the Walmart in Pico Rivera, said.

Walmart says they have strict policies against retaliation.

OUR Walmart, the group helping to organize the protests, isn’t trying to unionize Walmart workers, but advocating for workers’ rights so that the company will seek to improve the treatment of employees on its own.

Though Walmart’s Black Friday sales weren’t hurt, its image may be tarnished by the coverage of the actions, which are scheduled to continue throughout the holiday season.

“This is the way you get a fair shake. You’ve got to fight for it. You’ve always had to,” said Charlie May, a member of the Industrial Workers of the World who attended a protest in Lakewood, Colorado.

Photo credit: tshein via Flickr

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  • Ibsyboy

    All great movements start out small. But, the issue is now out there. Walmart has been exploiting the unemployment problem in America for Profit. And will continue to do so until more people find themselves in this new age of employment that is growing up around the unemployment conditions.

    The have lots of part timers, no benefits, most are food stamp recipients. They work them on erratic schedules. It’s the worst form of Capitalism. It’s is pushing Americas in to servitude.

    Inland Ports are another culprit of this exploitation. Low wages, long hours, no benefits, no overtime, no holidays off, weekend shifts.

    It’s awful. We are going backwards as a nation. Walmart and Inland Ports are not entry level jobs, these are family income jobs. In other words, dead end jobs.

    • This is today’s modern sweatshop. The little known embarassment of America, the middle class whose wages (what can actually be bought on today’s wages) have gone down during the last 30 years. People are forced into a corner where they are forced to buy cheap stuff from the big box stores to keep their families slightly happy or go with out. The corporations control everything, every aspect of people’s lifes. The Righties like to talk about the government being in your lives when it’s actually the corporate bosses, they lobby for laws that favor them, the man on the street is screwed.

      • Ibsyboy

        I am happy to read your comment. The issue of ‘modern sweat shops’ as you put, has to come front and center as an issue. The Right would counter; that at least they have a job. I am always impressed with how blithely the Right throws out those comments, when I bet they have never had to experience being one of the working poor. The Nuns on a Bus suggest a $12.50 an hour minimum wage which would elevate people above the poverty line. Then you have a person earning a wage they can live on and work a job they can be proud of and be happy to go to every day. Then there is ObamaCare, that will ease the lives of many working people of America. The Right does not see that one of the great legislative accomplishments has occurred right under their noses, and they choose to stand on the sidelines of American history and take the role of the spoil sport. No wonder the GOP is sinking into irrelevance with every day that passes. Enjoyed your comment.

        • onedonewong

          and yet obamacare is causing 1000’s of businesses, colleges to cut people hours so they don’t have to pay for obamacare. when its all done in 3 years, americans will be worse off with their health care then ever

          • Ibsyboy

            And how do you derive 1000s. All there has been are some cheap ass lying sacks of shit franchisers who backed down when the real costs were way lower than they claimed.

            Pizza man, was going to raise his prices by a $1.50. Turns out a 3% increase in the price would be enough. Lying crooked money grubbing bastard. He was going to make millions of dollars more based on a lying sack of shit scam on the American public.

            And Mr. Denny’s? Same thing.

            These are multimillion dollar businesses with what appears to be the worst accountants on the planet, or the owners are just spiteful money grabbing lying scum bags. I go with the latter.

            The entire bull shit lies about businesses losing money is just that, bull shit. Obamacare provides money to the businesses to cover the costs if they threaten the business. Get off your lazy ass and read the fucking bill instead of relying on FOX, Rush, Beck and Right Wing Blogs. They are all at war with America. All Negative alll the time. Never anything positive about America. They always start with “You know what is wrong with America?” See Negative.

            Here ya go from the ACA (Affordable Care Act – Obamacare to you) bill:

            If you have up to 25 employees, pay average annual wages below $50,000, and provide health insurance, you qualify for a small business tax credit of up to 35% (up to 25% for non-profits) to offset the cost of your insurance. This will bring down the cost of providing insurance.
            Under the health care law, employer-based plans that provide health insurance to retirees ages 55-64 can now get financial help through the Early Retiree Reinsurance Program. This program is designed to lower the cost of premiums for all employees and reduce employer health costs.
            Starting in 2014, the small business tax credit goes up to 50% (up to 35% for non-profits) for businesses. This will make the cost of providing insurance even lower.
            In 2014, small businesses with generally fewer than 100 employees can shop in an Affordable Insurance Exchange, which gives you power similar to what large businesses have to get better choices and lower prices. An Exchange is a new marketplace where individuals and small businesses can buy affordable health benefit plans.
            Exchanges will offer a choice of plans that meet certain benefits and cost standards. Starting in 2014, members of Congress will be getting their health care insurance through Exchanges, and you will be able to buy your insurance through Exchanges, too.
            Employers with fewer than 50 employees are exempt from new employer responsibility policies. They don’t have to pay an assessment if their employees get tax credits through an Exchange.

            Don’t you get tired of being wrong all the time. Every piece of Bull Shit you guys pass off as fact, sinks like a lead weight to the bottom of the barrel where you found it.

            Provide me with one thing you guys have ever been right about.
            You thought the whole country was as small minded as you guys. And look what happened. An intelligent young Negro man beat your asses in two Presidential elections.

            Get over it. You lost. Take a break from FOX, RUSH, Beck, etc. All you end up with is nothing other than being totally wrong.

            You are so wrong on this 1000s of businesses and colleges. It’s bull shit. Not true in the least. Go to Google and find that info on something other than Right Wing Blogs. (See above)
            They are always wrong as well. They have never held up to any fact checking ever.
            This is an example of their hyperbole and making shit up.

          • onedonewong

            Obviously you haven’t read a newspaper in the past 6 months. Small businesses colleges and a host of governmental agencies are cutting hours, employees and quit hiring. The cost to the avg small business for obamacare is $2 an hour.
            Now $2 isn’t much to some one like you who lives off the taxpaying public but it is if you are trying to make a living in business

          • Ibsyboy

            What bewspapers in particular are yuo talking about online right wing magaxines with a bug up their ass becasue the Negro got reelected. Read the provisions of small buisnesses. There are very generous tax credits available to offset the increasein insurance cosot to the employer. Did you read about that? Doubt.

            There is no additional costs to small businesses if they are getting a 35% tax credit for providing health care through the ACA plan. That 35% goes up to 50% in 2014.

            There is no lose of 2.00. That’s right wing bull shit. If anyone is laying people off it’s not becasue of the ACA, it’s because they are trying to save money by reducing their staff and making the others work more hours. Look at Walmart. How naive can one person be? How can any one trust what Papa JOhn’s lying sack of shit owner says.
            1.50 was his claim to be his extra costs. Turns out he only needs to change 3% more.
            3% of a 10.00 pizza? That’s 3 cents. 1.50 – 3 = 1.47. A dollar forty seven going into his pocket. He’s a scum bag. A lying scum bag. He was going to cheat the public by lying about his ACA costs. Scumbag. And people like you buy that shit.

            How can so many smart people be so wrong abut the ACA plan. Obviously they have relied on the same uninformed sources as you have. I mean the guy from Papa John’s must have very expensive accountants who should have filled him in on the reality of ACA, when they did he backed down from his position. It’s amazing he was so ill informed. He’s a very successful business man a multimillionaire. I think he was pissed the Mitt had his ass handed to him by the Negro. Same with the redneck at the Denny’s.

          • onedonewong

            Very generous tax credit that will ADDDDD $1 Trillion to the debt every year but what the heck its just taxpayers money and the Dem base doesn’t pay taxes anyway.
            There is no $2.00 per hour cost??? Once again we have some one living the taxpayers who own and run businesses telling them obamacare is FREE
            How can people be so wrong about obamacare because the full cost don’t kick in until after Barak leaves office..strange coincidence???
            After seeing your cyphering above its obvious that $$ and making it isn’t something your good at

          • Ibsyboy

            What about the expansioon of small businesses because their healthcare cost have been offset by Gov money. How about hose jobs as the businesses expand.

            Here’s your choice. Lower taxes for the wealthy and big Corporations, which we have already done. No jobs. They put their money in hedge funds, Corporations move more of their business off shore. They work in the ratified air of mega wealth. Wealth for wealth’s sake. PROFIT TAKING

            Or, Helping Small businesses that are local, provide jobs for the community they are based in. Growing their business in that communality Old Fashion PROFIT MAKING.

            The President met with a group of Small Business people. When interviewed they to a person, like Obamacare, said it helped their business with the assistance from the Government, believe taxes should be increased over 250,000 Dollars, and leave entitlements alone. Warren Buffet one of the richest men in the World; Raise taxes.

            I for one would prefer more money go to small businesses, then to people who already have LOTS of money and have not invested in America.

            By the way. Twinkie. Raped by a leveraging company, Ripplewood. Union took 100 million in cuts top help. Ripplewood, pushed Twinkie in to debt, sucked out millions and now will make more by declaring bankruptcy. Exactly what Bain did to Sensata in Freeport, Kansas this year. And the scum bags tried to blame the Union after the Union made 100 Millions in concessions to help. Bain and Ripplewood are scum bags, bottom feeders. Your people, the people you support through your loyalty to the Right. You complain about Teleprompters, and 1000s of Americans are getting fucked by leveraging companies, who were given free reign by the deregulation during the Bush Admin. Romney intended to deregulate even more. Yeah, let these Profit Takers rape the fuck out of America. Your on the wrong side in this fight my friend. You are standing up for anti American Money grubbing, economy Raping Mother Fuckers. You need to get your self onto the right side of the issues in America. This country belongs to the average Americans, 98% of the population, not the 2% who don’t give a fuck about anything but Profit Taking, at any cost, including crashing companies. Twinkies made over 2 Billion last year, Ripplewood put them in 1 Billion debt. So declare bankruptcy and fire 18,500 Americans, Ripplewood could very easily made Twinkie a profitable company, by not borrowing money they did not need. Over 2 Billion in profits in 2011. Now they are gone? Sensata, very profitable company, Bain comes in puts them in debt and then moves them to China. Again Bain could have made Sensata even more successful, but there was no money in doing that. So once again fuck over the average American for Profit Taking.

            I ask why do you over look these transgressions perpetrated on American citizens and get all wound up over lapel flag pins and teleprompters.

          • onedonewong

            You don’t get it do you. Small business AREN”T adding any new jobs, they aren’t going to until all the dust has settled on obamacare and taxes. Barak has spent over $3Trillion on “growing the economy” the only economies that have grown are China Korea Finland Mexico Brazil to name a few where he has sent American jobs thank’s to our tax dollars.
            Warren Buffet says raise taxes OK why hasn’t Warren just claimed 2 exemptions him and his wife and then paid taxes??
            Why hasn’t barak who keeps talking about the rich paying their fair share only paying taxes at a 19% rate far less than any federal secretary working in the WH.
            By the way Twinkies went bankrupt because of its UNONS. It was the UNIONS that would only deliver some products on a truck, the Wonder Bread driver wouldn’t deliver Twinkees or HoHo’s, those Drivers wouldn’t deliver hostess pies or snowballs. So the typical 7/11 would have 4-5 deliveries every day by Hostess. That’s the union mentality and now they don’t have jobs and guess what who ever buys the brand will NEVER rehire them. They are toast their next stop is living under a bridge with their union hats.Hostess didn’t made $2 Billion last year that was their sales they LOST $200Million,
            Solar companies taxpayers to date have kicked in over %150 Billion to see them go bankrupt so your point is what???
            Sorry I’m on the right side Union membership is less than 15% and dropping, the avg Joe has figured out that unions aren’t their friends.

          • Ibsyboy

            Let me ask you this. If your personal debt was out of this world. What would you cut? And would your attempt to raise more revenue?

            We have a revenue problem as well, and that is the third rail the GOP will not touch. End of Bush’s term 750,000 per month losing their jobs. 750,000 per month. That is a minor event to you. Why do you guys keep insisting the Bush economic

          • onedonewong

            If your a Democrat spending will solve everything so when you ask your question you have to qualify it as to what would a Rational person do and what would a democrat do.
            What was the unemployment rate when dems took over Congress in 2007??? That’s the real question and answer

          • Ibsyboy

            Nope, that’s not the question. The question is why were we losing 750,000 jobs a month at the end of Bush’s term, when we gave the Job Creators what they wanted. Lower taxes and financial market deregulation.

            How do you reconcile the GOP mantra of help the Job Creators and they will produce Jobs. Didn’t happen under Bush or under Obama when the Bush Tax cut were extended.

            May I ask why none of that ever enters your narrative? Why you are okay with the Job Creators not creating Jobs? How can you pretend to care about America, when you never include the Bush Debacle; the 2nd Depression in America’s history.

            Economist who do not hate Negroes, see the economy improving, and one could argue if the GOP had not spent 4 years undermining Obama, we may be further along with improving things. And here we are after he crushed their Presidential candidate, they are still at it with trying to get back at him for embarrassing them on Nov. 6.

            We are going over the cliff. The GOP approved every one of Bush’s Debt Ceiling increases. Now they don’t think the USA should pay it’s debts, we got downgraded because of their antics at the last Debt Ceiling Increase debate due to the GOP’s Childish tantrums. which increased the interest on our loans. Billions dumped down the toilet by a vindictive GOP.

          • onedonewong

            I concede the point once you embrace the statement that govt isn’t the solution its the PROBLEM

          • Ibsyboy

            Hostess Brands Inc. is asking for a judge’s approval to give its top executives bonuses totaling up to $1.8 million as part of its wind-down plans.

          • onedonewong

            Makes sense since the folks that own the company need to insure that their assets are protected

          • Ibsyboy

            Jesus man. WRONG AGAIN. There are no assets. They have bankrupted the company. The friggin’ company is gone, and these scum bags are asking for 1.8 million for what? Destroying an American institution and 18,500 lives.

            Your kidding right. Making a joke. What assets. Rippleton has removed those.

            I knew you weren’t going to read the Rippleton story. I told myself this guy does not want to learn anything, don’t waste your time. But, no. I had to make the mistake and think I was replying to a Pro-America guy. Obviously I was wrong. For the first time.

            It is not possible that you can be that dense. Rippleton bought Hostess, borrowed over 800 million against the company’s value at that time, sucked out the assets, then declared bankruptcy.

            You can not be that completely lost in the Right Wing Asylum where you are okay with 18,500 people being put out of work by a Leveraging company.

            Mitt’s Bain, for example, was notorious for buying companies, borrowing against the assets, putting the company in debt, they extract all the assets and declare bankruptcy.
            Screw the workers. He would have done the same thing to America.

            Don’t you know anything other than the stuff the Right Wing Asylum sends you. You really need to find some friends who care about your well being. Your going to go through life alone otherwise.

          • onedonewong

            No assets??? and you ‘supposedly owned a company”???? Of course their are assets there is brick and motor, vehicles and host of other hard assets and financial ones.
            No they didn’t destroy an American institution they rescued it from its 1st bankruptcy and try to make the existing business plan work and it didn’t. Union intransigence once again claimed another business.
            Pro American you bet I wear my flag on my arm, however I’m as anti union as anyone can get. Unions may have had a purpose back in 1900. They ceased to have any merit from the 1960’s on ward. I’ve put up with useless unions in my 2 careers. They are a hindrance to productivity, accountability even profits. Only a union can’t be prosecuted for any actions up to and including murder.
            Bain and Rippleton have SAVED more business than went under. You fail to grasp they buy LOOSERS and trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear. If you were so worried about the “workers” then how could you support barak who has exported more American jobs than any previous president and he did it with taxpayer $$$.
            Obviously the communist manifesto and barak is your religion

          • Ibsyboy

            I must bid you adieu.

          • Ibsyboy

            Those nasty Unions yep, they are to blame. Gave $100 million in employee concessions to help Hostess, and here is how Rippleton responds.

            Rippleton: Hostess Brands Inc. is asking for a judge’s approval to give its top executives bonuses totaling up to $1.8 million as part of its wind-down plans.

          • onedonewong

            At least we agree that unions caused this mess and now they can find a new line of work.

            As for bonuses that always happens the investors have t protect their assets pending a sale of the brand and facilities. I can assure you of one thing who ever buys them won’t rehire 1 of the Union members

          • Ibsyboy

            Sorry, Ducky. Putting words in my mouth, and idiotic ones at that, I take as a personal offense.

            Here’s a little homework for you, contact your source of every wrong thing you post and ask if they have some definitive proof the Union caused this mess. How does giving up 100 Million in Employees concessions to Rippleton, by the way did you ever find out who Rippleton is, show the Unions were the cause to the mess.

            Look I am getting tired of insulting your intelligence, but you give me no indication that you possess any.
            God all F’ing Mighty, you are about the dumbness putz on the planet, my 10 year old nephew has a better grasp of what happened with Hostess than you do.

            Where do yo get your information?

            If I can take a shot at what you perceive as reality, it comes out like this;

            Rippleton buys the failing Hostess Bakery. The borrow 850 million against the company’s value, they pay off there investors, pay themselves huge salaries. The when there are NO assets left, none to protect, they file for bankruptcy. If they had assets the court would have had them seized in the bankruptcy case. They are now asking the judge to give them millions in management fees, as though they are the first in line of the creditors, they ruined the company, put 18,500 people out of work.

            And your dim bulb response is they have to protect their assets. The company is bankrupt it has no assets to protect. What is it that you don’t understand?

            I have never in my life met someone who is so proud of being the village idiot.

          • onedonewong

            Thanks for posting the bakers union talking points. I would expect no different from you rather than doing a minimal amount of independent research. I posted the problems that the unions caused 1st off the delivery drivers refusal to carry multiple products to their customers so that as many as 5 Hostess trucks would deliver to a single customer. Even 60% of the america public recognize the union as the culprit for Hostess demise
            Yea your 10 years old nephew is really 65 its just you can’t count or add just like your messiah.
            Hmmm guess you were blinded by your messiah when it comes to bankruptcy. Did you forget GM and Chrysler?? Barak TOOK all the bond holders $$$, confiscated it just like they did in Cuba Venezuela. even though the bankruptcy laws of this country say that bondholders are 1st on the list when it comes to redeeming assets.
            He then took those bond holders assets and gave them to the union once again like they did on the communes.
            Its a shame that the gene pool for your family wasn’t cloroxed after your birth

          • Ibsyboy

            Man what a misinformed Anti American you are. All negative all the time.

            That Negro has really gotten under your skin.

            Solar company not companies. If I could, let me mention a couple of your failures that lost BILLIONS and 1000s of American lives. IRAQ & Afghanistan

            Now I guess you want me to overlook the death of 1000s of Americans in the failure of IRAQ. Can’t do that. Still paying for it too. Added Billions to the Deficit.

            Bush borrowed almost a Trillion from COMMUNIST China, our biggest economic competition. The near Trillion was to pay for his tax cuts and the 2 wars. Was not enough, he had to take money from Social Security as well.

            So here’s the scenario;

            1000s of Americans killed/ Over 15,000 Americans wounded. 200 Thousand plus Dead Iraqi citizens.

            In debt to COMMUNIST China for close to a Trillion Dollars.

            Billions of dollars in aid to the Iraqis

            Billions paid to Halliburton, the company Cheney was the President of before he became President of the USA.

            A devastating Financial Failure in 2008 which brought America to its economic knees.

            Now all of the above is part of the economic hole we are in and you want me to over look it, because it happened on your watch.

            And what I should be worried about is the President uses a teleprompter and didn’t have a flag pin in his lapel, and he didn’t have his hand over his heart. Okay. You got me. He is the worst President since the Big Bang. (which is not a TV show) AND HE IS A NEGRO.

            Oh, yeah and the earth is flat and only 5000 years old and man walked with the dinosaurs, isn’t that part of your belief system on the Right Wing. And the sun goes round the earth. And God created the Universe in 6 days then took a break and handed it to Murphy, the first Right Winger on earth, and the rest is history.

          • onedonewong

            Sorry its PLURAL Companies…
            Over look all the casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan nope those are a tragedy. Yet a larger tragedy is that Our men and women have sustain more casualties under that great military strategist barak than under W. Barak’s rules of engagement have tied our warriors hands behind their backs and minimizing moooslims casualties.
            Barak has borrowed $6 TRILLION from China and will have borrowed $10 Trillion by year end.
            A financial failure thanks to Dems in congress that pushed socialist lending policies that FORCED banks to make bad loans all the while gardening sweetheart low interest loans for themselves and family.
            Yes I agree he’s Negro not black there is a world of difference between the 2

          • Ibsyboy

            Why do you insist on being so anti-America. Everything is negative, and completely wrong.

            The Energy Department cites several success stories like one of the world’s largest wind farms in eastern Oregon, massive solar power plants in Arizona and grants to Ford to produce fuel-efficient cars.

            In fact, of the 28 funded projects — involving 23 companies — listed in a 2012 congressional report, only four involve businesses that were either sold or are not in operation.

            China bought our debt. We do that you know. We sell our debt. Can’t be picky when you need money. We sell Treasures to many Countries.

            Why would they do that with a man in the White House who you depict as a failure?

            Well it comes down to the world’s confidence in America. And the success of Obama stopping the leak, and bringing recovery to the economy. They are more pro American than you. The capitalist country’s of the World were rooting for Obama’s reelection.
            They trust he will not “F” the world they way Bush did.

            Who sold the mortgages, who earned Billions from the mortgages. The very guys who begged for deregulation of the financial markets. And that was your guy’s idea to do against every economist warning that Wall Street could not be trusted to be sensible. Free Enterprise = Theft with out punishment.

            The Energy Department cites several success stories like one of the world’s largest wind farms in eastern Oregon, massive solar power plants in Arizona and grants to Ford to produce fuel-efficient cars.

            In fact, of the 28 funded projects — involving 23 companies — listed in a 2012 congressional report, only four involve businesses that were either sold or are not in operation. And most of these are guaranteed loans, not direct money .

          • onedonewong

            Hardly I’m anti Guberment. Successes lets see the wind farms in eastern Oregon were made with turbines from CHINA>>>>>Solar power plants one by DOD and the solar cells came from where CHINA, The new bridge in SF was built in CHINA. Barak is giving japense and Korean car companies $7500 for every car they export to the US.
            We paid for a pure battery powered vehicle built in FINLAND.
            As for Ford the govt offered $$$ for development of GREEN cars the majority of the public $$$ went to Toyoda, Nissan and Hundai FOREIGN car companies. Their research didn’t even have to be one in this country, if this is such a great idea why isn’t Japan funding it??
            You just don’t seem yo get it Federal spending went from $15Trillion in 1997 to over $3.6 trillion double!!!! Are we safer are we better off do we have better roads bridges, do we have a better educated public??? Of course the answer is NO yet your belief is that govt needs to be bigger.
            All barak has done is to saddle my grandkids with a $150,000 debt the day they are born…sorry if I don’t agree with you that passing that debt load on to these kids isn’t a family value

          • Ibsyboy

            From Bloomberg Business week: “Since the recovery began, small and midsize companies have been producing more jobs than their larger counterparts and creating them at a faster pace than during the recovery from the 2001 recession. But because small business employment hasn’t yet caught up to where it was before the recession began, the perception that small employers aren’t hiring endures.”

            Like I keep telling you. You have to get out of that Right Wing Asylum, and see what is really going on in America. A one sided view of life is the prescription for an unhappy existence. The Sun and stars are still in the sky, people are enjoying themselves, becasue the economy is getting better. Christmas purchases look like they are going to be huge according to Business Week.

            From FoxBusinessNews: A preliminary reading on U.S. gross domestic product showed the economy expanded at an annualized rate of 2.7% in the third quarter of 2012, up from a previous estimate of 2%.

            From FOXBusinessNews: New claims for unemployment benefits fell last week to 393,000 last week from an upwardly revised 416,000 the week prior.

            Hmmm. Good News for America. Now give me your Anti-American response.

          • onedonewong

            Dept of labor…Fewer americans are working today than at any time during W’s 2nd term there has been no net job creation despite $4 trillion in so called stimulus spending.
            You should quit the Messiah worship and see the real world for a change

          • Ibsyboy

            Your going to have to take that up with Bloomberg News. And as far as the Department of Labor. How the hell do you do it? Handle the embarrassment of constantly being wrong. Everything you have sent me has been sadly incorrect.

            NOTE: September 2012: The Labor Department on Thursday morning quietly released a new benchmark for payroll employment in the U.S. It turns out that there has been net job growth — not much, but more than nothing — during Obama’s first term.

            Man you have a set of big ones, to keep coming back for more when you have been wrong every single time.

            As I said before. You need to get out more. Leave that asylum of Right Wing BS. Try finding both sides and then decide. But that would be a waste for you. You’re only interested in things that are Anti America and Anti-the Negro in the White House.

          • onedonewong

            How do you handle it being a butt boy for Obama. For the past 40 months the state run media has been following baraks lead that he was adding 10’s of thousands of jobs while their wasn’t a single net job. And now at the 11th hour they recount and find a net job growth of 100.
            Time for you to stop being memorized by the messiah and have a honest view of the economy

          • Ibsyboy

            Bloomberg Business Week:

            Since the recovery began, small and midsize companies have been producing more jobs than their larger counterparts and creating them at a faster pace than during the recovery from the 2001 recession.

            Job creation at small companies has also been pretty robust. In the 33 months since the current recovery began, small employers added 2.6 million jobs.

            Don’t you ever get tired of being wrong all the time?

            FOX Business News:

            A preliminary reading on U.S. gross domestic product showed the economy expanded at an annualized rate of 2.7% in the third quarter of 2012, up from a previous estimate of 2%.

            New claims for unemployment benefits fell to 393,000 last week from an upwardly revised 416,000 the week prior.

            This info is from your boys at FOX.

            You really have to get out of that Right Wing Prison your in. Get out side. The Sun, the Moon and the stars are still in the sky. People are enjoying the Holidays. Christmas Retails sales are looking to be a huge year. The recovery has giving people confidence. That’s right the Negro has raised the confidence of the America Consumer.

          • Ibsyboy

            As far as making money. I ran a very successful consultancy. Employed good people. Hard working people who helped me grow the company. I sold the company, with the understanding the new owners do not change the wage structure and benefits. With Obamacare the new owners will have an easier time than I did with providing health care. I live in one of the best communities in Pennsylvania, drive a BMW z4 Roaster and just recently sold our beach house. Very lucky too. Sold it the Friday before Sandy hit. New owners got hit pretty hard. But FEMA has come in and taken care of them. Flood insurance provided by the Fed. Gov. ain’t cheap but very worthwhile. We were flooded out a few years back. Bam, FEMA came in house back t normal for the summer. FEMA was the best.

            I am 67, have my Social Security, Medicare and my retirement fund. America. What a great Country. If we don’t invest in the people we are doomed. Our infrastructure is sad. I traveled for years, all over the world. American roads are the worst. There are millions of jobs waiting if we take care of the roads and Bridges. Government money is a multiplier. The dollar that goes into the roads, then goes in to the workers pocket, then goes in to some retailer, that then goes in to the employees pockets. Around and around. And there are taxes that will be paid by everyone in that chain. That’s Democratic Capitalism. It’s how we have done it for years. But the last 30 years has been spent caring only about the Wealthy, and look where we are. That tax cut money is not a multiplier, it is invested by the person who gets the tax cut, invested in a money scheme. No trickle down. Middle class wages have more impact than the top 2%’s money..

          • onedonewong

            Yo know what that understanding means right??? Those hard working people will take a pay cut to fund Obamacare.
            Your all about the worker and then you drive a BMW really how many jobs did that creat in the US??? want to give me a number??
            Beach House its guys like you that force the avg person to have to pay ever increasing taxes. After the 1st damage to the beach house you should have been denied and future coverage. Flood insurance needs to be part of the budget cuts its long long over due.
            You’ve traveled all over the world good for you and your point?? I’ve traveled all over as well and the best highways are in China certainly not Europe.
            Our roads would be better over night if the Dem’s would leave the gas tax $$ alone. For every $1 generated only 60 cents actually goes for roads. 15 cents for mass transit subsidies, 15% goes to pay for over priced union labor and the other 10% goes for bike paths and beautification Govt $$ is a multiplier hmm so when I spend a dollar at the grocery store that’s the end huh??
            No that’s not how its been done for years and years even during the depression transfer payments were only 30% of the federal budget today its 65%. The lazy are riding in the wagon while everyone else pushes its the miracle of socialism that barak and hitler wanted for their countries

          • Ibsyboy

            You really have to get out odf that Right Wing Bubble you’re in.

            1st off: My car came from the Spartanberg, SC BMW plant. They make the Z4 and the X5 SUV in Spartanberg.

            #2: I paid a ton of money for that insurance. They don’t let you off the hook if you have more then one claim.

            #3: Well we could go the route of the French who have fantastic privately run highways, and fantastic tolls to use them. 6 of 1 and half a dozen of the other.

            #4: 30% of how much. FDR had a 94% top tax rate. Higher revenue generation. Social Security, Unemployment insurance. Were born. Our revenue generation has diminished precipitously over the last 30 years. And incomes have been flat, lower tax base to generate revenue and a nonexistent upper tier tax rate (after all of the “gifts” of exemptions, subsides and loopholes) We’re poor. We have a revenue problem. FDR did not. Nor did Eisenhower in the post war 50s. Top tax rate, 90%. Unemployment 3%. We have to have revenue. It can’t be more obvious, except to your group. Who suffer so the Wealthy can live like Feudal Lords.

    • onedonewong

      and yet illegals can prosper and buy homes and cars and send their kids to college

      • Ibsyboy

        And your point is???

        • onedonewong

          That racism and low wages mean nothing in the scheme of things. only had wok and making the right decisions

  • Ed

    MORE! MORE! MORE! Americans always want more, even if it destroys the country. As Wal Mart overruns smaller businesses lower wages bevo,e the norm. Soon americans will want the minimum wage law repealed(funded by the Koch brothers) and then the who world can work for 1,00 and hour or less.

    • Ibsyboy

      Luckily, God has not completely forsaken the USA, Obama was elected by the citizens of the USA. Which indicates many Americans are dissatisfied with the culture that has grownup around the unemployment issue. The outright exploitation of the situation by GOP backed Corporations, the “Job Creators.” With the help of the GOP Corporations have received what they wanted in exchange for their largesse to the GOP coffers. They got the Unions demonized, they got the ability to increase their profits by the sweat of the brow of under paid Americans receiving below poverty line wages. Quite an alliance, and to think Mitt would have double down on that relationship with Corporations. His 12 million jobs would have been the expansion of more Walmart type of jobs. More Americans employed, more working poor depending on food stamps and emergency wards. Bleak. There is hope, there is Obama’s reelection, and the opening of American’s eyes to the injustice of Profit Taking.

  • When you go to work for Walmart you have to know what you are going to be up against their employees have been complaining for years.

  • howa4x

    This is exactly what the Koch bros, and the other PAC contributers wanted for all America. Shut up if you want your job, and absolutely no whistleblowing if you see enviornmental crimes. This is why the 1% funded Scott Walkers attempt to emasculate unions. They are too troublesome and want to many rights like a decent wage and worker protections. The workers are also hard to dismiss. The union will represent them. Can’t dismiss them at will like the old days. This is why it boggles my mind that working people support the republicans when this is what they really want. Low wages and no worker protections. It also makes me sad that the middleclass americans are more intrested in cheap goods from china, than a decent wage for people. This is why the 1% can control us. They get a majority to work against themselves. The other thing that really makes me think is how many of these Wal-Mart workers are republicans. Talk about working against yourself, this is the model

    • bob


      • onedonewong

        Vote democratic and you can be sure your kids will envy Haiti

        • Ibsyboy

          Oh my God, you again. Would you care to explain what the hell that sentence means.

          If memory serves me well we were suppose to be living in a totally destroyed country at this time. That is what you said when Obama kicked McCain’s ass. You and yours warned us of the end of the world.

          Well, look at us now, economy is improving. Stock market is roaring, Corporate profits are at an all time high. GOP in total ruin. Teahadist Party completely exposed as being crazy.

          Your prediction in 2009 turned out to be wrong. And here you are again with another meaningless dire prediction. Now why should any one believe you when you are consistently wrong. Get a grip. Get out and meet some other people and let them fill you in on whats been happening out side of your right wing cocoon.

          • onedonewong

            Hmmm 23 MILLION unemployed 45 Million on foodstamps. More people unemployed than at anytime during W’s 2nd term. $10 trillion in new debt, every newborn now faces a debt load of $150,000 the day they born. Record US casualties everyday he’s in office…yep that’s a record to be proud of, heck even Jimmy Carter is high 5ing Barak since he took over the rank of the worst president EVER and Jimmy is now 2nd worst

      • Ibsyboy

        What ever you have left is what you have .
        If you are talking about what you have, I don’t see anything on the horizon that will take it away from anyone.

        Would you care to explain what you mean by will “lose what you may have left? means?

        Those who have suffered are victims an economic policy set in place by lowering taxes on the upper income folks and Corporations and deregulation of the financial markets. As we all know the financial markets celebrated the deregulation by selling bad mortgages to the world. then BAM. CRASH. People lost jobs, homes, savings. BUT, did you notice that the wealthy came through it with most of their wealth intact.

        Also, the stock market is roaring, Cooperate profits are at all time highs.
        Where the “F” are the Jobs the GOP said the job providers will provide. I’ll tell you. They are rolling in dough, why risk it on creating jobs when hedge funds provide plenty of profit at minimum risk.

        We should all be very happy MItt did not win. He would have continued that failed economic policy. Lowered the Corpora4e taxes even more and deregulated the financila markets even more.

        Have you asked your self why there a so many Billionaires and Multimillionaires than there ever has been in America when we are suppose to be in an economic slump. It’s because only 98% of the population is in the slump. The other 2% are living it up. With our money from the bail outs.

    • onedonewong

      Yea this philosophy has worked great with the public system. Wages double what the private sector pays golden retirement parachutes and O accountability

      • howa4x

        Well wages did go up in the public sector in relationship to qualifications that also went up. The people who benefit from the system the most are the police who get benefits that no other public employee gets. They are the only ones that can retire after 20 yrs at 70% of salary for their pension. This pales to what people on Wall st make, and the 1%’s income rose a whopping 256% during the Bush era tax cuts, while the public sector was getting 3% raises. So do the math. Also think about which group had more benefit to society, cops, firemen, teachers or the people who took the tax cut and invested in China, India or stashed their money in offshore accounts. Bill Gates built a factory in Bangalore India, GE built a factory in Brazil, Romney stashed his 1/4 billion in Switzerland, Bermuda and the Caymans. The people we gave the largest tax cut in history-1 trillion dollars, exported 2.6 million jobs out of this country for greed . So much for the job creation myth. Wal-Mart one of the richest retailers, who made the vast majority of their money by importing cheap chinese goods, pays such a low wage that in some states their employes qualify for food stamps. They give minimal health benefits, and most of their employees don’t work enough hours to even get them. Study after study shows when they open a store real wages go down in the area. They discourage unions, and practice sex discrimination against women in their promotion policys. What saved them from a giant class action lawsuit was the republican courts. Wal-mart is the most fined corporation in the country, by the EPA, for it’s storage of pesticides near rivers and lakes

        Republicans think they the 1% should be rewarded for that behavior, and a majority of everyone else think they shouldn’t. That is what this election was about, and why I say any middleclass person who votes with the republicans is voting against the intrests of their family, easpcially their children

        • onedonewong

          There hasn’t been any changes in qualifications in the public sector incompetence still reigns supreme. Who benefits society more teachers certainly cops hardly and there are more Volunteer firemen than those on the payroll. So your point is what. All of those employee only exist based on the taxes paid by the 1%.
          Barak spent over $200B of taxpayer $$$ for jobs in Japan, China, Korea, Brazil, Mexico Finland just to name a few countries. At least Gates and GE didn’t use taxpayer $$$ to add jobs over seas.
          Walmart is the most fined corporation by the EPA Hello its the largest company in the world. The fact that walmart is anti UNION is a feather in their cap it means they are in business for the long haul. Every business that has been unionized either ceased to grow or went bankrupt
          The majority of others want to raise their taxes which is always the answer when the question of taxes comes up don’t raise mine raise the other guys

          • howa4x

            I think you watch too much Fox and need some down time. Other than our military bases, where did Obama create jobs directly in the countries you mentioned? What jobs are they? Can you name one that is not part of the government, or military?
            Teachers, Cops and other officials are not funded by the 1% , they are funded by local taxes. Qualifications in some states, although maybe not yours, have gone up for govt workers. Example in NJ you need a masters degree to be head of a local health agency, and most police forces want you to have at least a 2 yr degree. Teachers need a masters if they want to advance. This may not be true for the southern states, but you write from where you are and I do the same. I know the anti union bent of republicans but how do you think the middle class was built? Do you think some wealthy benevolent CEO woke up one day and said we have to pay our workers better? Really!! When there is a strong middle class then more goods and services are purchased. So if you want to pay workers the minimum wage, and give them no health benefits then the economy will suffer. Not the company that is doing it but all the other companies that depend on a thriving middle class to have disposable income. The workers that have to take food stamps to survive is also drain on the economy. Those without health coverage will go to the emergency room of the hospital when they are sick. Do you know who pays for that? The taxpayer, so is that fair that we should all pay for this companies greed ? Wal-Mart is not helping the larger economy just itself, also this is a company that pioneered bringing Cheap Chinese goods here and putting Americans out of work. This is a republican model. Reward the top and let the middle fend for itself. The pollution of lakes and rivers by this company’s storage of pesticides outdoors in broken bags that are exposed to rain and creates runoff is also a drain on the economy since the taxpayers have to clean it upwhile Wal-Mart litigates the matter. How would you like your child to drink water that is contaminated with pesticides?Chemicals that can cause brain cancer. Is that ok with you? I know that you are a republican so it seems the health of children ranks low on your priority scale. Far below corporate profits. This is why you are always for cutting programs that directly benefit children. They are the takers not the makers right? Just remember you had your shot for 8 yrs under Bush and the majority of Americans reject that philosphy. So like the Dylan song-the times they are a chang’n so go wiht the flow

        • Ibsyboy

          Your replying to some one who has no interest in facts or logic. Onedonewrong is a minion of the right wing. Restricted to having all info provided by FOX, Rush, Beck and the Right Wing blogosphere. Paranoia Central. Notice he speaks in slogans, talking points and random nonsense sentences. Totally a member of the Right Wing echo chamber. I wonder who done him wrong. High School sweetheart? Ex Girlfriend or Wife? If it is a political statement, it is self inflicted.

          I know I am coming off as harsh. But, to tell you the truth I have become tired of the Right Wing nonsense. I have developed an attitude to talk straight to these ass holes. They throw lies around, they slander, they propagate hate, anger, negativity, contempt, pessimism, self loathing, and low self esteem. I have stopped being polite and informative. Ass holes should be treated as such.

          They just say something with very little support for the comment. It’s; ‘Obama is the worst president ever.’ Period. As though they are aware of every President since George Washington. Can not be polite to that type of logic.

          • howa4x

            I know they have such tunnel vision. They can’t seem to comprehend the big picture and how all these issues inter relate. To them Bush II didn’t exist, and they refuse to be held accountable for the absolute mess he caused including the deficit. You’re right all they know is slogans when they answer. I was once trying to explin health care reform at the gym and poeple kept yelling socialism at me. Finally I said you mean like the health care your mother gets. They all shut up

          • Ibsyboy

            Something like 95% of White Men voted for Romney. The emotional fear runs deep. Negro President, the rise of Women in the work place, politics, and positions of power. The LGBT movement. Liberal is wimpy to the classic White American male. They see it as a weak philosophy, feminine and mommy like. It’s very hard for the average White American male to be empathic or caring. That’s for wusses and woman.

            Bring up the race issue and you are the culprit. They are so in denial of their deep seated Racial attitude. I can never get anyone to admit it. This is a forum where no one knows anyone else. I feel if they just come out and admit it, they may not be so wound up tight.

            I don’t like White people and I am a Caucasian.

            White is not a race, it is a World View. Caucasian in the race. And most Caucasians are Liberals. White is an adopted word to counter Black, as the Afro American community began referring to itself as Black. Black Power. White Power.
            I prefer Negro. I find Black offensive. It is used by the Right in a demeaning manner.

          • howa4x

            true again
            They live in a 1950’s bubble constructed by Fox Not news

    • Ibsyboy

      These are desperate people who are hard working and willing to take a Walmart job just to say they are working. I agree, these are the Americans Obama cares about and the GOP dismisses until election time. That’s when the GOP blows the dog whistles and throws the red meat out, scratching at the emotions of people looking for someone to blame for their lot in life. Here’s the cause of your anger; The Immigrants, the Negroes, the Asians, Women’s Rights. Anything to make them feel better about themselves and they reward the GOP with their votes. When the election is over, so is the interest of the GOP in these people. Hard working, proud Americans, just trying to get by. But, people are catching on. They reelected Obama. And the GOP is sliding quickly in to irrelevance. Some of the Teahadists got voted out. Which is a good thing for the USA. The stop government crowd. Not fix it, stop it.

      • howa4x

        I know My wife’s aunt work for Wal-Mart in SC and makes a really low wage. this year she told us she was voting for the republicans. Unbelievable. The south has some of the stupidest people on earth living there. Her minister a good Christian I’m sure told her to vote that way

        • Ibsyboy

          Oh my God. You again. That’s it one sentence with not one word of whtot you mean by the sentence.

          As it stand it is silly. What the hell does it mean. That’s a Rush and Beck sentence. They are always at war with

        • Ibsyboy

          There is within all humans an emotional element that runs deep. Fear of change, fear of people who are different (color and language). New cultures, new ideas. Many people have these fears. This is the field of emotional insecurity the GOP plants and reaps.

          America has always seen itself as a White Christian nation. Every President and all of the politicians were white men. Ronald Reagan is the prototype the GOP and their constituents hold up as a measuring stick. Romney & Ryan fit the mold perfectly.

          With the election of an Afro-American President. There was culture shock. The progress of Women; a cultural shock, the Latino and Asian communities and the influence they are achieving; a cultural shock. The LGBT movement and the growing acceptance of Gay Americans. A nuclear cultural shock.

          People like your aunt were not prepared for these changes. They are frightened and easily manipulated by the GOP and the Teahadist Party. There are many Americans who don’t recognize the new American. And seeing an Afro-American on TV who is the President of the United States of America is a constant reminder of the changes America is going through. It’s tough for folks like your aunt to accept, and the GOP offers them solace and imitation hope.

          I grew up in a all white working class neighborhood; a factory town. Hard working people with a lot of pride, would never accept any help from the Government except Medicare and Social Security. I am sure the entire town voted Republican. They are frightened. The results of this fear is the following: anger, negativity, contempt, pessimism and hate. It is about all they have left to get them by emotionally.

          • howa4x

            What they GOP offers is fear. Saddam has weapons of mass destruction, minorites want to rape your daughter and it goes on and on. they have convinced many lower class whites to vote against their own self intrests by making government regulations that protect them look like a takeover of their lives. They also convinced these poor souls that the job creators can’t be touched, even if they really ship them out of the country. They also use racial fear to stir up people that the Afro americans are either getting their money through welfare (remember welfare cadilliac)? or will break into yor house and steal it.
            The GOP is made up of dispicable people who are cynnical about the religion they claim to follow

  • First, let me say that unions have their place. But that said, they are also not so completely altruistic. In many cases, when you unionize, you trade one tyrant for another.
    I believe that people are entitled to a fair wage, as long as they are willing to work for it. I have seen cases where the union was used as a crutch to support workers that wouldn’t be employable under any sane persons reasoning except that they were union members.
    While I believe in collective bargaining, I don’t believe that everyone earns the same pay. Merit, has to have a place at the table as well. Tenure shouldn’t mean who skated along the longest, but rather who has learned his job the best and is willing to show a little incentive.
    For the record, I participate in a union for 21 years. I have seen firsthand the machinations of a union. Some of the bargaining that went on was not so above board. The union bosses have to walk a fine line between promising the moon to the workers and coming up with a deal the employers could live with so that the union bosses could justify their existence and expense. Remember, unionizing isn’t free. Someone gets to pay for all that negotiating and posturing.
    I believe the Koch brothers and their ilk are quite content with these protests. It will continue to skew the public sentiment against unions, at least for some time. When everyone wakes up to the fact that they can no longer even afford cheap goods made in a third world country, then unions will take hold for a period of time. The pendulum must swing but it never seems to rest.

  • Katstiles

    I never shop Black Fridays or any other such mob event. I will not be run over, threatened, and shoved just to get a deal on a piece of crap I can probably live without. I don’t care if they are giving the stuff away free!

    • Dol5

      I’m with you. No shopping on Black Friday or any other special day. I do not want or need any of the junk being pushed by the large chains. As consumers, we are buying way too much. Cut back to just a few simple items that children really want and need. as for the adults, usually they do not want all of the things they receive.

  • Workers rights, consumer rights, rights to class-action suits, voters rights, parental rights,
    rights to cho0se–whether it be healthcare, the food we eat or buy, what we do in the privacy of our living space. Definitely a time for the American spirit to stand up and fight back instead of allowing ourselves to be dumbed down, manipulated, and blatantly lied to
    which obviously has happened to too many people.

    With regard to retail, there is absolutely NO reason why all these “super deals” can’t be offered during NORMAL living and working hours, perhaps special hours NOT intruding on on the actual day a holiday is celebrated…Christian or non-christian. The same people will buy whenever it’s offered. Retail workers deserve the humane and fair consideration they are asking for. Obviously NO corporation can be trusted to “do the right thing” WITHOUT intervention or regulation. They never have and never will. Shoppers easily have the power to reverse this corporate retail, hooray for me – the hell with you, greed mentality. Shoppers, WHY do you let yourselves be manipulated at the expense of others? We’re ALL just trying to make an honest living with a little dignity.

    • Even my super shopper wife who turns into some sort of Wonder Woman with superhuman powers and whom I cannot even keep up with in Macy’s as she glide bright-eyed down the aisles , doesn’t agree with it. That’s pretty compelling evidence!

  • commserver

    It is ironic that in China the employees were able to establish a union.

  • I marched with over a hundred citizens at the Lakewood Co. Walmart, we were there to support the workers who are exploited by the Walton family who while paying their employes slave wages own more than 40% of the nations wealth.

    Does this sound like exploitation to you, it does to me.

    While the Walton’s enjoy their wealth and influence, their employes, the people who made this possible have to be subsidized by the taxpayers to supply them with food stamps and health care.

    So you see we are all being exploited by the Walton Family.

    • I can only talk from experience. I am an Australian and I came to Illinois in 2000 to be with my American wife. I worked at Walmart unloading trucks, starting at around $7 an hour, up to $9.50 an hour after a year. Then I joined the assistant manager program, was an AM ($32000 pa) for two years before rejoining the floor associates for another 2 years.
      In this time, I was treated with respect by management (well, okay, there was one exception) and I saw Walmart life from both sides of management. At no time did they ask me, or anyone else, to work off the clock; they were polite, tried to be fair about giving work, gave regular assessments of work and regularly gave wage rises. Associates I talked to in four Walmart stores in Illinois and Michigan enjoyed working there – as did I. Sure there were complaints and grizzles, and some unhappy people, but generally they all felt part of a family.
      When my wife died suddenly, associates AND management from 2 stores rallied round, taking up a collection to help with funeral expenses and giving me plenty of time off. They were, without exception, wonderful.
      I fully recognise that many Walmart employees may not feel as I do. Perhaps I was lucky to find 4 stores without problems or with decent management, but I look back fondly on my Walmart experience, and remember many lovely people.
      By the way, I’m Australian and thus cannot vote in the USA (taxation without representation I believe it’s called), but if I could, I’d vote Democrat.

  • The union protects not only against corporate exploitation, but also consumer exploitation to some extent. In the case of Walmart, it’s more obvious than in say, manufacturing. As many problems as I have with the management of unions, I still feel something is needed to counterbalance the power of the rich corporations.

    Having been at the executive level, I saw it from both sides, both union stupidity and corporate greed, and while I agree that capitalism is a powerful stimulant to the making of wealth, the wealth tends not to be equitably distributed without something to provide a counterbalance
    as some seem to think.

    Capitalism provides the energy for wealth creation which is great, but It certainly is not a moral code nor is it some new religion or god that we should worship.

  • once I worked for an outfit called Haynes Interp. in CA and they did the same thing, They cut your hours back and sometimes complitely quit calling you. They try to make you yourk extra on your time claiming you should have finished this and that, etc,etc, and, common to all of them, a complete lack of humanity and respect for others under them. Their menagers generaly are the kind of people you do not want associating with your kids also.

  • onedonewong

    Really who cares about walmart workers if they can make more money than walk that’s the American way. all this sniveling from the left wing nuts is getting tiring

  • Ibsyboy

    You have pointed out one of the phenomenons of the GOP tactics, they have been able to convince working class people to defend the wealthy. It has a hollow talking point of why can’t a man who works had for a living keep more of his money. I have run into this with members of my family. They confuse rich with wealthy. Just abut anyone with a good job, a nice car and their own home is rich. They can flash a credit card and get that Wide Screen TV, or a new computer, or go on a vacation. The working poor and the totally poor would call that rich. Wealthy people have “F YOU” money. Not a care in the world, other than adding to their wealth. People who get the maximum rewards from Democracy. Gated communities, great tax situations, isolation from the proletariat and the great unwashed. People who do not count their money in 20s, 10s, 5s, 1s and change. They benefit no matter where the economy goes. They work at Wealth for Wealth’s sake.

    Working class people should not be defending these people. They could care less about the working class or as they refer to them, the underclass. Ew. Is their reaction to average people.

  • Ibsyboy

    Let me ask you if you foiund your self overwhelmed by debt, what would you cut?

    We have a revenue problem not just a debt problem. Why may I ask, when you make your remarks you gloss over the Bush debacle. 750,000 jobs lost per month. That’s 750,000 jobs. How does that never enter this narrative. You guys keep making it out that the entire economic situation is all on Obama. Your guy got what he wonted, tax cuts on the Job Creators and financial market deregulation. 750,00 jobs lost per month. Banks failing, world economy adversely affected by the Wall Street geniuses we were told needed to be freed of regulation so that free enterprise can breathe. You guys had your way and you fucked up royally. You dumped this a the feet of the First Negro President in history, and immediately expected a miracle, and Everest of Elephant shit had to be shoveled in the first day he was in office, and you continue this approach to solving problems, keep the heat on the Negro, you know the guy who uses teleprompters, who should have fixed a problem 30 years in the making over night. The day the GOP decided to become the money party and pushing an economic theory based on unfettered capitalism. Lower taxes on the Corporations and Big Money folk. And deregulating of the financial markets. And look where that philosophy got us.

    20% of the population controls 93% of the nations wealth. The 80% have 7%. How much influence does 7% get you. Now for the 20%, what ever they want. A failed economic system, Supply side economics, unfettered Profit Taking, and we now have a Middle class in trouble.

    We are gopng to have to narrow down the economic inequality. Under Eisenhower , the lower segment part of the population was growing faster than the top segment. There were plenty of rich people, but at the some time we had a fast growing middle and working class, who loved to spend their money. Top tax rate 91%, unemployment 3%. Today that is up side down, the top continues to grow while the underclass is slowing down. Faced with those wonderful jobs at Walmart, the envy of the Corporate world.

    If you want the 25 million number to go down, get the GOP to help pass the infrastructure jobs bill. Yes it will cost money, but Gov Money is a multiplier. Contractor takes the GOV $, pays the workers, who spend the money consuming, retailers pay their employees with that money and they consume and production increases to meet the new demands for things. We are a consumer society. The Wealthy can’t and won’t buy 3000 cars, or 5 million refrigerators each to move the economy.

  • Ibsyboy

    Does this sound familiar?

    A sustained recession from July 1981 to November 1982. The unemployment rate hovered between 7% and 8% from the summer of 1980 to the fall of 1981, when it began to rise quickly. By March 1982 it had reached 9%, and in December of that year the unemployment rate stood at its recession peak of 10.8%. The jobless rate slowly receded over the next few years, falling to 8.3% by the end of 1983 Ronald Reagan.

    How did he get out of it?

    The largest tax increase of his presidency, the “Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982.“

  • Ibsyboy

    Out side the subject comment.

    For Beck and Hannity fans I have one word: GOLDLINE.

    Allow me to repeat it so you remember: GOLDLINE.

    Clean up your own friggin’ house before you start slamming others.