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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Shut Down The Government Over Obamacare?

Shut Down The Government Over Obamacare?
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8 responses to “Shut Down The Government Over Obamacare?”

  1. cbanalyst says:

    We must do everything to reduce the horrific gvt spending; but we should not shut the gvt down.

    • Sally says:

      You might be interested to know that spending is at a 50 year low, and the deficit is falling faster than in decades as well. And government spending is our money coming back to work for us.

      • 503me says:

        Hi Sally- Always nice to see others that see government spending as an investment in the people and the country. I think I read that it has gone down faster than in the last 65 years, but in essence though, the loss of government spending on employees has been a deterrent to our economy to thrive. I had quite the conversation on another site, trying to show this commenter, how when a ‘government aid’ dollar is spent that it always comes back as revenue more than spent(1 dollar – brings back 177) and I don’t think I was able to get her past the ‘fox news’ soundbites) as her reply was that it was just made up by liberals.

      • clr1390 says:

        Facts don’t matter any more when you have people who live off of lies.

  2. cbanalyst says:

    “Spending at a 50 year low” What planet are you living on? We go in debt a trillion a year now. Every town, city state and even the federal gvt is in trouble because of overspending. More Detroit bankrupcies will follow; but people like you continue to have your head in the sand.

    • bamcintyre says:

      It would be good if you could listen to anyone else as well as Faux News. The budget today shows that the debt for this year is less than 500 Million, not the Trillion. And it is still going down. It is at the lowest point since Clinton, which was the last time the debt did not go up. Both Bush Pres. dramatically increased the debt. With unpaid for wars, unfunded pharma drug programs, and unlimited military budgets, the GOP is the party of budget deficits.

  3. Andrea Beornsen says:

    if the powers that be don’t understand Obamacare and no one has actually read the whole thing, how does anyone in the general public know what is going to happen in 2014?? Obama doesn’t even know!!!! stop relying on the government to help you and look at for what it really is…. our government is not looking out for us!! if it was, would Monsanto be in charge of our food?? Who is going to be in charge of our healthcare, the morticians???

  4. Rick2101 says:

    Medicare works just fine. The private sector has been running healthcare for profit the past 200 years, that is why it is a mess. Making profit on people illness or bad fortune is unconscionable. Insurance companies only care about profit not people. According to them If a some die or get sick, so what, there always more babies on the way to pay up.

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