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Thursday, October 27, 2016

If today’s Wisconsin recall is truly second in importance only to the presidential race, as many media outlets have trumpeted lately, then why have those same outlets so badly neglected one of that election’s most salient aspects? As millions of dollars in dark right-wing money pour into the state to preserve Governor Scott Walker from his progressive opposition, it seems relevant that he and many top aides are under investigation in a campaign finance and corruption scandal that has been growing for two years.

Yet the national media have largely ignored the fascinating details of that probe – which has already resulted in indictments, convictions, and cooperation agreements implicating more than a dozen Walker aides and donors – have been largely ignored by the national media. Only readers of the local newspapers in Madison or Milwaukee would know, for instance, law enforcement documents have emerged in court during the past few days suggesting that Walker stonewalled the investigation in its initial phase.

The typical reference to the scandal in the national media notes that Tom Barrett, Walker’s Democratic opponent, is seeking to “stoke suspicions” regarding the investigation, “in which former Walker aides stand accused of allegedly misappropriating campaign funds.” But the suspicions have been stoked by actual events, not campaign propaganda, including guilty pleas, immunity deals, and home raids by law enforcement officials. (Last September, a team of sheriff’s deputies and FBI agents raided the Madison home of Cindy Archer, a former top county official who served as the governor’s deputy administration secretary until going on extended “sick leave” in 2011.)  And Walker’s associates stand accused of felonies that go well beyond the mere misuse of campaign funds.

Without close attention to the Wisconsin media, you might not know that a top Walker associate is currently facing charges of embezzling funds from a veteran’s charity – or that Walker’s former spokeswoman just became the 13th figure in the scandal to accept an immunity deal from prosecutors. Indeed, nearly all of Walker’s highest-ranking aides and associates from his years as county executive appear to be either facing prosecution or cutting immunity deals to save themselves.

What is easy to learn about the controversial governor is his confrontational attitude toward the state’s workers and perhaps his fealty to extremist billionaires like the Koch brothers. From the perspective of Fox News – whose TV personalities resent the idea that a public school teacher who imparts facts might receive a tiny fraction of what they are paid for broadcasting lies – these are great virtues that they praise loudly. But in the mainstream media, there has been a curious reticence in exploring the sort of scandal that ought to excite reporters, editors, and producers.

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  • marnamouse

    Not much on the news these days really is news. The mainstream media has largely ignored anything happening in Wisconsin. I get more real news from the Internet and Jon Stewart’s fake news than I do from the supposed real news.

  • ARepublicanNorthlandGrad

    Barrett will probably lose today because to much has been run about the fight with the unions. I am not sure who to blame, but it is a shame.

    • EdC

      Let’s hope not

    • We can blame ignorance and lying ! ! !

      • Ed

        Ignorance and lying win every time.

  • AlfredSonny

    Are Fox News and Walker proving that crime does pay?

    • EdC


    • viewfromtheleftcoast


  • 1guy2

    They avoided it,because they are rich lowlife,just like him.

  • howa4x

    This is the problem with media not under the control of the Murdoch family. In an effort to appear unbaised they try to avoid anything to make it appear they are interveneing for one side. Fox has no problem with that issue. For a party that pretends to support family values, republicans use Fox (republican party news network)to hurl accusations, lies and distortions everyday, against democrats and progressives.This is the network that breathed life into the birther movement, and created the intital outrage against health care reform. Do you really expect them to expose a Republican water boy?
    Republicans are no strangers to laundering money. Remember Nixon? Big donors have always poured millions into their coffers, and with big money comes big hands in the pot
    The republicans have a national effort to break the unions. Walker is the lightning rod now, but successful efforts have been undertaken in Ind. SC, and a partial attempt in NJ against the teachers.The interesting thing is the south, home to some of the poorest states in the country has been hostile to unions for a century. It was Unions that built the middle class but republicans would have you believe the rich did it. The national media sits on the sidelines and creates puff ball news. Only Fox and MSNBC are slugging it out.

    • If you look back this same thing happened in the races of 2000 and 2004. The media lapped up and spit out the same phony stories and lies as fed to them by the right wing.

      • EdC

        again Amen

    • I don’t feel Take over Wall Street is the way to go, since they lack direction,but the right intensions. Is there an unsung Hero that could help us overcome the Republicans that are taking over our country completely ? ? ? It sure isn’t me ! Obama needs a LOT of support ! ! !

      • EdC

        Bunny, not to be a pain but what other peaceful, way can we get the word in front of the people, for them to know they aren’t the lone stranger. I am surprise that we didn’t have blood in the streets, back under Bush’s Presidency, The Take over wall street was a mild item compaired to the way the Republicans attacked the veterans of WWI and the bonus army, Both Wall Street and the Bonus Army were only there for what has been promiced, but Republican leadership doesn’t believe in keeping promices.

        • I do agree with you ! ! ! Martin Luther King Jr. is a GOOD example of protesting for Freedom ! The Media has given Take Over Wall Streets a bad rep. I am to afraid and lazy to take the time to help them. I’m trying to be honest. Do you know any of these people protesting? Are they going to continue and do you feel they have made any difference ?

    • EdC


  • EdC

    This should prove the media is not liberal bias. the only place I’ve seen the conversation between Walker and the cute female billionaire about divide and conquer has been on MSNBC, again not shown on any other channel, but some how congress got a hold of it and that is way Walker is divesting some of the threequarters of billion dollars that Kochs’ have invested in him to his criminal defence fun. NO other governer, has a criminal defence fun, I don’t know if any even had. the media pretty much ignores what crimes republican law makers and their friend want them to. As far as I know MSNBC is the only one that played Zimmerman’s 9/11 tap where he wea told to cease his stalking Travon, even though ABC was the one that intercepted it.

    • CPANY

      EdC: Where and for how long did you go to school? Your English is terrible.

      • oldtack

        Your only contribution to any subject is a sarcistic snide remark. If you are incapable of composing an intelligent comment then why do you not just do the forum a great service and wander back into La-La-Land from whence you came?

        • Could not have said it better, thank you.

          • EdC

            I thank you both, couldn’t have said better myself

        • CPANY

          Who made you the judge of what I write? If I see ungrammatical English, I’ll say so. If you don’t like that, then go to some place where censorship is the norm.

          • oldtack

            Son-of-a-gun! I just commented on a good reply you posted before I read this. Hope you don’t castigate me for judging you AGAIN.

            And do have a good evening -sincerely

      • viewfromtheleftcoast

        and,…. What does his grammar have to do with the point being made? EdC has at least the intelligence to do a bit of critical thinking, do you?

        • CPANY

          Grammar has a great deal to do with it, because one may not clearly express oneself unless what is written is correctly written. Using incorrect grammar and poor syntax opens what is said to misinterpretation and confusion.

          There’s another reason for using correct grammar and syntax: If we want what we say to be accepted by others, we must convince those others of our knowledge and intelligence. When we’ve convinced others of our knowledge and intelligence, they will be more apt to accept our arguments. Using poor grammar deprives one of the authoritativeness necessary to the acceptance of our arguments.

          Have I made myself clear viewfromtheleftcoast?

          • viewfromtheleftcoast

            That is all well and true, but I don’t think anyone, except you of course, misunderstood the point being made…..

  • If Walker wins, other states will step up their attacks on Unions. Small businesses usually treat their Employees fairly! The problem will be the Corporate and CEOs that will eat their Employees alive and spit them out ! ! ! No Unions then no voice in the Corporate world , for the workers! ! ! Unions are still needed. Some maybe should be fixed, but not dissolved ! Look at our corporate world and we know how their employees will be treated ! ! ! VERY SAD ! ! !

    • oldtack

      Well stated Bunny,
      I grew up in a “Mill Village”. Without sacrifice and a good Union my family’s life would have been more destitute . I was an active Union member from my first job to my retirement and continue to be active as a retired advisor.. Contrary to the beliefs of the media brainwashed citizens Unions do not exist for the enrichment of a worker’s salary. The main purpose of the Union is the protection of the worker from exploitation and coercion from Corporations. If the CEO’s suceed in destroying the Union then the average worker will be back in the same position as was his/her forebearers in the late 1800’s. Read your history books.

  • William Deutschlander

    In years past the MEDIA was made up of JOURNALISTS who dug out facts and reported factual news.

    Today we have reporterers who diseminate either their own opinions or the opinions they are instructed to diseminate, without regard to fact or conviction, so long as it will generate revenue.

    TRUE JOURNALISTS are part of the life blood of DEMOCRACY! Where have they gone?

    • CPANY

      They were bought up by the rich.

      • EdC

        Now I have to thank you

    • oldtack

      I know the location of one good Journalist. My nephew, Jim Wyss,journalist for the Miami Herald. Domiciled in Bogata, Columbia. spends much time in Caracas, Venzuela and Quito, Ecuador. He is good. He is thorough in his reporting and is not opinionated. A rare find these days.

      • EdC

        Is that why they sent him to Bogata

        • oldtack

          Hadn’t thought about it in that context. You may be right. Not sure that type of reporting would be tolerated here in the USA. Seriously, He was a Free lance writer and wrote a lot for National Geographic. He has lived somewhere inCcentral or South America since graduation from College. His primary assignment is the Political Spectrum and the Drug Cartels. Gets “hairy” sometimes when one is dealing with Hugo C. – about as hairy as the Drug Cartels.

  • whats up with this bull crap ? how can walker have so many ties with all these cerupted ppl. stealing money and it not be in the news is thid another watergate ? more bull going on here . is it a lie to not say what one is going to do when thy get into an offies ? or is it the truth becase walker never said what he wanted to do if he was voted in ? its funny because all these ppl. are getting voted into office and its makeing the ppl. of the states and country look so stupid . makes one think (are ther ppl. that stupid ) seems to be thy are . walker today and the anti-christ romney in Nov. come on ppl. wake up and stop being sdo stupid to see what thy want to do . its not for all the ppl. what thy want for is for the onl;y rich few.

  • maybe The mainstream media is getting payed off also ? greed makes one do strange things

  • This RECALL election is the most important in WIS history. This Gov. failed to finish collage, failed to get elected in student body government even as a write in candidate. All the way around he has always been full of himself and a failed gov. The main reason he targeted Public unions is his anger over his failed student government which he blamed on the unions. He repealed the equal pay for equal work for women.

  • Ed

    You do realise that the “media” outlets are owned by the wealthy don’t you?

  • I hope the people of Wisconsin do not elect a criminal, I can’t imagine they could be so mislead as to put Walker back in office when they know what he did. This story has been told in local newspapers, if they put him in office they are proving they have no morals what so ever and the dollar is their GOD!!!!!!

  • Jerpell

    The entire Obama administration is scandalous mess, the same major media seems to just ignore that! The vote might not go the way Dems want in Wisconsin, so now they’re going to start grasping at straws and resume a character assassination, easy to do when we have politicians of character!

    • rmarqua2921

      What are the Obama administration scandals which have been ignored by the press? Is it true the guy never graduated from college? Is it true the guy is under investigation? Is it true “nearly all of Walker’s highest-ranking aides and associates from his years as county executive appear to be either facing prosecution or cutting immunity deals to save themselves.” Is it true the guy is in the pocket of the Koch Brothers, even those of us who live outside Wisconsin hear all kinds of stories about these two guys? If not, tell us the true facts! Just yelling “character assassination” doesn’t really cut it here! How about some facts!

      • Jerpell

        Your Right, you heard stories, made up nonsense from the far left…..Remember not to let any facts get in the way of a good story….As far as scandals with this administration, are you kidding me!…..I really can’t stay at my computer long enough to type all of the bologna going on with this crew and I voted for Obama, fool me once shame on me, I will not be fooled twice!

        • awakenaustin

          Obviously, you do not have any Obama administration scandals to report. If you had any you would speak of them regardless of your lack of time available to do so.

        • rmarqua2921

          Maybe you fill us in on a rebuttal of those claims, just to say they are not true won’t cut it!

        • rmarqua2921

          Maybe you could just take 5 or 10 minutes and give us the big scandals! I can say you are involved in scandals, would you be happy with that? Anyone can make unsubstantiated allegations against others, especially the President! You wouldn’t accept my statement without demanded I substantiate what I am saying, may even file a suit against me for slander. I didn’t make any allegations! I simply asked if the allegations of others were true. Talk about not letting the facts get in the way of the truth! I was trying to get the truth, in reply you make wild allegations without any facts! You sir have to learn how to do your research and organize your facts before you open your big mouth and deceive people!

    • CPANY

      Gerbil: Stop. You’re breaking my heart. Those mistreated rich bastards aren’t being given a fair hearing? How can that be? They own all of the national media.

      • Jerpell

        Typical Democrat Liberal always name calling, can’t face the facts!

        • I beg to differ. For the most part it is you republicans that name call. And facts, I’ve yet to meet a rightwing republican that lets little things like facts get in their way of thinking!

        • CPANY


          I’m not a Democrat and I’m not a Liberal and I think that I have a better grasp of the facts than you. Those facts tell me that the rich, epitomized by Romney and his stooge Ryan, are trying to drive the middle class and the poor into impotent poverty.

          The rich and powerful are not only converting our political process into an auction, they’re making a mockery of our laws, as demonstrated by the absolute lack of indictments of the Wall Street crowd that caused the financial panic of 2008.

          • oldtack

            Amen to that statement CPANY

        • oldtack

          You remind me of a Physician I have to deal with sometimes. He is an Iranian thus born a Muslim..Somewhere along the way he became a “born again” Christian – reviled by his fmaily. He then left the Christian faith and is now a Messianic Jew.He is totally screwed up in every fashion but CONVINCED he has absolute devine truth on all matters and all the restof humanity is composed of totally deluded idiots.

          I would wager that ,among other parts of his screwed up thought pattern ,he is, politically, an extreme right wing -nut idiot basket case – just like you .

    • Sam

      Like you to list a couple of these Obama administration ‘scandals’ to which you refer. And we’re not talking ‘rumors and suspicions’ here….Oh, and by the way, “media” is a plural word.

      • ObozoMustGo

        uhhh Sam, and all you other useful idiots….. have you ever heard of the terms:

        > FAST & FURIOUS???? – illegal gun running to drug cartels that kill our border agents??????

        > SOLYNDRA??? – money laundering AFTER every recomendation internally told Obozo not to do it, but he did anyway to pay off his rich fat cat investment friend that happens to be a campaign bundler?

        > SOLAR TRUST???? – ditto Solyndra

        > Ecotality???? – ditto Solyndra

        (does anyone see an annoying pattern here????)

        > The massive number of prosecutions by Obozo and his DoJ or crooked Wall Street executives????????………….. oh yeah, that number is a grand total of ZEROOOOOOOO!!!!!!

        > Ignoring campaign bundler and long time close buddy Jon Corzine stealing $2 BILLION of customer money to cover his bad bets…. where is Obozo and Holder on this?????? crickets…… crickets…… crickets…….

        > Chicago real estate deals with Tony Rezko and others that have multiple phony property identification numbers that make money laundering difficult to track?

        > How many social security numbers does Obozo have?

        (is anyone else seeing an annoying pattern here?)

        Once Obozo is out of office, we’ll see how corrupt of a Chicago thug he really was. And just like the leftist “journalists” ignored what a scumbag Edwards was, they are ignoring what a scumbag Obozo really is.

        Have a nice day!

        • metrognome3830

          You tell ’em OMG! Once we get Obama out of office, then we will see what corruption is all about! Oh — wait — I bet I have misconstrued your message. 🙂

          • ObozoMustGo

            Hi metro! hehehehehehehehehehehe

            Thanks for the chuckle this morning, my friend! You have a very good sense of humor.

            Have a great day, metro! 🙂

          • metrognome3830

            I knew you would enjoy a little humor. With what is going on in the hallowed halls of government, humor is about the only way to survive.

          • ObozoMustGo

            I enjoy a lot of humor, my friend. In particular, yours around here. Even when you pick on me. 🙂

            I’m leaving the office for the night. See you tomorrow, metro.

      • oldtack

        Why SAM!!!
        How dare you attempt to correct Jerk -pell. Jerkie is NEVER wrong on any thing. You might say Jerkie is indeed aLegend (in his own mind).

    • Here we go again. The Obama administration is somehow now responsible for Walker’s misdeeds. GRASPING AT STRAWS, are you kidding? This investigation started during and right after his election, not last week! Character assassination; one must first have GOOD CHARACTER for it to be assassinated!


    I hope that Walker gets recalled, but I also think that the unions shot themselves in the foot by their unreasonable demands in the past.

    When I was a kid, the deal was that municipal and state workers received low pay, but their pensions, benefits and jobs were secure and good. Then, as the unions got more and more power and started to contribute heavily to political parties, they got unreasonable benefits and salary increases for their members.

    Now, we’re seeing the long-delayed reaction to those years of abuse by the unions. Unfortunately, the reaction is itself an abuse, because it’s an overreaction by arch conservatives who themselves are acting for the interests of the rich.

    • Are you saying that working class americans are better off with LOW PAY? Why shouldn’t workers share in the profits of the company or career that they work for? I have very mixed feelings about your post.

      • CPANY

        Ms. Irvin: I’m saying that in the heyday of the powerful unions, many employees were overpaid for their skills, especially those in the public sector. I’m also saying that some of the leaders of those unions, to demonstrate their power, called strikes at the drop of a hat.

        • metrognome3830

          I don’t know if that is your opinion or if you are simply repeating the anti-union mantra that is and has been being preached for years. I would guess that you have no union experience, or you are one who only joined a union because you figured you had to. Then proceded to sit with your arms folded across your chest like a new Republican and refuse to participate in any union activities. Your pronouncements about union abuses are based on anecdotal evidence bandied about by anti-unionists for years and not based on any factual information that all public sector unions and union members have abused their power or are overpaid for the work they do. There are many who will disagree with you. I’m basing my opinion on my experience as a union member most of my working life. Public and private. If you want to trade pro- and anti-union anecdotes, we could go on at great length.

          • Well said… Now Wisconsin will have to face the truth ! ! ! Hopefully the Nations will watch and listen and not make the same mistake that happen there today ! ! !

    • My husband is a retired Union Carpenter. He receives SS, Medicare and a Pension. This work is seasonal and we are not rich, but can survive ok. He paid into the pension and healthcare. If laid off for to long there was Cobra and unemployment insurance. We still us his supplemental insurance thru his Union,plus I can continue and make payments. House building stopped being completely Union about 40 years ago. How can the Unions be blamed for the hight cost of building homes,? ? ? Someone else tapped the money from the non-union carpenters ??? Union aren’t all bad, just need tweaking ! ! !

    • oldtack

      Very Good. I agree.

      Have a good day.


  • Sam

    Three guesses as to why the national media ignore the burgeoning Wisconsin scandal – but the first two don’t count.

  • aspromised

    Wisconsin has an incredibly unique opportunity to stop this menace in its tracks. This state was the great experiment in disaster capitalism. Show the power-forces that the people will NOT roll over and succumb with the usual indifference.

    • I like Newt Gingrich’s term, right-wing social engineering

      • aspromised

        Yes, it really IS just that. Walker is a stooge, a puppet being manipulated (of course he’s too stupid to recognize that) but all his moves were straight out of the Playbook. Newt was being honest that day.

  • Jake Hawkes

    I just hope the people of Wisconsin are smart enought to see through all the GOP BS and throw the bum out.

  • KEEPING IT THOUGHTFULLY HONEST: Walker is running scared and knows he needs every penny from his billionaires Koch Brothers as well as the millionaires from outside the State of Wisconsin that he can get his hands-on for his recall election to try survive! THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH is that his dishonesty and lack of integrity regarding his War on the Middle Class policies by creating less economic growth and more unemployment, putting his budget of spending out of balance and cutting children’s public education has caught up to him. Now his only problem in Wisconsin is that you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool people all of the time! Enough! Mr. Walker’ (the billionaire Koch Bros. puppet) your fooling time of the good people of Wisconsin is up today!

    • If you live in Wisconsin , THANK YOU ! ! ! If you don’t,the same ! ! !

  • ObozoMustGo

    Distractions….. Distractions…..

    This is all just nonsense to make us forget about what a failure Obozo really is. He has had one considerable social success, though…. like Newt called him: The Food Stamp President.

    Now we have proof. Here it is…

    Have a nice day! 🙂

  • Interesting considering how the Right has jumped on John Edwards, who has already been tried. So the “liberal” media the right loves to point out, is protecting Walker but has not held back at all on Edwards. Not saying Edwards should not have been investigated and tried, just saying the law should apply equally to everyone, even those with power and who follow the preachings of the Conservative Right.

  • Keep your focus. State and federal governments have more bones to drop out of the closet. Graft is the only thing both parties can agree on.

  • Gammaanya

    Walker will win by small margin no matter what. I live only 4 miles from Wisc. and I see sign on lawns I stand with walker and his house look like crap. I guess Walker is paying them money to put up the signs. LOL Wisconsites are too much split and bought with cheap h/c sandwiches and money. Money talks BS walks, no brainesr. They are too divided, stupid and hardcore Repukes to see the trees for the forest. Once they get the power other repukes states will follow (already happening). Wisconsin will have no more free parks, patched hwys (already terribly fixed), no more money for schools (alrready big cuts done). Walker run on different agenda, when he won he turned 390 degrees and devastated the state. You get nothing from Faux News because they are own by Clear Communication who ‘s real owner is Bain Capit. that’s why they spin and spin and spin and got Wisconsin totally messed up. Some people are too gullible and too stupid to know whats truth what’s not. The video with a billionaires and the false phone conversation should convince even the dumbest that he is a crook and bought politician. Like Santorum the most corrupted politician. Truth and honesty is not a virtue of any Politician. SAD Wisconsin sold out entire Country that proves that money run the 99%. Kiss goodbye to Democracy and the US Constitution. Now will start We the Corporations for the Corporations by the Corporation declare that we own the United States of America and can trade, sell to the highest bidder with all the content with in and the debt that will be paid by the 99 % guaranteed. LOL.

  • its not JUST the unions they want to destroy it is the workers and any other right they enjoy FROM the unions. And it effects non union workers as well because unions have created the work place agenda even for non union people by the fact of their fighting for the workers rights.

    • Non-Union pay is compared to and sometimes based on the Union pay .

  • Typically, in the Scott Walker money-raising lawlessness, the national media ignore taints on their own business supporters among the political hacks like Walker, but pay much attention to any alleged but often unsupported aberration of candidates regarded as union backers. Bill Thackeray

  • adriancrutch

    Does Wisconsin have any Governors in prison like Illinois?

  • Walker won and Wisconsin will find out the hard way,what people they can trust ! ! !

  • Jerpell

    Hey you idiots below me…The common folks of this country have answered you all!

  • ENetArch

    For those of you following the Wisconson Recall Election, I have two questions … What happened in Sauk and Shawano Counties. Respectively, 134% of the people voted, and 7% of the people voted. On Average, only 39% of all people voted in each county.

  • rustacus21

    Like Nixon b4 him, Walker is living on borrowed time, but trying to do as much damage to the ‘system’ in WI & favors 4 rich friends as possible b4 it all comes crashing down. Or will it? Will the money amassed absolve him of his criminality? What were voters in WI thinking, knowing this is in the the works & still voting for him anyway? The real question is, what were the pro-Walker voters voting ‘AGAINST’, in other words? My instincts tell me, those rural votes were influenced by that 31 million in adds, which maligned unions & inner-city residents of Milwaukee…

  • rockin_the_bay_in_Tampa

    Nothing surprises me about anything that comes out of WI, look back to the 1950’s when we had the likes of Senator Joe McCarthy…from WI no less.

  • Gus

    Only a dumb tea part person would consider this a victory. I am a teach and the tea party ,rich billionares, Scott Walker and Fox news can co to hell. Reme their job is to make sure President Obama be a one term president. Tea party what is your solution to creat jobs that poeple can work pay the bills and take care of their families. Where are the jobs you promised tea party congress? Paul Ryan you r the biggest anal hole in the world cut, cut, cut the middleclass.

  • Ok it sounds like the National media really dropped the ball on this one,with the recall being a main item for months why wasnt this brought to the forefront and maybe this crook wouldnt still be Gov.,and his croonies still also employed!

  • National media is CORPORATE media.

    It is not in the Corporates’ interests to print ANYTHING that’s against their interests.

    Got it?

  • Twinkiedawn

    But I keep hearing about our LIBERAL media hellbent on destroying the Republicans.

  • dianebkht

    Whatever station starts probing into this story will be the next downfall like Katie Couric interview with Palin! I have been waiting patiently for that SPECIAL REPORTER to step fourth and spill the beans! The United States will begin to see that the Republicans are like the Mafia. If Romney talks in the debates like he has been doing, and still has a lot of money coming in….we will know this is nothing but trouble!!

  • This goes to show that crime does pay especially when you have big mony in back of you. The koch brothers will do anything to protect their puppet governor in Wis. Money talks and b/s walks. Even big money they hint that they bought the supreme court??? Is that true???