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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Washington (AFP) — Prosecutors in Baltimore on Friday charged six officers with multiple counts including second-degree murder and manslaughter in connection with the death of a 25-year-old African American man in police custody.

State prosecutor Marilyn Mosby said warrants have been issued for the arrest of the Baltimore Police Department officers over the death of Freddie Gray, which sparked days of protests and rioting in the US East Coast port city.

“The findings of our comprehensive, thorough and independent investigation, coupled with the medical examiner’s determination that Mr. Gray’s death was a homicide, which we received today, has led us to believe that we have probable cause to file criminal charges,” Mosby told a press conference.

Cheers broke out when Mosby announced the charges on the steps of Baltimore’s war memorial, across the street from city hall — a focal point of protests demanding justice over Gray’s death.

Gray, who had a record of non-violent drug offenses, died April 19 from spinal injuries sustained when he was arrested a week earlier in a west Baltimore public housing estate.

Facing the most serious charges of second-degree murder is Officer Caesar Goodson, the driver of the van that transported Gray to a police station.

Goodson, 45, was also charged with assault, manslaughter and misconduct.

Three other officers were charged with manslaughter, and two more charged with assault and misconduct.

Mosby said officers had “illegally arrested” Gray as “no crime had been committed.”

She urged protesters to keep the peace in the wake of the charges, and reiterated that the investigation was ongoing.

Gray has become the latest face of an ongoing national debate over whether American police are too quick to use violence against blacks, especially young men.

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  • MaxedT12

    When a 200 + pound man jumps down on your back, or neck, with his knee, your back or neck will be broken! For the apologists, try this at home!

    • joe schmo

      How do you know that actually happened? Did your media tell you that?

      • James Bagley

        Those who don’t make it a habit to lie don’t really have a problem with common sense issues. In your case I understand the confusion, because it’s very difficult to discern the truth through a web of whoppers.

        • joe schmo

          Mob rule reminds me of the Salem Witch trials in reverse. This is ALL political and, oh so bias. If you can’t see that then you have your a** so far up Obama’s behind that there is no longer any light. You are selling out your protection. Believe me, it will come back to haunt you idiots in the end.

  • towercam

    I want the various police precincts in Baltimore scrambled.
    I want everybody moved.
    Nobody in the Baltimore police should be untouched by this MURDER of an American Citizen.

    I want the same major shuffling (and firing of officers and department heads) to happen again next time this kind of thing happens.
    I want Baltimore to be a Citizen-Safe place…or keep reshuffling until it is.

    • joe schmo

      I guess if you mean more crimes will be committed when the Police hands are tied, and that more Black on Black crimes will occur because police will no longer patrol the hood because of fears of reprisal. Your damn straight. You’ll see…..

      • James Bagley

        Crimes committed by police are many times worse than crimes committed by civilians. Bigoted and racist posts won’t fix that problem, but giving criminals wearing a badge the business end of the justice system will. You can relax, though, because 3 of the cops who were charged are black — no need to bring out your white hood just yet.

        • joe schmo

          LOL, again….when you DESTROY police presence their will be total anarchy and chaos. They are the only thing between us and the criminal element.

          No white hood. If those cops would have been ALL white you would have brought out yours…..

        • marty7441

          Next time you need help! Call zero zero zero, it is for all know it all’s!

      • Sand_Cat

        What a moron you are! Police hands are tied? How are things in fantasyland, idiot?

  • jmprint

    I do feel for the policeman, BUT they must understand that everyone they approach is human, and must treat all with humanity. Too many people regardless of color are treated as criminals before there is proof. We must go back to the presumed innocent before proven guilty status. The uniform does not give them the right to be persecutors.

  • FT66

    I urge all policemen to perform their jobs as is required to be. As human being, I feel the pain this young lad went through. Thats not good, that is insane. I don’t think the cops would like to be treated that way. It is quite wrong and must be rectified immediately.

  • Carolyn1520

    The first step in initiating real change in our city. Some one died but hopefully not in vain. I can’t say it’s a happy moment but it’s a huge victory to have injustice acknowledged.

  • Linda Bullock

    Sometimes it takes a crime to EXPOSE a crime. Thank you, GOD!

  • marty7441

    All these Afro.
    Americans in Maryland are charging 6 white police officers with crimes?

    H. Grey was arrested 22 times and carrying a switch blade on this day. He will get judgement in the after life. Amen, Brother and Sisters!

    • A_Real_Einstein

      Hope those cops like prison sex. Heh heh heh heh

    • Daniel Jones

      Marty, try to read.

      The city of Baltimore is charging them.

      How many times he was arrested before has no standing if they had nothing to nail him for at that point.. and they didn’t. Carrying a switchblade is not illegal if you aren’t committing any illegal acts with it, and given how some police like to plant evidence (thankfully, not all), whether it was his or not is something to investigate.

      • marty7441

        He was arrested 22 times, official record. One less career law breaker off the streets.

      • bhaggen

        FYI, in Maryland, carrying a switchblade IS illegal if it is concealed. It must be carried openly in full view. If it was a standard pocket knife, as was also reported, it can be legally concealed.

    • bhaggen

      6 police officers. 3 white males, 2 black males, & 1 black female. Fits the demographic of the BPD.

      • Sand_Cat

        They were wrong, regardless of color.

        • bhaggen

          Just making a valid correction to Marty’s post. I’ve long stated that there is a valid argument about the general over militarization of police, NOT the narrative that there is a war on African Americans. The fact that the racial makeup of the arrested officers fits the demographic of the BPD supports that argument. It is your opinion that they were in the wrong; at this point ALL the officers, regardless of color, are innocent. Neither you nor I were in that van when this went down.

    • James Bagley

      There was no switchblade — it was a common pocket knife which is completely legal and often carried by 10 year old boys. And 3 of the police officers charged were black, so you can keep your sheets in the closet for now.

    • Sand_Cat

      Ever think the 22 (I heard 18) arrests were probably mostly petty stuff and harassment? But then, you obviously don’t do much thinking.

      • marty7441

        Look on the internet, it will give all listed charges! Never arrested, think He was a total lost!

  • fortunev

    You didn’t read the article just as you do not understand the investigation by law enforcement officials that concluded Mr Gray was murdered by rogue officers for no reason except that he was black.

    • James Bagley

      In this case it didn’t appear to be because he was black, unless you believe that the 3 black cops were racist against other black people. It appears to be just plain old police brutality — cops committing violent crimes against civilians because they think they can get away with it.

      • joe schmo

        What we have between us and the crooks is police presence. If we destroy that safety net then we have anarchy and chaos. Our civilization cannot last. Sorry, you are a total idiot.

        • Sand_Cat

          No, it can’t. Governments that consistently abuse their citizens and support destruction of their land base in the name of profit tend not to.

      • marty7441

        Total brain less know it all, James the looser!

      • Insinnergy

        It probably wasn’t racially motivated, just pure lack of care or interest in doing their job.

    • Sand_Cat

      He was murdered by rogue officers, possibly because he was black. Cops are out of control, and powerless blacks and others are just the easiest targets.

  • joe schmo

    How sad for this country when we again have to live through mob rule. The Salem Witch trials come to mind. Public hangings also have a place in our history. Nothing like revisiting the ‘Dark Ages’ and observing the fall of the Roman empire. How low can you go…….Thanks for nothing Libs. You have returned us to the jungle.

    • Sand_Cat

      Wrong again. The police are out of control, and the country is ruled by oligarchs and corporations, but obviously not enough for you.

    • Insinnergy

      A fine disregard for truth, due process, and justice there.
      Obviously you’d prefer it if no-one rioted, no-one said anything, no-one investigated, and Mr. Grey just died quietly for no apparent reason under mysterious circumstances while the police patted each other on the back over a job well done, right?