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Saturday, February 25, 2017

In the latest inspired stroke of casting by Saturday Night Live’s producers, Melissa McCarthy showed up late on February 4 as Sean Spicer — complete with his ill-fitting suit and loud, shrill pronouncements.

McCarthy’s dim, pugnacious, emotionally unstable screen persona engages the Spicer mode perfectly from the moment “he” steps to the podium to inform the stunned White House press corps that the briefing would begin with “an apology — from you to me” — which of course he doesn’t accept. Acknowledging the “rocky start” to his new role as White House press secretary, he explains, “I mean it in the sense of Rocky the movie, because I came out here to punch you! And I don’t talk so good.”

But why waste time reading this intro when you can watch Spicer get what he has already so richly earned? (The brilliant President Alec Baldwin returns too, but McCarthy makes the news.) Just click.

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65 Responses to SNL: Melissa McCarthy Lampoon Of Sean Spicer Absolutely Kills

  1. I have been wondering if “sphincter” was a typo or done on purpose. I have decided that he is the name. No more wondering.

      • It’s little Poo. Thanks for telling us the obvious. Now run along, and don’t play in the street. You’ve never figured this out little Junior High student, but her first name is “Hillary”—not Billary. Please make a note of that in your notebook of quaint retorts.

          • Hey Twatzilla…Don’t you have a hooker business like Melania? You don’t get to call it “call girls Inc.” like Miss Rich Bitch do you? As for your comment, there are already 3 petition for Trump’s impeachment. So Twatzilla, I guess it’s back to a red light on your front door to earn your living? Please do make sure you douche doucheface. Guys (or in your case gals) don’t like smelly bushes like yours.

          • Eleanore the never Republican throws up again. What’s the deal you not getting laid anymore? How about we meet up in Atlantic City and I show you the time of your life? I love hairy bushes and finger blasting.

          • There is nothing a two bit hick like you can tell me about Republicans. Nixon being forced to resign? Not Republican vomit?

            I registered as a Republican back in November 1966 on my 19th birthday at the insistence of my mother, a Democrat. When the clerk asked which party I wanted to register under, being a rebellious Boomer, I said, “Republican” to annoy my Mom.

            But, after seeing that male domination in that party for 33 years and already 2 gamed elections by the Republicans in 2000 and 2004, I realized my Mom and Dad were right all along about the Republican Party: They only care about party. Not people.

            So I reregistered in 2004 as a Democrat and have never looked back.

            A hick like you wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the icy cold winds of Atlantic City at the current NJ temps. Worse, you go around AC and DARE speak the name Trump and they’d mash you into a pulp.

          • Getting pretty lewd, just like your idol, Trump. Your crudity is unmatched, even by conservative standards. Are you really that impotent that you have to get your jollies on the internet with gross insinuations??
            I thought your parents would have taught you better, but apparently they did a poor job.

          • You’ve got to seek some counseling. The heroin and “queer” thing has got you tied up in knots. Being a fanatical partisan to any political affiliation rots the brain out, and you’re providing ample evidence of such.

          • Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic poster of “usually inaccurate” lies! 17.3% accurate! Less than one out of 5! Ha Ha Ha Ha

          • Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic poster of “usually inaccurate” lies, 17.3% just keep thinking about the 4 times out of 5 that you’re inaccurate! Ha ha as your fellow posters mock you.

          • Looks like the uninformed one is still struggling to be relevant.

            As soon as you can reach mental maturity you may have something useful to say. I suppose you’re content, just like Friedrich’s grandson, to be a juvenile..

          • As a 50% accurate poster, you may wish to ask yourself “if the 50% that you’re inaccurate comes from your fake religion base”?
            You lefties just can’t accept that the MSM has been lying to you all these years and that the American voters finally saw that Obozo (the emperor) had no clothes.

          • imagine being so crazy you think you’ve received a Good Poster award from a tiny website. I will never stop giggling at this, and whoever convinced this yokel that this was real is my personal hero.

          • Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic poster of lies and is “usually inaccurate”. You’re accurate 17.3% and you are so naive that you are oblivious to your fellow posters laughing at your stupid posts. How low information does that make you look?
            So anytime you want to man-up just provide your reason why Deb resigned. It would be OK for you to admit you lied. 17.3% HA Ha ha (FYI, my accuracy rating? 95.2%)

          • Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic poster of lies and earner of the title “usually inaccurate” So with an accuracy rate of 17.3% what did you expect them to label you?
            If your accuracy rate was any lower, they would be asking you to pay to make your posts. They know that if it weren’t for posters like me, they would have to close up.

          • Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic poster of lies and earner of the title “usually inaccurate”; 17.3 % it would seem by pure blind luck you would do better, but alas, HA Ha ha is what you’re hearing from AofP, E, ID1, etc. And you thought they were your friends.

          • OMG you’re still dumb enough to argue with javascript. And you’re STILL delusional enough to think there’s any such thing as a Good Poster Award.

          • Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic poster of lies and earner of the title “usually inaccurate”, 17.3% accurate. The laughter is getting louder as more and more see you are a low information dummy.

          • Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic poster of lies and earner of the title “usually inaccurate”, 17.3% accurate. The latest SNL lambasting now includes clueless posters like you. It was hilarious.

          • Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic poster of lies and earner of the title “usually inaccurate” with a measly 17.3% accuracy rate: The laughter behind your back is getting louder and louder.

          • I’ll never cease to be amazed at how long you spend talking to a script – it’s even dumber than you thinking you won an award for Good Posting. You are so very, very stupid.

          • Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic poster of lies and earner of the title “usually inaccurate”: I’m not the dummy who stated on several occasions that Deb didn’t resign because of the leaked emails. Yup 17.3%

          • Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic poster of lies and earner of the title “usually inaccurate”, your accuracy rating has dropped to 17.2% Good job. I guess you’ll be expecting a “participation” award, just like HilLIARy got for participating in the election.

          • At some point someone is going to have to ask him where exactly he’s seeing these imaginary awards and accuracy ratings* – but I’d appreciate it if they left it for a while yet, it’s getting funnier every time.

            * my personal theory is that he’s being trolled by a schoolkid.

        • Aaron…..the video is not available. Something tells me it was something terrific to see. Oh well. Thanks for trying.

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  2. OMG! This SNL satire is the Mother Of All Satires!! Alec does a great job and is the definitive Trump, but this had me rolling and deserves a separate bookmark.

    Thank God that we have 45(he’s “presidential” now, Paul Ryan—just like you said he would be) to kick around for less than 4 years, along with Spicer, and all the others in Trump’s menagerie. A veritable fount of lampoon material is springing up, courtesy of Donald!

    Praise the Lord and pass the Spice(r).

  3. Every time I look at Spicer, he just reminds me of a penile implant some Old Mutton Chops or Corn Pone Geezer had that went so terribly wrong. roflmao.

    Trump really put his foot in his mouth last night when he called yet another judge, “so called Judge.” His sister, Mary Ann Trump is a Federal Circuit Court of Appeals “so called judge” who has been used by him to settle ALL of his lawsuits out of court.

  4. OMG where have we crawled to???? While the SNL group is fantastic, they still remind me of the idiots who have taken over the most powerful nation every to exist on the planet.
    Can anything the trumpladytes do actually be called “funny”?

    • Can anything the trumpladytes do actually be called “funny”?

      Only in the sense of ‘STRANGE”, “WIERD”, “PHONY”, “FAKE”, etc.

      • I saw the clip of Melissa McCartney — didn’t see the whole show — can’t get real TV out in the outback – only the good stuff l-)

        • Yeah…..I don’t even have a TV here in Southern Mexico. All the news I get is on the Yahoo News clips and videos that are allowed to come through on the computer. Used to have Hulu, but they don’t stream into Mexico. I refuse to get the satellite TV here. GRIN!

          • You are probably better off — I’m simply too cheap to get any TV from something other than the antenna. The internet, when I can get it, is a poor substitute. But then, you have those glorious waves and wonderful jungle forest — quite an improvement over anything remotely technical. Mmmmmmm.

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