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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

AIKEN, S.C. — Members of the tea party insisted they were turning the GOP into a populist, anti-establishment bastion. Social conservatives have long argued that values and morals matter more than money. Yet in the end, the corporate and economically conservative wing of the Republican Party always seems to win.

Thus was Mitt Romney so confident of victory in Saturday’s South Carolina primary that he left the state briefly on Tuesday for a fundraiser in New York City. And why not? The power of big money has been amplified in this campaign by the super PACs let loose by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision and lax regulation.

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9 responses to “So Much For A Populist GOP”

  1. emfea says:

    It is absurd. Populist GOP.
    No wonder why America is in CHAOS.

  2. jimmyags says:

    That Romney is running away with the nomination is statement enough. The so called “power” of the Tea Party is nothing more than the latest over hyped flash in the pan by the media. They may have given a stage to the fringe but it is still the fringe.

  3. freethinker says:

    May be too early for Romney to count his eggs. However, just what is a ‘populist’? Does it define the winning party in Presidential elections? If so, that title shifts every few years. Does it define the party that wins the most Congressional seats? That too, shifts with elections. It is very hard to define either party as the ‘Populist Party’.

  4. pisces62 says:

    Romney did not when Iowa. Santorum did by 34 votes with 8 pricincts lost or unaccounted for and the republicans call it a dead heat instead of a win/loss. You were saying?

  5. pisces62 says:

    Should read, did not win Iowa.

  6. kurt.lorentzen says:

    A populist GOP cannot occur. It is doomed because of the wealth of the GOP core combined with the gullability of the voter base (Republicans don’t have the exclusive on that point). Romney was always going to be the nominee. He is exactly what the base wants – and make no mistake, the base is not those Bible-toting evangelicals, it’s those moneybag toting 1%. They control the media, blitz the voters with ads, and subtly undermine any candidate who doesn’t fit their mold. They skillfully get the other side to sabotage anyone who might reach across the aisle and take enough votes from both sides to outnumber the paryliners on either side. If we’re going to getout of this mess we must restore our country’s Constitution as the fundamental framework that guides its policies. Everything from tax codes to political privilege to Internet censorship are steadily chipping away at our foundation. What is emerging is nothing like what those who signed the Declaration had envisioned.

  7. dpaano says:

    Well, with the news that Perry has dropped out and given his endorsement to Gingrich, I find that interesting. This will be a VERY interesting primary and the nomination will be equally as interesting!!!

  8. EATHERICH says:

    unfortunatly by far most of the so-called tea party supporters i have met have been total bigots, not a good sign of the times. might as well claim the klan

  9. ellanora606 says:

    Glad I do not have to pick between any of these wife cheating,tax cheating candidates. So I will vote once again for that biracial, intelligent, Christian guy who has been faithful to one woman and to one God, unlike the Mormon candidate who’s religion believes in plural Gods and who also believes according to Mormon doctrine ” As Man is now God once was and as God is now man will become”. Once the American people start to find out about this cult, disguised as a religion, they will think twice and ask questions of Mitt, such as how can you pledge allegiance to one nation under God, when your prophet taught that there are many Gods? Wake up American before it is too late!

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