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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Q: In a recent column, you wrote about mandatory Social Security coverage for almost everyone since 1935. But my parents were both optometrists. And I remember my dad was proud of the fact that he wasn’t forced into Social Security from the beginning. I believe he was finally required to “join” Social Security sometime in the 1960s. And believe me, he wasn’t happy about that! Can you discuss this sometime in the future?

A: In the column in question, I explained why certain groups of employees, such as some state and local government workers, are not covered by Social Security. But I didn’t discuss the issue of self-employed people. Thanks for bringing that oversight to my attention.

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3 responses to “Social Security And The Self-Employed”

  1. Mattiejane says:

    What can a person do when they know of people who are working and getting paid ” under the table”? They are not paying any social security or taxes. Often they get ill and still somehow collect disability or at least get medicaid.
    Is there a specific place to contact when you know people who are breaking the law? Hiring illegal immigrants, getting paid cash? Thnak you.

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