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Saturday, November 18, 2017

If you had filed for Social Security disability benefits once and been turned down, I would have told you to file an appeal, or perhaps start a whole new claim. If you had been turned down twice, I would have suggested you seek help from a lawyer who specializes in Social Security disability cases. (You’ll find them listed in the Yellow Pages of any phone directory or by simply doing a Google search.)

But if you’ve filed five separate claims for Social Security disability benefits; been turned down five times; taken each of those claims all the way through the appeals process to hearings before a judge; and had all five appeals rejected, then I think it’s about time you realize your impairment obviously does not meet the legal definition of a disability for Social Security purposes.

Q: I have a big problem with my official name in Social Security records. I was born with one name, but very quickly started using a nickname as my first name, and it is that nickname that appeared on my original Social Security card. Then, I married and changed name on my card to my married name, using my real first name. Then, my first husband died, and I started using my maiden name with the nickname again, but I never changed my name on Social Security records. (I have never worked since my first husband died.)

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