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Saturday, October 22, 2016

In most election years, American voters tend to ignore the ongoing scandal of our campaign finance system, which encourages legalized bribery and domination by the wealthy. The reforming impulse comes later, as it did following the re-election of Richard Nixon 40 years ago, when the money-laundering, extortion, and payoffs of Watergate were revealed.

This year may yet prove an exception, as the Republican Party nominates a plutocratic capitalist for president and fills various war-chests with filthy lucre that could ultimately amount to a cool billion dollars. The surging flood of dark money from Wall Street bankers, casino moguls, insurance executives, and corporate malefactors of every sort is beginning to arouse suspicion among ordinary citizens – who have also started to wonder what Mitt Romney really did as a businessman and why he still won’t release his tax returns.

Before these populist themes achieve political traction, the Republicans must invent an argument explaining why their overwhelming financial advantage and corrupting secrecy don’t matter. Resentful of media scrutiny as always – especially when they have something awful to hide – the GOP pundits and politicians will insist that stories about their dubious benefactors (see Adelson, Sheldon and Simmons, Harold, among others) are biased because the Democrats are raising big money from big donors, too.

If you ask who the Republicans (including Adelson himself) are talking about, the name they always mention is George Soros, the Hungarian-born billionaire financier who is indeed one of the richest men in the country and, by party affiliation and ideology, a Democrat. Slandered repeatedly by Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh – who have done very little to advance free thought and free markets around the world compared with the Soros philanthropies – he has been transformed into a demonic figure on the far right strictly for partisan purposes.

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  • I have listened to Soros speaking and my gut instinct (for what that’s worth) is that he is genuinely concerned about the direction America is heading. He has seen how fascism can take hold of a nation and what it can do. I haven’t seen anything the he has advocated which would damage the federal institutions like the Koch brothers have. As you write, the clearest indication that Soros is different from the Koch brother is his openness. The Loch brothers have set up 100s of phony think tanks and organizations (many of them in violation of the 501(c)3 tax exempt status) to promote their causes, while appearing to be independent. (Take Mercatus, as an example.)

    In order to put this country back together, we need about 20 people like Soros working together.

    • ann

      i agree with you . . romney has to be defeated. he is completely out of touch . look what he said at naacp this morning. the nominee told the people that need health care the most ( texas) that if he is elected he will repeal it. romney has no idea of what america needs,

  • Soros is a pauper compared to the Koch brothers, Adelson, and other GOP donors. What is important, however, is to remember where their fortunes came from. Soros made a lot of money the old fashion way, the Koch brothers did it, at least in part, by cutting business deals with people like the Iranian Ayatollahs; and Adelson did it gambling in Vegas and Macau, China. The latter involve deals with the international crime syndicates that are under investigation by the FBI. I suspect none of this bothers the man who is unaware of where his $250 million investments abroad are at, known nothing about Cayman Islands, Bermuda or Swiss bank accounts, money laundering or tax evasion. Darned, if he doesn’t know where $250M of his own fortune is how on Earth is he going to stimulate and protect the U.S. economy?

    • onedonewong

      Sorry Soros was a currency speculator and never created a single job other than his personal servants

      • Did he ever claim to be a job creator and therefore he should be President.

        • onedonewong

          read vala’s post above

        • Exactly his claim.

      • Mitt Romney never created any jobs, at least not in the USA, and he IS running for President.

        • onedonewong

          Romney created 10’s of thousands none of them with taxpayer $$$

          • We obviously have different opinions as to what constitutes job creation. The Bain recommendations to their clients involved staffing reductions, cuts in benefits, outsourcing and other business strategies designed to maximize profits and/or help keep an enterprise in business. As a former manager I don’t have a problem with it, but I think that trying to portray a business strategy focused on cutting jobs as jobs creation is a stretch. Reducing staffing by, say, 10% to keep a company solvent and save the jobs of the remaining 90% is a sound business practice; outsourcing jobs or shutting down a plant in a way that guarantees its owners, shareholders and management get their cut and the employees get the shaft is not something anyone should be proud of, and it definitely does not constitute job creation. Having said all this, the real issue here is the pervasive influence of money in American politics, regardless of who the donors are and how they got their money. As for job creators, I believe Bill Clinton’s 23 million new jobs ought to be the model to follow by whomever wins the 2012 election.

          • onedonewong

            Then your OK with Barak laiming every moth how may jobs he reated when there are FEWER people working today than at any time during W’s 2nd term??

          • AlbertstheMan

            Please tell it to Obongo’s job czar who is CEO of GE who pays zero in taxes and outsourced tens of thousands of jobs to china including the entire radiology division. Obongo surrounds himself with morons so the birds of a feather flocking together is an apt saying for Obongo!!

          • Prove it!

          • onedonewong

            Just look at all the jobs created in the 90″s most of them were thanks to Bain Capital

          • HA HA HA HA

          • EdC

            So the Federal money that he got to “save” the winter Olympics didn’t create jobs. It was federal money, otherwise know as tax dollars. but even better when he closed business and made his fortune, from the assets, and cut the employees loose without even a thankyou, it Was Federal money that picked up the slack, othewise known as tax payer dollars, yet, as Isaid he got the assets, the assets that would have paid the moneys owed to the employees. If a democrate did that it would be called embezzlement. However the double standard exists for republicans

          • onedonewong

            That was Clintons debacle. The Federal $$ went for infrastructure. Romney raised millions for the games themselves not tax dollars. The jobs were always temporary do you think the Olympics comes every year??

    • Utter and complete nonsense. Soros spends many times each year what the Koch brothers have spent in their lifetimes.

  • YepThatTell

    Surely there are other millionaires with consciences out there who could infuse the Obama Re-election campaign with big cash. Based on the facts, President Obama should win re-election by a landslide. Could the American public be so stupid as a whole to buy into the Big GOP Lie machine just because that’s all they see on TV in between segments of American Idol or Survivor? (Gulp)

    • Ed

      Yes, they can. Americans have a long history of voting against their own self interest.

      • YepThatTell

        Scary. And sad…the legacy of politicians who have worked to destroy public education in this nation. Our very own governor, Piyush Bobby Jindal, has worked tirelessly to privatize schools and divert funding for Public Schools to private interests & I hope Romney selects the meat-head to be his VP…but, we have to wake up and energize those who would not vote against their self interests. 99% outnumbers 1% no matter how fuzzy the math. If the GOP wasn’t so scared of losing this November they wouldn’t be working so hard around the country to suppress voting rights.

    • EdC

      I’m sorry YEP there are the naive that do listen to the pulp that the Republicans spill. They do believe that others don’t work as hard as they do or that they were switched at birth or some other malaly that will somehow be reconized and the Republican leaders will lift them out of their illness. They don’t see, that the remedy for them is getting hosed ( double meaning implied) off and tied back to the top of the car, and subjected to a sixty mile a hour chill factor. many of us troll these posts and try to explain it to them, but like all Republicans, they won’t listen to facts their minds are made up. It used to amaze me that they could not look back and see what the Damage was of Bush’s Patriot Act did to our Freedoms, or the cost of Gingriges’ War on America. or how Reagon killed wages for the working man that we are stil suffering today, that was the actual cause of the housing crises. However they are blinded by the continues rant of how the conservative owned media is liberal. The millionaires of conscious know that wealth is a moving thing, and understand that if the masses can’t buy product then wealth dies. The mmillionairs of the conservative believe each one that they will trimph over the rest and become the head honcho. and everyone will have to bow to them, just to live, Even if they win this round they will still have to fight among them selves to gain the superiorty they want. I hope they don’t win, but then they will always have the same greed that they, like terriots will continue to dog the rest of the world for ill gotton gains.

    • Gammaanya

      Yes, unfortunately most American Public is stupid, gullible and believe that some of the scraps from GOP tables will fall for them (trickle down). THey only want their votes after that, they could care less, all it matters that Mittsy the Ditzy to win. US was sold to foreign investors when Bush took over and even gave them a tax cuts and burden us with the payment. On the top of that he started 2 unpaid wars so Cheney and gang can make a killing but for us gave Medicare Part D and did not pay for it either. So we got stuck with old bills, rang up usual expense plus and GOP scream that we waste money. Hmmmm what way??? People are too lazy, misinformed, hard core weanna be 2% will fall of the cliff while the 2% watch and laugh a an clapp. They will give themselves high five and say I told you, we can do it, they too stupid to know better. Now we have the Tea Party Morons with a lifetime pledge(not to raise taxes on the rich) to a man who himself sponge of Society.
      Mind is like a parachute, only works when open. Welcome to United States of Austerity.

    • onedonewong

      Based on facts?? He added $10 Trillion to the national debt, and unemployment is at 10%. Most folks with those numbers would have resigned for the good of the country

      • YepThatTell

        Prez W sure stuck it out, ‘though.

        • onedonewong

          Is the country better off today then it was 4 years ago?? Absolutely not the country is in shambles. That’s what happens when a rank amateur is elected

      • DurdyDawg

        Every time you dip wads open your gobs you add an extra trillion to his exspendatures while the legitimate gov websites disputes your spittle.

        • onedonewong

          The legitimate govt websites??? With this administration??? Pleeeease. I guess you had no problem with the huge reduction in jobless claims according to the Dept of labor. They used a number of 375,000 new claims which they contended was a reduction of 26,000 from the previous when you read on the number of ACTUAL 1st time filers was 465,000. Yep that’s a legitimate number OK … Maybe in Bizzaro world

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    What about Gates, Buffet, Paul Allen, Zuckerberg, Saverine, Moskovitz, Page and Brin? GE CEO Immelt, Heinz-Kerry, Spielberg annd on and on and on ….

    “Analysts predict Obama — who raised a record $750 million ahead of the 2008 election — will build a war chest of $1 billion this time around.” – USA Today

    This article lacks credibility. Let’s be real here – Politics is about big money, crony capitalism and keeping the “Political Class” in power. It has nothing to do with Political Party!

    This is what OWS and the Tea Party are battling. The interesting situation is that they have not merged forces – or have they? The American Fall!

    • YepThatTell

      I do think that most of the billionaires donating huge sums to Romney will also hedge their bets by giving some money to the Obama Campaign. They don’t care about you or me, or which party will actually help the American People; they care about their own self-interest, which clearly has little to do with real life here on the ground, except to keep us slaves in line
      While I admire Occupy Wall Street and marched down here in New Orleans with them, it’s a shame the bigger message of OWS got pre-empted by Tea Party loudmouths, who don’t realize it yet, but their anger was bought and manipulated by the corporate interests. TeaPartiers are mere puppets, pawns, shills for the 1%.

      • TheOldNorthChurch

        You are not well informed regarding the make up of the Tea Party. it is very anti-political class and crony capitalism.

        IMHO the OWS got preempted by the radial anarchists types and the core of the movement abandoned the message rather that carry it forward.

    • johninPCFL

      The USA Today article pre-dates the Citizens United decision. Since then the large donations are headed to PACs, not the parties, and certainly not the candidates. The PACs gave the plutocrats a cleaner way to buy the election.

      • TheOldNorthChurch

        “Politoacrats”, would be a more accurate description.

        • johninPCFL

          Agreed. Seems like Wiki and Websters need a new word in their dictionaries.

  • tokoloshi27

    Not to get into the millionaire name dropping mire-fest; but lets look at what the ‘writer’ chose as the central theme, “plutocratic capitalist” running for office. Really how does Mitt Romney stack up, financially, against Al Gore (Jr.) or a John Kerry (Mr. Heinz)?

    This very shallow mudslinging is trying to play proxy-underdog billionaire ‘poor-me’ games. The poor dem millionaires in congress are out weighed by a mass of working millionaires who happen to disagree with their inside-the-beltway views. Publicists like the hack that wrote this are playing us for fools. Clearly there may be elements of senility at work in the supporters of both camps (thats probably a sign of ageing given these folks backgrounds), and it’s probably a given that there are skeletons in everyone’s closets in the billionaire pay-grades; so where really does this impact us? It still comes down to convincing – us – the voters, who is the better candidate for the future. Where does the demenetia diagnoses of the money providers help us make this choice? Quit getting worked up about non-issues.

    • I disagree Toko, this is not about who is donating the most or the right of every American to donate and/or vote for whomever they wish, this is about corruption and the influence of big money – from both sides of our political spectrum – on American politics. I support an electoral system funded by the Federal, state and local government where all qualified candidates get the same amount of money, have the same opportunities, and are forced to advance their candidacy based on the merit of their political platform rather than who is supporting their candidacy waiting for benefits if their horse wins the race.

      • tokoloshi27

        Dom; I agree entirely with your sentiments, however I do disagree that that is the intent of the article. Look at the language used, “slander” is only used from a single direction and “corporate malefactors” is used vaguely and really constitutes slander of an entire class of people. Given the tenor of the majority of comments, most commenters simply want to endorse the slander.

      • YepThatTell

        I support an electoral system where there is NO ELECTORAL COLLEGE and where we elect our President via a POPULAR VOTE.

        • johninPCFL

          Then New York, California and Florida elect the president.

          • YepThatTell

            What’s happening NOW? Ohio, Florida…a Popular vote makes every vote equal. Open your eyes.

          • johninPCFL

            The whole reason for the electoral college was to eliminate the voting advantage the the more populated states had over the less. The original intent was that the NewYork and Virginia vote would carry no more weight than the Georgia and South Carolina vote.

            Some states have their electors vote proportionally, some are winner-take-all. If you want to preserve the protection from over-weighting, make all of the electors proportional.

  • Aren’t there laws regarding foreign donations to US political candidates – laws designed to prevent foreign influence on our elections by limiting donations to only US Citizens? Most of these corporations are multi-national firms, claiming foreign headquarters to avoid paying US taxes. Seems like the current system is letting these corporations have it both ways – functioning as a US Citizen when it comes to influencing elections, but functioning as a foreign entity when it comes to paying taxes.

    Either these corporations need to report ALL their income as any US Citizen is required or their foreign entities that are prohibited from influencing elections. Why isn’t anyone investigating this?

    • onedonewong

      Barak took millions from the chinese and saudi govts

      • James70094

        What a coincidence, GWB took millions from the Suadis too.

    • ace

      YES but who cares the White House has a guy in it that is the most corrupt in it that is not American so what do you realy mean that that law is for Republicans by the way Tne Democrats rely on ignorance .Plus why did they not investigate Obama before they let this Communist in ??

  • You don’t have to be rich, poor , republican, democrat to agree with SOROS. Because these observations are good, honest and just.

    • onedonewong

      If your IQ is below 80

    • ace

      Another Communist herd from .

      • DurdyDawg

        You don’t even know the definition of communist gas bag.

  • « Male parta male dilabuntur »

  • The Reason The American Taliban Made Up Citizen United And All The Other Deceptive Groups, Is To Unite With The Rest Of The Rich Thugs Here And All Over The World Is To Gain Control And Milk America Dry!!

    • ace

      That is just what Obama is doing as we speak he is the most Corrupt that has been in Washington he is bleeding this Country dry .

      • Screw You You Koch Butt Sucking As*hole!! Your American Taliban Is The One Doing Most Of The Damage Go Suck Butt Else Where And Stop Fu(king Talking To Me Butt Sucker!!!

      • Next Time You Post Wipe The Shit Off Your Face And Hands From All That Ass Sucking And Kissing!! Dumb TROLL!!!

  • EdC

    this is to a post of yep that tell later in the que I wish you extremely good luck with that, but can Jindel qualify, was he born here.

  • EdC

    this post is to Fern I’m glad that someone else sees that

  • EdC

    reply to toko also down the que the Mittster is finicially worth about three times the two you mentioned together, as far as anyone of finicial knowledge can make out, but then he won’t release his taxes for but one year. Why is it that he won’t gamble his money in American banks instead of Swiss banks, if he really cares about America

    • ace

      He has more sence than to put his money where this Peice of CHIT can steal it like he is rapeing all of us but The Democrat party depend on ignorance join their circus and live under Dictator ship .

  • tutidiez

    At least everybody knows who is Soros and wher the money is coming from, but the Big Pac that is buying Romney with their millions are big corps, like the insurance Companies, Oil Companies, the Pharmaceutical Industries, Big Banks and Financial Institutions and the Evil and Corrupt Koch Brothers, can you imagine how low anybody can become and how Committed Romney is with all those Bandits, if the American People don’t see what kind of people is Romney is because they don’t want to see, just by having his money out in Swiss Banks, his Business in the Caiman Islands and the Transfer of His business abroad to his wife right after he was elected Governor is more than plenty for me no to trust this Character, he doesn’t have any idea what the poor and the middle class people are going trough, he is completely out of reality, besides the constant Lying, Flip Flopping and Misleading about everything Obama says and is trying to do, I can’t beleive the Republicans could not find something better than Romney, and is also hard to comprehend how could Obama and Him are so close in the polls, that only tells me that the American people are wathing to much Fox News and listening to much at Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh, unfortunately many people don’t learn until they suffer the Consequences of their Stupidity, and voting for Mitt Romney is for sure the worst mistake they have and will ever done.

    • ace

      Yes and we know the Democrats and Obama depend on your ignorance also .

      • DurdyDawg


  • onedonewong

    What does Soros expect from his donations??? Not to be proscuted for his war crimes and Holocost participation is the main one.
    And of course the left leaves out the more than $1 billion that barak and his fellow dem’s receive from the unions. Far out weighing the so called “dark $$”

  • ace

    This guy is the UGLYIST SOB and most corrupt that has ever been .

  • How Mitt Romney get a money Dark Million from Mormon Church, yeah.

  • The GOP trying to equate George Soros to the fascist and corrupt Koch brothers (all three of them, Charles, David and William-smh) is beyond the pale….way beyond. Whereas the Kochs are related to the Koch family that supported the Nazis and Adolf Hitler (Ilsa Koch was Hitler’s speechwriter, FFS!-smh), Soros, who’s Jewish, was a teenager when the Nazis ruled Germany; Soros was really lucky to avoid the “ethnic cleansing” the Nazis practiced. When we last heard from Soros, he said that there’s little difference between Mittens the Liar Rmoney and President Obama, so, he threw his support behind Mittens! So, how stupid is it that the GOP are attacking Soros?!?!? This proves one of the 8 cornerstones of the GOP that I’ve been writing about for nearly a year now on Facebook and Twitter: incompetence… 🙁 smh

  • Mitt Romney said tax got poor, yes!
    tax got Rich, No!
    That not right..

  • The Koch brothers are the third richest family in the USA. The other two ahead are the Buffets and Gates.

    The foundation that the Koch brothers support is the TEA Party American For Progress.
    A PAC with its intent to keep the KOCH BROTHERS in their position in society.

    Meanwhile the Buffets and Gates, and some of their friends and acquaintances have put a trust together to help the middle class in a variety of needs created by the diminished society created by the Bush Administration and friends.

  • howa4x

    1 rich person donated to Obama compared to all the wall st millionaires that donated to Romney. The difference being Soros wants good government and Romneys donors want de regulation of Wall st, a roll back of enviornmental laws, more and constant war, end to Roe/wade, assualt on womens reproductive health, roll back of anti gun legislation, privatize social security, medicare on a voucher, defund medicaid, end head start or any anit poverty program, de fund public education, more school vouchers, break up unions, repeal health care reform and go back to the way it was, school prayer, cut mostly all social programs, more corporate subsidies, more and more tax cuts for the 1% and a social darwinism where winners get everything and the poor will hopfully die off. That is just the 1st 90 days of a Romney administration

  • rockinthebayinFlorida

    Just follow the money trail and it will lead you to the den of inequity…

  • Ed Mays

    Are we ever going to hear of the untold millions of dollars Obama has picked up from wealthy donors? Come on…five fundraisers in NYC alone so far…tying up traffic every time he shows up. And the so-called Hollywood liberal elite jostling to kiss Obama`s ring. Present both sides of the fund raising stories not just one.

  • Speaking Of Dark Money Cheney Is Holding A Fund Raiser For Mr. Strip And Ship!! You Can Bet All The Devil Worshipers Will Be There!!! 🙁

  • Cheney Should Take Mr Strip And Ship On One Of His Famous Hunting Trips!! LOL

  • EVENTUALLY, it will be necessary to have the collective awakening to the reality that consolidated and ostentatious wealth is as perverse and immoral as sadomasochistic pornography, and is a malignant distortion of the concept of free enterprise. It can be safely said that CAPITALISM is to FREE ENTERPRISE as RAPE is to SEX.

  • A wealthy supporter of any political cause is going to want to put his/her stamp on the issue. There is no difference whether the person is supporting right or left causes. I am not surprised by anything that is happening.

    I just want to commiserate with those of us who have to put up with the barrage.

  • This article leaves out the off-shore drilling ban Obama enacated that resulted in many deep waer drilling rigs going to Brazil….which it just so happens that Soros that invested millions in just prior to Obama’s move…That is flat out corruption people! It also does not account for the money Soros spends on many not-for-profit groups such as the highly partisan Media Matters, Tides Foundation, Center for American Progress, Center for working families…just to name a few. These groups hide under the guise of public welfare when in reality they are political attack groups and work endlessly for a single political party…the Democrats and Obama!
    All of this big money is bad for most americans…but lets not be dishonest about it; the truth is that the Dems have been putting in place and using non-profit status and “public welfare” for the last few elections as a way to funnel money to specific campaigns. It is special interest money…why is Obama taking any of it? I thought he was against special interests?

  • AlbertstheMan

    Soros broke the bank of england thru illegal currency manipulation and is a convicted felon.

    Look it up if you don’t believe me!! Why is a convicted felon allowed in the USA let alone the crooks who take his filthy money ie Obongo!!

  • Soros demonizes himself every time he speaks!

    Who makes laws ?
    Who manufactures guns?
    Who makes profits on gun sales?
    Who collects taxes on gun sales?
    Legislators, Gun makers, Gun dealers
    and Uncle Sam are only ones who can
    stop violence in the schools