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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Speaking In Front Of North Carolina’s Governor, Colin Powell Blasts State’s New Voting Law

Speaking In Front Of North Carolina’s Governor, Colin Powell Blasts State’s New Voting Law

Former secretary of state Colin Powell took aim at North Carolina’s new voting law while speaking at a CEO forum at a Raleigh country club.

I want to see policies that encourage every American to vote, not make it more difficult to vote,” Powell said.

Although North Carolina’s Republican governor, Pat McCrory, has argued that the new voter law is not intended to suppress minority voters — but rather, to counteract widespread election fraud that he compared to “insider trading,” — Powell affirmed, “You can say what you like, but there is no voter fraud.”

While delivering the strong remarks in front of McCrory and 400 CEOs from different companies, Powell continued by asking, “How can it [voter fraud] be widespread and undetected?”

The new law requires specific “government-issued photo IDs to vote, shortens early voting days and makes it harder for students to cast ballots,” which many critics argue discriminate against minority and young voters – voters who tend to lean left. The law comes less than two months after the Supreme Court struck down a crucial part of the Voting Rights Act that protects against voter discrimination in states with reputations for doing so.

At Thursday’s forum Powell echoed his comments from January, making it clear that such a law “immediately turns off a voting bloc the Republican Party needs,” and “just turns people away.”

He also said the law “punishes” minority voters.

Powell doesn’t seem to be a big fan of McCrory’s. When he was done speaking out against North Carolina’s absurd law, Powell also defended the liberal arts and argued that the discipline “gives people a sense of their place in the world.”

In January, McCrory said he wanted to change higher education and steer farther from “academic pursuits that have no chance of getting people jobs,” such as — according to him — the liberal arts.

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58 responses to “Speaking In Front Of North Carolina’s Governor, Colin Powell Blasts State’s New Voting Law”

  1. Pamby50 says:

    I love when Colin Powell speaks out against voter fraud to the republican party.

  2. charleo1 says:

    I agree with Secretary Powell. How can voter fraud be both widespread, and
    undetected? I would add, how can a representative claim legitimacy, if the
    electoral process has been intentionally corrupted to favor one candidate over
    the other? How often have we Americans shook our heads over the pretend
    elections in other Countries? Or scoffed at the results, as time and again, an
    “El Capitano,” or “Coronal, So, and so,” wins the slanted election by a land-
    slide! My question, and it’s not a rhetorical one. Ae we so arrogant we feel
    our democratic processes are somehow immune to such manipulations?
    I would ask those that count themselves as members of the Conservative base,
    who are supporters of these politicians with their thumbs clearly on the scales
    of democracy. Are you willing to accept the assertions of voter fraud, on faith?
    Because, at the end of the day, it has ceased to matter if our elections are
    being conducted in ways that uphold our deep traditions of free, and fair
    elections? Or, have we become so partisan, and invested in, “our side,”
    winning, that politics finally trumps everything else? If so, I think we owe it
    to the next generation, to enter into this, “less than” democracy, with our eyes
    wide open.

    • jack says:

      voter fraud goes undetected because we have a system of voting that is anonymous as to who cast what vote. very easy to hide voter fraud unless you make sure that the people casting votes are who they say they are. thats why you NEED voter id to keep the election process honest. otherwise i can register my father, my brother, my cousin, my uncle,my grandfather etc etc and then go in and vote for all of them if i don’t have to identify myself at the polls. we are not so ignorant as to think our democrat process is immune from manipulation. thats why we need voter id. manipulation is what acorn was all about! registering people who don’t normally vote then sending someone else in to vote for them. how pray tell do you detect that without voter id? tell me how does voter id corrupt your idea of free and fair elections? and if it does why is our state department spending millions of dollars in those countries where el capitano gets elected to prevent election corruption?

      • HDTVGuy says:

        You prove (again) that you have no concept of how the voter registration system and issuing of a ballot works. I have to question if you’ve actually done it. Individual voter impersonation does not happen – it would be the epitome of “high risk-low reward” behavior, i.e.: it’s a felony and by your own example, would yield little. (And don’t forget to have your relatives stay home or your caught.)

        To the extent that ‘fraud’ occurs in voting, see the FL voter purge in 2000. Greg Pallast did a good job exposing that racket.

        • jack says:

          voted in every election since i was 18 years old i am now 49 that means i voted what 30 times now! if it does not happen then how do you explain the women who admitted to a tv camera she voted 12 times in one election and was arrested for doing so? my guess is she would never have been caught if she had not been so stupid as to tell a tv camera man she had done it! how about answering my other Questions like how do you detect it without id? or why is our government promoting voter id in other countries if it does not stop fraud? or how does voter id corrupt free and fair elections? there are only roughly 300 million americans and not all those are of voting age or vote so how could the study you site look at that number of votes cast? yes i do realize the number of people that would need to be involved not that many if you fraudulently register lots of voters then send someone in to vote for more than one of them!

      • charleo1 says:

        If you’ll notice, the Right is no longer basing their limiting of the vote
        on a totally manufactured excuse of voter fraud. You do realize the
        number of participants that would necessarily need to be involved,
        in order to change the outcome of even a district election? The Dept.
        of Justice at the request of the Bush Administration, did an exhaustive study on the subject. The results were only a handful, (double digits,) of ineligible voters had cast a ballot. And fewer still intentionally, or knowingly voted. The investigation involved more than 300 million votes cast. Look, if you support disenfranchising, 100,000, to 200,000 voters as the law would do, in Pennsylvania alone. To eliminate 10, or 20 miscast votes. You have very little respect for the electoral process. And are no friend of small, “d,” democracy. Where the more people voting, the clearer the mandate, and closer to the opinions held by the citizens at large, elected officials will need to govern. As one Texas politician put it, “We’re not disenfranchising minorities. Just Democrats.

      • Mike Maricle says:

        You tiped your hand with “democrat process”. Idiot.

  3. Sand_Cat says:

    So, after all the fraud and abuse in the Bush Administration, all the nasty GOP racism and obstruction since, why is this man a Republican?
    Sorry, I don’t want to hear anything this war criminal has to say about anything, and maybe he should ask himself why he was invited to speak in NC?

    • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh says:

      Colin Powell still believes in the Republican Party of his father and Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Unfortunately, today’s Republicans no longer believe in that party. Instead, it has been taken over by a bunch of Dixiecrats that want to repeal the 13th, 14th, 15th and 24th Amendments, and the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Laws.

      • spazaru says:

        Martin Luther King Jr wasn’t a Republican. Don’t believe that lie that the right spreads. His father was Republican until 1960 when he supported Kennedy. Jr never claimed a specific political party.

        • johninPCFL says:

          Neither did Eisenhower until he was convinced to run for office. Then he became a republican. They guaranteed that he wouldn’t have to spend a cent of his own money. Truman couldn’t.

  4. Michael Kollmorgen says:

    Ever since he spoke in from of the UN supporting the Bush Administration’s intent to invade Iraq, I have NO use for the man.

    At one time, he had one of the most glorified military records in recent history. Now, he is being used by the Republican Party as basically a Token _.

    Wake UP Powell. It’s great you are discussing voting rights, but you have a lot to atone for, for your other public actions.

  5. Andy Martin says:

    Voter fraud is undetected because almost every major “blue” states does NOT require any form of ID to vote. How do you detect fraud when you don’t even check for it?

    • A_Schick says:


        • A_Schick says:

          Soooooooooooooooooooooo where’s the fraud?

          • Andy Martin says:

            I gave you the source that shows that most blue states don’t require photo IDs and/or IDs at all to vote. I think you are willfully hiding from the reality that there is no way to determine if fraud exists if you can’t check for it–which then presumes that liberals don’t care whether fraud exists. Want a source? Take a look at Holder’s refusal to even investigate the well known voter fraud and intimidation by the New Black Panthers in the 2012 election. All this just proves my point.

          • A_Schick says:

            You don’t have a point. You say how do we know if fraud exists because there is no evidence to support that it does. People don’t investigate claims without evidence. Sorry, but that’s how the world works.

            And by googling “black panther voter intimidation 2012,” the links that come up are reports of what Fox “News” claims and a Wiki link to the 2008 case. Sorry Andy.

          • Andy Martin says:

            Yep, knew you were about to pull out the Fox News card…

            You take away any means of determining whether fraud can exist and then attest that it then defacto does not exist.

            Welcome, everyone, to liberal logic: Tell pre-teens that they can buy booze without an ID. Then claim that there is no evidence that pre-teens buy booze. Of course you are right, but only because you haven’t been checking for it. What a wonderful carefree and simple world you live in. This is why the world is scared of libs and their reckless governing style.

          • A_Schick says:

            There’s a lot of evidence of pre-teens buying alcohol (see: underage drinking arrests).Welcome to Neocon logic where simply by making an outrageous statement with zero evidence to back it up and placing the burden of proof on the opposing party proves they are in the right. It’s really hard arguing with people as stupid as you.

          • Andy Martin says:

            Look at you losing your temper. Poor thing.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Yes, it can be very trying, dealing with obnoxious, willfully ignorant people.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            And we knew you have no evidence.

          • Mike Maricle says:

            He has a point alright, on the top of his head.

        • Michael Kollmorgen says:

          If there was ANY widespread voter fraud going on during the last election, you can bet your bottom dollar every single place where it was “known to happen”, the news media would have capitalized on it and everyone all over the country would have seen it.

          There wasn’t any, or nearly enough for even a seasoned news-snoop to get a read on.

          • Andy Martin says:

            Sheez, I feel like I am fighting with 50 midgets on this issue. I didn’t know the National Memo was a fallout shelter for cultists.

            To all of you hyper-emotional liberals here’s my last comments on this subject: Common sense doesn’t work on you, data from the state of Colorado, the Milwaukee Police Department, the documented cases of voter intimidation from the New Black Panthers, or the Richardson family–the unrepentant Democrat poll workers in Ohio that were recently convicted of voting multiple times. And, I am sure that you don’t believe in drivers licenses, carding for alcohol or cigarettes, presenting ID to board an airplane or for buying firearms, or for other unimportant things like voting.

            You are proving my point and verifying what us conservatives know to be true about you. You are juveniles that have no right to govern.

            Why don’t you instead gather around a big campfire, sit Indian style (sorry, native American style), join hands and sing Pete Seeger songs–it’s really apparently all you can do.

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            You have proved absolutely NOTHING.

            All of your talking points are from conservative websites or commentators.

            There has been and always will be voter fraud to some degree. But, to believe anything that has happened will swing an election to either side is totally childish.

            I think the issue is OVERPLAYED and the legislation that is supposedly resolving the issue is racist and anti-democratic in intent.

            Basically what you so-called conservatives are trying to do is turn this country into a “puritan” state of being. Sorry, but humans will be humans, including all of our frailties.

            All you people are doing is creating friction and disenfranchisement which can and probably will lead to Civil War if this type of crap continues over time. Believe me, take the fundamental right to vote away from people and they will have no other course than to take up arms against the US.

            And, I wouldn’t blame them a bit if they do.

            Loosen up, sit around that campfire. You might find out you might like it better than you think.

          • Mike Maricle says:

            Got something aginst midgets?

    • Mike Rodgers says:

      if voter fraud is so prevalent then why doesn’t the party screaming about it prove it? Show real cases? Why? Because they can’t. You can bet if fraud really existed the Repubnicants would be showcasing it at every turn.

      • Andy Martin says:

        I’ll say it again. How can you detect vote fraud when you don’t check for it? How can you check for it, when you aren’t even demanding an ID? Is this too logical for you?

        • A_Schick says:


          • Andy Martin says:

            Here’s some evidence–there is much more–but why bother? People like you believe only what they are told by their superiors–of which you have many.


          • A_Schick says:

            *Looks at link, sees typos, link to The Daily Caller, and an opinion column skewed towards the Right* Nothing to see here folks! Move along!

          • Andy Martin says:

            Yes–I am sure that you are right and the Milwaukee Police Dept and the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office are wrong.

            …from the article:

            “A comprehensive study by the Milwaukee Police Department found a strong possibility existed that there was “an illegal organized attempt to influence the outcome” through voter fraud of the 2004 elections in Wisconsin. The Colorado Secretary of State’s office determined that nearly 5,000 people who were not United States citizens—and therefore according to the law, ineligible to vote—voted in the 2010 U.S. Senate race.”

          • Faraday_Cat says:

            Well, I don’t know about Milwaukee, but yeah, Colorado Secretary of State WAS wrong. 5,000 people that couldn’t be cross-referenced with the CO DMV database…out of those, only 200 some cases were sent to the AG as “suspect”, and of those, only 17 were not immediately cleared by the State Attorney General, but a week later (last week) those 17 were “easily verified” (AG’s words) as eligible to vote in that election.
            Yeah. Zero cases. So widespread.

    • HDTVGuy says:

      So you have never voted? What do you think a voter registratIon system does, if not verify the voter & precinct? Your assertion of “does not require any form of ID” is complete BS!

      • jack says:

        i have made this point over and over but dems just can’t seem to grasp the concept or don’t want to admit it happens because it’s how they win elections! voter fraud IS widespread! it goes undetected because we have a system of anonymous voting as to who cast what vote. thats why we need voter id so we know the person casting the vote is who they say they are. otherwise i can register my brother,cousin,father,uncle etc etc and go in and vote for all of them if i don’t have to identify myself at the polls how would you ever detect this type of manipulation if you don’t have voter id?

        • Michael Kollmorgen says:

          I don’t know about other states, but, unfortunately, I live in Ohio.

          In Ohio, when you vote, they look through a large list of names/address for your place of residence, check that name and location with your current Drivers Licence.

          This is the method we use in Ohio. And, I have been voting for 40 years using the same method.

          Your Drivers Licence or a State ID is your voter ID and proves who you are. I don’t know of any other valid way of proving who you are.

          Who knows, maybe someday, the state will implant everyone with a Microchip and they’ll just scan you to prove who you are. Maybe that will keep “some” people happy.

          • jack says:

            OK isn’t your drivers licence or state id a photo id isn’t that the same thing as voter id? tell me has it stopped you from voting ?why should it stop anyone from voting duh!

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            I’ve never seen using your Drivers license as having any problems what so ever.

            This is one of the reasons I don’t understand why a certain segment of our population is making such a big fuss over it, either mandating that something like that is used as proof of your ID, or those that even showing that form ID is a an invasion of certain rights we have.

            This entire issue is way too much overplayed to be honest. We DO have more serious problems.

          • jack says:

            the issue is not overplayed because vote manipulation is how despots and dictators get into power! election integrity is very important to avoid tyranny! but with as rush would call them uninformed voters it may not matter when people vote without knowing what they are voting for!

          • bjbstarr11 says:

            I live in PA where Gov. Corbett signed a voter ID law. He claimed the reason for this law was voter fraud. He only made it an issue because President Obama was running for re-election. Voter fraud has not been proven in PA. Thank goodness the Judge had the wisdom to postpone this law until after the 2012 election. The GOP will stop at nothing to stop us from voting. This will never happen and we will not be defeated.

  6. JohnRNC says:

    If voter fraud is so widespread then the current NC Gov’t was swept into office in a fraudulent election. How often does a state government swing so completely away from the “status quo” (Senate, House and Governor) and with such large margins unless somebody was engaged in systematic cheating. And maybe the reason Gov McCrory and his colleagues are so certain that fraud is widespread is because they were the ones perpetrating it.

    NC has been hijacked by the Conservative Taliban

    • idamag says:

      If a Republican gets in, no matter what steps to voter suppression was taken, it is okay. If a Democrat wins, it has to be voter fraud. I have no party, but I am disgusted with the present day Republicans.

    • Emmy Dogg says:

      that is a good point, how could he have been elected if democratic voter fraud is so prevelent

  7. dtgraham says:

    Both widespread and completely undetected huh. So voter fraud is really only limited by your imagination.

    • jack says:

      voter fraud IS widespread! it goes undetected because we have a system of anonymous voting as to who cast what vote. thats why we need voter id so we know the person casting the vote is who they say they are. otherwise i can register my brother,cousin,father,uncle etc etc and go in and vote for all of them if i don’t have to identify myself at the polls how would you ever detect this type of manipulation if you don’t have voter id?

      • Michael Kollmorgen says:

        I live in Ohio, so please bear with me. I haven’t voted in any other state.


        Don’t most voting places have a “residence requirement”, meaning IF you don’t have a home address in that precient, you can’t vote in that election?

        I don’t believe you can bring anyone, even with the last name, to vote unless they live in that area.

        • jack says:

          yes you have to have residency to register what stops me from registering someone where they live and then going to their precinct to vote for them! what do you think all the bussing of voters around by the democrats was all about in the last election? lets say my father, cousin, brother, i know don’t vote live in the next county over. what’s to stop me from registering them where they live and then drive around to vote for them come election day. get the concept or is that above your head? i feel like i am explaining this to a first grader!

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            Gee thanks, I didn’t criticize you. And, I certainly didn’t tell you I felt like I was talking to a first grader.

            Typical for your type.

            GET A LIFE.

  8. idamag says:

    As Americans, if we think the ideals this country was founded on are important – all of us should speak out against voter suppression.

  9. BUTCH says:

    The only things wide spread in the NC are the a$$holes of the NC GOP taking the entire state of NC back several decades.

  10. JD Mulvey says:

    This isn’t the North Carolina way. It will be up to the voters there whether they want to become Alabama.

  11. Faraday_Cat says:

    So…if the guy claiming that voter fraud is widespread is in elected office, if it really were true, wouldn’t that mean he wasn’t duly elected?

  12. jack says:

    voter id only does one thing! PREVENT voter fraud otherwise i can register my brother, my uncle, my cousin my father, my grandfather, my dog, my cat, my fish, my horse and then go in and vote for all of them if i don’t have to identify myself at the polls! the only reason to oppose voter id is if you want to ENGAGE in fraud! the argument it prevents the poor and minorities from voting is BUNK because in all the states that have it the state will provide the id for FREE! and tell me what you can do in America without id? you can’t buy alcohol,cigarettes, or claim a lottery win without id, something the poor and minorities love to do! they don’t seem to have a problem producing an id for these things only to vote

    • kmkirb says:

      You really are an ignorant, or better yet A$$hat tool, to claim that someone’s rights be compared to privileges. Voting is a RIGHT guaranteed by our Constitution. Driving, buying alcohol, tobacco, whatever are all legal privileges.

      Go register all those beings you say you can register, then go to your polling place on voting day, & report back to us how many times they let you in. You won’t do it, & we all know it. You’re just a loud mouth that wants to keep on with the same nut job talking points. You have yet to address what so many others here have stated, including the article itself, “How can voter fraud be both widespread, and undetected?” It can’t be, PERIOD!

      Almost every voter fraud story coming out over the last several years, from Bush2, to Romney & Sproul were all committed by the GOP. The GOP have openly & blatantly admitted from PA to OH to FL that they will do whatever they deem necessary to suppress the votes, even if it means hurting their own voters.

      Here’s some education for you. We have many, many rural areas still in the USA. Many of these eligible voters don’t have a birth certificate due to several reasons, or their BC doesn’t reflect their name. They were born at home, their names were changed when they got married, they’ve been lost/destroyed due to natural disasters & can’t be replaced. Houses, hospitals, clinics have been flooded or they burned down, back before the technology age, so there are no backups of those documents. These people who have voted for 60, 70, 80 years can’t get the new ID’s since their documents were lost or destroyed.

      And no, for them those ID’s will not be free. Many of these elders & poor do not drive nor have a public transportation system, so they have to pay to get them where they need to be, & most probably need to frequent several times in order to jump through hoops to get these so-called proper forms when they already have their voter registration cards. It’s prohibitively costly to them when they live on extremely limited budgets as it is, & that definitely equates to a poll tax.

      You just keep on with your right wing rhetoric, you self-absorbed, hateful selfish little human excrement that you are!

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