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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Staying Stupid: Why The ‘Hip’ Young Republicans Can’t Change Their Party (Or Themselves)

Staying Stupid: Why The ‘Hip’ Young Republicans Can’t Change Their Party (Or Themselves)

Savvy Republicans know that something is deeply wrong with the GOP  – frequently mocked these days by Republicans themselves as “the stupid party” — which has lost the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections. Some have noticed as well that their congressional majority is so widely despised – its main achievement being historically low public approval ratings — as to be sustainable only by gerrymandering.  During the last election cycle, those fearsome Republican SuperPACs, funded by the overlords of Wall Street and Las Vegas, spent hundreds of millions of dollars – with no discernible impact on an alienated electorate.

The result is a burgeoning self-improvement movement on the right, generating introspective articles and interviews in which Republicans ask: “What is wrong with us? How can we change? What must we do to avoid partisan extinction?”

But like many troubled people grappling with serious life issues, they aren’t truly ready for change. They want to maintain the status quo while giving lip service to reform – and changing as little as possible beyond the superficial. They would do anything to project a fresher image, more attractive and effective, without confronting their deeper problems.

The deceptions involved in this process are perfectly exposed in Robert Draper’s fascinating excursion among the urbane young Republicans whose frustration he skillfully reported in last Sunday’s New York Times MagazineHis account is well worth reading, if only to observe these self-consciously “hip” conservatives confronting the reality of last November – and failing utterly to comprehend its meaning.  Early in Draper’s article, a GOP technology consultant notes that the youth vote for President Obama grew by 1.25 million in 2012 over 2008 (precisely the opposite of what most pundits and pollsters predicted). But he doesn’t seem to realize that the youth gap cannot be remedied by stronger social media or updated voter files.

The young Republicans bitterly mock the Romney campaign’s technological ineptitude, and complain more broadly about the party’s repellent reputation among young voters, minorities, gays, immigrants, women, and everyone sympathetic to them. They largely seem to believe that if the Republican National Committee would hire people like them – and if Rush Limbaugh and Todd Akin would simply shut the eff up – then the party could expand beyond its narrow, aging, white, and religiously conservative base.

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309 responses to “Staying Stupid: Why The ‘Hip’ Young Republicans Can’t Change Their Party (Or Themselves)”

  1. Republicans only want to pay lip service to change. They are absolutely not interested in bringing about the real and genuine changes that are needed in their policies and dealings with certain demographics of our society. Even after the stunning defeat of last November’s presidential election, Republicans continue to live in their own little bubble and alternate universe. They have managed to convince themselves that by changing their tone, creating a different image, and attracting media that will believe their lies and be more favorable of their party as viable and trustworthy, these things will be all that is necessary to win future national elections. The entrenched Republican oligarch sees no need to change the status quo as the party of old White men and racists. They want to appear as though they are for change without really undergoing change. Republicans hesistantly appear to offer ideas for a new immigration policy. They have no desire whatsoever to do anything substantive about immigration. Their only desire is to win over latino voters so that they can win national elections. Latino voters are not as dumb as Republicans think they are and will not buy into their political charades and chicanery simply to win over their votes. Republicans continue to put Rubio in the media and as the face of the “new” Republican party. Even though Rubio holds a majority of views similar to the Republican party status quo, Republicans believe that by simply putting forth a latino face as representative of their party that that will ensure them of winning over many latino voters. Let Republicans continue to ignore these growing demographics that make up the majority of the general electorate that will only continue to grow in numbers and strength. They will do so at their own expense. Jindal correctly defined the Republican party as the “stupid party” even though, he himself, is very much an intrinsic part of that party.

    • charleo1 says:

      I liked your post this morning. A lot! As you pointed out, Republicans are trying to appear
      as if they are adopting change, softening their tone, and putting Marco Rubio out front,
      talking about immigration reform. As if to say, see, we love Marco! Who said we didn’t
      love all you Latinos? This is so transparent as to be laughable. As if they were dealing
      with their White, aging, low information Fox Box voters, that laps up this kind of crap,
      when they are the ones being pandered to. However, speaking of that White, aging, low info base. I don’t imagine they are very happy at all about the situation. And, I don’t believe the other Republicans, the T- Party, Republicans, that would love to see the 11 million, or so, rounded up, and loaded into cattle cars, and dropped off at border, is going to vote for any reform, that doesn’t look a lot like a scene straight out of Schindler’s List. So it’s
      unfortunate for the immigrants. Unfortunate for the people in this Country, that believe
      stopping the exploitation of these people is a moral imperative. And, in the end, it will
      be very unfortunate for the Republican Party. But they made their bed with the T-Party.
      And, now they’ll just have to lie in it with them.

      • sigrid28 says:

        The other Cuban American the Republican party is putting forth these days is Ted Cruz, whose McCarthy-like antics have–thankfully–received enough media attention to put the country on notice. McCarthy might have held sway at a time before the 24/7 news cycle, the internet, and a growing majority of minority and women voters. Though Cruz’s brand of lying is exponentially worse than run-of-the-mill Republican lying–because it is infused with innuendo that intentionally broadcasts slanders, as does much of what passes for journalism on the far right–Cruz cannot hide his petty motives as effectively as McCarthy was able to hide and therefore exploit his. Latino and Hispanic voters who came to the U.S. to escape this type of fascistic manipulation will see through this faster than either Tea Party Republicans or these shiny new scions of the GOP.

        • charleo1 says:

          If I’m not mistaken, Cruz is the only win the Republicans had in the Senate?
          It’s very evident Cruz is a shameless, self promoter, with an oversized opinion
          of himself. And of course, like all of the T-Party trash, he must have the biggest
          mouth, with the least to offer, of anyone in the room. His questioning of Chuck
          Hagel, the other day, revealed more about him, than Hagel. And none of it good.
          But, on the bright side. Cruz, like Rand Paul, and Louie Gomert, has many more
          embarrassing moments in store for a Party that already goes around with one of
          it’s feet sticking out of it’s mouth. Oh, and yes! The John Birchers are back, with
          their Communists lurking underneath every bed in Washington! Courtesy of
          Charles, and David Koch.

  2. The cancer that is destroying the Grand Old Party is called the Tea Party. The extremism of the latter is inconsistent with the values and aspirations of mainstream Americans and, not surprisingly, they have transformed the Republican Party into an alternative that only appeals to those in the political fringes. They offended ethnic minorities, women, and gays. They pursue policies offensive to the international community. Their obsession with making President Obama a one-term president, and when they failed to do that, making it as difficult as possible for the president to govern is inconsistent with what most Americans expect from their elected officials.
    The country may be divided politically, but we all expect cooperation between both parties to achieve goals of common interest to our country. This is not about which party wins, but what is best for America.
    If they persist in the course of action they have embraced they are likely to become a party that appeals only to the most extreme elements in our society, and that may happen sooner than they think.

    • whodatbob says:

      Good post. I hope your conclusion, “If they persist in the course of action they have embraced they are likely to become a party that appeals only to the most extreme elements in our society, and that may happen sooner than they think” is correct. However, history shows that once the Democrats gain control we keep moving left until we only appeal only to the extremes on the left ie. Fritz Mondale and H. Humphrey. The middle votes Republican we are out.
      As we moved left the Republicans moves with us and captured the center. Or more correctly we abandon the center allowing the republicans to move in. To remain in the majority democrats must govern center left, not keep moving to extrem left.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      I thought it was Lanaoma

  3. nobsartist says:

    Blame it on our educational system. We allow idiots to graduate from ivy league schools so exactly what do you expect?

    How were any members of the bush crime family eligible for advanced education without bribing someone?

    All it takes is money or sports for a degree.

    • TheSkalawag929 says:

      To blame our educational system is to blame ourselves because WE, the populace, are the ones responsible for the system. We are responsible because the populace either encourages the kind educational system that we have or we allow it to exist.

      We are the ones that elect and hire the people who administer to the system.
      If you are unhappy with the way the system is being run now then you need to do more than just complain. All Democrats, Moderates, Liberals and Progressives across the country need to get out there every election cycle and vote.

      We need be more involved at the local and state levels because that is where the change begins. Not in Washington as the rethuglicans would have you believe but in your own back yard.

      The laws and rules that most people are upset with come from local school boards. The money being cut from education is being cut by rethuglican run state legislatures.

      If you, editorially speaking, think that I’m wrong ask yourself : Who is on your local school board, city counsel, county commissioners, and state representatives. These are the people that appropriate the money for the programs that effect you the most. These are the people we need to take the most care in electing.

      • nobsartist says:

        I do not think you are wrong.

      • Inthenameofliberty says:

        I enjoyed this post. Very much. Very well said.
        I don’t think one can generalize [and you did not] that school boards run by Democrats are better than those run by Republicans. I think good people, with good ethics, and the desire to teach and make the world a better place – those people make a difference and give our children a chance to be all they can be.
        It shouldn’t be about party lines. It should be about doing what is right for our kids.
        Change has to come from the bottom up. I just worry that we are not ready for that. It seems SO many people expect the great government will swoop in and fix everything for them
        We need to fix ourselves.
        So what you said is very spot on, indeed.

        • TheSkalawag929 says:

          You’re right.

          We hold the keys to our future.

          The question is are we going to use them to unlock the chains on education.

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            I am not sure.
            Many of my friends elected not to have children. They feel that those of us that have kids should be responsible for the education of our children – they are tired of watching moneys garnered by taxation being misused. They feel that they have paid more than their fair share and it’s time to stop take, take, taking.
            It’s a never ending cycle……and the adults NEVER get along. We ruin all the good things that could be.
            By acting like children ourselves.
            If we do unlock the chains on education, what prevents the adults on ego trips from ruining everything?

          • TheSkalawag929 says:

            I would point out to those of your friends who feel that way that by withholding funds from education they may be doing themselves a grave injustice.

            Where will the next Edison, Einstein, Salk, Curie, Yo Yo Ma, Hemingway or De Niro come from? After all innovations in the arts and sciences don’t materialize out of thin air.

            Without education America’s future, to me, looks mighty bleak.

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            Reasonable argument, that.

    • neeceoooo says:

      The republicans like to keep us all uneducated that way they can feel superior. Besides, it is easier to pull the wool over someone’s eyes especially for those who are uneducated.

      • nobsartist says:

        I noticed a large number of dems supported the “no child left behind” farce.

        How much did that disaster cost taxpayers?

        where were the concerned dems?

        • neeceoooo says:

          Initially, it was a very good legislation but as far as “no child left behind”, the policies and the measures put in place for schools failing to meet proficiency requirements were as unrealistic as requiring all cities to become crime-free by a target date, and then shutting down police departments that failed to achieve that impossible goal. That is why it failed

          • nobsartist says:

            It was horrible legislation. Just like most all proposed. Simply “half assed” just like the “affordable health plan” joke.

        • plc97477 says:

          after swearing at our tv a bit we went to school board meetings, stood up in pta meetings and camped on our representatives office looking for answers

          • nobsartist says:

            But it is still in effect.

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            Congrats! I only just started paying attention. Too busy working and raising a family – that’s how our country got into trouble, isn’t it? Too many of us (on both sides of the fence) trying to make a living. Allowing politicians with no business sense to run our country all these years. Now we are waking up and want someone to blame. Blame? let’s point the fingers at ourselves.
            We are to blame. Asleep at the wheel. And hoping we can come together before it is too late.

      • Inthenameofliberty says:

        What Republican in your school district personally tried to put you down? Who, exactly, is trying to make you feel inferior?

  4. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    If there is more passion among the young, corporate junior Johnny Jumps Ups of the GOP, it shouldn’t be a surprise. This is the generation who were removed from warm cribs at 5 AM and shipped off like sacks of potatoes to Daycare. This is the generation who, until young adulthood, bonded with strangers in infancy, toddlerhood and then became latch key kids in their school years. Bleak existence and all for what? So McMommy and McDaddy could have it all…the McMansion, the SUVs, the two or three vacations a year and kids whose basic goals were to appear to be trophies the minute they exited the birth canal.

    These are the products of the Party Parents of the Happy Hour Generation who married in late middle age and now have zero patience for normal childhood behaviors. We see this every day in shopping malls around the country. Tired out middle aged parents in a hurry to get their kids to adulthood. So now this generation has become passionate about stability, roots and conservatism of a brand that rules out illness, debility, poverty or natural disaster that might incur a single loss of wealth for these overindulged children of excess. Their survival depends entirely on others. Not themselves.

    The Tea Party brand of conservatism is bought and paid for by 2 billionaires. Just like the 7 Texas billionaires who bought Americans for Prosperity and the billionaires who support Rove’s lobbying group. The only thing that attracts these young Republicans is endless wealth and prosperity they hope will trickle down from these billionaires. Not going to happen. As they age and realize all like is not a bowl of cherries and that no matter what, reality can, does and will throw you the pits, they become what we now see as the Angry Middle Aged Generation heading to age 45 and without that promised trickle down.

    • whodatbob says:

      Boy! Sorry you have so much hate for the results of the Feninist Movement! Equality for women, a really good thing, gave women a chance to move out of the kitchen and they took it. Today more women then men graduate from college. As the father of 4 daughters all with Masters Degrees it is hard to envision them as stay at home moms. The 2 with small children are currently stay at home moms. The others with older childen have returned to the work force. It gives more meaning to live then just being a baby factory ,cook and house keeper. And if any these educated ladies prefer to be a stay at home mom the choice is theirs.

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      Eleanore – you are describing an LOT of democrats that I know. Generalizations will you get you nowhere. Why do you see what you wrote as being a ‘Republican’ problem? Let’s call it what is REALLY is – LOTS of Americans having babies that have no business having babies. THAT’S what it is.
      And Time magazine (or perhaps Newsweek, I have lost track) reported that most of the rich people in the US are Democrats.
      Ain’t that a kick in the ass?
      I think I’ll stay a Libertarian. Maybe the party will never win important elections (since we can’t buy them the way Democrats and Republicans do) but I am sick and tired of the holier than though attitude of the reigning political parties.
      Yes – you are SO much better than the Republicans you so obviously hate.
      Yes – you are SUCH a wonderful person.

  5. As long as you are OWNED by things like big oil, the NRA, and all the rest of the hateful organizations, there is NEVER going to be a change in the repugnican party. And they are repugnant. All those governors who want to force unnecessary “tests” on women’s vaginas are only showing their own personal desire to shove it up there themselves. Sorry, that’s disgusting, but so are they.

    • neeceoooo says:

      It may be disgusting but if the truth hurts…

    • lana ward says:

      Eric “fast and furious” Holder is now saying an assult weapons ban will do no good without mandatory gun confiscation. Here we go! Heil Hitler!!

      • Riobound says:

        You are “proof positive” that The National Memo needs an ignore user button.

        • lana ward says:

          I saw the video-get your head out of the sand ostrich!!

          • dtgraham says:

            This is all from gun lobby web sites so it’s hard to know whether this so called internal memo is concocted or not. I read their info and watched your NRA video lana. If it’s an actual internal document, then it looks like the White House paid to have some research done on gun violence and the effectiveness of an assault weapons ban in combating it. There was nothing startling there.

            It suggested that an assault weapons buy back program would make a ban more effective. The grandfathering-in clause was one of the things that limited the effectiveness of the previous assault weapons ban, so this finding is hardly surprising. Some U.S. cities do it now voluntarily. It also mentions the possibility of a national gun registry in making the background check more effective. That one is a little tougher to call. That’s been tried in Canada with mixed results although the police always come out in favour of it. I like the idea of it.

            Before you go all Hitler lana, remember that the GOP have suddenly become concerned about mental health and have actually suggested a national registry for anyone who’s received any treatment whatsoever for even the most mild, temporary, mood disorder. Brought to you by the party of get government out of our lives.

            In any event, keep in mind that these are just reasonable suggestions and I’m sure he has competing research and suggestions. This is not policy.

          • old_blu says:

            I applaud you for trying to talk reason and truth to lana, but it won’t work, but good luck to you on that.

          • dtgraham says:

            I keep checking out the websites lana recommends. I’m descending into the world of crazy here. After spending enough time reading up on how Obama plans to help his Caliphate buddies bomb America back to the stone age as soon as he gets finished murdering the last of his gay bath house lovers, I don’t feel right for a while. It takes a while to come down. You never know old_blu, maybe one day it’ll finally stick and I’ll be on this website talking like lana.

          • old_blu says:

            Hahaha, that’s funny because I have also gone in and checked them out OMG. I even posted a few comments on them, they really don’t like me much.

            Please don’t go to the dark side if you need to be talked down let me know. (don’t go to the light stay with us) : ))

          • dtgraham says:

            Thanks old_blu. Gotta go back. Gotta save myself. At least think of my family.

          • That’s OK..we still luv ya!

          • old_blu says:

            Hey Jana I like the way you think, and I love your last name.
            It’s good to see a new face on here stick around and have some fun with us, and welcome to you. This is kind of an old thread but we are always on here someplace. I’ll keep my eyes out for you.

          • plc97477 says:

            I certainly hope not. We don’t need the one we have let alone another

          • Well,’ve got the rantings of a self-confessed Hollywood pimp, con-artist and ersatz reporter (Dollard), now busy soliciting big bucks from folks who make next to nothing (guess all the “preacher” slots were taken up at the big tent-show and the Daystar channel), followed by the prime “contributor” to a looney-tune rag (WND) with a byline from fantasy-land (Michael Savage)..a self-loathing Jew who hates himself so much he changed his very Jewish sounding name to something more “Anglified”..who has been kicked off any self-respecting radio station (and Faux, too) for being so out of the ballpark, the upper tier seems like seats in the dugout! This is the stuff Lana Lame pours into the funnel inserted into her little pointy head each day..then tells us “we” are the ones with our heads in the sand! Very sad..!

          • Not to provides information, at least, to others who just might be willing to crack the calcified outer casings of that stuff between their ears..and slowly goad it back into some useful purpose!

          • old_blu says:

            As bad as I hate to say she is intertaining for me, the garbage she regurgitates is the same shit over and over, and she has a whole list of right winged lying web sites to back up her crap.

          • lana ward says:

            Check out the site, Pat Dollard, then make up your own mind

          • dtgraham says:

            I just did. Hey, you keep calling Obama Hitler. Pat Dollard calls him Comrade Stalin Obama. You and Pat have a disagreement on that. Get your facts straight there Lana.

          • There’s no talking to lunatics like lana-banana! These “recommended” sites she’s spewing are her idea of “research”..but ask her where she first heard about them and we learn it was either from another goof-ball, tinfoil hat site, or the bundfuhrer, himself, Flush Longblah! Personally, I think she palmed her meds and ditched the orderly, hid in the mental hospital’s basement rec room until lights out, then got on line computer to regale us all with her..uh..wisdom! They’re all nuttier than Aunt Ditzy’s fruitcake! Something seriously, genetically wrong in Right-town!

          • plc97477 says:

            Great post. Gave me a belly laugh.

          • Are you kidding? Citing sites that emerge from the land of the tin-foil hatted people..and actually thinking that anyone this side of a mental institution is going to take you seriously?? When you next jump down that rabbit hole and get back to that tea party, be sure and give our best to the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter and the Red Queen!

          • lana ward says:

            Why has Obamas’ DHS stockpiled billions of ammo and weapons? They refuse to tell congress, do you know?? Why has Obama ordered 3000 armored vehicles and tanks that are now on Americas streets?? Why has training for martial law begun?? What about the drones he wants to kill Americans?? He said he wants to create a Civilian National Security Force as big and as strong and as well funded as the Defense Dept.(his exact words) why is he doing this??

          • Well..someone has to be prepared when the aliens from outer space land their spaceships and round us all up for their food-herds! Hey Lana..ever ask yourself “how” these nimrods “know” all this stuff? Oh, golly-gosh, no..ya didn’t! Suck-ahh! are mentally ill..seriously! Paranoid delusions..classic case!

          • idamag says:

            Shhh, she doesn’t know she is crazy.

          • Think we have..he’s an opportunistic moron..and you’re an imbecile for “following” him!

          • lana ward says:

            His articles are on other sites too. You’re the imbecile for not listening.

          • Yet, it never occurs to you that their “tale” is totally edited, redacted and photo-shopped..because you’re NEVER check the original to compare! Seriously, Lana..if it was one hundred years ago, you’d surely be first in line after the tent-show meeting, to get your hands on that first bottle of “pay-tent” medicine! Dollard..well, he’s well-named, for that’s what he’s in this for! Nothing sadder than an acolyte like yourself, prostrating herself at the alter of gullibility! This con-artist is supposedly scamming entire paychecks out of people who don’t even have full-time jobs..and he’s not giving it back! He’s no different than these two-bit con-artists on Daystar (you probably glue yourself to all that trash, too..given your willingness to be manipulated)..taking your “prayer tokens” and “forgiveness tithes”..but make sure they’re no less than a thousands, or God just won’t be happy! there’s a good choice for litter-box lining! You’re the one who won’t dare to go outside your little box, haven’t an ounce of courage to actually READ what your supposed “enemy” writes..even for comparison..let alone the original public source, the COMPLETE records of events and speeches! It’s much easier for Flush Longblah or these opportunistic morons at whose feet you sit to TELL you what you “think”, instead! You’re mentally lazy and willingly ignorant..and very, very sad!

          • lana ward says:

            You’re a brainwashed Obamabot, pitiful

          • You’re just a brainwashed, ignorant fool..mentally lazy and totally pitiful!

          • Poor Lana..listen, my are the “ostrich” here! The “video”, as you call it..redacted, edited, photo-shopped..these people couldn’t play it straight if their lives depended on it! What they can’t “fix”, they simply deflect, by telling you that it’s something other than it is! Purple isn’t’s “code” for blue..and it means (yes, they’ll TELL you what it means) “there is a massive plot against Americans”..only of white, European descent, of course! They have a ring through your nose, they pull the chain and you hop! They are con-artists, telling you what to think..and you oblige! Watch the shells..which one has the coin underneath, watch, watch..oh..too bad! You’re a sucker..a “low” (if not “no”) information member of their base, willing to suck up whatever they point you to..and too lazy or afraid (or both) to ever go outside the bounds of that “safe” little universe of hate and paranoia you live in! On one level, I feel very sorry for you..on another, I’m frankly very disgusted that you could willingly remain so ignorant, when all you have to do is challenge EVERYTHING you’re told..dare to delve into public records (the originals, not the Flush Longblah “edited” versions) and matter how much it hurts..use your own head to THINK!!

          • lana ward says:

            You’re comment, I’m directing to you. Everything you wrote, you wrote to yourself, sucker

          • plc97477 says:

            Good one lana. I haven’t heard that one since grade school.

        • idamag says:

          That is a good idea Riobound.

      • awakenaustin says:


      • cpbis says:

        Just another “hateful” individual whose only source of information comes from the lies (first fear, then anger, then attack) provided by the likes of Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity, Beck, etc. Sad we have people like that in this great country.

        • lana ward says:

          I saw the video- concentration camps will be next!! Heil Hitler!!

          • Lana Ward. paranoid much? Looks like Fox Spews has your brain in a jelly jar.

          • lana ward says:

            Eric “fast and furious” Holder said an assult weapons ban won’t work unless we have a mandatory gun confiscation. Not paranoid, just waking up fools that listen to the MSM!!

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            I hope you’ve been stocking up on asbestos bloomers — Satan is likely to call you home any day now.

          • old_blu says:

            I think she invoke Godwin’s Law on her very first post. That has to be a record even for her.

          • idamag says:

            She is an evil person.

          • Back to the ward troll time for your restraints to be put back on so you do not hurt yourself with all your hatred. Go away please just GO AWAY and SOON!

          • Riobound says:

            The Washington Post has a WONDERFUL ignore button which makes Trolls simply disappear! It would be soooo nice to have that here. Then little lana could write ALL she wants and no one would have to see her diatribes, lies and other silliness … unless they wanted to, of course.

          • lana ward says:

            You’ll be going away SOON too if Omuslim drops a bomb on you!!

          • It’s people like you that needs to have a bomb dropped on them!! You an insensitive, ignorant purveyor of hate & doom!!

          • lana ward says:

            Most of Omuslims “golf trip” he spent with his lover Reggie Love, that’s why the media wasn’t allowed.

          • It’s really just embarrassing how pathetically desperate you people are! Just wish you could actually step back and see what fools you make of yourselves here!

          • lana ward says:

            28 year old muslim, Yusuf Ibrahim murdered 2 Christians and dismembered and buried their body parts in different places in New Jersey, Has “your Media” given you this information???

          • Yes, Miss was on the network news channels, so sorry to disappoint you! Big whoopdee-doo! Three New Jersey hoods get into an argument and one ends up killing the other two..cuts off hands and heads to hide identity..but too stupid to figure out all parts would be found if buried in the same area..and were! Now there’s an original story..especially in New Jersey..which never heard of “cement shoes” and such! Oh yeah..and one of them was a hood of presumed Arabic descent…while the other two weren’t (Italian, Irish, Russian..??)! Big deal..what about that story is unusual? Oh,’re desperately trying to make it out to be some terrorist jihad, right? You really just fell off the turnip truck, didn’t you! Hey..ever hear of John Wayne Gacy or William Bonin or Gary Ridgway or Charlie Manson?? Guess they were all “muslim” extremists. too? Crooks and thugs have long come in all different “shapes and sizes”, toots..Bzzzzzz! Sorry, but thanks for playing!

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            I have never seen you speak out against Dems saying nasty things to Republicans….happens all the time. Are you new to this site? It’s an interesting place to be. VERY educational.

          • Believe you’re confusing truth with insult..the latter being the stock-in-trade of the Cons?

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            Hmmmm – really?

          • idamag says:

            Why don’t you list some , with proof they were said, and let’s see who is hateful. You Republicans constant hate is why I voted straight Democrat last election and I am not even a Democrat.

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            I am not a Republican. Hasty assumption on your part.

          • Burzghash says:

            I just want to thank you for your posts. Seriously. Reasonable, intelligent people who may be on the fence see posts such as yours, and are immediately repulsed by the level of ignorance you present.

            In that regard, you’re the best thing the left has going for it. Seriously. Thank you. We really appreciate your help.

          • lana ward says:

            Seriously, you’re welcome 🙂

          • Poor Lana..making a class “A” fool of herself..again.

          • idamag says:

            I know you can’t read well and are functionally illiterate, besides being a big liar. Before you insult the memories of those who lived in the concentration camps with your hate rhetoric, read, “Dear God, Have You Ever Gone Hungry” or the Elie Weisel “Night” series. There is a group who believes when we send out hate, it comes back to hurt us. You can cause bad things to happen to you.

          • lana ward says:

            Omuslim is a terrorist communist muslim queer, he is going to do terrible things to us. Heil Hitler!!

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Your last two words are the only honest and accurate part of all your posts today.

          • lana ward says:

            Heil Hitler to Omuslim? You’re saluting him already!!

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            Lana – I am late to this party. I am not a fan of our current president but stooping to the level of many of the regular posters of this site…….It would be really nice if you didn’t do that. I think you have some real facts to offer at times. But they don’t want to hear it, and if you can not back it up they will just continue to bash you and get you angry. They bash me, too. Then chastise me when I reply in kind. It’s certainly interesting when people can’t have a reasonable conversation and act like adults.

          • lana ward says:

            Some of the things this “person” is going to do to America is treason. Check out the sites, WND, and Pat Dollard, see how nice this person is that leads our nation.—Does no good to be nice to people here, they’re still rotten

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            Well, I can’t argue with you on either one of those points.
            You are correct, to some extent, on both points.
            Both Bush and Obama have done things that are impeachable – it will never happen, but they are both guilty.
            And I did laugh at you last point. Although, I have met some really nice people. There are some. Reasonable, willing to discuss things. It’s just the others are louder.

          • You’d take “seriously” anything connected to Michael Slobbage..a psychotic, sociopathic Jew who hates himself so much he had to change his name completely from Moishe Slobowitz or whatever to something more “Anglified”..?? Fear not Lana one would ever accuse you of being “nice”!

          • lana ward says:

            I feel sorry for your husband or whatever, you’re a freak

          • .And you’re just sad..and very, very mentally ill!

          • lana ward says:

            Your little queer princess was with his lover Reggie Love on his golf trip. That’s why the media wasn’t allowed!! He didn’t want to be with his “wife” in Aspen!!LOL

          • I think we all know what to think of someone such as yourself, who apparently idolizes Hitler!

          • lana ward says:

            Obama idolizes Hitler and Chavez, and Castro and Alinsky and Morsi and all the other communists

          • The notion that HItler was a “communist”..aren’t these poor, depraved fools a thigh-slapper, or what!

        • idamag says:

          cp, one thing to remember about that poorly educated person is that everything she posts is a lie.

          • lana ward says:

            You will find out you owe me an apology, sponge maggot

          • Mr Wiseguy says:

            Name calling just brought everyone over to your point of view. Why do conservatives resort to name calling and playground insults? Because they have nothing honest to say about any issue.

          • lana ward says:

            Rebublicans learned the name calling from the dems!!!

          •’s what happens when you rely on the likes of Flush Longblah and his “recommended reading list” to determine what you “think”! In absence of an approved script, all you have left is more play-ground gibberish and childish jibes!

          • lana ward says:

            That piece of black has you brainwashed

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            Most unfortunately, this libertarian has been called many, many interesting names on this site by Democratic individuals. I didn’t ever see you ride to my rescue. But you stick up for idamag. How…….nice.

          • Oh, more likely..just the beguiled ravings of another True Believer..a mindless acolyte prostrated before the alter in the Holy Sanctuary of the Willingly Ignorant and Easily Manipulated!

          • RobertCHastings says:

            If you could come up with an appropriate acronym, including everything you said, I would be more than happy to wear aT-shirt with it emblazoned across my chest! Love it! Only open-minded, intelligent people can create something like that.

        • lana ward says:

          28 year old muslim, Yusuf Ibrahim, murdered and dismembered 2 Christians in New Jersey. Has your “news source” given you this information????

        • lana ward says:

          Check out the site-WND- then make up your OWN mind

          • Nothing could be more laughable than that wholly unsubstantiated, phony trash..and you fall for it because of one reason panders to your mindless, blind hate of Obama..for NO good reason!

          • lana ward says:

            The truth is catching up with Obama. People don’t trust him. His ratings are sinking

        • lana ward says:

          If we didn’t have people who tell the TRUTH like Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity, Beck, O Reilly, Dr Ben Carson, then we’d all be uninformed as you are!! I chose to believe the truth, you’re a sucker!!!!

          • You’re kidding, right? That’s so absurd I can’t even find a superlative sufficient to qualify it!! If there’s any “truth” coming out of the sewer holes that pass for mouths amongst those named, it’s a total accident! God knows they go out of their way to photo-shop, edit, re-write, redact, excerpt and alter every single phony-phactoid they put out there for you and the rest of their herds of sheep! Your conception of “research” consists of going to a Flush-recommended site to ingest the lying trash found there..and think you’ve actually gotten the real skinny on things!! What easily manipulated, mentally lazy dolts you are!!’ve “sucked” and been suckered so hard, you’re now inside out!! Dare you to start looking on your own..including the info on what you think are “enemy” sites..along with that dreary old stuff found in actual public records..then..if it’s not too much of a stretch..squirt some WD-40 in your ear, get those calcified gears in your head moving and actually..THINK for yourself!! Yeah..and then pigs..with lipstick..will fly!

          • lana ward says:

            You have been brainwashed by that communist piece of black. You’ll soon find out

          • Lana are a gullible, mindless little fool..

        • Jim says:

          Lies? look at who’s running this country. Jesus, this man has spent millions to keep his college records sealed. Go get your government handout, then go the fuck back to sleep.

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            Boy, I’d really like to see those records some day.

          • Could you possibly be worried about anything MORE irrelevant?? As long as we can see all his recent tax returns, I could care less! You don’t get to be head of the Harvard Law Review by seeing how many six-packs you can suck up in the frat house each night!

          • idamag says:

            The President probably thinks this constant harassment by Donald Trump is beneath him. You are right about Obama and the Harvard Law School. I wonder if Jim will be willing to post his GPA and college records for us.

          • Could you possibly be focused on anything more irrelevant! Sorry, but you don’t get to be head of the Harvard Law Review by sucking up six-packs at frat parties! At least he openly shared his tax returns with the nation..which is more than “certain persons” were willing to do! You folks just grasp at straws..make it up as you go along, with not a thought to how simple-minded you sound, in the process! It just makes one cringe..!

          • RobertCHastings says:

            Oh,I must have missed something. His college records are sealed? Well, I’m sorry to hear that. I don’t know whose records I was reading, then. They are, after all, an open book.

          • RobertCHastings says:

            His college records are NOT sealed, nor are his birth records, nor are his tax returns, nor is ANYTHING regarding his life prior to becoming President of the United States of America. If you can’t find them, you just haven’t been looking.

        • lana ward says:

          Why don’t you know Holder said that? You sure know alot about “your people” LOL

      • WhutHeSaid says:

        Please ask your father (Satan) for some fresh material. The Nazi stuff is getting pretty old.

      • Kei Yuuki says:

        How about the Ban on Abortions.. Your side sure impresses me thinking banning abortion works, but banning guns, wont! I check your Hypocrisy and expose your Bigotry!

        • lana ward says:

          Criminals will ALWAYS have guns no matter what gun laws there are. Blah, blah,blah, the only words dems know, bigot and racist. Owning guns has saved many lives

          • JSquercia says:

            Yea it REALLY helped Adam Lanza’s mom didn’t it .

          • lana ward says:

            Talk to those whos lives they’ve saved!!

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Let’s hear some specifics, Lana. Whose lives, when, where, from what/who, source.

          • lana ward says:

            You’ll never see them. You watch the MSM!! They aren’t going to have people on that guns have saved their lives, that goes against their gun grabbing agenda. There have been many on Fox, but you’re to brain washed to watch. You must be a Jehovah Witness, they aren’t allowed to read ANY religious material but theres!!!

          • Sand_Cat says:

            I said specifics. Obviously you have none, and the only source you can cite is a notoriously biased one, almost as hate-filled and deluded as you appear to be.

            So now you add religious insults to your usual litany of ignorance and bigotry. In fact, most religious traditions – and especially Islam and Christianity – strive to discourage their “flocks” from looking at the competition. Obviously they’re afraid the curious reader will find the “good” things about his religion are far from unique, or even that he might find more “good” things in someone else’s scripture.

            I am a practicioner of no religion. The Jehovah’s Witnesses, however benighted they may be in the areas of science – a failing shared by many other “Christian”-related sects- have a number of things right where it counts, and the courage of their convictions: no swearing allegiance to earthly entities, no wars, etc. At their very worst, they seem far more “Christian” in the good sense than people like you!!

          • lana ward says:

            Real people with their own stories, alive because they used their guns aren’t specifics. Tell me what’s more specific???

          • Specifics would be including their names and the events as they occurred, as well as any comments from participants after the fact.

          • lana ward says:

            You won’t see these people from the MSM, it contradicts their gun-grabbing beliefs. They have been on Fox News and sites on the internet. You tell me the names of the guests you’ve seen on MSM. Stupid question, don’t ya think??

          • Dead people are hard to interview..

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            There are hundred of documented cases of people protecting themselves with their own guns. This argument is ridiculous.

          • lana ward says:

            Real people with their own stories, alive because they used their guns to defend themselves aren’t specifics??? Tell me what’s more specific??

          • The countless number of dead men, women and children..all shot down by your (clearly) much-lusted-after phallic symbols..but then, they’re somewhat hard to interview..!

          • lana ward says:

            Obama doesn’t give a rip about those kids, or any kids for that matter. He wants our guns so we are defenseless when he starts his war against the American citizens. The Military and police departments are running low on ammo and can’t get any–Obama is buying it all!!

          • Why would he want that..??

          • lana ward says:

            Go to Pat Dollard and find out

          •’s your gun-luvin’ pals who are buying up all the ammo! Wow..”twist and you did last summer..”!

          • lana ward says:

            Dems are like Jehovah Witnesses, they won’t read anything that’s against their beliefs

          • Yes, I like to discuss Judaism with Jehovah’s Witnesses – it makes my day. Other than that, Lana, I think you are a bit delusional.

          • plc97477 says:

            Just a bit?

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            Did you REALLY ask this question? Come on now, I know you are not obtuse.

          • Burzghash says:

            Durp durp, just because something isn’t 100% effective that means it’s a worthless effort, right Lana?

            I mean shit, we have laws against murder, but murders still happen, so we might as well get rid of that. Rape? Rapes are still happening, might as well get rid of the laws against that too. Theft? Shit, looks like people are still stealing stuff – another useless law we should get rid of.

            Everyone applaud Lana for her flawless logic. Because of her we now know that any law or effort to reduce something bad, if not absolutely 100% effective at removing the problem entirely, is not worth implementing.

            /slow clap

          • lana ward says:

            Seriously, thank you 🙂

          • lana ward says:

            Eric (fast and furious) Holder is talking gun confiscation now. You gonna clap about that too??

      • idamag says:

        draw anal, former welfare queen who got pregnant in high school, dropped out, and let the people support her until welfare reform forced her to get a job. I helped support you and your kids while you sat on your draw anal with your hand out. Your post is just another one of your lies. How long before you get a “bad back” and go on SSD?

        • lana ward says:

          Look it up, welfare sponge before you call me a liar or before Omuslim drops a bomb on you!!

          • really are in need of psychiatric help, girl! What you nuts don’t realize is that you’re working overtime to create a self-fulfilling “prophesy”! The more insane and trigger-happy you all get, the more the rational majority (thank God) of the public will react against your bizarre talk and actions! No one with an ounce of sense wants the likes of someone as imbalanced as yourself sitting next to him in a dark theater! You might just decide that the movie you’re watching is some dark, demented propaganda piece, meant to brainwash us all into a stupor, and start shooting the joint up! Not improbable! And WONDER why we don’t want crazies like yourself running around with guns??

          • lana ward says:

            You’re the one who’s going to need psychiatric help when when you find out just how much that traitor in my WH has deceived you

        • lana ward says:

          Do you have that comment written down or memorized from repeating it so much, welfare sponge maggot

      • whodatbob says:

        Holder is right! Thank God mandatory confiscation is one stept, no make that a hunderd stepts, too far. This could end move to ban “assult weapons”. Anything used in an assult of another person is by definition an assult weapon. So be careful of what you ask for.

      • Eric Holder is right, there is little point in banning anything if you grandfather too. There are already many assault weapons in citizen’s homes and any legislation would have to address them to be effective. The suggestion is mandatory buy backs, not confiscation. We already force purchase peoples homes for the public good, guns could be the same.

        What this has to do with the article that you posting about I have no idea. I think you are confused on many fronts.

      • Joe Anyman says:

        Uhh, you do realize that this isn’t the first time assault weapons would be illegal for the public? George W Bush actually signed that into law; Obama just let it expire. Like all knee jerk reactionists, it’s just easier to point the finger than get the facts, eh lana?

      • Lana, Fast and Furious was put in place by the Bush administration, and ended by none other than Eric Holder when the latter concluded that while it was well intended, it was ill conceived and poorly managed.
        The Obama administration has not called for a ban on guns. It called for a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. Their proposal is almost identical to what President Reagan proposed in the 1980s.

        • lana ward says:

          This administration is a bunch of communist, murdering thugs. Fast and furious, Benghazi. dropping bombs on American citizens, now Eric Holder admits a ban on assault weapons won’t do any good (which we all knew) unless we have a gun confiscation!! Go to Pat Dollard, see what he said. There’s alot of thing the MSM isn’t reporting, that’s why you know so much that isn’t so.– Obama went to bed while our heroes were being murdered in Benghazi so he could fly to Las Vegas next day to be a hollywood star!!

        • lana ward says:

          Has your “news” source reported that a 28 year old muslim, Yusuf Ibrahim, has murdered 2 Christians and dismembered them in New Jersey?? He buried the body parts in different graves. And we have what, 2 million muslims here that could turn on the enemy (us) at Omuslims’ command. The MSM WON’T report anything bad on muslims or blacks!!

      • siylencedogood says:

        You’re talking to drones Lana. Don’t waste your time.

      • Energy Guy says:

        Finally, someone on this ridiculous board that understands what’s going on.

        • lana ward says:

          At the site- Pat Dollard- , there’s an article #10 that shows how the Arabs have planned to purchase the U.S. Presidency!!!! We are in it RIGHT NOW!!!

      • Jim says:

        I would like your post a million times more if I could. Too bad these people are blind to what Der Furher has in mind for them.

        • lana ward says:

          Go to the site- Pat Dollard-, the article # 10 tells how the Arabs have planned the purchase of the U.S. Presidency with Vernon Jarretts help!!!!!!!!

      • daniel bostdorf says:


      • RobertCHastings says:

        He should first try what Australia did in 1996 – a legal buyback.

    • idamag says:

      And as long as you have to religiously adhere to preset thinking and are not allowed to stray from that credo, you will not be a party of the people, for the people and of the people. The party supercedes the country.

      • RobertCHastings says:

        Thus the rise of the term “RINO”. It is precisely the reason that Stalin was able to overcome where Lenin and Trotsky failed. Lenin became the hero of the Revolution, but Stalin is the one who survived, reducing Communism to its pragmatic core and thus the party, through strategic alterations, superseded the state, becoming a totalitarian leviathan Lenin would not have recognized.

    • Energy Guy says:

      Tests on women’s vaginas? I think you need to get back on your meds.

  6. old_blu says:

    ““What is wrong with us? How can we change? What must we do to avoid partisan extinction?””

    I can answer all their questions with two words “TEA PARTY” get them and their believes out of your party and there will be hope for you, otherwise it’s time for your demise.

    • neeceoooo says:

      Hi there friend, very good point.

      • old_blu says:

        If you look back to when the Republicans started going down hill it’s about the time the tea party started. Good morning to you my friend.

    • InsideEye says:

      Can it be said “Same ole Democrats”, neither party has really changed the branding, of each remains tax and spend or independent self reliance . There are a few stronger extremist on bothe sides that
      Receive attention. There is a 49 / 49 split with a few a wingers that respond to a critical issue and make the difference…….a typical example is Chris Christie , a republican that garnered enough votes in a very sound – bite loving Democratic state. He turned voters in his favored by keeping high taxes as a front issue. This issue over rides silly abortion, guns and immigration concerns. Amost everyone is ok on : abortion , against ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, and certainly for the right to bear arms. How is it that Obama just imposed a 2500 dollar payroll tax and no squawks from the middle class. ….

      • old_blu says:

        Oh I know there are extremist on both sides, but ever since the tea party infiltrated the republican party it has become a cancer that is slowly killing the republicans, and they are scared to eradicate it.

      • cpbis says:

        Sorry but Obama did not impose a payroll tax. What he did was stop his 2 year payroll tax holiday that was set for 2 years. Also, austerity (the GOP approach) is what destroyed the Europeans financially. You cut spending when the economy is sound not in dire need. History of the depressions of the 1870’s and 1920’s are good examples. Infrastructure expenditures helped get us out of those depressions.

      • jarheadgene says:

        HE DID? What…wasn’t that part of the compromise to tax hike half of the 2%. Didn’t we the 98% get that shoved down our throats due to the OBSTRUCTIONISTic P.O.S.G.O.P. congress.?

      • plc97477 says:

        I would rather be a tax and spend democrat than a borrow and spend republican

        • Inthenameofliberty says:

          I wouldn’t be so annoyed about taxation if our leaders weren’t so quick to throw it away – both parties being guilty here.

    • plc97477 says:

      that would be a good first step but until they can also change their policies they will still have a problem

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      Just out of curiosity, since I see it said often over the last months, what exactly about ‘Tea Party People’ do you dislike so much?
      I am asking a genuine question, please.

  7. Valerie A says:

    I agree about the tea baggers, but they are not the only reason for the repubes demise. Do not forget the religious crazies and the bigots and racists. What used to be moderate republican are now considered left wing liberals. The information age is killing the gop. Now the voters can easily find out what the party platform is and respond accordingly. The problem is not the messager, but is the message. They are not going to do well until they come to the center and neither is the country. If Obama said he was for mom, apple pie and God they would still vote no.

    • WhutHeSaid says:

      Excuse me for pointing this out, but the Tea Baggers ARE the religious crazies, bigots and racists.

    • EMS says:

      “I agree about the tea baggers, but they are not the only reason for the repubes demise. Do not forget the religious crazies and the bigots and racists.”

      Aren’t they the same people? Formerly called the “moral majority” by another Republican campaign of long ago? Except, many of these tea-baggers are the now adult children of the “moral majority” crowd….graduates of “The Young Republicans”. The photo in the article shows a sign that says “Young Americans for Liberty”. They haven’t got a clue what “Liberty” really means.

  8. clarenceswinney says:

    Newest Census numbers show in 2011:
    46 Million live below poverty line
    Unemployment insurance kept 2.3 Million our of poverty
    Social Security kept 21 Million out of poverty
    Food stamps kept 3.9 million out of poverty
    Keep healthy Unemployment Insurance, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance, Earned Income Tax Credit, Social Security and other programs that assist the lower income wage earners.
    The top income are doing very well.

  9. docb says:

    ‘Hip’…is that not an oxymoron statement? Who would that be. Example please…

  10. WhutHeSaid says:

    Everybody seems to be offering advice to Republicans these day out of pity for the position that they now finds themselves in, so here’s my advice for a local Republican chapter:

    1. Get rid of any and all Tea Party people who might attend your local meetings. Running for election with the support of the Tea Party is like going on a date after crapping your pants — it may go well for a while, but sooner or later it will end in embarrassing failure.

    2. If a Tea Bigot shows up at your meetings, ask them to leave. If they won’t leave, move the meeting and don’t tell them where it’s going.

    3. Hold a surprise inspection of each member’s trailer. Remove and destroy any Rush Limbaugh blowup dolls. Have a liberal witness to ensure that the dolls really get destroyed.

    4. Once you’ve gotten rid of all Tea Bigots, call Ted Nugent and invite him to attend one of your meetings. If he stays more than 5 minutes, you still have a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Listen to what he suggests during the meeting and do the exact opposite. Make sure to thoroughly wipe down the chair he sat in after he leaves.

    5. Insist that everyone at your meeting gets a real job and pays their taxes. Have each member write a letter to a blue state to thank them for paying all those tax dollars they’ve been slurping up over the years.

    6. Any male member who has a girlfriend who a) has the same last name, or b) has less than 3 teeth — insist that they get a new one.

    7. Any female member who has a boyfriend who a) has the same last name, or b) parks his pickup truck outside his trailer window and gazes fondly at it every 5 minutes — insist that they get a new one.

    8. Insist that all members sell their chickens — even that ‘special’ one. Ditto for sheep.

    9. Insist that members start wearing shirts with buttons on them or at least iron their T-shirts.

    10. Hang a large picture of Rand Paul in your meeting hall. If there is still anyone who doesn’t laugh at the mere sight — you have more work to do.

    11. If any member has a business, insist they try running it for one day without using anything that was created with public funds either wholly or partially. Also insist they try running it for one day without cheating somebody. Get a liberal to be a witness — don’t take their word for it.

    12. Cancel one of your local beer-fart competitions and spend the time actually reading the US Constitution (you may need to invite a liberal to help with the reading part).

    13. Organize a field trip to Sanford Florida. Give everyone a ‘hoodie’ to wear and walk around for one night buying candy and soda.

    14. Ask all members to clean their pickup trucks — yes, even under the seats. Resist the urge to eat any cheeseburgers you might find there.

    15. Randomly choose a member at each of your local meetings. Tie them in a chair and force them to watch (Robot Chicken style) Rachel Maddow for an entire hour. They don’t have to like it, but continue the therapy until at least their head stops spinning ‘Exorcist-style’.

    16. Have all members go an entire day without lying. Make sure you have an EMS unit on standby for any life-threatening withdrawal symptoms — if that happens, turn on Fox News only until the convulsions stop.

    17. Hold nightly seminars on the proper use of soap. Make sure every member gets their very own washcloth — even if you must find a liberal to donate one.

    I know it seems like a lot of hard work, but after properly implementing these steps and following them faithfully for a few years, your local Republican Party may begin to win some elections again. Good luck.

  11. Fairplay4 says:

    The GOP will not change because they are who they are. They represent the interests of the wealthy and privileged and do not want to include others. They certainly want their votes and they have, in the past, been able to purchase those votes through many media. They are basically greedy and as such do not want to share their ill gotten gains. Changing the GOP will give them a new countenance they that is not their own. Gerrymandering is their latest ploy but that will not work in the long run. When faced with difficult situations that they cannot buy themselves out of , the GOP does not have palatable solutions. I weep not for them.

  12. Lisztman says:

    The Republican Party, as presently constituted, believes somehow that their problem is a failure to deliver their message to would-be Republican voters. They totally fail to admit that their message, itself, is the problem. Until they figure out that 99% of Americans aren’t interested in the general welfare of the top 1%, they will continue to lose voters.

    Their base will shrink to an older (approaching death?) population, those with a particular love of guns, religion, and “their” money, perhaps with a dose of anti-black, anti-Hispanic, anti-whatever racism; and they will continue to lose the votes of those who see jobs, education, health care, etc., as the drivers of elections.

    • TheSkalawag929 says:

      “The Republican Party, as presently constituted, believes somehow that their problem is a failure to deliver their message to would-be Republican voters.”

      So instead of changing their policies to fit the times they just turn up the volume.
      Kind of like the old Garrett Morris hearing impaired skits from SNL.

  13. Lisztman says:

    Uh-oh. Someone left the door to lana ward’s cell open. Again. Someone call the guys in the white coats, please.

  14. AlfredSonny says:

    How can we educate the voters not to be stupid enough to elect Republicans in 2014?

    • neeceoooo says:

      I have asked myself that same question many times over. Just about the time I think they have it, they put 12 buffoons in the place to run in the primaries and then vote Romney in as the candidate for president. Then to make the situation worse, Romney elects Ryan as his running mate.

      The problem is, if that doesn’t work to help them win the election, (such as the case with Michelle Bauchman) they change the rules or the boundaries to make them work in their favor.

    • idamag says:

      Alfred, if so many of them are like lana, how could you educate someone like that?

  15. Kei Yuuki says:

    I would love to ask republicans. Why not Regulate Guns like you do Womens Uterus’s?

    War on Women,

    The GOP is at War with everything that is fair, equal and correct morally.

  16. adriancrutch says:

    Corporations SPEND hundreds of millions of dollars JUST so they don’t have to PAY any TAXES! Look at the BLOW they spent on karl rove’s BLITZKRIEG! OH! YEAH! HITLER shot himself in the head in the bunker then they carried his ass outside and burned it in a pit! Heil to all that!

  17. jstsyn says:

    republicans only solution is to disband.

    • Riobound says:

      No. I’m enjoying their disintegration. I know it is a slow and messy process. But when all is said and done they will be remembered for what they were as they lost power … An angry, embittered group of narrow-minded rich guys who whine about spending money … unless it is on themselves. And the loudest of them claim to be “Christians” too. I wonder what Jesus would say to them? Only thing that comes to mind is, “Go to hell!”

  18. Andrew says:

    One of the 10 Tenets of the Republican Party (press release on revealing the 10th Tenet will be out 135 minutes from now…stay tuned) is incompetence. Incompetence and stupidity are synonymous. Do you realize why the GOP are so against education funding? As POS says above, the uneducated is a part (a huge part) of the GOP’s voter base. The more stupid people, the more GOP voters. Although it would take holding a gun to their heads to get them to admit it, the GOP believe that only the children of wealthy people deserve to be educated because they can afford it. In their minds, all of the rest of the “urchins” should be working in factories for $2 per hour under highly oppressive working conditions and no benefits.

  19. Ayaya Worenwu says:

    Marco Rubio could change party affiliation. Republican party is at the verge of collapse. People like Hannity, Karl Rove, Michelle Bachman and Limbaugh see things with mysterous eyes but not the same eyes like other humans. Best advise for Republican party will be to hire James Carville from Democratic Party as new strategist to revive Republican party for them.

  20. 1standlastword says:

    The GOP is still around and barely alive and kicking only because of the Citizens United “life support machine.”

    The GOP is like a corpse on life support…remove the tubes and death becomes imminent as it can’t sustain life by natural means

    That is what we are witnessing!!!

  21. batavier says:

    Dial back!

    Look at the ages of the current “heroes”/”wisemen”/”saviors” of the GOP going back to RR, he of the eternal whine ’bout “Big Government” and “Government, the Enemy”, then go back to when they attended “college”…..

    Now, how long have we been MOANING about our superficial, UN-rigorous education?
    e.g., an MBA running our economy and social cohesion to smithereens, an actor sleeping on the job, a BMI-challenged “wordsmith” leding the slow-brained, etc., etc.

    Voilà…..your answer to the questions about Republicans’ current social pathologies!

  22. Siegfried Heydrich says:

    The single greatest problem the GOP has is that it has become a party of old people with old ideas protecting and preserving old interests and old money in old ways while yearning for a return to the good old days. They cannot step aside. They cannot yield to the new. Because that is the core basis of their lives. Conservatism, by its very name and most fundamental nature, resists change absolutely. That is the definition and function of Conservatism. Change is anathema to Conservatism. Conservatism is the ideological equivalent of the immoveable object.

    Unfortunately for the Republicans, change and progress is perhaps the single most basic, defining characteristic of the American experiment. America moves forward always, discarding the old ever in favor of the new. This is not without risk, but risk-taking is also a defining characteristic of America. But we, as a people, are always in motion. Conservatism wants to mark a spot, claim it, fortify it and never move from it. Conservatism is static, and stasis is abhorrent to the American soul. The American people embrace and expect progress. They have always progressed, and will always seek to progress. Progress is the ideological equivalent of the irresistible force.

    However, the age old dilemma between the immovable object and the irresistible force is resolved through the immovable object being worn away by the irresistible force. It will resist until it is no more. And that, I fear, is the doom of the Republican party.

    They cannot appeal to the young because of that paradox. The young are the eternally irresistible force which becomes the immovable objects over time. Every generation is convinced that the generation behind them is insufficient to the task of the future. Every generation views themselves as the last, mourning the passing of all of the qualities they idealize from their nostalgia filtered youth. And they despise youth for that lack.

    Conservatism fundamentally rejects and despises all that youth represents, thus ensuring that their message cannot be transmitted, to their frustration and anger. Youth embraces change, revels in it, and is defined by it. This dissonance ensure that the message of their elders will not be received, to their anger and frustration.

    The GOP has no future simply because the qualities demanded by survival in this modern age are anathema to them, and to make the changes necessary to survive in the 21st century would alter them to a point that they would no longer be them, and this they would rather perish than endure.

  23. bchrista says:

    To clarify a point here, Rubio is a transplated Cuban from Cuba and Cruz came from Canada they may both be Cuban by birth that’s where the latin association with the immigrants end. most immigrants come here from Mexico with a splaterring of Spanish speaking people coming from other Spanish speaking countries,Equador, Panama, South America, Spain and other Spanish speaking countries and these people don’t have the same rights as the Cubans, all a Cuban has to do is reach American soil and by law he cannot be deported whereas all the others don’t enjoy those same rights, so there is some tension there. A Cuban comes here and 5 years later he can become a naturalized citizen, a Mexican or other Spanish person has to get permisssion and then go through another completely different process in order to become an American citizen. That would be like comparing apples to oranges one comes by land and the other comes by sea and the different doesn’t stop there, the Mexican is related to the Astec Indians and the Cuban is a mixture of African, Spanish and other Races, as an Island Cuba has been visited by a lot of cultures over the centurys that is why you find a lot of Blacks that speak spanish in Florida, New York, New Jersey, New England and other Northern states so trying to use Rubio or Cruz doesn’t guarantee that they will be able to enlist them for the Republican party they have been screwed over by the Republicans before, so have the Cubans in Florida. I remember when I lived in Florida Cubans always voted Republican, it’s a strange thing that goes back to their home land, the Cubans somehow relate to the Republican party because at home it’s called El Republica the Cuba so apparently they identified with their homeland and our Republican party but that’s where similarity ended and after years of being jerked around they all of a sudden started voting Democrats. And this past election they voted Democrat. The Bush’s took advantage of the fact that they could speak spanish and got the Cubans to vote for them but after a dose of GWB and Jeb they kind of soured on the Republicans, Florida now has a Governor that is an even bigger asshole than Jeb and the other Republican Governors before them, Scott he bought his way in but I don’t think he’ll be there for long my brother tells me the people hate him. Republicans have a way of getting under peoples skin after a while.

  24. bchrista says:

    In answer to INSIDEEYE the reason the country is in the straits it’s in is because of the Bush double tax breaks he gave to the cooporations, big oil, national instutitions companies owned by our billionaires and all the loop holes he provided for the plus a little for himself and his pal Cheney through their dealings with Haliburton and other companies that padded the Bills they charged the United States for Materials they supplied the military to fight two ilegall wars, taxes are one way of sustaining the country so it can pay it’s bills, all you cheap bastards want to get out ragiously rich and not have to pay for it, well buddy nothing comes free in life there is a price on everything . If you feel the you don’t want or have to pay then I suggest you move to another country there is nothing free here you pay one way or the other and don’t come to me with that shit about the 47% because they payed theirs before they got in the position they now find themselves and it’s time someone paid them back.

  25. bchrista says:

    You people keep hitting the nail on the head but you do nothing about it, for way too many years you have allowed the different Religions to get away with out paying taxes and that was alright so long as they didn’t get involved in the election system, but for years now the Republicans have been using the Religious Bigots against the Democrats and no on has complained about it, well folks it’s time for a change, Religion is a business and you have to realize it, and as a business it has involved itself in the election process and instead of being impartial they have sided with one party all the time, the Republican party and they have used the funds that they got tax free to back they opposite party (Republican) which is exactly what they said they wouldn’t do if provided a tax free base, well it’s time to shit or get off the pot, they need to belly up to the bar and pay their fair share of taxes if they are going to use their tax free money against you then they need to lose their tax free status. If anybody recalls religion was the cause of the Pilgrims coming here and again religion is one of the main problems we are fighting everytime we have an election their money is being used ilegally so to speak against anyone they don’t agree with. Take away their free status and watch the change in elections.

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      ????? WTF???? “for way too many years you have allowed the different Religions to get away with out paying taxes ”

      What does this have to do with Conason’s article?

  26. Right Obamaa doesn’t have to do anything just watch the republicans shoot themselves in the foot. If they drag the nation down and ruin the economy who will vote for them? The Tea Party?

  27. judgeglenda says:

    hope the new republicans do a better job than those crusty old out of touch ones. their gonna ruin our country. vote them out please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. daniel bostdorf says:

    I want everyone to reply to “Lana Ward”

    simply state:


  29. daniel bostdorf says:

    Also—in the final analysis of the demise of the GOP….and as Joe Conason states: “staying stupid…” I am reminded by the comic Ron White that: “You can’t fix stupid.”

    Post all you want…Conason is dead on…

    “By proclaiming that their defeats are due mainly to technological inferiority or bad messaging, the young Republicans ignore the underlying source of popular disdain for their party. It is true that their technology was feeble, their candidate and consultants were incompetent, and their messaging was often repellent. But the self-styled hipsters of the right are in fact not much different from the Tea Party octogenarians in their hostility to government investment, social insurance, health care, education, and industry – and both are in conflict with the evolving attitudes of young Americans across all demographic lines.”

    SIC… you can’t fix stupid…

  30. bchrista says:

    Friends I have read just about every post on the National Memo and in the process have noticed that every now and then someone strays away from the subject at hand, like Lana Ward who posts anything that comes to his/her mind and someone answers and then they go about their business, however, I have been blessed by one of you who all of a sudden has taken an affection to my posts no matter what I respond to, for instance in one of the articles that was posted about the newest Republicans Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio someone wrote something about them and Dear old Lana jumped up in their defense, I fired back to Lana that he/she must be sucking their Dicks to which someone jumped up and in so many words told me to get out of here as if I didn’t have a right to post my opinion without their permission, I fired back that he could kiss my ass but apparently he didn’t get my message. Now on the Joe Conason report several of you posted remarks about Rubio an Cruz so I expanded on the subject and tried to explain that the Repubs are trying to use both Rubio and Cruz because of their ability to speak spanish to enlist the immigrants and that I thought that it wouldn’t work because Rubio and Cruz both are against immigrant reform, on another subject I made a remark about the Bush tax cuts and other points that helped put is in the condition that we are in, each of you made your own points about how stupid the Republican s are when a Republican is President, however, it seems that someone named Daniel Bostdorf only finds my posts offensive to which he lets me know, apparently he’s gone on a crusade to attack me and my comments only. SO I SAY TO DANIEL WHEREEVER YOUR ARE HIDING I WANT YOU TO SUCK MY DICK SINCE IT SEEMS THAT ALL OF A SUDDEN YOU CAN’T SEEM TO LEAVE ME ALONE, BUT I AM VERY PARTICULAR ABOUT WHO SUCKS ME OFF I MUST HAVE A COMPLETE BACK GROUND CHECK ON YOUR LIFE SINCE YOU WERE A TEENAGER UNTIL NOW BECAUSE Idon’t give a fuck what you think or say I will continue to post on The National Memo and there ain’t a fucking thing you can do to stop me, so fuck off and go molest your little sister or bumfuck your momma you mother fucker, nuff said!!!!!!!!!!! O I have found through out life that only efemanate assholes take offense to the language or the content published on a forum like this.

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      You are a foul mouthed, illiterate, simply deranged and unhinged in my opinion.
      Keep posting and all of us here will continue to ignore you from now on as well as flag you at the moderators.

      You are a troll as well like Lana.

      A troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages for persoanl engrandizement in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[ or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      Wow – you really dislike people who disagree with your posts, don’t you? First I was stalking you, now Daniel is?
      You must be a lonely person to think people have nothing better to do than find only ‘you’ offensive.
      Or are you just truly paranoid?
      Get over yourself.

  31. siylencedogood says:

    This article is right about one thing, the farther left the Republican party moves the more stupid it becomes.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Wow, when did the Republicans start moving llllllllleeeee lle lllee, you know, the opposite direction from where they are? I guess they can’t get much further right.

  32. Sand_Cat says:

    I thought they were Nazis.

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      Could you explain why you think this? give us a paragraph at least?

      • Sand_Cat says:

        I think I was responding to a troll who referred to the Democrats as Communists (probably after he or another called them Nazis), if you must know, but it’s been a few days, and I don’t remember the exact context. This site seems to post replies as new comments pretty frequently, so the target is lost.

  33. Mr Wiseguy says:

    Google News has four pages of links to articles on this. Just enter “Yusuf Ibrahim” in the search.

    Guess Fox News isn’t so truthful huh?

  34. Mr Wiseguy says:

    You are a classic example of why the Republicans hate education. it’s the only way anyone supports them.

    Can you please go get a Mcjob in your freeloading red state instead of sucking welfare dollars from the blue states.

  35. Mr Wiseguy says:

    If she is, she is neglecting her job and posting fox poop on here all day.

    I think she is a welfare scrounging freeloader – typical red state republican.

  36. Energy Guy says:

    All the Republicans need to do is promise to provide more “free” giveaways to any and all special interest groups they can find because that’s all it boils down to. It’s not religion, or oil, or the NRA, or anything of that nature. Americans have become a nation of freeloaders and the only thing a freeloader responds to is being offered something he/she doesn’t have to pay for. Unfortunately, freeloaders become indignant when you call them freeloaders, so they just have to remember not to point out the obvious when making all these promises.

    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      Well said.

      • Sand_Cat says:

        You’re right. All those freeloading parasites in the Republican states, and the corporations, and all the other fan base of the Right really can be annoyingly arrogant and blind to their own hypocrisy.

        • Inthenameofliberty says:

          Sweetheart, where I live there are a hell of a lot more free loading Democrats than there are free loading Republicans. Not sure where you live. Or what your life experiences are. But you are a funny one, aren’t you?!

  37. Such a rude, anti-social, adolescent, mis-informed fanbase this site has. Yet so many here are name-calling? Thanks for brightening up my day, Libs…you never cease to amaze me with the amount of hypocrisy you can produce!

  38. LeftyCanuck says:

    WOW. Another left-wing rag congratulating itself? I am shocked………………

  39. larryroth702 says:

    You know that t-shirt that says “I’m with stupid”. You know he means “I’m with a Republican”.

  40. I honest-to-goodness used to vote Republican – back when it was the party of small business. Now it’s a disappointing party of men that just want campaign dollars and are willing to sell their souls for it. They need to do everything they can to grow the economy – let Obama’s proposals pass – increase the debt limit – and if Obama is truly a socialist nut then his policies will cause recession and unemployment by themselves and people will see his failure. The way things stand – it’s like the GOP knows Obama is on the right track and they are doing everything they can to kill jobs and growth. Very sad.

  41. Jim says:

    DHS buys 21 billion rounds of ammo. Why? Orders 7k “personal defense weapons” (called assault weapons if in civilian hands). I think it’s rich that “progressives” i.e. communists think that Obama is about equality. He’s about government control. You all are too stupid to realize this. The healthcare law isn’t about lowering healthcare costs, it’s about controlling your healthcare. See what Lenin said about socialized medicine. We are headed to bankruptcy and as long as a record number of people are on the dole, it will never change. Why the fuck do we want to be like Greece? That’s where we are headed. Don’t give the social issue bullshit either. You want to talk about the kids killed in Newton, but don’t want to talk about the number of babies aborted that day. A person made a choice, and children were killed, something liberals fight for everyday. Gay marraige, who the fuck cares, it’s all about insurance anyway, start your own insurance company and make your own rules. Btw, love how the left supports a president, who supports the muslim brotherhood, who would love to behead the gays and feminists in this country. It would blow your fucking mind if you really thought about it. I know I ranted, and was all over the place with this, but god damn people wake the fuck up.

    • dtgraham says:

      Jim, even the NRA came out and admitted that the number of rounds of ammo purchased was not out of order given the number of federal agents and their training needs, etc.. That was even on one conservative site.

      The ACA is supposed to be about lowering overall costs and getting care to more people who weren’t able to access it previously…through exchanges, subsidies, changing insurance company rules and policies, and so on. If you don’t feel that it’s good policy and you don’t think it’s going to make enough of a difference, that’s legitimate. That’s a debate to be had. I hardly think though that Obama is Lenin reincarnated and simply wants to “control” everyone’s healthcare. For what reason?

      Obama may have been sympathetic to the Arab spring as almost everyone was, but I’m quite sure that he’s not a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood. They’re filling some of the vacuum in Egypt after Mubarek, but it is what it is as they say. He obviously hopes they’ll be cooperative to U.S. interests, but to say that he’s an open supporter?

      Lastly, college records are not in the public domain and are sealed for everyone. You don’t have to go to any effort to “hide” your college records. They’re automatically sealed and he didn’t spend millions to hide his records because no one has to. That was from one of your other posts.

      Obama has hardly been perfect and there’s lots to criticize him over but you’ve got to keep this within the boundaries of human reason. Too many of these far right conservative web sites are really nuts and they just make this paranoid stuff up as they go. It’ll rot your mind Jim. You spend too much time on them and they become like invasion of the body snatchers or something. You know, you have to go to sleep some time and then you become something else. Silly analogy maybe but it’s what keeps coming to mind whenever I read the posts of too many of the right wingers here.

      • tjmaxx says:

        > I hardly think though that Obama is Lenin reincarnated and simply wants to “control” everyone’s healthcare. For what reason?

        You’re right. No one is a cartoon villain, and we on on the right are as silly to suppose he is all bad as you left wingers are to believe the man is all good. He isn’t.

        What we stupid, uneducated “right wingers” are concerned about is that Obama appears to be an elitist who imagines that he and those who think like him have such good intentions, and are thus morally superior to those who might dissent, that he is justified in shoving things down out throats because the elites know what is good for us.

        And what really concerns thoughtful people on the right is that thoughtful people on the left, like you, appear to be blind to all of this.

        • daniel bostdorf says:

          your postulates…ie…a logical foundation for arguing come from a false premise…therefore….if you base your opinion on a false premise your conclusion is false…

          Your false premise and I quote:

          “What we stupid, uneducated “right wingers” are concerned about is that Obama appears to be an elitist who imagines that he and those who think like him have such good intentions, and are thus morally superior to those who might dissent, that he is justified in shoving things down out throats because the elites know what is good for us.”

          You know nothing about reality.

          Nice try…but…you can post even 5 paragraphs of false premises, ad hominum arguments, and it is still a false belief… is it not?

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            Then I suppose I know nothing about reality, either, because he made perfect sense to me.
            What, exactly, is ‘not real’ about we he said?

          • Sand_Cat says:

            If we’re talking about moral superiority in the mind of the poster, TJMAXX for one seems to have it all.

            Looking at the troll comments on this site would be enough to convince one of the superiority of the progressive (i.e., “Communist,” as one “morally superior” troll wrote) viewpoint, but then one would say these people are hardly typical. But looking at the country today, many of the trolls on this and other progressive sites are downright rational and reasonable when compared to the “Republican” senators and representatives. If you want to talk about condescension and delusions of moral and intellectual superiority, look no further than the mirror. It is you (the political right) constantly lecturing us about how deluded we are, how we blindly follow Obama (or our “messiah” or “god,” as you prefer), how we are the “useful idiots” Lenin supposedly spoke of. It’s especially interesting how many of you ascribe godlike powers to Lenin and others you claim to look down on and despise.

            Virtually no one on this site is bashful about criticizing – often harshly – those you say we “zombies” follow blindly. How many of you do the same for George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Eric Kantor, Paul Ryan, and the other “luminaries” of the neo-Nazi, racist, and just plain insane right?

          • Inthenameofliberty says:

            I don’t care for any of the men you listed.
            Just saying.
            I do not follow in line either of the top two political parties. [Not anymore]. They both got us into this mess by overstepping their boundaries years ago.
            As far as criticizing Democratic leaders – no. Very few people on this site do that. No, they really don’t. What happens on Democratic and Republican websites that I read is that posters find a way to justify what their guy does. There is always some excuse to make their behavior ok. Takes drones, for example. I have not seen one poster on any webpage on the National Memo criticize Obama for encouraging that practice. And to digress further. Obama ripped Bush a new asshole for raising the debt ceiling. Really? Guess there must be some wonderful reason why Obama doesn’t think it is necessary to spend within our means now.
            Funny, how that happens. A candidate gets into office then conveniently forgets all the criticisms they spoke of on the campaign trail and turns into the guy they were fighting against on that campaign trail. They are all hypocrites.
            Just once, I’d like to see a politician with ethics actually win an important election then KEEP their promises.
            Just. Once.

            And to digress again……
            And sequestration? Come on…..the leaders of our country are now trying to tell me that we are going to fall apart because we are cutting 1/2 of 1% point (or whatever the hell they now say it is) from the budget? And people BELIEVE this crap? Give me a break.

      • Inthenameofliberty says:

        Good points.

    • plc97477 says:

      I think you foil hat fell off

  42. tjmaxx says:

    Wow. This may be the dumbest, most toxic site on the Internet. Do you people really believe these headlines? Save the snarky comebacks and go read something, you pretentious morons.

    • daniel bostdorf says:


    • Inthenameofliberty says:

      You won’t get through to most of them. I can’t stop posting here and reading the comments – kind of sad, I know. But I have met some pretty cool, reasonable people who aren’t like most on this site.
      They will not listen to reason. And they will forgive Obama for EVERYTHING that he does – when he lies, when he does the same things that Bush does – EVERYTHING bad that he does, they forgive.
      They blindly follow, and will not see when Mr Obama signs unconstitutional laws, when he elects to permit drones to kill innocents… see, that’s ok, because it’s OBAMA that’s doing it. So I guess in their minds there must be some reason why he’s allowing these bad things to happen.
      But god forbid if Bush were to have done these things – they would have flayed Bush alive.
      After all, they must support their politician at all costs.
      Gary Johnson would have been a much better man for the job. He had a pretty good record in his state. Obama had no such record.

      • Sand_Cat says:

        Bush DID do these things.

        And no one here worships Obama the way you claim except perhaps you and your fellow trolls.

        • Inthenameofliberty says:

          Yes – you are a funny, funny guy.
          Yes – most on this site love Obama. They do not criticize him in ay way and they support what he does.
          I can not understand why you would say otherwise. You do read? Yes? You must read this webpage from front to back.
          So you KNOW that there are very few that say one bad word about the man.
          I just love the word ‘trolls’. Bet Obama would, too. As long as it wasn’t being directed at him.

          Yes – Bush DID do those things. And just READ what people on this webpage post about him.

          They do NOT say those things about the man they currently voted into office.

          Yet, you call me a hypocrite. Irony.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            That’s because the man they voted into office – imperfect as he is and wrong as he is not to strongly disavow Bush’s extension of executive power – has not done the overwhelming majority of the things you trolls (since you like the word, had to get it in) accuse him of. His principal faults are that he is too much like Bush, not that he’s a socialist or any of the other things lunatic right-wingers call him. But “too much like Bush” – at least in his case – is a long, long way from being Bush.

            I’m happy you appreciate irony – most Americans are absolutely deaf to it – but you write like just another wingnut troll, projecting your own and you party’s failings on Obama in an attempt to make Bush’s crimes look better.

  43. howa4x says:

    Republicans whether young or old don’t graspe the changes that are happening in the country, and don’t see the widening gap between who eactly makes up the GOP and everyone else. The current GOP and tea party have attracted the worst elements in society, namley racists, sexists, homophobes, climate deniers and religious zealots. They are pawns of Big Pharma, Big oil , Agra business, and Wall st. simply because they are unable to dicern the problems we face from the retoric. the are easily amused by jingles and 3 word catch phases. The young technocrats can view this gap as a computer model or wake up and see that they have an aging rigid party representing the past not the future

  44. danny says:

    Somewhere hidden is the truth: But by some accounts it looks as though there are two tax systems and that one of them favors the wealthy. In 2012 Frobes claimed that the top 1% pays 10% of the taxes and that the top 10% pays 70% of the taxes. This kind of agreed with figures from the CBO. If even close: It means that the rest of us pay 30% of the taxes with 1% of the wealth and that means, that only 3% of the wealth is needed to pay all of the taxes, which by default that means that the rich are shielding 97% of all wealth from taxes….. They seem to push the agenda that “big government and overs-pending” are the culprits vs. revenue, but likely revenue is really the top issue…..

  45. daniel bostdorf says:


  46. daniel bostdorf says:

    Another reminder about what a troll is like Lana:

    “…..posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages for personal engrandizement in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog…… Primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.”

    Sound familiar Lana?

  47. daniel bostdorf says:


    another troll..

    someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response and/or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion……engaing in illogical non-sense….false premise discussion….widely irational attacks …

  48. hey gops,what do u expect to win in 2014 or get elected for that matter, lies. decieveing i am a christian, biggest lie u could have told , family vaules , lie. job creaters lie, family man lie, voter
    suppressers yes , would lairs, yes racist yes, double talker, yes for the rich only , fuck the poor right
    kissing up to the hispanics, sucking up ti the woman voters . trying to up to the seniors, lairers,
    talking down an about woman , remember ur mtalking other is a woman r about her to, if so then
    u r a no good bunch of azzholes,

  49. Conston Taylor says:

    Hip & Republican??? It does not compute. Something don’t compute… Must be something in water…

  50. OmegaQue says:

    The Re-Pug_na-CANT’s, can’t win due to their platforms and financial policies which the majority of Americans find offensive. The bamboozled middle class came to an eye opening revelation with the tea party calling for reduction of government and all done on the backs of the workers of the “Middle Class.” Someone needs to pose the question to tea party members:
    How many graduated with public high school
    How many benefited from state supported college/university
    How many have parents or grandparents collecting social security
    How many have parents o grandparents on Medicaid/medicare
    How many now pay into the social security bankrupt program
    How many look to benefit from congressional retirement
    Every one of these…”big government” programs that I bet they all willingly/gladly push their way to the head of the line to suckle from the government teat.

  51. What “hip” young Republicans?

  52. NyteFyre22 says:

    Can you say Biased? Republican governors control 30 of 50 states. Republican congresses have control of 26 states compared to 17(i think) states for Dem. The others states have split control of senate and house. Obviously the Republican message is getting across to many people. So Republican not only control the states, they control it in a convincing manor.

    The reasons why Dem’s carried the last two elections so convincingly is pretty obvious.
    *Obama is a very good speaker. He is black, and this reason alone turn out minorities in a huge way.
    *Backlash from the hugely unpopular Iraq war.
    *The economy crashed due to bad policies from both parties dating back to the 60’s, but Bush was in power when it popped.

    These issues were more than enough to swing the last couple elections in Democrats favor. There is no need to think the party is in danger, although it will have to grow with changing attitudes about gay marriage, and end the insulting rhetoric about people dependent on the government. They aren’t voting to restrict benefits, so why preach it constantly. Those two alienate potential voters.

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