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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

In a new twist on stimulus spending, the government’s General Services Administration laid out more than $822,000 for a rocking mega-party at a gambling resort near Las Vegas.

It was fabulous for the economy of Nevada but not so good for U.S. taxpayers.

The idiot who came up with this boondoggle still hasn’t been publicly identified, but the supposed mission was to reward 300 federal workers with an “over-the-top” conference in October 2010 at the M Resort and Casino.

Apparently, six advance scouting trips were necessary, costing a mere $130,000. Here are some of the other items paid for by you and me:


–A $31,208 “networking” reception that offered a thousand sushi rolls bought for $7 apiece, and morsels of gourmet cheese for which Uncle Sam paid about $19 per attendee.

–Commemorative coins, delivered in velvet-lined boxes to all participants at a tab of $6,325.

–Breakfast every day at $44 per head.

–“Team-building” conferences that included an inspiring $75,000 presentation on how to screw together a bicycle.

–The professional services of a clown (who probably felt right at home) and a mind reader, whose bold fee of $3,200 suggests that he also performed some hypnotism.


A powerful and far-reaching agency, the GSA is in charge of major government purchases such as office buildings and fleet vehicles. Why not reward its workers for efficiency and frugality by sending them to a Vegas casino at taxpayer expense? Brilliant.

  • politicalhack1

    I spent a few years working for the Federal Government, and finally landed a job as a Management/ Program Analyst, which I naively thought would be a necessary slot for cleaning up government goofs, and identifying fat for those that would dispose of it. After Pres. Reagan came in and had Stockman begin slashing the budget, I began to realize what really was wrong. The entire bureaucracy is based on the seniority system and does not take into consideration the productivity of workers. Given the choice of working for DOD, where 2/3 of the bureaucrats spend their time writing memos to each other, or leaving……I left.

    But the problem exhibited by the GSA is not new, there is everyday waste, and there is outrageous waste, and it only is perpetuated by an institution that is not at all productivity oriented…..further, no leader can be held solely responsible for the crimes of the self-perpetuating bureacracy beneath him. As the writer indicates, such indecencies are bi-partison and have been going on for some time.

  • Christian Martin

    No one should be surprised by this behavior.Nothing short of riots and revolution will be able to stop this behavior. It is not coincidence that the powers that be are taking away the appropriate rights and stocking up on all the right supplies and commodities that a corrupt government would need to fight back against the innevitable revolt that will accompany the complete collapse of the U.S. dollar and economy. Greece will pale in comparison.